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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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tyson del geto. they we' -- they say while he was taking off in a white sedan he struck a 65-year-old man in a crosswalk. that, since that accident caught on videotape that you see. the person is 65-year-old al fled peeka. he is apparently going to survive. he talked to us last night. police say they caught delgado in a boston apartment this afternoon believed to be of his relatives. they say delgado was found hiding under a bed then was taken out without incident. expecting delgado to be brought here and within the hour police will talk to us about details behind the incident. dan hausle, 7 news. >> ryan: thank you so much. police are expected to give us more information about his arrest. when that happens we'll
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get the latest up dates on the mobile and tablet apps. >> jadiann: bundle up. a bitter blast heading into new england as we get a taste of some arctic air. wind chills adding to the frigid feel. >> ryan: if you think today is bad it's only going to get worse. jeremy reiner is here with how low it's going to go. >> reporter: we have a cold front moving through. that has been setting off pockets of snow flurries and occasional snow showers. we've one batch up through the merrimack valley, north ann. worcester hills as well as connecticut and rhode island. also heading southeast toward southeast massachusetts. this is cold front number one. this will set the table for a cold friday morning. temperatures tomorrow morning will head for the single numbers. we haven't been that cold since early january. the city at 24. norwood 23. worcester at 16. as you look up across northern new england, burlington, 12. albany at 14. but the real deal, the real cold stuff, the arctic
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on this map, that is the leading edge ever the arctic front. temperatures behind that front are dangerously cold. moosonee at 6 below. this is heading southeast. this is going to come saturday. especially saturday night. and sunday morning. so tomorrow it's chilly day. helps you to prepare you for the weekend with temperatures saturday morning briefly near 20 but otherwise plan on falling temperatures all day saturday and saturday night. here you go. saturday afternoon, at 4:00 pm temperatures in the lower teens. by 7:00 pm on saturday single numbers, approaching 0 by midnight saturday night and sunday morning i do think we'll be below 0. then it'll be the wind as well. this is the dangerous concern here. wind chills between 10-20 below, perhaps even 25 pro-on sunday morning. more about this bitter blast in a few minutes. >> ryan: a worker at a shelter for homeless families in lawrence facing troubling charges. police say he hit a
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with his mother and brother. steve cooper is live with the details. >> reporter: so the police report that we've obtained today outlines the disturbing details of how this 4-year-old boy who is oughtistic was slapped by this worker. police are investigating this here at police headquarters. they say he was slapped by this worker at the shelter then dragged down a hallway under a his mother is speaking out about all this. >> when he slapped him you could see all his fingers on my son's back. >> reporter: there is a picture of the welt left on tib. >> he had no reason to hit my son at all. >> reporter: his mother is speakings out after this man, 40-year-old rafael prado of lawrence was charged with injuringed boy who is autistic with a severe speech impediment. >> reporter: when you saw the welt -- >> when i saw the welt i just lost it.
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like i was screaming, i was shaking. >> reporter: police it happened inside carson nueva, a shelter for homeless families on jackson street. the map who works at the shelter struck the child on the back and dragged him down the hall, an incident captured on cameras inside the shelter. >> there is no putting this under the rug. your staff hit my child. once you sipe into a shelter my health and my son's safety is their responsibility. they failed us. >> reporter: according to the police report product prado said, i didn't mean to hit him so hard. doris is the shelter's director. >> let them investigate and find the truth and take it from there. >> reporter: i'm going to fight for my autistic son. i hope nobody ever has to go through this as a parent. >> reporter: the chief told me they're still investigating the allegations.
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released on $1500 cash bail. he returns to court next month but for now he doesn't work at the shelter. we're live in lawrence, steve cooper, 7 news. >> jadiann: we're getting breaking news on ray flynn. latest for us. >> reporter: the picture there is a car accident that earlier today. the former mayor was driving boston. so these are the pictures that we have. we know that e. m. s. responded. they're saying flynn is not injured but they did take him to the hospital to have him checked by doctors there. once again former boston mayor ray flynn has been involved in a car accident. we're checking his condition, staying on top of the story. for now i'm kim khazei. >> ryan: new details about a deadly fire in fitchburg. a second woman has died from her injuries. her sister died too. the fire tore through their house. officials believe the cause was an electrical situation.
