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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> sarah: brutally cold weather making its way into new england as we take a live look at boston this afternoon. windchills adding to the frigid feel outside right now. good afternoon, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm sarah french. >> you think today is bad, it's only going to get worse. sheer with a look at the arctic air. >> chris: by sunday morning, the temperatures will be about 30 degrees colder.
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that is for sure. below seasonal levels outside right now. snow squalls. every once in a while, catching some darker blues. snow. they are kind of in and out through the merrimack valley. also into the city of boston, once in a while, some snowflakes. even if you get a burst of snow, doesn't last that long. we continue the scattered trend through the south shore, down to the vineyard. this is the nature of the game as we work into the afternoon. scattered snow showers and scattered snow squalls. if you get a squall and get a burst of heavy snow for 10-15, 20 minutes, it can reduce visibility and it can put down a coating and a couple of slippery spots. all in all, don't expect a whole lot of snow with this event. temperatures stuck this afternoon in the 20's to near 30. we look for. that a quick coating to perhaps an inch in a couple of towns. otherwise, the story becomes the below-zero air by sunday morning. those are air temperatures we are talking about. lows saturday night, sunday morning, zero to -10. even just below zero in the
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and the windchill factor, -15 over the cape. -20-25 in the city of boston. -30 in the worcester hills. more on the forecast ahead. >> sarah: in woburn, police are trying to track down a driver who slammed into a 65-year-old man and kept on going. it was all caught on camera. the victim hanging on for dear life. today we are learning more about that terrifying ride. victoria warren live in woburn with the latest details. vicky? >> reporter: yeah. the victim is speaking out. he thought that he was going to die. woburn police say that the suspect had assaulted a police officer that he was trying to get away and he was out of control. a car slams into a 65-year-old woburn man. he thought he was going to die. >> he was going to kill me. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured it. he was crossing the street. the man behind the wheel,
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on the run from a police investigation. >> i turned to look, and the car came up over the curbing. over the sidewalk. hit me dead center. i lanned on the hood of the car. >> reporter: he fought to hold on. >> i could feel him picking up speed. it felt like 60 miles an hour. i was hanging on to the hood of the car. >> reporter: woburn police say delgado was wanted, accused of stealing from his job. he took off in the car with a woman in the passenger seat when the car stopped, the victim slid off. initially, the suspect and his passenger tried to help. >> when they stopped, the passenger was really upset. screaming, yelling. seeing if the guy was okay. >> reporter: delgado jumped in the car and took off again when he was ordered to stop. the victim was left with a fractured ankle and toes. >> i kept on begging him, stop and let me off the car.
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>> reporter: the suspect ultimately, got away. the victim has a message for the suspect. he says that if he is listening to this, he should turn himself in. live in woburn, victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: we are following more news today. the feds are offering a deal to the families of whitey bulger's victim. this comes with a catch. jennifer eagan is at the moakley federal courthouse with more on this story. jen? >> reporter: the victims and their families will split up the u.s. attorney's office worked out this agreement with the victims. and now things are moving forward. they sent out a settlement letter to the parties involved here. bulger was convicted of 11 counts of murder. according to the u.s. attorney's office, the families of 19 murders bulger were charged with are included in this settlement, as are three extortion victims. 22 families in all here. they will divvy up the $822,000 in cash found inside bulger's apartment in
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captured in june of 2011. there will also be an auction possessions. so for example, the furniture inside his apartment, the proceeds from that auction would also be split up. any assets of bulger's discovered in the future would be given to the families. if they agree, they cannot sue in the future for a larger share. the families would have to agree to this in order for this all to move forward by the end of this month. live in south boston this morning, jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> sarah: a truck driver is in the hospital with serious injuries after an overnight crash on the mass. pike in sturbridge. the driver went off the road and hit a bridge. he was transported by helicopter to umass medical center. the impact of the crash ripped part of the truck open. it is unclear why the driver lost control. today, a massachusetts man who spent the last 30 years in prison for rape is waking up at home a free man. evidence in his case was called into question and yesterday, a judge released him. nicole oliverio has a closer
