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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we have breaking newses out of logan. passengers forced off a jetblue plane after a van crashes into the wing. a former mayor of boston crashes into a south boston home. what he said happened to him moments before he lost control. and we'll have this week's class act. meet a middle schooler who found a sweet way to help out local veterans. good friday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. >> we named this today in siberia because of this arctic assault we're seeing. it's cold now and it will be really cold over the weekend. subzero temperatures and the windchills lower than that.
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the coldest air we've seen in a long time. let's go to chris lambert with what you need to know. >> keep the name through monday morning as the arctic air pours into new england. windchill warning in effect. windchill watch we're darker shade of blue is for cold windchill values 20 to 30 below zero saturday afternoon. saturday night into sunday morning. air temperature close to minus 30. that's crashing off to the south. that's what we expect to work in to new england. that won't be air temperature 30 below zero. morning. we're below zero a lot of time in the suburbs. the big deal this go around is the wind. that's what will drive the windchill values down to 20 to 30 below zero. right now it's 12 in boston. six in worcester. below zero in worcester.
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it's a cold day today. "today in new england" the appetizer to what we expect over the weekend. evening. a little bit more comfortable than last evening. temperature temperatures upper teens and lower 20s. a little bit of snow breaking morning. we'll talk more on that and the dropping temperatures coming up in a bit. delivery van crashes into a jetblue plane at logan airport. let's go to danielle gursh. let's show you this back up. this is on the zakim bridge. this is southbound after the o'neill tunnel on the map. an investigation is still under way here. and two left lanes are blocked again. this from an earlier accident this southbound on the expressway after the o'neill tunnel. slow drive northbound on the
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the pike from frame ingham into boston is slow and go. we have a new accident. this is in burlington on 128 northbound at route 3. 93 southbound slow from 128 into boston. let's take a look at the drive times. give yourself some extra time if you head tout door. about 30 minutes on 93 southbound from 128 to zakim bridge. if you take the t we have minor delays on the red line. thanks. we're going back to breaking news. delivery van has crashed into a jetblue plane. the plane was damaged and passengers were forced off this plane. let's go to nicole oliverio. she's at logan with more. nicole? >> what we know from state police is that the driver of that delivery van has stopped. he thought the van was in parked but it wasn't. it kept rolling toward the airplane. he got hurt. it was another employee who managed to get in and stop that van. but, again it did cause damage to the jetblue flight and
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>> a packed plane headed for warmer weather stopped on the tarmac at logan airport after being hit by a van and passengers said was unattended. the crew onboard the jetblue flight bound for tampa quickly let everyone know what was going on. underneath the airplane and luckily they got to stop before they hit another airplane. we have aircraft damage. we're going declare this airplane not going anywhere for a while. i apologize. there was a big jolt and the plane went up and down. they initially believed the landing gear collapsed. but then realized they were hit. pictures taken from the terminal show the damage to the plane as emergency crews responded. mass port quote said after 6:00 this morning a van struck a plane. there were no injuries. the plane did sustain damage and has been taken out of service. mass port fire and rescue and
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the cause of the incident remains under investigation. >> again those passengers were put on another plane and have already taken off and are heading to florida. live from logan. nicole oliverio. state police are investigating a deadly crash on 93 south just after the o'neill tunnel. you can see a large hole in the windshield of the car. preliminary investigation by state police indicate an object impacted the vehicle. the source of that object remains to be determined. two lanes are currently closed. we have a crew headed to the scene. we have an update headed up in this hour. >> school bus driver is behind bar accused of being drunk on the job. police say that he crashed that bus into a utility pole. >> children were onboard at the time. that driver is headed to court. john cocoa is live with more. >> a little while ago we saw the bus driver walk up the steps go
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he's set to make an appearance sometime this morning. police say a school bus driver was drunk behind the wheel when he hit a utility pole. were heard. scott is charged with driving the school bus under the influence and child endangerment. happened around 3:00 in the afternoon on hayden pond road. the bus. they are okay. another bus had to pick them up. crews worked for hours to fix the uit willity pole and restore now power. school superintendent release a statement saying in part i'm grateful that none were injured. i appreciate also the quick response and kindness shown to our students by dudley, police, dudley fire and residents in the area of the accident. >> again the bus driver set to appear in dudley right now. >> we have breaking news overnight in norton. firefighter battling flame and
