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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> anchor: snow pilg up across the region throughout the day. here is a look at our traffic tracker and the roads look pretty decent but we know there have been a number of issues today. when things are all said and done from this one, some people could see a foot of snow and it still is snowing, but not just the snow that's causing concern. it's really windy and especially up along the shore where there is flooding . >> anchor: we're also keeping an eye on potential for power outages. we have a team tracking the storm. let's begin with jeremy riper who is here with the very latest latest. good news, things are winding down . i think the worst of the storm is behind us of we still do have the blizzard warning in effect for plymouth county as well as the cape and islands. that's until 7:00 this evening. city of boston north and south shore, 95 corridor under that winter storm warning until about midnight tonight. for those of you that have the best chance whether you like it or not of getting a foot of snow would be south of town along the immediate south shore as well as forces of the cape. yarmouthport right now nine inches of snow, ocean bluff nine inch, bourne 7 inches of snow.
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are lower because the steadiest snow never really got going into the city until late morning. again, we are farther from the storm than they are on cape cod. boston officially so far 2.2 inches of snow. lunenburg, concord, bridgewater area between three and four inches of snow. so moving forward again light snow continuing up until about midnight tonight with an additional snow. in terms of coastal gladding, we will watch the 11:00 p.m. high tide but i don't think it will be muff of a concern because less win wind and tides themself lower but there might be pockets of minutor coastal flooding. this morning we had a moderate coastal flooding. still snowing across much of southern new england at this time. the deeper shades of green indicating where we have stead steadier snow and that is focus focused in preliminary euthanasia and brings come taunt taunty down along route 3, route 24, then north across metro boston again, patchy, light snow
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this on the convenient is overwhelming for the road crews so that is why if you have travel plans it evening, you can certainly make those plans just allow extra time because it will be a little bit gracy out there. your 7 on 7 forecast again noticing that as we move the storm time line through the evening hours, dryer air begins to chew away at that band of snow and it all wind down just after midnight tonight to just a couple flurries. this is how much snow you will have again anywhere between five and nine informs of snow. i think for metro boston inside 128 probably closer to five than nine inches of snow and the down along the south shore to the canal 9 to upwards of 12 inches of snow by very late tonight and early tomorrow morning. chris? >> anchor: biggest concern was coastal flood an and very strong winds to go along with heavy snow. nantucket gusting well over 60 miles per hour. close to 65 earlier. edgartown 57. rockport 57. because of those strong an shore winds we did have coastal flooding during the midday high
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the south shore as well as nantucket as we go into this evening's high tide just after 11:00 we have a coastal blood advisory in place. not expecting a moderate al flooding but still minor coastal flooding of the thing about tonight's high tide tide's astronomically a half foot to too foot lower also winds out of the north and not out of the northeast and less of a component pinning water toward the coastline and wind won't be quite as strong as what they were earlier this morning into the early afternoon hours. still gusting to 28 in the city of boston. 36 in plymouth. 47 hyannis. 44 nantucket. so we'll deal with the gusty winds through the evening although tonight these winds do subside. we'll only gust to 15 to 20 miles per hour from boston west overnight tonight. still to 30 down through the diminish tonight. . >> anchor: officials in dangerous driving conditions today and telling people to stay off the roads if you don't need to be out. there sam caputo is in dorchester. roads looks fairly december sent at this hour.
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what's going on? you are right, ryan. a lot of folks heeded the warning early today and did not go to work for those who did go to work it's a fairly smooth commute home. we were on 93 southbound and leaving the city not an awful lot of cars and as you see in front of me right now 93 south while wet not all that slick. not a lot of snow on the actual road itself. right now it's almost really flowerying outside and boston here south of boston in the quincy area. not terrible at the moment but obviously the farther south you go the worst conditions are. some of side streets in the city itself and just south of the city a little slushy. a little bit wet but not too bad bad. the plow has been keeping up because the snow hasn't been coming down as a strong rate. it's been steady throughout and the folks on the road everyone seems to be taking it slowly but obviously with this snowstorm continuing at least for a couple more hours you could have some slick roads especially down in the south shore and that's where we are headed right now.