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bedford. bedford. >> reporter: rushing into the arms of his awaiting mother. >> freedom. free. >> reporter: george perrot, a free man after spending three decades behind bars. >> i have been in 30 years. a crime i didn't commit. >> reporter: perrot was convicted of beating and raping a 78-year-old woman in springfield back in 1985. 36 it is very clear he did not commit this crime. >> reporter: the victim herself said perrot didn't match the description of her attacker. judge kane found that physical evidence entered during the inconclusive. >> if life, there are so few times when any of us have a chance to write a major... to right a major injustice. >> reporter: for perrot's mother, opinions i can't say any more. i'm so happy. >> reporter: the f.b.i. used hair analysis that is now discredited. decide if they want to retry him, but the judge says the
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due to a lack of evidence. in new bedford, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> sarah: a developing story out of oregon: the standoff inside a wildlife refuge could soon be coming to an end. the four occupiers left inside surrender. the f.b.i. surrounded the building last night and have been in negotiations with the occupiers, hoping to end this standoff peacefully. the occupiers have expressed concern that f.b.i. agents will shoot them despite being reassured from people helping with the negotiations that they will not shoot. >> we are walking out. we don't need our weapons right now. they cannot fire upon you with the world watching. do you understand? the world is watching you. they cannot fire upon you. >> sarah: cliven bundy was arrested overnight. he is the father of the leader of the group occupying the refuge. four men arrested following a standoff in dorchester are
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robbed a store and then ran into a nearby apartment building last night. a swat team was called to the scene after a couple of hours. officers arrested the three suspects and another man who was inside the billing. >> they surrounded it. at that point, we had information that the suspects were in there. and there was a woman and a young child in there that we got out of there safely. three of the suspects are facing charges of armed robbery while wearing masks. new details in a deadly fire in fitchburg. officials believe an electrical problem sparked this fire. the fire chief says he was first to arrive on the scene wednesday because he lives he and a police officer pulled one man out of the home. firefighters rescued two other women, but one of them did not make it. school cafeteria worker pleading guilty to rape charges. prosecutors say janelle foley
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multiple times in 2013. the boy was not a student at the school where she worked. the judge sentenced foley up to four and a half years in prison. she will be required to register as a sex offender and wear a gps monitor after she is released. turning now to the race for hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in their next debate tonight. and all the candidates have next primaries in south carolina. christa delcamp has a closer look. >> christa: it is a smaller field now in south carolina with chris christie and carly fiorina out. >> question for people in south carolina is, what kind of person do you want behind the big decemberk? >> christa: john case lick try not to go negative. >> i'm not going to let somebody pound me. myself. >> the men and women of south carolina, i believe, want a consistent conservative. >> christa: donald trump has led every poll here in the last six months. in clemson, he bashed hillary
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in new hampshire. >> honestly, women don't like her. men don't like her. take a look at what's happening to her. >> christa: african-american lawmakers are coming to clinton's rescue. the congressional black koh cause will endorse her today. >> the people of south carolina are angry right now. they want a candidate that reflects them. >> christa: could that be bernie sanders? >> go your your own way. the revolution is possible. you are the revolution. >> christa: he will face off with hillary clinton at a debate tonight. christa delcamp, 7 news. >> sarah: sanders has raised more than $7 million since his win in new hampshire. coming up on 7 news at noon, a cruise ship finally home after a nightmare at sea. why some angry passengers are speaking out about their rocky journey. a warning this afternoon for students at b.u.: why police are asking them to keep a close eye on a certain kind of
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>> chris: heavy winter coats needed for the weekend. arctic air coming in. we still have to deal with a little chill and some snow squalls.
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>> sarah: 20,000 people are expected to head to fenway park tonight. the park is set to host a big air competition featuring extreme skiers and snowboarders. the grand prix tour event will be held at fenway today and tomorrow. pretty amazing. right? the ramp is 140 feet tall. more than one hundred feet taller than the green monster. if you can imagine. that competitors say they are looking forward to the event. >> i never figured in fenway. i mean, i do these kind of events a lot. this is probably my third one this season. in fenway park, it is insane. >> definitely really cool to be snow-boarding in a baseball stadium.
