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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> sarah: snow starting to pile up across the region. some places bracing for more than a foot. we are also keeping an eye on high tide. >> christa: right now winter storm warnings are up and in place. some spots still under a blizzard warning as well. >> sarah: it is not just the snow that is of concern. whipping winds causing flooding along the shore. there is the potential for power outages as well. we will see that along with the storm. >> christa: schools, businesses, some state offices are closed for the day. soon governor charlie baker
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and the response to it. here you see a live look at the podium. it is all set and ready to go. when that happens, of course, we will bring it to you live. first let's begin with our weather team. meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: we have that blizzard warning in effect. plymouth county as well as the cape and the islands. until 7:00 tonight. winter storm warning in the city of boston north shore, metro-west, worcester hills, portions of the south shore, especially west of route 24 and interior southeast massachusetts. midnight tonight. steadiest snow right now until about 4:00 or 5:00 this evening. and then it doesn't completely shut down. but i think we will have patchy light snow continuing through the evening hours up until just after midnight. we will have the wind happening right now also. that's been a real issue. gusting 40-50 miles per hour. when the wind fades away, so will the snow. that will happen after midnight. coastal flooding is a major issue at this time. with moderate coastal flooding happening. that will subside as we continue to come off the high tide.
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again, most of the numbers down through the south coast, buzzards bay, the cape, the canal, west falmouth, 6.2 inches of snow. sandwich, 5.5 inches of snow. har wip, three inches of snow. then you come off the cape, the numbers drop off. only a coating to an inch or so around metro-boston. here is the snow right now, the snow. >> you look close, the deeper shading of blue, and there is a number of these little fingers, if you will, of deeper shades of blue. that is where we have the steadier snow. there is one on the east slopes of the berkshires. one in the worcester hills right now. one in metro boston. there is another batch which most of the bands of snow, the steady snow has been focused down through the cape and the islands. that is why your numbers of snow, much higher than everyone else. when you look at visibility, that helps to pinpoint where the steady snow is. anything under a mile, showing the steady snow. nashua just now dropping under ten miles. down to a mile visibility. bedford, half a mile visibility. through portions of southeast massachusetts, a third of a mile in visibility because of falling snow as well as
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huge, huge storm in the atmosphere exploded off the carolina coastline yesterday. this is the toings of that storm right now. in fact, it is wound up so tight hate the's actually closed itself off. we call it warm air seclusion. the warm air low cans off from the rest of the storm. it is right here. that is a sign that the storm matured. meaning it is not going to get any stronger from this point out. it is a hefty storm as it is. it is very far away for the new england coastline. because it is a mass i storm, it is able to reach out and pummel us with snow and wind. so we've got snow happening through the afternoon. now, the intensity does fade evening hours. more so midnight tonight. there you go right there. you notice the dry air starting to chew away at the snow around 11:00 tonight. that really shuts down about so that we are done with the snow by tomorrow morning. the amount of snow on the way by tomorrow morning, again, a lot of this is already on the coast and the canal and the cape.
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bit of work to go to get to these numbers. it is a slow process. you won't have nine inches of snow in boston by this evening. this will be the number. generally, between five and nine inches of snow in this deep shading of blue by very early tomorrow morning. a foot of snow on cape ann. the new hampshire seacoast about 7-8 inches of snow. you work down on the south shore. this is where the steady snow has been happening this morning. this will continue for the afternoon. a foot of snow likely. along route 3. as well as 24 to route 3. down to the south coast, and the upper cape. east of hyannis, out toward chatham, truro, wellfleet, 5-9 inches of snow. now for the wind and coastal concerns... >> chris: we have many factors with a big ocean storm. we have had coastal flooding an issue here for the last couple of hours. a lot of moderate coastal flooding. basically, inundation of some near-shoreline roads across the south shore, down through the cape and over to nantucket. we expect that moderate
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go back to minor and then recede back into the ocean over the next couple of hours. some of the roads closed off, water continuing through the afternoon. winds gusty at times. not quite as active in the city of boston right now. 28 in boston. going to kick it back to the news desk for breaking news, guys. >> christa: all right. we have breaking news right now. we will go to the governor, charlie baker giving a news conference. >> employees that live in or work in barnstable, bristol, essex, middlesex, norfolk, suffolk, plymouth, duke and nantucket, not report to work today. that was due primarily to our desire to try to keep the roads as open as possible so a lot of the folks associated with the highway department would have the opportunity to do their work and to do it completely throughout the day. i have been in the statehouse since 6:00 a.m. we have been in constant contact with the national weather service, with mema,
