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tv   Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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good morning, erve. eleven:00 now, the nor'easter paying us a visit this morning and into the afternoon boston dealing with snowfall today. a live look at government center, areas expecting up to a foot or more by the end of the storm and we're also of course keeping a close eye on the roadway, we know you have a lot of places to go. this is 93 in stoneham. hundreds of crews working to stay ahead of the storm and the traffic, they're trying to keep the roads clear for what is setting up to be a chaotic commute tonight. good morning, everyone. this is the second storm in less than a week.
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making the call to close this afternoon. and the storm is still moving in. it is going to stick around throughout the day. a long duration event. here is jamie ryan err. we have the blizzard warning in effect, plymouth, city of boston back toes what worcester hills. steady snow right now until 4:00 p.m. and there will be the occasional burst of heavy snow, but i don't think this is a storm where we have widespread heavy snow at any time. so road crews should be able to do a pretty good job of staying out ahead of the snow especially boston north with lighter snows happening after 4:00 p.m. until midnight tonight. right now the high tide is happening as we speak. doppler radar showing bands of heavy snow. most of the activity has been focused throughout southeast mast off of buzzard's bay up the south shar. you do get these breaks in
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and a good way to really find where it is snowing steadily is to use the visibility. half mile visibility boston. only a third mile visibility south shore and the cape. here is our storm system right here wound up. it is at the point where you call a warm air seclusion where the warm eair suts itself out, when that happens you is a powerhouse storm. there it is on the radar through the afternoon. patches of snow which at times will back away late this afternoon into the evening to just light snow and flurries. and then the flunt brunt of the snow is over tonight. anywhere between five and 9 inches of snow, downtown boston six or seven inches of snow. south shore, south ocape up to a foot of snow by very early tomorrow morning. chris. high tide big concern along the coastline as we spack. a coastal flood warning in place through one:00 in the afternoon to.
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us and we've had many reports of coastal flooding from hull to scituate. marshfield, nantucket and portions in the north are dealing with coastal flooding. this will be the case over the next couple of hours until the tide cans recede far enough so water can get pulled back into the ocean. do avoid the near shore roads flooded out by the ocean oh the next couple of hours. per hour. gusting 50 to 60 coastal plymouth county through the cape and island and strong winds as we go throughout the afternoon. although they do subside here less than this evening and overnight tonight. snow. or leans ability an inch nature of and tauton at .1 inches of snow. this is part of the story, too, the elkington delete s really cold air 18-degrees in boston. twenty in nord, a lot of us this is a drier snow and has eless water content to it. it is easier to push around. on the flip side with the colder
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the battle the cold wind chill values running close to zero, barely above it in boston. feeling like 1 degree right now. -one in worcester and wind chills will be down zero to five throughout much of the afternoon. and as jr mentioned still expecting a good dose of snow through the mid to late afternoon hours. you definitely want your head lights on, wipers going on a day like today. marshall wear iy is this. 93 northbound getting onto 128 north. there will be a number of things you need when you head out if you head out on the roads. you're going to need peansz and caution and let me be a cautionary tail, you're going to need windshield washer fluid which we have run out of, we're going to get some, but you can see we've used up an entire jug this morning, we've already gone through an entire tank of gas. so if you're headed out, it will be slow and dirty and you're going to want to keep it slow and keep it cautious. live from behind the wheel, seven news.
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how about the storm in the city. let's check in with bree eggers she's been live for us in boston any change? i'm not that impressed with how quickly the snow is piling up. it is not doing so. we've been see steady snow falling for the last two to inch of accumulation. we had a couple of guys that came by and they shoveled all of minutes. that already gives you an idea how different this snow is from what we saw on friday, the light powdery snow that is not like the wet heavy stuff. we're still hurting from shoveling on friday. so it is blowing around pretty good with those gusts as chris mentioned between 35, 45 miles per hour from time to time. and again, temperatures already 18 degrees in the city of boston. so that's why you can see the consistency of the snow. it is not necessary to wear waterproof gear today, but you'll definitely want to bundle up with the wind chills running
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some locations. we're live in government center, bree eggers nbc news. to thank you so if you're headed out, do be careful. you won't be in front of your tv, so if you want to get the latest weather updates or closing on the go head to our mobile and tablet apps and if you are at home we'll be back with you in 25 minutes with another update. >> i was like hyperventilating watching that. joanne was texting me is in the best ever? i'm like ever, ever. and you knew that chris martin and beyonce were pals i guess gweneth is friends with the whole group and they posted this picture that illustrates the friend ship. it's chris martin's and gweneth's daughter with jay-z's daughter. >> yeah. so sweet.
