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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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marco rubio. the first votes are in. the new hampshire primary under way and voters heading to the polls to voice their choice for the next commander-in-chief. cleanup continues this morning from a nasty nor'easter. kids headed back to school after parts of the state were blasted by blizzard conditions? we are staying on top of breaking news from germany. several people killed what when two trains collide. >> good tuesday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. it's 9:00. i'm sarah french. >> there's some snow how there
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i'm christa delcamp. brush it off. car. >> police remind you to do that. once you pick up speed that snow will blow everywhere and reduce the visibility for the person behind you. dust it off. hood, the top of the car. and the wind shield of course and if you brush off with light easy. 17 worcester. falling snow. i had a couple of ocean effect snow showers backing in. and couple of flurries expanding back through western mass into connecticut. a few flurries into southern new hampshire. mostly cloudy day. not going to slow you down votingwise temperature close toment 30 degrees by early this afternoon. we have a few flurries out there today. mostly cloudy sky. snow showers working in on wednesday and here we go with better chance of picking up on some heavier snow showers.
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there's enough instability where you the get heavier snow showers or squall you could catch a coating to an inch or two. time now for fast track traffic. here's danielle gursh. >> let's head outside. here's a look at the pike. it's a slow drive. you're crawling back to 128. let's go to maps and you can see that it is all red into town on the pike as well as on 128. we have a vehicle that spun out. this is concorde on route 2 eastbound at 2-a causing back up there. look at 93 southbound. mostly red crawling from 128 into boston. route one you are stop and go. the expressway into boston that's the 30-minute ride. south of town route 3 you're slowing through waymouth. 24 slowing as you approach 128 and if same story on route 95. let's look at the drive time as you get ready to head tout door.
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31 minutes, 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. if you take the t we have minor delays on the orange line. back to you guys. >> the first primary votes already cast and counted in new hampshire. voter headed to the polls in the small town of dixville notch early this morning. the results john kasich won for the republicans with three votes while bernie sanders swept the democrats four. across the state the polls are open. voter lining up early and letter of towns before the doors opened. eager to cast their vote in the first primary of 2016 election season. it's very important here. i think presidential election is more important. i think there's heavy turn out dealing by the lines >> i want it to be a good nation. i want it to be something i can be proud of. turn out is key. on the republican side this seems to be race for second place. >> donald trump has been leading
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there's always a chance another candidate could spoil of course the granite state victory. victoria warren live in new hampshire with more on the g.o.p. race. vicki? >> good morning, sarah. anything can happen in new hampshire. turnout is going to be key. if you take a live look behind me at this polling place. you can see turnout is very good. very, very busy here. yesterday candidates making the final pushes for votes trump packing a crowd last night. the question remains can he turn the crowds into votes. >> 5,000 people picking a new hampshire arena monday night for what donald trump called his final love fest before primary day. >> let's have a big big victory tomorrow. it wasn't all love for the republican front-runner in the granite state. donald trump you are the loser >> jeb bush in the mix for second place in the latest 7news tracking poll went on to call trump a liar and winer on twitter.
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see i'm the only one taking on donald trump. i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's like a child. like a spoiled chide. also vying for second john kasich telling voter he's ready for washington, d.c. hopeful marco rubio and ted cruz making last-minute campaign steps telling supporter win or lose in new hampshire they are gearing up for south carolina. and chris christy whose trailing significantly urges voter to disregard the polls. >> it's completely up in the air and all of you the voter in new it. >> whose message will come across the loudest? hudson. few people lined up before they opened the door at 7:00 this morning. most polling places across new tonight. live this morning in hudson, new hampshire. victoria warren 7news "today in new england."
