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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7news at noon. breaking news. an active scene in dorchester shooting. police responded to a home invasion when two suspects shot at officers. police returned fire hitting both suspects. >> sarah: 7's dan hausle is live on the scene with the latest. dan? >> dan: police sources are telling 7news this was a case of a home invasion where police engaged the suspect, was shot at by suspects, fired back leaving two suspects shot, both injured, one seriously, possibly dead.
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7news that there was a home invasion on on the premises. two suspects went into the home and shot someone inside the home. police sources tell us that an unmarked cruiser and marked cruiser responded and ingauged the suspects coming out of the house and shooting two of the suspect, leaving one injured. the other is more seriously injured, possibly dead. no police injured in the gunfire, but a witness, a friend of a witnesses tells us a story that pretty much goes in line with what police sources are telling 7news. >> it came out. our friends told me the police wouldn't let anybody by, but my friends told me they seen the cops block the call and the guy jumped out and he starts shooting at the cops, and the cops shot him. >> just the one guy? >> yeah, well, i mean, several was in the ambulance, but just
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>> dan: again, that is not an official, but police sources are were shot. two suspects were shot, one dead. no word on whether anybody inside the house was injured in the shooting, and the extent of any injuries there, but those are some of the details we're hoping to learn from police when they hold a press conference some time within the next hour. >> christa: that's right. that news conference was expected at 11: 30. we continue to get a live look at the scene of the shooting today. let's move our team coverage over to 7's kimberly book man. kimberly in. >> kimberly: it's still a very active scene out here. i'm on the corner of stanwood and columbia. this crime scene really spans several blocks. at this point we're waiting for the police commissioner to come out and brief us on all the details dan told you a little bit about. what we do know at this point is police officers that were in both plainclothes and part of
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officers who were wearing uniforms were involved in this police-involved shooting. now, we're waiting for all of those details, but we have seen reverend eugene river, who is a big activist in this area who is involved in these neighborhoods with the people out here, really trying to curb any kind of gang come down. he's been briefed. he's been talking to people out here. we're expecting to hear from him, as well. what we know about this neighborhood is there have been problems in the past. it's been plagued by drugs and gang activity out here. we've talked to some neighbors, dan has, as well. a lot of them hearing they did hear the shooting this morning. they came outside and saw a huge police presence. they too are waiting to hear what happened and find out who was involved, anyone they may have known from the neighborhood. but we're waiting for that presser. as soon as we have it, we'll bring it live to you. reporting live from dorchester, kimberly bookman, 7news. >> sarah: 12:03 right now. 7news now turning to the forecast. a live look outside. certainly a frigid day.
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england this weekend. you will have to bundle up if you have valentine's day plans. >> christa: chris, how long will the cold be us with? >> sarah:>> chris: 48 hours. it's settling in saturday afternoon and it's out of here monday morning. wind-chill warnings in effect saturday afternoon from 4:00 through noon on sunday, wind-chill values 20 to 30 degrees below zero. air temperatures to the north of us 20, below zero. that cold air is going to be pushing into new england. we do expect the worst of the conditions in terms of the wind and the bitter cold to coincide with valentine's day pretty much. date night on saturday night, temperatures going down, but the depth of the cold really morning. that's when the wind-chills run minus 20 to minus 30, even a few towns close to minus 35. wouldn't be surprised to see the worcester hills closer to minus 35. in terms of actual air temperature, in the city of boston, i'm expecting minus three on sunday morning, minus 11 in worcester. those are good enough to tie the record for the day. that's as cold as it gets here in southern new england.