11:07 am
request for those of us who are a little later and longer in the tooth. older, all right? i want to start a petition to have chicago and earth wind and fire at the super bowl some day. couple couple months ago. got the sweetest letter from their manager saying we would sold out. so i mean, i don't mind the younger acts. but i think they really should like the grammys give it to other people. it's america -- the super bowl is america's. and we come in lots of ages. >> you know what was cool, too, when chris martin sang a look back at all the super bowls and you saw all the different -- i thought that was such a great thing and it really did remind you about everything that had come before. they had u2, the stones, michael jackson. >> yeah. >> can we talk about this? >> the hot ref. who cared about the game.
11:08 am
>> how did i miss the hot ref? >> he's name is cleve blakeman. look at his arms. look. he's like a hail lo is around him. of course i believe what you say. of course it was incomplete. of course it was. >> just look at him. >> look at him. yeah, looking everyone loved him on the internet. everyone was all about him. he's a 51-year-old league if i recall from omaha. he's work for the nfl since 2008. his twitter account says he's a personal injury attorney? >> now i'm interested. >> married with children. aah. >> be happy for him. >> well, goody for you. >> nebraska huskers tweeted out he was actually a backup quarterback for their '80s team. so he knows the game.
11:09 am
every year. it you have a favorite of the commercials or did you position one just totally fell flat? >> puppy monkey baby is the stuff of nightmares. >> mountain dew. >> you don't do that selling a minivan. in it looked like a tim burton movie. >> a little weird, but good. >> yeah, the sonogram one. let's take a look. >> and there is your beautiful baby. any day now. >> really, you're eating doritos? he's eating doritos on my ultrasound ultrasound. see what i have to deal with?
11:10 am
>> aah! >> why see why people are upset about that. the colonial williamsburg one maybe. >> that was funny. >> people are so interesting. something that makes one person laugh owe depends another. it's just so bizarre. >> i always have an apology letter in my pocket ready to go. >> don't we have my crawl? we like to apologize if what she's saying, what she has said and what she's about a b. to say. who cares. enjoy. but i thought overall that the commercials were not as great. >> they release them on the internet. >> they give away too much. they let everybody see them too soon. >> i love christopher walken.
11:11 am
he can sit in the walk-in closet and i enjoy. >> all right. enough of you guys. we'll see in you a bit. southern california lawyer is our hero of the day. >> marty burbank, he and his wife have offered to pay the college tuition of 26 kindergarten students at an elementary school in anaheim, california. here's what he had to say. >> getting interested will buying a new boat, trying to decide which one to get and about that same time, last december, my pastor gave a sermon at east side christian church and he was talking about charity and giving. and when he gave that sermon, i just felt moved that buying a boat was a very selfish thing for me and i could do so much more to impact the lives of and i want to make sure that these kids have every opportunity to go to college. the school is working hard to make sure the children are inspired to go to college and i just want to remove the
11:12 am
[ applause ] >> he is actually paying for free college. people like that. >> how awesome is this guy. so he will pay for two years of community college and two years tuition at california state university or the equivalent at a private school. good for him. what a sweet guy. he could have very easily bought the boat. >> and there is nothing wrong with buying a boat. but he made that choice. and i think it's awesome. it's the year of the monkey and that is good for puppy monkey baby. what are you doing over there? our dessert and red tea service. by the way, i'm trying to eat right. >> and how is it going with the trainer every tuesday and thursday? >> you know what she told me to do before every meal, she said drink a full bottle of water.
