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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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on tuesday to check on him. >> that's when they found him. 7's byron barnett live in wareham with the breaking details. byron. >> this victim has been identifieded as 70-year-old john williams. police say he was found shot to death here in his home in wareham, and now police are looking for answers. >> i can't even believe that. i don't even know what to think right now. >> reporter: stunned neighbors following a tragic discovery inside this home on glen sharl erode in wareham. police say they went to the home around noon tuesday to do a well-being check. inside they say they found a 70-year-old man, who was unresponsive and pleading from multiple gunshot wounds. >> he didn't seem like he had any -- any enemies. he was always so friendly. >> reporter: neighbors say the man lived here alone for about two years and worked at the salvation army store in wareham. he told me that he worked there
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he can keep his partial ownership of the plane that he keeps at the airport because he loves to fly. >> reporter: a spokesperson at the salvation army says the man was a valuable employee and well loved colleague who will be missed. i just always thought of him as just a nice guy. he was pleasant, agreeable, quiet, and as i say went off to work every morning and -- yep, that was it. >> now, police are not releasing any more information. they say the investigation is active and ongoing they say there does not appear to be any threat to any neighbors. that's the story live from wareham, i'm byron ban net, 7news. we're also following breaking news out dedham where a
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raping a 15-year-old boy. it goes back to 2014 when she was a school cafeteria worker. >> her trial is expected to begin today but instead she changed her plea. adam. >> yeah, it was an unexpected twist in this case. rape of a child and pleaded guilty to each of those charges. they stem from two incidents in 2013 involving a 15-year-old boy. the teenager was shot a student at the weymouth middle school where foley had worked at the family. the judge sentenced her to up to four and a half years in prison plus five years probation after her release. the probation comes with a number of conditions, though, including the requirement of a gps monitor and no unsupervised contact with children under 18 years old. at our breaking news desk, i'm adam williams, 7news. >> thank you, adam. we're following a developing story out of woburn where police are searching for a suspect. today they combed neighborhoods looking for a 29-year-old winthrop man. police say he left the scene of
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down with his vehicle. >> yeah, 7's kelli o'hara is live in woburn with more and what we're learn being this case. >> yeah, good afternoon. that's not all. police say not only did he hit the 65-year-old man and took off, but they say he's also wanted from stealing from his own job, they say, and also for assaulting a police officer. >> there was a man getting ready to cross the crosswalk and then we saw a white acura come out of nowhere and just hit him and kind of went a good 500 yards up the street. >> reporter: the driver this car on the run after hitting this 65-year-old man trying to cross main street in woburn, then take off. >> he was complaining his leg, his ribs, his hip were in pain. >> so he was awake? >> he was awake. it looked like he was in shock. they did stop. the girl that was in the vehicle, she even shook the elder man, asked if he was still alive and the police told her to get back into the vehicle, they ended up running off. >> reporter: investigators say the 29-year-old driver of the car then difficulted the few
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intense search. >> detectives tell us that the mind the wheel was already in trouble for a hit and run, under investigation for stealing from his old job. and investigators say he assaulted a police officer. the officer expected to be okay. police who live in this neighborhood were officers searched all day long concerned for their safety. >> scary, you never know what's going to happen. >> a little discerning, yes. >> so again, a search underway here in woburn for a 29-year-old man who allegedly hit someone and took off and assaulted a police officer. both the 65-year-old man and the officer expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to call police asap. in woburn this afternoon, kelly o'hare , a 7news. 7news now turning to the forecast. mother nature giving us a little small dose of winter weather in the boston area today. so now a little more snow, but nothing like we saw monday. that's the good news here.
