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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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>> reporter: we're continuing to get new information about this incident. you can see mind me crews are working on repairing the side of a building where we're told that the mayor hit earlier this afternoon. if you look over this way, down this private drive on flint place you can see the caution tape put up. there most of the area is boarded. this was the scene earlier. crews working on repairing a large hole in the side of the home in south boston. the mir's office tells us former boston player rare flynn was in a car accident earlier today. this is near his home. it's right across from it and he was not hurt but was taken to the hospital as a precaution. police captain tweeted out photos of a large hole in the wall of the home. the accident did not affect the structure's stability. flynn served as mayor of boston from 1984 until 1993. he was later appointed u.s. ambassador to the vatican by
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the ins accident is still under -- incident is still under investigation, we tried to talk to him but he was not home. a family friend stopped by to visit him. he said that his son said that he is doing okay. live in south boston, lysz lids, 7 news. >> ryan: breaking tonight police make an arrest in connection with a hit-and-run in woburn yesterday that injured a 65-year-old man. the suspect was tracked down in boston. dan hausle live in woburn tonight where police just held a news conference. announcing that arrest here of this man that they put out the mug shot of. this is the guy who assaulted a police officer then ran from police and ran down a 65-year-old man while running from police. all this yesterday afternoon. officers from the state police violent fugitive section arrested tyson del geto in boston. they found him in a relative's house hiding and you bed. that is a far cry from yesterday when they were' talking to him about a credit card lessny.
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police say not long after that delgado was behind the wheel of a car that hit a 65-year-old man walking in a crosswalk and he kept going. the hit-and-run caught on a nearby sush veilance camera. police talked about the importance they put on catching del gado. >> this was a very disturbing incident. involving a career criminal who showed reckless disregard for the safety of those around him. and in our community at large. the person assaulted a woburn police officer, uniformed police officer, struck a woburn resident in his motor vehicle causing extreme permanent injury to this person. >> reporter: the man was hit, a 65-year-old alfred pica, he suffered wounds to his legs and ribs but talked to us last night saying he wassing abouting to be let off the hood of the car and today we talked to him again. he said that the man who hit
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glad they has been caught. tyson delgado will be arraigned in court tomorrow. 7 news. alert. the national weather service issuing a wind chill watch for the weekend. there is already a chill in the air and temperatures will drop even more. when you factor in the wind it's going to feel very cold out there. it's an arctic front and it's barreling in for the weekend. >> ryan: we could be dealing with record cold. jeremy reiner is tracking this blast. he joins us with you will a the deet takes -- all the details. >> reporter: teens and 20s from, a different cold front that will set you up for a cold friday morning commute. burlington at 9. orange at 14. the cold front kicking off a showers. but this overhere, here is the front showing itself up across southern canada. behind that the air is dangerously cold. moosonee 8 below. big trout lake at 17 blow.
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this cold air, this comes charging out of canada it'll blast through new england during the day on saturday. when it does get through new england it'll send wind chills down below 0 by saturday evening. overnight saturday night and through the day on sunday. we do have a wind chill watch in effect. mid day saturday through mid day sunday. wind chills between 20-30 below. even in metro boston. i think the wind chills will be around 15-20 below zero, here are the temperatures on saturday. teens in the afternoon. near 0 by late saturday night. below 0, even in the city of boston sunday morning with a wind chill around 25 below. let you know how long this arctic air plans on sticking around. >> kim: the family of a one-year-old girl who died in cambridge in the care of a nanny filed a lawsuit. the girl's parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against ashley brady mccarty five months after prosecutors dropped murder charge against the nanny.
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baby in 2013 when the little girl had some bleeding in her brain. a medical examiner first determined the death a homicide but changed the ruling saying the cause of death could not be determined. brady mccarty was deported in september. she back in ireland now. >> ryan: families of whitey bulger's victims could be close to striking a deal with the feds but it comes with a catch. brandon gunnoe is live with all those details. >> reporter: uncle sam is saying let's make a deal. take the money but if you do, don't come asking for more later. whitey bulger was quinted of 11 murders in 2013 but the federal government is offering the families of all 19 victims including three extortion victims a deal. split $822,000 in cash that was found inside whitey's apartment in california as well as any proceeds from an auction of bulger's other belongings. if they take the deal they are agreeing they'll not sue
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future. so, in case you are wondering $822,000 split 22 ways is a little more than $37,000 a piece. live outside federal court, brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> kim: truck driver in the hospital with serious injuries after an overnight crash on the mass pike in sturbridge. the driver wept off the road and hit a bridge. impact of the crash ripped open part of the truck as you can see. still unclear why the driver lost control. signs of heart break 234 can't oop as community hour, the death of two people killed by falling tree limbs. hundreds of people came together in honor of a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old man killed. the pink and green ribbons hanging in their memory. >> ryan: 41 days the occupation of a wild live refuge is coming to an end.