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to monitor the storm. the snow is falling a little later than originally forecasted. but the storm is expected to have same impact. it will be slow and steady all day. and in many parts of the massachusetts, it will be snowing and accumulating up until midnight. the heaviest accumulation will last until around 1:00 this afternoon. then as i said, it is going to keep snowing and accumulating until around midnight in many parts of massachusetts. so far, the current models we have show the heaviest accumulation is expected to be across southeast massachusetts and the cape and the islands. a foot or more of snow is possible along with blizzard conditions. the way i have been describing this earlier today was to say that if you are south of the turnpike and east of worcester, you are probably going to get somewhere between 8-15 inches. depending upon how close you are to the coastline. plymouth county, at this point,
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describe as the big winner in this storm. most likely to get somewhere between 12-18 inches there. 6-10 inches are likely and possible across the rest of eastern massachusetts. and parts of rhode island. and 4-8 inches are expected northeast connecticut and central massachusetts. wind speeds will vary, but again, it's bristol, barnstable, and plymouth that winds. probably up in the 50-60-mile-per-hour range. they will certainly be 25-35, 45 mile an hour gusts elsewhere around massachusetts. the d.o.t., mass. d.o.t. currently has over 1,900 pieces of equipment and nearly 550 employees doing clean-up on the roads. almost half of this is currently active in district five. which is bristol county. road conditions are deteriorating quickly in the
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and especially in plymouth and on the plymouth county and on the cape and the islands, traffic volume so far has been light. visibility of those roads is reported to be poor in many areas with strong winds, downed wires are possible. wins hazard throughout the day. the heaviest snowfall in many parts of massachusetts has yet to come. due to the worsening weather conditions, the speed limit has been lowered to 40 miles per hour on the mass. pike from warren to westborough. appears to be taking this storm seriously. and staying off the roads. we would appreciate it if you continue to do that through the rest of the day and into the evening. unless you must travel. this is not only a public safety issue, but will allow our road crews to continue to clear the snow quickly. the forecast is set to bring high windchills and frigid temperatures. once it is finished snowing which will cause freezing and
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if you are able to get out and shovel during the day, please do your part by clearing driveways, sidewalks, and fire hydrants in your neighborhoods and if you can, help elderly neighbors and those in need around you. the national weather service has advised us that strong winds will likely result in widespread moderate coastal flooding along the east coast, south of boston, cape cod and nantucket for the high tide late this morning. to the north of boston, coastal flooding should be minor. we just passed the 11:00 a.m. high tide and will continue to monitor our coastal communities throughout the day. we expect the high winds to result in down trees and power lines with scattered power outages likely. especially in southeastern massachusetts and on the cape and the islands. due to the very strong winds and the heavy wet snow. although at last check, i think there were 1,700 homes without power. but obviously, people are paying very close attention to
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as the snow gets lighter and fluffier toward the northwest, travel will still be dangerous due to whiteout conditions. the m.b.t.a. and commuter rail have reported no major incidents and are running a regular schedule. the commuter rail has activated snow-fighters to clear the tracks as the snow comes down. riders are encouraged to check for scheduling updates. massport has announced that 30% of flights have been canceled at logan airport. that has more to do with the wind than the snow. folks should call the airlines ahead. as the day goes on. mema has reported some power outages, as i said before, and we will continue to remain in constant contact with the that we are doing everything we can to return poweller to our communities as quickly as possible. we remain in contact with our cities and towns and encourage municipalities to reach out if concerns.
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governor polito has talked to about twenty local officials this morning and obviously, secretary pollack has been here being badgered by questions and observation and really bad advice from both the lieutenant governor and me throughout most of the morning. with that said, happy to take questions. >> so so good now. >> i certainly think the relatively light volume on the commuter rail and on the transit system and on the roads means that we are able to spend a good part of the mid-part of the day continuing also to continue to clear the tracks associated with both "t." i would ask the secretary if she would like to speak to this one. >> so in southeast
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crews are keeping up with the storm, but the roads are increasingly snow-covered. people should try to head home early. the storm. the "t" and commuter rail will run on a regular schedule. so all of the trains that normally run on a week-day will be running and people can plan to head home for the afternoon. do so. so hopefully, we will have a low-volume afternoon commute commute. and folks will have a smooth trip home. suspended service. they ran the morning schedule with minor delays. they rely on the coast guard for advice and so far, the coast guard has not asked them to shut down so. they are planning to do their return evening schedule. check. obviously, if conditions become unsafe, they won't be able to do that.
