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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> anchor: will do it for 7 news at 5:00 tonight will we're glad you are with us. us.. eadam williams we'll have more live coverage coming right up. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: storm force coverage a nasty nor'easter. wind and snow fade away overnight tonight . >> anchor: a chaotic commute a athe region. we're live as hundreds of crews try to keep roads clear . >> reporter: it's the final days of results in our exclusive 7 news umass lowell tracking poll. who is up as we head into the primary. >> anchor: a risky reaction when one man tries to drive away from a fight. his wild escape caught on camera camera. a live acpembroke as the snow piles new some areas across the region. several spots under a blizzard warning throughout the day
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foot of snow. >> anchor: here in boston we've seen a little less snow than expected but much of the city still shut down. schools, businesses and some state offices, live pictures you can still see it coming down outside as we speak. we did just hear from the mayor of boston who plans to have schools open tomorrow. but we had a lot of snow we are seeing signs of the storm system is whining down of we have team 7 coverage tracking the storm we start with jeremy reiner with more on the forecast . >> reporter: nine inches of snow and yarmouthport, brewster 8 inches. new bedford about five inches of snow. millis four inches of snow. sudbury about four inch the of snow. danvers three inches of snow. pockets of snow out there at this time. some of it steady others just very light and fluffy with an additional one to three inches of snow, the snow and wind both fade away in unison just after midnight tonight but we'll have
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we'll have win as well doppler radar at this time showing the snow across southern new england and we've seen what the snow has been doing. when you boiling water ready to cook pasta and those bubbles of water boiling, that's what's happening with these snow bands of they will fade away then new areas will kind of flair up then other areas flair up and there is a band of steady snow right on top of the city of boston and this will waiver back and forth and in fact chris and myself just moments ago were nerding out over this because we need to verify our forecast. it's meteorologists near and dear to our hearts, our verifi verification skills. so this snow is with us in the city and this will go back and forth back into the merrimac valley that heavier plume of snow up through the 93 corridor, merrimac valley, south of town again plymouth county snowing steadily. but as we move forward again we'll have pockets of steady snow, give way to light snow and then the whole thing winds down
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i think many cities and towns just features clouds for the tuesday morning commute. so how much snow when it's all said and done? again a lot of this is down but this is what the final tally should be. five to nine informs of snow out to do it. in downtown boston, 6, maybe 7 inches of snow. plymouth are can very middle borrow down toward mattapoisett perhaps new bedford and then out on to the cape as well, falmouth and bourne, sandwiches and then out toward brewster close to nine to 12 inches of snow by very late tonight and early tomorrow morning. >> reporter: we nerd out in the weather office over a lot of weather facts. gusting 30 miles per hour in the city of boston, 35 hyannis, 38 provincetown, 41 nantucket of the these winds not as gust as they were earlier this morning through the early afternoon hours weave had a 65 mile-per-hour gust down through nantucket. now with that said, it's plenty wind out outside still and we're getting ohationcational gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. look at the difference overnight
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wind speeds dropping off to the lower 20's in the city of boston boston. still gusting to about 30 down across the cape and islands but that's almost cut in half from what you had earlier today and take a look at the northeasterly wind tomorrow. about 15 to 20 miles per hour. still have a coastal flood advisory in place. minor coastal flooding south shore and down through the cape as we work into the evening high tide just after 11:00 looking for minor splashover and coastal flooding. the reason why it won't be moderate that we saw earlier with the 11:00 a.m. high tide is because tides are running about a half foot to a foot lower, also the wind is out of the north and not out of the northeast and the wind won't be as strong so we shouldn't see as many issues with the high tide coming up tonight. more on that 7 day forecast coming up. >> anchor: thank you so much. officials have been park about dangerous driving conditions all stay long. we've seen all sorts of driving conditions out there. our tim caputo in the traffic tracker in pembroke. we lost a connection.