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themself in this afternoon. after 41 days the last of four armed protestors holed up oregon surrendered to authorities. up? >> no, we're. no you going to to have to kill us. >> reporter: the f.b.i. sur runnedded protestors leading to hours of tense negotiations live streamed "the internet. franklin graham and michele fiore convinced occupiers to give up. >> you need to -- our. >> are you listening. >> the protests occupation part after long running dispute over public use of federal lands was originally led by ammon bundy. he was arrested an his father locked up today by federal agents in portland. >> if you are doing civil disobedience you have to be able to stick your neck out consequences. matters protestors. >> reporter: one. oregon protestors was killed with police.
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vigil as negotiators barge innained with the last-- bargained with the last hold outs. >> reporter: all four made it clear their sur render is not the end of the fight. the four are expected to be arraigned on friday. 16 people are facing criminal charges related to the standoff. >> kim: democrats are squaring off in wisconsin tonight. the stakes are high. political experts saying hillary clinton needs to come off strong and settle nerves after a big new hampshire loss. for bernie sanders need to keep up momentum. jadiann thompson has more >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton are campaigning in more diverse states than before and have been working to gain the support of minority leaders as well. tonight is the first real showdown between the two remaining democratic candidates.
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democratic socialist took a victory lap with public appearances in new york and meeting with activists and al sharpton. >> it's very important that he sent the signal that on the morning after a historic victory he would come and have breakfast with me. >> reporter: trailing hillary clinton among african american voters he is courting the minority vote touting his immigrant broads. to broaden his appeal. >> i still love new hampshire and i always will. >> reporter: despite her blisserring loss in new hampshire the congress a black caucus pac choose to endorse saint clinton. >> she has been our partner long-term. we believe she has made a difference. >> reporter: tonight's debate will be clinton's first public appearance after two days of private meetings with advisors about how to reenergize lagging support with women and young people. while the wisconsin primary is more than a month away,
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university of wisconsin milwaukee will help set the stage in this battleground state for the general election. some of the topics expected tonight include gun control, income and equality. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> ryan: the republican today. 63rd birth day. someone in the crowd passed him a balloon. he took it to pose for a picture. ohio governor kasich making a few stops today. kasich told supporters he is going to be competing as hard to gain even more momentum in south carolina. last night trump spoke in front of thousands gathered at an arena near clemson university. his first rally since winning the new hampshire. >> kim: the city of
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family of a boy to pay a -- officers shot tamir rice in 2014. he was holding a toy pellet gun that looked like a real one. the city filed a claim against his estate looking to be remorsed for the ambulance riot ride. last december a grand jury decided not to indict the officers involved. >> ryan: markets ending down after oil prices continue to drop and the fief has decided -- federal reserve decided to raise interest points. the nasdaq is over 16 points done. >> kim: cruise ship passengers talking about a terrifying or deal on the high seas. >> ryan: the program helping people get behind cars clean as possible. >> in one hour the mayor launching a new program to keep streets clean and help smokers butt out in boston. >> ryan: queen b. hitting a low note.
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her at gillette stadium this summer. those stories and more coming up on 7 news. >> kris: we are at acton-boxboro junior high school for this week's class act telling you about a local student who has been trying to brighten the lives of local veterans. hear his story friday morning on today in new
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>> the movie titanic, old people laying in bed saying good-bye for the last time that's what we felt like. >> vacation nightmare over for passengers aboard a ship that went into a storm. that storm just relentlessly battered the ship. >> ryan: as nancy chen shows us passengers had plenty to say about the conditions when they finally stepped on to solid ground. >> free at last. >> i can't even describe it. >> reporter: royal caribbean's anthem of the seas returned to new jersey last night cutting short its week long voyage to the caribbean. after a day out at sea the ship ran no a massive storm with severe winds and 30 foot waves. passengers and crew were told to remain in their cabins to ride out the storm. passengers had minor injuries, some telling stories of their experiences as they got off the ship. >> 15 hours, like on a roller coaster, you can't
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>> scary but -- >> horrible. >> horrible. don't even want to talk about it. >> just like the movie. it all worked out in the end. >> a heck of a ride. >> he lied. >> all lied. >> what was lies? >> wind speeds, two hours, it was 12 hours of sheer torture. >> reporter: a lot of chaos and royal caribbean says it's shifts are built to withstand even more extreme elements but that being said it's fully refunding all passengers on board. nancy chen, 7 news. >> kim: next on 7 long lost love. the internet brings together this couple after 70 years just in time for valentine's day. >> reporter: great reunion there. how about valentine's day forecast? cold.
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>> ryan: a live look outside, beautiful out there but you can feel how cold it god today. from yesterday, i can't imagine what it's requesting saturday into sunday. >> kim: we have to be and j.r.