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can you give us a bigger picture, how the "t" is >> i would say the "t" has been able to keep service at regular levels which is, you know, what we want. people should be able to actually, use the m.b.t.a. instead of their car when we have bad service. and that's what we all lost faith in last winter and we need to restore that faith. every storm where the "t" is able to run service pretty well, i hope will help to restore that service. and i think one of the things that i see and the governor and the lieutenant governor see is how much work is going on before those storms, during those storms and after those storms that maybe wasn't happening last winter. that is what is allowing the system to function as well. for example, as you will recall last winter, we had issues with the snow piling up before the next storm hit. once this one is done, depending on where the snow levels the plan is to pull the plows out and plow that stuff out of the way and not leave
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>> you look at the long-range cold for the next week. we are not expecting a lot of melting. we are not going to leave the accumulated snow in place. there is a loft changes that have been made since last year so. far, they are producing the kind of service that our customers need and deserve. >> what was the o.t.... >> this morning ran 91% on time. that is a typical weekday. friday they did fall behind. on-time was not as good as we would have liked. but this morning went pretty well. hopefully, this afternoon will as well. >> well, i would say that so far, i think the "t's" performance has been satisfactory. you know, some of this... sometimes you end up in situations that you can't predict. for example, on friday, the whole series of trees came down on the d line. most of those trees were actually located on private property. they wouldn't have been trees
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able to do anything about prior to the weather last friday anyway. when four trees fall on one particular route, that translates into having to come up alternative transportation in between. they ran about 40 buses, my collection is, to move people week. then they spent several days carving those trees forecast down and taking them out from among a lot of electronic and signaling wiring and because of some of the damage that was done to the signaling, they now have somebody today who is literally standing out and handling the signaling from a manual point of view. between friday and monday, we couldn't get the part to fix the signal. i mean, there is always going to be stuff going on out there. but i think in the grand scheme of things, people have been far better prepared this winter than last winter. as the secretary said, in the end, we will be judged on our performance over the course of the winter.
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>> frts what do you anticipate for tomorrow's commute? >> i guess that depends a little bit on when the weather stops. if the snow stops by midnight, that will give us another five or six, seven hours between hour starts tomorrow morning to continue to clean up what's left of this storm. for us to make sure that the roads are clean. and the "t" and the subway and commuter rail in working condition tomorrow morning. (inaudible) we talked about this a half hour ago. the answer is nothing that has required any local folks, either the lieutenant governor or the folks at mema have been talking to, to ask us for assistance. i mean, so far, people seem able to deal with closing down roads or dealing with whatever the circumstances or situations are associated with
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moderate flooding, on a widespread basis is usually something that the locals can from us. we haven't been asked to engage either directly or indirectly at this point. >> christa: charlie baker talking about the fact that he is so far, satisfied with the state's performance in responding to the storms we have had this winter. of course, as we take a live look at the waves kicking up there with the high winds in some of these coastal communities where they have seen some flooding already in their community. but of course, as we look here at boston, they are looking ahead to the evening commute. and wanting to make sure it is a safe one. and also keeping a close eye on downed trees and power lines with the high winds that we have been seeing. >> sarah: obviously, along the coast, flooding a major issue. victoria warren, we have been seeing these pictures you have been tweeting.
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there. >> reporter: yes, they were pretty bad. they are still pretty bad. we are starting to see some improvement. live behind me, you can see they have some of the roadways shut down. and then what was happening was that the waves were crashing over and flooding this entire area out, high the morning. worst of it. even though things are getting better, though, there is still plenty of water crashing over the walls. the wind so strong in scituate, you can't even see the snow falling. 60-mile-per-hour gusts and an astronomical high tide. the water rushed in and the streets around scituate lighthouse were shut down. utility crews in place for expected power outages. police warning people to avoid the waterfront areas, saying cars can quickly get stuck in floodwaters. still, the power of these tremendous waves luring some locals out on foot. bit. which is great.