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this fire broke out at home on perry avenue and it was just before midnight. three people were inside. they were able to get out on their own. no one was hurt. now the red cross helping them find a place to stay warm. >> this morning boston former mayor is recovering after terrifying turn sent his car crashing into home. impact damaged his car and left a hole in the home in south boston. the people who live there say they had a hard time finding a place to stay. he said he has passed out while trying to park the car sending it flies into this home. >> it looked like something exploded from the inside. the officer indicated he lost control of the vehicle which is understandable. it's a narrow passage there. >> he served as maceor of boston when he left the job to become vatican under bill clinton. the suspect accused of hitting a man in woburn and then driving away with man still on
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today. police arrested 29-year-old delgado after getting a tip he was in home in dorchester. officers say they found him hiding underneath the bed. this hit-and-run was caught on camera. 65-year-old alfred pika was stabbing on the street corner wednesday and that's when he was suddenly hit and carried away. police say delgado was running from the police at the time. they are just glad the suspect is now off the street. i don't think i will ever be right again. more i see him hit him and throw him up on the car. it bothers me so much. so much. it could have killed him. >> he suffer broken leg and tows. delgado faces several charge including leaving the scene of an accident and assault and battery on o police officer. we have the late of the on the race for the white house.
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debate since bernie sander pulled off commanding victory in new hampshire. and as nancy chen shows us there was some contention moments last night. hillary clinton kicked a page out bernie sanders play book. we best agree we have to get unaccountable money out of the political system and we have to do much more to ensure that wall street never wrecks main street again. >> but she tried to portray his plan on healthcare as unrealistic. that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> sander made sure to check his rival. secretary you're not in the white house out. secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders want to dismantle the affordable care act. i have fought my entire like to make sure healthcare is right for all people. we will not dismantle anything. the most contention when clinton accused sander i
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>> the kind of critisism that we heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans i don't expect from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. madam secretary, that is low blow. last i heard we lived in a democratic society. last i heard a united states senator had the right to disagree with the president including the president who has done such an extraordinary job. in the mean time republicans get ready for their debate in south carolina. that's going to be tomorrow night. in the newsroom nancy chin. 7 news "today in new england." on the republican side front runner donald trump sounding off after coming under fire for his choice of words on the campaign trail. i won't use foul language. i'm not going to do it. they are saying do it, do it. i'm not.
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if it's not a bad word. if it's a little bit off. they kill me. i will never do it again, actually. and i will never even copy someone what they asked me to say. right? >> at recent focus group ten south carolina voters were shown clips of trump making some off colored comments. several members of the group flinched otheren gasped. former president george w. bush will hit the campaign trail with his brother jeb next week. the two will occur in campaign rally in south carolina. jeb making a final push ahead of the next republicans primary. he hopes his brother's appearance will help support. just ahead on "today in new england." a man going on a machete attack at a restaurant. what witnesses describe as a terrifying scene there. then three teens racing to rescue how they jumped into action to save students on an out of control school us.
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colder air over the weekend. closer record-breaking low temperature by sunday morning. the forecast ahead. also we'll meet today's class act. how he turns a sweet gesture into a way to help out our local veterans. said for exploring the world why should snacking be any different? sc all nine flavors of our creamy cheese p into your curiosity. laughing cow. invent snacking. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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we're talking so much about the cold air. cold start this morning. it will turn colder over the weekend. 8 in the city of boston. minus two in worcester. minus 2 in orange. coldest since last february. we all know last february was cold. we will beat todays numbers by sunday morning by several degrees if not by about ten degrees in the city of boston. 12 right now in boston. 6 in worcester. ten degrees in norwood in the wind out of the west. still fairly active at about 15 miles per hour.
