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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 8, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it's back winter weather in the baystate on this monday morning. we have # storm force coverage all morning long. tracking the storm as it just now starts to make its way onshore. and snow isn't the only concern. heavy wind and coastal flooding on the minds of many where watches and warnings are up right now. the new hampshire primary this one day away. we have the latest numbers in our exclusive tracking poll as the candidates make a final push to drum up last-minute support. good morning, everybody. it's 9:00. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. it's starting slowly but the
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many schools are closed in anticipation. crews are getting ready to take on whatever comes our way. >> we have a team of reporters and meteorologist tracking this storm every step of the way this morning. as it moves into our area. look at the wind there. look here in sandwich. you can see that sideways blowing snow the storm is still moving in. but it's going to stick around all throughout the day. we have team 7 coverage and jeremy reiner back with us. >> good morning. >> good morning, everyone. blizzard warning in effect. south shore plymouth as well as the cape and island. winter storm warning boston, worcester, gloucester. the storm is beginning to intensify as we move forward. steady snow now until 4:00 p.m. but it's heading your way. it's working north. lighter snow this evening and overnight tonight it's completely done though before the morning commute tomorrow. and coastal winds and flooding. you saw the pictures there.
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but it does begin to go down quickly as we work through the morning hours and more so this afternoon as well as the evening commute here is the snow right now. leading edge to the mass pike. deeper shades of blue near the canal. that is a band of heavier snow. this will work its way into the city of boston. within a few hours and then as it continues northwest from there probably weaken a little bit. because it's getting further from the storm. the stormcenter way down here offshore. because it's such a massive storm and has incredible reach in new england. even though the stormcenter the far away. we anticipate snow through the day. heaviest through the afternoon. then you notice here here's an example the dry air punch right into boston. at that time it becomes patchy light snow. persistent for several hours thissening and overnight tonight. then by tomorrow morning the snow is out of here.
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especially the folk in the worcester hills. it's a slow process to get 5 to # inches of snow. inches. west of route 24 but route 24 east right to water will be about 9 to 12 inches of snow and cape. that's just the snow. the wind, the coastal flooding the next concern for more on that here's meteorologist chris lambert. >> we have had plenty of wind. a few inches checking from falmouth to centerville here and vineyard checking in with inch and a half of snow. the band has worked through and try to push into southern plymouth county. here's the winds gusty. certainly that's the case. providence, rhode island at 48. we will continue to see gust this morning through the midafternoon hourings of 40 to
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you get the coastal plymouth county down the cape and island we will continue to see wind gusting 50 to 60. occasionally approaching sky. bigger concern immediately here coming over the next several hour the coastal flood threat down through the south shore and the cape and nantucket from about now right through 1:00 in afternoon. coastal flood warning in place. essentially we're watching 11:00 high tide couple of hours going into and couple of hours going out. s expecting minor pocket to hot democrat coastal flooding especially nantucket up into providence town. the most susceptible location pocket of moderate coastal flooding. thanks to the strong north-northeasterly wind pushing the ocean water close to the coastline. minor flooding in boston. you work your way into the north shore. we have coastal flood advisory here.
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flooding and splash over at high tide running around 11:00. we'll talk more on the storm details in a little bit. you have a lot on your plate today. >> let's head out for check of the roads. there's snow covered roadways in plymouth. here's marshall hook. marshall? >> we are here we've made to the sidest of side roads. we will now make our way back out to route 3. the snow is falling in earnest at this point. we made our way out to the beach. whitehorse beach high winds. high waves that point. this is the storm that will be hitting you in a couple of different waves. the one good piece of news is if you are heading the road waist. we've seen it's very light volume out there. there's not a lot of traffic. it picks up in intensity well
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get harder to drive and getting volume. to take a look at the traffic picture, danielle gursh. good morning, everyone. let's head outside and take a look. this is expressway. it's hard to see. visibility is getting worse out there. let's head to the maps from braintree into boston. most viewer stay home today. that drive is only ten minutes. let's take a look at the pike back to frame ingham eastbound into boston. no delays there. 93 southbound looking good as is route one. many of you are staying off the roads this morning. let's look at the drive times as you get ready to head tout door. no delays. if you take the t we have delays on the lowell line. >> obviously the snow is something to keep an eye out for. the strong wind -- i could fill that this morning coming in. coastal flooding big concern as this storm makes its way in.