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>> reporter: bill has lived in scituate long enough to remember storms that prompted evacuations. today, he says he was impressed. >> this is pretty bad. this is the place where it floods. if you look over here, it is going up over the wall every time. i have, like, in january,... tlort road waive here was covered with water 20 or 30 minutes ago. you can see in terms of water covering the roadway, we have some improvement. once the water cleared out, now the snow is starting to accumulate. it is a mixture of snow and water out here. so a real sloppy situation. but there seems to be some improvement with the street-flooding. crashing over some of the sea wall. they are still advising folks who don't need to be down near the water to just stay away. live in scituate, victoria
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>> sarah: snow starting to accumulate on the cape. state police advising people to stay off the roads. >> christa: the wind is howling on the cape. doesn't look like it has let up one bit, nicole. >> reporter: christa, in fact, it seems the winds are picking up fvrbs as we get into the height of this storm. even though high tide has passed, if you take a look crashing hard here in sandwich. miserable but mesmerizing. conditions on the cape bring out storm-watchers who couldn't stay away. >> just curiousiosty. i have lived in sandwich for 5 years now. just coming down to see what the storms are doing. we are going sandy neck and check that out, see what's going on. report tt waves crash. the white foam crashing against the shoreline. threatening but never flooding the streets in sandwich. the whipping winds are causing sideways snow. that is the biggest threat. the intense gusts could take down tree limbs and power
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the area. wave-watchers don't mind, though. it is winter. they are prepared. . >> we are going to go home. hunker in. generator is all set. snow-blower is all set. ready to ride it out. i played golf last week. i'm not playing golf this week, unfortunately. >> reporter: it may be a couple of months before on the green. winds gusting. per hour. this area remains in the blizzard warning zone. we did check in with emergency officials. they say right now, no reports of any major issues regarding power outages. that is the latest live in sandwich, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> christa: sit tight if you. can stay inside. ok, we will update you all afternoon as this long-duration storm kind of progresses. >> sarah: yeah. across the state.
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>> christa: welcome back. we continue to track this storm for you on a monday. the plows are out here in taunton. up. they are trying to stay ahead of it. obviously, ahead of the evening commute. of course, as you just heard. the state's governor talking... the idea is that, hopefully, a lot of you are at home with your kids maybe today if that lucky to not be working. >> sarah: yeah. you can see it piling up more so than this morning. j.r., are we in the height of it? >> i would say right now is the height of the storm. in terms of the coastal flooding, thankfully, we are just past that. we have a little work to go. we are noticing victoria warren's report. as well as nicole oliverio. blizzard warning remains in effect on the south shore, the cape and the islands. until 7:00 this evening. winter storm warning, boston, worcester. up until midnight tonight. steadiest snow right now until 4:00 p.m. if there is a time during this
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hard time with the snow and the roads, that is now through probably the early evening commute. and then the snow will wind down middle part of the evening hours. then everything will shut down aftermidnight tonight. same with the wind. it is a problem right now. nicole, actually, i caught her say that she think it is wind has intensified. there is some truth with that statement. we have noticed the winds will ramp up moving forward. for a few hours. then that, too, the winds will fade away mid-evening and more so after midnight tonight with the coastal flooding continuing to subside. snowfall totals, west falmouth, six inches of snow. weather yarmouth, five inches of snow. mashpee, eight inches of snow. you come off the cape, the numbers are smaller. the snow started on the cape. and has been marching north into the city of boston. malden, 1.5 inches of snow. inches of snow. the doppler radar shows snow all over the place. and unlike the storm on friday where we had a rain-snow line, everyone is seeing snow.
12:24 pm
over to a green. not to show you rain but when i go to this color here, it really makes the steadier snow bands pop out. you can see the deep shading of green. 128, 495. the route 2 corridor. back into the worcester hills. merrimack valley. that is a plume of steady to occasionally heavy snow. then it shuts down a little bit right here on 95. then it picks up again on cape ann. and just offshore. much the same on the south shore as well. this deep shading of green along 95, that is steady to heavy snow. then it backs off a little bit near narragansett bay. you notice out on the cape, snow. we will have these waves of heavy snow pester us for the next three or four hours. then everything will begin to settle down as we work through the mid evening hours. then it is just a light nuisance-type snow. 6:00 p.m. then at 9:00, you are like, oh, there. you brush that away. tomorrow morning, another inch.
