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tv   7 News Special Race to the White House  NBC  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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day. the candidates making one last pitch as voters head to the polls. >> i want it to be a good nation. something i can be proud of. >> the announcer: 7news spreads out at campaign headquarters. this is a special edition of 7news, the new hampshire primary. >> you're being live tonight a polling location in new hampshire. voters making their ways to the polls at this hour. >> time is running out, just closed just moments ago. others will remain open until 8:00 p.m. look at that. it is a line outside the high school. voters were lined unaround the
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to cast a ballot. and from there the waiting game begins. good evening everybody i'm kim khazei alongside adam williams. we're coming to you live from manchester, new hampshire on making night. >> nice to be with you. a record turnout is expected for the primary today. it could be anyone's day. we have reporters talking to candidates and voters. democrats. let's send it out live to buy brian --byron. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning hard down to the wire. she went to manchester and other cities here in new hampshire visiting voter hez polls. these been trailing behind bernie sanders for the past several weeks now. but now she is saying that she
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to close that gap. hillary clinton up early hitting polling places greeting voters and thanking supporters. >> this is a good process. as i have aid over the last couple of days we're going to keep working literally until the last vote is cast. >> reporter: clinton has been playing catch up to bernie sander who's had a 30-point lead a week ago and many believe her campaign will be judged on how close she comes to sanders, if she loses. >> i'm looking for a great election day. >> reporter: clinton was all smiles this morning even when she bumped into frank fiorina who was out campaigning for his wife, karli fiorina. >> give my best to karli. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been saying she's hoping for
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privately her top sus -- supporters and staffers are saying they could survive a loss here as the campaign moves onto other states where hillary clinton has a big lead in the polls. for the latest live, i'm byron barnett, 7news. >> you know hillary clinton has been poll far behind bernie sanders in new hampshire. in our 7news tracking poll. >> vermont senator managed to hold onto a double digit lead in the days leading up to today's primary. kimberly bookman joins us with bernie sanders. >> reporter: i talked to the sanders campaign, they say the senator is feeling calm. he started his morning out for breakfast and went for a stroll near a polling place in concord.
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polls by double digits, vermont senator bernie sanders took a scroll in concord as voters were casting their ballots. >> usually i like to take quiet walks. not today. but thank you for the company. >> reporter: he felt the love up here. >> we love bernie! >> reporter: the 74-year-old has reonnated with young people and women on a platform of free college spending wall street corruption. >> it sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. >> reporter: air week of heavy campaign, sanders needs supporters to come out in house and he hopes to get the big win. >> beautiful day. now tonight the sanders campaign will be gathering her at concord high. the question is is this an easy win for sanders, what happens next? what we know is he will be going to new york tomorrow for an endorsement mr. reporting live, kimberly bookman, 7news, night team.
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trump campaign is hoping the front runner can stay on top. he has had a commanding lead in the polls, and trump is expected to get the win here in new hampshire tonight. >> but after what happened in iowa, it's clear that this is still anyone's race. dan hausle live now at trump headquarters for us. dan. >> reporter: yeah. trump expected to get the win but we'll be watching by how much. will he have that fallout from the polls at the polls that we saw in iowa? front runner donald trump on the run this morning, leaving the manchester hotel. in an interview later, trump indicated he's happy with where he see the vote headed. >> i think we're doing. i see the response. you saw the response last night. >> reporter: his daughter dropped by a local phone bank to thank those working to get out the vote. >> thank you all so much. i wanted to come by and really show my appreciation. >> reporter: here in new hampshire trump has continued to
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acceptable political language. for the first time today he said he may hold his tongue at some point down the road. >> when you get to be president or just before the attitude will change very much. >> reporter: you see some of the people here are waiting in line. there looks like there's a lot more people that will get into the small facility. some of them will be standing around the television here and watch from a very chilly parking lot. we're live in manchester, dan hausle, 7news. >> all right. for the republicans it's shaping up to be a battle for second place, really. all of the candidates are within striking distance. there's a lot at stake here. as we saw in iowa, candidates can come from poll behind to finishing well. and new hampshire has a large group of undecided voters. >> ted cruz, of course, saw success in iowa with surprise win in the iowa caucuses. the question is can he build on that? jonathan hall is live tonight at ted cruz headquarters.