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windchill factors. minus 12 in worcester. i expect some improvement as you work into the afternoon the wind does lesson up a little bit and temperature down back into the upper teens and lower-to-middle 20. also watching this area of snow in the coastal low that will try to take over along the carolina coastline. that 101 is wide right in term of big storm. enough moisture with the cold air in place i expect some scattered snow to break out and certainly the possibility of some steady snow at times down through the cape and islands tonight. notice this band from nourn new hampshire to boston metro area. that's the leading edge of the arctic air. floodgates open up with temperature dropping thanks to arctic air pouring in. 1-3 inch of snow. there's a spotty coating ors so close to city of boston.
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the focus going forward. tonight back into low-to-mid teens. we get the patchy light fouz in here late. steadiest through mass through plymouth down to new bedford over to cape and island. early snow will taper off. temperature dropping off 19 around lunch time and 9 degrees by sunset. we continue to cast indicate down in fact by sunday morning looking at minus three in boston. minus 11 worcester. those are good enough to tie the record low for the time of year. not only the cold air in place but also windy and that's the concern for sunday morning as the combination of the cold and the wind. windchill factor minus 25. minus 26. boston. minus 30. minus 32 in worcester. we talk about cold stuff. you do want to limit outdoor exposure. saturday night sunday morning very early it only takes about 10 minutes to get frostbite. just cover the exposed friend.
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cold air, dry air does dehydrate you quickly. drink plenty of water. more on the forecast and the wind speeds over to danielle. thanks. this is something we want to warn you ability. windchill warning in effect for most of massachusetts that will begin on 4:00 p.m. saturday. stay in effect until sunday at noon. and as kriss mentionings. these are dangerously cold temperature. we have less severe windchill watch in effect for cape, aland, southern rhode island and southern connecticut. this is a wind advisory in effect for the cape and islands. this begins at 11:00 a.m. saturday. stays in effect until sunday morning. we don't get the windchills without some wind. the wind will gust pretty strong as we head into saturday heading into lunch time they are getting around 35-mile-an-hour gust up to 40 miles per hour on the cape saturday evening look at this. they are picking up then not dying down until sunday morning. windy and cold for the rest of your forecast. back to you.
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southern new england. you know it's cold across northern new england. white and green mountain. we watch the windchill factor coldest on the summit with plunging to 30 to 40 below on some of the ski slopes which saturday afternoon across central and northern new england. these air temperature three and one. those are temperature at the base for highs. i wouldn't be surprised if the summit are close to 30 to 50 below with windchill factor in the range. if you are ski thing weekend. we can't leave any exposed skin. it's too cold for that. plenty breaks and warm up in between runs. 7 on 7 forecast giving us a run. milder weather to get to it we go through snow and ice over to rain on tuesday. >> still ahead on "today in new england." we'll introduce you to this week's class act. the sweet way this young man turned a class project in a way to helping veterans >> first really businessard and frighten crime the machete attack in a restaurant that
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>> there's a wild story we have to it will you about columbus, ohio. a man went on an attack with a machete. four people were rushed to the hospital. suspec ran from the restaurant but later shot and killed. 70 employee remember the man
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talking to an employee and leaving before coming back armed with a machete. it was a terrifying scene. >> the man came in and started beating up on the man and i thought it was a personal thing then he just started down the row hitting everybody with something. people were bleeding. police are searching for a motive for the attack. the four protestor who were arrested after a stand off at wildlife refuge appearing in court today. the group of protestor took over the refuse goouj in jane. dozen other were previously arrested. one was shot and killed by police. >> three new jersey teen hailed as heroes this morning. they saved more than 20 students onboard a school bus. the bus went out of control after the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency. into action. the bus driver kept on
