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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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conditions fm the coast to the city. 7 news has storm force coverage of the winter storm. let's check in with jeremy reiner. are you surprised we have blizzard conditions in so many places . they had a blizzard warning in effect to south shore as well as cape around islands and in these cities and towns they verify it so kudos to the national weather service when they issued it last evening at this time. blizzard criteria falling or blowing snow it's jot just about the acum legislate snow. winds 35 miles per hour or higher, visibility reduced to a quarter mile or less and here is the big thing right here. three executive hours to meet those part of the criteria and that's usual ithe challenge but it happened. the national service verified nantucket, chatham, martha's vineyard, hyannis, plymouth and falmouth all met blizzard cry tier marshfield had it for two hours but it has to have three to be labeled an official blizzard. so here it is right here. again, snowing quite steadily still across eastern massachusetts as well as
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i flipped the colors over from our snow pallet to just the technical colors because the deep green really shows the steadier bands of snow. they pop off the screen quite well. you can see this deep shading of green this wraps around toward canton. just now moving west of all directions, moving west this will kind of drop south and fall apart and that a second portion of the steadier band of snow is down along the south shore. the storm center itself is way over here, had the storm been half as close as it is now it would have been lights out, show is over, 25 to 30 inches of snow but just a glancing blow even with a glancing blow still maze blade art cry tier light snow up until about midnight tonight with an additional one to three inches of snow at that time around midnight. that's when the wind will fade away. we'll watch one more high tide cycle. but the tide levels themselves about a foot lower than the 11:00 a.m. hide tide and not as much wind either so we are not anticipating a repeat of what we saw this morning.
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of us between five and nine inches of snow, upwards of a foot south shore, south coast near the canal. chris? >> anchor: still adding fluff out there and many towns closing in on six to nine inches of snow down as cross the cape. yarmouthport at 9 inches. ocean bluffs at 8.. brewster at 8. bourne at 7. new bedford nine and a half. take a look through much of metrowest very close to four inches of snow. millis four to five inches of snow. same case in westwood out to foxboro, sudbury three and a half and many towns now with the extra push of the snow working in reporting close to four to five inches of snow, even closer to the city of boston from chelsea up through revere and up into cape ann and gloucester. look at the wind speeds earlier today 65 mile-per-hour gusts, sit wall to 61. as jr mentioned tides tonight half a foot it a foot lower so expecting minor coastal flooding and beach erosion mainly to the north and east facing shorelines
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bitter cold on the 7 day forecast. coldest air of the season by valentine's day. more on that coming up in bit . >> anchor: thank you, chris. so coastal communities are watching that tide that chris just talked about tonight . >> anchor: earlier today getting slammed by the surge. the rough waters flooding roads and causing serious damage there along the shore. brandon gunnoe is live in scituate right now with the latest conditions and brandon fill us us in? you can see the winds are still quite strong and this snow is blowing sideways but earlier today around 11:00 when we had a first high tide here in scituate i would actually be standing in a small layer of water so the waters have receded. the next high tide is 1:30 tonight. not expected to be near as bad but as you can see the winds are still quite strong. >> anchor: the sea wall was no match for this winter storm at high tide with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, huge waves crashed against the water front homes. it's scituate. we're used to this stuff.
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this is what we do . >> anchor: sometimes it floods down by the lighthouse it floods floods. it can get bad . >> anchor: streets near the scituate lighthouse and along the were closed to traffic. police and fire patrol the area and ask everyone who didn't need to be here to stay away. this is pretty bad. this is the place where it floods. if you look over here it's going up over the wall every time i have like january year and a half ago or two years ago i saw over these houses a little higher waves but this is a good one . >> anchor: utility crews were in place for power outages. u.s. coast guard station in scituate harbor was one of the first places to flood. the harbormaster stopped by to make sure the water wasn't getting inside. drivers on the road said flooded streets were their biggest concern . it's getting worse. vice the is dropping, roads are getting slippery but it's not impossible yet. i love this weather. i love this weather. i have missed it for 20 years. this is great. i love it.
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the next high tide is around 11 11:30 tonight and surprisingly even with these high winds power outages haven't been that much of a problem. live on scituate, brandon gunnoe 7 news . >> anchor: thank you, brandon. townsend dealing with blizzard like conditions all day long . >> anchor: let's head out to nick emons. he is in sandwiches which is still under a blizzard warning. that's right. as you can see the winds still pretty strong and steady here in sandwiches. they have been blowing in off of the water for most of the day. they appear to be dying off just a little bit but earlier today during high tide -- whipping winds fueling wicked waves. the sandwiches coastline pounded by rough surf. i would not want to be in that water right now. storm watchers braving the elements to catch a glimpse of this nasty nor'easter . i told my wife this morning i said i'm going. she said you are out of your mind. don't stay long. i have been gone for an hour. i have seen worse than this this.