11:13 am
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if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. nausea. life as a non-smoker is a ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. we want different stuff for the super bowl. >> zac brown. >> yes. >> lots of luke bryan, blake shelton. >> mix it up. >> carrie underwood. >> all right. we're ready. it's today's buzz. here's the juicy xwos gossip that you missed over the weekend. billy and kit so cute together. tell us, kelly clarkson. >> it's a good tease.
11:17 am
>> she's coming. daughter. >> the diva has arrived. >> what is she teasing? >> first of all i think it's river rose's birthday party. no, i think she's going to tis disneyland or something. >> it's a music video, a song, a novel. so much pressure to find a new way to make an announcement like this. >> we're talking about it. >> babies work. monkeys and puppies, also. >> she's pregnant with a little boy and her baby pictures i put up on my frimg fridge she's so cute. >> and can we talk about david larry on snl? >> he was great, but he's larry
11:18 am
he's not doing bernie sanders. he's just doing larry david. he is bernie. the video is funny, though. >> just to see them side by side is dallasic. it's bern your enthusiasm. >> let's see it. >> i'm yous r biggest fan. i'm feeling the bern. >> you coughed into your happened. i don't shake it after a cough. >> no, i didn't sflp come on, mr. sanders, don't be rude. shake my wife's hand. >> i'm not being rude. she's the one being rude by offering a germ-infested hand. >> i'm a voter is what i am. >> germ-infested hand. i'm running for president. i do not shake disgusting hands.
11:19 am
he loses by five votes. >> oh, that's funny. >> but he's like that in real life. i lived with larry david for a year in his guest house. not lived with larry. >> a torrid affair. >> he's exactly like that in real life. he questions everything. he's always getting into trouble. >> i don't know how trump is doing it because donald is notorious for hating germs. but he's all out there l everybody. >> i bet he has a great immune system. person to ever run for president. >> you guys are coming back and we'll play a grammy game. >> which you will win. >> i can't sing. >> we'll be right back. caress presents a fine
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grammys are a week away so we thought we'd play a fun game we're calling tunes and balloons. kathie lee and i are up against billy and kit. so one person from each team will pick a song out of the bowl. you can hum, act it out, give hints to your partner, but you can't name the artist. billy, go. >> whitney houston, i will always love you. >> how did you -- wow. >> oh, my god. [ humming ] >> unforgettable. >> yes. natalie cole. >> good. come on. >> i knew that by the way. >> oh, her husband just passed away. >> celine dion. my heart will go on. >> pop, pop, pop. >> go. >> i hate this game. >> no, you love it.
11:24 am
what is it? [ humming ] >> michael jackson, beat it. >> oh, my god. go, go. >> oh, just died. [ humming ] >> skip it. >> >> >>. [ humming ] >> neal sedaka, love will keep us together. >> movie beaches.
11:25 am
>> chicken wing? oh, bette midler. wind beneath my wings. >> oh, shoot. >> this is so exciting. hurry. [ humming ] >> give me some hints. you can talk. >> adele rolling in the deep. think. it's time. we'll play during the commercial. >> didn't on't worry, be happy. >> do you really need to wash your hands after the bathroo if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec .
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>> welcome back, everybody. 11:30 or storm force coverage continues this morning. here's a live look where a nor oon easter is moving in. some areas expecting up to a foot of snow by the end of this storm. we're keeping an eye on the roads. this is 128 north in beverly. look at that snow. hundreds of crews working to try to stay ahead of it. so take it easy and slow. i'm sarah french. many schools are closed as we deal with yet another storm. let's take a look at boston. throughout the day. just starting to snow? boston.
