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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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feeling the burn. vermont senator bernie sanders beat former secretary of state hillary clinton. sanders is hoping to ride this surge in into nevada. and south carolina now. >> so we've said these words a lot today. but we'll say it again what a night. we haven't seen something like this in new hampshire before. >> yeah a record turn out likely. two candidates many consider outside the political establishment winning in a convincing way. trump the big winner with 34 percent. but john kasich is one who made it big move tonight. percent. then race for third is still really tight with ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio pretty much neck and neck. race. we just talked about new jersey governor chris christie who said he's heading home to reassess his campaign. dr. pen carson and carly fiorina pulling out the bottom two.
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sanders winning handedly with 59 percent there. hmm behind with 39 percent. the night team is all over the new hampshire primary tonight. our reporters covering all big campaigns our political andy hiller is here with analysis a well. let's start with republican dan hausle covering the trump campaign for us, dan. >> donald trump answered doubters tonight. those do you gets that crept in after iowa when his poll numbers turned out to be to be a bit of loose and falling through when he came here the questions persisted all week could he meet the expectations. well, it turned out his support was as solid as the granite state. >> oh, wow. wow wow wow. donald trump takes stage and many more listening outside. >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire right?
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staff for getting out vote when many said that was a flaw of his populous celebrity fueled campaign. where's cori? trump when on it aist will the promise that is his supporters have come to expect and cheer. >> i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever remember that. and of course he finished with catch phrase emblazoned on so many red hats in crowd. we're going to make america so great again, maybe greater than ever before. i love you all. thank you, new hampshire. thank you, thank you, new hampshire. >> the trufrp campaign thrilled not only with his numbers but the rest of the numbers. because as long as the rest republican field stands muddled donald trump stands tall above them. we're live in manchester dan
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>> democratic candidate bernie sanders coming up big. beating hillary clinton in big way. he said earlier tonight that he has no plans slowing down. let's check if with the sanders campaign kimberly bookman there is once again for us tonight. kimberly. that's right adam. you know this really was not a surprise win. bernie sanders had leading difficult double digits in polls the entire week. and in fact we talked to the campaign in hours leading up to the polls closing. they said bernie sanders was feeling confident and calm. so calm in fact take look at this video. you can see that he was playing basketball shooting hoops at his campaign headquarters. playing with his children and grandchildren as those results came in. now before speaking to supporters sanders and his wife jane watched returns on tv sets in concorde high school gym and then the vermont senator thanked all the people who went polls today saying it sent a message from maine to california that the government belongs to all
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>> tonight appear to be a record break voter turnout. [ cheering ] >> because of a huge voter turn out. i say huge. we won. >> he also did something very unusual. he said he's heading to new york city not for a fancy fundraiser instead he asked for donations to his campaign from supporters here tonight. nyanzaing electric $10 up. he of course congratulated hillary clinton and hopes they can continue issue oriented contest and acknowledged that it won't be edz. >> but bernie sanders ended this all by being very hopeful. he talked about when he makes it to the white house. rotting live kimberly bookman, 7
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>> a disappointing but expected loss for hillary clinton tonight. so she's now turning her attention to nevada. and south carolina. let's go to the clinton campaign byron barnet is covering that for us tonight. >> yeah i think you got it right there. disappointment but not shock here. i think the campaign insiders here all saw this coming. particularly when they saw the exit polls this afternoon. new hampshire voters have come through the for clintons twice before. but not this time. still, hillary clinton thanked the new hampshire voters here and as she said her fight is far from over. >> hillary clinton taking the stage with her family to do something they've never had to do before, give a concession speech in new hampshire. >> i want to begin by congratulationing senator sanders on his victory tonight pipe want to thank each and every one of you.
