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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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. >> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. you know what i miss in life, class. so we're bringing it back today. it's february 9. happy mardi gras. >> happy carnival.
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>> we have a fun show. having been in morns new orleans so many year -- >> such a fun time of year. in new orleans take, the banks and schools are closed, everybody is out on the streets. everybody grabbing beads. we have crawfish and isaac toops is here. how did you get out of town? >> i snuck out. i said keep the beads, i'm going to see my favorite tv ladies. >> you've made some enemies doing that. >> and with only five days until valentine's day, we'll get you in the mood for a little romance. before you agree u you go out on a hot date, you'll want to know what our guys panel says about keeping men interested. today. >> we werelike who
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then we will give you clues. so i'd like to know who it is. do you know? >> no, i have absolutely no idea. all right. >> what are you wearing? >> i don't know. >> it's a prop. it's not to be worn outside your dress. that's not part of the dress. anything goes. this is the day before ash wednesday when everybody -- i guess they go ask for forgiveness tomorrow. >> and so we're celebrating with hurricanes. >> these are a little strong even for me. >> if you go pat o'brien's in new orleans, you get this drink. and this is the hurricane. >> that is so strong. >> exactly. they play the piano and everybody sings. and so this brings back memories.
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>> and this is mardi gras mombo. let's try that again. >> please, no. all right. program. here is the king cake. the way it works in new orleans, whoever finds the baby in the king cake has to buy the next one. so our tradition is called mauling the king cake because we're searching for the baby jesus. >> that's who is in it. >> by the way, so delicious. it has cinnamon and, oh, lord, i hate to destroy a king cake. >> are you kidding me? >> not with our your fingers on it. are you sure it's even in here? i don't think it's n here.
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>> did you find it? >> no. >> i'm finding this year. fyi. >> you find it. >> you find it. >> that's what she said. >> oh, no. it's not even -- >> a little plastic baby jesus. >> okay. i don't -- >> we got stiffed one year where there was no baby jesus p. >> it's in here, you just have to find it. bet it's he in one of your sections. oh, my gosh, where is it? oh, no. >> are you positive there is one in here? this is a cruel joke. >> it's in here, i know. >> anything else we can talk about while we're looking? who do you think the mystery guest is? >> i don't know. >> speaking of baby jesus,
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playing grown up jesus. >> it's not in here. >> our producer has been sending us pictures from mardi gras. there is amanda doing what amanda does. that's such a bummer. >> can i have a fine tooth comb, please? >> she sent us over videos and stuff. amanda knows how to have fun. so i think it's time to talk about the bachelor. amanda is not here. so -- >> why don't you do it? you're already in the shot. thanks. jerry, please, don't leave your ugly things. baby. it is a cruel -- >> did someone take the baby -- >> what? >> there he is. >> there is one in there, too. we have to find it. >> this is like elf on the
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>> hold on. >> oh, we're on tv. all right. we'll talk about the bachelor. >> really, amanda is in new orleans. so we were wondering -- >> you said take twice. >> -- whether or not olivia, you know, everybody doesn't like olivia, all right? so bep n did a cruel thing. she's just one of those girls that girls don't like. so then he was trying to figure out who he was going to give arose to, so he took olivia and another girl, what was her name -- >> emily. >> emily. emily, they both -- and emily was the twin who stayed on the show. bounced. two. we're going on a date. and brought arose. and everyone wondered who was going to get the rose. well, he did a little head fake. he pretended like he was going
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and instead he gave to emily. do we have video of this, do we have the sound? let's watch. >> today you really did take the time to speak your heart and tell me exactly what you're feeling. >> yeah. >> i don't think i can reciprocate those feelings. it's just not a place that i can get to. and i think that you've been honest with me about your feelings. i have to be honest with you about mine. and tell you that i can't give you this rose. i'm going to have to say good-bye. >> okay. >> i'm sorry.
