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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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128 not moving too badly though. the pike westbound still right around the speed limit or above. these hid lights heading out toward exit 17 in the newton area. joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you. our storm force coverage does continue. strong winter storm barreling through the area. here is a live look at the roads in hingham. we'll have the latest on conditions next at 4:30 and
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ss . >> anchor: we begin with storm force coverage right now. much of the area under a winter storm warning. other parts of our area under a blizzard warning. but we're seeing signs of the . >> anchor: so we do have a considerable amount of snow across the region and traffic is moving slowly. we're checking conditions everywhere. this is rockland. some people could get a foot from this storm so it's light snow but it's still considerable and it's not just the snow. there are some serious winds out . >> anchor: we're also keeping a an eye on potential for power outage. we have a team tracking storm. let's begin with jeremy reiner. he has been tracking this all
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. >> anchor: we still have snow across southern new england at this time and when we show you this radar here. the deep shades of green indicat indicating where we have the steadier snow and then lighter shades of blue, that's where we have the light every snow and just snow flurries so we focus in on plymouth county because this is a steady to occasional heavy batch of snow basically 24 23 to the south shore and then weaken. once you come back into metro boston it let's up as well and merrimac valley. the 495 corridor and there is a pickup in intensity but moving forward the storm will continue to lose its grip on southern new england. it's way over here and so it's just kind of clinging to the new england coastline but as it begins to fade away, it will lose its grip on southern new england and letting go will be the strong every winds as well. so the storm time line we've got pockets of steady snow at this time that will quickly wind down to patches of lighter snow. mid to late evening and then we
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after midnight tonight and it's gone for the morning commute tomorrow. so no issues tomorrow. traveling again now it's fair, i mean i don't want to say it's impasse will because it's not. we're not seeing that and we're not going to see that but if you allow extra time road crews will continue to their thing because the snow that happens now until the end of the event is not the kind of snow that can overwhelm the road crews and roads so that's will do their thing and stay ahead of the snow trying to add up on the roadways but again they will be scraped away with ease. winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour still very strong though on the cape and ilan. hyannis agust of 43 prove us town a gust of 40 then as woe work through the ladder half of this evening those winds will gust between 35 and 40 miles per hour. chris, just dawned on me that this is your map. isn't it? you are doing such a good job. i was just going to let you go with it there. you are like wait a minute. taking a look at the forecast for us, you know we get a lot of questions on twitter saying wind
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evening. t not going to be just stop on a dime type, you know, stoppage of the wind here but we'll wind down. they will gust 30 to 40 earlier this evening then 20 to 30 overnight tonight so we'll sort to lose some of the wind speeds out here and tomorrow a little bit of a breeze coming in occasionally gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour. that breeze out of the east northeast. may have a couple of ocean effect snow showers and flurries working but for the most part and i think wheel age over and done with the strong winds and the bulk of the snow by tuesday. we do have to watch the high tide tonight as jr was mentioning earlier in the newscast that the tides are not as high in terms of astronomical speaking here about half a foot to a foot lower also the winds not quite as strong and they are more out of the north so we're just expect penting minor coastal flooding and beach erosion unlike earlier today the late morning high tide produced widespread moderate coastal flooding so we keep an eye on things but just expecting minor stuff tonight. >> anchor: thanks so much.
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with tim cap out o.i just inned the difference between before when were you on 93 south and this is much more snow packed it looks like here . >> anchor: considerable difference. you have those kind of tire lanes that everyone is following following. the speed little of course under great conditions on route 3 here 60 miles per hour most people on this road right now going 25 to 30 miles per hour. certainly smart idea when you see the roadways itself as compared to boston itself where they only got a couple of inches you can see if the last couple hours the snow continuing to sit here on the roadways. we have seen some plows come through but as you can tell the roadways have probably about a half an inch on it in aing for some slick conditions. we saw plows ahead of thaws slowed us down for quite a ways through hingham and weymouth. a lot of cars there as well but obviously they are trying to clear the row, coop the up with the storm as much as possible. side roads plows are out here
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certainly fewer cars on the road than a normal workday. a lot of people heeding the warning and not going to work today but those that are on the road are taking it slow and that's probably the best thing to do out here this afternoon. live in the traffic tracker, tim . >> anchor: a good reminder that people are in the city that may think it's okay around here but you start heading south you hit that traffic then the snow . >> anchor: you never know when there has been sand put down and when there is it not. there are slick spots. you look at the track there it's like do i ever change lanes . >> anchor: very carefully. you saw they are going 25 miles per hour so you can be out there but it's not great. >> anchor: the snow does continue to fall in much of the area this afternoon . >> anchor: it's expected to continue as you heard from the gentleman there in the weather department into the night and then probably die down after midnight so let's go to jadiann thompson in brockton. you spoke with the mayor there this afternoon. >> anchor: so the snow is coming down at a pretty good club here in some areas report reporting about four inches just to give you guys a status update update. we are staying in the parking