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that is for sure. >> sarah: that is for sure is right. incredible. this is the first time the park will host an event like this. if you are headed there tonight, it will be cold. bundle up. chris, we are hearing nothing compared to what valentine's weekend is going to be. right? >> >> chris: yeah. bitter cold. the coldest air we have seen this winter. likely, the coldest air we will have this winter over the weekend. if you are heading to fenway park this weekend, 20 degrees. 26 right now. 19 in worcester. we have a breeze today. 10-20 miles an hour. it is adding a chill to the atmosphere. feels more like 15 in boston. feeling like 3 in worcester. these values will be more like -20 to -30 late saturday night into sunday morning. we are dealing with cool wept today. some scattered snow showers and snow squalls. much of the activity has been light. every once in a while, you pick up on some deeper blues showing up. that is indicative of a burst of snow. not overweaponing here. although a couple of these snow squalls this afternoon
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gours briefly reduce visibility and coat the roads. we will keep an eye on that. from the northth shore into the south shore. you also notice there are breaks in the action. so not every town is going to see a coating or half an inch or an inch of snow. it will be sporadic. if you set up underneath these heavier squalls, then the town you are in, you get pretty much a coating to an inch of snow. you can see the nature of the game this afternoon. scattered about. some breaks of sun in between the scattered snow showers. and snow squalls out there. a lot like the springtime and summertime. when you get a couple of pop-up showers to pass on through. that is the theme as you go throughout the day. tonight, quiet. clear. it is cold tonight. single digits for a lot of us. close to ten in the city of boston. and then during the day tomorrow, forecast it's quiet. sunshine fading behind clouds. we want to stop in here. friday night into saturday morning, a brief burst of some snow. maybe an inch or two through southeastern massachusetts, the cape and the islands. friday night into saturday morning. before all of that arctic air
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through the day on saturday. so 26-32. the range this afternoon. add another couple of degrees. temperatures not moving much throughout the day. mostly clear tonight. it is cold tonight. 6-12, the average rain... the average range. the winds dimoney arab little bit. about 5-10 miles an hour tonight. tomorrow, sunshine. yielding to a few clouds in the afternoon. mostly cloudy day... skies by day's end. we continue the trend down. that arctic air will come into saturday afternoon. canada. in fact, there is even more bay. that is going to be working across hudson bay and all the way down into new england. we are talking about temperatures below zero. but we have a wind to contend with. the wind is going to drive these windchill values down. yes, ma'am. >> danielle: yeah. we could wake up to record -1 in boston.
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worcester. february has been mild so far. our average temperatures almost 7 degrees above normal. last february, not so much. it was the second coldest on record. speaking of, that was the last zero. i don't think anyone has minded the wait. as we head into tonight, this is what it is going to feel like. feeling like 3 in boston. these are windchills. if you are headed to fenway, for. this. nine below in boston. it is already going to feel getting colder as we head into for more on that, chris, back to you. >> chris: windchill -25. hills. worcester hills, the coldest on sunday morning. you have to figure if it is going to be this cold in southern new england, it is going to be cold in northern new england. if you are heading up skiing, central new england, it is going to... cover any exposed skin. this is the type of weather where you can get frostbite in
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on exposed skin. saturday afternoon into sunday morning, it will likely be -30, -40 across the mountains. the forecast, taking us through valentine's day into next week. monday is quiet. a cold start. a lot of suburbs near zero, if not below it. should be ten degrees monday morning. in the city of boston. close to 30 by the afternoon. monday night into tuesday, we will track some snow and ice in here. that will change over to rain during the day. tuesday into tuesday night. >> sarah: all right: still ahead, one mischievous dog making quite a scene in methuen. the german shepherd walking on to a highway. even shutting it down. popular jackets causing a stir at one boston college. why police are urging students
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>> sarah: police are encouraging students at be. touchlt keep an eye on their popular and expensive jackets. they have become a target for thieves. this canada goose jacket cost police at boston university say they have gotten multiple claims of thieves stealing these jackets if they are left in common areas around campus. students say they try to be protective of their pricey jackets. >> my friend, she was, like, moving to another dorm. and she left it, for, like, a
12:21 pm
she came back. her jacket was gone. >> if i work out, i will put it in the locker and lock the locker. >> sarah: police are having trouble finding these thieves. the jackets are usually stolen in places where there are no security cameras like locker rooms. also on 7: dog drama on a highway in methuen. this german shepherd lexi was found wandering in the middle of 495. cars rushing by as she trotted from lane to lane. state police eventually caught word and shut down the road to kimberly bookman has the story. >> reporter: it's as if this german shepherd is trying to explain how she ended here in the middle of interstate 495 south. a methuen police sergeant snapped this picture of the dog walking in and out of three-lanes of traffic. >> you don't often see that at all. a lot of motorists could have slammed on their brakes. they didn't want to injure the dog. >> reporter: officers slowed
12:22 pm
state trooper used a granola bar to get the pup off the road and into the cruiser. >> he was silly and sad. >> reporter: the nine-year-old dog named lexi was let out into a backyard wednesday afternoon. the owners didn't know she was gone until they got a phone call from animal control. >> she said "i'm in your driveway." i hung up and went out. there was the dog in the car. >> reporter: lexi has a tag and a chip. after she was brought home, her owners retraced the paw prints in the snow. if it wasn't for this picture, they wouldn't believe she managed to get a half mile away to a busy highway. >> just pounding in my stomach. i looked at it and i said, oh, yeah, it's her. >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> sarah: coming up next on 7 news, u.p.s. packages not handled with care. over. what's inside, extremely dangerous. a basketball match-up pits two brothers against each other. how one special-needs team wow it is crowd with just seconds
12:23 pm
>> sarah: this is one basketball game worth cheering about. a special-needs team bringing the crowd to its feet after nailing a money shot. it happened just seconds before the buzzer went off. and what's more: he was up against his own brother. >> he works incredibly hard at everything he does. >> reporter: 19-year-old robert lewis is the manager for his school's basketball team. he has down's sin chrome and last friday night, he was at their game against the university school of nashville when the head coach invited robert to suit up and sub in. >> i went and played basketball. not only that, but the opposing team sent robert's brother matthew to guard him.
