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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: first here at noon, the new hampshire primary is on. voters are lining up and hitting the polls. here is what's at stake. we have the two democrats here side by side, duking it out. as voters make the ultimate choice here today. and on the republican side, doing a lot of last-minute campaigning. trying to convince voters to go in their direction. it really does come down to today.
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since around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. depending upon the polling site. >> sarah: the republican field full of heavy hitters in the granite state. nancy chen joins us now from new hampshire with the very latest. good morning, nancy. >> nancy: good afternoon, sarah. a busy morning so far. 500,000 people are expected to vote throughout the day here in the granite state. you imagine these candidates have been busy. they have been... the voters have been visiting town halls, rallies. visiting these candidates, getting to know them. now the candidates are getting to know these voters. going to these polling place, saying thank you, hillary clinton. hillary clinton thanked her supporters in new hampshire. she will be traveling to the southern part of new hampshire today saying thank you to all those supporters. meantime, bernie sanders, we have yet to see him officially publicly on the trail today. he is among the democrats, between the two of them, the front-runner.
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above hillary clinton. hillary clinton has been trying to win over that margin a little bit. meantime, donald trump, i saw him earlier today. he has also had a very busy, busy morning. these candidates all have been pounding the pavement. he is here in manchester getting to know these kand voters. as for the other republicans, we have seen them all going to bedford, going to new hampshire... going to manchester, new hampshire. just thanking these voters with so much at stake for everyone involved. as you guys mentioned, polls open around 6:00 or 7:00 for most towns today. they close at 8:00 tonight here in new hampshire. i talked to many experts here. they say this could be a record-breaking turnout.
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nancy chen, 7 news. >> christa: victoria warren is keeping an eye on things for hampshire. vicky? >> reporter:, yeah we have morning long. ever since the doors opened. take a look behind me. right around lunchtime. a huge surge of voters showing up right now. they opened their doors here at 7:00 a.m. they were people lined up well before 7:00 a.m. they have a police detail outside, actually. trying to deal with traffic. and voter turnout, as nance request was just saying, is going to be so key in this election so. many new hampshire voters have been undecided coming up to today. many of them are undeclared in terms of a party. what that means on primary day is they get to choose on primary day, which party's primary they are going to vote in. some of them don't even know until they walk in the door, if they are going to choose to vote for the republicans. if they are going to choose to vote for the democrats. then they have more time to
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are going to choose for. that undecided vote is going to be critical and key today. >> we take another live look at this polling place in hudson, really turnout is key. voters. they have been coming to one polling place in hudson. the entire town has to come here. many of them recall other presidential primaries. turnout they can recall seeing. so that is going to be the big story coming out of new hampshire today. most polling places across the state opened at 7:00 in the morning. some opened earlier. this particular polling place in hudson closes at 8:00 tonight. that is a little bit later. most of the other places will close at 7:00. and then it will be sometime that they will have to tally all the votes. we will know how that turnout ultimately impacts this primary. live in hudson, new hampshire, 7 news. >> sarah: a reminder. we have you covered.
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at 10:00 a.m. for a special edition of 7 news. kim khazei and adam williams as well as andy hiller will have results and analysis of the big night. and because of our coverage, we have a special prime-time line-up for you. tune in at 8:00 for chicago med. and chicago fire. then at 9:00, both of those are airing an hour earlier than they usually do. also, set your dvr if you want to watch hollywood game night. that is not going to air until 2:07 a.m. >> kris: the forecast now. yes, we have a snow-covered city, don't we? a live look outside in boston. we saw about six inches of snow. february. we are kind of used to that. some chilly changes are on the way, we are told. >> sarah: chris lambert now standing by with more on the forecast. >> chris: really cold stuff working in for the weekend. before we get to that, though, some lingering effects of the ocean storm. in fact, the wave action high enough we are getting splashover along the coastline. minor coastal flooding. there is a coastal flood advisory in effect until 1:00
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high tide right upon us here. nothing major like yesterday afternoon. we saw a lot of moderate coastal flooding. some minor stuff along the coastline. 25 in boston. you notice how it's 30 in nashua, new hampshire. sunshine across southern new hampshire. you saw that with nancy up there as well. the winds out of the north. at 5-10 miles an hour. not overpowering. wind throughout the day. a couple of ocean-effect snow showers trying to graze marshfield. may crash into plymouth county. along the immediate coastline, into plymouth itself. overall, it is a i qoo et day. i don't see any issues up there in new hampshire weather-wise for the voters. turning out for the primary. taking a look at those. the d.c. area, we are watching some snow showers and some rain showers in that area. and there is moisture off there that is going to have to england. valley into southern new england tomorrow. i do expect more snow showers and squalls into the forecast on wednesday. quiet.
