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tv   7 News at 11 PM  WHDH  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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local school bus driver accus of causing a crash while driving drunk with children on board. >> kim: bernie sanders and hillary clinton face off in the race for the white house. >> once i'm in the white house we will have political capital to do that. >> you are not in the white house yet. >> adam: and passengers are back on dry land. >> kim: hear from massachusetts woman who was board that nightmare at sea. now from the nightteam. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. >> kim: new england, get ready for an arctic assault this weekend. temperatures already feeling several degrees below zero tonight. and in fact so cold there is a wind chill watch this effect, starting on saturday. >> adam: we haven't seen temperatures this cold in a long time. we will start with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: temperatures in the
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is 13 and worcester, 6, wind out there and a cold front come through this afternoon and this air. look at the wind chills, feels like 5 below in boston and worcester feels like fourteen below. event. here's the arctic front and it will drag pure arctic air from southern canada and at 11 below, and sud bury canada at 11 below, the numbers got worse and worse. during the day on saturday with a cold blast of air and not only the cold blast but the wind, because of that, we have a wind chill watch in effect, midday saturday through midday sunday meaning wind chills are dangerously low. wind chills approaching 30 below zero, exposed flesh can freeze in ten minutance serious cold from saturday and sunday, sunday morning we will challenge a
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that in a few minutes. >> kim: a couple of ways to deal with this bitterplasty. layer up or stay in side. we are outside at fun annual hall. >> reporter: it is cold outside tonight, kim. the wind chill, i will demonstrate for you, say this place turkey container is your skin and flower inside is the heat that radiates from your skin, you pick up the winds and it goes everywhere making you feel even colder. with drank russ teps forecasting the mayor is asking foam check on the elderly and disailed neighbors and be mindful of the homeless to show how cold it will be, we headed to an already cold location, frost, ice, workers here pull 8-hour shifts in about 20 degrees. >> we keep it at a steady 09 to 20 degrees. >> reporter: means over the weekend they will feel 40
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here. >> i have to move around a lot. if we're not moving i start to feel the cold. >> reporter: many people are from boston and the layers are key in the cold. >> a heavy coat. and then with the cape, and then i have a sweater. another shirt and another sweater. so i'm prewarm. >> reporter: but this guy from sunny california is not having it. >> you look cold? i'm definitely cold. i'm used to the sunny weather from california. so you know... >> reporter: this weekend the wind chill could get down to 15 and 25, means frostbite could set in in ten minutes and officials say stay inside if you can and layer up and remember to be very careful with the indoor heaters. live in boston, 7 news nightteam >> adam: a local bus driver in jail, he was drunk when he crashed a school bus with children on board.
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with the latest. >> reporter: owe crews are working in this cold to restore power. police say cool bus driver was drunk behind the wheel with students on the bus when hit a pole, and thankfully none were hurt but the driver is charged with drivering the school bus under the flips and child endangerment. it happened in the afternoon in dudley, 11 middle school students were on the bus. again, they are okay, and another bus had to pick them up. but crews worked for hours to fix the utility pole and restore power to families living nearby. the school superintendent released a statement that said: i am grateful none were injured. i appreciate also the quick response and kindness shown to our students by dudley police and dudley fire and residents in the area of the accident. that superintendent added he
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in. tomorrow morning. we are live in deadly, brandon gunnoe. >> kim: a temporary cease-fire in syria, intended to clear the way for renewed piece talks. the u.s. and other major powers able to organize a stop to the fighting and the plan is for it to begin within weeks.u.s. and russia agreeing to send aid to syrian cities. john kerry is saying the real test is whether both sides keep their word when the scheduled cease-fire begins. >> adam: the former mayor ray flynn is recovering tonight, he smashed through at brick wall of a home in south boston leaving a huge hole. we are learn more from the former mayor tonight. >> reporter: that former mayor released a statement that says he has a concussion after he blacked out and smash tlaud
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-- smashed through a brick wall. causing trouble off his private drive in south boston. >> i heard a loud bang. >> form are mayor ray flynn was hint the wheel of his suv when he lost control and went through bidding. >> it looked like something exploded from inside. a couple of officers came and vehicle. a narrow passage there. >> reporter: a police captain tweeted out the pictures, hours later the large hole is boarded up. but the people living here think have to stay somewhere else. tlmplts could be structural damage, so it is not safe for us to stay here. everyone is okay. from what i know, the basement is a mess,on our stuff is ruined. either. >> reporter: flynn served as mayor from 0984 to 1993 until he resigned to become the
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bill clinton. tonight boston police keeping a watchful eye in front of the former mayor's home, he also says he has a couple more tests to take to make sure he is okay. as for the people displaced from the accident, they say they do in the know when it will be safe to return home. we are live in south boston tonight, 7 news nightteam. >> kim: to the race for the white house. next stop is south carolina but wisconsin is the focus for democrats tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off on the debate stage for the first time since sanders had the big win in new hampshire. the neil's tim caputo. you saw the whole debate, what did you see? >> reporter: it was clear hillary clinton on the attack from the beginning. repeatedly using phrases like the numbers don't add up and promises cannot be kept. they tried to slow sentence's growing momentum. in the first debate since the huge win in new hampshire,
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trying to poke holes in sanders' lofty proposals. saying he is making promises that he cannot keep. >> the numbers don't add up. and many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. >> that is not accurate. >> reporter: sanders had his key points early saying he would raise the minimum wage and make college free. >> yes, i do believe when we talk about public education in america, noticed a rapped idly changing world we should have free tuition at public colleges and universities. that should be a right of all americans regardless of the income of their families. >> reporter: but again clinton said it won't work. >> the plan rests on making sure that governors like scott walker, contribute $-to-3 billion on the first day to make college tree. i'm exceptity cal about your governors.
