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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of the day inde is that weather. so we'll send it back to you for a moment, kim . >> anchor: we will get back to you very quickly. very important day with the first in the nation primary just a little, just hours away and we're sharing with you live pictures from all over the region as we watch this storm very closely. this is our traffic tracker we're out in many roads like this and you can see we have snow coated roads, some worse than others. ryan schulteis joins me for more storm force coverage. we have the storm covered completely. we have snow, wind, bitter cold our reporters spread out across the region to give us a close being look at the conditions. we want to win with our weather team for the latest. jeremy reiner is topping by. a coare storm with wind chills in the singer numbers still have the blizzard warning in effect for the south shore. plymouth county as well as the cape and islands metro boston 95 corridor winter storm warning in effect, yarmouthport leading the
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ocean bluff close behind at 8.8. brewster 8 inches. around metro boston the numbers are not as high but still a few more hours of snow to go but most communities including the city of boston between two and five inches of snow with an additional one to three inches of snow overnight tonight. which will wind down around 2:00 continuing and through evening hours. you can see on the dopler radar still across southern new england i wanted to swap the colors over to this green here because it really makes the steadier snow pop off the tv screen right there. this deeper shading of green along route 3, route 24 down along the south shore plymouth conte in particular is a band of steady snow just kind of meandering and wavering there for the last few hours so your numbers will continue to go up then you cross west of 24 and there is a break in the radar there so it's just back to flurries even up into fors of metro boston and another plume of some steadier snow, 95 north,
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valley even into s of southern new hampshire, nashua and manchester in particular all because of a huge storm way out here east southeast of new england but even though it's that far away it can still reach up for a few more showers with snow will will be on and off this evening and then as we get closer to midnight it becomes lighter and more scattered in nature and then after midnight around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning it shuts down completely and it won't be any new snow for the morning commute tuesday morning. but when it's all said and done plan on about five to nine informs of snow around metro boston with the highest amounts looking like the south shore near the canal, the south coast as well as the cape especially out toward brewster, chatham and wellfleet and truro. for more on the storm here is chris lambert. chris? >> reporter: you had strongest winds there too from nantucket at 56 miles per hour, even gusts in scituate to 61 miles per hour very active winds still gusting that the time 40 to 50 immediate south shore.
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islands question have a coastal flood advisory in effect for tonight's high tide. essentially the high tide is close to 11:00, coastal flood a.m. expect minor coastal flooding but we don't expect moderate coastal flooding to the extent it was earlier during the 1:00 a.m. high tide. the reason for that, the tides are about a half foot it a foot lower so not only do we have that going for us, the north wind is not as strong and it's more due north versus the northeast and you have that northeasterly pinning the water toward hull and scituate and all coastal flooding there. back to the news desk . >> anchor: stand by because we promised boston mayor marty walsh is holding a news conference we want to join that. let's hear what he has to say. seriously. that's why we increased our snow budget 22% or $4 million over last year. so far this year we sent spent $ $7 million or snow removal and prepping of the roadways
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$38 million the entire winter. we have to be ready for whatever comes down the road. the national weather service is maintaining a winter storm warning in the city of boston and for the boston area through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this is a major atlantic storm that we are lucky much of it stayed offshore a woman we've seen high winds and periods of low visibility all day and bands of snow that have come through the city. snow is expected to taper off some time around midnight. the storm did not call for a parking ban in the city of boston but our department of public work has been busy with as many as 500 vehicles out in the roads. they did a good job here pre pretreated the roads this morning for the commute in. we also want to make sure that the conditions that we have held up all day and will be able to stay on top of the storm. currently our focus is on conditions. we ask people to stay off the road as much as possible so our done. we are also confident the boston
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we have boston public school plow contractors cleaning our parking lots. the custodians are clearing sidewalks in front of entrances and around the schools. the bus contractors working overnight to be ready for the morning ride and the mbta will be operating on a normal schedule. boston center for judith and families open their doors this morning from 7:30 to 6:00 p.m. this evening for kids 7 years old, 7 years old and over on friday when we had the snow day we did the same thing. 800 people, 800 families made use of these facilities and we're on pace to beat that number today. the boston public library system closed as of 5:00 today but libraries will reopen tomorrow for normal business hours. we do have ongoing safety concerns with people to be aware of. the high winds resulted in number of falling trees and down downed tree limbs and we certainly know how dangerous that can be, particularly in some of the surrounding towns of boston there were two tragedies over the weekend we want people to be very careful when you are out in your yard and clearing the yard.