12:24 pm
>> i got the ball. >> reporter: three-point hear the went up and in. there was still five seconds left on the clock. which explains the delay in what happened next. >> everybody was picking me up. >> reporter: his parents couldn't believe it. >> i have never seen so much love in one gym in my life. >> reporter: his coaches couldn't believe it. robert, he knew it. >> i knew that ball was going in. my reaction, i was going to jump up and down. i was so happy. >> reporter: since being posted, the video of robert scoring the three-pointer has been viewed more than a
12:25 pm
coming up next on 7 news, the horrifying scene in woburn. a 65-year-old man pinned to a car during a hit-and-run. now police are on the hunt for the driver. >> chris: scattered snow squalls, the theme for this afternoon. we move into the weekend. we are talking about close to record-setting cold. take a look at the numbers ahead. >> sarah: a lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. why the department of justice is calling for change. plus, the family of a young boy shot and killed by police in the spotlight again. what the city of cleveland is
12:26 pm
>> sarah: this afternoon we are continuing to track the cold weather, making its way into new england. a little overcast outside now.
12:27 pm
live you, may see some flurries. good afternoon, everybody. thanks for staying with us. i'm sarah french. the big story with the weather, of course, is the bitter cold. temperatures dropping into the 20's today. let's send it over to chris lambert with more. >> chris: sarah, good afternoon. about ten degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. and some locations like new bedford, doing the mid-30's yesterday afternoon. 26 now. 19 in worcester. 26 in boston. once again, tracking some scattered snow showers and squalls out there. brief bursts of heavy snow at times. up across northeastern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. and every once in a while, you can camp these deeper blues. they are in and out. they don't last all that long. there is one on 495 on the south side of methuen right now. this is sliding off to the east. that continues to be case over towards salem, beverly, topsfield as well. back into the danvers and peabody area. could get a brief localized burst of snow. same case along the south shore.