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hillary clinton hoping she can close the gap with bernie sanders. she's been leading in the polls for weeks in the granite stated. nancy chin live in new hampshire with more. nancy? >> good morning to you, for the democrats the question is not necessarily about who will win as you mention bernie sanders than been holding a significant lead in the polls in the pa past couple of week leading up to today. the question there is by about how much because hillary clinton has been trained to cut that margin down gain momentum as she heads into south carolina. she managed to cut the deficit in half over the last week. >> bernie sanders has surprised everyone including himself with his campaign success. now in new hampshire his tale one of a potential front-runner as voter feel the burn. >> young people are sick of the same old, same old. he is providing a message. the 74-year-old vermont senator has particularly had success with young people and women on monday he responded
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madeline albright who said women should stand behind clinton because she's a woman. statement. we're now talking about electing the president of the united states and people should make their decision based on who they think can do the job. >> one week ago hillary clinton was trailing sander by more than 0 points. according to her 7news umsaa poll she cut the deficit in half. i know a lot of young people are supporting my opponent. i want them to know that i support you. and i will work for you. i will be your president as much as anyone else. clinton responded to sander accusation she is too close to wall street. saying sanders has also taken money from wall street and she has a record of standing up to them. and president obama who took a lot of money from wall street turned around and signed the toughet financial regulations since the great depression. his argument is really as i have
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also news breaking on the eve of the primary fbi is investigating her private e-mail server it's not a huge surprise. the timing can't be ideal. >> nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." we have you covered as a result of the primary came in. tune admit at 7:00 and 10:00 for special edition of 7news. we have results and analysis of the big night. because of our coverage we have a special prime time line up for you. tune in at 8:00 for chicago med and chicago fire at 9:00. that's an hour earlier than when they air. set your dvr for hollywood game night. it will now air at 2:05 a.m. >> we're all recovering from the latest round of winter weather along the coast. high tides brought flooding. waves splashing over the seawall here sending water into the streets in scituate.
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ahead as kids head back to school. here's nicole oliverio she's in scituate. what a different a day makes; right? >> absolutely. scituate is no stranger to flooding. it wasn't as bad as it has been from previous storms. but as you mention there's cleanup and there's kids heading back to class. towns across the south shore preparing to dry out and cleanup after being blasted by winter weather all day yesterday. high tide and high wind sent wave crashing over the seawall in scituate. street near the lighthouse flooded wicky. some roads temporarily shutdown. asked to avoid the coastline if they could. >> this is pretty bad. this is place where it floods. if you look over here it's coming up over the wall every time. >> several towns on the cape met blizzard condition including falmouth. >> thing with was really bad. >> heavy wind and blowing snow created near whiteout conditions.
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more than 7 inches of snow to plow and shovel. >> we've been lucky. it's february. and you don't expect this in place. >> with the high wind and potential for flooding power outages were also a concern. but surprisingly it didn't turn out to be a serious problem. if you went to bed last night thinking you were done with shovelling or snow blowing you may have woken up to find there were a couple of more inches on the ground especially on the south shore. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." the death toll climbing after two trains collided head on in southern germany. and nine people are now dead. officials say the train slammed into one another on a curve without braking it appears automatic safety system failed to stop them. more than 150 others were hurt.
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hours after the crashes are still trying to clean up because of the remote condition. a cruise ship seriously damaged in yesterday's storm. one lawmaker calling for an investigation into whether it should have set sail at all. royal caribbean new ship set sell from new jersey. waves. leaving furniture overturned. glass wear smashed and part of a ceiling collapses. passenger said the experiences terrifying. >> the ship could crack in half. >> someone should have known. they feel they lost their special vacation. a florida senator is the one calling on the ntsb to investigate that trip. in connecticut the storm being partially blamed for this bus crash that happened on i-95. the crash left at least 30 people injured. six of them in critical. and the bus was headed to a
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accident happened. still ahead new details from somalia after an explosion on an airplane. the chilling video that may show the bomb used onboard. and a late night star headed for the o'brien headed to ivy league school. >> couple of snow showers and squalls tomorrow. an inside look at pippen as i try [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and
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and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. good tuesday morning. essentially its a blizzard for falmouth and the vineyard. you picked up close to an inp of snow there. city of boston 6.4 and under 6
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a lot through metro west ability 5 to 6 inch of the dry powdery snow. you have to deal with the cold air and the cold air in place this morning. 17 in worcester. 22 in boston. 20 across the cape. the winds lighter this morning. compared what we had to contend with yesterday. no more shaking of the car on the highway here with winds about 5 to 10 miles per houred. had some ocean effect snow showers backing in coastal county. they've retreated a little bit here. then you look north and west of boston also scattered flurry. drifting through the skies under mostly cloudy sky as temperature prevail into the low 30s this afternoon. couple of degree either side of it. upper 20s in the worcester hills. low 30s in the city of boston. couple of snow showers late tonight. mainly dry this evening. mostly cloudy skies this evening. few degrees either side of 20.