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sandwich. nicole the winds are really strong where you are are. >> they are sarah. i know jeremy and chris have been talking about gust this is consistent persistent intense wind blowing off of the water here in sand wish sandwich. as we get closer to high tide. the ocean creeping closer to where we are. the winds are what we are talking about that are going to be the problem. you can see the snow being whipped sideways here in the air. it's starting to stick here on the ground. really that accumulation isn't going to see full force until possibly tomorrow morning. the winds are what we are concerned with. especially when we talk about power outages the wind being able to take down the tree limbs and the power lines and that's the reason a lot of people need to stay indoors all day. all of the cape under the blizzard warning for the next several hours.
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it's okay to be on the roads. the roads aren't too bad yet. the wind and possible damage it could bring is the danger with the storm. for now that's the latest live in sandwich. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." heading north to scituate where victoria warren has been in the elements all morning long. how is it shaping up where you are? >> we have a storm on our hands right now for sure. we've been monitoring the wind all morning long. now the snow -- a live look behind me here is the ocean here. the waves are quite angry and inching closer to the homes over here. and we've got a serious situation where they are worried about moderate flooding. these are the homes where they are most concerned. you can see some of the wind with the power lines. you know we've had power numbers coming through about 2000 customers or so without power.
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minutes the numbers have gone up. the wind while steady seems to really intensify. we've got wind gust of 60 miles per hour. just like nicole was sustained wind that's going to with a problem in years past. storm pass voluntary evacuations they have not done anything of the sort yet. but people who live here they've got home boarded up. they know they have to watch as the high tide approaches and be prepared to lee because once the basement flood and they lose power there's no heat. they can't stay in their homes with weather like this. victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." >> let's check in with kris anderson. we know crew have been biddy all night and morning. how does the situation look right now? >> they've been here since we
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right now we're actually starting to see our first snowflakes falling here in westin. we're at the police barracks where the big salt piles are. the front loaders have been filling up giant salt trucks and filling the back to sand salt mixture so they can get out of the roadways. they are on stand by moat. take a look right over my shoulder here right in front of me. you will see the salt truck there lined up plow ready to go for what that snow start falling here. they've treated the roadway already. they've treating them since late last night getting them prepared for the snow. now we're just waiting for the snow and its just now starting to arrive. very, very light flakes here. the wind picking up here. you see the flags flying here in the wind. we're not seeing the intense wind we see at the cape. things are picking up in westin
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little bit harder now. "today in new england." we want you to remember as the storm moves through we have you covered on the air but if we're not on the air if you can't be in front of the tv you can get the latest school closing and mobile or tablet apps. still ahead on "today in new england." the first primary just a day away. the latest numbers in the race from our exclusive tracking poll. and super bowl 50. the talk of the town this morning from the champs who the star studded half time show. we have all the highlights headed your way. >> we're tracking snow at this time. forecast up next. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest.
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>> 9:13. as the snow start to move in. there. coastal flooding a big concern here today. >> it's amazing when you talk about the size of the storm. we're just getting a glancing
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if this were a direct hit we talk blizzard 2013. that was a doozy. blizzard warning in effect for the cape and island. winter storm warning boston and worcester. steady snow until about 4:00 p.m. and then after that there's a continuation of snow but it's lighter snow this evening and overnight tonight. the nuisance kind of snow between now and 4:00 p.m. especially south of the mass pike it's going to be challenge to be travelling out there. it's not recommended along the south shore in particular route 6 in the cape. because of the wind coastal wind and flooding. travelling now again is fairly good northwest of the city. south of town going downhill and certainly downhill later this morning and through the afternoon. here's the snow right here. it's now marching across the pike snowing heavily through
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visibility under one mile. we look at the visibility if not under a half mile that's heavy snow. there's pockets of reduced visibility further north it's snowing but again it's not heavy snow yet. here's the storm system that crissa alluded to. the center of the storm way out here. usually when its that far away it can't pester it because it's so massive reach is well into southern new england. especially southeast mass. that's why we have the blizzard warning in effect. our storm time line against 10:00 this morning. there's the snow into the metro. it's with us through the afternoon. notice at 4:00 drier air buzzard's bay and back to southern worcester county. that's drier air kind of punch holes in the snow. and begin to reduce the intensity of the snow as we step through the later half of the afternoon and especially
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it all winds down after midnight tonight. certainly by tomorrow morning it's gone. there's snow on the ground. this the how much we think. between 5 and 9 inch of snow. higher amount along the south shore. north of town the numbers generally 3 to 5. city of worcester about five. city of boston about 6 to 7. beverly about 8 or 9. cape ann close to a foot. plymouth, carver, middleboro, about 9 to 10 inch. on the cape 5 to # 9 inches of snow. that's the case wind gusty at time near 50 miles per hour. we've seen gust of 37 in boston. with the strongest wind gust combined with the heyest snow. you will have blizzard conditions at time there.
