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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in january his kicks was overturned. the judge said he's reasonably sure parot did not commit these crimes he's convicted of based on lack of evidence and a forged confession. court documents say it's believed the case would not secure a conviction, therefore the judge released him on a personal cognizance bond, which means parot agrees to return to court when needed. >> in life, there are so few times when any of us have a chance to right a major injustice, to make a change for the good, for someone, and we feel privileged that we had the opportunity to help mr. parot and to try to see what was a grave injustice right, and it was an incredible opportunity, and i'm -- i applaud the courageous judge for the decision he gave today, and i'm really looking forward mr. parot getting started on his life. >> now, the judge called this
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common sense. parot will have to see a probation officer twice every month. live in new bedford, john cocoa, 7news. also breaking tonight, a well-being check leads police to a crime scene. a 70-year-old man found shot to death in his wareham home. 7's byron barnett live with more on this breaking story. byron. >> well, this victim has been identified as 78-year-old john williams, and police say he was found shot to death right here in his home in wareham. and now police are looking for answers. >> yeah, i'm kind of stunned. i don't know what to think really. >> horrified neighbors after a gruesome discovery inside this home on glen charlie road in wareham. police say after going to the home for a well-being check around noon tuesday they found a 70-year-old man who was dead and pleading from multiple gunshot wounds. >> i just always thought of him
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otherwise. quiet. >> i saw a woman out there, must have been a relative or friend who may have called them, who seemed to be in anguish, you know, just very upset. >> reporter: neighbors sayity man lived here alone for about two years and worked at the salvation army store in wareham. >> he told me that he works there to supplement his retirement so that he can keep his partial ownership of a plane that he keeps at the taunton airport. because he loves to fly. s. >> and he will seem like he had any -- any enemies. any. he was always so friendly. s. >> police are not releasing any
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and they say this investigation is active on ongoing, they say there does not appear to be any threat to other neighbors. that's the story live from wareham, i'm byron barnett, 7news. and there is more breaking news. a former school lunch lady pleading guilty to rape charges. here is 7's ryan schulteis. a former school cafeteria worker in weymouth pleads guilty to raping a 15-year-old boy. her trial was expected to begin today but instead 38-year-old foley pled guilty to child rape charges stemming from two incidents back in 2013. the teenager was not a student at the weymouth middle school where foley worked. prosecutors say he was a friend of the family. foley will spend up to four years in prison. ryan schulteis, 7news. >> okay. take a live look outside over beautiful tblns. we have seen flakes flying, and temps dipping. the brief burst of snow won't
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it's the cold that will really be -- we'll really be feeling here. jeremy reiner. >> yeah, a few snowshowers and squalls as well, one batch on the southshore jumping off the southshore, metro boston just a lot of clouds right now. more inbound to metro boston back in the worcester hills at this time. they have been light, not heavy enough to have concern for the road conditions out there, road conditions are still mainly wet. some of the side streets, neighborhood streets, maybe a coating but that would be about it. that weather system fades away, and then a whole new weather system coming out of southern canada renews the chance of a few isolated snowshowers again tomorrow. temps right now in the middle 30s. the city at 35. fitchburg at 36, and as these weather systems come through, their cold fronts, they kind of reinforce the chilly air but nothing bitterly cold just yet. lower 30s tomorrow. friday cold, mid-20s, and look at this stuff here. big trout lake, 9 below. i point it out because of a piece this arctic air will break
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we will talk more about that coming up. and we're staying on top of a developing story this evening. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who was caught right there on camera, woburn. the man is okay. the driver already wanted for saling a police officer. let's go out to 7's kelli o'hara who is there now to bring us the latest on the investigation and the search for this driver. >> he was being questioned from allegedly stealing money from his old job when he apparently pushed a police officer, jumped the 65-year-old man. >> reporter: he's okay but you can see the moment of impact for 65-year-old man hit by a driver then took off. the driver already on the run, crime. >> it looks like he swerved to get -- not hit the post that's in front of the store, and it looks like he ended up dragging the guy like 500 yards up the street. it was a lot. >> reporter: that 65-year-old
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for a good block before falling off. >> they did stop. the girl that was in the vehicle, she even shook the older man, asked if he was still alive, and then the police told her to stay back -- get back into the vehicle, they ended up running off. >> reporter: the driver, 29-year-old tyson delgado of winthrop ditching his car leading to an intense search of this woburn neighborhood. the state police, along with their dogs on patrol all day long looking for the suspect who somehow disappeared. investigators tell 7news he was already on their radar in trouble for allegedly stealing from his job, but when an officer questioned him first thing wednesday morning he assaulted that police officer. minutes later, detectives say that's when he hit this man. >> the guy was right on the corner crossing the street and out of nowhere -- it's a busy
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ever happened like that before. in woburn tonight, kelly o'hare , a 7news. fierce flames rip through a fitchburg home. crews race through the scene there trying to save the people trapped inside and one of the first people at the scene chief. steve cooper is live in fitchburg with a look at how he helped get the people out. steve. >> adam, those flames are out tonight but take a look at the scene behind us here, you can see the damage done, but that is all a far cry from what firefighters, including the chief arrived to here overnight. a frantic scene, three adults from the same family trapped inside their home. >> reporter: sharon is heart broken after the fast-moving fire overnight in fitchburg claimed the life of her sister and seriously injured her brother and another sister. it's hard. extremely extremely hard. you just don't want to start the