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>> that was like a hurricane. what was going on? as to owe so olivia is out. >> i don't know any of them. >> leah was also september creator. you know one those people who stir the pot? ben was exhausted. he canceled a cocktail party but showed up at the rose ceremony. and then, wait, it was lauren h. -- >> stop it. >> lauren h. he sent packing. are we watching something? so who is left? >> you and i are right here. still looking for baby jesus. >> all right. so they they want to us play guess the guest. this person performs in front of millions of people. >> what?
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>> usually half the audience likes this person. where is the person? >> wait. go back again. he performs in front of millions of people. executes precision-like moves. usually half the audience likes -- >> oh, he's a sports guy. >> or a magician and the other half of the person doesn't like it. [ buzzer ] >> this bra is cutting off half high breathe my breathing. >> okay. we'll come back and try to guess who it is. and then image is everything. we'll give it away to typhoon luck five lucky viewers. and a big party from mardi gras. >> are you sure? >> he's not here.
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today is fat tuesday which marks the end of the carnival season and there is no american city more famous for its mardi gras celebrations than -- >> no one can find the baby. >> what? >> look underneath, he says. >> so our today food team called
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he's the executive chef and other than owner of toups meatry. >> this is not part of my dress really, right? >> oh, come on. >> you might not understand that it's a bra. >> show the back. see, it's a bra. >> i like it better with the beads. >> what are we making? >> some crawfish. it's a classic dish. good for a cold weather day and to suck up all the alcohol. >> what kind of ingredients do we need? >> we have the classic trinity, green onion, celery, bell pepper, crawfish, white wine. >> let's get cooking. >> first we'll have a pan nice and hot. we'll add the trinity. put a pinch of salt in for me. >> look at me cooking.
11:15 am
p. >> and a little butter. >> that's garlic. >> oh, that's garlic. >> not yet. hold on. i'm the chef here. >> what now? >> a little a spatula i'll use. >> don't let her. we add the garlic. >> oh, yeah, that was a big difference. >> you don't want to burn your garlic. after we caramelize our vegetables, this is what they look like. make our roux. >> a little flower. >> a little flower. we'll page sure it all gets
11:16 am
emulsified. this is our thickening. and then we add our tomato product. this is what my grandmother calls the brick roux. because it's the color of red bricks. that's what will give it the signature flavor. >> i'll it you were this urn v turn this off. >> and after we make our roux, it will thicken up. add the white wine. >> now you're spi eaking our language. >> always have to taste your delicious. and then the crawfish stock. >> where do you get that? >> i make it myself. >> were you born and raised this new orleans is this ?
11:17 am
fayette, new orleans. right when i was born, i came out of the womb and start making that roux. >> now what? >> now we have the near finalized product. so we have the vegetables, roux, tomato, white wine, crawfish stock. then we add the louisiana crawfish tails. >> this is so delicious. and you pour it over rice? >> leases please don't put scallions on mine. >> all right. we have our ladle. here we go. >> and you scoop it right out. >> get a good bit of gravy. >> if you can't boil the crawfish yourself to get the stock, is there anywhere to get it? >> you can use shrimp stock or you can buy homemade stock.
11:18 am
>> i have one for you. >> i'm excited. >> please enjoy. make the place look nice and pretty. >> oh, my gosh. >> here we go. >> a kick, baby. by the way, it we by the way, did we find the baby? >> no. >> no baby in there. i'm going to sue. >> how is that possible? >> let's have a bite. >> you know where to look. >> oh, that's good. but let's see if we can find it. see, i know the trick. >> what's the trick? >> it's on the bottom. >> you found it? we got a baby right here. >> it's got to be on the bottom, you guys. >> thank you so much.