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over to cape and island gusting over 60. with that strong wind coastal flood warn in place south shore of the cape and nantucket minor to mo democrat coastal flooding especially watching the high tide coming in at 11:00 this morning. beginning to see flash over here. they will get moderate pock pockets. this is cold air that's draining and we see the number fall in the city of boston. we're now down to 25 likely closer to 20 by this afternoon. 18 in worcester. i think the lower 20s turn into teens this afternoon. north and west of boston. this is a colder storm we're talking about windchill factor with it. and we're also talking about drier snow so for the most part away from coastal plymouth county we are dealing with drier snow verses what we saw in the
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it's easier to push around. pattern is winter. next 7 day. 3. >> bitter. >> thank you. still ahead we keep a close eye on the storm as it gets going across the area. we have storm force coverage from all our reporters coming your way. the first vote of the primary season set to be cast at midnight. the latest from new hampshire,
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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>> it's 9:20. our final 7 new tracking poll giving us one last look where the candidates stand in new hampshire now before the primary. this time tomorrow voting in open. the republicans really the big story. according to the poll. that's about all we know now. the democratic race just a here. bernie sanders beating hillary clinton by 16 points 56 to 40%. undecided that's up 4% an increase of 2 points since sunday. the tracking poll also shows sanders is probably too far away of clinton for her to catch by tomorrow. all she can do is try to cut the margin. the republican race more complicated though in the outcome is a mystery.
9:22 am
spot with 34% after dropping two points since sunday. a tie for second at 13%. there was no change in ted cruz's support. john kasich and jeb bush tide at 10%. kasich gained one percent while bush held steady. carly fiorina stays at 4 #. ben carson stuck at 3. 9% of republican primary voter are undecided the day before polls open. the tracking poll giving you the picture. donald trump alone on top then the cluster. campaign trail will be hotter than ever in 1/21/2 today months of town hall meeting and speeches really all come town to this. and they are all hoping a win there will give them a boost going into the next primary.
9:23 am
new hampshire. another busy day on the campaign trail. can you believe it. after all town hal after all the handshake it's a sprint to the finish. finish line is in side. candidate making final pitches to voter. marco rubio surges slowed in saturday on sunday he doubled down on message about president obama. en if it's being criticized as repetitive. we will keep this. jeb bush talking about the why sticking up for his brother. >> i will not blame barack obama for anything. i got sick of tired of blaming my broughter. heckler calling donald trump a
9:24 am
he kept his attacks focused on jeb. several republican hope to grab 2en and third place. hey all hope for strong finish. bernie sander looking to hold on to lead sharpened attack on sunday. ist right on that issue hillary clintons wrong. while hillary clinton was in flynt, michigan sunday her husband gave a slight jab to the front-runner. >> for her this is not about theory of revolution. this is about whether we with improve people's lives. >> to give you an idea of how busy things are. at one point in manchester, new hampshire donald drum bernie sanders and hillary clinton will also be holding event at the exact same time. 7news "today in new england." stay with the news station for complete primary coverage log on to
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creamy cheese p into your curiosity. laughing cow. invent snacking. >> storm force coverage continues now. we look at condition on the coast. now we will check here in boston. schools across the city are closed today. another snow day for kid after friday and the long weekend. let's check in with bri eggers. bri, it looks like snow starting to fall where you are. we've been seeing some steadily falling snow here in the downtown boston area. i would say at least the last hour and you can see the
9:28 am
now is that the wind are really pushing the snow blowing around. that's where you find the windchills around the area in the single digits to low teens. definitely bundling up if you plan to head out the encouragement to stay in today if you can do so. take a look behind me with this blowing snow gusty winds gusting between 35 to 45 miles per hour. you are getting reduced visibility. we seen a lot of questions on social media. even though we're not in the blizzard morning will we see blizzard conditions. just a dusty coated on the ground. the clouds will be necessary as we work into the afternoon and evenings hours around half a foot of snow for the city of boston. we'll continue to monitor the continues here. live in government center.