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cruz certainly hopes to build on that. >> he certainly hopes to avoid the fate of rick santorum. remember him? he stunned the nation and won iowa, came to new hampshire and got killed. cruz hopes to avoid that same fate. he got mobbed at a diner. he didn't have time for eggs and bacon but we caught up with him at manchester's diner. >> i was encouraged, i will say, by the results from the towns that voted at midnight. as of right now on the reported numbers we're tied for first in the state. >> reporter: cruz says he will win votes with his grand game. there are 30 of these offices set up around the state, volunteers call sus to -- supporters to make sure they vote cruz. >> all four of you. fantastic. thank you so much. >>. >> reporter: do you feel good? >> yeah. we're rocking and rolling, man. >> reporter: backs it diner as
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called him a bad name. >> donald trump got nine votes. >> [bleep]. >> you can see how friendly the bernie sanders supporters are where they yell and curse almost like some of the candidates. >> reporter: the rough and tumble campaign trail in new hampshire, of course a thinly veiled reference that the senator made to trup. -- donald trump. i'm jonathan hall, 7news. >> well, marco rubio coming off a better than expected finish in iowa is hoping for the same here in new hampshire. he's in that pack of four who seem to be vying for second and third tonight. >> but the florida senator took a hit in the last debate, and has been campaigning hard hoping for a recovery of sorts. jennifer eagan here in manchester following the rubio campaign. jen. >> reporter: adam, senator rubio has been fighting the
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tonight his campaign is not calling this a race for second place. they're saying they hope to finish in the top tier. senator marco rubio powering through to the end in new hampshire. he greeted voters at a bedford polling location hoping to get any last minute support. >> i'm feeling great. everything feels great. it does. >> reporter: volunteers at the campaign's manchester head quarters worked the phones. >> a lot of energy. people coming into our office o to sign up and work. >> reporter: rubio, staying upbeat after a bruising performance where he was caught sticking to his script. >> that's a media thing. the voters are excite public defender this campaign. you see the turnout. >> reporter: he's promised a state. >> we're going to finish strong tonight. >> reporter: so rubio will be celebrating tonight here in manchester. tomorrow he moves onto south carolina.
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we're live in manchester, new hampshire, jennifer eagan, 7news. >> ohio governor john kasich got some early good news here in new hampshire. >> he led the rest of the field in the three small towns that vote just after midnight. brandon gunnoe following the case tonight live in concord. >> reporter: kim, and adam, kasich said he woke up to notch. this could be the biggest win of his political career. he said he feels good and is calm. he said he doesn't want to make any predictions but feels good. >> we're going to south carolina. >> reporter: john kasich may have done poorly in iowa, but the ohio governor, according to some polls, could place second in new hampshire. he's held more than 100 town hall meetings in the granite state. >> it's no different than when i first started in politics which is getting with the folks like we used to do coffees. now we do town halls. >> reporter: before kasich got
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in dixville. the small village opened its polls at midnight. it may have only nine registered voters but it's backed every g.o.p. nominee since 1968. >> i won notch. there's nothing but blue skies and rainbows. as soon as i woke up i had these e-mails saying great win at the notch. >> reporter: he'll board a plane at midnight to head to south carolina the next primary if he does well here. we're live, brandon gunnoe. >> bush campaign keeping busy today. tim caputo live up the road in manchester tonight with more on jeb's day. >> reporter: jeb has been chris-crossing new hampshire. he'll end up here at the community college where they're hosting tonight's election night party. jeb continues to reach out to voters all day today, understanding that a lot of them went to the polls and still hadn't made up their minds. >> see? made up your mind five minutes ago.
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hard for the undecided voters and it has jeb bush optimistic he's convinced a lot of people to vote for him. this morning bush and his wife visited a voting location in bedford, new hampshire, and while he won't give predictions, he thinks he could surprise a lot of people. he finished sixth in iowa, but has spent a lot of time in the granite state. he has openly taken on donald trump calling him a liar, whiner and loser on monday >> it's important to stand up to the guy. i'm the only guy doing it i'm not sure i volunteered for this role by myself. >> reporter: while some believe a poor showing could end his campaign he says this primary is not do-or-die. >> we have the best organization in south carolina, nevada, the nationwide campaign. >> reporter: jeb bush supporter told me a short time ago he believes the entertainment portion of this election process is over, and now the voters are focused on
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those running. he said it's an opportunity where jeb can separate himself from the pack. we're live tonight in manchester, new hampshire, tim caputo, 7news. >> well, there's still a large republican field, and those polling in the bottom tier out meeting voters todays. >> carly fiorina told reporters she feels good about getting her message out and has no plans of backing down. >> i feel. g very good. >> i have outlasted senators, governors, and i'm going all the way. >> reporter: she said that she should have been part of the republican debate that happened over the weekend. >> dr. ben carson out in new hampshire today.