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a little bit of snow shower activity, first thing in the morning down across the cape. actually, overnight tonight we'll get 1 to 3 inches of snow across the cape and that bitter wind. that 19, this is around lunchtime. by dinnertime closer to 9. as we get into sunday, 12 to 14. that's the range for the high temperatures, the best we can do. 19 in boston right now. 18 in bedford. 20 degrees in norwood. we do have a full day ahead of us today. although the wind speeds light enough, just a little bit. these wind-chill factors were below zero earlier this morning. now at 9 in the city of boston. 11 in norwood and minus one into the city of boston. so you take a look at forecast as we work through this afternoon. there are going to be some thin clouds that start to work on in this afternoon. these clouds thickening on up, and as we get into the mid-afternoon hours, temperatures running into the mid-20s. then only falling back into the upper teens. a little light snow overnight tonight across southeastern mass. i expect one to three inches there, and the city of boston, probably not a whole lot of snow out of this event. maybe a scattered coating to half an inch or an inch of snow,
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cold air moving on in. and as we get into next week, the focus is going to be on the retreating cold air and we will have pretty much an event going from snow to ice and over to rain on tuesday. more on that coming up. >> christa: all right, chris. back to our breaking news that we've been following basically all morning for you. here you see at the scene of this police-involved shooting that happened earlier today, it looks like a steady stream of officers, and i believe we're about to see, there he is, the boston police commissioner william evans getting ready to step up to the mic. what we know at this point is that one suspect was shot in the leg. one has serious potentially fatal injuries after the shooting. it happened around 10:45 stemming from a home invasion before police officers there arrived at the scene. let's listen to what the police commissioner has to say as once again he steps up to the mic right here. >> good morning, everyone. with me is my chief, my superintendent and my deputies,
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i'll briefly give you what i have so far. at approximately 10:25 this morning, our officers heard a call on the police radio about street. our officers were in the area. they responded very quickly. as they showed up, on laredo street, they observed two individuals, one carrying basically assisting another one leg. the officers confronted him. everyone could hear three commands, "drop your gun, drop your gun, drop your gun, show me your hands." at that point there was an exchange of gunfire. right now we have one individual deceased at the corner of stanwood and laredo street.
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recovered close by. the individual is deceased. obviously our thoughts go out to his family. nobody likes to take a life, but if you're going to point a gun at one of our officers in the way he did, obviously we're going to protect ourselves and we're going to neutralize the threat. what appears right now is what played out is in 107 devon street, that's where the original shooting took place. we found an individual inside that house suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. it appears that's where these individuals could have possibly been fleeing, so there was a shooting before we even came on the scene. so right now we have one person deceased and we have two suffering injuries from gunshot
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>> commissioner, the suspect... >> there was clearly an exchange of gunfire. all of us were holding our breath as we do all the time when we hear over the police radio, "drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun." then the officer came on right away indicating that there was an officer-involved shooting here. again, this whole incident originated at 107 devon street where something took place where we had several people shot. then it played out, the officers ran into that incident, and when the officer repeatedly asked him to drop his gun, there was the exchange of gunfire. again, a gun is found on the location. we currently are processing the scene. the body unfortunately is still on scene. we have not -- we have it covered with a tarp to protect the dignity of the body, and we're going to process the scene as quickly as we can.
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the house was seriously injured, maybe the resident and the other two were trying to... >> there is all kinds of speculation. we don't know, but clearly several people were shot in that house, and then it played out into our officers who quickly got here and confronted the individual. again, asking him repeatedly to drop the gun. it left us no choice. the worst decision we ever make is taking a life. and again, i can't say, nobody likes to do that. our thoughts go to the family, but if you're going to shoot at an officer, unfortunately you're going to leave us no choice. >> commissioner, there were several people shot at 107, more than one victim in that house? >> we believe so, yes. we believe one was shot in there, and i think what we have is his body was -- his buddy was dragging the other fella to a waiting vehicle when our officers came on site of this incident. >> from the shoot-out in 107? >> it's preliminary, but we
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that house shot. >> [inaudible] >> again, we don't really know at this time. again, until we break the unfortunate news to the family on this, again, it's the worst part of our job, but we don't want to get any names or any identities out until we make sure the family knows. >> one person is dead and two other people are hurt? >> two other individuals wounded. that's not... that was done on scene. so that probably took place we believe inside the house at 107 stanwood street. >> what kind of injuries? >> i believe they're leg wounds by both. >> and the person who was killed, was he killed outside... >> he was shot after the officer asked him repeatedly to drop the weapon. he was shot in the middle of laredo street and stanwood street here. >> and that person was not injured prior to that? >> we're in the sure yet.
