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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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digging out after a blizzard blasted the cape. this storm is fading but another one may be moving in this week. the new hampshire primary is heating up and we're live as the candidates head into the final stretch. republicans hoping to catch trump while the democrats fight to the finish. 7 news at 11:00 starts now. tonight on 7, a weather wild day of snow. >>woman: it's getting worse. >>man: this is the worst i've seen in a while. >>reporter: new england digging dip feeling the wrath of winter. we're not in the clear just yet. here's a live look at foul myth where storms are sticking around for a little while longer. primary day in the new hampshire in the race for the white house. good evening. nice to see you, i'm live in manchester, new hampshire. the final push for primary votes hasn't cooled off just yet. we'll have much more from the candidates in just a few
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a closer look at this latest round of winter weather. the sea wall took a beating today. on the roads, rough rides in places like lexington a tractor trailer crashed and skidded off hours. troopers say the bus was headed from new york to mohegan sun with 55 people on board when it rolled over and many of those passengers hurt. we have night team coverage of this latest blast of winter getting look at some of the damage done by this storm. let's get started with jeremy with a closer look at what's happening now. >> these cities verified as hazardous. snow fall totals surplus. martha vineyard ten inches snow. here in the city of boston about five inches of snow.
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it's beginning to fade away. we have a lot of dry air back to western new england that's chewing on the back edge of the snow. the snow does fade away from the tuesday morning commute. we'll have a lot of clouds out there. could be a random flurry but nothing more than that. teens at this time. pittsburgh at 20 degrees. like the snow, the wind will fade away. your morning commute is chilly but nothing like this morning, through the day tomorrow, a few peeks of sunshine, somewhat cool, maybe a flurry for the new hampshire primary, nothing significant. not done with the snow this week. a few snow showers possible on wednesday we'll talk more about that coming up. >> all right, as jr said, the cape and the island got the worst of it today. >> crashes against the coasts tonight. some neighborhoods still digging out from the snow. >>reporter: yeah, that's right ryan, the community here digging
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we've seen plows on the roads trying to get ready for the morning commute. a lot of snow fell here today. people living here were dealing with blizzard conditions at the height of the storm for four hours. a blizzard blast the cape. heavy winds and blowing snow creating near whiteout conditions. >>man: i mean, the wind was really bad. but the power didn't go out. >>man: it gives me something to do. i mean i'm working and shovelling. i rather be in bed right now. >>reporter: foul myth with at least eight inches of snow on the ground and counting. >>man: we've been lucky and it's february. if you don't expect this in february, you're in the wrong place. >>reporter: it's easy to see just how much snow has piled up throughout the storm. as plows clear the roads for
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sidewalks although some people conditions. greg just couldn't skip his daily run. >>man: this is the worst i've seen in a while. with the wind it's a little tough. >>reporter: how about greg? you can use him for some motivation if you want to get out and exercise in the winter conditions we're seeing here. he called running in the wind resistance training. speaking of the wind we saw today, obviously there's a concern with power outages any time you see the strong gusts. we haven't seen reports on the widespread outages. people dealing with the blizzard happy to have power. >> always good news. but you're seeing coastal communities took a pounding today. sea walls just no match for the heavy winds and strong waves. we saw flooded roads like this. people there are used to this sort of thing but it does cause
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>>reporter: kim, high tide is in about 30 minutes but it's not going to be comparable to the high tide that we saw this morning when these roads were washed over. the winds have finally started to slow down a little bit because they were quite strong for most of the day. the concern on the south shore was coastal flooding, hide tides and high winds sending waves crashing over the sea walls. >>man: i don't know how they do it. >>man: this is pretty good. this is the place where it floods. >>reporter: streets near the light house flooded quickly, the roads were temporarily shut down. police and fire patrolled the area and asked people to avoid the coast line if they could. >>woman: the water is always up here. we're used to it. sometimes it floods down by the light house. so it's pretty bad. >>reporter: with the high winds and potential for flooding, power outages were also a
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didn't turn out to be a serious problem. the us coast guard station was the first place to see high water. jennifer moved back home from the pacific northwest and said she had to capture the moment. >>woman: i love this weather. i've missed it for 20 years. this is great, i love it. >>reporter: she's got the right attitude there doesn't appear to be significant damage here on the south shore. but emergency workers say they'll keep a close eye on the upcoming high tides. dangerous conditions keeping many people off the roads but still causing crashes throughout the day. tim is live with how the roads are looking tonight. >>reporter: well, it's still snowing out here tonight. not particularly hard but this stuff adds up. you see behind me the road actually getting a little better. plows having coming by and you can finally see the yellow lines. the side roads not getting as much love and attention and look
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it's a trouble to go around and finally reach the pavement which could lead to dicey driving conditions. we've seen more plows than regular cars on the roads tonight and that's probably a good thing as the snow continues to fall, clearing highways and side streets has been a day long battle. >>man: i did see them carrying the plows and sanders. other than, the roads have been doing good. >>reporter: so many closures and fewer commuters. >>man: boston doesn't look too bad but it's bad down here. >>reporter: in these conditions, there's no point in rushing. >>man: people just don't pay attention, you just got to drive slow. you have to slow down and don't talk on the phone. >>reporter: some drivers told us they were out for 12 hours today and they'll be out tonight too.