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the white house heating up in milwaukee tonight. that is where the two democratic candidates will square off in a debate hold at the university of wisconsin. mean while republican candidates are shifting focus to south carolina ahead of the primary. wendy wolf has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: on the heels of benchy sander's landslide victory in new hampshire, tonight is the first real showdown between the two remaining democratic candidates. the self-described democratic socialist took a victory lap with public appearances in new york and meeting with activists and ms sentence anger reverend al sharpton. >> it's very important that he sent the signal that on the morning after a historic victory he would come to harlem and have break fast with me. >> reporter: the vermont senator is courtinged minority vote caughting his immigrant road to broaden
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>> i still love new hampshire and i always will. [applause] >> reporter: despite her blistering loss in the granite state, the congressional black caucus political action committee chose choose to endorse sect clinton. >> she has been our partner long storm system. we believe she made a difference. >> reporter: tonight's debate will be clinton's first public appearance after two days of private meetings with advisors about how to reenergize lagging support with women and young people. while the wisconsin primary is still more than a month away, tonight's location at the university of wisconsin, milwaukee, will help set the stage in this battle ground state in the general election. you can expect fireworks tonight surrounding gun control, income and equality and who is more progressive. the next caucus is in nevada february 20th. milwaukee. >> ryan: five people are facing criminal charges for
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that killed two people and leveled three buildings. the explosion happened last march. the owners and others have been indicted. they illegally siphoned gas from a sushi restaurant at the base of the building leading to the blast. >> they have to resist temptation to take the short cuts. when you tinker around with a gas system, electrical hookups has happened here you have in effect weaponnized the building. that power system and you could be held as here accountable for the harm you inflect. >> ryan: the group faces charges ranging from second gree manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide. >> jadiann: turning to a developing story out of mexico where 52 inmates have been killed killed killed in a prison riot. a fight escalated into the riot. pressers in set fire to the prison wearhouse. some prisoners may have escaped but authorities say the situation is now under control.
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oregon is finally over. the last protester surrendered to police this afternoon. four people were taken away from a national wild live refuge and by the f.b.i. mine mooar on how agents convinced them to sur render. >> reporter: after 41 days the last of four armed protestors holed up in a federal wild live refuge in oregon surrendered to authority but not before a defiant last stand. >> come out with your hands up? >> no, we're not. >> reporter: the f.b.i. surrounded the proest iters overnight leading to hours of tense negotiations. live streamed over the internet. the reverend franklin graham and another convinced occupiers to give up. >> we need you to stay calm here because we have to -- our, i'm listening to you. >> reporter: the occupation, part of a long running dispute over public use of federal lands was
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he was arrested last month and his father locked up today by federal agents. >> if you are doing civil disobedience you have to be able to stick your neck out. and deal with the consequences. think about the black lives matters protestors. >> reporter: one of the oregon protesters was killed last month in a showdown with police. the group's supporters stood vigil as negotiators barge yipped with the last hold out. >> it won't take very much prove vacation for something to go bad. >> reporter: the last of the protestors gave up but made it clear their surrender is not the end of the fight. brian mooar, nbc news. >> jadiann: the family of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police in cleveland could be heading to court. the city of cleveland is asking tamir rice's family to pay a $500 ambulance bill. officers shot rice in 2014 after they say he was helding a toy gun that being looked like a real gun. city filed a claim wednesday looking to be reimbursed for
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decided not to indict the officers involved. >> ryan: also a senate committee is working out ways to find funding to help fight the spread of the zika virus. the director of the cdc and the direct are 'of the n. i. h. were there to testify. the most important issue is to develop a vehicleons but they're learning more about it every day. >> zika is now. new diseases can be scary particularly when they affect the most vulnerable among us. the most important thing for americans to know if you are pregnant it's better not to travel to a place where zika is spreading and if you are pregnant in a place where it's spreading do everything you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites. >> jadiann: drawing drama on -- dog drama on the highway.
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the highway then shutting it down. >> ryan: police warning off an on-line threat. someone is preying on middle school students. >> jadiann: striking a deal the payout families of the victims in the whitey bulger could soon receive from the federal government but it comes with a catch. >> ryan: the driver of a car that plowed into a man in woburn and kept on going has been arrested. police expected to hold a news conference this afternoon with the details of his arrest. we'll bring it to you live. >> kris: we are at acton boxboro junior high school for this week's class act telling you about a local student who has been trying to brighten the lives of local veterans.
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>> jadiann: there were dog drama on a major highway in met especially. lexy wandering in the middle she trotted around from lane to lane. >> ryan: until police shut down the road to keep her safe. kimberly bookman reports with what the owners are saying about her great escape (barking). >> reporter: it's as if the german shepherd is trying to explain how she ended up in the middle of 495. a sargent snapped this picture of the dog walking in and out of three lanes of traffic. >> you don't see that at all. a lot of motorists could have! ed on the breaks because
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>> reporter: he was one of several officers that slowed cars to 20 miles an hour as a trooper used a gran aleo bar. >> he was silly and sat. >> reporter: her grandparent's own the dog named lexy. they let her out wednesday and didn't know she was gone until they got a phone call from animal control. >> she said i'm in your driveway. so i hung up and went out and there was the dog in the car. >> reporter: lexi has gone a tag and a chip. her owners retraced her paw brings in the snow. but if it wasn't for this picture they wouldn't believe she managed to get a highway. >> reporter: pounding in my stomach. i looked at it and i said oh, yes, it's her. >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news. for the weekend. perhaps a three-dog night.