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southern new hampshire averaging in the lower 30's. then falling back to upper 20's this evening. here in southern new england, pretty much the same case. we will keep it dry. we will take another look at the 7-day forecast coming up. >> sarah: all right. were all recovering from the latest round of weather on the coast. high tide brought flooding, as you can see here. waves splashing over the sea wall, sending water into the street. today, quite a bit of clean-up ahead. we are live in scituate now with how things look today. good afternoon, nicole. >> reporter: hey, it definitely looks and feels like winter now here in scituate. the winds not nearly as bad as they were yesterday. but if you take a look behind me, you can see the waves are still crashing against the sea wall here, and it's still causing some problems at some seaside streets. winter still having its way with scituate. waves rerentlessly pound the sea wall and splashover still spraying ocean-view homes.
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>> reporter: the sight is new to this pair of home owners. >> this is our first winter here. to us, this is a novelty. right? >> we are so frantic. we don't want anything to go wrong with scraping snow off the roof. >> reporter: some streets remained flooded this morning. after yesterday's high tide temporarily shut down roads near the lighthouse. and snow clean-up continues. several inches fell across the town. but jane thinks she was hit harder than most. >> i think snow likes me. i mean it. i got a new shovel. this is my daughter's valentine's yesterday. winter tradition. home. >> i had to shovel during the night. so today i could walk out. out this morning. the threat of outages lingered because of the high winds. problem. back to the daily grind of work and school and waiting
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weather. some of the people we spoke with today say the wind was so intense yesterday that they couldn't everybody walk over near that sea wall if they storm-watcher. really they were forced to stay back. today. but again, the shoveling and the snow-blowers were definitely out. >> christa: this is customary storm. no doubt, you have seen it. people put out those space savers trying to hold their out. however, we need to tell you the city did not declare a snow emergency with yesterday's storm. so the mayor wants to make it clear, keep those space-savers off the streets. >> we are not having space-savers in the city of boston. there is not enough snow out there for space-savers. >> you put a space-saver out there, public works will come and take it. >> if they see it, while they
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recycling, it is going. >> christa: new at noon, a 12-year-old brockton boy who fell through thin ice last month has died. for weeks. witnesses say c.j. thompson was underwater for close to ten minutes before rescuers arrived. he passed away yesterday. another boy also fell through the ice. he had only minor injuries. >> christa: more news now: rhode island state police tracing a series of recent bomb threat against area schools. all the way to russia. they were made by automated phone calls to schools in warwick. now the threats in rhode island, similar to ones here in massachusetts, including the one that you are seeing here in methuen from last month. right now, officials hope russia can help them in their investigation. an oil delivery truck crashing into a home in saugus. the empty vehicle sliding down an icy hill.
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delivery, the truck hit the steps of the house causing some minor damage. no oil was spilled. no one was hurt. police say the road has since been treated. >> sarah: come up at oen 7 news, passengers shaken up after a cruise ship voyage goes right into a massive storm. why some say the captain could have avoided the whole thing. >> kris: a drive-through prank sending an alligator through a drive-through window. police are not laughing about that. >> chris: a few scattered snow showers and squalls tomorrow. the cold air. the numbers ahead. >> sarah: keep it right here on 7 news for the new hampshire primary. we have team coverage coming
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>> sarah: the boston skyline looks a little different this
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fenway park will host olympic athletes on thursday and friday as they try out jumps off a 140-foot ramp. the ramp is three times higher than the green monster. the top of the ramp stands at center field. so skiers and snow-boarders will fly right toward home plate. tomorrow is truck day at fenway park. the red sox equipment truck will be departing tomorrow morning for sunny fort myers, florida. i think chris is the fort myers expert. we should ask him what the temperature is right now. >> sarah: right. you used to live there, right? >> chris: i did. in fort myers. this time of year, upper 7's on average. you get into spring training. close to 80 degrees. by mid-march down there, mid-80's on quite a few afternoons. different world down there this time of year. though they have had a wet winter with all the severe weather. thanks to el nino. taking a look at us here. we head into march.