9:29 am
positive outlook on it all. much more to come. we are live across the state this morning. tracking this snow and heavy winds as they make their way onshore. >> you see the camera. it's like you need dramamine. forecast for the homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. r you know those people who pay a little extra t and get all the
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>> wijtder weather across the state today. we have storm force coverage as the snow gets under way. plus our team of meteorologist tracking its path. we're live on the coast where flooding is a concern today along with strong wind gust that could knock out power and make for dangerous conditions. >> we can't forget the countdown to the primary of course just one day away when the first vote in new hampshire who is on top of our exclusive poll this
9:32 am
>> welcome back everybody. thanks for staying with us on this monday morning. i'm sarah french. what a way to start monday. >> a repeat of friday. i'm thinking about the monday storm last year as well. but anyway we are tracking this -- do you like that? >> it's like what happened to us last year. we're great. this is warm. boom. >> to put into perspective we had accumulated fwief inches of snow. i assure you last year is not happening again. you saw pictures out there on the south shore. lovely beach day, huh. blizzard warning in effect for this south shore. plymouth county as well. steady snow right now up until 4:00 p.m. lighter snow after that. but it goes for several hours overnight tonight. won't wind down until 2:00 or
9:33 am
the concern is coastal wind and coastal flooding. 11:00 a.m. high tide. we'll watch that now. getting pictures of some roads impassable because of the rising floodwater from the high tide. here's the snow. it's snowing in boston. you saw bri with the snow and wind radar backs that up and heavier snow confined to the south coast. this map here is visibility. we look for reduced visibility to find the heavy snow. boston half mile visibility. plymouth third of a mile visibility. handz hyannis third of a mile. barely any snow. just a lot of cloud. here's the powerhouse storm. the center of the storm almost taking on a hurricane look here. a wintercane. that's how wound up the storm is. thankfully it's only a glancing blow. how can it be a glancing blow. we have a blizzard warning.
9:34 am
we have snow happening throughout the afternoon. it's more isolated and patchy in nature around midnight and then it shuts down just after midnight tonight with most cities and towns about 6 to 9 inches of snow. down along the south shore upward of a foot of snow. south shore that will carry down toward the canal as well. for more on the storm here's meteorologist chris lambert. coast atlanta flooding taking place here. pretty much right where we get the heaviest of the snow later into tonight. the wind has been active. scituate a 60 miles per hour. that's pushing the water toward the coastline. high tide around 11:00 this morning. expecting minor to moderate to local flooding. down along the south shore. it will be scituate.