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. >> anchor: that looks encourag encouraging for people who are about to get out there and head home because roads look good at this hour . just the fact it was this lighter, fluffier snow it's easier for plows to keep up with with. there still is a blizzard warning for some people. it's not pretty out there. flooding is a major concern with that storm. >> anchor: of course those a along the shore are seeing some of the worst of that. we have a team of reporters covering this storm. let's go out now to brandon gunnoe live in scituate and that looks like a tough place to be. i'm not sure that we got the memo this storm was starting to wind down bass for some reason the last probably 30 minutes it seems like the wind are really picking up here along the water in scituate but what is much better is today around some time between 10:30 and 11 11:30 during high tide. this is it lighthouse road which leads to scituate lighthouse and this just picture this entire road in this entire area was completely covered in water during that high tide so the
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that is good news. not too many power outages from what we're hearing but as you can see the snow is blowing sideways and winds are still quite strong. the sea wall was no match for this winner it storm at high tide with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, huge waves crashed against the water front homes. we're used to this stuff. the water is always up here, this is what we do. sometimes it floods down by the lighthouse it floods. it's pretty bad. it can get bad. streets near the scituate lighthouse were closed to traffic. police and fire patrolled the area and asked everyone who didn't need to be here to stay away. this is pretty bad. this is the place where it floods. if you look over here it's going over the wall every time. i have like january year and a half ago two, years ago i saw over these houses a little higher waves but this is a good one . >> anchor: . >> reporter: utility crews in
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first places to flood. the harbormaster stopped by to make sure water wasn't getting inside. drivers on the road said flooded streets were their biggest concerns . it's getting worse. visibility is dropping. roads are getting slippery but it's not impossible yet. i love this weather. i love this weather. i have missed it for 20 years. this is great. i love it. >> anchor: that's the attitude, right? she just came back from the pacific northwest. she is happy to see this weather weather. these roads were closed earlier them have since been reopened but police and fire are asking everyone if you don't need to be in this area, please stay away because as you can see the wind are still quite heavy and the snow is blowing sideways. live in scituate, brandon gunnoe 7 news . >> anchor: tough conditions in scituate . >> anchor: i see he didn't agree with the woman who came back. it's nature's amazing force. it causes some significant problems. >> anchor: for sure. from scituate we want to take a look at conditions on the cape . >> anchor: they are getting a lot of snow.
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intensity so let's go to sandwiches. nick emons is there. how are you doing? kim, i can say we've been hearing about this storm starting to die down but the winds here in sandwiches have not started, have not died down yet. we're still feeling strong gusts come off of the water and for people here in sandwiches for the most part of the day their eyes were trained on the coastline. whipping winds fueling wicked waves. the sandwiches coastline pounded by rough surf . i would not want to be in the water right now . >> anchor: storm watchers brav braving the elements to catch a glimpse of this nasty nor'easter. i told my wife this morning i'm going. she said you are out of your mind. don't stay long. i have been gone for an hour . i have seen worse than this this. it's still from the repowerful right now . high tide causing flood concerns around town neck beach. the high winds threatening to knock out power. another concern with the heavy waves in the high wind is beach erosion.
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with the storms we've lost so much beach and erosion and even the home owners it's been horrible the money they had to pay . getly said the town just completed a project to restore the beach after a major storm washed away 8 feet of shoreline. i just hope we don't lose another 8 to ten feet in this storm. >> anchor: so they actually teamed up with the army corp of engineers to help repair some of the coastline here that was damaged in previous years storms storms. as you can see the good news right now is that the tide has been back out. that will be a different story later on tonight though where that high tide. that's the latest live in . >> anchor: taunton is expected to get some of the worst of this storm as the storm continues to move through the bay state . as we've seen budding winds have picked up speed this afternoon. kelly o'hara live taunton. kelly, what do you see right now now? this snow just won't stop snowing. it's been coming down all
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the good news though is that the wind has let up because it was pretty painful to be outside during that time. as you can see we're here in taunton, that's the taunton green right there. people are still driving around the roadary right here. people have been out honestly all day long even though there has been nothing open in town except for the post office. now crews have been out here plowing all day long. schools have been shut down. city hall was shut down and a lot of offices are shut down as well. you can see the snow is piled high right here on the sidewalks sidewalks. that's just from friday's storm. it's been accumulating all day since. the ground right here you can just see how much snow has been coming down here all day long. a lot of people in town have just been in their driveway shoveling and they say, you know this is new england and it's winter but the storm is definite definitely been letting up steady but letting up this afternoon reporting live in taunton, kelly o'hara, 7 news . >> anchor: of course we keep a close eye on the conditions right here in boston . >> anchor: the storm is on friday and today giving kids an extra long weekend.
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city. what you can tell us, bree? it's interesting i think that's mother nature's way of saying that we should always have a snow day the day after the super bowl because we did this last year as well although the snow amounts very, very different. by this time last year boston had already picked up more than four feet of snow make being for even nine foot snow drifts and this is all we're dealing with here today. this is because of all of the shoving that they have done as the day went on. the total for boston today, 2.2 inches which is not a whole lot considering that it's fluffy powdery snow that should pile up very quickly although that measurement was reported at 1:00 p.m. so i imagine it's a little higher at this point. as you checked in with me an hour ago we really had some good snowflakes coming down. some big ones but here just more like flurries that are blowing around that wind still pretty significant so if you are headed out which a lot of people are out, kind of business as usual as we head through this monday afternoon and evening just make
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temperatures in the teens around wind chills close to zero degrees. for now, live in government center, bri eggers, 7 news . >> anchor: we'll be updating you all afternoon long on the way of the snow conditions. if you can't be in front of the tv you can always get weather updates and school closings on our 7 news mobile and tablet app apps or by logging on to . >> anchor: we'll have continuing coverage of the storm throughout the evening but up next, our coverage of the new hampshire primary, the two remaining democrats going head to head, they are working for last minute votes. >> anchor: the second spot of the republican race still up for grabs. all candidates in new hampshire ahead of the first in the nation primary. we have a team of reporters covering all of the candidates . >> anchor: storm force coverage continues as authorities warn of dangerous conditions in some places and they have asked people today to stay off the roads which is probably why it's been pretty decent. but there you can see a lot of taillights so better to be where you are. we'll a check of the evening commute.