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we spring forward, in fact, by march 20. springtime here. we will be setting that sun close to 7:00. not quite baseball weather yet this morning. right? nice to see fenway park embracing that winter weather, though. finally, we are some winter weather in place. 19 in boston this morning. 20 in norwood. six inches of snow on the ground in the city itself. a little bit of natural snow out there at fenway park. you need the cold weather to keep that snow. we will have the cold weather sticking around. 26 in norwood right now. 22 in worcester. wind is out of the north. about 5-10 miles an hour. that breeze continues about 5-10 miles throughout the day. still a little bit of a flow coming in on-shore. that is backing in a few ocean-effect snow showers and flurries once in a while. a few of them about to enter right close to plymouth there near 3-a and route 3. overall, it is a quieter pattern for a lot of southern new england. a few rays of sunshine. trying to filter through some of the clouds there. now, you look to the south of us, and the pattern is
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there is no main area of low pressure that is taking over. there are sorts of areas of around. you pick up on. that one will slide south and east of us. one to the north and west. pulled into southern new essentially that, means there is no big snowstorm on the way. but i do expect scattered snow showers and snow squalls to break out for tomorrow afternoon. you notice how some of them have a deep shading of blue. there may be a burst for half an hour or an hour where you get underneath a heavier snow shower or squall. an inch. widespread problem during the day tomorrow. we are kind of hit and miss out there. even if you get a heavy snow squall, you have some dry hours during the day. 606% chance of picking up on a snow squall on wednesday. 40% chance of a snow shower on thursday. 28-34 this afternoon. cool tonight. a couple of snow showers very late. degrees.
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0's tomorrow. some of the scattered snow showers and squalls. snow-wise. haven't we, danielle? >> danielle: we actually have. we are pretty close to where we should be this time of year. we have seen 23.6 inches of snow this season. very different than last february. last february by this time, we had 77.3 inches of snow in boston. and 92.1 in worcester. it is a much different picture. as far as temperatures, we did have the warmest december on record. then a pretty mild january. so far for february, a mild start. for february, last february, the second coldest on record. we are about to see that cold as we head into saturday and sunday. high temperatures are going to be in the teens. so this year, the coldest wref seen is 25 degrees. that was if toward the end of january. this will be the coldest weather we have seen since february of last year.
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back to you. >> >> chris: a lot of people could say they could wait even longer for daytime highs. in the teens. arctic air pouring in. this is a quick shot of arctic air for 48 hours. in terms of the true core of the cold. and that will be over the weekend. not a big storm. with the cold air, we may get a snow shower or two to start the day on saturday. otherwise, it's bitter. valentine's day, -3 for the low on average. >> sarah: still ahead at noon, a rough ride. fast cruise ship captain steers a ship into the heart of a storm. why some say the crew knew they were headed for danger. >> christa: a wild prank taking a disturbing turn when here in vineland, home of we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon so if you want 100 calories or
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without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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>> christa: a cruise ship was seriously damaged in the storm we saw yesterday. >> sarah: one lawmaker is calling for an investigation into whether it should have set sail at all. this is video aboard royal caribbean's new ship anthem of the seas which set sail from new jersey. ship was tossed around in hurricane-force winds and massive waves, leaving foreignture overturned and glassware smashed. part of the ceiling even collapsed. passengers say the experience
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>> my dad at one point, said this ship could crack in half. >> somebody should have known. they are angry because they have lost their special vacation. >> sarah: that florida lawmaker wants the national transportation safety board to investigate the cruise line's decision to sail into that storm. >> christa: a man facing charges now after a wild prank causes some drive-through danger in florida. police say he threw an alligator at an employee at a wendy's. josh james knew the person he tossed the live gator towards, and he is now being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the suspect's mother thinks that charge is ridiculous. >> just a stupid prank that he did that's now turning into. this he is a prankster. he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. >> christa: james is charged with unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator. the gator was eventually released into a nearby canal. >> sarah: a close call in california.