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plymouth. a little back-and-forth there. some of these squalls rolling on through. briefly reducing visibility. a quick coating of snow. there could be some slick spots. this go-round, temperatures are below freezing. unlike yesterday afternoon. temperatures generally running above the freezing mark. and forget freezing. we are below zero by sunday morning. we are talking about real cold air coming out of canada. right into new england. mid-20's to near 30 degrees this afternoon. and here is the pattern as the arctic charge is on for the weekend. we are talking about temperatures crashing saturday afternoon and saturday night. saturday morning, we are close to 20 degrees. then we are back into the single digits by dinnertime on saturday going below zero at night. and the winds will be driving the windchill factors down close to -20, if not close to -30 in the worcester hills by sunday morning. more on the forecast coming up. >> sarah: 7 news now in woburn. police are trying to track down a driver who slammed into a 65-year-old man and kept on going. it was caught on camera. the victim hanging on for dear
12:29 pm
today we are learning more about that terrifying ride. victoria warren has details from woburn. >> reporter: car slams into alfred peeka. the 65-year-old woburn man thought he was going to die. >> i thought he was going to kill me. >> reporter: surveillance camera captured it. the man behind the wheel, 29-year-old tyson delgado, was on the run from a police investigation. >> i turned to look, and the car came up over the curbing, over the sidewalk, hit me dead center. i landed on the hood of the car. >> reporter: he fought to hold on. >> i could feel him picking up speed. it felt like 60 miles an hour. i was hanging on to the hood of the car. >> reporter: police say delgado was wanted, accused of stealing from his job. he took off in the car with a woman in the passenger seat when the car stopped, peeka slid off and witnesses say initially, the suspect and his
12:30 pm
>> when they stopped, the girl, the passenger was really upset. screaming, yelling, seeing if the guy was okay. >> reporter: when police yelled at the pair to stop, delgado jumped in the car and took off again. peeka was left with a fractured ankle and toes. >> i kept on begging him. please, let me off your car. stop and let me off the car. that is all i wanted. >> reporter: that suspect is also accused of assaulting a police officer. he is still on the run. the victim has a message for the suspect. he is telling him to turn himself in. in woburn, victoria warren, 7 news. soon mayor marty walsh addressing safety on streets. he is encouraging people to partner with the city to help keep people safe while they are out and about. >> this is the beginning of 2016. four people in the city have died after being hit by a car or a truck while walking. three of those people were senior citizens. this is unacceptable. and we need to be doing more
12:31 pm
safety in our city. >> sarah: the mayor asked those who drive, walk, and bisickle to pay attention to the rules of the road. all right. the federal government offering the families of white where bulger's victims a deal. the u.s. attorney's office is offering that the families split the $822,000 in cash that was found inside bulger's california apartment when he was captured. they would also divide the proceeds from an auction of bulger's other belongings and would split any money connected to bulger that's possibly found in the future. but if they take this deal, the victims' family must agree in the future, they won't sue for a larger share. bulger was convicted of 11 murders in 2013. but this offer is being made to the families of all 19 victims that bulger was charged with murdering. as well as three extortion victims. so this deal is being offered to 22 families in all. we are following more news today. the department of justice is calling for change in ferguson, missouri. attorney general loretta lynch has filed a lawsuit against the city. it comes just one day after
12:32 pm
agreement aimed at improving the way the police department and courts treat minorities. the city of ferguson has been under scrutiny by the justice department since the death of a teenager at the hands of a police officer in 2014. >> the residents of ferguson have waited nearly a year for their city to adopt an agreement that would protect their rights and keep them safe. they have waited nearly a year for their police department to accept rules that would ensure their constitutional rights other police departments follow every day. >> reporter: negotiations over these reforms began last year when an investigation proved that the police department showed a pattern of discrimination against african-americans. the city of cleveland is asking the family of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police to pay a $500 ambulance bill. officers shot tamir rice in 2014. they say he was holding a toy pellet gun that looked like a real gun.
12:33 pm
his estate wednesday looking to be reimbursed for the ambulance ride. last december, a grand jury decided not to indict the officers involved. the anthem of the seas finally home. the cruise ship coming into port ending a nightmare on the high seas. as you can imagine, passengers have quite a story to tell. nancy chen has more. >> free at last! >> it was horrible. i can't even describe it. >> reporter: royal caribbean's anthem of the seas returned to new jersey last night. cutting short its week-long voyage to the caribbean. the cruise ship ran into a massive storm with severe winds and 30-foot waves. passengers and crew were told to remain in their cabins to ride out the storm. four passengers had minor injuries. some telling horror stories of their experiences as they got off the ship. >> 17 hours, it was like a roller coaster. you can't get off. >> it was scary.
12:34 pm
>> horrible, horrible. i don't want to talk about it. don't even want to talk about it. >> it all worked out in the end. >> i'm so glad to be home. a heck of a ride. >> a liar. a liar. all lies! wind speeds, everything. it was 12 hours of sheer torture. >> reporter: royal caribbean says its ships are built to withstand more extreme elements than what they had on sunday. that being said, it is fully refunding all of the passengers onboard. nancy chen, 7 news. >> sarah: a 94-year-old former guard at the auschwitz concentration camp will be on trial. the former sergeant is facing 170,000 counts of accessory to murder. he is accused of serving in the carve where thousandsle of jews were gassed to death. he claims he didn't work at the part of the camp where people were killed. he is scheduled to testify
12:35 pm
a police officer is shot in fargo, north dakota after responding to a domestic violence call. according to authorities, a 33-year-old police officer is in critical condition. he is not expected to survive. the suspected gunman was found barricaded himself for 11 hours. members of the department are devastated by the situation. >> tonight we are losing a brother. one of our fellow officers. i'm sorry. >> sarah: the swat team was called to the scene where they exchanged gunfire with the suspect. it is unclear if the suspect's gunshot wound was self-inflict in california, federal looking into a plane crash that killed two people in california. the small plane burst into wednesday. officials say there was no distress ugh signal and the plane's parachute was not deployed. a sheriff's dpty and a pilot were onboard.