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>> the two alarm fire broke out just after midnight and that's when the fire chief, who lives around the corner, heard the call on the scanner, rushed to the scene and then along with a police officer pulls a seriously injured adult male from the first floor of the two-family home. >> when you pull up and there's no people standing out on -- and there's people standing out on the streets and cars in the driveway you know you've probably got a serious situation. >> reporter: the two sisters is still inside. found with no pulse. emergency responders perform cpr before she's rushed to the hospital. her sister was found dead in a second floor bedroom. while investigators work to pinpoint a cause, there was only praise for the heroic efforts of the firefighters who ran into the burning building. >> bless their hearts, you know. as we know, they're always putting themselves in jeopardy for the path of everybody. >> well, crews are busy boarding up what's left of the house here. investigators telling us a little while ago that the cause
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sort of an electrical issue in one of the bedrooms on the with a backside of the home here, but their investigation is ongoing tonight. steve cooper, 7news. investigators in quincy searching for answers after a firey crash there. two people were killed when a car hit a tree, rolled over and burst into flames. the hospital. state police are working now to figure out what happened. >> candidates announcing they are dropping out of the race. new jersey gernor chris christie and carly fear arena suspending their campaigns after the first in the nation primary in new hampshire. but for donald trump and bernie sanders, the victory party continues. the outsiders win and win big now they are setting their sights on the upcoming vote in south carolina. >> the results of the new hampshire primary leaving their rifles sort of scrambling now.
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south carolina for us today, john. >> adam, kim, new hampshire definitely in the rear-view mirror but now eight major presidential candidates and two parties definitely had their sights set on south carolina. >> reporter: the trump camper with its make america great again message since near the congaree river which runs right through the middle this south carolina state capitol. trimp leads the polls here as he did in new hampshire but not everyone is on board. >> donald trump seems to be leading here. >> that concerns me. i that i ceo is the wrong kind of candidate to run in an era of heightened populism. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is holding an event here at convention center in columbia, licking his wounds after a disappointing debate and election performance in new hampshire. >> some of you discovered elections before and never had a race like this. >> is it conservative enough for south carolina?
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the charleston area fresh from a second place finish but not yet a clear alternative to donald trump. texas senator ted cruz who painted his third place win in new hampshire stumped for votes at a christian teen club in myrtle beach. >> one of the most important conclusions coming out of these first two states that the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: former florida governor jeb bush says he's the man toe lead the military, he has his brother on his side and president bush is expected to campaign for jeb. he's got ads on the air. >> we need a strong leader with experience, ideas, and resolve. >> the veteran votes so important here in south carolina, it could be up to 25% of those going to the polls and adam and kim, we know that donald trump is here in south carolina tonight at clemson university. >> can you just explain for
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why the republicans are in south carolina today and the democrats are focusing their attention elsewhere? >> well, unlike new hampshire where you had both the democratic and republican primary on the same day on tuesday, it's different here. the republicans will be here in 10 days and on that day the democrats will actually be participating in a dmks nevada. the democratic primary here in south carolina is on the 27th toward the end of the month. back to you. >> all right, jonathan hall live for news columbia, south carolina tonight. many christians around the world are celebrating ash wednesday today. take a look as the pope puts ash on people's foreheads, which is a symbol of mortality. ash wednesday is always the first day of lent, which last he 30 days and ends on easter sunday. grounded, a flight from boston forced to make an emergency landing, why everyone on board broke out in applause. coming up at 5:30, a police
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the southshore and also leads to power problems for thousands of people. >> then why the justice department's exploring legal action against the city of ferguson, missouri. also tonight in just one hour, debris leading to a dangerous situation on the masspike. what came off of a truck? and forget the great monster. this week you'll see a monster ramp and today snowboarders were
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a rowdy passenger creates a flight diversion. airline officials say the man's words were abusive. >> passengers say he even threatened the crew. >> reporter: cameras rolling as around officers board an alaskan airlines flight to take an intoxicated passenger into custody. this flight from boston to san diego had to be diverted after the man became disruptive. airline officials say he was
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769 when he became unruly. flight attendants tried to calm verbally abusive. he even threatened the crew at one point. >> well, they changed seats for a couple of passengers so there were some well built men sitting around him to try contain him, and then at one point, the flight attendants moved the cart, sort of in between coach and first class, so couldn't get up front anymore. >> reporter: the man's actions prompted the pilot to divert the flight to denver. once the plane landed, the man was removed. a passenger recorded video as he was being detained. a round of applause broke out as the man was removed from the plane and the flight was able to continue on to san diego without any further trouble. >> so the other passengers finally made it to san diego, as i mentioned. it was late last night and a spokesman for the denver airport say no charges were filed after what happened. coming up next on 7, flakes
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was in the air down at fenway this morning. >> i like looks of that. and more flakes falling tomorrow. i'll show you how much, up next. >> and at 5:30, some excitement off the court at a college
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is. check this out, an astronaut shoots some incredible time-lapse video from space.
