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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the decision he ge today. the judge called this personal recognizance bond common sense and will have to report to a probation officer twice a month. john cocoa, 7news. and more breaking news this evening. a disturbing discovery in wareham where a police find a set-year-old man shot and killed in his own home. and now they're searching for answers. >> yeah, plymouth county district attorney's office has identified the victim as 70-year-old john williams he was shot multiple times inside his home and now the investigation is ongoing. >> yeah, i'm kind of stunned. i don't know what to think, really. >> reporter: neighbors horrified after a gruesome discovery inside this home on glen charlie road in wareham. police say after going to the
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around noon tuesday they found a 70-year-old man, who was dead from multiple gunshot wounds. >> i just always thought of him as just a nice guy. i had no reason to think otherwise. he was pleasant, agreeable, quiet. >> i saw a woman out there, must have been a relative or a friend who may have called them. neighbors say he lived alone and worked at the salvation army store in wareham. >> he told me he works there to supplement his retirement so that he can keep his partial ownership of a plane that he keeps in -- at the taunton airport because he loves to fly. that was his love. a salvation army spokesman says the man was a valuable employee and well loved colleague who will be missed. >> he didn't seem like he ever
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he was always so friendly. >> the district attorney's office, it says that an autopsy is being performed to look for any evidence when it comes to the cause of death in this case police want to tell the public they do not believe that anyone is in danger in the surrounding neighborhood. that's the latest live in wareham, nick emmons, 7news. all right, we turn to your forecast now, some snowshowers today. for me it was when i was driving into work. but get ready to bundle up. we're in for a bitter blast. we'll go from snow to really cold. here's jeremy rine we are a check of your forecast. >> a couple of snowshowers left over north of town. it's the weather system that's been doing that for much of the day, on and off patches of light to occasionally steady snow. although, i have found one snow squall out through the outer ridge corridor. it came through athol 30, 40 minutes ago and when they come through, they briefly reduce your visibility to almost nothing in some cases.
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slicken up even the main roads this for you. it will continue down the route 2 corridor. other than that, the snow squall and snowflurry activity fades away this evening and a completely different weather system is here tomorrow with another round of a few isolated snow flurries and snowshowers. temps right now, mid-30s... sunshine. but the real deal is up here. big trout lake at 8 below and this is heading for new england late saturday afternoon. of course this weekend, valentine's day weekend, date night, we'll talk about how cold it will be sunday night, monday morning. and we're on top of a developing story as police search for a hit-and-run driver caught on camera plowing into a pedestrian.
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we've learned that the driver was already wanted for assaulting a police officer. >> ryan has more. >> yeah, you can see the moment of impact when the driver hops the curb and hits the 65-year-old man. the driver keeps going with the man up on the hood of his car for a block before finally falling off. a woman inside the car allegedly checked to make sure the man was alive before she got back in the off. police say the driver is this man, 29-year-old tyson delgado of winthrop wanted for assault and battery of a police officer accident. police have been searching for him all day long. >> he was complaining his leg, his hip, he was awake. they did stop. the girl that was in the vehicle, she shook the older man, asked if he was still alive and the police told her to get
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ended up running off. the officer and other victim are expected to be okay. ryan schulteis, 7news. shake-up. >> it's not whether you get knocked down that matters, it's whether you get back up. >> reporter: in the race for the white house. >> it's on to south carolina now for the republicans and nevada for the democrats. it's a much different picture for both sides heading into the next round of voting. 7's jonathan hall is live in columbia, south carolina where the candidates aren't wasting anytime meeting voters there. john.
