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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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school students to pornography. the person is targeting kids on ins ta instagram. >> jadiann: kimberly bookman is live with what police now about the account. >> reporter: the account didn't have a picture but it did have a name. a name that was very familiar to students right here. a simple message instagram to a id inle school girl turned complicated that the girl's mom got police involved. >> there was a post on instagram asking her to accept a friend request. she did. when she accepted that she went on the link there was pornographic images recommendation an investigation found this girl wasn't the only one to get this request. >> best we can determine about 50 middle school students around the 6th grade age have been approached on the app. >> reporter: police say the account is called mms6th draped most students thought it stood for their school and accepted.
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to figure out who this account really belongs to. warning parents to check accounts. >> it's scary. i mean, you got to wonder what people are out there they're going to target our children. >> it's gross. it's disturbing. >> reporter: officers taking this very seriously. not just because of the pornographic pictures but could lead to. >> it can morph into more than that or lure them into sending pictures of themselves. then the images go out. no good things can happen out of it. >> reporter: police don't know yet if this account is coming from a person living internationally. they say this could take several more weeks to figure out. kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> ryan: new details about a deadly fire in fitchburg. a second woman has died from her injuries. her sister died too. the fire tore through their home. getting treatment. >> jadiann: a neat
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ways to find fighting to fight the spread of the zika virus. they say the most important issue now is to develop a vaccine for the mosquito borne virus but they're learning more about it everyday. >> zika is new. new diseases can be scary when they affect the most vulnerable among us. the most important thing tor americans to know ip if you are pregnant, it's better not to travel to a place where zika is spreading. if you are pregnant in a place where zika is spreading do everything you can to protect yourself against mosquito bites. >> jadiann: president obama made an emergency $1.8 billion funding request to fast track a vaccine. the request comes as the u.s. olympic committee infectious disease specialists to advice
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about the outbreak. >> ryan: we're following more news tonight. a georgia college student lucky to be alive after he was kidnapped by two men at gunpoint. the drama unfolding while he was delivered pizzas. he was stuffed in the trunk of a car. >> i went to the guy. the next thing i guy he went to pull out money because it's cold. he had a jacket on. he pulled out gun and pointed it and i could feel another gun on the back of my head. >> reporter: the two men took the pizza and $80 cash but they didn't stop there. they forced collins in the trunk of his car, and drove off. after what collins thinks was about ten minutes he felt the car slow down. >> they decided to stop. turn and and opening fire in my back seat. >> reporter: four of the bullets hit the teenager but according to police about 10 total pierced the bark seat. >> many them landed inch ace way from me. the bullet this went through here went through my arm,
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my rib. and my rib is bruised. so hit it just hard enough to bruce it but could have broken the hit. i was that close. >> reporter: police arrested a 16-year-old who will be tried as an adult. they're looking for a 32-year-old suspect. collins is coming to determines with the forecasts this nightmare will be a part of him literally. two of the bullets will stay in his body. doctors say that he will be fine but trying to remove them would be too revenge risky but the teener saying a new perspective on life is different. >> i'm going to lock at the world a little more definitely. be more aware. not just walk through and not appreciate things. would, i would, take every moment that i had as a blessing. >> ryan: doctors say it'll take several weeks for collins to fully heal. he will have to withdraw from classes and return in the fall. gentleman. a fiery riot in a mexican prison leaves at least 50
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local media outlets are recording gunshots were heard at the jail before sunrise. local government says 52 people were killed and a dozen others injured in the riot between two gangs in the prison. now is the latest in the string of deadly prison riots. pope francis begins his week long visit to mexico starting tomorrow. a former nazi gashed is charged with helping murder at least 170,000 people while working at ger nehm's arch witts death camp. the 94-year-old in court as a holocaust survivor testified against him in what is likely to be one of the last naz i war crimes trials in germany. he volunteered to join the naz i forces when he was 18 years old. >> ryan: a man trips up a suspect running away from police. officers were chasing a suspect when the man sticks out his foot. the police department
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the bystander and said he won't get into trouble since the law protects people who help in an arrest. firefighters in california rescuing a dog from a burning home. when crews arrived on the scene there firefighters sevennedded home for victims. -- searched the home. what they found was a scared. you hiding in a back bedroom [no audio] >> jadiann: ups driver tossing several packages on his front lawn. it caused the contents to spill out like you saw in the video. nothing broke but the driver is under investigation. watch closely. what looks like a routine delivery to a miami front door spills over in a cleanup job. >> it was the last thing i expected. we usually have good luck with ups. this one particular time they decided just to pitch them over the gate. >> reporter: kevin said the delivery guy had good reason to take bet err care of his packages. >> two of the boxes were
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the other one had a big red fragile sticker. all three of them got chucked over the fence. >> reporter: getting past his front gate would have been no trouble. >> the gate was unlocked. i noticed they happened to have a helper and they department bother to properly deliver the packages. >> reporter: the delivery guy doesn't even bother to look back in the video. inside was hand gun ammunition the man ordered for target practice. the impact scattered cartridges across the brick pavement. >> safety issue of that. something you don't want to throw around. the boxes were marked they were' small arms ammunition. >> reporter: ups issued a statement about what happened. a public relations manager said in an e-mail "we're investigating the incident." >> it seems like they don't care. >> reporter: he says he tried to contact ups but he didn't get any answers himself. still ahead getting a second chance. the new program that takes people living behind bars and gives then opportunity
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then at 6:00 follow catch a driver linked to this hit-and-run caught on camera. >> jadiann: the new plan put in place to give whitey bulger's money to the families of his victims. stay with us. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the
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>> jadiann: 7 news going inside a new program giving addicts a second chance. instead of jail time the program helps those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. >> it's an offer of help over handcuffs changing lives. cheryl fiandaca reports. >> you -- >> reporter: it's dorothy's birthday. she couldn't have asked for a better gift than a hug from her son. >> i'm glad he is back home and healthy and clean. >> reporter: off of haren nick was re-- heroin nick was released from court after finishing a detox program at the middleton house of correction he started drinking alcohol as a teenager. and quickly became addicted to pain killers.