11:28 am
track closely. let's send to jeremy reiner with more. >> if you look closely, you can see a few deeper shades of blue. one west of interstate 95 moving back into the hills. and another deep shade of blew down through the south. those are areas of heavy snow. they'll be coming in from the ocean moving from southeast to northwest, working up the south shore. a good way to find these heavier snow bands is to use the visibility. when it's down under half a mile or less,s that avenuey snow as well as strong winds. orange, 10-mile visibility. for you guys it's much ado about nothing. there is the center of the storm. it's not going to move any closeer to new england, but even as far away as it is, it's such a massive storm that it can reach out into new england, and
11:29 am
at time that will wind down around midnight tonight. when it's all said and done, late tonight, plan on five to nine inches of snow. again, north and south shore. and more so as you work down the south coast. upwards of a foot of snow. and on to the cape the numbers about 5 to 10 inches of snow. chris. >>jjr, some of the totals coming up. down close to five to nine inches. boston, metro west with the higher totals down through southeastern massachusetts. what we're worried about now continues to be the coastal flooding. a lot of rors of moderate flooding and the near shore roadways pretty much shut off because of a lot of water there. watch out for the closed roads along the ocean drives here through the south shore. we've had a lot of reports from essentially stretching from hull down through marshfield.
11:30 am
1:00 this afternoon. and then as the tides do recede, we should lessen that problem this afternoon. the other issue has been the wind. still gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour, occasionally we've seen a few gusts going higher than that. west, yarmouth picking up five inches of snow. want to show you this too. look at these temperatures. we're talking about a drier, enoughyer snow away from the immediate coastline of the south shore, including the city of boston. 18 . the windchill is close to 0 from boston out through wister. >> thank you, chris. a check on the roads now. our marshall hook is on the traffic roads this morning. the roads look snow covered? >> reporter: yeah. when we judge innd land on 93,
11:31 am
not as much stuff on the roadway or snow in the air. as we have gotten out more to the coast now in beverly, you can see that has reverted to form. we have heavy snow in the air. plenty of accumulation here on 128 at this point. obviously we're keeping the speeds down, just a little over 30 miles an hour. we're headed up to where there's heavy bands moving through. we're going to see what there is to see out there also, as we were down in plymouth earlier we saw what the ocean looked like. as we're going now, still heavy snow. limited visibility and high winds. if you are headed out, you want to bear all of that in mind. live from behind the wheel, i'm marshall hook. >> thank you, marshall. we'll stay with you all morning long giving you updates. if you can't be in front of the tv, remember to get your updates
11:32 am
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we have a nice hearty crowd out there. >> it's blowing snow. they have umbrellas and they're on tv. >> they're in the mood for love. >> yes, they are. intimacy and commitment, sounds like a dream relationship. >> for one couple, it can be a hilarious nightmare. jillian gak gillian jacobs and paul rust star in the new series "love". >> both coming off breakups and have given up on the idea of love. so take a look. >> i just keep believing that a relationship evolves and gets better and like why do i believe that? where do these lies come from? it's like, oh, i know, songs and books and movies. pleasantville? >> whoa, yeah. i like it. to it again.
11:38 am
this because he got the all the lines. hi, kids. >> welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> how fun are you two. that is a great scene, though. you guys seem like you're friends before this taping. do you know one another? >> no. i was a fan before. i knew of her from community and thought she was hilarious. very talented. >> and hot. let's be honest. >> well, yeah, okay. >> and so how did you get a crack at this? >> well, paul had been working with yesterday on the new peewee herman movie. >> thanks for that. >> and on the netflix family. happy to help. and then you started talking about the idea for the show. >> he seems to have the midas touch. >> yes. >> so you wrote it, all of it, or did you write it --
11:39 am
wife. >> that's why you didn't say gillian was hot. >> is there some ad lib happening? >> we did a lot of improv onset, but they also wrote great scripts. so it was a wonderful combination of a wonderful starting point and the freedom to say whatever came along glp d you get to play a slut. how much fun is that. so much better than rebecca at sunny brooke farms. >> that was my second choice. >> so it you have to do research? >> you can pull a lot of great stories out there, but fun to play someone slightly less inhabit in- in-might be bitted. sdl describe your kragt character. >> somebody who is totally unlike me. .
