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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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killed by a flying manle cover while driving on the expressway this morning. we'll have more on in a story . >> anchor: first we are start with that bitter blast headed into new england of a frige i friday out there and arctic air moves through the area. the bottom line, reap to bundle . >> anchor: temperatures could be so low we could break record recordment jeremy reiner is >> reporter: it is coal right now. this is kind of getting us ready for the main event saturday and sunday. the city at 23 at this time. bedford at 22. nothing extraordinary about wind chills in the single numbers and types. the city it feels like 13. fitchburg it feels like 12. the cold front, arctic front, here is where it is right now across southeastern canada and it's on the move. it's going to press southeast into new england and through the the same time it will actually grab some of this moisture here in the virginias and graze southeast mass. more so the cape with a little dusting of light snow, very late
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perhaps flurries metro boston. but really for most of us it's focusing on the core of the cold air, big trout lake 17 below. sudbury, canada at one with kind wind chills up in the locations anywhere between 30 and 50 below zero. this is serious cold coming at us during the day toll. again if you have outdoor plans this evening it's cold but not bitter cold and it's not dangerous cold, but tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and through the middle part of sunday it's dangerous coal. wind chill warning in effect tomorrow for the city of boston. all of southern new england except the south coast and cape down there. it is a wind chill watch and where we have wind chill warning in effect that means the wind chill is between 20 and 30 below starting toll afternoon. wind chills take a nosedive late in the day tomorrow. already we low zero at this time time. the temperatures themselves also heading below zero on early sunday morning. forecasting five below in boston boston. that will be a record. the record in the city is three below. for you folks in worcester it's 11 below.
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sunday will we'll talk more about the forecast in a few minutes . >> anchor: as temperatures drop you can track the weather in your neighborhood on and on the 7 news mobile and tablet apps . >> anchor: dot crews inspecting highways in boston this afternoon. they are trying to make sure manhole covers and metal grates on those roads are safe and secure. >> anchor: this come after a horrifying scene on 93 south just this morning. a woman killed after being hit by a flying manhole cover. the metal cover slamming into her windshield causing her to lose control of the vehicle. steve cooper with here with a look at what happened. such a sad story here, coop . >> reporter: the manhole cover you are talking about weighs in excess of 200 pounds so just imagine that flying through the air. this is the afternoon commute here on 93 southbound. the car involved in this fatal crash has been towed away and police have come and gone but the investigation is far from over. the investigation into why this happened. oh wow. >> anchor: from sky 7 you can
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after an air born manhole cover weighing in excess of 200 pounds crashed through the windshield of this car along 93 south just beyond the exit to the o'neill tunnel killing the female driver instantly. total shock. that that would happen to somebody. total shock . sources say the manhole cover after smashing through the windshield exited out the back window landing back on the highway. the car traveled nearly a quarter of a mile before crashing into a concrete wall. big truck tire hitting something like that, you never know. count your blessings every day when you go out . >> reporter: within hours of the accident and under directive from the governor, mass highway crews hit the roads inspecting every manhole cover, electrical panel and storm drain great around highways in greater boston . we decided to send highway crews out to inspect every single opening of any kind whether it's a great or manhole
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on all of the highway system roads . >> reporter: the cover involved was last inspected in june of 2014 and hadn't been removed for any reason or any recent work according to state highway officials . i drove by the car. it was pretty distressing to see see. the police, state police were there. sad, very sad. the victim's familiar has not been released yet, we're told the suffolk county district attorney's office is leading this investigation and we're also being told by the governor that this whole accident may have actually been caught on security cameras in and around the tunnel system here but for now state police and their accident reconstruct teams still have a lot of work to do in connection with why this happened live in boston, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: before you go, you talked a little bit about the traffic situation we have going on out there because of these highways checks. update on r us on that situation as it stands with traffic . >> reporter: what you have, ryan, is these four rolling crew
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department that are also working with state police there, kind of going along in both directions here on 93. we're told that's happening from somerville to south bay and both directions northbound and southbound. obviously they are well aware of the traffic at this hour of the day but the governor appoints out this is important. he wants this work done and wants to make sure all of these grates and manholes are safe and so they are taking their time through here but as you can imagine something to keep in mind as people begin to head home for the weekend. >> anchor: thank you so much, steve cooper reporting live along 93 south . >> anchor: following a developing story right now out of dorchester. a man shot and killed by police there this morning. they say they responded to a home invasion and that's when a suspect pulled out a gun, police orred him to drop that weapon . >> anchor: but say they were forced to fire. dan hausle live in dorchester with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: well, police continue to be on the scene where they shot and killed that man. they say this actually followed a shooting minutes earlier. they were not involved in and left two people injured but police commissioner says when