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been clearing areas in public spaces, ever source is responded to sporadic power outages. inspectional services and housing and building experts are on hand around the clock to answer any weather related questions that might come about and the city of boston's emergency management office is working to make sure that we're all in the same page. 31, boston 311 hags taken over 1 400 calls since the storm began mostly from people looking for information about schools and other city operations and anyone who is watching today, 311 is the new phone number for the city hall to be able to connect to city hall. if you have a smart phone we ask you to download the 311 app. boston public health commission outreach teams have been checking on the homeless. emergency shelters are open 24 hours a day and overflow shelters are accessible for our new shelter 112 south hampton street. i want to thank everyone in their efforts, everyone who shoveled their sidewalks and checked on their elderly nation on friday and today. we continue to do that. we'll head toward very cold
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i asked you to keep in mind your safety but also the safety of everyone around you. as winter continues. we've got a cold front coming in and behind every storm with very cold temperatures this weekend so we're kind of monitoring the situation as we move forward. i want to just say one other thing. the use of before i get asked the question about the use of space savers we are not having space savers in the city of boston. there is not enough snow out there for savers. if you put a space safer out there public works will come and take it. if you have any concerns about any questions about anything, we invite all of the residents to please call us at 311 or use boston 311 app or tweet bos 311 if you have any questions of safety or concerns. questions you may have . >> anchor: you are listening to marty walsh talking about the snowstorm we had going on right now. the big headline there will be school tomorrow. boston public schools will be open [ there was never a snow emergency in the city. space savers will be taken. if you do head outside to clean up after the storm be careful of
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careful when you clean up your neighbors if you can . >> anchor: we do know that there was just a pleat washout when high tide hit. the south shore really taking a beating in this storm. winds dollaring over the sea wall and they did turn some of the roads into rivers. some of the most dramaticic purse this evening are coming to us from scituate . >> anchor: that's where we find brandon gunnoe live at the closer look at the conditions there. winds still pretty high down there. huh, brandon? something else out here. the waters have receded but you can see the winds and the blowing snow is just intense as it's ever been of it's been a heavy wind just sustainable all day but again this is lighthouse road which leads to scituate lighthouse and as you can see the roads but during high tide which was around 10340 to 11:30 today if we can see some video the water is just wash this whole street away and in fact police and fire were patrolling this area earlier and they had the roadblocked off so they were asking everybody that lives
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be here to please leave. that's the kind of conditions they were dealing with because they weren't sure how bad the flooding was going to be. it could flood out businessment. they were also concerned about power outages which surprisingly i just checked with ever source a few minutes ago and there hasn't been too many power out outages so good news is high tide obviously has gone away but the winds are still as heavy as they have been all day. that's the latest live in scituate. 7 news . >> anchor: to sandwiches we have seen blizzard like conditions on the cape. nick emons is there live. have winds died down at all for you? >> reporter: it does not appear winds are dying down at all. this is what blizzard like conditions look like. brandon touched on it as well even though the storm is dying down we are still seeing those very strong winds down here and near the cape but winds are coming off of the water. they have been doing this all day with everyone here in town keeping their eyes on the
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whipping winds fueling wicked waves. the sandwiches coastline pounded by rough surf. i would not want to be in that water right now. >> anchor: storm watchers brav braving the elements to catch a glimpse of this nasty nor'easter. my wife calls me crazy before i walk out the door . >> reporter: fred couldn't skip his daily run . this is about the worst i have seen in a while. once you are going downwind you are moving pretty quick. >> anchor: high tide causing flood concerns around town neck beach. the high winds threatening to knock out power. another concern with the heavy waves and high wind is beach erosion. over the past few years with the storm we lost so much beach and erosion and even the home owners it's been horrible the money they had to pay . >> anchor: getly says the town just pleated a project to restore the beach after a major storm washed away 8 feet of shoreline . i just hope we don't lose# another 8 to ten feet in this storm .