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now. >> anchor: high tide causing flood concerns around town neck beach. the high wind threatening to knock out power. another concern with the e ewave and high wind is beach erosion. over the past few years with the storms we've lost so much beach and erosion and even the home owners it's been horrible the money they had to pay . >> reporter: getly said the town just completed a project to restore the beach after a major storm washed away 8 feet of shoreline. i just hope we don't lose another 8 to ten feet in this storm. >> reporter: that was nick em emons reporting in sandwiches and now we take you live to hanover. salters and sanders out on the road trying to ease any headaches or problems, accidents for people who are having to be out and about. you can see the snow plows and sanders in full force. but most people are paying attention to the warnings that you can also see. they are staying off the roads which is good because they can clear things more easily.
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woburn earlier today. look at this traffic accident on 128. that's an 18 wheeler and an suv that collided causing the trailer to skid off the highway. luckily, people were shaken up and people were stuck in traffic but nobody was hurt. and now the storm is still with us but it is slowly widing down. people in some spots will still see light snowfall for the next couple of hours. let's head out to kelly o'hara with how it looks there. good evening, guys. snow has really let up earlier it was pretty miserable but now a few flakes are falling and everyone we met seemed to enjoy their day off from work or school. snow days are fun days here in taunton. kids not having to be in school taking advantage of their day off. sledding. we found their parents having some fun too. what are you doing today? . you don't want to stay inside? no . >> reporter: it's a nice day, good snow conditions, we figure let's go sled.
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figured might as well have some fun . >> anchor: across town marcus pemberton isn't having as much fun. instead of shredding he is shoveling "they are not in school. they have to get out and do something . we're not even seeing kids around at all . i know they are all inside on their phones. these two got, we agree at a time, we all came out and did this together . >> reporter: the bristol currently community expecting to see anywhere from six to ten inches from this storm. winter weather closing schools again with city hall an even a parring ban in town. most we met didn't seem to mind a few flakes every now and then . i love the snow. it's fun. >> reporter: the snow was fun today for obviously those folks except that young man that had to shovel. i wouldn't like to do that either. no total yet on the inches down here but seems everything is up and running again and while the streets are all clear. in taunton tonight, kelly o'hara 7 news . >> anchor: as the storm moves out stay with 7 news on air and on-line.
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latest on wearer it weather any time at or by using our mobile and tablet apps. >> anchor: coming up they are not slowing down up here in new hampshire the candidates going all out on the final day before the primary. trying to drum up support before oaters head to the polls and evening the time to throw jabs at opponents hoping for a last
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there is nothing, nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish . candidates making their final pitch to voter . i don't want to leave any doubt in new hampshire residents minds that i am asking for your vote . ask yourself, who is ready to do this tough job? throwing a few purposes he is like a spoiled child . trump, describe in one word. loser . >> reporter: as we count down to the new hampshire primary. >> anchor: by this time tomorrow, many people will have already cast their ballots in the new hampshire primary. >> anchor: candidates spent the day really trying to get to those undecided voters. we have team 7 coverage as candidates make their final push and we'll start at 6:00 with the democrats. 7's byron barnett live in manchester with a look at their day. byron? >> reporter: well, as you know
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bernie sanders was leading hilary clinton by 31%age points. since then she cut that deficit by half and now in the final hours before the actual voting begins, both candidates are working hard to sway those un undecided voters. i am here today to ask your support to join with us in making that political revolution revolution. thank you very much. >> anchor: feeling the burn. senator bernie sanders trying to keep his supporters pumped up in four big get out the vote rallies today. as the hourstic down to the end of the new hampshire campaign, the self-described democratic socialist is pounding away at his message of fighting wall street and the political establishment. we're in a nation in which the rich get richer almost everybody else gets poorer. i think we can do better than that. >> reporter: sanders democratic rival, hillary
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husband, president bill clinton and daughter chelsea appearing before a crowd of hundreds in manchester. clinton is still trailing bernie sanders in the polls by double digits and sanders has a huge lead among young people. we asked clinton about her difficulty with young voters and about sanders accusation that she is too close to wall street . how do you convince voters that you are not beholden to wall street after having taken so much money from wall street? well, as i said the other night, senator sanders is also taking money from wall street . >> reporter: what do you want to say to all of those young voters who will be voting for the first time tomorrow? i know a lot of young people are supporting my opponent and i want them to know that i support you and i will work for you. i will be your president as much as anyone else's. >> reporter: the candidates will continue to be busy this evening. clinton and her family will be appearing at another big rally. bernie sanders will be holing a