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have been, but right now we have two individuals and we have one deceased. >> were any officers hurt? >> well, you know, obviously being involved in a situation like this is very stressful, so several of them went down to the hospital. you know, we had at least four or five officers quickly on the scene, and obviously this is a very stressful incident. so they're being looked at. the heart rate, everything. again, i can't say enough, nobody takes joy in what happened here today, but when we were confronted with a deadly threat, you know, there's nothing else we can do. we got to neutralize that threat. >> was the shooting inside the house, did neighbors hear? someone shot. i got to thank the officers for being right here and getting here so quickly that they actually confronted one leaving individual.
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>> i think it was a combination of different units here that quickly. again, we really playing this area. they got here quickly. i never... i don't think they could ever imagine what they walked into here. we're very fortunate that none of our officers were injured, but again, it goes to the whole point of me and the mayor continually stressing out there how many guns are on the street off the street. i think already this year we're close to 80 guns we've taken off the street. last year we only had about 40 at this time. so we have a lot of work to do to get these guns off the street. >> have these guys had any history? >> again, i never like to sort of put down anyone, but he is well-known to our officers. i know several firearms violations in the past, you
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name, not too many people didn't know who he was. >> the idea that a guy got away, a busy area, these guys would have gotten away if your guys didn't respond so quickly. >> it was a great response. our officers, again, they put day. you know, they pull up to a call like this, and we're very fort nat with the exchange of gunfire that none of our officers were injured. >> about a month ago just a couple blocks away there was a similar police-involved shooting around here. can you talk about this area? >> again, last year homicides and guns were down, but we have a lot of work to do. 80 guns already and we're probably, what, it's almost two a day at this point. the mayor and myself and our department, we work so hard every day to make sure nobody is getting shot. >> sarah: all right. you're listening to commissioner bill evans speak about this police-involved shooting.
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shot at 107 stanwood street where the original shooting took place that they got a call about. and then when police arrived, two individuals were coming out, one of them that was shot in the leg was being helped out of this home where the original shooting took place. officers confronted them, told them to put down the gun. he said, you know, they heard three commands -- drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun. this man, the suspect did not do that, and that's when an exchange of gunfire took place. we're learning one man was killed and two others are suffering from gunshot wounds. >> christa: it's interesting, too, because, you know, the police commissioner at the end of that news conference was talking about the number of guns on the streets of boston that so far this year they recovered double the amount that they did this time last year. so as many of you may remember, about a month ago there was another police-involved shooting, much different circumstances, and he sounded the same alarm at that time, during that same news conference. that was at the beginning of
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so we'll be tracking this latest incident throughout the day.
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>> christa: we're back back with more breaking news. a horrifying scene on 39 south when a driver is killed after being hit by a flying manhole cover. >> sarah: that metal cover slammed into her windshield. 7's steve cooper is live on the scene with the latest details. steve? >> steve: what a shocking story. so many motorists driving by the accident scenes just shaking their heads in disbelief. state police still have one lane taken up on 93 southbound at this hour. this is more than four hours after the fatal accident. they're trying to answer the question that motorists want answered: how could this happen. >> oh, wow. >> steve: from sky7 h.d., you can see the gaping hole in the windshield. shock and sadness from commuters
12:19 pm
to state police, a woman was killed this morning after an airborne manhole cover hit her windshield, causing her car to crash into a concrete wham. just your reaction that manhole cover was dislodged? >> that's unbelievable. i have to think about that one. that's unbelievable. how does something like that happen? >> steve: police say the manhole cover, in the left lane near the o'neill tunnel, somehow became dislodged and sailed through the air at the height of rush hour, slicing through the vehicle, the car continuing down the highway until it crashed near east berkeley street. >> a big truck tire hitting something like that, you never know. count your blessings every day i guess when you go out. >> steve: through the morning traffic backed up for miles while a state police accident reconstruction scene worked the accident scene, trying to figure out why that manhole cover broke free in the first place. how can a manhole cover come flying through the air? >> that is the question, right in there are a lot of things there don't seem to be any answers.