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want to show you for most of the afternoon there has been this huge fleet of line and tree trucks. i just spoke with the mayor and he says luckily no major power outages have been reported so far but the city is doing everything they can to be prepared and in front of the store. 93 south slow going out of boston. route 24 leading into brockton, low visibility, blizzard warning signs posted for drivers and the city limits a snow emergency declared at 5:00 a.m., all cars needed to be off city streets. mostly so if snow plows can work to clear the streets and to keep a path for emergency vehicles. we need the residents to help us get the cars off the street. the brockton police are out towing . >> anchor: you can see steady wind blowing this flag at a city park. the force of 165 crews say the wind has been a challenge. one driver has been clearing this area for 15 years and tells us the light, fluffy snow blows
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quickly as he can clear it . it blows around a lot though. other than that it's pretty good. >> anchor: he took his grandson out to keep his come all while they anticipate working a 12 hour shift . listen to my country music. keep them awake. >> anchor: now snow emergency means that public schools here in brockton were closed today. mate juror just telling me that he hopes they can reopen again tomorrow even if it is on a delayed basis. we'll of course keep you post of ofly in brockton tonight, jadiann thompson, 7 news . >> anchor: so if you are inside you are in a good place because the condition on the roads is places . >> anchor: in you want to start heading home this afternoon make sure you check the forecast out because there is still some snow going on right now of we want to head out to leing ton for a report from steve cooper in lexington. just scary. yeah, really scary . >> anchor: a rough ride on the roads and this accident only aed to the travel troubles on 128 south through woburn when an 18 wheeler and suv collide causing
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skid off the highway. i was slowing down and a car just tried to cut me off. conditions weren't much better through beverly on 128 where john o'brien said in an interstand there he was sliding out of control spinning in sir else before slamming into the guardrail. uninjured he calls 911 . i bounce off the guard rails, spun around, hit both sides, came to a halt, sit sideways . >> anchor: armed with a pretty simple. >>age troopers say the snow covered roads and drivers are never a good combination . it pace to go slow in the snow. that would be a really good line for everyone to pay attention to. it was blades down for the caravan of plows working highways too today where common sense goes a long way in getting home in one piece . you just have to drive slow slow. give yourself some time to slow down and don't talk on the phone phone.
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from steve cooper in lexington. we will be updating you throughout the evening on the latest snow conditions. if you can't northbound front of the tv you can get weather updates and school closings on our 7 news mobile and tab red ap apps or by logging on to . >> anchor: a special surprise a birthday wish cops true for a little boy from leominster. how the entire community lined up for a once in a lifetime surprise . >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 one day away, candidates fighting hard for last minute votes in new hampshire. we have live team 7 coverage ahead of tomorrow's first in the . >> anchor: our storm force coverage does continue as woe watch everything from the conditions on the roads, this is route 3 south here. you can see it is snow packed but other areas of snow was starting to lit up a little bit. we have coverage coming up all day on 7 news. >> anchor: we want to remind you we have you covered tomorrow night but as new hampshire primary events come in tune in at 70 then 10:00 for i special edition of 7 news. we have a team of reporters
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we'll have results and analysis >> anchor: because of our time lineup for you. tune in at 8:00 if you would like to watch chicago medicine then chicago fire will be on at 9:00. if you is are a hollywood game night fan set your dvr because
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>> anchor: little boy living with autism celebrating a big birthday in style because he got to meet his heros in leominster. town set up this special surprise . >> anchor: it was complete with the fire department, police force and military members, elizabeth noreika has that story story. for his eighth birthday brandon the only wanted three things. a firearm, policeman and soldier to attend his party each got much more. the level inster community
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big surprise birthday party. happy birthday, buddy . >> anchor: dozens of people attended the party on super bowl sunday. teachers, classmates and of course a special appearance from some members of the u.s. army, the police department and fire department. >> anchor: we all wanted to be a part of it, bring all of the trucks down and make his day israeli special . >> reporter: brandon as autism which leominster leaders feel as at about. they launched an autism friendly leominster campaign earlier this month and hopes to provide a city wide inclusive environment . i don't think i ever saw him smile so much. anybody with a child on the spectrum knows that's a big deal. >> reporter: the family said they can't believe the out outpouring of support. this is a birthday they will remember for years to come. this is awesome . i don't think we're going to be able to top this third day. ever . >> reporter: elizabeth noreika 7 news. >> anchor: patches of light snow this evening that fades
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but the risk of more snow showers this week. we'll talk more about that up next . >> anchor: thank you, jr. also ahead on 7 news, the final push is on. the race for the white house in full swing as the candidates spread out across the state of new hampshire for the first in the nation primary just one day away. we're live . >> anchor: our storm force coverage does continue. we'll have the latest on the storm's track and current conditions across the area. that's coming up at 5:00. stay with us.
