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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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primary day here in new hampshire, a pleasure to be with you and to cover this for you. another 60 minutes of 7 news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >>reporter: decision day in the new hampshire primary. >> i want it to be a good nation. i want it to be something i can be proud of. >> voters casting their vote for a race that could come down to the wire. an elderly man brutally assaulted just minute before a store clerk is attacked with a sword. a driver off the job after what one man is calling a deliberate act. >> more snow on wait for this weekend. bitter arctic air moves in for the weekend. first at 5:30 voters on the fence to new hampshire's primary election. it is decision day and people only volume a couple hours left to cast those votes. >> after all those months of pounding the
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we'll take a live look in hudson where voters continue there. we'll go out to manchester with adam williams and kim khazei with more on the coverage today. yes, you're seeing a large number of voters who wanted to say in this primary. all eyes on the granite state as we wait to count the votes. pretty low key day on the campaign today. >> it's going to be a late night. we'll start with the republicans for you. donald trump following a busy schedule today. he he's had a secure lead since polling in new hampshire began and he's hoping that translates into a big win here tonight. we've been watching a very close fight though for second place. marco rubio and ted cruz coming into today in a virtual tie in the polls former governor jeb bush
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looking to main tape his wide lead going into today. younger voters especially are quote feeling the bern. last night the summer urged a big turn-out with college students in durham. hillary clinton's goal has been to close the gap. clinton and her husband bill clinton went after sanders with harsh criticism of his policy proposalsment we'll see if those attacks help clinton in any way once the results come in tonight. new hampshire voters have a reputation of waiting until the last minute to make a choice. >> what are those voters saying as they cast their ballots. nick emmons has reaction now. >>reporter: crowds forming before the polls open. >> any new registrations?
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>> we want to have a say in who our president will be, what kind of laws would be made, what our future incarnation would be. >>reporter: police details called in to help with parking. >> i think there's a heavy turn-out judging by the lines and traffic outside. >>reporter: the undeclared voters don't even chose which primary they are voting in until they get to their polling place, meaning many don't chose a candidate until the last second. >> i think the people who are here pay attention. >>reporter: voters say this year feels special, voters of both sides paying close attention to every move the candidates make. >> i think that's politics in general. i watched the last republican debate and i thought they were very good on focusing the issues and staying on point. >> i think this year's
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more exciting than the past ones. >> i think a lot of people would agree with >> right, right. >> and the first primary vots are already cast and counted in new happened at the strike of midnight. >> way in the wee hours of the morning. people in three dixville notch. it's a three-way tie. kasich called the voters in dixville and a notch to ask for the votes. just a little sidebar here. look who showed up to cast a vote today in pelham, a giant pig. police got a call that a pig was on the loose at pelham high at 9:00 this morning. he escaped from a local farm but he's back home again safe with maybe some stories to tell for the rest of the crew there back in the barn.
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for chicago med and chicago fire at 9:00. both of those will be an hour earlier. if you're a hollywood game night fan, set your dvr with that airing at 2:07. we have another live report coming at 6:00 but for now let's send it back to boston. >> thanks so much. we're following more news today. a delivery dilemma causes a crash in saugus today. a delivery truck slid down an icy hill and into a home while making a delivery. we are learning new details about a deadly fire in north andover over the weekend.