12:36 pm
voted unanimously in favor of tougher sanctions against north korea after the country's recent nuclear and rocket test. the measure targets north korea's ability to assess the money it needs for developing nuclear warheads and a them. south korea is also moving to workers to close down an industrial complex that is jointly run by the two countries. also in the nation's capital: the president's nearly $2 billion request to combat the zika virus facing its first test on capitol hill. the director for the centers for disease control is testifying on the threats of the virus. president obama wants funds for mosquito control programs. vaccine research, education, and health care for low-income pregnant women. still ahead on 7 news, a daring dog rescue all caught on camera. how firefighters were able to save the k-9 from flames before it was too late. a man speaking out afterthis. his u.p.s. package is
12:37 pm
the dangerous contents inside the boxes. >> chris: a little bit of snow over the next few days. a whole lot of cold by the weekend. we will take a look at the
12:38 pm
>> sarah: caught on camera: a u.p.s. driver in miami carelessly tossing packages, causing the contents to spill out.
12:39 pm
man dropped three packages. one box contained handgun ammunition for target practice. some of the cartridges spilled out. the home owner says nothing broke. but he think it is driver should have been more careful. >> it was a safety issue. something you don't want to throw around. the boxes were clearly marked. small arms ammunition. it seems like they just don't care. >> sarah: the man personally contacted u.p.s. for answers. firefighters in california rescuing a dog from a burning home. the pup was pulled from a hiding spot in a back bedroom. everyone made it out okay. the dog was reunited with his owner. a man trips up a suspect running away from police in london. officers were chasing the suspect when the man simply sticks out his foot, sending that suspect tumbling to the ground. the police department tweeted out a thank you to the bystander. and he said he won't get in any trouble since the law protects people who help in an arrest. all right.
12:40 pm
the forecast this weekend, chris. if you have valentine's day plants, it is going to be cold out there. >> chris: it is. i can envision people wrapping scarves around themselves to protect themselves from the wind. a cold one out there. no question about. that saturday night into sunday. hey, at least this time of year, we are adding daylight fast. over the next month, we will add about 70 minutes of daylight. we go from a sunset of 5:11 to 5:44. you get it at the other end as well. the sunrise back to 6:00 in the morning by next month. big event at fenway park. big air tonight, tomorrow evening. if you are heading out after work, check it out. it will be cold out there. manageable cold. 20-22 this evening. about 18-20 on friday evening. a couple of scattered snow showers and flurries in the air this evening. it will be on the breezy side tonight as well. we continue to see an active breeze throughout the day. scattered snow showers and snow squalls. we have seen a lot of this lately here. the last couple of days.
12:41 pm
any particular town. flakes in the air once in a while. right now, some heavy bursts of snow. where you see the deep blues. the bursts of snow don't last that long. it is the nature of the snow squall. you get a quick burst of snow. then you may get a sunny period. then perhaps another burst of snow coming on through. right now, not much in the city of boston. a couple of flurries. steady band of moderate snow just offshore. this continues to push offsheer. it is moving away from the south shore coastline. right along-a right now, still have some snowfall ongoing. some breaks in the overcast, west of the city of boston. then you get more snow squalls back through the berkshires. kind of in and out of it through the afternoon. if you get underneath the heavier snow squalls, it can reduce visibility and give you a quick coating. there may be slick spots in a few towns that get the heavier snow squalls. all in all, though, we clear out overnight tonight. i expect temperatures tonight to drop down to single digits. the cold has been focused. rightly so on the weekend. sts still going to be cold overnight tonight.