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slippery hill is looked like we are in pembroke and you can see roads are caked with snow. the good news is we're not seeing an awful lot of regular cars out on the roadways with' mostly seen plows you but you can see lines it's somewhat difficult navigating, plows have been doing a fairly good job but certainly for folks that have to head out this evening, you have to take it slow and a lot of people are taking it slow but side roads caked with snow. everyone going easily 10, 20 miles per hour under the speed limit certainly some difficult conditions here in the south shore. live in the traffic tracker, tip caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you, tim. so you see a lot of snow over the roads and that's everywhere really. across the state . >> anchor: officials telling people to stay off the roads if you don't need to be out. there jadiann thompson continues our storm force coverage right now live in brockton with details on the conditions there
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behind you. now i want to show you guys what it's like out here so i got the snow shovel but let's pick how some of the snow and give it a toss. wow, you see how wind just carries that. i just spoke with jeremy. the wind gusts out here, i have been around 25 to 30 miles per hour throughout the day. that's what is making the clean cleanup even that much more difficult. the people of brockton have been busy. just shovel . >> reporter: this man says his normal job of housekeeping transferred outdoors today. many not concerned over the snowfall . i was born in the winter months and so i prefer snow than summer. i hate summer. too hot. >> reporter: the city's mayor said a snow emergency was declared at 5:00 a.m. asking people to only drive if necessary. he and other city officials met at the emergency management headquarters. there they watched radar, possible power outages and make plans.
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winds, tree limbs coming down, wires coming down but so far this has been a much better situation today than friday. is some residents had important errands to run. anthony had to go to the dentist but said he took his time . i was a surveyor, i have life. i don't even button my jacket. >> reporter: before night fall this man wanted to get his driveway clear. ironically his name is miracle, which he said he will need to get it all done. so the snow continues to come down out here at a pretty good pace and all city officials will meet again at the headquarters and emergency management 8:00 tonight to make night. live in brockton, jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> anchor: thanks so much. well, snow isn't as heavy as what we saw on friday it's still . >> anchor: let's look at conditions north of the city in lexington is where we'll find
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how is it in that area of our state? as you say? well, we can tell you we still have snow that's blowing around here and it's a steady us. this is the evening commute around state police say this isn't too bad right now but earlier than day was a whole different story. just scary. really scary. >> reporter: a rough ride on the roads and this accident only added to the travel troubles on 128 south true woburn when an 18 wheeler and suv collide causing the big rig to jack enough and skid off the highway . i was slowing down and the car just tried to cut me off . conditions weren't much better through beverly on 128 where john o'brien says in an instant there he was, sliding out of control, spinning in circles before slamming into the guardrail. uninjured he calls 911 . i bounce off the guard rails, spun around, hit both sides, came it a halt, sit sideways .
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say the snow covered roads and drivers are never a good combination . it pays to go slow in the snow. that would be a really good line for everyone to pay attention to to. it was blades down for the caravan of plows working the highways too today where common sense goes a long way for getting home in one piece . you just have to drive slow slow. give yourself some time to slow down. don't talk on the phone. >> anchor: truckers telling us they decided to get off of the roads and ride out the storm and the evening commute for now and they will be back out on the roads later on. officials telling us one of the things that they are concerned about is drifting of snow and also with the temperatures below zero, possibility of black ice forming out here a little bit later on. live on route 128 in lexington tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, steve. i know lexington has had more than two inches but in boston we lucked out because i think there is like two to three inches on
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headache in the city, not a huge cleanup, bri eggers is in government center to show us more the last mess was reported at 1:00 and just over two inches and we picked back up the pace here as you can see when we checked in last time very different snow from what we saw on friday. light, flurry snow unfortunately unfortunately. i had snow thrown at me by my camera man so i got him back with that but you can't really make a or snowman out of that. although the timing couldn't have been better according to some of us that got to enjoy a fourth day of four day weekend. weekend.. kids in the city of boston celebrating an extra long weekend . first we eat breakfast and then we have lunch and then we go shred . >> reporter: jake oh condition el didn't seem to mind . what have you guys been doing? sliding down the stairs and