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that canopy giving way with two cars underneath. maintenance workers on the roof. the whole thing was caught on camera. no one was seriously hurt. one of the maintenance workers was able to get off the roof. the other held on as it fell all the way to the ground. the two cars underneath were damaged. a paratrooper flying into a shocking situation. the military member was training to sky-dive in florida when he drifted into that power line. witnesses took these photos. thankfully, he is okay. firefighters shut off the power before safely rescuing him. >> christa: coming up next on 7: some tearful testimony. actress gwyneth paltrow breaking down, testifying in court. she says she has been a target for years now. >> sarah: getting back to his roots for a special
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>> christa: actress gwyneth
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targeted. >> sarah: testimony will resume today in the trial of a man accused of staubing her. the actress broke down yesterday when she was called to testify and said she fears for her safety. the 6-year-old man has allegedly been terrorizing her for the past 17 years. sending her dozens of letters and packages. >> christa: a homecoming king. conan o'brien returning to his roots right here in massachusetts. the tv host will be at harvard on friday to talk about liberal arts education. he will answer questions from the audience and this event will be held at harvard's sanders theater and will be streamed live on the university's web site o. brian, of course, is a brookline native. he graduated from harvard back in 1985. >> sarah: all right. we have much more to come on 7 news. our new hampshire primary coverage continues. a granite state showdown taking center stage. we have team 7 coverage from the polls to the candidates. we are live up next. >> chris: a little bit of snow if the forecast tomorrow. a lot of cold by the weekend.
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>> christa: the new hampshire primary is on. voters hitting the polls as of 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. depending on the site. the first polling locations, of course, opening, though, at midnight. some of the smaller areas. live pictures right now. and they have been packed, we are told, so far all day. it really does all come down to this. for the democrats, a head-to-head matchup.
12:27 pm
clinton. they are clashing, of course, on the ballot. >> sarah: donald trump leading the charge in the republican field. he is the favorite to win. the rest of the candidates are scrambling for second. the race for the white house, of course, unfolding right now in new hampshire. >> christa: the primary focus sending a message ahead of south carolina. voters are ready to voice their choice. we have team 7 coverage from the polling centers to how the primary day. nancy chen is covering the candidates live from manchester. nancy? >> nancy: good afternoon to you, christa. it's been a busy day so far. 500,000 people are expected to cast a vote later on today. as you mentioned, polls have been open for six and a half hours at this point. as these candidates and voters sprint to the finish. the day of the nation's first primary started early for most of the candidates. after voters spent weeks going to rallies and town halls to get to know them, now it's the candidates' turn to visit the voters at the polls. hillary clinton stopping by a voting location at a
12:28 pm
morning. >> we are going to keep working, literally, until the last vote is cast and counted. >> reporter: bernie sanders had a late night and hasn't been seen yet. >> there is no rationale economic reason why women are making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men. >> reporter: the republicans were hitting the ground with packed schedules. front-runner donald trump didn't have much time to talk. >> mr. trump, mr. trump... how do you feel about this morning's results? >> i think we are doing well. i mean, i see the response. you saw the response last night. that is typical. >> reporter: with second place up for grabs, an all-out effort to get those votes. ohio governor john kasich telling me he feels confident, especially after his finish in dixville notch. one of the first towns to vote. >> i have had a great time. prepared to let the voters decide. you know, i already won dixville notch. there is nothing but blue
12:29 pm
as soon as i woke up this morning, i had all these e-mails from people saying great win at the notch. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie had a busy day on his schedule starting in manchester. >> feeling great. ready to go. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio making time to thank his supporters in bedford at a polling place. >> we are looking forward to florida. there won't be a lot of snow there. >> i feel good about where we are. we knocked on over00,000 doors. a large number of volunteers. to identify voters. >> reporter: carly fiorina making a last-ditch effort. >> i feel good. voters know the system is rigged against them. >> it is about americans. it is not about democrats or republicans. >> reporter: ben carson had his wife by his side. no sightings of texas senator
12:30 pm
he is hoping for a new hampshire bump as he looks ahead to the next contest. >> i hope and believe we will do well here. but i also know we've got an incredible team on the ground in south carolina. >> reporter: polls close tonight here at 8:00 in new hampshire. many expect it to be a record day. live in manchester, new hampshire, 7 news. >> sarah: the first votes already cast and counted in new hampshire. people in three small precincts, including dixville notch have spoken. it is a three-way tie for the republicans. donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich have nine votes each. kasich reportedly personally called voters in dixville notch to ask for their votes. for the democrats, bernie sanders has 17 to hillary clinton's nine. >> christa: victoria warren is at a polling center for us in hudson right now. vicky?