9:22 am
like a continuous swerve. red light. through the red light. that's where i jumped up and pushed it all the way to park. i told everyone get out. get out of the bus. luckily no one onboard was hurt. still ahead on "today in new england" a young man who is sweet deed will make you smile. meet internet. but it's kind of
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act. 9:25. time now for class act. added on the we meet a junior high student. he's taking a school project outside of the classroom and is using it to make the lives of local veterans a little bit
9:25 am
and so here's today's class act. >> how is it going. hi. thanks for letting me interrupt. i'm here today because every week we do an amazing segment. it's called class act. i hope that all of you will give a huge round of applause to bobbie sweet. [applause] over the past year bobby sweet has made it his mission to give back to those who served our country. my two grand togethers served and two of my cousins served. the 7th grader launched a campaign to deliver something sweet to veteran's hospital in bedford, massachusetts. >> we collect candy in little bags and deliver to va. >> sweets for soldiers started last year during class project. sweet didn't stop when the final bell rang. >> he took the hypothetical class project and turned into an
9:26 am
which i think is incredibly impressive. since then the campaign expanded. what started as candy drive turned into a hygiene drive this summer with help of his older brother. he did it again for veterans day now he's getting it going again for valentine's day. sweet said he's not looking to stop anytime soon. hopefully most of my life until i can't really anymore. as lock as i can pretty much just keep helping out and get more people involved. >> he always cashes in after halloween. because people want to get rid of their candy. he's not personally able to deliver the candy to hospital. but some day he will get the meet the vets who appreciate it. >> love the story. if you know a student between 6 and 12th grade doing something outstanding in school, sports or their community.
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breaking news out of logan. a delivery van smashs into a plane, giving passengers quite a scare. former homeless shelter worker in trouble this morning. what he's accused of doing to an autistic boy. looking for ideas to for your valentine. we have perfect suggestion in this week's "what's booking." so good. hit my sweet tooth just right. i'm always for sweets. thanks for staying with us, everybody. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. it's so cold. why not stay inside and eat chocolate. >> romantic things it's valentine's day coming up. how is the weather looking? >> twist my arm. it's a real struggle to convince us to do that.
9:29 am
weekend. snuggle weather. chocolate weather. they throw a bunch of food in the crock pot and let it simmer. windchill warning in effect. saturday afternoon noontime on sunday. we're talking about windchill factors 20 to 30 below zero. minus three on sunday morning. minus 11 in worcester. that should be good enough to tie the record for date. north. and this will provide us with wild spread temperature below zero on sunday morning. and those cold windchill values of minus 20 to minus 30. maybe a couple of minus 32 and 35 in the worcester hill. current temperature 12 in boston. six in worcester. although it's these temperature about ten degrees colder then add in the stronger wind that's where we stand over the weekend. feels like minus 12 in minus 32 any boston. we'll continue to be on the
9:30 am
less wind this afternoon. lower 20s this afternoon. that 19 tomorrow around noontime and temperature crashing after that. we actually have a little bit of light snow to deal with across the cape and island late tonight into tomorrow morning as well. more on that forecast coming up. we begin with breaking news. delivery van crashes into jetblue plane and logan airport this morning. no one was hurt but the plane was damaged and passengers had to another one. let's go to nicole oliverio with more on the circumstances of what anned. nicole? >> state police tell us the driver of the delivery van thought when he stopped the van it was in park. it wasn't. so he chased after it. while he was riding to stop the van he got hurt. it was another employee who managed to stop the van. but not before it hit and damaged the jetblue flight. >> a packed plane headed for warmer weather stopped on the tarmac at logan airport after being hit by a van passenger says unattended.