9:35 am
inundated with water. the high tide still an hour and a half away. i expect pocket of moderate to local flooding. sandwich coming in at minor as well. the coastal flood advisory for the north shore into the seacoast seacoast of new hampshire. up into newbury point. another thing with this storm the snow itself drier snow because temperatures are colder. however right along the coastline coastal plymouth county down through the cape and island wetter snow combination of that and the strong wind the higher snowfall totals will give scattered power outages with the tree branches weaken and damage from friday storm it's possible inland we see isolated power outages despite the snow being drier spouz drier snow. more on the storm to come. we're keeping a close eye on
9:36 am
and look at it coming down. this marshfield and marshall hook inside the traffic tracker. slow going there; marshall? >> as you can see it's really snowy snow. this is route 3 one of our major highways and we are in the right lane. the left lane not even touched. not even tire tracks now. fairly good accumulation of snow speeds at this point we're going a little bit over 30 miles per hour on a highway obviously that has much higher speed limit than that. obviously speeds are slow right now. visibility a question mark right now as well. crossing into the norwell line. volume is low. that seems to be the picture pretty much everywhere. danielle gursh here to give you a bigger view of the traffic picture. that's exactly right. most everyone has decided to
9:37 am
the road looking good so far this morning. let's go to the map heading into 93 southbound. there. the pike expressway from braintree into boston that drive only ten minutes. south of town we have some issue in brockton. we have reports of heavy snow and very little visibility on 24 northbound and we have a new accident there as well. the pike automatic green from frame ingham into boston. let's take a look at the drive times. this morning 10 minutes on the expressway. 128 to zakim bridge. >> you heard everybody talking about visibility. clearly snow is not the only potential problem. we talk about the strong wind and wind gust blowing around what has fallen. >> that sets up the possibility of power outages along with coastal flooding concerns. how is it looking where you are now, vicki? >> sarah, we can show you some
9:38 am
now right over here. you can see the water is starting to come up over some of these walls. we will probably have to find another location. and that ocean, that is just absolutely angry right now. we have the blizzard warning. the snow starting an hour or so ago. the winds have been gusting up to 60 miles per hour. they have been steady. take a look at the power lines over here in this neighborhood. you can see what i'm talking about in terms of power outages. we have power outages throughout the day. i am sure the numbers are going up because the wind are strong enough to bring the power lines down. add to that this wet snow that is going to be just getting heavier as the morning goes on. we splash over on roadway. some reports of standing water. just take one more look at the ocean. and the big concern is the approaching high tide which is at 11:00 a.m. and when you talk about high tide it's really the hour before high tide. and the hour after high tide
9:39 am
we are getting into that tricky situation. prepared. a lot of them have left the area or watching the forecast and they know if they get the word from the town to go they will just pack up and go. live in scituate victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." let's head to the cape and nicole oliverio. definitely, these winds have been pounding since about 4:30 this morning. notten a gust. this is constant persistent wind. if you look behind me you talk about the waves that victoria was talking about high tide. you can see how for rowtious the ocean looks now. the white cap definitely creeping closer. really it is the wind more so
9:40 am
splash over and possible flooding. like they deal with here. we're talking about power outages that are probably going to be a problem with the wind possibly taking down tree limbs or knocking down power lines. that's the issue. you see the snow starting to fall and stick on the ground. the accumulation and totals aren't the biggest issue in the cape could end up with a foot of snow before this is all over. for now live in sandwich. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." storm force over to westin. that's where kris anderson is. we're live in westin. the big salt piles. they scoop up a lot of the salt and mixture dump into the truck. the truck then make their way
9:41 am
let's show you where we are talking about. they spread the sand mixture. mass dot trying to stay ahead. the snowstorm as you can see now falling in westin. a light fluffy snow. we will keep monitoring the situation here along the road here. the snow crews continue to get out there and treat the roads the best they can. live in westin. kris anderson 7news "today in new england." keeping a close eye on things all morning long with our team of reporters and meteorologist if they can't be in front of the tv you can get the latest update on the school closing and any updated info on the go with mobile and tablet apps and web site ahead. still ahead on "today in new england." all eyes on new hampshire the final push under way ahead of tomorrow's first in the nation primary. >> we're also talking super bowl
9:42 am
from the broncos win to the half time show. we have it all covered. >> carolina feeling blue. we are tracking snow for new england. fo okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that'
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okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. good morning. here we are. 9:44. we're talking about more snow.
9:44 am
it's been this rapid succession thing. beautiful weekend. >> the good news, j.r. it's not that heavy wet snow we dealt with friday. the winds today are so strong. it is. and it's a cold wind as well. that's why the snow will be lighter in nature. not loaded with moisture. steady snow now until 4:00 p.m. lighter snow after that. it will shutdown probably around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. travelling will start to go downhill again. marginal at best. south of town you saw marshall and the traffic tracker. it's becoming problematic. a general sampling of the graphic. it drives the point home that later in the morning and the afternoon poor travel. the city of boston north and south shore. worcester hills probably never going to be a storm that really overwhelmings you with snow. you will have that persistent snow all day in the worcester hills.