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democrats agreed on many issues like foreign policy voting history, including clinton's vote for war in iraq. clinton who for years seemed like she would be the selection and this reminded her she is a long way to go. >> secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: sanders has been critical of president obama, something that she would only expect from republicans. sanders quickly fired back calling that a low blow and saying only one of the two of thome stage ran against president obama. >> kim: the republican candidates back on the trail today. 10,000 volunteers on the ground this south carolina trying to help senator ted cruz catapult ahead of donald trump. he is campaigning in batton rouge, louisiana tonight. marco rubio and describe bush and john kasich is out today
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carolina that it is not a two-man fight. that primary is saturday the 20th. also from the nightteam, police say they arrested a driver who hit a man and took him for a ride on the hood of his car. the driver is facing serious charges, the nightteam's susan tran is in woburn with the story. >> reporter: police found the suspect under the bed in a boston home 20 miles away. police are so grateful he is behind bars here, they say at 29 he has a lengthly and violent criminal history. cuffed and led to the woburn police department, tyson delgado was found hiding under the bed in a relative's home. he hit a man crossing a street. amplts very severe incident showing disregard for the safety of those around him. >> reporter: police say he want to his old work site at this
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the company gas card he was skimming opponent off of. the owner called police. goal gad owe slammed into a 65-year-old man and kept going. >> i don't think i'm every going to be right again. >> reporter: investigators searched the neighborhood for the 29 yelled that police say is a career violent felon but a cooperating witness that led officials to delgado. we are relieved. dedicated extensive resources from this police department, and i said the state police unit and boston police fugitive unit. >> reporter: recovering from a tracktured ankle and in pain, his wife linda says shes glad police found the man responsible. >> the more i see him, hit him and three him up on the car, it bothers me so much. it could have killed him. >> reporter: tyson delgado chases a list of chorj charges including assault and battery of
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tomorrow. live in woburn tonight, susan fran. >> kim: a heartbreaking crime, an employee in a homeless shelter under arrest. police accusing him of hitting a drunk boy staying there with up his mother. leaving him with a red mark and bruises on his back. >> this is my son's back. you can see the wholed hand mark on him. >> kim: a large red wealth in the shape of a hand, on the lower back of four-year-old adrian valetin. who is autistic. >> i just lost it and started crying. shaking. >> reporter: his mom angela rodriguez says she can barely contain her anger and police charged 40-year-old raphael abreu-prado from laumpbs with several counts of assault-- lawrence from several counts of assault and battery.
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shouting i took it too far. i hit him >> kim: investigator says it happened in this shelter on jackson street for home less families, where raphael abreu-prado works. witnesses including the volcano's brother said the boy was hit in the back and dragged down the hall, and the surveillance video appeared to have captured it all. ermts had no reason. >> reporter: while he was being booked he confessed and said i know i committed a crime but can you give mae break? >> i need someone to not only get me out of here and get my son out of here but this is not obviously a safe place for us. >> kim: the worker is out a bail and is ordered to stay away from the boy and we are told he no longer works at the shelter. >> adam: the family of whitey bullier's victims may get a deal.
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found in whitey's california apartment when he was arrested on the condition they don't ask for any more. for one of the relatives he wants this ordeal to behind him. i hope they put a close to it. like dragging us through the mud of it. you know. and like for for forring us, nod bad enough we lost loved ones. >> adam: the families would get about dee 7,000 each. >> kim: wild stories of survival. >> adam: a massachusetts woman on board the cruise ship rocked by rough seas. skroym temperatures in the single numbers and record cold for the weekend, up next. >> kim: an unusual slowdown in the bruins game tonight. highlights ahead when 7 news at
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>> kim: a massachusetts woman talking about her nightmare at sea. when crashing waves rocked the cruise ship she was on for vacation. this ship sailed into her hurricane strength winds. >> adam: many are wondering why that ship set sail with the powerful storm out there. passengers describe it as terrifying. maureen peters from southhampton massachusetts thought she would die. >> i thought i would they have see my family again. i held onto the mattress so i wouldn't fall off the bed. it was horrendous.