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with valentine's day this sunday, you want to know what your sman really man is really thinking. so time for guys tell all. first time is jean carlos. >> say it however you want. it means cinnamon in spanish actually. >> i just like to watch your lips move. >> he's just been cast as jesus in the passion on fox which will air "life" in
11:23 am
>> and next up is rick younger, married with a son. and he can be seen in the rick younger show. he has his own shown. >> and also with us host of the idiot test, ben glebe. >> my name means cinnamon, also. >> and last but certainly not least, the recently engaged be bob -- i know. do you know how many hearts you're breaking? >> oh, please. >> let's begin with our first question. question one. rachel asks this. why is it that when a -- oh, hey, girl. we didn't even see you. all right. go ahead, honey. >> hi, i'm from new orleans and my question is how can i drop hints about what we should do for valentine's day without coming off strong. >> if you want do something special, just line it up and do it.
11:24 am
>> do you know what would be fun -- when a woman does that it's not creepy. i did it real slow. >> that's creepy. >> but if you just say you know what would be fun. more than likely we want to do what you want to. >> but sometimes you want someone to -- you're like saying let's go to this place for dipper. >> she likes charles in charge. >> valentine's day tends to be not that emergency cal thing for guys as it is for women. so you have to tell us a little bit. >> and you'll be disappointed, too. >> i like to overdo it a little bit. it's part of the tradition. so i'm down with that.
11:25 am
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it's fat and spanky tuesday. and we're waiting for our handsome guys to tell all. >> and we have the single and adorable jean carlos. and single dad ben -- >> no, he's not. >> are you telling me something i don't know? >> somebody tell him. >> and bob is engaged. >> a question from an e-mail. you will like that one. rachel asks why is it that when
11:29 am
containable of taking care of herself, money, car, et cetera, he loses interest or is not interested at all. i love that. immediately. this. >> there was a period in my life woman. >> i think it's a powerful, independent successful woman. >> it you let her pay? >> here's the thing. i want her to know it's not necessary for her to pay. if she wants to, my all means, but i work so i can please -- >> there needs to be an understanding of the value of what each person brings to a relationship. at times when i was broke and poor, i was like, hey, come on to my house, i'll could go dinner for you.
11:30 am
>> you buy all the ingredients. >> i could afford freep ingredients. i couldn't afford stipulate tippinged a all the and all the other things. so they go across the street. >> hi, i'm vicky and my question is what age do men think they have matured. >> i think you're not actually an adult until 27. i think 21 through 27 is provisional adulthood. adult. >> i think you never stop learning if you're living the right way. i think you should be like -- i think you should be a kid and know when to be an adult. because as you become aped a did you tell, you forget the simple things in your life. >> i don't know what he said,
11:31 am
>> here is a good one. >> your brain isn't even formed until you're 25. >> i've had a formed brain then for the last two years. >> nicole asked is it wrong for a person to give flirty looks or flirt with a person if they're in a relationship. >> no. that's the only thing you got. >> i'm married, not buried. >> if you act on it, it's a bit different. but i think there should be enough respect and communication in a relationship where that is okay. >> a flirty look, it could be something very simple, like a stare at a lady. >> what if it's a little longer than that. >> danger zone. >> if somebody looks at you and you don't reciprocate -- >> how long is long. >> more than eight seconds. >> there is a fine line between
11:32 am
>> yes. >> a lot of us are talking. >> if you have question, connect with us. >> can anybody guess the guest? here are the clues. they perform this front of millions of people. executes precision-like moves. usually half the audience likes him. is it bruno mars? we have the hot ref! >> oh, my gsh osh, we got him? it will be a good day. come to mama. you get. mascara. now, revlon introduces a new collection of mascaras that makes getting the lash look you want easy. so whether you choose ultra volume, super length, volume and length magnified, dramatic definition, or the ultimate all-in-one...
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now for the moment we've been waiting for. the big reveal of our mystery guest. here are the clues one last time. he performs in front of millions of people. executes precision-like moves.