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of ofoe those are actually lightning strikes happening on earth. not runway lights. >> wow. >> isn't that incredible? looks so low. >> the international space station says the lightning hit parts of africa, that cot nebt, also turkey and russia. i guess the lightning would be low because you're way out in space but you can see from that gel the power of nature. >> i'm surprised though usually the storms produce lightning have those towering tops to them but you couldn't really tell in that video. >> yeah, amazing video there and also the frequency too of lightning happening here on planet earth, even though we don't have that in the forecast here in winter. few snowshowers around tomorrow. temperatures heading for 0 or below by early sunday morningle, no storm is next tuesday.
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now, one batch off the south shore. the last batch that we will contwenty as it moves through 495 metro west approaching 128. but roads are really chewing this up. you see traffic moving fine and notice roadways there, again, they're okay. the ground temps today and the february sign sun getting higher and higher is able to slice through the clouds. so there might be just a coating of snow out there, but main roadways including route 9, pike, route 20, should be okay. that's a weather system that fades away this evening. did i catch the daylight too here we are at 5:30. pick up a ton of daylight in the next couple of weeks. for tonight, an evening flurry. partly cloudy, cool. lows between 24 and 28. tomorrow, a lot of clouds. it's a different weather system
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coating to an inch possible in some of the neighborhoods, again, much like today where not everyone is going to get this but i think there might be one batch south of the pike and another batch up to the merrimack valley. that races out to cape ann. boston 77 inches of snow. for tomorrow, a few isolated snowshowers. friday a mix of clouds and sunshine. colder on friday. middle 20s, and then here comes the arctic front this is the leading edge of bitterly cold air that will just come screaming into southern new england during the day on saturday with temperatures saturday morning in the lower 20s. that 9 you see on saturday, that will be during your saturday night date for valentine's with temps saturday evening, single numbers, windchills all night
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morning, below 0 and sunday a very cold day in southern new england. >> all right, i was thinking of weather, snowflakes, all flying down at fenway today but everyone was focused on a sign of spring, no doubt. the spring training truck making the long haul down to fort myers, florida. the first workout just a little more than one week away. and for baseball fans, that is something to celebrate. we see how fans came out for the big departure. >> that's right. the day most of us love to talk about in the middle of this winter, right. crews loaded up the trucks with equipment to take to spring training in fort myers florida. more than 20,000 baseballs, 1,000 bats and 60 cases of sunflower seeds will make that trip. red sox fans lined up braving the snow to support their team. >> i made sure i requested this day off from work several months ago. even though it's sewing right
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>> i'm here for the official boston start of spring. red sox truck day, 2016, and i'm excitemented to get a new season underway. 7news. and trey reports from fort myers and will begin one week from today on 7news. >> poor trey. >> yeah, i know. don't you feel for him? still ahead, it's a pricey fix. we have new details about the plan to help fix that water crisis in flint, michigan. >> coming up new at 6:00, paul pierce and doc rivers preparing
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>> great to be back with you here in boston. another 60 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. >> 7news at 5:30 starts right now. >> two people rushed to the hospital after a high-speed chase takes a dangerous turn in avington. >> then one woman getting too close for comfort. the strange encounter with an unwelcome guest making herself at home. >> snowshowers this afternoon fade away and then a whole new batch of snowshowers for tomorrow. >> and the water crois in flint now causing concern for first responders. why firefighters are calling for action. we are following two breaking stories first at 5:30, a man jailed for three decades on a rape conviction is free tonight. george paroit was freed as he's >> and a 70-year-old man found shot and killed in his own home. an investigation is now underway.
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