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temperatures seasonable. watch the risk and the opportunity here some scattered snow showers and perhaps some heavier snow showers and squalls temperature generally wer-to-middle 30. what we watch today heavier snow squalls today. there's one storm that slides to the east. you notice the black line sort boundary. extending back to the west. pressure. this is south of new england. may provide enough stability. could be heyer through connecticut and rhode island making sneaking in southeastern mass. it's not a big storm. locally we could get a coating to inch or two in spots. i have to keep an eye on that. temperatures generally running into the lower to middle 30s. you fall back below the freezing mark. we'll keep an eye on things. i don't expect major snowstorms this week.
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catching up toward the seasonal totals in the city of boston. now up close to 2 feet. and for more on that, we will danielle? >> thanks, kris. as far as seasonal snowfall totals we're where we should be. we are about 33 .1 inch. in worcester 9 upches behind. last year we had 77 inches of snow in boston by this time last year and the season and 92.1 in worcester. 53 inches fewer. 63 inch fewer in worcester. i think we'll take it. as far as temperature go last february was the second coldest on record. this february we've off to much milder start. that will change as we head into the weekend. we have cold air moving in. 19 the high on sunday. 14 the high sunday. we haven't felt the high
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since february 24th of last year. the coldest temperature we've seen this year our high of 25 degrees on january 19th. we avoided 3 -- we waiting 350 days for the cold. just in time for valentine's weekend there. good snuggle weather across the northeast direct discharge of arctic air. i think the center of the cold will be focused back through new york state. but we'll have plenty of cold air in place. with an arctic front pushing in thursday. could tricker off another snow showers and perhaps the snow shower with another arctic front coming in early saturday. bottom line no big storms. we'll watch the snow showers and squalls for tomorrow afternoon. the story into the weekend will be arctic air and perhaps below zero widespread sunday morning. >> still ahead this morning. we're learning more about a deadly fire that happened up north in andover. what officials say sparked those flames
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said for exploring the world why should snacking be any different? sc all nine flavors of our creamy cheese p into your curiosity. laughing cow. invent snacking. >> officials say this chilling moment that shows airport worker handing off a bomb to a suicide bomber in somalia. what looks like an average laptop was much more dangerous
9:21 am
that bomb would eventually blow the huge hole in the side of passenger putting everybody onboard in danger. here's kim khazei. >> the new video show two men walking through an airport. they appear to be airport staff. one carrying what looks like a lap to be. they believe it was likely a bomb and this is the moment they handed over to an agricultured suicide bomber. the result a hole blasted in the side of commercial airliner tuesday. the body of the alleged bomber ejected from the blame by the explosion. >> one of the people >> investigator working with team of american have arrested 20 people. some aviation security experts say it shows the risk from workers inside airports even in the u.s. >> i believe we don't have enough security measures from the inside. and i think that's a problem and i think it's something that immediate action needs to be taken on.
9:22 am
on a cancelled turkish airlines flight. he took a later plane. had the bomb gone off as higher altitude. it may have killed everyone onboard. kim khazei. 7news "today in new england." that explosion happened about 15 minutes after take off. 75 passengers were onboard the airplane at the time. and the investigators say the only -- only the suspected bomber was killed by the blast. still ahead, a wild collapse caught on camera. wait until you hear what happened when this gas station came crashing down. >> and first sarah is going back stage in boston. one actors connection to the hub as i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download
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>> here's a show bringing magic and dealt defying stunts here to boston this week. the national tour of pippen has arrived. i have to look what brings the circus inspired show to life. they asked us to join them. from the journey of young friend searching for his place in life. pippin has set up at the boston opera house. before the show's opening night we met up with some of the cast. it's a homecoming of sorts for moffi who graduated from harvard in 2013. i lived in cambridge for four years. it was amazing. i have a lot of friends that are still here.
