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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the bittercold that is moving into the area. dangerous drop in temperature in store for the weekend. life-threatening wind chills are predicted. so we have a little preview of that cold today but it's going to be completely different. much colder this weekend . >> anchor: we may make records because of all of us. the very latest on the temperatures this weekend . >> anchor: right now 22 in boston of beverly at 22. worcester 18. bit of a breeze so the wind chill single numbers and teens but again this is nothing compared to what's coming at us for tomorrow afternoon as well as tomorrow night and sunday morning. this kind of wind chill that we have out there this evening, you can handle it. you have been through this before but the stuff that's on the way this happens once every five or ten years so arctic front will come blasting into southern new england during tomorrow, probably between 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and here is what's behind that arctic front. sudbury, canada two below, thunder bay two below. now as the arctic front is coming through tomorrow morning
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couple of snow showers on cape cod but for the rest of us it's focusing on the bitter wind setting up dangerous wind chills chills. wind chills between 20 and 30 below zero. wind chill warning will be in effect about 4:00 p.m. tomorrow until 12:00 p.m. on sunday. in that time frame that's when we expect the lowest wind chills out on the cape and islands by the way not quite as serious. it's wind chill advisory but not as low as what it will be in metro boston or worcester hills. the actual air temperature record cold, the record in the city ask three below. i think we'll get there sunday morning. five below framingham. 8 below fitchburg at 12 below. the thing about this air mass we had cold morning like this but when you factor in the strong northerly winds get wind hills and that's why it will be so dangerous to be outside for any length of time tomorrow evening. exposed flesh can freeze with wind chills approaching 25 or 30 below tomorrow night . >> anchor: as terms drop you can track the weather in your neighborhood on whdh p.m. commas
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tablet apps . >> anchor: back to breaking news. the state taking action after a freak accident in a boston tunnel that killed a woman. state crews now conducting emergency inspections of all highway manhole covers, grates and electrical panels. it happened this morning. a woman was killed when a manhole cover came flying through her windshield in the o'neill tunnel. right now what caused the metal cover to come off the highway is still under investigation but 7 news has team coverage of the tragedy and we begin with steve cooper who is live this boston along the highway. steve? >> anchor: this investigation has been going on all day long on 93. the traffic moving pretty good out here tonight. the wreckage, the car itself towed away, state troopers have come and gone but the investigation is far from over tonight. a lot of people are anxious for answers including the governor. our hearts and our thoughts go out to a family that through an incredibly bizarre event lost someone today.
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massachusetts speaking out late today following this deadly accident on the 3 south just beyond the exit to the o'neill tunnel in boston that claimed the life of a female driver. it was pretty distressing to see of the police, the state police were there. . >> anchor: state police say it happened just before 8:00 this morning at the height of rush hour. an air born manhole cover weigh weighing in excess of 200 pounds wept through the windshield of this car, came out through the back window according to sources before the vehicle crashed into a wall a quarter of a mile down the highway . something like that you never know. count your bless, every day i guess when you go out . >> anchor: within hours of the fatal crash the governor orders roving highway crews to hit the road with welders. directing this el to check all manhole covers, grates and electrical panels on highways throughout metropolitan boston, making sure they are secure. we decided to send the highway crews out to inspect
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whether it's a great or a manhole cover or an electronic great or whatever it is out there on all of the metropolitan highway system roads. >> anchor: the governor says there were four highway crews out here throughout the afternoon basically going up and down the between somerville and south bay down here in dorchester slowly going down the roads, looking at everything in the road them will decide whether or not they need to expand that inspection depending upon what they find out from this afternoon. that's the latest live along 93 in boston tonight, steve cooper, 7 news . >> anchor: as you can imagine the scent leaving many drivers uneasy. it happened on a very busy road during rush hour. our coverage continues with kim bell bookman in south boston . >> reporter: you know the department of transportation responded very quickly sending crews out on to the roadways to inspect 500 mes of boston. skip overhead as crews check manhole covers, grates and electrical panels along boston
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i hope they get them down real quick. by the time i get home 13 commut commuters sitting in traffic as work gets done just want to make sure the roads they travel on are safe, something they may not have thought about until today when a manhole cover came loose on interstate 93, hit a car and . i'm scared about that, yeah. it's nuts . >> anchor: for some a bit reminiscent of 2006 when a concrete ceiling panel fell in a big dig tunnel, killing a woman . what else can go wrong? cement panels coming oh. you have manhole covers explod exploding now. what's going on with the public works . >> anchor: the democrat of transportation trying to reassure drivers saying it's workers including welders will make sure each and every hole on boston highways is securely covered and will repair those that are not while some behind the wheel are holding their breath, others say as awful as today's incident was, it's pretty unusual. it's just a freak accident. >> anchor: right now crews are concentrating on boston highways
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transportation says depending on what they find they may expand that throughout massachusetts. . >> anchor: and we're staying on top of a developing story. police shoot and kill a man in dorchester. sources are telling 7 news he was involved in a home invasion he was killed police say when he refused to drop his gun dan hausle has been following the chain of events in this shooting and joins us live now in dorchester police continue to investigate the scene of the police involved shooting. police sources telling me that the man they shot is 29 years old with a long history of arrests. three convictions for gun charge charges they also tell me he has been shot twice, today shot and killed by police police tell us this start as a home invasion where shots were fired and ended up with police shooting and killing a man leaving the scene . i her the shots and i yelled get down, get on the ground, get down. and then that's when i seen officers coming back and forth in the red house .