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contend w with for the end of the storm. it is all gone and out of here just after midnight tonight. when it is all said and done, plan on about five nine inches well as the shore, worcester hills. about five six inches of snow, lower amounts in the outer route 2 corridor and the monadnock region. south shore, near a foot. as well as the south coast and portions of the upper cape. chris? >> chris: j.r., we have had issues with moderate coastal flooding down through much of the south shore. nantucket as well. and we are that coastal flood warning in place until 1:00 this afternoon. winds gusty inland. we have winds gusting to 20-25 miles an hour. you compare that to the coastline down through the cape and the islands. right now, frequent gusts close to 50 from hyannis down toward nantucket. we will watch these winds peeking out... peaking out at 50-60 miles an hour. as j.r. was mentioning. strong winds through the cape
12:26 pm
and along the coastline. watch what happens this evening. and then overnight tonight. 7:00, not quite as windy. coastline, the city of boston, down through the cape, then these winds subside even farther overnight tonight. in fact, we are down to about 20-mile-per-hour gusts in the city of boston. and 30-35 down through the cape. much lighter winds waking up tomorrow. we won't have much of a wind inland tomorrow morning. occasionally, seeing a gust. maybe 10-15 miles an hour. notice the wind direction out of the northeast. could get still some lingering massachusetts. another part of the storm here that we haven't seen yet this cold air. we are not talking about the heavy wet cement-like snow metro-west. temperatures running 15-18 degrees. it is a lighter, drier snow. as j.r. mentioned. you brush it off. it is easier to deal with. the tradeoff for that is to deal with these cold windchill values as we do go out and clean out the driveway and the
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windchills running close to zero degrees in boston and through worcester. this will be the case through this evening. more to come, guys. forever, huh?
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm they've all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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>> christa: back here at 12:30 on this monday. across the region. some places bracing for more
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right now winter storm warnings are in place. some spots under a blizzard warning still. >> sarah: it is not just the snow that is of concern. whipping winds causing flooding along the shore and there is the potential for power outages as well. we will see this with this storm throughout the day. >> christa: right. just about everything out there for you. let's get a check of the weather with j.r. seems like this is the storm that is not wanting to quit, j.r. >> jeremy: i mean, this thing is a meteorological beast. you talk about poetry in motion. that thing is wound up something fierce. exploded off the carolina coastline yesterday at this time. really intensifying the over the last 12-18 hours. i'm not quite sure if it achieved bombo-genesis status. 24 millibars in 24 hours. chris and myself are efforting to find that out for you. thankfully, it is doing its thing over the water. not going to bother us. such a massive storm still on the northwestern flank here.
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and this time, unlike friday's storm, this has an astronomical high tide contend with. that is why we saw the issue about an hour ago. we still have that issue as well. at one time, we thought there were a couple of storms behind this one. there are a couple of storms trailing this powerhouse storm. for these guys out here, as they approach the eastern seaboard, this dog stole all the energy out of the atmosphere. so as those other storms come through new england tomorrow and wednesday and thursday, the best they can do, generate a couple of isolated snow showers at times. it is one and done, in terms of significant snow and wind. cold as well. windchill feels like two in boston. worcester, feels like one below. snowfall totals between five and six inches of snow on the cape. then you come off the cape. the numbers are smaller. just now getting into the intense snow. north weymouth, an inch. braintree, close to two inches of snow. doppler radar showing these plumes of snow. and everyone is in shaded in blue.