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marco rubio and ted cruz both here in south carolina today before rushing back to washington for a senate vote. donald trump is coming down here tonight and the democrats have been busy too. >> bernie sanders went to harlem for a photo op with activist al sharpton who wants african-american democrats instock take a fresh look at sanders, and after the more than 20 point win last night... >> people want real change. >> reporter: sanders will get that soap box attention from democrats, says one man from south carolina. him. but people will hear him. >> reporter: hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina polling but she was stunned last night when young new hampshire democrats and women rejected her in favor of sanders. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. >> reporter: and the republican side, donald trump's 20 point
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into the next contest. >> it feels great. the people are fan tagsic from new hampshire. i think south carolina frankly will be similar. >> trump has a 16 point lead in south carolina. new hampshire g.o.p. runner-up, ohio governor john kasich rushed to south carolina. >> i think we're on to something. >> reporter: but former florida governor jeb bush and senators ted cruz and marco rubio moved on to the state which could help the front-runner. >> the more candidates in this race, it makes it possible for trump to win knees elections with 33, 34% of the vote. >> reporter: that's what donald trump plans in south carolina. yet with no clear alternative, trump really does seem to benefit. ted cruz thinks he can step up and be the guy to hal trump here in the state but it's still a crowded field. live in columbia, south carolina, jonathan hall, 7news. >> a former school cafeteria
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to raping a 15-year-old boy. her travels expected to begin today and instead the 38-year-old janelle foley changed her plea. she pled guilty to child rape charges, this stems from two incidents no one 2013 involving the teenager. he was not a student at the weymouth middle school where foley worked. one woman is dead, two other people are in the hospital after a fire in a multifamily home out in fitchburg. firefighters were called to the home on walton street just after midnight. they found flames on the second floor at the back of the building, firefighters pulled a man and two women from the structure. one of the women died from smoke inhalation. the fire department is still trying to figure out what started that fire. three people are hurt after their car is hit with dangerous debris in middlebury. police say a large metal object fell off a tractor/trailer on the pike this morning. the people in the car will be okay but you can see the damage to their vehicle and the truck driver's charged with leaving
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violation. coming itch next, fenway park, wow. look at that. what is that? what are they doing? we'll let you know. maybe you can get involved.
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the path to a healthier you starts with nature's path pumpkin flax granola. crunchy clusters of delicious organic oats, flax and pumpkin seeds, with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. t enjoy your path. . a different kind of athlete will be carving up fenway park
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in the city. some cool stuff. >> yeah. >> hoping to catch some big air starting tomorrow. it's the first time anything like this has actually ever happened or been attempted at the ballpark. >> we've seen concerts and hockey but it's such a special place. they have this ramp they've built more than 100 feet tall, which is three times taller than the green monster. 7's chris anderson live at fenway to show us more. >> ye. it's huge. i went down blindfold backwards on one ski, in my dreams, yeah, right. i'm wide eyed and meze herrized watching the athletes in action. spectacular, flying down this ramp at 45, 50 miles per hour and hitting the jump going way up in the sky and that's within the fun begins. the. >> three flips, two flips. it's kind of cool. >> reporter: they are some of
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inside fenway park for practice runs on wednesday gearing up for this week's big air at fenway, an extreme winter competition trying to hit a home run at america's most bedoved ballpark. definitely really cool. it's not your average contest. that's for sure. this will be the first u.s. ski and snowboard association event on the east coast since a competition at killington back in 1998. part of the ussa's plan to bring big air events to big cities like boston. >> not only do you get the people that love skiing and snowboarding but the people that love baseball and love fenway and love the city, you know. you kind of get both aspects of the people and combine them into one thing. >> but to make this event possible, organizers had to structure that makes a big >> the famed green monster is 37 feet tall but this ski jump is a real monster.
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the competitors featuring several olympic medal winners will speed down the slope at 45 to 50 miles per hour. then hit the ramp and fly 50 to 60 feet up in the air and that's when the creativity begins. >> lots of spins. maybe some doubles, triples, we'll see. lots of crashes. we've seen a few crashes but i tell you, what even when they crash, they do it with grace and style. they're very talented athletes, indeed. by the way, big air will be an olympic event in 2018 in pyeongchang south korea for the winter games there. this is a bit of a sneak peek at the winter games coming up in 2018. you'll get to see this event debut during those olympic games and i've reserved you a spot for thursday or friday, up to you, right at the top of the makeshift ski jump here. you gotta let me know, do you want skis or snowboards, it's up to you? >> if you're serious, i'm all over it. >> i want an inner tube, that
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that's what i'm thinking. >> all right, nobody's -- i haven't gone skiing at all but have family and friends who sayth really nice. >> yes, fantastic. we picked up some snow today, more snow on the way for tomorrow.