12:42 pm
digits. before we get into the true arctic air charging in here, there will be an opportunity to camp a little bit of light snow overnight friday into saturday morning. and perhaps even a couple of inches of snow down through far southeastern massachusetts, the cape and the islands. 26-30 this afternoon. again, a coating to perhaps half an inch or an inch in a few towns with those snow squalls and snow showers rolling through. then we clear out tonight. 6-12, the overnight low. tomorrow, sunshine to clouds. more clouds in the afternoon. 22-26. and here is all of the cold air around hudson bay. that is going to be coming charging southbound. you will feel the difference beginning saturday afternoon. as temperatures start sliding back fast. in fact, we will go from 14 on saturday afternoon to 7 saturday evening. 2 at 11:00 p.m.. -3 at 7:00 a.m. windchill values, down to -25. will it be a record? >> danielle: certainly, a possibility sunday morning to
12:43 pm
we set that back in 1934. -11 is the record in worcester. it is going to be close, certainly. certainly, going to be cold. it really hasn't been too bad this february. temperatures have been above average. by almost 7 degrees. last february, a much different story. it was the second coldest on record. and we really haven't seen these really frigid temperatures below zero since last year. and it was actually right around this time. we focused a lot on the weekend cold. it is going to start to feel very chilly. it will feel like single digits as early as tonight in boston. and by tomorrow morning, it is feeling like -9 in boston. the good news, the cold isn't sticking around forever. and the bad news: this is only the beginning of it. huh, chris? >> chris: yeah, you know what? we will have a cold 48 hours. all of a sudden, we will warm things back up on tuesday. however, that storm monday night into tuesday will start as snow. go over to some freezing rain. and then over to rain. we are in the lower 40's by
12:44 pm
>> sarah: coming up, looks like matthew perry is ditching tv for the stage. how the "friends" star is
12:45 pm
>> sarah: a new tourist attraction along the california coast. high surf from el nino has brought to life a gambling 80 years ago. as adam williams shows us, people are getting their first look at history. >> pretty amazing. i have lived here all my life. i have been to this beach many times. i had no idea it was here. >> reporter: as the tide falls back along the beach in coronado, a piece of the past is unveiled. >> oh, my gosh. the shape of a ship. awesome. >> reporter: the remains of the s.s. monte carlo. the ship dates back to the 1930's. when california's mob-owned
12:46 pm
and prostitution would happen. anchored several miles off the coast in international waters, these ships had full casinos, dance halls and brothels. >> it was anchored off long beach in 1933. they were still getting a lot of pressure from the police to not have the gambling organization going. after a couple of years, they came down to san diego in 1936. >> reporter: three miles off the coast of coronado, the s.s. monte carlo set up shop. >> there were advertisements in the local tribune. dining, dancing, and dames. >> reporter: f ferries would leave the docks every 15 minutes bringing patrons aboard. all was running well until new year's day in 1937 when a storm moved in. >> high surf, rough seas. >> reporter: the is. s. monte carlo was in trouble. >> at 3:00 in the morning, the chain broke. it started drifting. >> reporter: she ran aground where she lies today. south of the hotel where the city took control of the ship. >> anything that was gambling-related, they tried
12:47 pm
>> reporter: the ship sat on a beach grave just to fade away. fast forward to 2016. people wade out in the water to see her. >> kind of feels like the titanic. report@piece of san diego history nearly 80 years later shows herself, reminding locals of days long gone. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> sarah: the ship was spotted back in january. sunday's conditions for best for exploring the wreck. coming up next, matthew perry penning a new play. how to former friends star is trading manhattan for london. >> chris: a little bit of snow for some of us. the weekend.
12:48 pm
>> sarah: harry potter headed into the jungle. daniel radcliffe is spending three weeks lost and trying to survive in the amazon. friends star matthew perry has swapped the television screen for the london stage. his playwright debut about four people feeling the pressures of life as they reach their 40's. perry's play runs at london's playhouse theater until may. let's get a final check on the forecast with chris lambert. >> chris: cold and breezy this afternoon. a couple of scattered snow squalls rolling on through. temperatures holding in the upper 20's to near 30 this afternoon. watch out for reduced visibility. if you get underneath one of the heavy squalls.
12:49 pm
though, the cold air. these are windchills by sunday morning, close to -20 in the city of boston. close to -30 in the worcester hills. up into southwestern new hampshire. the 7 on 7 forecast. snowflake on saturday morning, too. late friday night, early saturday morning. could get clipped with a little bit of snow. especially across southeastern massachusetts before the arctic air rushes in saturday afternoon. next storm system next week looks like a mass. some snow and ice going over to rain on tuesday. >> sarah: all right. that will do it for 7 news at noon. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. i'm sarah french. have a great afternoon. homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan, it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra
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