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high, he started shooting up heroin. an addiction that landed him behind bars awaiting a hearing on drug charges. >> if i had the choice of coming here or jail. i took this. because i do want help. >> reporter: from the outside the middleton house of correction looks like any other jail but here in a special unit addicts lives are changing. we met nick when he was two days away from finishing the program. >> i have hope this time. yes, i haven't been truly clean for 30 days since i started using when i was 16. so this gives moe a shot that i didn't have before. >> reporter: essex county sheriff cousins says jails are full of people like nick who get release and go back to the cycle. >> you can't make corrective behavior if someone is still using prescription drugs,
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drinking, their live is going to continue unraveling. >> how many of you in the past have done this -- >> reporter: cousins said the nearly monday long program is the first of its kind in our area designed to be self-contained inside the jail. >> they'll be totally separate and they won't be any interaction with any of the inmates. >> reporter: participants are medically and psych ically equal straight -- evaluated. for the first time two weeks no visits from family or friends. >> how you doing? what is happening? >> reporter: sean is the director of the program. >> when you look at the culture you see participants happy and excited to be in treatment and they're engaged. when you look around they're in there we call them detox scrubs full. they're known as participants. even the officers are dressed with their uniforms,
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on the unisys we try to make the unit like as therapeutic as we can. >> reporter: participants go back to court hoping the judge will release them with an approved long-term treatment plan and instead of sending them back to jail. >> lately i've seen a lot of friends pass away in the past year. and it's ridiculous how many people are going and i don't want to be part of that statistic. i don't want my mother to be at my funeral. that is my biggest motivation. >> reporter: the sheriff's department plans to track participants to ensure the success of the program. the annual cost of running the unit is $1.7 million. the office is applying for state grants to help pay for it. in the newsroom i'm cheryl fiandaca. >> ryan: he is on top of the football world, too but manning has egg all over his face. >> reporter: we're talking about a bitter blast of air for the weekend.
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>> jadiann: why there are calls to boycott beyonce when she comes to foxboro. >> ryan: new plan to get people to stop tossing cigarettes on to the streets. >> kris: we are at acton-boxboro junior high school for this week's class act telling you about a local student who has been trying to brighten the lives of local veterans. hear his story friday morning on today in new
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>> peyton, since you are the champion -- [laughter] >> why don't you go first, choose your first egg. god to see you, buddy. [laughter] >> got the real egg. he did, too. >> playing a game of egg russian roulette on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. this is great.
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heads. some were hard boiled but neither of them locked out on the first try gettinged hard boiled eggs. it's hysterical. >> ryan: i understand payton was saying was his game was to play one an one against magic never thinking it would be with eggs. >> jadiann: jamie fallon was i make your dreams come true. i'm dreaming of sunshine and that is not going to happen. is it? >> reporter: you go, we've sunshine tomorrow but if you are dreaming of warm weather you are in trouble. cold tomorrow. bitterly cold this weekend and the next storm early next week doesn't have any cold air. hard to believe but we'll be talking about rain drops nextitures not snow flakes, jet stream looked like this which prevented the cold air from bothering us, but the jet stream will rearrange itself for a couple of days
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drop out of hudson bay. right now the city at 22. moosonee 8 below. churchhill at 26 below. 19. comes into new england during the day on saturday. we have a cold front moving through right now. it has been generating a couple of flurries and occasional snow shower but i found a snow squall up in portland, maine. they're getting pummelled with brief heavy snow. but they're very localized. the snow showers and snow squalls similar to thunderstorms in the summer where some of you, perhaps you went the entire day and didn't see one flake. here is cold front number two. that comes into new england saturday. right now teens and 20s. the city 22. bedford 19. there is wind out there as well. behind the first cold front wind gusting 25-30 sending the wind chills down to the single numbers, if you have plans out there layer up.