9:26 am
on stage he performs many stunts. one of the specialities is hand balancing with canes. i'm not as flexible. ryan flores plays the title role of pippen he said coming in as a nonacrobat was intimidating. i was so uncomfortable doing this stuff. at the same time i had to trust and let go. >> i had never seen pippin before at the boston run my hom did have a special connection. >> my mom used to live in boston and she was in a local production of pippin. this is my mom. i may not have been able to be in the show but before i left i had to test my circus skills. >> i will grab the one leg. the other leg. >> i've never felt so many muscles. nicklas the man of many talent
9:27 am
your head spinning literally. >> one hand. one hand. >> and your feet on the marks. i have a feeling i will be sore tomorrow. that's good. >> oh, sarah. so fun. this show is awesome. at the boston opera house they have matinee shows too. if you get a chance to get out and see it it's fabulous. the moral of the story is so beautiful. i love it. >> you made me want the go see it. your mom must be so proud that you got a chance to do that. i tried to get her up to come see the show. it. i liked the costume too. it was awesome. >> we've got much more to come in the next half hour including primary coverage from the granite state. midnight. statewide. sides of the race. most of the accumulating snow
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there. some more snow showers tomorrow. forecast coming up. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't
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we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other
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>> it's decision day in new hampshire. candidate hoping for big win as voter head out and costs their ballot. we saw snow here. but the coast wind snow and high surf battering the communities there and causing some flooding. two maintenance worker come crashing down when a gas station canopy collapses and it was all caught on camera. >> welcome back. i think a lot of us in recovery mode. couple of storm. one is enough then you get two. they are not huge storms but
9:31 am
then you have to deal with the kid being home friday and then again monday. we've played catch-up snow totalwise over the last couple of week. city of boston 22. northwesterly wind about 5 that 10 miles per hour. the wind not as strong. not nearly as what we had yesterday. few flurries out there at times. mostly cloudy sky and temperature throughout the day ranging from upper 20s to 30. southern new hampshire weather mainly dry conditions. temperature close to 30 degrees. closer to 30 in some locations in southern new hampshire. i think a lot of upper 20s. 32 in boston. best chance of beating 32 degrees the further south and east you go. 33's and 34's. we're not melting much snow. few more scattered snow showers arriving. more on that forecast ahead. and we have some sad
9:32 am
from brockton this morning. a boy who fell through ice in early january has died. this 12-year-old boys playing on a pond with another child at the time. and he become trapped under the water and he was pulled out by people who were nearby. he's been in the hospital for weeks now. but once again police now confirming the sad news to 7 that the 12-year-old has passed away. the new hampshire primary officially started. the result of midnight. for the democrats bernie sanders has 17 to hillary clinton's 9 and now polls are open statewide. we have live team coverage in a granite state this morning. tracking both sides of the race here. let's start with victoria warren. she has the latest on the g.o.p. >> good morning, polls in hudson opened at 7:00 in the morning. there were people lined up
9:33 am
they are expecting a big turn out and with the republican field all eyes won't just be on the winner but also who comes in second. donald trump continued last night to draw very large crowds. 5,000 people packing an event he called it his final love fest before the primary. the question re-mawns today can he turn the crowds into vote. they often make their decision in the polling booth. other candidates are counting on that. the latest polls show jeb bush and john kasich they look to income. the polls have him trailing so for the most part the polls throughout new hampshire opened around 7:00 this morning. they tally vote just after midnight. and most polling places across new hampshire close at 7:00 p.m. tonight.
9:34 am
victoria warren 7news "today in new england." to the democratic side of the race. bernie sander holding on to big lead. he's done so for the past few weeks. there's a question today and that is can hillary clinton close the gap up in new hampshire. let's go to nancy chin live with more on that side of the race. nancy? >> it's all about the margin. can hillary clinton cut that in half. they have gone through the granite stay over the past week and hfk hfk in the mean time has cut her deficit in half. it's been a difficult task. bernie sander especially targeting younger voter and burn. sander had one of his most packed schedules yet yesterday. he's had all week last night. he urged a big turn out attent with college student and young people. they told them make sure you get out there and vote today. clinton again looking to close the gap.
9:35 am
on the attack lately. her husband former president bill went after sanders with some pretty harsh critisism of his proposal on the trail this weekend. still clinton calling bernie sander sectionest and pro fan. however sander hasn't responded to allegation and said telling his voter if they make sure they go out tonight they are going to have a very, very good night. this morning former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering a third party run for the white house. he's telling "the finanical times" he's looking at all of his options. he's considering this run because he finds the message from the current primary candidates a quote outrage and insult to the nation's voters. reminder for you. we have you cover tonight as a result of the primary come in. you can tune in at 7:00 and then at 10:00 p.m. for special edition of 7news. for results and analysis of the big night.
9:36 am
special prime time line up in store for you. you can tune in at 8:00 for chicago med. chicago fire at 9:00 an hour earlier than when we air it. set your dvr for hollywood game night airing at 2:05 a.m. new england cleaning up weather. here's in boston we were spared for the most part. just a few inches in the city. snow emergency never had to be ordered. the mayor wants to make it clear keep the space safers off the street. we are not having space savers in the city of boston. we will come and take it. >> if they say it it is going. >> dtw crews have been out gathering up the space savers. addy fire in north andover. smoking as a matter of fact sparked this fire in the living room on the couch. and spread to the # 2-year-old victim's clothing.