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hampshire and i always will. clinton was up beat and fiery. saying she plans to a press on with her message of fighting for anyone who has been held back bay bigotry or income inequality. and i will fight to reign in wall street. and you know what? i know how to do it. [ cheering ] >> the campaign says it's already looking ahead to the next primaries caucuses especially the ones in march. campaign officials say unlike new hampshire and iowa the march states are more diverse demographically and plato clinton's strengths. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. >> and we've told hillary clinton has left the state of new hampshire. she's on a flight home to new york tonight. and on thursday, she'll be in wisconsin for a debate with bernie sanders. on friday then she's off to south carolina. that's the story live in hooksett, new hampshire i'm boon ron barnet, 7 news. byron thank you.
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republican ranks tonight. hillary clinton gets this jolt from bernie sanders. our political editor andy hillers joins us now from dr. joshua dick from umass lowell. let's talk about record or projected turn out and what that says about this campaign. >> the first question from adam is the what is the impact of the record turn out? >> well you know we thought that there might be a little bit of impact. i think that it probably helped bernie sanders and john kasich like we thought it might. i have to admit you thought kasich was going to get the boost. i thought it was going to be jeb bush. you were right there. >> it was one or the other though. one of them was going to jump out of the establishment lane. okay. the first thing everybody wants to know, when they after we of results who won. you already know that. and the next question many people ask is okay, how good was the poll.
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i think we were right this. i think poll performed really well there weren't any surprises for us to nt. if you take undecided and allocate them to sanders right where our poll was. we had them up by 16. it looks like he's going to win right around 20. on republican side, donald trump who we had right between 34 and trait all week and 34 he's sitting right at 35 percent right now. almost 20 points ahead of field which was our last estimate of plus 21. truth is polster haves kind have been rapid for a not very close even forget for getting it all wrong. this one we got pretty close to right. we did. they called new hampshire polster graveyard. i'm happy that we went burden here. >> unlike chris christie. the biggest surprise of the night, let me go back to you adam and kim. >> all right. speaking of that's what we were going to say i think you'd probably agree especially based
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former ohio governor john kasich's pretty strong schecked place finish there a lot of question about pack of 4 kasich spent a lot of time in granite state. definitely paid off. let's go to kasich campaign brandon gunnoe is there. >> kim he certainly did spend a lot of time did it old fashioned way maybe i can new hampshire way he held more than 106 town hall meets here in inspect he was diners serving people coffee shaking people's hands really getting oh out vote here in new hampshire. so when he came out at the headquarters here in con court, it was a packed house. this is a courtyard marriott. he said we never went negative because we had more to sell. tonight the light overcame darkness that was kasiching's words. his speech was personal when i spoke to his supporters you know that's what we like about john kasich he acts like the adult in the roomhe has the experience. not only in ohio as governor but also in the house.
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not just a politician, but a state's man as well. and maybe. maybe just maybe. in a time when clearly change is in the air, maybe just maybe we're turning the page on a dark part of american politics. because tonight the light overcame the darkness of [ cheering ]. and you made it happen. i spoke to his staffers they said kasich bus is actually already in south carolina. and they say john kasich as well some of his other staffers and journalists are going to board a charter plane at midnight tonight. so john kasich will be sleeping in south carolina. we're live at his headquarters in concorde, new hampshire brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team.
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we saw happen was probably rim necessary incident what we saw? iowa. coming off his surprise win in i works texas senator ted cruz spent this week tempering expectations for new hampshire primary. if you're watching numbers at the bottom of our screen there, cruz is in a fight for third tonight with former florida governor jeb bush. it kind of keeps going back and forth. let's get to cruz campaign jonathan hall is there with what cruz is saying tonight, john. adam, kim, you know his campaign bus here in new hampshire says cruz in victory cruising to third place. because that after all is what happened. cruz has just barely eked out a third place within. not what they want but not disaster for campaign. 45-year-old texas senator has courting evangelical christian that is great in iowa tougher in new hampshire. a they clearly believe cruz is going places. even if it wasn't here.