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feels like 7 in boston, worcester feels like 3 below. for tonight clearing cold with again that wind fading away this evening. then overnight tonight temperature itself will take over from there. lows in the single numbers. it has been a while since we've had a cold commute but you have one mom attorney general to help prepare you for the weekends. norwood at 4. worcester at 5. jaffrey at 3 degrees. through the day tomorrow, it is a cold day but we have the sunshine. a few clouds will show up tomorrow afternoon. temperatures 24-28. normal high is about 38. boston tomorrow afternoon 28. norwood at 27. merrimack valley, the sea coast in the middle and upper 20's monadnock region, middle 20's fitchburg 24. out on to the cape and the islands nantucket 28. mashpee also at 28. there is tomorrow. saturday, we have morning clouds. perhaps isolated snow shower with the arctic front but the big thing about saturday
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crashing the entire day. 4/pm on saturday temperatures will be in the teens. then we go no where but down from. there i think in the city of boston close to 3 below 0 which will tie the recorded on sunday morning. your 7 on 7 forecast, valentine's day, a great day to hunker down and stay warm with temperatures all day sunday only in the single numbers and teens. >> jadiann: hang around. i want to you hear this story. a group of scientists have detented ripples in space time. it's making some waves. >> ryan: this was predicted by albert einstein 100 years ago, because of the size and effect of a wave is so small nobody thought it could be detented. the soup was caused by two black holes crashing into each other. einstein. >> ryan: he was right. >> jadiann: going for a stroll on 495. how police brought traffic to a halt to rescue a wandering dog.
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coming up at 6 we're following two breaking stories. former boston player mayor ray flynn involved in a car accident in south boston. the mayor was taken to a hospital. he is commented to be okay. more on that. also breaking police say they have the guy they believe drove with a pedestrian on the hood of his car while trying to elude them. they say he is a career criminal. plus beyonce might have to face the music in foxboro. why some residents are call for action from patriots owner robert kraft.
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>> jadiann: dog drama in methuen. lexi wandering in the midsle of busy 495 yesterday. cars whisking around as she shot -- trotted around. >> ryan: kimberly bookman spoke to lexi's owner about her escape. >> reporter: as it's as if the dog is trying to explain how she ended up in the middle of 495 south. a police officer snapped this picture of the dog. >> you don't see that at all. a lot of motorist could have slammed on their brakes caused an accident. >> reporter: he was one of several officers that slowed cars to 20 miles an hour as a trooper used a granola bar to get the pup into a
5:57 pm
>> he was killie -- silly and sad. >> reporter: they didn't know she was' gone until they got a phone call from animal control. >> she said i'm in your driveway. so i hung up and went out and there was the dog in the car. >> reporter: lexi has a tag and a chip. her owners retraced her paw prints in the snow. but if it wasn't for this picture they won't believe she managed to get a half mile away to a busy highway. >> pounding in my stomach. i looked at it and i said oh, yes it's her. >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> jadiann: a lucky dog. there is another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: breaking news, former mayor of boston, ray flynn, taken to the hospital after a car accident in south boston. also breaking a suspect
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hit-and-run in woburn. >> reporter: cold overnight and the coldest air of the winter for the weekend. >> announcer: no fanfare in foxboro, why residents are calling on patriots owner bob kraft to ban beyonce at gillette. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ryan: first at 6:00 a man in custody after a violent hit-and-run in woburn. police say the suspect slammed into a 65-year-old man and kept going while the victim hung on to the hood of the car. the victim is expected to be ok. >> kim: the man arrested described as a career criminal is facing serious new charges. dan hausle live in woburn with more. >> reporter: the man who was hit told us he was hanging on to the carve begging for the drive to stop. today he told us he is glad that guy is caught. tyson delgado brought into the police department late this afternoon. police say delgado is a dangerous violent fugitive and the man blind the wheel
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65-year-old man and kept going. the hit-and-run caught on a security camera. >> we're very relieved. resource from this police department as well as the state police, and the boston police fugitive unit and everybody worked diligently until he was brought into custody this afternoon. >> reporter: why is it so important to get this guy? felon. >> reporter: police were talking to delgado about a larceny when he pushed the officer and took off. it wasn't long after he ran down a 65-year-old man walking in a crosswalk and kept right on going. a state police violent fugitive squad tracked the man to a relative's apartment in boston where they found him hiding under a bed. the man who was run down yesterday is recovering at home and tells us he is glad delgado is caught. >> he is a coward for hiding under neath, you know, hiding. why hide?
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wife, you know, it could have been worse. it could have been worse. >> reporter: the man recovering at home. he is not ready to see this guy but he wants to see him in future court hearings. first hearing is tomorrow in woburn district court. live in woburn, dan hausle, 7 news. >> kim: more breaking news about the former mayor of boston. ray flynn, he was taken to the hospital after this car accident today in south boston. witnesses are saying mayor flynn drove right no a building -- no -- no -- into a building. >> reporter: he was not seriously injured but it happened across from where he lives. down this private driveway. we're told he drove his car into the basement part of a building there under a the people living in the structure tell us they can't stay there because their landlord says it's not safe. this was the scene earlier today. crews working on repairing a large hole on the side of


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