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>> anchor: up impressive numbers yet been on cape cod. mouth port nine informs of snow. new bedford close to nine inches of snow, halifax six inches of snow. billerica about 3.3 inches of snow. sudden barry 3.5. danvers three. officially in boston two.
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report there. and still monitoring snow. steady snow down through portions of the south shore. this area shaded in the deep green hereand plymouth county in particular. that's where you have the stead steadiest snow. north of town we do have snow continuing up through the merrimac valley. 93, 95, back into the worcester hills. it's the storm itself is just hanging on for dear life, hanging on for life support way at the center of the storm. still able to effect us with pockets of light snow. that will continue for several more hours but the snow that we get from here on out is not the kind of snow that it's a blinding, you know, wind driven snow and the snow plows can't keep up with it. it's nuisance type snow where it sticks to car tops, does not stick to the roadways although the back roads will start to accumulate slowly. it will be the snow where you wipe away the driveway, sidewalk and couple of hours later you are like there is more snow out. there then you go out toward
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then a little more and you wake up tomorrow morning and another inch or so. so i think overnight tonight and additional one to three inches of snow will get us to these numbers here so that will be the storm total. many of us between 5:00 and nine inches of snow with close it a foot near the south coast as well as portions. cape and islands. winds gusting 25, 30 miles per hour, higher gusts on cape cod. that is the reason for the concern of the 11:00 p.m. high tide but nothing like this morning. the tide levels themselves are lower this morning and wind will continue to fade away. so there may be pockets of minor coastal flooding at that high tide i'm cold wind, not like friday's storm. storm.. the numbers running in the 20's, the city at 21. for tonight snow and wind fading away. seasonably cold but not bitter. 16 to 22. watching two storms this of course is the big beast, the gorilla and we thought there might be a couple of storms
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here doesn't have any energy or ingredients to play with so it's kind of like select and donkey where select is stealing all of the headlines and here is donkey on the caboose here. that will generate a couple of snow showers the next few days but nothing significant. there you go, the scattered snow showers wednesday and thursday. i think tomorrow just a lot of clouds a few passing flurries. y of the dates wednesday and thursday in some locations, not all, a coating to an inch wednesday and thursday. friday partly sunny skies, mid 20's and for the weekend we watched another round of snow showers on saturday. sunday valentine's day nothing to be bitter about that. bit early cold. >> anchor: everybody is just going to have to warm it up. right now as we say good-bye to select hopefully soon let's check traffic. here is joe stapleton. >> anchor: thanks very much. getting a look right now at our ride 93 northbound and southbound. not moving too badly through the somerville area. this is indicative of all the major roadways around down town just down not wet pay.
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toward the south shore though some slush and snow covered roadways down toward route 3. we're dealing with delays in that area. down through the weymouth and braintree section especially and we do have one big problem not of town along route 495 northbound, a truck rollover left-hand lane blocked off right by 133 and tewksbury but 93 and route 3 near route 495 moving along well. joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news trapped and in trouble. a dog runs into ray dangerous situation.
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>> anchor: fire fighters rush to rescue a dog weston after it fell through thick ice. they got that call on saturday. the dog was stuck rescuevs dove into the icy waters, grabbed that dog, pulling him to safety. the dog is okay and back home with its owner . >> anchor: we have much more to come in the next 90 minutes here on 7 news. hope you stay with us. i'm kim khazei. >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: 7 storm force . >> reporter: snow piling up an communities left to dig out . >> anchor: high tide takinging a toll. the coast flooded with trouble . >> anchor: this powerhouse storm moves away. tonight taking the snow and wind with it. >> anchor: and we are coming to you live from manchester, new hampshire where in less than a
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votes for the presidential election of 2016 the democrats closer than ever, hillary clinton not counting herself out and for the republicans it seems to be a race for second. tonight, the final hours ahead of the new hampshire primary. >> anchor: we begin tonight with storm force coverage along the coast. high tide has come and gone but the effects are lingering. roads left under water, some are simply impassable. so the snow started early this morning and it has really been non-stop piling new parts of the places and other people have gotten off a little bit easier. but the storm isn't over yet. good evening, i'm kim khazei on this snowy monday before a big day in new hampshire. >> anchor: and great to see you everybody. i am adam williams coming to you live from manchester tonight where the snow isn't slowing down any of the presidential candidates. we are just hours away now from the first in the nation primary and we have a lot going on up
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of the day inde is that
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