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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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we're covering it all from every angle. so let's begin our coverage of the new hampshire primary and send it out to kim khazei and adam williams out in manchester for us this afternoon. thank you. all eyes are on the granite state as we wait to count these votes. >> it was a pretty low-key day for the candidates but it's going to be a late night. let's start with the republicans. donald trump following a busy schedule today. he's had a secure lead since polling in new hampshire began and he's hoping that translates into a big win tonight. we've been watching a very close fight for second place up here. marco rubio and ted cruz coming in to today with polls. jeb bush also pushing for votes along with ohio governor john kasich and governor kris anderson tee. >> younger voters, especially those saying
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saying they expect a big turn-out and that's exactly what sanders wants. he was at the event with many college students and young people. this was in durham. and then hillary clinton hoping to close the gap, hoping to make this race a bit of a closer one. clinton and her team have been more on the attack lately. over the weekend her husband former president bill clinton went after sanders with harsh criticism of his policy proposals, and he called some of sanders' supporters sexists and profane. we'll see if those attacks do anything to help clinton once those results come in tonight. voters still have a few hours to get to the polls. independent voters are key here in tonight's primary. >> they could decide who walks away with a win. you can clearly see here that nearly 400,000 voters in new hampshire are independent. that means they could chose which primary they want to vote in when they arrive at the polls.
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the numbers of the other parties. there are 262000 registered republicans and 231,000 registered democrats. of course new hampshire voters really quite notorious for not making their final decision sort of until the last minute. >> so independent and last minute, and that's why anything potentially happened here. what are voters saying today as they head to the polls. victoria warren reporting. >>reporter: primary day in new hampshire is serious business. >> they want to have a say in who our president will be and what kind of laws will be made, what our future carnation would be. >>reporter: the lines got long early and stayed long. police details needed just to help cars park. >> and i think there's a
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the traffic and lines inside. >>reporter: the undeclared don't even chose which primary they are voting in until they get to their polling place. add to that their first in the nation primary reputation and the granite state's importance far exceeds its delegate count. >> i think the people who are here pay attention. >>reporter: and voters say this year feels special. races on both sides bringing out voters of all ages and backgrounds and they are paying attention to every move the candidates make. >> i think that's politics in general. i watched the last republican debate and i thought they were very good on focusing on the issues and answering questions and staying on point. >> i think it's more exciting than past ones. >>reporter: this particular polling place in hudson closes at 8:00 p.m. most polling places across the state close at 7:00. victoria warren, 7 news in hudson, new hampshire. all right. how about this
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i guess it made itself comfortable. showed up when people were casting their votes today at the polls. maybe he wanted a say. i don't know. >> only here i guess. look at that. giant pig making an appearance at the primaries out in pelham. police got a call that there was a pig on the loose at pelham high school. the pig's owner eventually came to get the pig, take him back home. or her. >> if it's some kind of sign, i'm not sure. we do want to remind you we have you covered as results of the primary come in. you want to tune in at 7:00 this evening and again at 10:00 p.m. we'll have special editions of 7 news. andy hiller is here. we have a lot of people to weigh in with night. >> because of our coverage we have a special prime time lineup for you. tune in at 8:00 for fire at 9:00.