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january with practically no snow. >>man: i knew it was going to come eventually. >>reporter: now a lot of businesses that were closed today will be open tomorrow. that means there will be more cars on the road and the snow will be on the road as well. if you're headed to work tomorrow morning, you'll probably want to give yourself extra time. well the snowy weather may be partially to blame for a wreck in connecticut. firefighters had to help passengers climb through the broken windshields. they were about three inches of snow on the ground at that time but witnesses say speed may have played a role in the crash. >>man: he had to be doing 60 miles per hour. >>man: we expected to have more mig injuries than we had. a majority of patients were able to walk off the bus which was a
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>> at least four people are in critical condition tonight. you should know you can always get weather updates and school closings on our 7 news mobile and tablet apps or by logging on to our website. also on 7, it's the final countdown. candidates for president with a primary goal. victory in the new hampshire primary. here's a live look tonight in dicksville, new hampshire, where in less than an hour, some of the first votes will be cast in the nation's primary. they're on the clock now racing to every opportunity to meet with undecided voters who could ultimately decide this race. we have night team coverage as the candidates head into the home stretch of the new hampshire coverage. let's go to the trump campaign. >>reporter: well, we saw thousands of trump supporters come out on snow covered roads
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and this was one of the biggest crowds yet for trump on a day smallest. >>man: the biggest crowd for a republican candidate tonight is 212 people. and look what we have. is that great. look what we have. >>reporter: donald trump speaking to a crowd of about five thousand for what he called primary vote. hampshire. we together, we will make america great again. >>reporter: trump did get back to bashing some of his rivals. jeb bush, marco rubio, some like trump for his blunt talk, others despite it. >>woman: sometimes i don't think it's too good but he's got so many other good things. >>man: this is a little different. you crammed a lot of people into this venue. >>reporter: trump spoke to some of his smallest crowds today, too. part tating some of the new
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him of by passing. he finished up with his biggest event here yet. >>man: let's have a big big victory tomorrow. we love you, thank you. >>reporter: trump has made it clear he can get people out to see him. the big question is will those same people tomorrow come out to vote for him? we'll soon find out. we're live in manchester. you know all the polls show trump winning easily tomorrow. but for the rest gop candidate, it's a fight for second. john is live in port smith. >>reporter: hey, adam, there's no doubt the pack is chasing trump but a lot of these guys believe that trump may not be so strong down in south carolina which is next so second could be important. is jeb in line to be the granite
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he's hoping to move to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >>man: this is the chance to change direction for a country and to solve problems. >>reporter: bush is in the mix for second place in our latest 7 news tracking poll along with an ohio governor who sees himself in washington, too. >>man: we're hard charged to go down there and we have a rock solid team and all that. >>reporter: senator marco rubio spoke to hundreds of voters young and old in the national community college. >>man: he's polled consistently ahead of everybody else since june but we feel great, we want to do as well as we can and get as many delegates as we go. being in new hampshire has been a lot of fun. >>reporter: texan ted cruz is hoping for a new hampshire bump as he looks ahead to friendlier states. >>man: i hope and believe we'll do well here but we have an incredible team on the ground in south carolina.
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a screaming protester who talked about religion. >>reporter: chris christie of new jersey who wants voters to disregard them. >>man: it's completely up in the air and all of you, the voters in new hampshire are going to decide it. >>reporter: a couple of others hoping to compete when the polls open in the morning, we have dr. ben carson and the former ceo carly fiorina. all right, john, now on the democratic side, hillary clinton is hoping to close the gap. we talked to her today about her difficulty with young voters and women, two groups who seem to be in bernie sanders' corner. >>reporter: a week ago, hillary clinton was trailing bernie sanders in the poll by 31
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hours before the actual voting starts, hillary clinton is still out there campaigning hard to sway those undecided voters. the clinton family on election eve, hillary, bill, and chelsea trying to keep their supporters fired up. clinton is still trailing bernie sanders in the polls by double digits. we asked clinton about her difficulty with young voters and sanders accusation that she's too close to wall street. >>woman: well, as i said the other night, senator sanders has also taken money from wall street. his argument is an artful smear. >>reporter: what do you want to say to all the young voters who are going to be voting for the first time tomorrow? >>woman: i know a lot of young people are supporting my opponent and i want them to know that i support you and i will
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president as much as anyone else's. >>reporter: and what about the claim that she's part of the establishment. >>woman: he's been in elected office a whole lot longer than i have. >>reporter: now hillary clinton says she's asking people to vote for her because she's the most qualified but she says she thinks it would be really neat that she would be the first woman president. that's the story live in manchester, new hampshire. all right, bernie sanders is set to walk away with a win up here tomorrow. he's holding on to a double digit lead in the polls. let's head out to bernie sanders campaign. >>reporter: yeah, adam, with just hours to go, bernie sanders says if a lot of people go to the polls tomorrow, he believes he has a good chance of winning. he said get out and vote. they're feeling the bern.