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he's ushering a new reagan revolution and will break up what he calls washington kartell rife with a corruption. he has about 12 percent just ahead by jeb bush by less than a thousand. 22 points behind his nemesis donald trump. and he mentioned donald trump tonight and few people in the crowd booed. i want to congratulate donald trump on an impressive win tonight. boo. boo. [ applause ] >> and john kasich had a good night tonight. but the real winner, the real winner is the conservative grassroots. your victory tonight has left the washington kartell utterly terrified. [ cheering ] [ applause ] carolina. on to nevada.
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well at times it felt like a victory speech here tonight. you'd never know that ted cruz actually finished third almost fourth. but again new hampshire has difficult for him. and when we spoke with him this week he certainly was looking forward to south carolina and super tuesday. don't forget texas a huge state is involved in super tuesday. that's his home turf. live m hollis, new hampshire jonathan hall. >> as you mentioned jonathan, numbers between cruz and bush are less than a thousand right now separating them. however it shakes out third place finish would be big for jeb bush. if he could eke that out it would prove to provide momentum he definitely needs heading into nevada and south carolina. campaign. are they positioning themselves on this night yet or still out? >> well at this point a glass campaign. it's no at first place finish. certainly not a second place finish.
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iowa, they consider this a step in the right direction. political pundits said new hampshire was do or die for jeb bush. but former flo governor says a despite possible fourth place finish run for white house alive south carolina. tonight he told crowd of supporters he's only getting started. and touted his experience as the president. in florida we shrunk state governor by 11 percent. 11 percent because i took on the powerful public unions. we need to do that in washington d.c. to fix the mess there as well. busch raised more money that any other republican in race and already focused on the next primary with help of south carolina senator lindsey graham. bush is back because of new hampshire. south carolina here we come. he told crowd he's only candidate that can beat hilary clinton in hoef and promised to
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one who doesn't assume just because you agree with somebody doesn't mean they are a bad person. we can fix this together. the american people deserve better. >> where he finished he's looking big picture. he's in it for long haul hive in manchester tim caputo. >> all right stay with us there's much more ahead tonight on 7 news. including more from up here in new hampshire. plus jeremy reiner back here in boston watching winter weather. that is connect a few snow showers on tomorrow.
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our coverage new hampshire primary continues tonight. donald trump winning big on the republican side. but probably the biggest story out of new hampshire tonight is john kasich's second place finish. >> and for democrats bernie sanders beating hillary clinton.
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go up a bit in new hampshire recently sanders was just too far ahead. and disappointing night for florida senator marco rubio. he actually saw his numbers surge of an iowa caucus that didn't play out tonight he blamed miss poor performance in saturday night's debate and vowed he will never let that happen again. jennifer eagan with the rubio campaign. jen. >> well kim, senator rubio came out here just about an hour or so ago. he had his family joined him on staple he called a disappointing night here in new hampshire. he took blame he said because a poor performance in the debate on saturday night. coming out of iowa he had a strong third place finish there. they called it marco momentum only one point behind truch he really ran into chris christie wall a that debate christy called him for sticking to script that something that really dogged him in final days leading up to the primary. rubio told the crowd here that
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not all the days ever going to be great days. we're not always going to get things the way we want. in end i am confidence that not only with this campaign be successful but america will be successful as well. >> i am confident that when this process is done, this nation will rediscover and reembrace principles that made her great. i am confident i am confident because for over two centuries, for over centuries americans have got it right. now rubio campaign look ahead to. he does have strong ground game there. last we can we saw senator can congressman introduce him at rally. so we he certainly does have a strong support in that state. question is if he can change the narrative now in this race. we're live in manchester, new hampshire jennifer eagan, 7 news night team. >> and we've had reports from