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finished that project two weeks ago so again all eyes are going to be on this beach because it is the only thing really standing between that ocean and all of these homes here in sandwiches. as far as some other concerns, power concerns, obviously when the winds are this strong, power lines can go down and last check there was not widespread outages in this area but we of course are keeping our eyes on things. that's the latest live in sandwiches, nick emons, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you so much, nick. to our traffic tracker the plows and sanders have been out all day trying to keep a stead step ahead of the storm. tim, how is it looking out there and give us an update on the side roads right now? this is what we're trying to show you side roads in marshfield. you can see this road has actually been plowed and fairly recently but there is still a coating of snow on top of the ground as we come up . >> anchor: i wanted to see him go down that hill. we'll be checking become with
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the snowy, windy conditions with this storm has led to trouble on roads all day . >> anchor: woburn a tractortrailer went off the highway, traffic brought to a halt. steve cooper along route 128 joining us live in lexington. coop . >> reporter: the conditions out on 12 are actually improving right now. here is the reason why. this is the snow that we've been dealing with today unlike friday it's a light, fluffy snow but wasn't too tough for the road crews to get out here and treat the roads and you look here the evening commute is in excellent shape right now and, well, earl earler it wasn't so much that way. let's take you to woburn right now on 1128 and this was the scene it. was a pretty nasty scene earlier today that caused a huge backup on 93 southbound earlier this afternoon. that's when a tractor trailer truck and suv were involved in a crash there and you can see that 18 wheeler just slid right off the road and knifed and shut down the road for a while before they could tow the big rig out of there. we talked to the driver and he is okay. everybody is doing fine right
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state police again reminding everybody the temperatures are expected to drop over the next several hours and people just need to be careful out here. right now so far so good. but the problem is on the secondary roads and parking lots and driveways it's slushy and it's slick right now with temperatures dropping. that is only expected to create more problems over the next several hours. live in lexington tonight, steve cooper, 7 news . >> anchor: we are following breaking news from connecticut of a charter bus crashed shutting down part of i-95. troopers say that bus was headed from new york to the mohegan sun casino with about 55 people on barred when it rolled over. at least 30 passengers were rush rushed to the hospital but it's unclear how bad the injuries are are. the highway has just reopened. of course there will be up debt debting you all night long here on the latest on the snow conditions if you can't be in front of the tv you can always give weather updates and school closings on our 7 news mobile and tablet apps or by logging on to . >> anchor: still to come we'r we'ring back live to new hampshire where primary
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>> anchor: it is indeed, kim. we are live in manchester tonight where there is an all out blitz. candidates making use of the time hours by meeting with voters. it's been non-stop up here and no one seems to be holding back. >> anchor: we do have more storm force coverage ahead. you can see up in new hampshire live pictures from durham, new hampshire. they are getting snow too. we're keeping a close watch on things and we'll have more
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us.. >> reporter: lashing out . . attacks that are literally too profane often not to mention . >> reporter: while making the rounds candidate seizing their last shot to sway undecided voters . when the lights get back right you shine or you melt. we can in the afford to have a president who melts . >> anchor: tonight the final push ahead of the new hampshire primary. >> anchor: all across that state everybody is looking for the last minute votes and the first of the nation primary is almost here. we've been waving this race for quite some time. it gets really interesting now, kim. they were seizing every opportunity to meet with people
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it is those voters who will decide this race and our report reportes are covering both campaigns. i will begin with the republicans tonight. dan hausle live for us with the latest. dan? >> reporter: well, we had some of the same kind of snow up here in new hampshire as they had down in boston and it's supposed to be all gone by tomorrow so it shouldn't affect the people voting but it did have the candidates thinking about voter turnout and burnout. candidates braving the snow on the scam pain trail, donald . what effect will the snow have? will it have an effect? it can't have an effect. . >> reporter: the rest of the field fighting for second and third. for senator cruz the question whether he can keep momentum from his iowa win heading into southern states where he is stronger . win something better than losing no doubt about that we are here in new hampshire competing for the votes and at this point it's a turn out game . >> reporter: new york oh rubio