12:31 pm
pride themselves on being independent-minded. and they are turning out at the polls in very large numbers. so the question remains: which party's primary are they going choose to vote in? and then which candidate will they choose? crowds forming before the polls were even open. >> any new registrations? >> reporter: primary day in new hampshire is serious business. >> we want to have a say in who our president will be. and what kind of laws will be made. what our future for our nation would be. >> have your i.d.'s out. it will make it go faster! >> reporter: the lines got long early and stayed long. police details needed to help the tricky thing with new hampshire voters, the undeclared voters don't even choose which party's primary they are voting in until they get to their polling place, meaning many don't choose a candidate until very last possible second.
12:32 pm
the nation, the granite state's importance far exceeds its delegate count. >> i think the people who are here pay attention. >> reporter: voters say this year feels special. races on both sides bringing out voters of all ages and backgrounds. they are paying attention to every move the candidates make. >> i think that is politics in general. i watched the last republican debate. i thought they were very good at focusing on issues and answering the questions and staying on point. >> i think this presidential election is more exciting than the past ones. >> reporter: here in hudson, this is the only polling place. and speaking with folks who have come here for years, they say this is the most people they ever recall seeing during a primary election. live in hudson, new hampshire, 7 news. >> sarah: a reminder: we have you covered as a resultst... as the results of the primary are coming in. kim khazei, adam williams, and andy hiller will have all the
12:33 pm
big night. because of our coverage, we have a special prime-time line-up. tune in at 8:00 for chicago med. chicago fire at 9:00. both of those are airing in our... an hour earlier than they usually do. set your dvr for hollywood game night if you like that show. it will air at 2:07 a.m. >> christa: 7 news now turning to the forecast. looking outside in boston. kind of overcast-looking. we saw a half a foot of snow here. in metro area. the winter weather also bringing in some cold air. let's check in with chris lambert. i mean, when you are talking about valentine's day, that is pretty frigid there. >> chris: a lot of us on sunday morning will start below row. that will be the coldest we have seen since last february. hey, the difference this go-round, the last february, every time we got hammered with a snowstorm, it was 16-24 inches. milford picked up 8.3. concord at 6.
12:34 pm
we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 1:00 this afternoon. the reason for that, still some big waves being generated by this storm. it's been a poumerhouse over the atlantic. as they push back toward the coastline and they are crashing, you get a lot of that spraying up and over the sea walls. we have seen some coastal flooding along shoreline roads. very close to the ocean. minor stuff compared to what we saw yesterday afternoon. we had more flooding yesterday afternoon. 25 in boston right now. a couple of ocean-effect snow showers backing in toward plymouth, down through duxbury there. overall, it does look quiet here as we go through the rest of the day. the voters up in new hampshire, no issues. temperatures generally running in the upper 20's to lower 30's. >> christa: a deadly fire in north andover. smoking caused it, officials are saying. one person, sadly, was killed. investigators say the fire began on the living room couch and the 62-year-old victim's clothing, there were no working smoke i larms, they
12:35 pm
a charter bus on a dangerous drive on the connecticut shoreline. the bus tipping over and for hours yesterday. that crash left at least 30 people injured. condition. the bus was heading to mohegan sun casino at the time. troopers say weather was a major factor in that. >> christa: >> sarah: a germany. the death toll up to nine after two trains collided. police say the two trains crashed head-on in the southern region of the country. german news agencies say the train is usually used by commuters. schoolchildren also ride it. but they are on winter break. officials say more than 150 people were hurt. at least 50 of them seriously. crews say everyone has been rescued from the wreckage. rioters clashing and fighting back with police at a chinese new year festival in hong kong. video shows police officers firing warning shots into the air. and using pepper spray to try
12:36 pm
the unrest started when officials tried to prevent illegal street food-sellers from working. >> christa: president obama is asking congress now for nearly $2 billion to fund the fight against zika virus. some funds would go towards helping countries where the virus is spreading fast. the cdc is now at its highest level of activation because of that outbreak. only the fourth time it has reached that level. >> sarah: straight ahead on 7 news, lights out. fans and players left in the dark at the bean pot. details on what delayed boston's big game. >> christa: a hit broadway play rolling into boston. sarah is going back-stage for pippin.