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>> reporter: with his batman face mask jake was ready for the elements . >> reporter: i got my hat, my shirt that's a long sleeve and my coat . in southie jim spent some quality time with his dogs out in the snow . they love it. i don't like it as much i probably should have brought a face guard or something just being out in the water but they love it so i'm out here for it . lillian didn't miss loving every minute of the snow and jim was impressed by how well the city handled this storm . the city disease a lot better than the suburbs where i grew up. you can't complain too much. yeah, big difference there for sure and as you head out tonight maybe don't. consider just staying in as we have heard the governor and also mayor marty walsh urge us to stay in if you can. but winds are dying down even though the snow is picking up so clearly we're not done picking up that snow just yet. so we'll weather this together
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live in government center, bri eggers, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you, bree. yes, speaking of schools you see at the bottom of the screen we will continue to update you. boston schools open but we'll have the latest conditions throughout the evening right here on 7 and when you can't be in front of the television remember get updates on your 7 news mo boil and tablet apps or log on to . >> reporter: turning now to the new hampshire primary we're just one day away from the primary vote and today we're see new results in our exclusive polling . one candidate seeing a significant rise in new hampshire adam williams has a break down of these new numbers. adam? kim, ryan, we are getting a look at where the candidates stand right now in new hampshire hampshire. just hours before the first votes are cast since the candidates starteded the primary push you know and you have seen we've been tracking live polling numbers for you so our 7 news umass lowell tracking poll crunches the numbers for you and let's put them up. for the democrats bernie sanders is now beating hilary clinton by 16 points. 56 to 40%.
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she kept what she had. undecided is up to 4% now. that's an increase of two points since just yesterday. in the republican race it's not so clear-cut. at least in one part of it. donald trump stays on the top spot with 34% dropping two points since sunday. then there is a tie for second at 13% after marco rubio lost a point and there was no change in ted cruz's support as you see there. john kasich, jeb bush also now tied at 10%, kasich gained one point while bush held steady here in the granite state. in the back of the g.o.p. pack chris christie gaining a point sitting at five, carly fiorina stays at 4%, ben carson stuck at three. also 9% of republican primary voters are undecided this day before the polls open. our political editor andy hiller joins us live now also up here in manchester with what's behind these number. andy? i am in new hampshire with dr. joshua dick from umass
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now has been conducting our tracking poll. let's get right to the republicans. donald trump has never really been challenged here and is a solid first. but behind trump, rubio, cruz, bush and kasich are so close together any of them could finish in second place or fourth fourth. since we started polling, rubio has gone up five points. cruz, bush and kasich have each picked up one. dr. josh, what is going to break the logjam? it will be undecided voters voters. 9%, the day before the voers go to the polls are saying they are undecided and 43% say they could . . both are very high. >> reporter: which makes us think we could see a new hampshire surprise? we could and if it happens . >> reporter: okay let's look at the democrats. since we began polling monday bernie sanders has always had a good size lead but since we
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hillary has gained ten and that is a 15 point switch. we keep hearing that hilary clinton is having problems with women voters nationally. how is she doing here? in new hampshire she does better among women than she does among men. she only trails sanders by five points among women but 31 among men . >> anchor: how about young women? well, this is very, very different. among women under 40, sanders wins 81%, which is a huge number number. >> reporter: thanks. if you are like me you are looking forward to the voter giving us their numbers tomorrow. i am . >> reporter: adam? >> anchor: we preach your time there and keeping us updated. we have you covered tomorrow night as results come in. tune in at 7:00 and then again at 10:00 p.m. for a special edition of 7 news. we have a whole team of report escovering every candidate. we have all of the results and analysis of the big night and because of our coverage we have
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tune in at 8:00 for chicago medicine and chicago fire follows at 9:00 and then set your dvr for holly good game night. it will now air at 2: 0 5:00 a.m a.m. it's going to get very interesting up here. we will be waving history unfold over the next 36 hours. and it's a pleasure to bring it to you live here in manchester. i'm adam williams. . >> anchor: i cannot wait to join you. maybe we'll see that new hampshire surprise.