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because they were in danger. behind this blue tarp a body lies on the street in dorchester dorchester. a man shot by police who say he gave them no choice. i did hear get do you, get down, get on the ground. drop it, stop. get on the ground. >> reporter: police say they were responding to a call of shots fired in this house nearby nearby. investigators say two men were shot, one left in the house, the other dragged away by his friend as police in uniform and plainclothes rushed to scene . like 50, 60 police cars just came down the street. i'm looking around like what happened? what happened? so i asked my neighbor, he is like somebody just got shot. >> reporter: police say they injured friend when that man down . all of us were holding our breath when we hear over the . >> reporter: this may have invasion.
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everything they are hearing leads them to believe police had no choice . there is nothing nice about it, it's tragic but the reality is i have a gun. i am a bad guy. the officer has a gun. officer is obligated to do what he must do and they did. >> reporter: the police commissioner would not identify the suspect though he says they have his name. he didn't want to speak ill of the man even though police had just shot him but police sources tell me that he has 57 arrests. he was 29 years old and he has three convictions for weapons charges. they say he was on probation for the latest one. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: following more news today. a man accused after salting a police officer and then hitting another man with his car was called to court. place say tyson dellegatto shoved an officer to the ground while he wassing interviewed about a reported theft. surveillance video allegedly shows what happened net. police say dell got oh was behind the wheel of a white car, trying to escape when he hit a 6
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street and then kept driving. that man is okay. but he does have a serious leg injury. we're following a developing story now out of arizona where a high school shooting in glendale has left two students dead today today. police say the two victims are 15-year-old girls and a gun was found near their bodies. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the shooting this. edo not believe anyone else was involved. the school immediately went into lock down but students are now being released to their parents. >> anchor: turning now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sand sanders during last night's democratic debate. it was the first meeting for them since sanders big win in the new hampshire primary. they are accusing him of not being loyal to president obama. republican candidates on the south carolina primary. we have the latest details. they once sealed like un unbeatable nomination shoe ins but today hilary clinton and jeb bush are both fighting to prove they can win in south carolina.
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help from above . i believe in the holy spirit, i'm lucking for the healthy spirit to be coming over here the next week . >> reporter: he courted evangelicals at bob jones university. a candidates forum attended by ben carson, marco rubio and ted cruz. donald trump is risk the wrath of catholics accusing pope francis of playing politics in his upcoming visit near the u.s. border. john kasich is trying to capitalize on his surprise second place finish in new hampshire. i am glad i'm the second choice now. i think a couple of weeks ago pronounce my name . >> reporter: meanwhile, wants south carolina to be a referendum on bernie sanders and support for president obama the african-americans who could swing this state. bernie sanders said president obama failed the presidential leadership test and this is not the first time that he has criticized president . do senators from the right
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have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> reporter: getting personal in the battle for south carolina carolina. look for more clashes saturday night as the slim down republican field meets for its latest debate in greenville, south carolina. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> anchor: also on 7 a judge in massachusetts says bill cosby's wife must testify in a lawsuit against her husband. the judge ordered camille cosby to answer questions under oath but also is allowing her to refuse to answer questions about private marital conversations. the deposition is pat of a lawsuit filed by 7 women who claimed bill cosby defamed them by calling them liars. they are among a group of 50 women suing bill cosby for sexual misconduct. the 78-year-old has consistently denied the accusations . >> anchor: the four people who surrendered to the f.b.i. after occupy a wildlife refuge in oregon facing a judge. the last hold outs were taken into custody yesterday. the f.b.i. says the wildlife
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several more weeks while bomb technicians comb that area. the demonstrators started when article protestors took over the refuge to publicly denounce what they called government overreap of federal land that landed 1 days . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, a crime out of this world. the crew on the latest set of the latest "star wars" movie is being sued . >> anchor: a man under arrest after a deadly shooting in wareham. the latest oh an what happened as that suspect is called to court . >> anchor: we're following breaking news right now. officials inspecting manholes after a woman was hit and killed by a manhole cover on the highway this morning of the inspection causing major backups now. we're continuing to monitor that situation and we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get it.