12:37 pm
>> sarah: one family making the most of the winter weather in raynham. they built a snow dragon in the front yard. during the past few days, it has grown from a small frame to this giant winged creature. now it even has some color. the family says every ten minutes, someone stops and gets a picture of it. they named it carl. it is about ten feet long and five feet tall. >> christa: fierce. a guard dragon there outside the home. a 7 news viewer sent us this
12:38 pm
seems to like trying to catch the snow. it, though. he does a good job with the jumping there. >> sarah: he does. >> christa: i guess he did not jump into the snowman. that was good he didn't mess that up. >> sarah: buddy was doing the same thing. he was trying, though. he wasn't as coordinated as that dog. practice. he hasn't spent too many winters in the snow. we will take a look this afternoon and see how he does. right? yesterday's snow was the kind of snow to toss up in the air. it was friday's snow that was the good snow-man-making snow out there. windchill factor at 17 in boston right now. 26 in norwood. and 22, the air temperature in worcester. notice the 0 degrees in new hampshire. we have had more sunshine peer through the clouds up into southern new hampshire. wind is out of the north. about 5-10 miles an hour. it is not overpowering. however, we still have massive the coast. or toward the coast.
12:39 pm
and we are still getting some areas of minor coastal flooding along the shoreline this afternoon. close to high tide now. just past it. i will continue to see minor coastal flooding over the next 15-30 minutes or so. you take a look at radar. we have some snow showers trying to back in, too. down into marshfield. over to plymouth. some flurry activity. some small snow showers. ocean-effect coming on in. here you go. some thin spots in the overcast. a few thin spots throughout the day in the city of boston. this is the area we are watching for tomorrow. there is no big area of organized low pressure system. well, there is one that is sliding off to the south and east of us. in its wake, there is a small low spinning around down to the southeast. essentially, what's going happen is that this extension back from that area of low pressure and a couple of trailing littler low pressure systems trying to work on through may provide enough instability and enough moisture in place to give us some scattered snow showers and snow squalls tomorrow.
12:40 pm
pick up a coating to an inch of snow. tomorrow. again, no massive snowstorms working into new england. no coastal storms to track like we did yesterday. and the storm we had on friday. upper 20's to lower 0's this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies tonight. could have a snow shower or two late overnight tonight. past midnight. temperatures generally running into the teens to lower 20's. we get into tomorrow. what to expect. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures a bit above the freezing mark. i think the roads, you know, if you get a snow shower and it is not snowing all that hard, that road will stay wet. if you get a burst of snow, the temperature drops to 32 for the low. you could get a coating and perhaps up to an inch in some spots, depending on the intensity of the squall. we have done some making up in the snowfall department in the city of boston. for more on that, over to danielle. >> danielle: we are pretty close to where we should be for this time of year.