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on hour earlier and set your dvr for hollywood game night. it will area at 2:07 a.m. another live report coming up at 5:00. but for right now, let's send it back to boston. >> thanks, guys. we'll see you then. many here in the bay state are recovering from the latest winter weather. we saw waves splashing over the sea wall, extending water right into the streets. >> nicole oliverio live for us in scituate with how things looked today. >>reporter: winter still having its way with scituate. waves relentlessly pound the sea wall and splash homes. >> this is our first winter here because we just bought the house a few months ago. so for us it's a novelty. >> we don't want
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with scraping snow off the roofs. >>reporter: yesterday's high tide temporarily shut down roads near the lighthouse. and snow cleanup continues. several inches fell across the town. jane thinks she was hit harder than most. >> i think snow likes me. i mean it. i got a new shovel. this is my daughter's valentine's day. >> she joked she got to build another igloo outside of her home. >> i had to walk up and shovel during the night so today i could walk out. >>reporter: high winds never ended up being a problem. so it's back to the daily grind of work and school and waiting for the next dose of winter weather. so the rough surf may still be an issue but the wind no where near where it was yesterday. couldn't even walk towards the water's edge
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in scituate, nicole oliverio, 7 news. a delivery dilemma cause as major truck crash in saugus this morning. it happened on austin street. police say an oil delivery truck slid down an icy hill and slammed into a home while the driver was making a delivery. there was minor damage to the home but no injuries. a deadly fire in north andover over the weekend. someone smoking caused the apartment building to go up in flames last saturday and there were no working smoke detectors in the home. an elderly couple managed to escape. two trains collided just outside of munich this morning. the two trains were going in opposite directions on the same track at about 60 miles per hour. the train drivers might not have seen each other until it was entirely too late. rescue crews believe
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they are working to locate and identify all of them. believes say at least one train was not running on its schedule. they will analyze data recorders in both trains as they investigate. they do not suspect that terrorism was involved. and we're following more news today. officials are releasing video of the chilling moment of an airport worker hands a bomb to a suicide bomber in somalia. they say what looks like a laptop was exclusively an explosive. the bomb blowing a hole in the passenger plane minutes after takeoff. investigators are working with a team of americans and have arrested 20 people. some say it shows the risk from airport workers even in the u.s. >> i believe we don't have enough security measures from the inside, and i think that's a problem, and i think it's something that immediate action needs to be taken on. >> 75 passengers were on board that plane. investigators say only the suspected bomber was
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crew's -- cruise chaos. this is video from on board the royal caribbean's newship anthem of the seas heading back to new jersey today. it was tossed around in hurricane force winds. furniture was overturned, glassware smashed and part of a ceiling collapsed. >> my dad at one point said this ship could crack in half. >> they are angry because they feel they lost their special evacuation. >>reporter: florida senator bill nelson said he wants the national transportation safety board to investigate the cruise line's decision to sail into that storm. a wild prank causes drive-thru danger at a wendy's in florida. police say he threw an alligator through a drive-thru window at an employee. the suspect's mother thinks the charge is ridiculous. >> just a stupid prank
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turning into this. he's a prankster. he does stuff like this funny. >> officials say he admitted to picking up the gator on the side of into the restaurant. the gator was eventually canal. a shocking situation caught on camera. a para trooper flies into this trouble. he was doing sky dive training in florida when he drifted in the power line. firefighters shut off the power before safely rescuing him. ahead on 7 news creating some creative juices going and this cold weather. we'll take you to meet the man behind this artfully crafted snow dragon. some voters making some last-minute decisions at the primary. much more ahead coming
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fire and ice in raynham. one family decided to put a fun spin on their snow date. they spent a couple days and more than ten hours putting this together. >> that's right. a got a chance to speak with the whole family last night. they loved showing us their snow dragon. >>reporter: somewhere in a far, far away land called raynham, a creature was born. it's future uncertain. >> we built the mainframe of it last friday when the snow first started. >>reporter: is when a vision unfolded into a mystical creature. it became so real it inspired his wife and little girl. >> let's add some wings to it. >> and now all who go by have to stop in awe. >> on average every ten minutes someone stops and takes a picture of it. >>reporter: the story is far from over for the ten foot long
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happy with no knight and a front yard for a castle. named carl. >> i named it carl. reason why. he seemed like a friendly name. >>reporter: if you went out there now, you'd see the family anded some color to the famous snow dragon. we go back stage to pippin for some high flung surprises. temperature doesn't really matter. it's when are we going to see snow next. we'll break it down with the time line next. and ahead on 7 news at 5:00 tonight, our coverage of the new hampshire primary continues. the two major democrats fighting for every undecided vote and there are many of those. >> plus on the republican side donald trump leading the charge.