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>> reporter: the record sunday morning for boston is 3 below. i think we're going to tie it and perhaps we get even colder. unreal cold coming our way. we have a cold front moving through now that. is why we have the snow squalls and flurries. temperatures at this time are dropping through the teens and 20s. the city at 22 at this time. plymouth at 22. fitchburg at 17. for the rest of tonight skies will be mostly clear. again cold but not bitterly so. thankfully each of these nights it's cold but normal winter cold with a couple of flurry, after tonight lows heading for the single numbers to teens. hyannis at 14. many of you, your friday morning numbers will be in the single numbers. it has been a while since cold. you have to go back to january 5th. first week in january where you find a morning commute that features temperatures this low.
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numbers, so a bit of a shack to the system but it build you up for what is come down the pike. coiled tomorrow, sun then clouds showing up throughout the afternoon. wind chills tomorrow in the teens with the actual air temperatures between 24-28. so that is cold front number one. here is cold front number two. this is the real mccoy. good luck running away from this because this air comes charging out of canada during saturday morning. as it's moving through it might kick off a rand am snow shower but it's about the cold and the wind. serious cold. setting the stage for dangerously cold wind chills. briefly saturday morning the numbers will be around 20 but by 4:00 numbers will be in the teens. single numbers but you notice the wind chills we have on here as well for you. it'll feel like 12 below. midnight saturday night it'll be close to 0. there you go on sunday morning, forecasting 3 below in the city of boston.
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merrimack valley in the worcester hills. so cold we do have a wind chill watch in effect. mid day saturday through midday sunday. meaning the wind chills will be between 15-25 below in some locations. again central and western massachusetts. those wind chills at times around 25-30 below. saturday 7:00 pm forecast and wind chill of wind chill below. kean 30 below then as we run through saturday night and sunday morning, the wind chills stay low. dangerously so. between 15-20 below. so the record on sunday morning again for boston is 3 below back in 1934. that was the year that we referenced a lot last wednesday. february in particular was bitterly coiled. last february for boston was the coldest since 1934 so there it is again. epic year 1934. you guys will get close with your temperature expected to
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if anything it's a cameo bus by monday it's cold in the morning but near 30 in the afternoon. believe it or not our next storm on tuesday i'm thinking rain and temperatures on tuesday up near 50 degrees. unreal. >> ryan: a world war ii veteran and his girl friend again. he is 93. she is 88. they found their way back to each other. >> kim: it started with an internet search. 93-year-old norwood thomas florida from virginia to as you australia to make joyce morris reconnecting with his long lost love. >> how are you feeling? >> a little nervous. >> reporter: are you excited by it all? >> oh, yes. >> you are still vert wall. >> reporter: -- vertical. >> reporter: the pair sue each forefor the -- saw -- morris was a 17-year-old
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21-year-old paratrooper. they lost touch but reconnected. a fund-raising campaign raised money for thomas to travel to australia to see morris. >> it was a wonderful feeling to see this woman that i hadn't seen for 70 years. of course it was a great difference in appearance. but big difference in my. ance, too. >> kim: she wished their paths crossed earlier. she would have had a different life, a happier one. she looks great. it's a day. the two are planning to spend valentine's day together. >> ryan: a dramatic rescue caught on camera. firefighters find a dog trapped in a burning home. see the moment they got him out. >> kim: scientists announce a big find predicted by a famous person.
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>> ryan: thank you for spending time with us, there is another 60 minutes much 7 news ahead. >> kim: 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> ryan: breaking news. boston, --. >> ryan: local police giving addicts a second chaps. >> if i had the choice of coming here or jail. i took this. >> ryan: cheryl fiandaca goes inside a new program over help over handcuffs. >> jadiann: traffic grinds to a halt as state police
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>> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: we start with breaking news. former boston mayor flynn involved in this damaging crash in south boston. we know he has been taken to the hospital. >> jadiann: kimm has more. >> reporter: we're hearing that the 76-year-old former boston mayor ray flynn is resting at home and will be okay. but here are some earlier pictures. we did also have pictures of the accident that happened earlier while the former player was driving near his home in south boston. you see there is damage and also to the building there. e. m. s. responded. flynn not hurt but they did take him to the hospital as a precaution. family friend told us that he talked to flynn's son. the man again telling us that the mayor is doing ok. we're staying on top of the story and live in the newsroom i'm kim khazei, 7 news. >> ryan: turning to the search for the person
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school students to pornography. the person is targeting kids on ins ta instagram. >> jadiann: kimberly bookman is live with what police now about the account. >> reporter: the account didn't have a picture but it did have a name. a name that was very familiar to students right here. a simple message instagram to a id inle school girl turned complicated that the girl's mom got police involved. >> there was a post on instagram asking her to accept a friend request. she did. when she accepted that she went on the link there was pornographic images recommendation an investigation found this girl wasn't the only one to get this request. >> best we can determine about 50 middle school students around the 6th grade age have been approached on the app. >> reporter: police say the account is called mms6th draped most students thought it stood for their school and accepted.


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