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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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more on both ofhese breakin stories. >> yeah, george parot is free today after spending three decades for a crime he says he did not convict. he was convicted in 1985 of raping a 78-year-old woman in springfield. a judge released him from prison today after he found that there was a lack of evidence in this case. the state has a year now to decide whether it wants to retry him in that case. also breaking news, you mentioned police investigating suspicious death out in wareham. this after a 70-year-old man was found shot to death inside of his home. police were called to this house yesterday to check on him. that's when they discovered his body. we're following both of these breaking stories and we'll have updates on 7news at 6:00. live at the breaking news desk, i'm adam williams, 7news. also on 7, a chaotic chase in avington when a driver crashes and flips over. police say it all started after a normal traffic stop. they say that's when the driver sped off and eventually crashing into a utility pole. >> the two people inside the car were taken to the hospital and
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7's nicole oliverio has the latest from avington. a police chase that began in weymouth came to a crash end in acton when the driver smashed into this utility pole. weymouth police say officers pursued the driver who refused to stop. stolen. >> the driver crashed on route 18 snapping the pole in half and knocking out power effort to nearly 2000 customers. police shut down a section of route 18 as officers investigated and power crews repaired lines. rush-hour traffic was detoured for several hours before the road finally re-opened. the damaged car towed from the scene. the driver and passenger taken to a nearby hospital. both expected to face charges. >> it's unclear exactly what charges the suspects are going to face. >> as for national grid customers, we're told most of them had their power back in
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in abington, nicole oliverio, 7news. police have identified the victim of this morning's deadly crash in saugus. police say the 39-year-old saugus woman was driving north on route 1 when she lost control of her car. she was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled over several times. the woman was the only one in the vehicle. state police are now investigating the cause of the crash. president obama visiting a special site today. it was a stroll down memory lane easy returned to the place his real political career got underway. kim khazei is here with more on his return to illinois. >> well, as you said, president obama back to where it all began for him, visiting the illinois state house. the president served in the illinois state senate for nearly 8 years and announced his presidential run on the steps of the state house back in 2007. president obama addressed the illinois general assembly today and he called for an end of divisive politics and name calling. >> we didn't call each other idiots or fascists trying to destroy america because then
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playing poker or having a drink with an idiot or fascist who was trying to destroy america and that respect gave us room for progress. >> president obama spoke about this issue during his state of the union this year, saying one of his goals for his last year in office is to bring together both sides of the aisle. in the newsroom, i'm kim khazei, 7news. the justice department saying last night it would take legal action against ferguson and officials are holding a news conference on the suit right now. the city negotiated an agreement with the federal government to make sure its police and courts are acting legally the city council is now trying to make changes to that agreement. the justice department says ferguson is just stalling. the agreement is intended to correct problems identified in a justice department investigation that followed the fatal shooting of 18-year-old michael brown by ferguson police officers. now, the city's mayor says the council voted to revise the
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afford all the changes outlined in it. >> in the spirit of this, it's very large and expansive, arguably one of the most expansive decrees they've ever issued that we are going to be still complying with the vast majority of that which they've laid out. >> the justice department says it would save money but side step efforts to referment police officers. new surveillance video showing the moments that led up to a deadly encounter in pennsylvania where a police 34-year-old man. since the incident there's been conflicting reports about what investigators are hoping this new video will help expose the truth. >> reporter: in this 9 second video posted of youtube, you can see two men. on the left an off-duty pns police officer and on the right is a 34-year-old man. the man was shot twice and killed last week while heading to his friend's house with his girlfriend. the surveillance video shows a small part of what happened just before his death. the man, who provided the complete video to police, says this part is about halfway
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here you can see the officer with his light on his gun pointed at him. he backs away and eventually goes out of frame. >> obviously, i'd like to see the whole thing. it's a longer video, to see the context, but from that video it is a bit disturbing. are. >> this kind of shows you a little bit leading up to it but doesn't really tell you what's going on in his mind. so that's a big piece of the puzzle. >> and so far no charges have been filed against the officer. it seems to be a series ever
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victims are speaking out. 22-year-old jevon walker is behind bars charged in a string of attacks including beating an 81-year-old man with a pipe. the elderly victim, who now has two black eyes and needed 18 stitches, says he hopes his attacker gets help. we want him to get better. >> do you forgive him for this? why not. yes, i do. >> the alleged attacker also went after a store clerk with a samurai sword and told police he watched the movie poltergeist
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they say in nearly all the cases of the missing journalists there the reporter was in issues of corruption and involvement of authorities in organized crime. workers picking up the pieces after a head-on train crash in germany. 10 people died and dozens more injured from the coalition. authorities are trying to figure out why multiple safety measures failed allowing two trains to travel on the same single line track and smash right into each other. officials say a landslide was caused by tragic rainfall happening in the country since last week and three people are also missing. officials in flint michigan are calling for changes as the water crisis continues in that town. the mayor says she's planning to replace all the water pipes in the town that have been contaminate the with lead. the $55 million project will begin as soon as next month. that would be a major help to the town's first responders, as well.