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voters and had that big smile on his face to a crowd of supporters cheering his name. carson thanked those supporters for their help and shook a lot pictures. turning now to new jersey governor chris christie. >> his campaign says they feel good about where they stand here in new hampshire. chris christie campaigned today. he says saturday night's debate has given him a big and much needed boost. and he's picked up the endorsement of our massachusetts governor charlie baker. >> i thought the crowd that chris christie's event that karen politto and i went to on saturday was terrific. i think he did extremely well. he was very energized. he had a great day on sunday and monday. >> governor baker saying he thinks the independent voters will turn out to make all a the christie. >> a reminder we have you covered. as the results come in tonight
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special election coverage edition at 10:00. our political editor will be here. be here. for results and analysis, you'll want to be right here on 7 nb. -- nbc. >> we have a special prime time lineup to tell you about. both programs airing an hour earlier. set your dvr for hollywood game night airing at 2:07 a.m. >> can you count on 7news all night long. we'll be providing continuing coverage of the new hampshire primary as soon as the results come in. we will breaking them downtown by town on-line at as soon as the winners are projected we'll bring you live coverage on 7 nbc. you can count on us on your mobile app. a lot more coverage still ahead this evening. when we come back, we're taking a closer at the voter who will decide this primary. polling places have been packed
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will the last man campaigning make a big difference? >> plus we're counting the first votes in the first in the nation primary. we're breaking down the results from notch. >> and a swine surprise. it's a voa indicate -- voting location and this huge pig making an impression on voters today. >> that's a better shot. >> and the lines continue to grow as time is running out to vote. they're all the way around the block there at the high school. many locations open until 8:00. stay right there. special coverage after this flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. so go ahead, inhale life, excite your senses, seize the day and the night. flonase. six is greater than
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switch to fios. >> welcome back to 7news and the first of the nation primary here in new hampshire where voters have a reputation of waiting to make a decision until the very last minute. >> keeping us waiting and wondering so what are those voters saying? nick emmons has the latest now
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>> reporter: we've been hearing about republicans and democrats but here tonight with all these voters, it's the undeclared that are the focus. crowds forming before the polls open. primary day in new hampshire, serious business for voters. >> we want to have a say in who our president will be and what kind of laws will be made, what our future would be. >> have your i. d.s out. >> reporter: the lines growing throughout the day. police details called in to help with parking. >> i think there's a heavy turnout judging by the traffic. >> reporter: the unique thing with new hampshire, the undeclared voters don't even choose which primary's party they're voting in until they get to their place. meaning don't choose a candidate until the last possible second. at to that the fission in the natin primary reputation and the granite state's importance pal exceeds its delegate count.
7:20 pm
>> reporter: and voters say this year feels special both sides bringing out voters of all ages and backgrounds and they're paying close attention. >> i think that's politics in general. i watched the last republican debate, and i thought they were good at focusing on the issues and staying on point. >> i think this presidential election is more exciting than the past ones. >> reporter: the lines have been out the door for the most part of the day here. the doors close at 8:00 p.m. and we'll get a better idea of what voters are thinking. nick emmons, 7news, night team. >> it won't be long but you know that the first primary votes are already cast and counted in some places in new hampshire. >> very, very early. today people in three small precincts including dixville notch have spoken and it's a three-way tie for the republicans, donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich have nine votes there. kasich reportly called voters in
7:21 pm
bernie sanders has 17 to hillary clinton's nine. all kinds of support in manforepersony sanders. animals. these are scottish highlanders. somebody wrought them in to take pictures with the cattle. local farmers wanted these guys to meet the press, the candidates and to remind people of the many farms in new hampshire. and how about an unexpected guest showing up to cast his vote. giant pig. some pork. police got a call the pig was on the loose at 9:00 a.m. he got way fray local farm but he's back home safe and sound tonight. >> let's get off that shot right there. that's a little too close. not the best side. >> much more coverage of the new hampshire primary straight ahead. >> coming up next we're joined by and and. we've been following the campaigns closely for weeks and
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>> wible. live to manchester, new hampshire. it looks like it's going to be a new hampshire primary for the history books >> between record turnout, a large number of independents and outsider candidates, it should be a exciting night here. andy hillier is here to sort it out for us now. andy. >> reporter: adam, i'm here with dr. joshua dick from u mass who has conducted our tracking poll. the two key words today, so far turnout and independence. a colleague from nbc news told me that two of her relatives that live in hudson, new hampshire waited an hour and a half to vote today and they've never had that happen before. doctor, which candidates will love to hear that? >> bernie sanders object the democratic side and donald trump on the republican side, both of them did better in our final
7:25 pm
for a higher turnout scenario. who is it bad for? >> hillary clinton, most of all. because she needs a low turnout with lots of democrats to increase her support and get to within 10. >> reporter: ok. let's take a look at the independents. they are 44 percent of all the voters here. there are more independents than there are either registered republicans or democrats, and they can vote in either primary. any idea which primary they're picking? >> i think it's going to be split evenly between the two. >> reporter: well, let's say it's an even split. who would that be good for? >> again, it's good for bernie sanders, because what hillary clinton is hoping for is some of those independents will see the big lead and decide to vote in the republican primary, more democrats means a better scenario for her. on the republican side, it's good for john kasich. buzz high turnout and a solid number of independents might increase his support where he does best. >> reporter: and i'll say it for you. it's bad for hillary clinton. >> it is bad for hillary clinton.
7:26 pm
starting to see a pattern here. >> yes, we are. >> reporter: o k thank you. make yourself comfortable because we're going to be right here until we know the outcome. kim and adam. >> thank you, andy. a lot more coverage of the new hampshire primary is straight ahead here. >> stay with go behind the scenes of extreme powerboat racing with the miss geico racing team. presented by geico and coming to a boat show near you. meet the drivers, see the boat, play games and win prizes as you explore extreme offshore powerboat racing. for more information
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>> peaking news. the special live -- not live but
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it's the scene after record turnout expected today. long lines there wrapping around the school and into the parking lot. get out while you can, most polls close by 8:00 tonight. that is our time here for this special edition of 7news. i'm adam williams. >> a lot of interest in this race. we'll be covering it for you.
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