11:40 am
>> so it's a stretch. >> doing some real daniel day lewis method acting here. no, i play a character named gus and he's a people pleaser tutor for a young student. >> so love just finds the two of you help. >> hopefully. >> yeah, it's like ten episodes and a slow exploration of two people getting together. >> making a lot of mistakes. >> like life. you're adorable. thanks for coming to see us. "love" premieres february 19 on netflix. >> and apparently peewee herman
11:41 am
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tomorrow night i'm hosting the 13th annual women's day red dress awards. >> the event will also honor five women who have been part of a live longer and stronger challenge. since last spring, they have worked with joy bower to lose weight. p. >> and we're about to show off their hard work. >> this whole thing was put together from women's day. i have a column and every year we to a call out around the country and we recruit women who have had heart disease or in the midst of heart disease or a family history and we literally turn their lives around. so i'm so excited. we'll introduce you to all of them. so first up we have our cheer leading queen. this is nicole. 42 from georgia. daughters. and the reason that she has her pom-poms is she coaches the local competitive cheerleaders.
11:45 am
>> is that you behind you? >> yes, first time she's actually town to her competitive cheer leading weight. she lost 77 pounds. she's lowered her blood pressure. cut her cholesterol medication dosage in half. >> thanks, nicole. >> and lita is my# champion. she's 35, she's from pennsylvania. she's lost 49 pounds. >> go, girl. >> lowered her blood pressure and bad cholesterol all while bumping up the good cholesterol. >> you look awesome. >> and she has a beautiful daughter, as well. and the ultimate healthy role model. >> thank you. awesome. where is maria? >> soma rea e maria is holding her hot strappy shoes.
11:46 am
demanding job, always lug will willing will ing around baggage. but she's dropped 47 pounds. normalized blood sugar.g ing around baggage. but she's dropped 47 pounds. normalized blood around baggage. but she's dropped 47 pounds. normalized blood sugar. and she's holding her strappy shoes because she couldn't fit into them before. and now she lost so much weight, they're too big. she dropped a whole shoe size. >> that is awesome. you have great feet, too. awesome. thank you. >> and next up we have my girlfriend. this is terry kelly, she's 55 years old from grand rapid abouts, michigan. she's holding a picture of her family. this is a bit of a heartbreaking but now heartwarming story. about two years ago -- first, mom. two years ago, her husband went out for a jog and he was struck by a car and he was killed. and she totally put her health on the shelf. and it wasn't until one of her
11:47 am
crying saying, mom, i'm afraid i'm now going to lose my other parent. so she's dropped 42 pounds, lowered her blood pressure, the bad cholesterol. >> you look awesome. >> and her husband is smiling down. he's so proud. >> we love you. awesome. >> and last but certainly not least, we have enchilada mama. she's 49 from north carolina. mother of three. assistant director at a church preschool. and she also takes care of her mom. >> we're listening. wow. >> she needed to be more selfish. she was taking care of everybody but herself. and now she as dropped has dropped 25 pounds and reduced her risk for
11:48 am
out her blood sugar level. >> congratulations. >> that's fantastic. >> we should put the recipe on our website. love it. >> so this whole group has dropped about 250 pounds. >> ladies, thank you so, so much. >> awesome. >> sorry i'm speaking with my mouthful. we'll be right back with our favorite things. but first, this is "today" on
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision and look to the american horizon. can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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time to share our favorite things. you know our friend squire always here with our god winks. phenomenal people. is this a book called the 40 day prayer challenge. partnered prayer. they're doing a study with baylor university to see if
11:51 am
that that kind of prayer actually gets results. go on 40 day >> and i just want to show you one of my favorite things is this ghi that i met this weekend, his name is tony luca. we walked into a music place and this guy started laying playing. here is a song of his. >> i like that. why can't you find that kind of music all the time? >> everybody knows every world. tomorrow is mardi gras. we'll celebrate food and fun.
11:52 am
>> a major winter storm moving through the state right now. a live look at boston and the conditions there. >> snow and strong winds really the big issue here. we will also check out the conditions along the coast. >> and in natick, the roads are snow-covered. this is route nine. we have a team of reporters reing you know what you can expect. >> here is that storm system right here. the storm timeline and how much snow is on the way. >> plus, in new hampshire, we are nearing the finish line. two weeks of heated debates. hundreds of hours of campaigning leading to primary day. we have exclusive poll
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