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the water is causing corrosion in the fire truck valves and they believe that should not happen for several years. firefighters say the valves now all have to be replaced. and we also have rubber that seals it. those are being, you know, actually destroyed by whatever's in the water. >> fire officials say it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the contaminated valves. >> leading health officials in the u.s. talking about the zika virus on capitol hill today. the director says experts are working 247 to learn as much as they can about the virus and get the information out to the public. the experts stress that most people are the virus only suffer mild symptoms but pregnant women are most at risk. >> right now, the most important thing for americans to know is this, if you're pregnant, we recommend you not go to a place where zika is spreading, and if you're pregnant and you live in an area where zika is spreading, do everything you can to protect yourself against the mosquito bites.
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connecting zika to birth defects including babies being born with small heads. still ahead on 7news at 5:30, an unwelcome surprise. a man finds a rentham -- random woman relaxing on his couch. it's what she does next that really shocks him. and police searching for a hit-and-run driver caught on camera plowing into a pedestrian in woburn. >> and some winter excitement in boston. fenway park gearing up for extreme sports this week. dear fellow citizen, feels to save college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' but i always tell people - s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question
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sincerely, alex payne.
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a california man starlinged when he finds an unwelcome guest relaxing in his house. the owner says he couldn't believe his eyes when he walked into his guest home and found a random woman just sitting on his couch. >> he says things got even more awkward. frank perkins stepped out of his main house into his guest house monday afternoon and found an unexpected visitor, a woman he had never seen before sitting on his couch. >> i opened it up and there she was and she said she was gonna hurt me unless i got out. i said no, you have to go. >> reporter: frank noticed she had broken open a jar of pennys that belonged to frank. >> she had the broken glass, i didn't.
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charge at him or break his jaw, frank explains he backed away and called police and they came quickly but the woman was gone when he got there. frank describes his neighborhood quiet and safe. he feels violated but also sorry for the intruder who he says appears to be on drugs. >> i felt terrible for her. she obviously looks like a real thin skeletal thing running around. >> reporter: he shares a story as a reminder no matter how safe a neighborhood seems it pays to take simple safety precautions. >> lock the door. perkins says he thinks the woman planned to steal the pennies but left the guest house without taking anything. >> a few snowshowers this evening. another round of snowshowers tomorrow. forecast up next. and the breaking news at 6:00, a disturbing discovery in wareham, a 70-year-old man found shot and killed. right now police are actively searching for suspects.
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worker pleads guilty to raping a
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take a lot at excitement off the court. two fans were dancing in the aisle, sounds like fun, right, celebrating when a man decides to pick up the girl. he lost his footing and yeah, right there drops her. some other fans kind of observe broke her fall to the ground. so luckily no one was hurt and they bounced back. look at them. they're dancing again. . >> looked almost like a setup. you know, i don't know. >> oh, i cringe when i see it. poor thing.
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>> yeah, glad she's okay. >> also tricky right now is our weather all over the place. >> cold temperatures are underway for this downtown weekend, right? yes, wait till you see numbers. snowshowers moving through cape cod bay. nothing that overwhelms the roadways, as we move through, main roads are wet. neighborhood streets, side streets, maybe just a light coating. this one over here this is a slightly heavier snow squall. if you look behind me there, that's the lighter shading of blue back towards billerica. it might make the trek all the way down through the merrimack valley and off to the northshore over the next couple of hours. but it is a weather system that's falling, producing a few isolated snowshowers, nothing significant. boston 35 right now. orange at 30 degrees. for tonight a few evening snow flurries and snowshowers, otherwise, partly cloudy. cool. lows between 24 and 28 and through the day tomorrow. the different weather system
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form of a few isolated snowshowers. marching through really any location, hard to pin down what part of new england will see these snowshowers. again, some of you may go the entire day tomorrow and not see one place. the. >> again it will feature temps not too bad, actually. temps tomorrow evening run into the 20s. just amazing they can do that inside fenway park. a lot of clouds, a couple of snowshowers tomorrow, near 30. and on friday, morning sun, clouds begin to show up friday afternoon, colder on friday. as we have a number of these
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just kind of reinforcing the chilly air and knocking the temps back a couple of degrees each day. this is an arctic beast, will be a cold blast of area that come into southern new england early in the day on saturday. the warmest part of the day is before 9:00 a.m. on saturday and even that, temperatures will be in the lower 20s. and as a front coming through southern new england it might kick off a couple of isolated snowshowers. but really the weekend forecast is about the cold temps as we work through the day on saturday. 4:00 p.m. on saturday. these are temps, in the teens. and heading down into the single numbers saturday evening and overnight saturday night, meanwhile, strong normally winds helping to drive the arctic air in new england. dangerously cold with windchill temps running between 20 and 25 below 0.
