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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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an unline threat targeting middle school children. police received a report of suspicious activity on instagram. >> jadiann: someone tried to follow local students on their instagram accounts. kimberly bookman live for us with details. >> reporter: this invitation to connect came from an account with no picture but the name was so familiar students connected without a second thought. it started with a request on instagram. up to 15 northboro middle schoolers asked to call m.m.s.6th grate. thinking it stood for their school they accepted but when one girl did she showed her mom. >> there was pornographic images. >> reporter: that mom reported it to police who in turn immediately warned other parents that this was going on. >> it's scary. i mean, you got to wonder what people are are out there they're going to target children. >> reporter: officer told parents to see what their
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media and who their friends are. >> i always check their account. >> reporter: detextives launched an investigation to find out who this account belongings to taking this very seriously not just because of the pornographic pictures but because of the what they could lead to. >> it can morph into more than that. lure them into sending pictures of themselves. there is no good things can happen out of it. >> reporter: at this time police do not know if this account belongs to a person living locally, nationally or internationally. they say it could take self more weeks before they find out. reporting live from northboro, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> ryan: marty walsh addressing safety on the streets is encouraging people to partner on the street keeping people safe. >> the beginning of 2016, four people in the city have died after being hit by a car or a truck while walking. three of those people were senior citizens. this is unacceptable.
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ensure residents' safety in our city. >> ryan: the mayor is asking anyone who drives, walks or rides a bike to pay attention to the rules of the road. >> jadiann: new at 4:30 mayor walsh launching a new program to keep the city clean. the cigarette butt boxes will be put in seven busy lobbies and labeled with fun pole questions to let smokers vote with their butts. he hopes that will encourage smokers not to throw their butts on the ground and keep the city clean. the mayor has a few idea for polls on the boxes. >> maybe some of it, yankees, are being, see who throws more butts in what thing. [laughter.] yankee oneill be filled ride away. but looking at different ways, different ways of trying to promote clenliness in our streets. this is, a lot of people are calling me saying somebody throwing a cigarette it backs everything up so another policy to keeping
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>> jadiann: the program will include a social media aspect where poem can submit questions. >> ryan: police are encouraging students at bu to keep an eye on their popular and very expensive jackets. police at bu say they've gotten reports of thieves stealing jackets if they're left in common areas around campus. students say they try to be protective as they can of their pricy jackets. >> my friend, she was moving to another dorm and she left it for a minute. and she was gone. she came back. her jacket was gone. >> if i go work out i'll lock the locker. >> ryan: place are having trouble finding thieves because the jackets are usually stolen and in places where there are no cameras like lockerrooms. >> jadiann: a south florida home owner is speaking out after video caught a ups driver tossing a package on his front lawn. it caused the contents to spell.
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driver is under investigation. watch closely. what looks like a routine delivery spills over into a cleanup job for a married couple. >> it was surprising. the last thing i expected. we usually have good luck with ups. they set the packages on the door step. this time they decided to pitch them over the gate. >> reporter: kevin said the delivery guy had good reason to take better care of his packages. >> two of the boxes were heavy. the other one had a big rad fleggle stricker, all of force. >> reporter: getting pennsylvania the front gate -- go they could have walked them in. i noticed they had a helper and they didn't bother to properly deliver the packages. >> reporter: the delivery guy don't bother to lock back. nothing broke but the impact scattered cartridges across the pavement.
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to throw around. the boxes were clearly marked they were' marl arms ammunition. >> reporter: ups issued a statement about what happened. a public relations manager said in an e-mail "we're investigating the incident." >> seems like they don't care. >> jadiann: he says he tried to contact ups. he didn't get any answers. >> ryan: miami police are searching for a suspect after this happened. a biker rear ended by a car when he was stopped. moment of impact caught on video. rush rosh low has story. >> we stopped the before impact. >> it's too graphic to show on tv. >> reporter: 21-year-old jonathan on his motorcycle when he is hit from behind. it all happens in the area of southwest 7th street early sundays morning. >> the vehicle stopped a block away, gets out briefly then takes off again. >> reporter: police were
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they have arrested luiz sanchez. >> we found him office the vehicle after resetting, he was able to -- resisting he was able to be taken into custody and he was able to later on i guess come clean with us and tell us that he was the one driving and he noticed he hit something. he didn't know what it was. he stopped. came back. saw what had just taken place but saw the police and fled again. >> reporter: beara in a medically induced coma, we spoke with his girl friend. >> i love him so much. i want him to get better. >> reporter: witnesses played a big role in the case. they helped police track the suspect down. in miami rosh lowe, 7 news. >> jadiann: a bystander trips up a suspect running away from police. officers were chasing the suspect in london when the man simply sticks his foot out. police department tweeted out a thank you to the bihander and said he won't get in any trouble since the
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in an arrest. california firefighters rescue a dog from a home engulfed in flames. pup was pulled from his spot in a backbed room and carried to safety. everyone in the home got out. the dog was reunited with her happy owner. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> ryan: a basketball matchup pits two brothers against each other. how a team with special needs wows the crowd with seconds to spear. >> jadiann: sea lion recovering after taking center stage at a restaurant looking for lunch. there the viral sensation now on the mend. >> ryan: this is a great story here, couple separated by war reunited after years apart just in time nor valentine's day. >> jadiann: cruise ship finally home after a nightmare at sea. what passengers are saying about their rocky road back to shore. >> ryan: the driver after car that plowed into a man
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>> ryan: this is one basketball game worth cheering about. a teen with special needs bringing the crowd to its feet after nailing a money shot. >> jadiann: he was up against his own brother. sarah french has the story. >> he works incredibly hard at everything he does. >> reporter: 19-year-old robert louis is the manager team. he has downs syndrome and last friday he was at their game against the university school of nashville when a head coach invited robert to suit up and subin. >> i went in and played basketball. not only that but the opposing team sent reports' brother matthew to guard him and robert got the ball.