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the full forecast. a little birdie told me it's going to get very cold, jr. >> right. that birdie must have his or her ams seal. we do have some showers down along the southshore and this weather system is about ready to close the books on new england and move away. one more batch back towards the connecticut river valley and the next one looks like it will behave much like this one, which is really much adieu about nothing. couple of pockets of snow flurry activity. it's not coming down heavy enough where it's an issue on the roadways. main roads are wet. that weather system, we say goodbye to that and here is that next weather system back through southeastern canada and western new york state. it's on the move, and with each passing weather system moving through, the air will turn a little bit colder as we work toward the enter of the week. then much colder for the weekend. right now boston 34. fitchburg at 37. another reason why roads are mainly wet. again, the snow is coming down
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relatively mild temps. here's weather system number 1. there's number 2. and again that will move through southern new england during the day tomorrow with a few isolated snowshowers and snow flurries. midnight upper 20s as well as early tomorrow morning and your morning commute, a lot of clouds, passing snow flurry. temps tomorrow morning, mid-20s. also on 7, three people are taken to the hospital after their car is hit with dangerous debris in middlebury. police say a large metal object fell off of a tractor/triler on route 90 this morning, when it hit a car, shattering most of the windshield. there are three adults inside. suffered minor injuries, but will be okay. the truck driver is charged with leaving the scene of the accident and a truck violation. this just in, republican carly fear arena is dropping out of the presidential race. she made the announcement on twitter today saying she is suspending her campaign and also posted a full statement on facebook. this comes just a day after the
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arena fell far behind the other candidates. meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie is also expected to end his presidential bid. the republican finished sixth in the new hampshire primary yesterday. christie who campaigned for more than 70 days in that state had hoped for a stronger finish, of course. the race for the white house heading to south carolina today, fresh off the new hampshire primary and some big wins for the top candidates on both sides, donald trump winning by a landslide over his republican opponents last night, and bernie sanders getting a big win over hillary clinton on the democratic side. but now it's on to south carolina, and that's where we find our own jonathan hall as we look ahead to this next big primary. jonathan. >> hello from the campaign trail, the middle of south carolina. looks like we're dressed for new ampshire, that's because it is cold here. definitely a disappointment for the crew. republicans go to the polls in 10 days, and for trump and company, the stakes are high. >> reporter: the trump camper
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again message sits near the congaree river which runs right through the middle of this south carolina state capitol. trump leads the polls here as he did in new hampshire but not everyone is on board. >> donald trump should be leading here -- seems to be leading here. >> that concerns me. i think the ceo is the wrong kind of canidate to run in an era of heightened populism. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is holding an event here at the convention center in columbia, disappointing debate and election performance in new harsh. >> this is a very unique way. some of you have covered elections before. you've never had a race like this. >> reporter: is ohio governor john kasich conservative enough for south carolina? he's already here campaigning in the charleston area, fresh from a second place finish. but not yet a clear alternative to donald trump. texas senator ted cruz, who painted his third place finish in new hampshire as a victory for the conservative grass roots stumped for votes at a christian teen club in myrtle beach. >> one of the most important
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first two states, that the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush says he's the man to lead the military. he has his brother on his side, and president bush is expected to campaign for jeb. he's got ads on the air. >> we need a strong leader with experience, ideas, and resolve. >> now, about 25% of the voting block in south carolina either veterans or active duty military. tonight donald trump will speak at clemson university. it is about 130 miles from where i stand. we're live in columbia, south carolina, jonathan hall, 7news. and the massachusetts presidential primary is just three weeks away, and today is the last day to register to vote. if you're eligible to vote on march 1st in the republican or democratic primary, you can register or change your party online at register to vote or go in person to your city or town hall.
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against isis. top u.s. intelligence officials are warning that the terror group will likely attempt to reek attacks on the u.s. in the coming year and say isis members are hiding among refugees escaping from iraq and syria in order to reach other countries. more attacks are also expected in europe this year. the warnings come after a recent report that sent dozens of suspects to isis back in 2015. the u.s. economy may see a rocky road ahead. warning signs, if there's economic growth in the future, she said that those concerns will play a role in the fed's decision to raise interest rates this year but optimistic about the effects of low oil prices. >> economic growth could also exceed our projections for a number of reasons, including the possibility that low oil prices
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more than we expect. >> two of the leading health experts in the u.s. speaking about the zika virus on capitol hill today. the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases spoke alongside the cdc director, both of them during that hearing. now, the world health organization has declared a public health emergency over the mosquito born illness. that decision was based on increased reports of birth defects and a series of neurological conditions that could be linked to this virus. all right. ahead here on 7news, winter sports on display. >> some competitors hitting the slopes in the city, get ready for some big air at fenway park this weekend. >> then at 4:30, a wild police chase takes a terrifying turn. the suspects go crashing into a utility pole. and at 5:00, a passenger problem on a flight boston forced to make an unscheduled stop. that's all coming up on 7news. stay with us, everyone.