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i don't know. >> steve: so state troopers in the accident reconstruction scene still here on the scene taking measurement, trying to put this whole thing together. right now state police aren't releasing the victim's name. we're live in boston this afternoon, steve cooper, 7news. >> christa: we also have more breaking news to pass along. a delivery van crashing into a jetblue plane at logan airport and the impact damaged part of the airplane. here's 7's nicole oliverio out of logan with more. oliverio --. >> nicole: a packed plane headed for warmer weather stopped on the tarmac at logan airport after being hit by a delivery van. >> [inaudible]. >> nicole: the flight crew on board the jetblue flight bound for tampa quickly let everyone roll on. >> continued to roll, rolled underneath the airplane. luckily they stopped before they hit another aircraft. we are going to deplane. >> nicole: passengers tell us there was a big jolt. >> there was a big bang and the
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it was up and down. it came off the ground and came back down hard. the flight attendant jumped up. >> nicole: state police say he thought he put the delivery van in park and chased after it. another worker eventually stopped the van, but pictures show the damage didn't as emergency crews responded. in statement, massport said, "just after 6:00 a.m. this morning, a van struck a section of a parked jetblue plane. there were no injuries. the plane did sustain damage and it's been taken out of service." >> just for the hour we were there, we actually had the same pilot and same flight crew. >> christa: thought that was 7's nicole oliverio reporting. >> sarah: we'll be right back after this break. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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lambert. >> chris: 19 in boston. 18 in bedford. a cold start to the day. continues to be cold outside today. we'll continue to west wind here, about 8 to 15mph. any time you add a breeze, when it's cold outside, you drop the wind-chill factors down. it feels more like 9 in boston and feeling like minus 1 in worcester now. despite being cold, it's going to get even colder as you go through the weekend. take a look at the satellite and radar composite. fair amount of sunshine. no question about that. through the day. we start the see some mid to high-level clouds work toward new england. i do expect more clouds around later this afternoon and tonight. snow all the way down into the carolinas. this system will slide off to the south and east and then eventually move to the north and east. it looks like an extension of that moisture will get pulled up into southern new england and we'll get 1 to 3 inches of snow across the cape this evening and overnight tonight. maybe some scattered snow showers in spots across eastern mass late overnight tonight and early tomorrow. overall the cold will be the
12:24 pm
necessarily big amounts of snow. sunshine and partly cloudy skies. 18 to 24. 18 in worcester hills. low 20s in the city of boston. and then tonight mostly cloudy skies. that patchy light snow breaking out. i'd say ash 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 down across far southeastern mass down across the cape and the islands and any snow will end early tomorrow. this is around lunchtime. around dinnertime we're close to 9 around sunset. there and we continue to go down. in fact, tomorrow a big night for dinner reservation, right? date night tomorrow night heading into valentine's day weekend. take a look at 7:00 p.m., temperatures of 6 degrees on average. at that point the wind-chill is at minus 14. we continue to drop on average temperature-wise about minus 5 on sunday morning. i call it minus 3 in boston. minus 11 in worcester. those two numbers would be good enough to tie a record cold for the day. but you factor in the wind, which will be gusty at times overnight saturday and into sunday morning. you're looking at wind-chill
12:25 pm
in the city of boston on sunday morning, minus 32 out in the city of worcester. wind chills. in fact, when you get close to minus 30, you can get frostbite within about ten minutes to exposed skin. so cover up any exposed skin if you're going to be out there for a while late saturday night and into sunday morning. if not, you know, you are just running from restaurant to the car and you just want to keep that limited outdoor exposure and of course stay hydrated. we say that a lot in the summertime, but with real cold air masses in place, if you are working outside, it's easy to get dehydrated with cold weather like this settling on in. 7news continues after the break. homecoming? it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank
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>> christa: it's 12:30 and we're tracking breaking news out of dorchester after a police involved shooting that started with reports of an armed home invasion, and we're learning one
12:28 pm