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the apartment to go up in flames. they also say there was no working smoke detecters in that home. one person was killed and an elderly couple was able to escape. police say a plow driver intentionally dumped snow in front of a small business owner's door. that plow driver suspended pending an investigation. john? >>reporter: you see this video, a front-end loader driving this way dumping snow back here. it's all caught on this security camera along with the man that owns this business trying to stop him. >> i stepped outside to stop him, and that's when he saw me and he was driving towards me. >>reporter: but without flinching ray stood at the edge of this front-end loader sunday morning because he says the driver, a town employee was allegedly dumping snow on his
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>> i was thinking he was going to run me over. >>reporter: the plow returns and dumps the snow as ray watches and cameras recorded. >> he says i'm the boss. >>reporter: he has the cameras for security but never thought he would use them for something like this. according to the police report this all started when the same driver asked ray to clear snow >> the highway superintendent or the police department goes or business. >>reporter: but that apparently didn't happen with the driver taking the matter into his own hands when the snow wasn't cleared prior to monday's storm. >> certainly we do not condone this type of activity. >>reporter: after hearing about this the town superintendent personally came to clear the snow his employee allegedly dumped. >> personally i was outraged. there's no excuse. >>reporter: the town says this employee is suspended indefinitely penning this
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live in rockland, 7 news. also on 7 controversy surrounding a shocking lawsuit in chicago. a chicago police officer is suing the family of the woman he accidently shot dead. members of the city council are outrage and calling for action. attorneys leave court after discussing the release of text message from the chicago police officer who shot and killed a teenager and 55-year-old woman. but it wasn't today's court hearing that made these lawyers angry, it's the counter lawsuit mad. >> first you shoot them, then you sue them. is that the new standard for the chicago police department? >> the officer claims the actions caused him extreme emotional distress. >> if he's such a delicate flower, he shouldn't be on the police department. >> the emotional distress that he's going under, the emotional
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that he forced him to take both his life and the life of an innocent person, betty jones. >>reporter: the lawsuit alleges rialmo used deadly force at close range. >> everything we've seen, he was inside the building and the police officer was out by the sidewalk or parkway area when he shot him. what you see in the counterclaim is pure fantasy. >>reporter: several alderman in chicago are urging the city to settle as soon as possible so they can all move forward. two trains collided in munich this morning. ten people are confirmed dead. officials say at least one train was not running on its schedule. they will use the train's data recorders to figure out what happened but do not
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rescue crews say the nearly 150 passengers on board were all injured, at least 50 of them seriously hurt. they are still cleaning the trains to make sure no one else is inside. investigators in somalia releasing a key piece of evidence in the bombing of a passenger plane. they believe this video captured the moment a bomb is handed over to the man who detonated it. investigators have arrested 20 people so far in connection to that explosion. riders clashing and fighting back with a chinese new year's festival in hong kong. video shows police firing warning shots in the air and using pepper spray to try to disburse the crowds. the turkish coast guard releasing video here of an incredible rescue. a driver making his way on to a helicopter before jumping into the water to save a man. you can see him standing
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almost fully submerged. the diver hoists the man up in the air taking hum to safety. cruise chaos returning thousands of passenger to see port after a ship was badly damaged in the storm. we have video from aboard royal caribbean's new ship anthem of the seas which headed back to new jersey today. the ship was on its way to the bahamas when it was tossed around in hurricane force winds. passengerred -- passengers say the terrifying. >> my dad said this ship could crack in half. >> they are angry because they feel they lost their special vacation. >> florida senator bill nelson says he wants the national transportation safety board to investigate the cruise line's decision to sail into that storm. caught on camera an officer helps rescue a
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in missouri. you'll be able to see here the officer and another man pulled the woman out of the burning car. the woman suffered minor injuries. police tracked down the other driver and took him into custody. also caught on camera, a close call in california when a canopy in a gas station comes crashing down. maintenance workers still on the roof. no one was seriously hurt. and a paratrooper fly news a shocking situation in florida. the man was sky diving when he drifted into a power line. firefighters shut off power before bringing him down. the man was not hurt. still ahead on 7 news at 5:30, confusion after a pair of brutal attacks. officials are trying to figure out why one man attacked a man with a sword. what's next for mbta
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by the same man in florida. police say the suspect randomly attacked the man at a gas station. >> the same man attacked a store clerk with a sword. now investigators are trying to figure out what led to all these brutal attack. >>reporter: a man in a red hat walks into a florida gas station sunday morning, casually steps into line and for seemingly no reason, starts swinging at this stranger. >> appears to be a metal pole you would use to hang up a shelf in a store type of thing and he just start pummeling it around the face and head area. >> it's the woman and white haired man who gets between them and fight off the attacker. they watch in disbelief as he just walks in the gas station. >> the suspect leaves the store and tries to get into another car. >> we get a call from the swap shop about a