9:45 am
southeast mass. you see reduced visibility. a third of mile in plymouth and provincetown. beverly having visibility reduced. this is where you find your steadier snow. hasn't reached nashua yet. but it's on the move. heading northwest. because of this storm gobs over moisture into southern new england. if this storm was situated closer to jersey coastline right now then our snowfall maps would be painting the picture of 1 to 2 feet even over 2 feet. your storm time line snowing right now. snow onnd off through the day as we work later into the day drier air starts to punch holes in snow. boston down through buzzard's bay narragansett bay. they continue to win the battle later on this evening and
9:46 am
when it's all said and done by the time you are done shovelling probably around 5 to 9 inches of snow in the metro boston area. i think in the city itself 6 or 7. nd on the south shore again close to foot with smaller amount of snow heavier wetter snow to the cape and island. about an hour from high tide. we get reports thanks to strong wind pushing that ocean water toward the coastline. wind gusting through this morning into this afternoon. 40 to 50 miles per hour. at time we will gust 60 miles per hour. perhaps a few gust over that. that's pushing the ocean water toward the coastline. we have coastal flood warning in
9:47 am
it only get worse before it recedes here in the afternoon. 25 in boston. 18 in worcester. this a is colder storm. for a lot a much drier snow than last snowstorm we had friday. it's easier to move however with that said you also have lot colder conditions in place and digits. 9 in the city of boston. four in worcester. windchills in the single digit. you note from plymouth to chathem. temperature close to freezing a couple of degrees below. it's somewhat of tastier snow down that way. still drier than the last storm. up into southern new hampshire. 7 on 7 forecast keeping winter around. the midweek snow showers especially on wednesday look at that air on sunday. bitter value tain
9:48 am
denver celebrating as the bronco won the third super bowl in franchise history. upsetting the pather. bronco linebacker von miller named the games mvp. denver won 24-10. and with win payton manning got his second super bowl ring. he said he's not making any decisions ability retirement yet and that he is going toen joy the next week celebrate thing he will think about. he's the first qb to win the super bowl with two different teams. next up on "today in new england" voter making their final decision ahead of tomorrow's primary. who is on top of our exlusionsy poll in new hampshire before the
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>> only just one station. our tracking poll giving a last look where the candidates stand in new hampshire right now. this time tomorrow some voting in place will have begun. the republican really big story because we know who is on top. that's about all we know. the democratic race a little bit easier to predict. bernie sander beating hillary clinton by 16 percentage point. he lost a point overnight. she kept what she had. undecided voter upped to 4% increase of 2 points. the tracking poll show sander too far ahead of clinton to catch him by tomorrow. all she can do the cut the margin that she has. >> the republican race more complicated and the outcome a mystery. donald trump stayed in the top spot with 34% after dropping 2 points since sunday. then at tied for second after marco rubio lost a point and there was no chance in ted cruz's support.
9:51 am
now tied at 10%. kasich gained one point while bush held steady. chris christy gained a point now at 5. carly fiorina at 4. ben carson stuck at 3. also 9% of republican primary voter are undecided the day before polls open. and the tracking poll gives you the picture. donald trump alone on top. then the cluster of cruz, rubio, kasich and bush. all four of them in the hunt for second and third place in new hampshire. stay with the news station for complete coverage. log on to or use our mobile and tab lelt app. when we come back. we'll be staying on top of the winter weather for you. snow, wind, coastal flooding. you see the snow from the traffic tracker. very slow going as this system continues to make its way in. >> we will take a look at that
9:52 am
>> we have storm force coverage continuing this morning. here's in boston if storm is just kind of starting to ramp up. schools are closed as they get ready for this wintery mess. bri eggers live this morning. not all that bad steady snow falling for the last hour. we have a good coating to a dusting on the ground. the difference today and colder temperatures stronger wind making the snow come from all different direction.
9:53 am
wet at this point. you see what just went by. also a lot of plow. one in particular parked just across the street. they are ready for what's to come. they really get rocking and rolling here. 6 to 10 inch for the city of boston. we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the day. >> if it's not one thing it's another. each storm has a personality the heavy wet snow or you got the poor visibility with the lighter snow. >> like children; right? >> you low all your children. i don't know if you love your storm. you have blizzard warning in effect. city of boston worcester and fitchburg. snow metro boston heading north up into the mermic valley. the most meet concern is the wind and coastal flooding. numerous report of coastal flooding about to happen.
9:54 am
high tide on the south shore. >> and we'll have another update for you hopefully after the break then on to today show. i'm
9:55 am
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