>> sarah: when police spotted suspects, that's when the gunfight ensued. 7's dan hausle live with all the latest details. dan? >> dan: yes, one man is dead, and police say he and another man were involved in a shooting in a house nearby. they say the man had a gun and despite several orders refused to put it down. that's when police shot. this all happened about 10. 20 a.m. police say they originally got a call of a shooting at 107devon street. they say uniformed and plainclothes undercover officers came up and found man dragging another man, who was injured, dragging him down the street. they say they engaged that man, who pulled a gun. they say they told him several times to put down the gun, put down the gun, and they say after he wouldn't put down the gun, he shot him. they say there are two other men injured, one man inside the house where there was an original shooting, the other man who had been dragged away and had a leg wound. the police commissioner moments ago talking about the hesitation or the reluctance of police to
12:29 pm
but the persistence of too many guns on the street left them no other choice. >> the officers confronted him and over the police radio, everyone could hear three commands -- drop your gun, drop your gun, drop your gun, show me your hands. at that point there was an exchange of gunfire. right now we have one individual deceased at the corner of stanwood and laredo street. we also have a revolver recovered close by. >> dan: no police injured. the two other people are suffering from leg wounds --. >> christa: unfortunately we're having a problem with dan's signal, but you could hear what he was saying clearly. it's interesting because the police commissioner expressed frustration with the sheer number of guns on the street, saying it's a huge challenge for officers out there. >> sarah: that has been a big push with the commissioner and the mayor of course to get guns
12:30 pm
our coverage now moves to 7's kimberly bookman who is live in dorchester with more on this developing story. kimberly? >> kimberly: yeah, sarah, we're on the corner of stan stainsclasse and -- stanwood and columbia. i'll move out of the way so you can see what we're talking about. this neighborhood has many house, one on top of another. when gunfire erupted, people here heard it and immediately came out in the street to see what happened. we spoke to one of those people. take a listen. >> i told the dog to stop bark, linda, linda, stop barking. she wouldn't stop barking, so i came outside, and all of a sudden like 50, 60 police cars just came down the street, vroom, vroom. i'm looking around, what happened, what happened? i asked my neighbor, and he said somebody just pop, pop, pop, somebody just got shot. i was like, wow, this is crazy, because that was like five
12:31 pm
and got out and went inside my house. i'm lucky i wasn't down there when that happened. it's really crazy that someone got shot right on the street. >> kimberly: unfortunately gunfire, that sound has become somewhat familiar in this neighborhood. they've had many problems related to gangs and guns in this area. we understand as soon as police responded to the particular incident, they reached out the community leaders like the local reverend as well as community outreach people, who could really start knocking on doors and talking the people, keep all of the nerves calm so no one gets upset, fearing that police had the fire back and just make sure everyone understands the circumstances of what happened out here today. just keep everyone calm and obviously a very tense situation. reporting live from dorchester, kimberly bookman, 7news. >> sarah: 7news now turning to the forecast. these frigid temperatures not letting up. arctic air blasting new england this weekend. the dropping temperatures having us all bundling up, especially if you have valentine's day
12:32 pm
>> christa: it's not just the temperatures. it's also the wind. chris, there are some advisories up about that already. >> i'm talking about a strong, gusty wind. in terms of cold, in valentine's day, if we don't hit 14 degrees, it will be the coldest high temperature on valentine's day on record. wind-chill warning in place across much of massachusetts from boston out through worcester, and you see the lighted shading of blue, darker shading of blue. that's a wind while watch in effect. bottom line, it will be cold all across southern new england as this arctic air in canada continues its journey southbound. i do expect by saturday night into sunday morning, even as early as 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. on saturday night, wind-chill values approach minus 20 to minus 30 and air temperatures going below zero. in fact, even the city of boston below zaire reat minus 3. that would be good enough to tie the record low. city of worcester at minus 11. that would tie their record low. so talking about a bitter wind devloping saturday afternoon. that 19 is a little misleading
12:33 pm
around lunchtime, but by about 5:00 or 6:00 p.m., we're already down in the single digits and going for a forecasted high on average of about 12 on sunday. so we will be talking about close to record territory here over the weekend. 19 in boston right now. 20 in norwood. it's cold, but overall not too bad of a winter's day. the wind will lighten up, 18 to 20 if you're heading out to the big air at fenway park later on. guys? >> let's go back the more breaking news and a really frightening thought and scene for a woman traveling on 93 south. she was killed after being hit by a manhole cover. >> christa: that metal cover slamming into her windshield, causing her to lose control. 7's steve cooper live on the scene now with the latest details. this is just horrifying, steve. >> steve: yeah, sarah, we just learned from mass highway that these manhole covers involved in the accident out here on 93 weigh in excess of 200 pounds. and you can see state troopers with the accident reconstruction team still out here. they've been out here for hours,