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>> anchor: a british production company facing legal trouble of they are under investigation after a mishap on the latest "star wars" movie. harrison ford broke his leg while filming the first awhack awhackens . >> anchor: that company may face serious fines harrison ford ford's character han solo expects trouble if "star wars" but the actor didn't expect to be hit by the door of his space ship. two years ago at britain rain pine wood studios he was filming on the set when he was hit about a heavy door it. broke his leg, he had to be airlifted to the hospital and spent weeks in a wheelchair and
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now britain's main safety body says it was so serious, it's prosecuting the production company for failing to manage risk on the set. by law, it says employees must take reasonable is it helps to protect workers. this is as true on a film set as a factory floor. the "star wars" production company says cast and crew's safety is always a top priority. we are disappointed in the decision. ford managed to finish the movie and it's not the only time the 7 73-year-old has had a lucky escape. last year he crash landed his vintage plane . it's true. >> reporter: there is no suggestion ford is considering acting against the movie makers himself. the force though clearly awaken awakening britain's health and safety officers. the suit isn't stopping the filling of the latest install installment of the "star wars" series. episode 8 is set to release late next year . >> anchor: coming up, we'll show you a middle cooler who found a sweet way to help local veterans. that's today's class act . >> reporter: chilly for today.
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the forecast for the weekend up next . >> anchor: a school bus driver heads to court after he is accused of ing into a utility pole with a bus full of kids and police say he was drunk at the time. >> anchor: a terrifying a take inside a busy restaurant in ohio ohio. a man armed with a machete her herring four people there . >> anchor: scary moments aboard a jet blue plane as a delivery van crashes into the airplane's
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>> anchor: new music video for upside-down an inside out will the band shot the video on an
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zero gravity. also, very impressive, the video was shot in a single take. no green screens involved. >> anchor: pretty cool way to do a video. a wonder if we can do the weather in zero gravity. >> anchor: right, well, it would be interesting, do you have enough paint falls for that that? you know, we busted out our trail of marker here. this morning we had a cold morning, boston had a low of 8. worcester two below for the city of boston. it was our coldest morning since the first week of this year and for worcester going below zero that hasn't happened in about a year. teens and 20's, the city at 23, plymouth at 22. fitchburg at 216789 some wind out there so that 21 temperature actually feels like 12. boston feels like 13. worcester feels like 7. we have the big air fenway event tonight wraps up and again it's cold tonight but i i don't i did there will be as much wind as we had last night. last night was we had the cold wind working against you with
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but tonight the temperatures will be in the upper teens to around 20. not much of a wind. overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies and little bit of patchy, light snow before the cape and islands as well as portions of the south coast with lows tonight between 15 and 20 degrees and tomorrow an early snow shower with the arctic front and cold blast of air coming into southern new england temperatures tomorrow morning near here, near this number 19 and then the numbers are going to crash into the single numbers throughout the afternoon and wind chill temperatures tomorrow heading below zero. dangerously low as woe work toward tomorrow evening. here is where i think there might be snow shower activity as the arctic front approaches southern new england. a coating to a couple of inches of snow possible down toward the canal and sought as well as out of the cape and islands. i think the metro boston area a few flurries and that would be about it. then after that, again that would be up until about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning. then it is just focused on coal. bit early cold air with wind chill warnings in effect for all of southern new england.