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that voter turn out was huge. they were on track to set a record. and we haven't heard anything we've seen voters out today and tonight. some people had really hard time getting to polls because of all traffic, all people that were in line. let's get to nick emmons in new hampshire with more. nick. >> adam kim all night we've talking about candidates. those that came out on top. those that overcame the odds. but for many people here in merrimac, new hampshire just getting to polls was a big problem. with record turnout expected in first nation primary, roads surrounding merrimac high school were backed up for miles. the turnout was pretty steady. and probably as busy as we've ever seenvoters waiting in cold outside the town's only polling location to cast their votes. waiting over an hour, hour and a half in line. just, just in traffic. so its disappointing jacqueline
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each time the traffic was too much. when she tried the last time, it was too late. just unfair. we feel a little disappointed. but, we'll have have our turn i guess in november. for those who were able to vote, the frustration of having to wait for hours boiled over inside. can you see my ears? do i have any ears left? they have chewing them all day long. officials big back up was caused by a change in the traffic plan. so we tried to tweak it each time to make it better. way we did this this time failed miserably. the officials figured it out by late morning but by then it the effects lingered. so we only had one polling location which might be good food for thought come november we could have separate sides of the town. >> officials coloradoing same thing here. polls closed a 7 o'clock tonight. they got to certain point when they had to actually set a point outside in traffic line with at police cruiser as well at people waiting outside once those
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they were able to cast their votes and they shut things off from there. this towed extend voting hours they got permission because of all delays they saw. obviously not everyone was able to cast their vote. live m merrimac, nick emmons, 7 news night team. all right thanks, nick patience certainly required today for lot of people. all right we will be back with more news and your weather
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>> welcome back. you've spent most even watching our political coverage here from a manchester, new hampshire. now let's go back to boston to get you caught up on some of the other news of the day we turn to jadiann and ryan. thank you for all your hard work for the other news a hero critically injured after marathon bombing shoot out has is now moving forward. dick donaghue is now retiring he was shot in watertown during pursuit and foth for more than two years because of pain he goes through every single day donaghue says he can't go on. he says it was tough decision but looking forward to the future. i mean i'm left with a few daily reminders of what happened. but, i've tried to move forward and move on in my life. and do things do good things in department.
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and focus on the good. >> and donaghue is plenty of good to look forward to he and his wife are expecting their second son in april. >> all right jeremy reiner standing by for us with look at the weather for the rest of the week as we inch toward the middle of week. right now boston 23. bedford at 13. with partly cloudy skies. this over here, this is our weather system for tomorrow. it's a storm system that's kind of broken up into jigsaw puzzle pieces in form of few isolated snow showers. so this is here tonight. and it will be in new england tomorrow so plan on a few passing snow showers. nothing like yesterday. it's not a storm that requires watches or warnings or me tomorrow morning. but you will see a couple of scattered snow showers through the day. and for most of us, a coating or less. but you know there may be an occasional steadier burst of snow with one or two of these snow showers. it's trying, similar to trying to like advertise you know a thunderstorm in the summertime. i think most of us see much to do about nothing.
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all right so from here in new hampshire we're on to the nevada caucus and south carolina primary. 7 jonathan hall is in fact heading to south carolina tomorrow morning to continue our political coverage. you can look for john's live reports starting on seven news at 4. right now let's head back to our political editor andy hiller for a final thought about tonight's first in nation primary. andy. >> kim, new hampshire never lets us down. it always surprises. the message here tonight was power to the people. because it was at people's candidates populous who won and political establishments candidates who lost. but the people are not united. the republicans are split, the democrats are split. and all they share is anger and mistrust of government. both winners here tonight. represent political revolutions of a different kind.
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donald trump indirectly. new hampshire voters too took to 2 outsider and put them on the inside track. it also sparked some candidacy and torched other it is should over for chris christie carly fiorina and a ben carson. i've covering new hampshire primaries since 1976. and this is my favorite. because it was at most telling and revealing about the state of the nation. live in new hampshire, i'm andy hiller and that's my instinct. >> wow. four decades. that says a lot. very interesting. as we've been saying this is just the beginning. this where candidates get their momentum and it only gets more interesting from here. thanks for being with us, all evening long i'm adam williams. i'm kim khazei.
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