12:34 pm
but motorists want to know something like this could happen. >> oh, wow. >> steve: from sky7 h.d., you can see the gaping hole in the windshield. shock and sadness from commuters along 93 south, where according to state police, a woman was killed this morning after an airborne manhole cover hit her windshield, causing her car to crash into a concrete wham. just your reaction that manhole cover was dislodged? >> that's unbelievable. i have to think about that one. that's unbelievable. how does something like that happen? >> steve: police say the manhole cover, in the left lane near the exit of the o'neill tunnel, now became dislodged and sailed through the air at the height of rush hour, slicing through the vehicle. the car continued down the highway until it crashed near east berkeley street. >> a big truck tire hitting something like that, you never know. count your blessings every day i guess when you go out. >> steve: through the morning, traffic backed up for miles while a state police accident
12:35 pm
accident scene, trying to figure out why that manhole cover broke free in the first place. how can a manhole cover come flying through the air? >> that is the question, right? er there's a lot of things there don't seem to be any answer to. i can't imagine. i don't know. >> steve: we just learned that mass highway crews will begin checking manhole covers to make sure every manhole cover and every grate is secure. there will be welders with these crews out here working with the state police, as well. again, nobody is taking any chances at this point. they'll assess the situation after that. the victim's name, by the way, has not been released as state police continue their investigation. we're live in boston this afternoon, steve cooper, 7news. >> sarah: all right.
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
ism we're following breaking news out of wareham. 70-year-old john williams was found dead in his home in wareham earlier this week. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned today. >> christa: breaking news to report out of arizona. two teens have been shot at a high school in glendale. officials right now not talking about the conditions of the victims, but right now the school is in lockdown. police say there is no active shooter situation, and they have not mentioned whether a suspect is in custody, but crews are still on the scene there. >> sarah: countyline, tequesta and riverside drives try now, fowfer people rushed to the hospital after man attacks them restaurant. it happened in columbus, ohio. the suspects ran from the
12:38 pm
tracked him down and shot him. some of the employees say they saw the man at the restaurant earlier in the evening before he left and came back armed with a machete. witnesses say it was a terrifying thing. a man came in and started beating up on a man. i thought it was a personal thing. then he just started down the road hitting everybody with something. i don't know. it was people were bleeding. >> sarah: police are now trying to figure out why the man attacked those people. >> christa: the final four protesters who occupied a wild life refuge in oregon will be they'll hear from a federal judge after occupying a refuge for 41 days. the four protesters sure rememberdied to police thursday and were part of a larger armed group trying to fight prison sentences for two ranchers convicted of arson. >> sarah: it was another clinton-sanders showdown in last night's democratic debate. the two candidates facing off in their first meeting since bernie sanders' big win in new hampshire.
12:39 pm
clinton was on the attack. 7's nancy chen has more. >> nancy: hillary clinton takes page out of bernie sanders' playbook. >> we both agree that we have to get unaccountable money out of our political system and that we have to do much more to ensure that wall street never wrecks main street again. >> nancy: she tried to portray sanders' plans for health care unrealistic. >> that's a promise that can not be kept. >> nancy: sanders made sure to check his rival. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet. >> nancy: and called clinton out on her stump speeches. >> secretary clinton has been going around the country saying bernie sanders wants to dismantle the affordable care act. i have fought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we're not going to dismantle anything. >> nancy: the most contentious moment of the night came when clinton accused sanders of attacking president obama's policies. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect
12:40 pm
i do not expect it for someone running from the democratic nomination to succeed president obama. >> that is -- [applause] madam secretary, that is a low blow. last i heard we lived in a democratic society. last i heard a united states senator had the right to disagree with the president, including a president who has done such an extraordinary job. >> nancy: meantime, the republicans are getting ready for their debate in south carolina. that's going to be tomorrow night. in the newsroom, nancy chen, news. >> christa: and republican front-runner donald trump sounding off after coming under fire for his choice of words on the campaign trail. >> i wouldn't use foul language. i'm just not going to do it. they're all saying, "do it, do it." no. i'm not. because they always have... even if it's not a bad word, if it's a little bit off, they kill me. so i won't do it.