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brandishing a sword and attacking one of the clerks in the swap shop. >>reporter: sure enough the same guy police say is violently swinging a sword at the clerk even as the clerk repeatedly tries to fight him off. >> when they get there, several bystanders and other store clerks had pinned this guy down. >> to make it even stranger, the poll wielding sword-stealing attacker had just seen the movie "poltergeist." >> we don't know if this individual was on some kind of a synthetic drug or just having a mental breakdown. >>reporter: either way he's behind bars. he faces several charges including attempted murder. snow showers in the forecast for tomorrow and bitterly cold. temperatures that could be record-breaking for the weekend. the forecast coming up next. then ahead on 7 news
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our coverage of the new hampshire primary continues as the two remaining democrats battle it out in the polls. on the republican side donald trump is ahead of the pack but the rest of the candidates are making one last pitch because it's close among at least four of them. our live reports continues straight ahead
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day after our latest snowstorm, is it warming up a little bit today but it's not going to last long. >> we have another coming again. hopefully not as bad. >> no big storms in sight for us but there is the potential for some spots to pick up a coating to two inches tomorrow. that's very isolated though. we're talking the coldest temperatures that we've had so far this winter. you thought we'd get out
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we're up to 23.6 inch for boston and just over 29 inches for wind worcester. but a big difference from last year. our attempt were so cold, we just kept piling it on. the big question last year was where are we putting it all. we don't have to worry about that so much. 29 in the city of boston. but this is the point of the forecast where we say temperature's just kind of irrelevant. light winds, don't have to factor in much of a will out there. it is crisp and cold and overnight. snow showers not far from us. south that motor vehicles through tomorrow. there's drier air northwest. it's weak energy but nevertheless it's there and so it could pop these scattered snow showers through the day
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could see a heavier, more intense snow squall pop up. we know with those snow squalls you can get quickly falling snow putting down a quick one to two inches. the best area to see or likely area to see the isolated run to three inches will be south of the mass pike in scattered snow showers for the rest of us. there may be some places that say i didn't even see a flake and them just a few miles down the road a quick one to two inches. that snow shower could happen after midnight tonight. more likely tomorrow, 32 to 37 though. we get above the freezing mark tomorrow and then that's it, toss out those mid 30s because they won't be around for a while. our first arctic blast of the season and really in a year moving in for the weekend, it's the coldest that we've seen since almost a year ago. february 24th was the last time it's been in the teens for our highs.
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we could see some record cold highs as we get into saturday and sunday. so valentine's day forecast is stay in under a blanket with the a friend and watch movies and them we do see warmer temperature next week, also watching storm. see you in a bit. >> all right. manchester, new hampshire and we say good evening to everybody. i'm kim khazei. williams. live here at our setup in manchester. getting ready to wrap up the first of the nation's primary. hillary clinton spending the day trying to close the gap and catch up to bernie sanders. >> on the republican side might be a big win for trump but the rest of the g.o.p. still has high hopes. we have the latest from the campaign trail straight ahead at 6:00. >> we invite you to join us here for i do everyon tg internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be
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conan o'brien will be a home coming king this week. >> the late night talk show host is returning to his roots here in massachusetts. the brookline native will be speaking at harvard university. the event will be streamed live on the university's website. o'brien graduated from harvard in 1985. that will be fun to be at. >> yeah, i wish we could go. maybe you guys can. there's another 30
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straight ahead. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. first at 6:00 the time has come. >> it's very important here. >> i want it to be something i could be proud of. >> and it could come down to the wire. >> you think there's a heavy turnout judging by the traffic and line inside. >> who will come out on top in the new hampshire primary? good evening, everybody. i'm adam williams alongside kim khazei. we're in manchester, new hampshire tonight for the first of the nation primary. decision day is finally here. >> new hampshire polling places will close their doors in about two hours, that would be 8:00. throughout this night 7 news is live from the campaign headquarters of the leading candidates and we're tracking the most up to date numbers. let's get started right
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dan hausle has been following the republican who is at the top of the polls in new hampshire today. >>reporter: you can see some of the supporters hoping to get inside this banquet facility to celebrate inside the warmth. looks like we're have an overflow crowd in the parking lot. trump today talking about how he could see himself changing his language. front runner donald trump on the run this morning. in an interview later trump indicated he's happy with where he sees new hampshire's vote headed. >> i see the response. you saw the response lifetime night. that's typical. >>reporter: working to get out the vote. >> thank you all so much. i just wanted to come by and really show any appreciation. >>reporter: here trump has tested the limits of generally acceptable political language but the candidate said he may
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>> when you get to b
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