9:37 am
working smoke detectors inside the apartment. an elderly couples able to escape the flames >> alarming statistic when it comes to reported cases of child aboous and neglect. the states that highest rate of reported abuse and neglect cases in the country in 2014. there were nearly 32,000 children who were victimized at the end of september of 2014. this is according to the u.s. department of health and human services. now state officials say the high number is attributed to awareness by the public and the state. today president obama is set to release his final budget proposal for 2017 fiscal year. the president will layout his spending priorities. critics believe the budget has little chance to be adopted since the president face stiff opposition from the republican led house. president obama asking
9:38 am
fund the fight against the zika virus. the money would pay for mosquitoes controlled program. backing research and education for pregnant women at risk. some funds would also go toward helping countries where zika is spreading. cdc is at highest level of activation because of the outbreak. only the fourth time it reached that top level. now to really frightening collapse caught on camera. maintenance worker were on top of gas station can any when suddenly the whole thing buckled and came crashing down bringing one of the workers along with it. cutting and tearing away after a normal day turned into catastrophy. terrible. >> it was monday when the canopy of this gas station in torrance, california collapsed. surveillance video caught this at the moment of the collapse. >> there's a guy on the left side of the roof. he was cleaning the roof.
9:39 am
pulling a panel out of -- i guess of that area the roof just started to collapsing. >> two maintenance worker were on top of the canopy alternate the time cleaning it and told witnesses they noticed some cracks. while they were checking things out the entire awning collapsed with them on it. one worker received minor injury and treated at the scene and released. the other worker fell off but was unscathed. >> it's scary to think something like this could happen. there was a car in there. there was a passenger in one of the car. he got so scared he got out of the car running. engineer and safety inspector arrived quinningly and shutdown the station. they quickly began clearing the debris and securing the scene and some are just thankful no one was hurt. it's crazy to see what happened today. thank god nobody got hurt. luckily both drivers of the cars were inside the gas station not at the pump.
9:40 am
crash didn't cause any gas leaks either. checking news across country now. a man in texas making quite a splash to start the week. police say the 69-year-old lost control of his suv. neighbors helped to pull the man out. he wasn't seriously hurt. paratrooper flying into a scary situation. the militari member was training to skydive in florida when he drifted into a power line. witnesses took these photos, firefighters shut off the power before safely rescuing him. happening today people gearing up for fat tuesday down south. the last day of mardi gras. new orleans. today's events are expected to be large. since hurricane katrina. police are adding extra security because of that. they expect more than 1 million people to be celebrating in the city. 1100 officers will be on patrol some of them under cover. and the fbi will have surveillance camera posted everywhere. >> new this morning conan
9:41 am
he will be on campus friday to discuss liberal arts education with the president of the university. he will then answer questions from the audience. the event will be held at harvard sanders theater and will also be streamed live on the university's web site. o'brien lookline nay active and graduated from harvard in 1985. i like how he did a jump. >> an adorable scene from the nation's capital coming your way. wait until you see what happened when this panda cub tried to have a little bit fun. . electric night at the final before the lights were quite literally turned out. >> just a couple of weeks ago the panda was playing with the snow in d.c. much has melted. getting a little bit of snow today.
9:42 am
forecast ahead. [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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g it, girlfriend! eamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. k a little bigger. welcome back. 9:45 and you know had to scrape off the car this morning. but you know, every day in february is one day closer to spring. >> you know what? it was tim caputo during his report mentioning you know what? we made it through december. we made it through jane. anything from here on out we can deal with. >> you get a couple of snowstorm. the finish line getting close to
9:45 am
we can get big storms end of february into march. we get spring forward in march. we have baseball starting down in ft. myers as well as spring officially arriving on the 20th and by that point we're talking ability sun set close to 7:00 p.m. all right, let's deal with reality in the near-term here. east falmouth almost a foot of snow. 11 inches there. milford picking up 8.3. boston at 6.3. this is slow and steady buildup. boston through metro west. a lot of town picking up about 5, 6, 7, inches of snow. at no point was it overwhelming in the city of boston. once in a while you get the click conditions on the roadway. 25 in plymouth. it's cold this morning. couple of scattered snow failures out and about. nothing major to deal with this morning. there was scattered lighter snow through central new hampshire. don't think it will slow many folks down.