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wrong and build on his own strong iowa finish . i would love to have everybody here that's eligible to vote vote for me tomorrow. i begin this session by asking you to vote for me . >> reporter: chris christie was rubio's chief attacker in the debate but will it move the needle for the new jersey governor . you need to ask yourself between now and tomorrow night, who is the person that's most mature, most tested, best prepared . >> reporter: governor jeb bush needs a new hampshire surprise. he has been ralphing up his attacks on trump while also criticizing the president and defending his brother . i'm really kind of tired of politics that's blame their predecessors. when e' i'm president of the united states i will not blame barack obama for a single thing because the day i am sworn into . >> reporter: john kasich count counting on the 100 plus town . this is the 104th town hall hall. what's the record? what is the record? i'm just going to stay here until i break the record if it means i'm here another week. >> reporter: carly fiorina and
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voter attention and having a little trouble finding that here here. live in manchester, new hampshire. dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: dan we'll go to the democrats now and a family candidates. kimberly bookman is just south of us here in manchester live in durham tonight for us. kimberly? well, adam, in just about last event of the evening. it's here at the university of new hampshire in durham as you mentioned and it is going to be a get out the vote concert but all day long he has been very busy on the trail and alongside some of his most ardent support supporters. family matters these last few hours. at senator bernie sanders side as he makes his final campaign stops in new hampshire his wife, jane, son levi and three of the four grandkids not only standing by secretary hilary clinton but speaking on her behalf clinton's husband, the former president and their daughter, chelsea. i think we have gone to do just fine tomorrow . >> reporter: as each
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urges voters to get to the polls tuesday there is one group of people both are vying for. women. yes, let's imagine finally, making sure women get equal pay for equal work in america. there is no rational economic reason why women are making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men . >> reporter: it comes after former secretary of state madeleine albright urged female . there is a special place in hell for women who accident help each other. i think that's an unfortunate statement. women should help women, women should help men, men should help women. men should help men. . >> reporter: as of today's umass poll sanders has more women supporting him . that would be sexist for me to use gender to base my decision so the reason why i support bernie is because i think he is going do the most for all people. it's women's health and women's choice is very important.
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to be a woman to support those things. >> reporter: hillary clinton has her last event of the evening at 7:30 in hudson. she will be accompanying again by her husband and daughter earlier in the day supporting her was boston mayor marty walsh walsh. reporting live interest do you remember happen, new hampshire. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: just a remind their we will have you cover tomorrow night as the results of the primary come in, tune in at 7:00 then again at 10:00 p.m. for special edition of 7 news for results and analysis of the big night and because of our coverage we have a special prime time lineup to tell you about. tune in at 0 clock for chicago medicine and chicago fire at 9:00. set your dvr for hollywood game night. it will now air at 2: 0 5:00 a.m a.m. for now, that's it from here in manchester. kim? >> anchor: we'll check back with you. 7 news will be right back. jr walking us through the rest of the winter storm. >> reporter: light snow winds down overnight tonight. we'll take a look at your
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>> reporter: the storm went through bomb-oh-genesis and now moving away from southern new england and weakening. temperatures in the lower 20's. the city at 21. plim out at 27. snow and wind will fade away after midnight tonight and
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of snow on the way overnight tonight. lows between 16 and 22. and for the remainder of the week we have a lot of weak weather systems coming at us so tomorrow cloudy skies, chilly, maybe a glimpse or two of sun. there could be a couple of snow flurries tomorrow. temperatures between 29 and 34. hampshire primary weather forecast again no issues out there, new hampshire with cloudy skies all day tomorrow. might be lingering flurry up in northern new hampshire tomorrow morning otherwise southern new hampshire, nashua clouds but dry dry. low 20's tomorrow morning. upper 20's to low 30's tomorrow afternoon. and a couple of other weak weather systems graze southern new england wednesday and thursday with isolated snow showers. not widespread. friday mix of clouds and sunshine, mid 20's and more snow showers here on saturday.
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