12:32 pm
winter weather pal lath, if you think, is this rain or snow. it is snow. deeper shades of green, you can really stand out and find one up in the merrimack valley. out there. weakening a little bit. snow will add up there. south of the pike, there is one more along the 959 corridor. a second band here back toward mid-cape. so we will have these little fingers of heavier snow to contend with throughout the afternoon. as the storm system actually pulls away from the eastern which will shut down the intense snow later this afternoon. and then we are left with just patchy light snow this evening up until about midnight. then after midnight, it's done. the show is over. with most towns between five and nine inches of snow metro-boston. nine to 12 inches of snow on the south shore. and again, as you work toward
12:33 pm
about five ten inches of snow. >> chris: winds certainly the story here along the coastline. nantucket, gus to 65. edgartown, at 57. rockport, at 57. fair haven, at 56. you heard the winds late last night, early this morning, rattling the house. even across metrole-west. we had some good gusts. 30-40 miles an hour. the concern earlier this morning was the high tide. the high tides have now passed. the ocean water should start to recede. although we have had moderate coastal flooding down toward nantucket. high tide around 11:00. throughout much of the south shore, moderate coastal flooding. the tides have peaked. now we are going back out. we should see some relief to these issues with the pockets of moderate coastal flooding. another high tide coming up just before midnight tonight. the tides themselves, about a foot lower in combination with the wind more out of the north
12:34 pm
meaning we shouldn't... we should see moderate coastal flooding. winds gusty along the coastline the next several hours. 40-50 miles an hour, once in a while exceeding 60 down on the cape. inland, where we have the gusty winds, we may indeed, see some power outages. there is a live look at sandwich. we have been getting hammered with the snow and the gusty winds: at times gusting over 50 miles an hour. sandwich is up to about six to eight inches of snow. the tide is receding here. but this is certainly the high waves and the rough water out there continuing. this is a drier snow thanks to the cold air in place. we have watched this coastal front slide down close to the cape cod canal. even temperatures in coastal plymouth county will be dropping this afternoon. stay with 7 news. >> sarah: winds are pick up speed, of course. our live shots are blanketed
12:35 pm
>> christa: we saw the lines of plows in your shot earlier. the snow is certainly coming down where you are. >> reporter: absolutely. it is really snowing. let me tell you, every time the wind picks up and the snow hits you from the side, it feels like someone slapping you in the face. as the miserable outside. now, we are right here at 140 in downtown taunton. you see the parking ban here in place in the city. if you don't move your car, it will be towed. they need to plow these streets. schools have been shut down and city hall was shut down as let me tell you, on the way down here, it was slow-moving and the highways are slow to be plowed. please be careful. state police did say... let me step out of the way. i don't want to get hit by a plow right here. they are out here plowing obviously, stay clear of them because this can be obviously dangerous. now, this is the snow bank look how big it is. it is just only going to get
12:36 pm
then right here, we clear the spot off a few minutes ago. you could see all the snow that's accumulated in the last few minutes. it is really coming down right here. in taunton. roads are being plowed down here. police have extra crews out. so do state police. you have to be careful of these roads. because, well, the roads are a little bit scary. reporting live in taunton this afternoon, 7 news. >> christa: you can't stop sometimes when you apply those brakes. you can hear it.
12:37 pm
>> if you are able to get out and shovel during day, please do your part by clearing sidewalks and fire hydrants in the neighborhoods. if you, can help elderly neighbors and those in need around you. >> christa: we hear that time and time again. you know the drill. how to help out. governor baker addressing the storm from the statehouse a half hour ago now.
12:38 pm
drivers to stay off the roads. and home owners to try and clear the snow before it freezes overnight. steve cooper is live with more in woburn. >> reporter: right. we have been asking drivers to stay off the roads as well. a lot of people say they have things to do today. it is a steady snow. here is the difference between the storm on friday. this is a light fluffy snow several hours here. it is a lot different than what we were dealing with on so if you take a look at places like 128 here right at the 93 interchange, what you are seeing is the roads are actually wet. they are down to pavement. they are not all kakd over with the heavy snow that we were dealing with on friday. around here at this hour, the traffic is moving okay. earlier today, things went south fast. conditions on 128 south went south fast earlier after the steady snow and whipping winds sent drivers into a tailspins. >> the plows haven't hit it too much yet. once you hit a brake a little bit, you lose control. >> reporter: you actually spun
12:39 pm
>> yeah. bounced off a guardrail, spun around. came to a halt sitting sideway. >> reporter: plow operators shifted into high gear working to stay ahead of the storm. some drivers just couldn't resist. >> reporter: what is it? when they say stay off the roads, people like to get on the roads during a storm in. >> yeah, they do. that is not a good idea. >> reporter: the challenge seems to be two hands on the wheel and take it down a notch until conditions improve. >> people just don't pay attention. they have to drive slow. give yourself some time to slow down. and don't talk on the phone. >> reporter: lot of good advice. friday, of course, everyone was using the scraper. today you really just need the brush. that is all you are going to need to get the snow out of here as you hit the roads. and again, forecast at this hour, if you take a look at 128, you can see here right at good. as you heard the governor say a little bit earlier, people
12:40 pm
off the roads. the concern is for the afternoon commute in the coming hours. we are live in woburn, steve cooper, 7 news. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive... who's that, jenny? no kate...turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs ...i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. then i thought, maybe other
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>> christa: we are back. right? in this storm. this is a live look at government center. and you see a little bit of snow falling right there. you know what? the kids have had a couple of days off now. friday and this this is day as well. right? >> sarah: yeah. nice long weekend for the kids. as we take a live look at bri eggers. how is it going out there, bri? >> bri: you know what, sarah? maybe this is mother nature's way of saying there should be a snow day after the super bowl. if you remember, we did this last year, too. this is a very different snow
12:43 pm
if you have been out in it, maybe you noticed a light dusty powdery snow that's really just not very packable at all. it just sort of brushes away, as steve cooper mentioned. you don't need the scraper. you need the brush. in fact, this entire area was completely shoveled in a matter of minutes. that only took two people to do so. in the city of boston, steadily snow falling for the last three to four hours. i would say we picked up between one and a half to two inches of snow. that is what we are looking at at this point. we have a couple of hours to go. we will return wiwith what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered.