9:46 am
this is slowing folks down, down through harrisburg in baltimore, maryland down into d.c. complex set up. bits and pieces swirling around from the ohio valley into the mid atlantic through ocean storm offshore. by the way that ocean storm is staying offshore but complexity of everything has to lift through new england. there's enough instability tomorrow to trigger scattered snow showers and few heavier snow squalls and you note the nature of this as you go from tomorrow morning into the afternoon it's in and out. it's scattered about. you watch in the afternoon. you see some of the darker blue beginning to show up. and some of these heavier snow squall. you could get a coating to an inch of snow. so not at all day thing. i think one or two inches more localized than anything else. temperature low-to-mid 30s. not a major storm to talk about. but we do have some snowflakes
9:47 am
couple of flurries. couple of degrees either side of 30. then tonight up with l of degrees either side of 20 with couple of snow showers arriving late overnight tonight. i do expect it to be dry through the evening. mostly cloudy seasonable tomorrow with scattered snow showers and snow squalls. one thing for certain. even though we don't talk about ton of snow over the next several days. we have made some inroads here trying to catch up to seasonal averages. it was a slow start as tim caputo was saying december and january no problem. we were dealing with snow. close to seasonal levels in the city of above. more over to danielle. >> warmest december on record. now our snow totals are getting close to where they should be by this time in the season we're only about 3 inches off. we 23.6 inch so far. we're still about 10 inches below normal. but a big difference this year from last year by this time last
9:48 am
hard to believe. in worcester, 92 inches of snow. 53.7 fewer in boston. i think we'll take it. as far as temperature i mentioned the warmest december on record. then january was mild. february been off to pretty mild start as well with temperatures. about 10 degrees warmer than average last year was the second coldest february on record. now we're starting to see some of that cold air return as we head into the weekend. temperatures in the teens. those are high temperatures. we haven't seen that in a while. we haven't had since february of last year. this year the coldest we've seen is 25 degrees. we've waited 350 days for this and for more on the cold sending it back to you. >> i don't think we've been wanting it to come back anytime soon. you have to remember after all of the snow we had second coldest month. this will be a couple of day
9:49 am
last time below zero in the city of boston was last february. i think we're close to zero in boston sunday morning. many of suberbs below zero. it's a bitter blast but we're back near 30 in the afternoon. this morning must see to be the cutest thick you see all day. a baby panda trying his best to climb a tree. but he just can't seem to get the direction he needs. this the panda cub who lives at smithsonian national zoo in washington just shy of 6 years old. thank goodness for the branches. that seemed to help him a little bit. he doesn't give up. that's the important thing. determination; right? >> coming up next in 7 sports the bean pot wrapping up in the garden last night. classic match-up. find out who skated off as
9:50 am
>> good morning. bc and bu meeting in the bean pot final for the 22nd time in 64-year history of the tournament since 1993 there's been bu or bc winning it this year it's boston college for the sixth time and the last 7 years night. miles wood get tangled up on the opening face-off. no scored in the third period. wild sequence here. ryan fitzgerald breaking away. mcgwire makes the stop. bu comes back the others way. he doesn't score. he go crashing second round pick. remain scoreless heading into the overtime. and in ot here we go.
9:51 am
less than two minutes in alex snaps off that nasty. overtime. boston college with their 20th bean pot title now just ten shy of bu's record 30. that's sports. day. before bc turned out the lights on bu the lights garden. a power outage during the first lights went out. effected. but pretty dark, is it. new england." not everyone has a tough time weather. imagination led to fire town. >> that's a lot of work. we want the cold air to stick around. we'll have that cold air
9:52 am
we see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound)
9:53 am
what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
9:54 am
all the snow from the past few day sparking creativity all around in this particular case. a family decided they wanted to go above and beyond building a snowman in their front yard. instead that melt a snow dragon. it's gone from small frame to this giant winged creature. and now itten has some color. the dragon whopping 10 feet long and five feet tall. didn't they say they named it carl. >> such a common name for an uncommon sight there in someone front yard. >> hopefully he doesn't breathe fire. he will melt himself there. you put that effort in it. you want the cold to be sustained. you don't want 60-degree weather to see him melt away. i think can carl here for the duration here. at least for the next couple of week. we have a cold pattern ahead of out.
9:55 am
check it out valentine's day. bitter blast over the weekend. thanks, kris. thanks for watching everybody. "today show" next. i'm christa delcamp. i'm okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. i do everything on the internet.
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