9:31 am
flight bound for tampa quickly led everyone know what was going on. luckily you have to stop before you hit another airplane. i apologize. passenger tell 7news there was a big jolt in the plane went up and down. they initial believe the landing gear collapsed but realized they were hit. the pictures taken from the terminal show the damage to the plane as emergency crews responded. mass port said just after 6:00 this morning a van struck a section of a parked jetblue plane. there were no injuries. the plane did sustain damage and had been taken out of service. mass port fire and rescue and the massachusetts state police responded. the cause of the incident remains under investigation. passengers were quickly reboarded on to another plane. they took off here from logan
9:32 am
and are safely on their way to florida. we're live from logan airport. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." state politician are are -- state police are investigating a deadly crash. >> here you see the impact. a large hole in the windshield of that car that was pulled off to the side. the female driver of car was sadly killed. it indicate an object impailed the vehicle or impacted vehicle in the source of that object still has to be determined, but the left lane is blocked. and we do have crew working that story today. we'll share more with you when we get it. right now a school bus driver behind bars accused of drinking on the job. and crashing into a power pole. time. morning. story. school bus driver was drunk behind the wheel with student on the bus when he hit a utility
9:33 am
none of the students were hurt. scott is charged with driving the school bus under the influence. and child endangerment. happened around 3:00 in the afternoon on hayden pond road. 11 middle school students were on the bus. they are okay. another bus had to pick them up. crews worked for hours to fix the uit willity poll and restore power to family living nearby. school superintendent released a statement that said in part i am grateful that none were injured. i appreciate also the quick response and kindness shown to student by dudley police deadly fire and residents in the area of the accident. again that bus driver will be here in court later today on those charges. in dudley, john cocoa, 7news "today in new england." the driver of school van accused of a deadly hit-and-run crash in dorchester last month will also face a judge today. police say 34-year-old melissa benadict hit a man and kept going.
9:34 am
they found the van a mile away. benadict told police she was adjusting the heat and pulling down the visor at the time of the crash. >> a push to protect boston neighborhoods and kids. parents turned out to hear boston's mayor and police commissioner outlying their plan. i know the last few months have been very nervous in the neighborhood. they acknowledge to cloud of more that 100 kids that gang violence is a problem. since september there's been several murders in east boston including three teenagers. those also a shooting in broad daylight at maverick t-stop in january. just two weeks ago federal authorities arrested dozens of members of street gang known as ms-13 including murder and drug trafficking. the arrest raised concern that gang recruitment was going on inside the high school. boston's police commissioner said he focused on what's happen outside the school building.
9:35 am
soccer field because i'm hearing that's where some of the kids may feel intimidated or the pressure is on. >> the district attorney beliefs there's 50 to 100 kids in east boston who are current i will considering whether to join ms-13. people in the community need to be aware of what's happening. >> be hyper vigilant. you may say i don't want to get in the middle of that or be involved with that. that's when you call police. that's where those gang unit officers can step in. >> mayor walsh also pointed to programs provided by the city including operation exis which allow gang members to get on path toward finding a job. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." >> bostons a mayor launching a program to help keep the streets clean. crews will place new cigarette butt boxes. they will be labeled.
9:36 am
aspect where people can submit questions for the boxes via twitter. >> a man facing charge after police say he hit and dragged an autistic 4-year-old boy who had been staying at the shelter. officers say this picture shows the large welt left on the back of him after the alleged say salt. police arrested 40-year-old rafae level said. she can barely contain her anger. >> there's no reason for him to hit my child at all. i need some answers. i need someone not only get me out of here and get my son out of here. this not obviously a safe place for us. he faces numerous charges he's out on bail but no longer works at that shelter. a quicked drug dealer who is accused of shooting a boston police officer in dorchester last month heads back to court today. police say 28-year-old shot an officer in the leg last month
9:37 am
his car. that officer wasn't seriously heard. he faces several charges including armed assault with intent to murder. >> the head of the u.s. centers for disease control warning pregnant women to hold off on travelling to puerto rico because of the zika virus. there's 19 confirmed cases on the island. and health officials have asked for emergency funding from congress to battle the outbreak. >> we may well see tens or hundreds of thousands of zika infection in puerto rico. >> so scientist as well in austria are testing a new idea to fight the zika virus. it involve using raidation to sterilize male radiation. they are put back into nature. they are not radioactive after the treatment so it won't effect the environment. new this morning wesley college making history naming their first african-american
9:38 am
paula johnson will lead the college starting in july. here we go. she's a harvard medical school professor and advocate for women's health. johnson said she believe student diversity with own of wesley's strength. new england." high flying drama at fenway. big air share gets under way. this is fun to watch. dropping the gloves. see what set off the bruins. >> we do track stronger wind again over the weekend that coincide with the brutally cold air as well.