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at attracting young people. that's the story live in manchester, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: thanks, byron. the republicans not taking a snow day either taking their messages directly to the voters. 7's jonathan hall is also here in manchester with us. jon? hey, adam. unlike the democrats, republican field is crowded. really need a scorecard to keep track of them and they are all trying to catch a man named donald. the front-runner with a v for victory and smiling despite the weather . i hear we're going to do well but the snow is out there. i don't know what effect will the snow have? will it have an effect? it can't have an effect. we can handle the snow. >> reporter: donald trump seems to i have a big lead but anything could happen. polls show a tight race between a group of four men vying for second. senator marco rubio stayed on message in nashua. the first chance that americans will have to answer an important and fundamental question and that is, what kind of country will america be in
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former governor jeb bush also stumped for votes in nashua saying veterans have been treated poorly . i can promise you the best way to show respect outside of rebuilding our military to men and women in uniform is to fix that mess as fast as i can . >> reporter: governor john kasich spoke at his 104th town hall . what's the record because i am just going stay here until i break the record if it means i'm here another week. senator ted cruz was in raymond fending off a screaming protestor . very nice young man. a very confused fellow. apparently the bernie sanders campaign . >> reporter: he told 7 news he knows trump is the man to catch and it may be difficult. what we're saying here on the ground in new hampshire is very encouraging. the strength of this campaign in new hampshire, much like it is nationally, is the grass roots. >> reporter: he is trailing but vowing to make a showing. new jersey chris christie says no one knows what's going to
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in the air and all of you the voters in new hampshire will decide it. >> reporter: sometimes voters change their mind at the last minute. also chasing trump dr. ben car carson and former hewlett-packard ceo criminally fiorina. live in manchester, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: now on just one station we have clearly leaders appear in new hampshire but the fight for second is still shifting. andy hiller has been tracking those number. he joins us live here in manchester with our 7 news umass lowell tracking poll. andy? >> reporter: adam, the buildup has been so long it's hard to believe but this time tomorrow we'll actually have an idea of how some new hampshire voters actually voted. the democratic primary is easy to predict but the republican beyond picking the winner is impossible to call. donald trump still the g.o.p. leader with 34% after dropping two points since yesterday. then a tie for second at 13%
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and there was no change in ted cruz's support. then another tie at 10%, between john kasich and jeb bush. at the back of the pack, chris christie five, gaining a point, criminally fiorina no change at four and ben carson no change at three. check out that undecided number. 9% of republican primary voters say they are still not sure whom they will support hours before the polls open. the tracking poll gives you the picture. donald trump alone on top, then the cluster of rubio, cruz, bush and kasich. any of them could finish second, third or fourth. the democratic race isn't about who will win, it's about by how much. bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton by 16 points, 56 to 40% after he lost a point overnight and she had no change. undecided up two to 4%. our tracking poll shows sanders too far ahead of clinton for her to catch him by tomorrow. all she can do now is try to get
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just for fun, if you think you know how the republicans will finish up tomorrow night, write it down. if you turn out to be correct, you should have my job. because like so many here, i am still undecided. adam? >> anchor: got the application ready, andy. thanks so much. a reminder we have you covered tomorrow night as results come in. tune in at 7:00 and then again at 10:00 p.m. for a special edition of 7 news. would have our team of reporters following all of the candidates. we'll have all of the results and analysis of the big night right here. because of our special coverage we have a special prime time lineup we want to share with you so chicago medicine 8:00. chicago fire 9:00 and then set your dvr if you like hollywood game night because it will now air at 2:05 a.m. that is the latest live in
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>> anchor: still monitoring snow here in new england from the huge ocean storm and again when we flip it over, that deeper shade of green really pops the steadier bands of snow. one right in the city of boston, one down on the south shore. you notice between though that it does let up and so that's what we'll have going on back and forth for the rest. tonight and so when it's all said and done just after mid night tonight these will be the
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my to nine inches of snow. you already dealt with most of this. just an additional one to three to get to those numbers, to get to the five to nine inches of snow. probably around six in the city of boston of cold wind right now that. wind will fade away after midnight. wind chills in the single numbers at this time. snow tapers off around midnight. wind will fade away after midnight. lows 16 to 22. your morning commute is okay. you with ville to deal with what happened today. the snow and blowing snow and if you haven't removed it yet you will have a chance to do that tomorrow morning. cloudy skies through the day tomorrow. there is the huge storm. there is another storm that is coming through the pike if you will. but this one, the front one here it robbed all of the energy out of the atmosphere and so the second storm is left with nothing to work with. and so we just have a couple of flurries on the way for tomorrow tomorrow. and wednesday and thursday. by the way tomorrow of course up in new hampshire you know it's election day, primaries, cloudy skies all day in new hampshire tomorrow maybe a few flurries early on but otherwise not an issue. go rock that vote.
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scattered snow showers wednesday and thursday, it's not a repeat of today. friday makes mix of clouds and sunshine mid 20's. bit early cold air comes at us on valentine's day. temperatures in the teens. great cuddle weather. 7 news at 6:00 coming back after
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>> anchor: thank you for join joining us. ' ryan schulteis . >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. have a great evening. we'll be back at from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanders because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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