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>> anchor: the new hampshire primary is tomorrow. the candidates both making a last minute push from both parties looking for that support and the snow isn't slowing them down. adam williams live in manchester new hampshire with complete coverage of the primary. adam . and ryan. we'll start on the democratic family today. both hilary clinton and bernie sanders had their families by their sides as they pushed for those last minute votes. 7's byron barnett covering the democrats. he is live here in manchester for us. byron? well, on the eave of the new hampshire first in the nation primary, the candidates are continuing to battle right down to the wire. today it was family day on the campaign trail. hillary and bill clinton out for a preelection day
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chatting up diners hoping to sway anyone still undecide sided sided. then two were joined by chelsea before a crowd of hundreds at a get out the vote rally. clinton is still trailing bernie sanders in the polls by double digits, i asked her about her difficulty in getting women to back her . you are the most famous and well-known feminist in the world world. why don't you think you are doing better with women and particularly young women and does that hurt your feelings? i know a lot of young women are very attracted to the message of my opponent, senator sanders. i respect that. i am happy they are involved in the process. i want them involved in politics because after all this election is more about their future than mine. i want them to know even if they don't sore me i support them. bernie sanders who aperiod with his wife and three grandchildren tried to pump up supporters at the first of get you out vote rallies today. we're in a nation in which big money is buying elections,
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rich get richer, almost everybody else gets poorer. we're in a nation where hundreds of thousands of kids cannot afford to go to college and million 6 others are struggling with student debt. that's where we are. i think we can do better than that. >> reporter: in the next 36 hours we'll be very busy for the candidates and thousands of volunteers who will be getting those people out to the polls. the candidates are expected to spend virtually every waking minute campaigning until the polls close tomorrow. that's the story live in manchester, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news . >> anchor: all right, byron. on to the republican's now and candidates making moves for those last minutes votes stopping at key events all across the granite state. jonathan hall has been following the republicans and he is also live here in manchester with us.
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unlike the democrats the republican side is crowded. there are 8 people trying to get the nomination but it looks like all 8 of them are chasing the guy from new york donald trump, our latest tracking poll shows he has a 21 point lead. the snow is not stopping them, donald trump braving the elements to attend several campaign events in southern new hampshire. on this, the last full day of campaigning before the first in the nation primary. final push, how do you feel feel? i feel great. i love and a half. we had a special relationship with the peel of new hampshire for long before the whole political thing started . >> reporter: ted cruz among several candidates trying to catch one trump. he wants to win but seems to realize it's a race for second. win something better than losing. no doubt about that. so we are here in new hampshire competing for the votes and at . while speaking to a small group the a raymond, new hampshire tavern, the conservative senator was
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protestor outside of the room . the very odd thing, you usually lefties don't believe in god. >> reporter: marco rubio stumbled in the last debate before the first in the nation primary . this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is just not true . there it is. the memorized 25 second speech . >> reporter: he is staying on message in his visits with voters today. ohio governor john kasich is hop hopping to make up some ground and finish his surprise second. he was staying positive in place to you . we have to have a lot of things done in the last 100 days. chris christie is trailing the field badly. his strong debate performance could help him make up some votes though. and jeb bush is telling people he will beat expectations but he says that's not hard when some people believe you are buried already. senators and rubio and governors kasich and bush all seem within striking distance of second place coming up next after that
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place finisher could like that as a springboard. live in manchester, new hampshire. jonathan hall, 7 news . >> anchor: john just one station saying up to the minute with poll numbers our final 7 news umass lowell tracking poll giving us a last look at where the candidates stand up here in new hampshire right now. the republicans are the big story because we know who is on top, but that is about all we know when it comes to the democratic race we are looking at two heavy hitters going head to head right now. so we'll show you the results here. bernie sanders beating hillary clinton by 16 points. it's 56 to 40%. he list a point overnight and she kept what she had. undecided is up to 4% and in increase of 2 points since sunday. the tracking poll shows sanders is probably too far ahead of clinton for her to catch him by tomorrow. all she can do at this point is try to cut the margin. now the republican race isn't so clear-cut. donald trump stays in the top