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a dog got loose on 495 and ran across a bunch of lanes. they had several troopers there did. highway. one trooper brought the dog into his cruiser and he's safe and sound. luckily. >> hopefully he'll find his parents, too. >> i'm sure. is it yours? how did he get out on the highway, poor thing. okay. let's talk more about the winter weather and the snowy fenway park. >> atmosphere got his skis and he did that triple axle. no, that's ice skating. >> i wish we could do the
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offense, jr. i was trying to decide if could i make turns on that or if there are icy tracks. >> are you a snowboarder or skier? i'm a skier. >> the heel-toe thing is tough for me. i'm used to the skis and the snowplow... >> yeah, i think you get a bruised bum bone when you try to snowboard for the first time i think. >> oh, yes. >> all right, so there you go. we've got snowshowers moving through. the route 2 corridor, this was a snow squall, somewhat concerning because it's that time of day now where we've lost the daylight and when these ripped through, briefly reducing visibility and because we're now in tonight here. most of the snow flurries have not been able to be do that, but a gentleman on twitter dave tweeted there was a lot of snowflakes around there.
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away from us overnight tonight. here's another cold front in southern canada. that will come through tomorrow with pretty much the weather we had today. a lot of clouds, you might see the disc of the sun, a couple of snow flurries. temps right now in the middle 30s. once the snowshowers and squalls fade away, partly cloudy skies. 24 and 28. and through the day tomorrow, a lot of clouds, a snowshower or two and a coating possible with some of these snowshowers and snow squalls. it won't be widespread. they behave similar to summertime storms where you hear me barking about them for a couple of hours and might go the i entire day tomorrow and not see one snowflake. so you just saw the pics out of fenway park, big air, happens tomorrow and friday, the 12th. six to 10:30. friday night it will be clear and temperatures the next couple of evening, not bad at all. friday during the day, a mix of clouds and sunshine, temps on friday, mid-20s. so there's one more in this line of arctic front that will come
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pure arctic air, a cold shot of air that comes into new england early in the day on saturday and it's going to be our coldest weekend of the entire winter. you're 7 on 7 forecast very cold saturday night and sunday morning, the kind that requires the puffy coat, the kind where you can't put your arms down. see you tonight at 11:00. >> bruins fans making luce 75 at home last night. the bruins making luch's new team the l.a. kings feeling good, as well, giving up 9 goals including one to luch itch. >> i can't appreciate the fan support enough. so thanks for making this a special night for me
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for helping us get the big start off here for the road trip. >> the struggling defenseman miller was on the ice for four of the kings' nine goals including the first three and i will advised blind back hand pass from behind the net led directly to l.a.'s third goal of after surrendering a staggering 57 shots on gold, miller not the only bruins defenseman facing scrutiny. julian had them right back on the icthis morning trying to get it right before departing on a season long six-game road trip. the bruins head coach taking a page out of bill belichick's play book, turning the page and looking ahead. >> we haven't played like that all year. it's not something we should dwell on more and think about what we have ahead of us. so we understand and realize the importance of this road trip. >> i know it's a sense to get back in the game and show what we can dork you know. if it's home, it doesn't really matter at this point, we go back
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ourselves that we can do it. >> they called that. that was a gamble. it was not necessary. >> with everyone yelling, don't foul, avery bradley's instincts took over. and that was the game. the bucs khris middleton made his first free throw giving milwaukee the lead and purposely missed the second forcing time to run out as the celtics almost came back from 19 down in the fourth quarter tonight. they look to rebound for the first time coming back with the l.a. clippers. the former captain spent the year back in washington and he started only in 21 of l.a.'s 52 games this season. pitchers and catchers don't have to officially report until next
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the red sox 217 million race among the group of players reporting early to fort myers eager to get down to business. >> always an exciting time of the year. you know, come to fort myers with a new organization, new teammates, it's always exciting. >> there's been a lot of love and it's always appreciated. so now it's time to get to work and get it moving forward. >> that is the site red sox fans were waiting for.
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that is our time at 6:00. thanks for watching.
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