12:41 pm
and i'll never even copy somebody what they ask me to say. right? >> christa: at a recent focus group, ten south carolina voters were shown clips of trump making some off-color remarks. you can see several people flinch and others gasp at that. former president george w. bush will for the first time hit the campaign trail with his brother jeb coming up next week. the two will appear at a carolina. jeb is making one final push before the next republican primary in hopes his brother's experience will support after his disappointing performances in iowa and new hampshire. >> chris: plenty of cool air
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
>> sarah: 12:45. if you have plans this weekend, you better bundle up. it's going to be frigid. >> christa: it's going to be a long weekend, too, with president's day on monday.
12:44 pm
break some time soon. >> chris: i think we'll set some records for people going restaurant saturday night with the sprint to the door with a lot of cold air coming in. had taste of hit the morning. orange coming in at minus 10. pepperell at minus 5. city of boston 8 degrees. it's the coldest we've been since last february. this morning starting off, not only do we have cold air, but we have a bit of a breeze. wind-chill factors minus 8 to minus 15 throughout the day. 19 in boston now. 15 in worcester. we've had a lot of sunshine out there. the wind speeds in boston, not overpowering. a little breeze at 8mph, but overall winds not quite as gusty as what we'll see over the weekend. in fact, saturday night, that's the real issue, saturday night and sunday morning. not only cold air, but we also get a gusty wind. wind-chill factor now feels like minus 1 in worcester, 9 in boston, 10 in plymouth, 11 in norwood. we've had a lot of sunshine. now we're seeing hints of mid to high-level clouds working on in, and those clouds eventually thickening up overnight tonight.
12:45 pm
cold to the carolinas, cold enough to support snow from charlotte, north carolina, east all the way to the coastline. that storm mostly missing new england off shore, but a little moisture gets pulled in here down through the cape and the islands where i do expect some snow through bedford, plymouth, down through the cape and the islands beginning mid-evening any time after 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and this will be sporadic through the overnight hours tonight. notice this band right here. this is not going to be a lot of moisture with it, but this is out ahead of the arctic front that's going to come on through, so you may catch a passing snow shower or brief snow squall tomorrow before we're completely dry for the rest of the day. tonight best chance for a few inches of snow, chatham over to nantucket. perhaps once over the hyannis, as well, an inch or so of snow is possible from plymouth down to new bedford. sunshine and partly cloudy skies the rest of the afternoon, though. upper teens in the worcester hills, should reach the lower 20s here in the city of boston. and tonight, we'll track that light snow down through southeastern mass. at times even moderate across
12:46 pm
temperatures back into the teens. not quite as cold tonight, thanks to the cloud cover, but other than, that the bottom will fall out tomorrow. that 19 tomorrow, that is going to happen right around lunchtime. we're back the about 9 degrees by sunset. and temperature trend is downhill. dinner reservation at 7:00 p.m., temperatures 6 degrees. wind-chill factor tomorrow night at minus 14. by 11:00 p.m., goose egg in the city of boston. or close to it. i think the wind-chill factor at that point will be minus 22, where do we go from there? early sunday morning and late overnight on saturday, we're talking about wind-chill close to minus 25 in the city of boston. minus 30 in worcester and the higher terrain of worcester county, up into southwest new hampshire, like we've seen, wind chills near minus 35. so real cold stuff. more on the wind with danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. because of those frigid numbers, we have a wind advisory. this will go into effect saturday at 11:00 a.m. stay with us until early sunday. of course, we can't have those wind chills without this wind.