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>> sarah: we continue with our storm-force coverage. a live look at braintree. man, hard to see out that camera there. visibility low in the area. >> christa: for the latest on the storm's track, here is jeremy. >> jeremy: now, those pictures right there, that is challenge that we have. if you are out and about on
12:45 pm
6:00 tonight. yes, this was the height of the storm in terms of, you know, the most intense snow. and the most difficult travel time. right now up until... and through the early evening commute. west falmouth, six inches of snow. west yarmouth, five inches of snow. harwich, three inches of snow. as you work up near the metro, weymouth, an inch of snow. malden, an inch and a half. braintree, close to two. snow. still snowing right now. we have snow all over the place. ly move the colors over to a green. this isn't rain. this is all snow. the green, you can... if i step away here, the deep shading of green really allows you to find those steadier bands of snow. we have one pretty much right on top of boston, north up through the 95 corridor. as well as 93. you work back into the worcester hills. the colors become a lighter green. it is not quite as heavy. here is the heavier band of snow. boston, providence, the 95 corridor: that is adding up fabs.
12:46 pm
portions of 195 as well as 495. then the deep green picks up in intensity. provincetown, truro, wellfleet. barnstable. so that is because of this storm well offshore. huge storm. and yes, chris and i were able to confirm. this was a bombo-genesis. rapid intensification of the storm. it winds down just after midnight tonight. most of this falling between now and 6:00 p.m. the city of boston probably around six, maybe seven inches of snow. travel will be poor to start the afternoon. and really for much of the evening commute. you notice by 8:00, 9:00 tonight, the snow is letting up in intensity. patchy, it is light in nature. the snow plows can get out and do their thing. by tomorrow morning, we are on our way. a lot of clouds and a few flurries for the tuesday morning commute. chris? >> chris: people love the fact that we have a bomb bow genesis. you think polar vortex will be back next week? i think so.
12:47 pm
by the time we get into valentin's day weekend. a piece of the polar vortex dropping down from canada into new england. we had issues here with coastal flooding. this is becoming less of an issue as we work through the midafternoon hours. the tides now going back out. scituate, high tide was at 10:46 this morning. you had moderate coastal flooding. the tides going down. continuing to see gusts. 50-60 miles an hour along the coastline. we will continue to deal with that throughout much of the afternoon. and these winds subsiding through the overnight hours. we want to show you what's going on on the 7-day forecast. you know, the real story is the cold air is coming on valentin's day weekend. look at that. -3 for a low. teens for highs.
12:48 pm
>> christa: we are tracking this nor'easter that will be stibing around for quite some time through the evening commute. right now, we have marshal hook out in the traffic-tracker in gloucester. this is the kind of weather, marshal, where you try stop and you really hear those avs brakes working overtime. isn't it? >> reporter: yeah. very slippery out here as the guy said, the height of the storm, we are dealing with a lot in terms of visibility and the road conditions that have gotten worse. we had a car spin out into the guardrail earlier. if you are coming out, be safe. back to you guys. >> christa: okay. you know what? sometimes during storm-force coverage, people are talking to us, and we have three people talking to us. marshal has basically stopped talking. nos you can see the story right there.
12:49 pm
burn now. traffic moving steadily. we know the snow continues to come down. we are really at the height of the storm. depending on where you are. take it easy out there. of course, we will have updates for you throughout the afternoon.
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