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right now is doing this. temps on sunday only near 9. that's not a typo. 9 on sunday afternoon. monday we're up to 30 and believe it or not, with the arctic air sound, the next tuesday i think starts with snow but mainly rain on tuesday afternoon. see you at 6:00. >> a baby boy is born after a special delivery on the side of sturow drive. they were headed to the hospital this morning and then a cargoes up in flame so they ended up stuck in traffic and forced to call an ambulance. luckily that did get through. several minutes later is when the crews helped deliver baby austin. he and his mom were later taken to mass general hospital and doctors say they're doing just fine. north carolina men's basketball coach roy williams is doing okay after his collapse on the court during his team's game against boston college. you can see him stumble on to the ground near the bench during the second half of last night's game. the team's medical staff immediately went over to help him. he eventually walked in the locker room and remained there
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he says vertigo caused him to feel dizzy right there. >> coming up next, a 10-year-old girl getting a life changing gift, how one family turns the tragedy into something special. >> coming up next at 6:00 here, deadly discovery in wareham. police found a man shot and killed in his own home. >> then a night of surprise in the race for the white house. the second place shake-up in new hampshire. now the candidates are gearing up for the next round of primaries and we're live in south carolina. and a big air competition there. see what you mean. >> looks like the white monster instead of the green monster. i love it. >> getting air there. >> i want to go. >> i want to go, too.
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you a deep connection for two families in california facing tough times. one little girl's undeveloped heart prevented her from being a typical kid. >> but after waiting two years for a transplant the little girl
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81ing and lunging and experiencing things she never got to experience before. activities shelley can do for the first time in her life after receiving the new heart in october. she had an underdeveloped left side of her skin and inability to run and play with other kids. >> she still gets a little tired running here or there but not sick tired, it's just trying to build stamina tired. >> reporter: shelley had been on the waiting list for a transplant for more than two years and then they finally got the call, a donor had been found. while shelby was recovering, casey and shan dia thorns bury were trying to confirm if shelby received their son's heart, their vivacious 7-year-old boy morgan died in a tragic accident with a golf cart. >> we just wanted them to know what kind of kid morgan was. >> reporter: she wrote a letter to shelby. >> we started teasing that we were gonna send disclaimers
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really wild kid afterwards, and underwear. >> reporter: giving shelby a chance to try out for the basketball team. >> i would like to say thank you to them for what they did, because not only did they help us and our family but i hear they helped many other families and that's an anaidzing thing. the parents of the little boy say he loved ninja warriors and to play basketball. glorious story for them. >> another 30 minutes of 7news ahead. >> 7news at 6:00 starts right now. . >> reporter: police looking for answers. a man found shot and killed in his own home. >> plus the presidential candidate taking the next step in the race for the white house after a night full of surprise
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i'm live on the campaign trail in south carolina with reaction from speeches today. >> another round of snowshowers tomorrow and bitterly cold air for the weekend. >> and skiers and snowboarders at fenway park. is sphdz first at 6:00, we're following breaking news. a man held behind bars for 30 years is a free man tonight. george parot was arrested at 17, convicted of rape, but he says he didn't do it. >> always has. and now a judge has his doubts about the original conviction. 7's john cocoa live in new bedford right now where parot was released. >> yeah, 48 years old george walked out the bristol county court here in new bedford vindicated this evening. when he was 19 years old, parot was convicted of a break-in and
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has been serving two concurrent sentences ever since but has always maintained his innocence. back in 2011 the schuster institute for investigative journalism began looking into that claim and in january his conviction was overturned. the judge says he's reasonably sure parot did not commit the crimes that he was convicted of and it's believed the case would not secure conviction therefore he was released on a personal cognizance bond meaning he agrees to return to court when needed. in life there are so few times when any of us have a chance to right a major injustice, to make a change for the good for someone, and we feel privileged that we have the opportunity help mr. parot and to try to see what was a great injustice righted and it was an incredible opportunity and i
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