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five seconds and in the 4th quarter. i was in -- >> reporter: a 3 pointer that went up and in. [applause] there was still five seconds left on the clock. which explains the delay in what happened next. >> after the game, everybody robert. >> reporter: about the moment that has gone viral it. >> inform' never seen so many love in one life. >> a moment i don't think we'll special anything more special. knew it. in. i was about to jump up and down. i was so happy. >> reporter: since being
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has been viewed more than 1 million times. i'm sarah french, 7 news. >> ryan: coming up here, a sunken treasure unveiled as theian" reveals one of its secrets. >> reporter: the joe ocean 40 degrees, that will be a hot spot. >> jadiann: families of victims in the whitey bulger case could soon receive money from the federal government. >> ryan: dramatic standoff in oregon reaches an end as
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>> jadiann: high surf from el nino brought a new tourist attraction to lye on the california coast. a gambling ship that ran aground nearly 80 years ago emerged when the surf wiped away the sand that buried it.
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their first look at history. >> this was my own chance to see a shipwreck. >> amazing. i lived here and i've been to the beach many times, i had no idea it was here. >> oh, my gosh, it's the shape of a ship. awesome. >> reporter: people can see some parts of the ship up close like it's electrical system. so close to the shore there. that makes it is so amazing. >> ryan: look back at history. i think of "the goonies" when i think that. what about that? >> reporter: any money over there? right. that is what i would want to know. boston is 24. plymouth at 23. worcester at 16. fitchburg 20. you don't et bet the house. you bet the ship. scattered snow showers moving through the merrimack vale as well as cape ann. there is another clutch down here we're watching for you. sometimes these can flare up like a summertime storm but they're not doing that. they're going the other direction and fizzling out. it's a cold front moving through. which will set us up for a
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all of the headlines are for the weekend and rightfully so. this is dangerous cold but this one coming through late tonight and tomorrow morning will set us back to temperatures we've not seen since the first few days in january. we have he a very mild winter in the sense of morning lows clearing and cold tonight. it will be quite cold tomorrow morning for the commute. with mostly sunny skies. boston tomorrow morning around 11. norwood at 4. worcester at 5. then through the day tomorrow it's a cold day. it's not too bad. mostly sunny sky, clouds show up throughout the afternoon. keep the wind chills in the upper teens. temperatures tomorrow between 24-28. then here comes the arctic hammer on saturday with hours. maybe a random snow shower with the arctic front blasting through. and that 20 is deceiving because i don't think that happens after 8:00. if we're going to be near 20 degrees it will be for a couple of house early
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otherwise as the arctic beast is charging through a cold blast of air takes hold. the numbers go down. here we are at 4:00 pm on saturday. numbers are in the deeps. 7:00 pm single numbers, 11:00 around 2:00 and we've also displayed the wind chill because the cold and wind working against you. it'll feel like 12 below saturday night. i know it's valentine's day and coming at us. keep your plans. we've breaking news back to you. >> ryan: take you out to woburn. the president conference on the arrest of the man. >> i'm pleased to announce that approximately three hours ago, tyson del goodo was apprehended with the assistance of the boston police department for his outrageous criminal actions yesterday morning. this was a very disturbing incident involving a career criminal who showed reckless disregard for the safety of
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community at large. the person assaulted a woburn uniformed police officer, struck a woburn resident in his motor vehicle causing extreme personal injury to this person. he fled the scene and was left the scene at that point. this is not a common occurrence in the city of woburn. we pride ourselves on having a vibrant safe community thanks to the police department. i'm extremely proud in incidents like this when it does happen that we have a well-equipped, well-trained professional police department. this subject will definitely face his day in court. at this point i would like to thank the people involved yesterday. chief rulo for his woburn police department has done a
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was find in keeping my office asurprised of what was going on and keeping people involved in the ins didn't which happened over in a school area. i would also like to thank the woburn police officer and the officers for their). the state police for their assistance. the boston police for their assistance as well as the local community. i would like to at this point bring on captain rufo. he will explain more of the details of the case. >> thank you. as the mayor said we have to announce tyson delgado was brought into custody in conjunction with the boston police fugitive unit, mass state police violent fugitive apprehension section. under captain murphy's leadership our detentives coordinated with the other two units and brought delgado into custody. he is being charged with larceny, assault and battery, leaving the scene of a personal injury,