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all right. so it's sort of like winter is a blast us with snow and give us a day to clean up, blast us with snow. at least we get the day to clean up though. >> but it's also going to get really cold this weekend. it could get really cold over the weekend. >> it's almost been a year since we've had highs in the teens. if you remember last february this is the second coolest on record. that's all i need to say without it sending-ers down our spines. we have seen 23.6 inches of snow for boston. worcester 29.1. you remember last year when on the sides of the roads it started to look like ice cream cake where you'd see snow from the first storm and then snow and then plow and it won't going anywhere. current temperatures just below the 30 degree mark. most locations sitting at 28. calm winds so we really don't have to factor in
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it's just cold but it will get colder as we head into the weekend. however, this is the part of the weekend where temperature becomes irrelevant. the question is when are we going to see our next blast of snow. a weak disturbance that will drag some snow showers in our direction today. we do have some drier air coming in from the northwest and that shoos away the snow. making it more scattered and isolated in nature. for tomorrow morning we should stay dry but them we start to see those snow showers picking up and they are spotty at best. looks like our best chance of getting some accumulating snowfall could be in northern connecticut, just south of the mass pike, south of worcester, southeastern mass and south coast. it's not much but it could be one to maybe three inches. that is really pushing it and please don't think that this is wide-spread. we're talking one spot, maybe sees three inches and then just a few miles down the road,
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very scattered in nature with the snow showers. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. in the teens some of the coldest spots. mostly cloudy tomorrow as well so we're keeping the clouds around as well as that chance for snow showers pretty much through the rest of the workweek. highs for tomorrow, that should say, mid 30s. but then that's it for our temperatures climbing above the freezing mark. you see that normal high of 38 degrees. well, we're going into the coldest part of the winter, at least with our current forecast for the weekend. so that arctic blast that we've managed to keep off of us for so long is finally moving valentine's day. right? sit by the fire wit a nice cocktail. pitchers and catchers report in eight days. watching a potential storm for next weekend but look at those temperatures. for now looks more wet
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keep an eye on it. >> thanks so much. here's joe stapleton with an update on the roads. >>reporter: a crash on 128 southbound right by 3 a in burlington. another minute or so and they should be off the roadway for us. traffic backed up in 128 southbound, about an 18 minute delay to get by that crash. downtown boston, not much in the way at all. we like the ride here. storrow drive in both directions heading over towards leaf receipt circle. some red lines here down towards the area of neponset circle. looking at like a 34 minute ride there. route 1 northbound and southbound moving along as you make your way through the saugus area. joe stapleton, 7 news. home coming king conan o'brien returning to his roots here in massachusetts. he will be at harvard university on friday to discuss his liberal arts education and take some questions from the
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o'brien is a brookline native and graduated from harvard in 1985. live nation announcing the band dead and company will perform two shows in july. james taylor, pearl jam and billy joel will also be in fenway park this summer. the high-flying broadway musical pippin is in boston and the
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all right. it's a show that's bringing a bit of magic and death-defying stunts to boston this weekend. >> sarah french got a look into what brings the circus inspired show to life. >>reporter: they ask you to joining them. we've got magic to do jut for you >>reporter: and the scwhreurn a young prince searching for his place in life. my corner of the sky >>reporter: pippin has set up its big top at the boston opera house. before the show's opening night, we met up with some of the cast. he graduated from harvard in 2013. >> i lived in cambridge
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it was like amazing. i love boston and cambridge and i have a lot of friends that are still here so it's amazing coming back. >>reporter: on stage he performs many stunts but one of his specialties is hand balancing with canes. >> i started very young and i'm naturally flexible. >>reporter: brian flores plays the title role of pippin. he says coming in the circus inspired show as a non-arc row bat was intimidating. >> i was so uncomfortable doing all this stuff but at the same time i just had to trust and let go. >>reporter: while i had never seen pippin before it's boston run, my mom did have a special connection. >> my mom used to live in boston and she was in a local production of pippin. this is my mom. before i left i had to test my circus skills.
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the one leg, other legs. nicholas is a man of many talents and one of his skills will leave your head spinning literally. >> one hand, one hand and feet on the two marks. >>reporter: i have a feeling i'm going to be sore tomorrow. >> that's great, that's great. >>reporter: the show will be at the boston opera house through this sunday and it's definitely one you don't want to miss. in the news room, i'm sarah french, 7 news. >> she was brave. >> to do that, i couldn't even watch it. i'd be sick to my stomach. >> she got up on his shoulders, i was going like this. that looks like a great show too. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. >> 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. the nation's first presidential primary is under way.
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new hampshire where voters are flocking to the polls. >> we have the last-minute pleas. pitches. >> bernie sanders is hoping to ride the wave of support he's seen in the granite state but hillary clinton is not slowing down. >> no one willing to be counted out. trump may be on top but his opponents could cut into that lead. tonight it's undecided voters who will likely made the big decision. >> 7 news with team coverage of the new hampshire primary. and we're following more news today. ice sculptures trashed in salem. the vandalism all caught on cameras and teenagers facing charges. a bitterly cold blast for the weekend. now on 7 it's decision day. >> it's very important. >> the candidates making one last pitch as voters
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