9:39 am
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>> she has to mix it up. she can't repeat what she did in the first run. >> moreno won the big air snowboardingent at fenway. aired on nbc sports. tonight the skier will get the chance to show off their skills on the 140 foot tall ramp. if you head out tonight. boy will it be cold. >> and be prepared to have your jaw drop there. i want to see this. i don't know if tickets are sold out or what. >> today show they had her on the top of that just peering over.
9:42 am
safe distance. like no way am i going down that. it's unbelievable the tricks they can do. has your head spinning watching them. heading out to watch thattent. partly cloudy 18 to 20. wind out of the southwest 5 to 10. the wind will be lighter than it was last night. if you are out there last night and you said this gusty wind not quite as strong as it was. 12 in boston right now. 6 in worcester. we have a lot of cold air to battle. the west wind at 14. 15 in worcester. they will subside later. still producing those windchill factor below zero from boston out to worcester. feels like minus 12 in the city of boston. it's a cold one. we're 15 degrees below average for this time of year. we will be more like 25 or 30 degrees below average for time of year by sunday morning. you can see all the sun filled sky at this time. storm system trying to gather steam off the carolina coastline. this is going to head out to sea.
9:43 am
there's just enough moisture here to get pulled back thatward new england that will have period of snow through cape and island. this evening. and overnight to fight. i say anytime after what 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. fair game for snow to brack out down through buzzard's bay perhaps into plymouth as well down into hyannis, chatem, nantucket. steady snow at time chatem over to nantucket. that's the best opportunity to pick up on a few inches of snow perhaps 1-2 back into buzzard's bay. there may be enough snow showers activity across the south shore to get a coating to an inch in spots. real fluffy stuff. more of nuisance than anything else. temperature will drop tomorrow afternoon the early snow exits. snow squall widespread across the area. briefly with the arctic front coming through close to midday. 19 that's at lunch tame. we're about 9 degrees by sunset and these numbers will continue to cascade down as we have the cold air building across hudson bay to get delivered into northern new england and
9:44 am
below. the windchill factor will be close to 30 below by the time we get into saturday night into sunday morning. you with sedate night saturday night. dinner reservations 7:00 p.m. 6 degrees. windchill minus 14. windchills continue to bottom off close to minus 25 in boston. and close to minus 30 in city of worcester. you can't have brutally cold windchills without the wind. for more over to danielle. thanks. because of the really low bitter cold windchills we have windchill watches and warnings. both go into effect at 4:00 on saturday afternoon. stay with us until sunday at noon. pretty much all of massachusetts thunder the more severe warning. it's going to be bitter cold out there. and of course we can't have windchills without some wind. the wind advisory also for cape and island. that will go into effect at 11:00 a.m. saturday. stay with us until very early sunday morning. we could see gust on the cape up to 50 miles per hour and of course these winds are going to
9:45 am
windchills. here's what you can expect for saturday as we head into lunch time. you can see the winds already gusting from the north and northwest. anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. and then as we head into the afternoon they are picking up more on the cape. we're seeing the wind gust up to about 41 miles per hour. they are staying with us overnight too. not really dying down until sunday morning around 10:00 a.m. keep in mind that wind advisory expired early in the morning. it's very windy and cold out there. >> it is. big ski weekend too in a lot of folk usually saturday, sunday and monday because monday a holiday. you take a look at the strong winds. you will have gusty winds saturday through sunday across ski country. i would say wind subside sunday afternoon and end of monday for sure across ski country. when you really look at the ski conditions this weekend if you brave the cold and head up this will be one of the set ups where sata afternoon and sunday morning those early morning runs no exposed skin.