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person over 65. negligent operation of a motor vehicle, additional charges may be forthcoming. >> can you describe where he was found and how the arrest went down? uneventful. he was located on wilcox street in dorchester. >> reporter: was he standing up? >> he was inside a residence? >> we believe it was a relative. >> he was in a bedroom. bed? >> that is what we -- yes. >> was -- >> reporter: what took you to the house there? >> just the continuation of the investigation led us into boston. >> any relatives helpful? >> no. >> reporter: you didn't get -- >> cooperating witness. >> reporter: how did he leave woburn yesterday? >> i don't know. in the tension of the investigation we're going to
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>> reporter: this -- we're called to a business location in north woburn. they wanted to report a larceny. delgado who had, he was at the business location where he previously worked hi wanted to make a deal with the owners. something transpired between the people involved. he asalted the police officer. >> reporter: why is he charged with armed robbery? >> he is not. >> that might be part of a different charge from book booking in boston. >> >> reporter: why was he in woburn. >> he work there had criminal. >> reporter: hard of record does he have? >> lengthy criminal history. >> violent? >> yes violent history. >> reporter: can you talk about the desire to catch the guy. you brought in a lot of resources, violent apprehension force, tell us what importance you put on
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>> we're very relieved. we dedicated extensive resource from this police department as well as i said the state police, and the boston plus fugitive unit and everybody worked until he was brought into custody this afternoon. >> reporter: why is it so important to get this guy? >> he is a dangerous career felon. >> reporter: he was original knack speaking to the officer. >> yes. >> still part of the investigation. >> reporter: what was the business and what deal was he trying to make? >> it involved larceny of, he wanted to repay the business, as fault corporation. >> reporter: he wanted to try to do what? >> make restitution for larceny. >> did he with a bad credit card -- >> that is part of the investigation. >> reporter: you say he was trying to pay them back. >> trying to make a deal with the company to repay what was taken. >> reporter: what he had allegedly taken? >> yes.
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describe, i'm sorry, was the officer already there? >> they called knowing he was arriving so there won't be a problem. >> what sort of assault are we talking about? >> thank you. >> ryan: talking about the arrest of tyson delgado, he is charged with many crimes but the most serious being the fact that he allegeedly man. he was on the hood of the car for a while. he is facing a number of charges. he was located in dorchester at a relative's house. >> jadiann: saying he was under a bed when police found him. they put in a lot of resources to get this man who they say was a violent criminal. very happy to have him off the streets. going to continue to follow this and going to go to break and the be back in a
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>> jadiann: much more news here in the next 90 minutes, i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 5 starts now. >> kim: breaking news, former boston mayor ray flynn taken to the hospital after an accident in south boston. >> ryan: the driver who police say was mind a
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tracked down in boston. >> reporter: arctic cold heading this way for the weekend. >> kim: the big payout that could be on the tabling for families of whitey bulger's victims. >> ryan: a standoff in oregon coming to a peaceful event. the last protester agreeing to sur render. >> kim: hillary clinton getting the key endorsement heading into tonight's democratic debate. can minority voters help her struggling campaign. >> you can't get off of and >> kim: cameras as cruise ship passengers pull into port. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> kim: we begin with breaking news at 5:00. it concerns the former mayor of boston. mayor ray flynn involved in an accident this afternoon. you saw the in south boston. >> ryan: he was taken to the hospital. elizabeth norieka is lye --
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>> reporter: we're continuing to get new information about this incident. you can see mind me crews are working on repairing the side of a building where we're told that the mayor hit earlier this afternoon. if you look over this way, down this private drive on flint place you can see the caution tape put up. there most of the area is boarded. this was the scene earlier. crews working on repairing a large hole in the side of the home in south boston. the mir's office tells us former boston player rare flynn was in a car accident earlier today. this is near his home. it's right across from it and he was not hurt but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police captain tweeted out photos of a large hole in the wall of the home. the accident did not affect the structure's stability. flynn served as mayor of boston from 1984 until 1993. he was later appointed u.s. ambassador to the vatican by


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