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>> jadiann: the unique wayed mayor is getting people to throw away the gart butts. >> ryan: two people reunited after they were' separated by a war. now they're getting back together just in time for justice department. >> jadiann: we're following breaking news. the driver of a car that plow nod a man and kept on going has been arrested. police expect to hold a news conference this afternoon with the details of the arrest. we'll bring it to you live right here on 7 news. stay with us. (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is
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right, we've had a mild february so far. things are about to change. >> jadiann: they're going to change in a big way. jeer re is talking about how cold it's going to be with the wind chill. >> ryan: you are going to feel that saturday night, sunday morning. >> jennifer: it will be really cold air coming in on saturday. bitterly cold saturday evening through sunday morning, even tomorrow morning it's cold.
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sneaky cold for you because we have not had a cold february. the end of january was very warm. so don't get caught offguard by that but as quicklies a the cold comes in it's right back out next week. so that our next real storm threat looks like it's a rainstorm on tuesday. jet stream this week not allowing the bitterly cold air to come into the northeast all at once. there has been seeping into new england with each passing day. again tomorrow will be a little colder than today but we release the hounds for saturday and sunday as a bitterly cold chunk of air flows right out of canada. churchill 26 below. moosonee at 6 below zero, here in the city 24 above. you ain't seen nothing yet. there is it a cold front moving through. there has been popping off isolated snow showers and snow flurries, here is the arctic express. that comes barreling into
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some leftover snow flurries and snow showers. one batch up to north shore fizzling as we step over the next couple of hours and another batch out to the woonsocket. heading for the south shore. much ado about nothing, temperatures lower 20s. worcester at 16. we had the big air event at fenway park. no bitterly cold air. chilly but it's wind. there is snow. so few flurries out there but dry tomorrow. tonight clearing. colt tonight with lows for many of you tomorrow morning down in the single numbers, boston around 11. norwood at 4. worcester at 5. jaffrey at 3. mornings hard to come by. you have to go back to january 5 before you find a morning that will have tomorrow morning january 5th boston had a low of 8. tomorrow around 11. then come a cold day. wind chills in the deeps tomorrow. the actual air temperatures
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boston 28 tomorrow afternoon. worcester hills also rolling through the middle 20's fitchburg at 24. more clouds in the afternoon for the worcester hills and chatham at 27. go. saturday briefly near 206789 don't let that catch you offguard because temperatures will fall quickly during the day on saturday. as the arctic front comes ripping through southern new england. there might be a couple of isolated snow showers front. but really it's about the serious cold saturday night and sunday morning. here are the temperatures. sliding downhill fast. then you notice the wind chills also going down to dangerous lows. by midnight saturday night the wind chill is near 20 pro- valentine's day mostly sunny sky, temperatures start pro-0679 even in boston around 3 below which will tie the record. just a one-day thing. by the afternoon you are 30 and look at tuesday, flirting with 50. see you at 4:30. >> ryan: thank you, get a check of the drive home. here is joe stapleton with an update. >> reporter: getting a
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expressway commute. this is the right travel lane being blocked by a couple of cars involved in a crash. pushing traffic back on the ramp certainly. taking a look at route 93. that is where all the red is. jammed up down around the braintree area then exclamation point to the bottom of the screen is a crash on 128 southbound. down by the route 24 off-ramp. heading for 128 and the mass pike a tight ride there at the top of the screen. it continues heavy as well. 495 out to metro west, not moving too badly by route 9 or heading up to route 2. moving nicely. downtown we're not so lucky here. 93 northbound and southbound dealing with delays. 93 close to a 45-minute ride now leading away from the camera heading out to route 128. i'm joe stapleton, 7 news. >> jadiann: next on 7 news a ups driver under
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caught on camera tossing packages. what the home owner is saying. >> ryan: a dog rescued from a raging fire. how firefighters were able to pull the dog to safety before it was too late. >> jadiann: shoes crip passengers are lucky to be alive after a rough ride on the high seas requirements occupation in oregon over as the last four hold outs
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> ryan: breaking news here at 4:30, former boston mayor ray flynn has been involved in a car accident. happened while he was driving near his home in south boston, here is a look at the pictures from the scene. e. m. s. did respond. flynn was not injured but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. much more ahead on 7 news at 5:00. >> jadiann: breaking today a suspect arrested after this hit-and-run that happened in woburn. a driver slamming no a 65-year-old man. you can see it all in the video. it was captured on the camera. the victim holding on to the hood of the car requirements
4:26 pm
the suspect is in custody. kim khazei has more. >> reporter: the suspect was a-- suspect was arrested this afternoon in mattapan. tyson delgado wanted not just for his role but for larceny. officers were interviewing him with the larceny when he took off and that is when he hit the pedestrian with his car. he did say and we're seeing the hit-and-run on video. we see the moment of impact 65-year-old man dragging him on the hood of the car before finally stopping. the man slides off. alfred pica taken to the injury. when he fell off the car he couldn't feel anything from his knees down. you saw his bottom of his treg there in a cast. he says he is happy to be alive after some terrifying moments. police are expected to give us more information soon about their suspect's arrest. now at the breaking news desk i'm kim kzei, 7 news. >> ryan: polic in
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