11:37 am
>> and he looks good in stripes. we know who it is because once they said stripes, we knew there was only one answer to the question. and here it is. >> our mystery guest is the hot ref -- come on down. >> good to see you. >> hey! >> adorable. >> well ko come. >> oh, my god. clete blakeman. the whole social world went crazy not over the game, because of you. were you is surprised, embarrassed? >> actually it all. i thought it was just a couple tweets but then it started
11:38 am
>> you're like here is the official coin and then you did a flex and then a -- >> yeah. super bowl. >> you have a beautiful wife and i just saw you in the stairwell and i was like i know her from somewhere and i remember i saw you on tv yesterday. what is your name some. >> katie. >> and into two gorgeous kids. katie, you've known he's been hot for a long time. how are you dealing with this 124. >> some. >> i love it. >> and how about your kids? >> well, they're five and three. >> we're bringing out some competition for you because we have our own hot ref. >> so what we are going to do, throw the flag some
11:39 am
we have different calls and you have for tell me if it's a real call or fake call. >> when do we throw the yellow? >> when you have an answer. >> hey, this is you're show. >> stand up so everyone can see you. >> okay. >> are we ready? real. >> offsides. >> real. it is right. >> ineligible down field. >> that's good. house. >> yes, you did. >> next one. >> first down. >> how about this one. >> offsides. >> holding.
11:40 am
how about this. i had to practice this one. >> not real. >> the nene. >> come on out. >> how about this one. >> fake. >> you guys are so cute. thank you for coming. you're a beautiful couple. >> thank you.
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>> narrator: the ci it t ti concert serryes is "today." if you're in the moods for
11:45 am
>> performance by the international singing sensation he will el divo. they have sold more than 26 million albums. >> amazing. and they are here with us and thrilled. >> this is beautiful. >> and you're going on tour. >> yes. >> where are you going? >> we're starting out in mexico city. we will go all around south america, southeast asia, uk, europe and then later this year, we will wrap up the tour coming back to america. >> we can't wait to hear you sing. >> especially this one.
11:46 am
to all the girls i've loved before, who traveled in and out my door i'm glad they came along, i dedicate this song to all the girls i've loved before to all the girls i once caressed, and may i say i've held the best to helping me to grow, owe a lot i know, to all the girls
11:47 am
winds of change are always blowing and every time i tried to stay, the winds of change continued blowing, and they just carried me away to all the girls who shared my life, who now are someone else's wife i'm glad they came along, i dedicate this song to all the
11:48 am
it all the girls we've loved before, who traveled in and out my door [ applause ] >> thank you. the strings were beautiful and the harp and cello. make sure you go see them on tour. okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look...
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and an ikea closet
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amy. come on in. i wear a lot of amy motto's dresses. >> they're darling. >> and before we say good bay -bye on this spanky tuesday, we'll give five lucky fans -- >> it's time to give it away. it's an epson presenter er pripts printer worth $499. it is cartridge-free printing so you never have to worry about running out. the equivalent of about 50 ink cartridges. >> you're doing great. >> amy, thank you, honey. >> never mind. >> who is first?
11:52 am
ot two. first is debra harden from carolina. >> and i have debbie reynolds there kentucky. >> and i have got alisa quilam. >> and andrew urban won. >> and the last one is jacqueline rose from las vegas. >> congrats to all of our winners. enter next week again. >> you have some explaining to to. jackie was in charge of the king cake. >> there was a baby in here before you guys touched it. >> who took it out? where is it? >> you'll have to get in the spank line. >> let's crank it up, baby. >> you start it. >> bend over.
11:53 am
>> the new hampshire primary now under way. and at the polling center, this is what's happening. thousands heading out to voice their choice. >> the candidates are ready to roll. months of campaigning all comes down to this. who will win over new hampshire voters? >> recovering from the wild weather on the south shore. communities still cleaning up as high tide rushes in. >> high tide rushing in and still some minor coastal flooding in the early afternoon hours. more on this and when to expect more snow ahead. >> getting up close and personal with a big reptile. a prankster allegedly throwing a gator through a
11:54 am
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