12:41 pm
as far as snowfall totals. 23.6 inches in boston. 29 inches of snow in worcester. only three inches behind in boston. and of course, this is a very big difference from last season. and this season, last year, we have 53 fewer inches of snow this year. i think we will take it. as far as temperatures, it is a big difference from last year as well. last february was the second coldest on record. we have been off to a mild start this february. that is going to change as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday, we are talking about highs in the teens. and this is something we haven't seen in a while. the coldest temperature we have seen this year was 25. that was on january 19. we haven't seen this cold, february. it's been 350 days. i don't know if i'm ready. chris? what about you? >> chris: a lot of people saying that, too. not ready for the weather like last february here. this is february. this has been typical in terms
12:42 pm
we have a lot of arctic air that will pour. in unlike last february, we do see signs of it retreating. in fact, by monday afternoon, you are back close to 0 degrees. by tuesday, you are probably getting close to 40 degrees. it could be a midweek system next week. it would be snow going over to rain. that would be a warmer track. let's take a look at the weekend forecast. there is that cold air. the coldest of the cold will be on sunday morning. with temperatures close to zero in boston. and then outside of the city of boston, widespread. below zero in a lot of the suburbs. >> sarah: all right. b.c. celebrating another bean pot today. the eagles beat b.u. in the tournament final in a game that featured, of course, the power outage. >> christa: look at this. the tv links around the rink went out during the first period. they delayed play for a half hour. the rest of the arena not affected, though. the game was scoreless to regulation. overtime did not last long at
12:43 pm
did it? >> he scores! just like that. ends the night! >> alex tuck scored to give eagles the 1-0 win. this is b.c.'s sixth bean pot championship in the past 7 seasons. >> christa: get ready for an action-packed summer at fenway. dead and company will perform two shows in july for fenway's 2016 concert series. tickets for the show go on sale next thursday. and you know, james taylor, pearl jam, billy joel also at fenway over the summer as well. >> sarah: should be fun. coming up, pippin is in boston. and the stars are trying to teach me a few tricks. we will go back-stage in
12:44 pm
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before the show's opening night, we met up with some of the cast. including miko moffie. >> yeah. i lived in cambridge for three years. it was amazing. i love boston. i love cambridge. are still here.
12:47 pm
stunts. one of his specialties is hand-balancing with canes. >> i started very young. . >> brian flores play it is title role of pippin. he says coming into the circus-inspired show was a non-acrobat was intimidating. >> he has to jump through hoops. and he has to do back-flips. i was so uncomfortable doing all this stuff. at the same time, i had to trust and let go. >> i had never seen pippin before at the boston run. my mom did have a special connection. my mom used to live in boston. and she was in a local production of pippin. this is my mom. i may not have been able to be in the show. but before i left, i had to test my circus skills. >> doing great. put your heels together. okay. now i'm going to grab the one leg. the other leg. >> i have never seen so many muscles.
12:48 pm
one of his skills will leave your head spinning. literally. >> one hand. one hand. yes. your feet on the mark. >> i'm trying to squeeze. i have a feeling i'm going to be sore tomorrow. >> that was great. that was great. that was great. you are doing it exactly. >> the show will be at the boston opera house through this sunday. it is such an incredible show. it has a beautiful moral to the story. so i really loved it. >> christa: i loved hearing about your family background. and a dancer. she could grade some of your moves. right? >> sarah: the show actually originated in cambridge. the original version of this did not have acrobatics in it. she sang and danced and did all that stuff. >> christa: wow. that is impressive. i love seeing the picture of thank you. that was awesome. more on the polls opening up in new hampshire today. ok, primary day. long. stay with us.
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
>> christa: we are conning our coverage of the new hampshire primary. decision day, of course, in the granite state. voters are out in full force. >> sarah: the ballots are filed. there has been a steadiy stream of voters at polling centers in new hampshire all day long. the polls will remain open until 7:00 this evening. >> christa: a reminder for you: we will have the results covered in this primary race. tune in at 7:00 and then again at 10:00 tonight for a special edition of 7 news and for results and analysis of the big night.
12:51 pm
just we want to tell you that we have a special prime-time lineup just for tonight. you can tune in at 8:00 for chicago med. chicago fire at 9:00. both of those airing an hour earlier. also, set your dvr for hollywood game night which will now air at 2:07. we thought it was 2:05. that makes a big difference. >> sarah: a final check of the forecast. >> chris: i'll be sleeping at 2:00 in the morning. taking a look at the forecast. going through the next 7 days. we track some scattered snow showers and squalls in here tomorrow. could be a et coing to an inch or so. in some towns here. temperatures running low to mid-0's. a shower or two on thursday. the theme into the weekend, cold air. teens for highs. that is it. >> sarah: thanks, chris. that will do it for 7 news today at noon. >> christa: don't forget, we return at 4:00 with the
12:52 pm
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