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south coast and cape but even down there it's dangerously cold cold. wind chill warning meaning wind chills between 20 to and some locations getting close to 30 below zero as woe work toward sunday morning. so here will be your temperatures tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night heading down through the single numbers and below zero as we work toward sunday morning. the record in boston for sunday morning is three below. i think we'll get there in a couple more, probably around five below and worcester your record is 11 below and you will be close. about ten below zero. lows elsewhere across southern new england anywhere between five and ten below zero. nashua around ten below. firstburg at 12 below. this is something you don't see here in new england very often with the wind combining as well. that's why it's really something out of the extraordinary. that's something you would find through southern canada or the upper midwest, minnesota and wisconsin and iowa but it's in new england this weekend but only this weekend. luck at monday next week near 30 and our next storm believe it or not will be a rainstorm on tuesday.
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40's on tuesday. see new bit let's get a check of the ride home. it's friday and also have some highway inspections going on. joe stapleton give us an update. right now on route 93 northbound highway department on the scene inspecting manhole covers after a fatal crash this morning on the southbound side of route 93 inside the o'neill. so the northbound side of the expressway right now basically at a standstill i have myself stuck in this about a 90 minute right now coming up into braintree. take a look at the coming in from metrowest. heavily congested as well basically from the newton area right toward route 93 so again the inspections continue and manhole cover 93 northbound and southbound through town and we're dealing with big backups of you can see the backup on the expressway barely moving from braintree into town get a closer look as well making your way along route 93 northbound dialing with delays making your
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muffal the way up to 128. joe stapleton, 7 news in a 7th grade student in acton is find finding a sweet way to give back to veterans heave is take a school project outside the walls of his classroom and now it's expanding. this week we get a closer look at this unique idea . >> anchor: and how it's making the lives of local veterans a little bit sweeter. he is today's class at. here is christa delcamp. thanks for letting me interrupt. i am here today because every week we do an amazing segment called class act and i hope that all of you will give a huge round of applause to bobby sweet sweet. bobby sweet made it his mission to give back to those who served our country . my two ground fathers served and two of my cousins . >> reporter: the 7th grader in acton took a cue from his last
4:25 pm
deliver something sweet to the veteran's hospital in bedford, massachusetts . we collect candy in little bags and deliver it to the va sweets for soldiers started last year during a class project but sweet didn't stop when fine bell rang . he took this hypothetical class project and has turned it into an action project to serve others which i think is incredibly impressive. since then, the campaign has expanded . what started as a commander drive turned into a hygiene drive this summer with the help of his older brother. he did it again for veteran's day this past november and now he is getting it going again for that. sweet says he is not look looking to stop any time soon. hope it will reuntil i can't really any more, but as long as i can pretty much just keep helping me grow bigger and get more people involved . >> anchor: christa delcamp, 7 news. >> anchor: now because he is so young sweet has not been able to personally deliver the candy to the hospital. he says when he is a little old older he will get to meet some vets that he helped .
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i love it when i see a young person doing something great. good example for all of us. if you know somebody between 6th and 12th grades doing something outstanding in school, sports on their community you can nominate them on-line. >> anchor: next here on 7 news, breaking the ice. crews cleaning up after a watermain break in pennsylvania leaving behind a big problem. >> anchor: cold weather a big concern for fire fighters in norton as they fight the flames in frigid temperatures. >> anchor: we are following breaking news a woman killed on the expressway during the morning commute. she is hit by a flying manhole cover. now crews are out trying to make
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look at the forecast . >> anchor: it is moving south and will be here tomorrow at this time unleashing bit early cold air, sudbury, canada two below. thunder bay at two below. buffalo and boston lower 20's. out there this evening you are okay. the wind chills will be a none factor because wind fades away this evening with temperatures this evening in the teens and then tomorrow morning we're near 20 for an hour or so and then the cold air will take over by midday and certainly tomorrow afternoon and about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through noon on sunday that's when this wind chill warning will go into effect meaning at that time wind chills will start to approach between 10 to 20 below zero and drop even lower overnight tomorrow night as well as early on sunday morning with wind chills dangerously low. 20 to 30 below. those wind chill exposed flesh, nose, ears, hands you can get frostbite in ten minutes with wind chills that code.


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