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>> anchor: remember afollowing breaking news right now for the national weather service we did reach blizzard conditions in certain parts of the area . >> anchor: a number of areas and for that let's go to jr . >> anchor: six counts, this is the blizzard warning that's been in effect since very early this morning. again blizzard criteria falling, blowing snow, winds 35 miles per hour per hour. visibility reduced to a quarter mile or lower and the big one is three executive hours because you can have those conditions for an hour here or an hour there but they have to be three executive hours to be met as a blizzard and all these towns and communities check in. nantucket, chatham, martha's vineyard, hyannis, plymouth and falmouth. marshfield was close but they
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after those blizzard. these cities and towns and communities and islands had that earlier this afternoon. >> anchor: a dangerous drive caught on camera. one man is in custody after speeding off in a crowd and hitting a woman with his van. the man was trying to drive away from a group of people who were hitting his van of the whom that was hit did not suffer serious injuries of the driver is now facing several charges including assaults. >> anchor: more on the storm and the new hampshire primary coming up on 7 hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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>> anchor: burst of snow metro boston as well as much of southern new england, especially east of the connecticut river valley. light snow happens now up until about midnight tonight and additional one to three inches of snow so if you shovel shovel the driveway and thought were you done one more round later on
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will also fade away after midnight tonight of we'll watch the high tide there may be minor coastal flooding but not a repeat of what we had this morning. the tide levels themselves are about a foot lower at that high tide and not as much wind. still fair amount of snow right now and when we show you this color pallet here i like to show this because this really shows those heavier bands of snow, the deep shading of green right here one actually pivoting back through metro boston, dropping southwest so this will find its way to the southwestern suburbs as well as metrowest. when this comes through, a quick inch of snow likely, the main center of the storm, it's way out here but such a gargantuan storm that it was able to reach out and graze southern new england for several hours this afternoon. had that storm been closer to us it would have been lights out. would have been 125, 30 inches of snow no doubt across all of southern new england. so again it's we had the blizzard warning and verified in several cities and towns but just a glancing blow from just a powerful storm.
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and northeast 30 miles per hour. these locations here have the risk for some minor coastal flooding at that 11:00 p.m. high tide does not include metro boston or the north shore chill chills at 21 overnight tonight snow fade away by top, cold 16 to 22. tuesday is dry all sky so no issues for the morning commute i will allow for a little extra time if you will wait until tomorrow to brush off the car tops or sidewalks one more weather system in here with a few isolated snow showers not a repeat of today and there are some signs as we head toward the end of the weekend some bit early cold air. coldest of the winter headed our way.
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what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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>> anchor: thank you so much for spending pat your snowy monday with us. another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead . >> anchor: we're just learning ards in a number of communities. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: now at 6:00, storm force coverage, a wincher it storm blanketing the state with snow and causing chaos for communities. is the worst of it over? >> reporter: coast at communities keeping an eye to sea worried about flood concerns. >> anchor: it's the count down to the new hampshire primary. it's go big or go home for some candidates hitting campaign
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we are live in manchester, new hampshire with the latest. >> anchor: first at 6:00 we do have storm force coverage continuing with the national weather service confirming tonight blizzard conditions confirmed in six cities and towns across massachusetts. a live look outside right now where we're still seeing snow in some areas. this is charlestown. and there were coastal concerns during high tide today. heavy winds, rough waters causing flooding along the shoreline. today. good evening, everybody. we thank you for joining us. a kim khazei live in boston on a snow estart to the week . >> anchor: hi there, everybody. adam williams live in manchester new hampshire where we got to say it a different kind of storm is brewing. political storm ahead of the new hampshire primary tomorrow. today's weather not slowing down the candidates. >> anchor: but it is slowing traffic here in massachusetts. tonight crews working hard to
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