12:47 pm
cape, though, and the island, and we could see gusts getting up to about 50mph. now, we also have a wind-chill warning that will go into effect as well. let's talk about those wind gust, though, because as we head into saturday morning, that's when you're going the start to notice those winds picking up. if you're headed out to dinner, those winds gusting north-northwest up to 30, even 40 miles out on the cape. as we head into sunday, those starting to die down, but this cold and these numbers that are so low, we haven't scene them in a while. huh, chris? >> last year we saw them a if uh times below zero in the city of boston. we did reach minus the 3 on february 16th of last year. if indeed boston goes below minus 3, then we'll be talking about the coldest air since january of 2004. you look at that month, we had a few cold nights in a row and that cold, the death of it really showing up on minus 7 in january 16th of 2004.
12:48 pm
that we've seen in a decade if boston does exceed and go below minus three. all right. 7 on 7 forecast, snow breaking out monday night, slipping to freezing rain and rain by tuesday afternoon. mild air surges in. >> christa: coming up on 7news, a tasty treat that's sure to win over your valentine. how the whip up a dessert for
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
>> christa: we are just a couple days away from valentine's day. if you're still trying to figure out the perfect gift, we have some things you might want the try out. for the second straight week we are cooking up a decedent dessert. >> the harvest restaurant in harvard square showed me how to make chocolate trifle in this week's what's cooking. if you're looking for the perfect dessert to whip up on this valentine's day, look no further than harvest restaurant located right in harvard square.
12:51 pm
really just kind of layered dessert in a glass. >> sarah: explain if someone doesn't technically know what this means. >> cremu is creamy in french. it's cream, milk, sugar, yolks and chocolate. >> sarah: what's first thing they need? >> take your pot and we're going to put in our cream, our milk and then this is some sugar and salt. >> sarah: now bring it up to a simmer. >> take a minute or two. >> sarah: pour in a little mixture and whisk with three egg yolks. >> sarah: we added the egg yolks straight in, they cook immediately and it would curdle. now we have a tempered egg yolk. this is where it turns to you. i'm done. ism bring it up to a boil. >> you warm it up, it's so slow you get almost scrambled ends on the bottom. >> so slowly add the eggs into your pot. >> perfect. >> now for some chocolate.
12:52 pm
people are preferring dark. pour that directly through that fine mesh strainer. >> and this is going to cook the chocolate automatically? >> the heat will melt that chocolate right down and then stir them together. >> you're putting me to work. >> yeah. >> sarah: whip it up if you want to make it a little lighter. just to make sure. i could just eat that. time to build your trifle. start with the cremu we made. then add fresh fruit, chocolate cake, whipped cream and just keep on building. chef ryan likes to top it off with caramel, hazelnut and chocolate heart. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day, yeah. >> sarah: so good. i could eat this dessert all day long. it was amazing. >> christa: thank you for bringing it back to the station, by the way. >> sarah: i brought half of it. >> christa: i don't mean the tease you like that. it looks really good. >> chris: the other half of it didn't make it into the weather office.
12:53 pm
take a look at the forecast, yes, big date night weekend ahead of us. a lot of cold air, as well.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> chris: one last look at temperatures sunday morning. minus 3 in boston. minus 11 in worcester. wind-chills minus 20 to minus 30. cold weekend. >> sarah: thanks, chris. thanks for flonase allergy relief nasal spray. this changes everything. flonase is the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens,
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all at no cost to you. to learn more, a licensed agent can visit your home and take you through everything, step by step. if you're over 65 and have masshealth, call now to see if you're eligible or to enroll... in a senior care options plan
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>> doug: man, where did you get all these fabulous pictures? >> julie: people donated them for the anniversary celebration. some of them i'm putting in storage, and a lot of them i have to take back, but i wanted to see the whole collection just one more time. you know, it makes me very happy. it... it gives me hope forhe future. >> doug: you always were a sucker for valentine's day. >> julie: oh, this from the grand master of romance. valentine's day makes people... understand the power of love. >> doug: yes, as long as everything is going great
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