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the same old, same old and he's providing a press message. >>reporter: this commit to vote concert targeting bernie sanders strong suit, millennials. >>man: they're his best voting block so i'm thinking this is the best way to get us together to try to get us to vote. >>reporter: the 74-year-old senator from vermont wants to make sure he keeps the momentum. enough. >>reporter: reaching out to young people and women. >>man: there's no rational, economic reason why women are making $0.79 on the dollar compared to men. >>reporter: and standing up to former secretary of state for using the gender card against him. >>woman: there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >>man: i think that's an unfortunate statement. we're now talking about electing the president of the united states and they should make their decision based on who they think they could do the job.
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that bernie sanders is doing so well in new hampshire because he's neighboring from vermont. but people we asked, not one of them said they're supporting him because he's from vermont. just a reminder, we have you covered tomorrow night as the results of the primary come in. tune in at 7:00 and again at 10:00 for results and analysis of the big night. we have a prime time line up change for you. 8:00 for chicago med and chicago fire at 9:00 p.m. both of those are an hour earlier than when they usually go on. hollywood game night will air at 2:05 a.m. we'll have much more from here in manchester in just a few minutes with our exclusive 7 news poll. all right, looking forward to that and i can't wait to get
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also ahead tonight, we have details on a no power play during the pot as the lights go out at the garden tonight. tonight. a lot of clouds tomorrow and a few snow showers return by wednesday.y. from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth as "a bold, fearless voice for the planet." the nation endorses bernie saying, he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the nashua telegraph declares: "he's not beholden to wall street money." the valley news says, "sanders has been genuinely outraged about the treatment of ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders
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now on just one station, we have some clear leaders up here in new hampshire but the fight for second is up for grabs at least in the gop race. let's check in our 7 news umass tracker poll. andy joins us now with a closer look. >>reporter: our final tracking poll gives us a last look at where the candidates stand the night before, just hours before the polls open here. for the gop, donald trump is the leader with 34 percent.
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rubio, and ted cruz. three points behind them, another tie, john kasich and jeb bush. look at the undecided number. 9 percent of republican primary voters say they still are not sure whom they'll vote for tomorrow. tell me who they'll vote for, i'll tell you who is going to come in second. the tracking polls tell you why. donald trump is alone on top and then there's a cluster. all four are in the hunt for second and third place here tomorrow. no one wants to finish fourth. for the democrats, their primary is not about who will come in second or third, but how much is the margin going to be. bernie sanders is 16 points ahead of hillary clinton. undecided on the democratic side, four percent. the tracking polls show sanders
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clinton that all she can do is get as close as she can. just for fun, if you think you know how the gop candidates will turn out, if you're right, you should have my job. like so many others here, i am still undecided. the next time we talk, we'll be counting votes. >> indeed we will. thanks so much for all of your work this week. so many people are wondering about the weather. >> so lucky we didn't have today's storm tomorrow. you'll have to ask will this all be gone by then? let's go to jr. yes, i do think the storm tonight. a lot of clouds across southern new england tomorrow and a few isolated snow flurries tomorrow morning. nothing significant. a completely different weather system in here wednesday and thursday with a few isolated snow showers but nothing like we've dealt with today. still snowing across eastern and
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there's dryer air chewing away at this band of snow. this is the ka boos of the beast with the heavy snow. especially down through the cape and island. snow fall totals, brew ster at five inches, millis at six, the city around five, auburn four and then you move through the valley, six inches of snow. grove land five inches of snow. between 4-6 inches of snow. for the season, boston is up to 22 inches. and whit stler it up to 26 inches. last time at this time, the blitz was underway. 84 inches of snow and the city had 63 inches of snow with much more on the way.
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this goes the storm system leaving the northeast. we focus over to our west and there are a couple of other areas of low pressure but this guy over here, he stole all the ingredients to continue making pizza and big storms. so as these weaker storms come through, they'll get to the ocean and say there's nothing left. so i think we'll have a lot of clouds the next several days and there may be an isolated snow shower or two on wednesday but that's about it. for some of you that might have to get a broom but nothing significant or widespread. friday a mix of clouds and sunshine. another round of arctic front. temps below zero to start the day on valentine's day. >> thank you, jr.
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how about this? lights out at the garden tonight. power problems put the bean pot on ice but just for a while. lights did go out as bc and bu faced off. brief delay, did not ruin the night.
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bu and bc competing for the 22nd time in the 64 year history since 1993, it's been bc winning it and it's boston college for the sixth time. no score in the first period wild sequence. mcguire makes the stop and back comes bu the other way. he doesn't score but goes crashing. the second round pick, they remain scoreless. they head to overtime and in the ot, it ends quickly. less than two minutes in, alex slides into the spot. bc wins it 1-0 the final. boston college with their 20th bean pot title.
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we're ready for a big day tomorrow but that's 7 news at 11:00. >> kim will be joining me up here tomorrow in new hampshire. results when the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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