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then a tie for second at 13% after marco rubio lost a point and there was no change in ted cruz's support. john kasich, jeb bush also now tied at 10%, kasich gained one point while bush held steady. so in the back of the g.o.p. pack, kiss kristi gained a point and is now at 5%, coolery fiorina stays at 4%. ben carson stuck at 3%. also 9% of republican primary voters are undecided this day before the polls open. the tracking poll gives you the picture here as you check it out out. donald trump alone on top, then the cluster of cruz, rubio, kasich and bush all four of them are on the hunt for second or even third place here in new hampshire. of course we'll continue our coverage of the lead up to the primary all throughout the evening right here on 7 news. another live report coming up at 5:00, so we'll see you then and kim and ryan back to you down in boston. >> anchor: thank you, adam. i will see you there tomorrow. we have you covered tomorrow
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so tune in to 7 at 7:00 p.m. we have a special, we have another special at 10:00 p.m. andy hiller will be there providing his analysis and i will join adam. a team of reporters will cover every candidate so we'll have all results and analysis of the big night . >> anchor: because of our coverage there tomorrow night we have a special prime time lineup for you. tune in at 8:00 for chicago medicine. chicago fire will be at 9:00 so set your dvr for hollywood game night that will air at 2:05 a.m. >> anchor: we are tracking patches of light snow still gusty wind, the forecast for tuesday up next. >> anchor: we are keeping an eye on the evening commute. a live look officials telling drivers to stay off the roads. speed limits reduced in some areas.
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the latest when we come back. new day for america is responsible for the content [sfx: thunder, rain and the voices of various presidential
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>> anchor: once again the cape, some big news. yarmouthport 9 inches of snow. oaks bluff nine inches, brewster 8 inches of snow. you folks on cape cod, you tripled your snowfall totals for county. they are so jealous out there. millis four inches of snow. foxboro about four inches of snow. danvers three inches of snow. for tonight, pockets of steady snow becoming light snow and then the light snow fades away after midnight tonight. that's about the time we'll lose the win as well. in terms of how much new snow from this point forward an additional one to three inches of snow likely. we will watch the 11:00 p.m. high tide but that this imtoo it's not a repeat of the high tide this morning because the tide levels themselves a foot lower and wind not as strong as at that time either. so perhaps pockets of minor coastal flooding. snowfall still happening right now but again when i switch over to this color pallet here and the reason do i that is because it really shows up very well the
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deep shades of green south of town, plymouth county in particular, this right here is a steady batch of snow basically sandwiched between the south shore and bridge water area. you head into bristol county then back up through franklin and for fog lighter shades of blue and green indicating lighter snows. a pocket of steady snow south of town. this will hang out south of town of the metro boston again some light snow with some steadier pockets of snow, merrimac valley as well as on cape ann and one way over there in worcester county. western worcester county but most of the action today has been focused through southeast mass because the storm center is way over there. now if the storm were talked up closer to what we call the benchmark. 25 to 30 inches of snow all across southern new england but it was so far away such a massive storm ahead incredible reach into southern new england and even being as far away as we did. we had a blizzard warning in
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snow for a while this morning as well as strong wind. you notice the dry air slow showing up through portions of southeast mass shutting down the know down there first but still lingering in the merrimack valley well after 10:00 or 11:00 tonight probably even into the early morning hours tomorrow about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning then shutting done for everyone for the tuesday morning commute. do i not anticipate significant travel tomorrow morning. this is what will be on the ground. happened. so you see that by tuesday morning. after the final snowflake falls around 2:00 a.m. close to a foot of snow down through buzzards bay as well as the canal and portions of the cape out toward brewster and hyannis perhaps chatham as well. travel conditions now are okay. they are fair. fair to strong in some areas and then as question work into the ladder half of this evening and overnight tonight those road conditions will improve. winds gusting between 55 and 65 miles per hour earlier today. wind speeds right now about 25
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coastal flood advisory for the 11:00 p.m. high tide. your 7 on 7 forecast any more storms. a couple of weak ones wednesday and thursday with some scattered snow showers but it is not a repeat of today. see you at 4:30 . >> anchor: let's get a check of the ride home. less traffic out there today bus people were told to stay home i hope . that's right. no school today. the highways for the most part just wet i'm little bit of slush cover on some of the side roads and secondary streets so be careful but the amount of volume very light as you can tell. route 1 northbound and southbound out through the saugus area moving along quite nicely. the ride here too on the expressway not a lot of company those headlights are heading "starbound" down around morrissey boulevard and we're averaging about a 24 minute ride right now from downtown boston right down toward the braintree split. the only problem on the top of the screen here along route 459 northbound right by route 133 on the tewksbury area of an over overturned box truck left left hand lanes brook blocked off as you can tell. traffic rolling back toward
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