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the big air competition
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>> skiers and snowboarders will be showing off their skills on a massive cramp. chris anderson is live with more. i kept checking social media it. >> right. i grew up in miami, i'm used to waterskiing, and the most skiing i could handle is a bunny slope at this point. but these guys and girls are amazing athletes. it's called big air. didn't it is big here down at fenway, especially this ski jump that they have built here, 14 stories high and gives these athlete as great chance to display their talents in a big way. >> reporter: ever wonder what it would feel like to fly? these athletes can tell you. some of the world's top snowboarders and skiers taking flight inside fenway park, hitting the slopes for practice runs wednesday afternoon, getting ready for this week's big air at fenway. >> i do these kind of events a
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fenway park, it's insane. >> to be snowboarding in a baseball stadium like is not your average contest. that's for sure. >> reporter: this is the first u.s. ski and snowboard association event on the east coast since the competition of killington back in 1998. part of uss a's plan to bring big air events to big cities like boston. you get both aspects of the people combined into one thing. >> the structure is 140 feet tall, 430 feet long. 62 to 70 feet launched up in the air to perform their stunts. >> you're on a 150 high scaffolding set up and dropping into a jump with a barrier at
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yeah, you get nervous. >> makes me nervous just watching them up there atop. you can see some of the snowboarders and skiers getting ready to make that 140 foot drop down. it's 340 feet wide. this thing is huge. and it's not just fun and games. 150,000 dollars in prize money up for grabs. these athletes are all good friends. when they get up there to the top, they're ready to compete and win that money and put on a great show for all of the fans here in boston who can see this big ski event, this big archlet, which, by the way, is going to be an olympic event no one 2018 in south korea. so this is what you'll see at punning chang in 2018. he some shredding in the next hour, right. some snowshowers and snow flurries for tomorrow. the forecast up next.
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street, a baby doing just fine after a dramatic scene unfolds right here in boston. >> and the fire chief races to rescue three people trapped
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today. much the same tomorrow from a different weather system. with each passing weather system moving through, it kind of reinforces the cold, and then the arctic camera drops during the day on saturday. saturday night and especially sunday morning. temperatures heading for
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even in the city of boston i think we're gonna be at or just below 0, which is really a statement because, you know, we measure the temp out at logan next to the 40-degree water. so anytime you can push the temp below 0 at logan or in the summertime above 100 you're dealing with a serious air mass. next real storm, tuesday of next week. and at this time looks like a wintery mix. couple of flurries, isolated snowshowers right now, marching off the southshore. again, your evening commute, it's nothing significant, certainly nothing like we saw on monday. that will fade away. and there are more snow flurries and snowshowers back toward new york and pennsylvania. it's a number of little weather systems that without the big storm on monday we really have to watch these things but that storm on monday just kind of atmosphere from these buggers, so the best thing they can do is just generate a couple
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temps right now... tomorrow, much like today. a lot of clouds, a few isolated snowshowers. again, similar to when in the summertime we advertise thunderstorms. some of you may go the entire day tomorrow and not see one snowflake, and in some locations a coating to an inch possible, i think there might be a band of snowshower activity, few flurries metro boston and one more burst south of town through southeast mass. but again more nothing than something. how much snow this year? we're talking about 23.6 inches of snow so far. worcester 29.1. and last winter at this time, we were underway with a blitz. worcester closing in on 100 inches a year ago today. so tomorrow a few isolated snowshowers, low 30s. friday clouds and sunshine. a little colder on friday. and then here you go, it gets really cold this weekend. saturday a lot of clouds, a few front. and, you know, i've had the word
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days, but it's valentine's, and i'm a lover, i'm not a fighter. so i just took it away. just cold. how about that. let's get to joe stapleton with a check of the roads. anything going on out there, joe? p>> hi there. unfortunately, there is, on route 3 southbound down by derby street, you can see the sluggish into braintree. this stays right down towards derby street in the hingham area as we zero in on the map. we have an overturned car. right travel lane is blocked off. luckily no one hurt, but route 3 southbound is at a standstill, as you can tell, right back into the braintree area. north of town, there was an earlier crash, but still dealing with the back you'll, 128 northbound coming up towards route 93 in the woburn area, heading for the ride here on route 93, northbound. this is a tough go, too, about a 38 minute ride now from somerville right here up towards 128 in woburn. joe stapleton, 7news. many christians around the world are celebrating ash wednesday today.
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christians will give something up for lent in remembrance of jesus fasting in the wilderness for 90 days. thousands of people wrapping up mardi gras celebrations tuesday. downtown in new orleans, despite the cold weather, families lined up early for a parade there. people riding on floats, threw out beads and trunk wets to the streets. and this is usually a sign that the mardi gras is over. officials did an official sweep happening at midnight to kind of clear everything out. some drama in california. why school officials booted one girl from the school dance. and a pair of brutal attacks caught on camera. police trying to figure out why one man attacked a store qlerk a sword just minutes after beating up an elderly man. and how a passenger on the flight out of boston had his plane rerouted and had his fellow passengers routing against -- rooting against him. and the boston red sox getting back in the swing of
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snow on the ground.
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s. breaking news out in new bedford, a man whose rape convictions is overturned last month is now free. >> he's convicted of rape and now being released for the first time in 30 years. 7's john is live for us in bedford with the breaking details. >> yeah, this all happened just within the last few minutes. george peratt walked down these stairs here with his mother and father after a judge ordered him released on a personal recognizance bond. back in 1985, he was convicted of a break-in and rape of a 78-year-old woman. he's been serving two consecutive life sentences ever since. but today he was vindicated, the commonwealth has up to a year to
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