9:46 am
close to minus 40 by late saturday and perhaps starting minus 40 to minus fwiflt at the summit early on sunday morning. do anything outdoors over the weekend. minus 30 for windchill factor can get frostbite within ten minutes. that's just goes to show you how cold the air mass is. storm coming in tuesday. snow to rain. >> okay. >> at least it's not all snow. that's a good thing. >> the band okay go releasing new music video. and it looks like they are going weightless. check this out. they shot this video out of an airplane while flying over russia at zero gravity and you can see them spinning and floating all around this is awesome. this is choreographed band. what is impressive the video was shot in a single take.
9:47 am
they must have had to do several takes. apparently the word has it they got sick about 58 times. not that anyone is counting. they had to do a lot of takes? i've never heard of this band. now look how much publicity they get for this video. >> i love the paint going through the air. coming up next on "today in new england." we have pell gift for your valentine. yourself. >> what has dropping his head in sport.
9:48 am
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time to forget 9-2 by kings. it might be just what the doctor ordered as the bees have the second best record in the eastern conference. bergeron scored the first goal of the game then got a second season fight against blake wheeler. with the bees leading 4-2 in third and it's 21st of the season. bruins get a big road win, 6-2 the final. going behind enemy lines last night in the big apple roundtable event called conversation with rival baseball club. the red sox didn't need much of introduction to this feud. it doesn't really take being with the red sox. when you're in baseball as long as i am. the yankee red sox rivalry is one that comes on top all the time. there's only probably a couple of other in baseball worth mentioning in the same breath. i'm thrilled to be part of it. it's a situation when you are in boston you know it takes that
9:51 am
talking ability clubs that will play. you talk about playing the yankees. it's a different tone in people's voice. nba all-star weekend kicks off in toronto taking part in the league's rising star challenge. that's sports and have a great day. coming up next on "today in new england." what's cooking. we'll show you how to make a perfect treat for your
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> for the second straight week you have a nice desseert for us. courtesy of harvest restaurant in harvard square. we'll show you how to make chocolate trifle in today's what's cooking. >> if you look for the perfect dessert to whip up on this valentine's day. look no forward than harvest restaurant located in harvard
9:54 am
>> we are making trifle. it's a classic dessert. it's layered dessert in the glass. it's just creamy in french. it's a nancy name for creamy. it's cream, milks sugar and chocolate. you take your pot and put in a cream. our milk, and then this is some sugar and salt. >> now bring it up to simmer. >> it will take a minute or two. pour in the mixture and whisk with three egg youks. >> if we added the egg yolks in it would temper and curdle. now you have -- this is where it turns to you. i'm done. bring it up to a boil. >> if the temperature not warm up it will go so slow you will get almost like scrambles eggs. slowly add the eggs into your
9:55 am
now for your chot chocolate. i prefer dark. strainer. this will cook the chocolate. this heat will milk the chocolate right down and then stir them together. >> whip it up in mixer if you want to make it lighter. i can just eat that. time to build your trifle. start with cream. fresh fruit, whipped cream and just keep building. chef bryan likes to top with caramel, haselnut crumble and candy hearts. >> happy valentine's day. you're killing me. >> i literally ate almost the whole thing. it was so good. quality control. i need to take another scoop of chocolate. you can sit there this weekend and eat why you have nine different layers of blankets on
9:56 am
sunny to partly cloudy skies. lower-to-middle 20. patchy light snow across southeastern mass. windchill the story as you get into sunday near minus 30. >> stay warm, everybody. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp.
9:57 am
9:58 am
this morning on today's take, katie holmes in her most intense role yet. and mick jagger and martin scorsese. and cakes, crafts and more for valentine's day. that's all coming up. from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. >> welcome to "today" on a friday morning. february the 12th, 2016.
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