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hoursantant them of the-- hours, the anthem of the seas sailed into the storm. lee wright was on the honeymoon. >> i think they put 5,000 people lives at risk. >> reporter: royal carribean said the storm became stronger than predicted. the that's wet service warned there could be high wave in thes area where they battled the storm. passengers say waves crashing as high as the fifth deck. inside passengers ran for cover trying to avoid shattered glass and flying furniture. tonight the ntsb is past the advise and the coast guard says this ship needs more work before it can set sail again, it is supposed to sail the sail waters on saturday, when there is a chance of another storm. >> i'm very grateful that i'm alive. all the passengers are getting cruise.
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do that, though. >> kim: did you watch that ship? they are lucky to be here to tell the story. don't than i have them at all. -- enjoy them at all. jr, it is cold outside. we established that? >> jeremy: well established by this point. worcester at 6 and orange 6, winds gusting 25 to 30, the cold front, number one came through today. and perhaps everyone is talking about saturday and sunday, and there you go, current wind chills, feels like 5 below in boston, worcester feels like four down below, wind chills below zero and wind will begin to back off as we work toward sunrise. temperatures overnight tonight, even when you take the wind out of the equation, still cold, a while since we had the morning commute where the numbers are in the single numbers. the cold is few and far between, have you to go back to the first week in january before you find a morning commute with the
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tomorrow morning around 11:00, 6:30 or 7:00, worcester at 5 and jaffrey at three. and we work through the day, clouds will take over a breeze tomorrow afternoon but that will not add wind chills below tomorrow afternoon. temperatures by themtss, 24-28 and wind chills in the teens. boston tomorrow at 28, and normal highs about le8. a chilly day tomorrow, dracut at 26 and worcester hills sun and clouds tomorrow afternoon, and fitchburg about 24 and worcester at 26 and on to the cape, and provincetown at 28. so that is cold front number one. cold front number two is the real deal up here in southern canada, south, this hooped up all sorts of arctic air and once in a hill you can break it through to southern new england.
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these are not wind chills, big trot lake at 20 below. when it comes through that may generate a couple of snow showers for a short time, not overly concerned about the snow showers. today similar to what we had the last couple of days, hit and miss a coating for some of you, but it is about the cold winds setting up dangerous cold wind chills. wind chill watch in effect until noon on sunday with wind chills between 20 and 30 below, that is not just worcester hills or berkshires that is here in the city of boston. we may have wind chills on saturday night and sunday morning about 25 below. also records, the record in the city is 3 below, and tising three below, worcester your record is 11 below. lit be close. monday is cold to start, and then during the afternoon hours upper 20s to around 30, it is a good day to ski, because the wind is gone and believe it or
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is gone as well a couple of hours of light snow and otherwise that is a rainstorm with temperatures on tuesday, check that out. near 50. have a good night. scientists say they finally detected gravitational waves, rippleing in the universe. this is something that albert einstein predictedded a century ago. you can think of it like the ripple effect when a drop a rock in water but they are so huge they can shake the fabric of space time. scientists say it is a larnd macdiscovery. -- it is a landmark discovery. >> adam: i tried to read an article but amazing that they can do that. >> kim: has to do with gravity and time, and i know more about hockey than i do space. and alex, a good night for the bruins? >> alex: we start with the
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break firing on all cylinders and bruins are duking it out, going blow for blow in winnipeg.
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and new time for 7 sports with alex corddry. >> alex: after getting hammered on tuesday the bruins tart that six-game road trip this winning at the tonight, and they have the second best road record in the eastern conference. tied at 1 with under three and a half to go. braking the deadlock, the jets get it back on the power play, old friend blake wheeler, knocks it home and we're even at 2. no worries. 45 seconds later, b's are level again and brad marchand sneaking in and backhanding home his 11th goal. 3-2 bruins after one. three nights this this one but none stranger than patrice berk ron, the second regular season
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4 his own rebound on the 2-0, sixth of the year and 4-2 b's. bergeron gets revenge and a rebound for a second goal of the night and bruins get a big road win, 6-2. rolling to the all-star break, winters of ten out of twelve and sitting third in the eastern confrence. but the celts are not satisfyed yet. ask the all-star eye sayia thomas who has lofty expectations. >> we are in a solid area, and we know we can do better, we can play at a higher level. we just have to continue to put our foot on the pedal. >> we can finish stronger, and than that our record says now. in our home court and one or two teams in the east.
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