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originally two men were shot inside this house, one was left in the house, the other dragged away by his friend investigators say two men leaving the scene ran right into police with a man helping his injured friend pull a gun and wouldn't put it down . several people were shot in that house and then it played right now into our oh officers who quickly got here an confronted the individual again asking him repeatedly to drop the gun. it left us no choice . like 50, 60 police cars just came down the street. happened? what happened? so i asked my neighbor and he is . >> reporter: neighbors and community leaders say everything they are hearing telling them police had no choice when they fired. a reverend says the community's job is to give young example a choice before it comes to this . our role is primarily to do prevention and intervention so that watched here today is less
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child before he becomes a . >> reporter: police sources are telling me they believe this man got off a few shots at police before they shot him but investigation. the two men shot earlier in the alleged home invasion are in the hospital but expected to recover recover. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, a run away van leading to a wreck at logan airport. investigators say a driver got out of his van thinking it was in park but it wasn't. then plowed into a plane full of passengers. tonight we are learning from people on board what exactly happened. elizabeth noreika is live with . passengers on board that plane say that they actually felt the plane shake when the van hit it . when a run away delivery van hits a parked plane putting passengers in a panic . there was a big bank and then a jolt, the plane went up and came down . >> reporter: this passenger took a cell phone video of the
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we're going to deplain because this airplane isn't going anywhere for a while . >> reporter: we were hit by a van. she explained the van driver got out, the van was never put in park and kept rolling . >> reporter: state police say the driver thought he put the van in park and chased after it as it rolled doored the plane. another worker very vent whale stopped the van but the anti-depressants was done . the ground crew stopped it from rolling it would have hit another plane . >> reporter: pictures taken show the plane surrounded by emergency crews. the damage done to the wing. massport says the plane is now out of service. and passengers were bound for tampa when this incident happened and they tell us that they were only delayed for about an hour. live from logan airport, elizabeth noreika, 7 news . >> reporter: sky 7 above a fire in lawrence. a cold, tough fight for crews as they work to contain a fire in a condo complex. nobody was hurt. police believe a wood stove may be to blame . still a lot more news ahead including the latest from the campaign trail
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zeroing in on different groups of voters. what hilary clinton and jeb bush have in common headed into the south carolina primary. >> anchor: four people rush to the hospital after a man attacks them that machete inside a restaurant in ohio . >> reporter: at 5:30 we're learning more about a murder in wareham and what may have led up to it . in just one hour a dudley school bus driver charged in connection with a ride that put students in danger. we're continuing to follow breaking news. inspections under way on boston highways after a manhole crashes into a car in a boston tunnel and kills the driver. state crews out checking every manhole and great. we have those stories and much
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news.. >> reporter: canned day on both sides have something to prove. the republicans are fighting to take down trump. hillary clinton is trying to restore confidence in her campaign . >> anchor: one now being talked about in political sir else is how much hilary clinton and jeb bush have in common. 7's jadiann thompson has more . >> reporter: well, hilary clinton and jeb bush may have some hop sit ideas when it comes to key issues this campaign
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both working toward the same thing they once seemed like un unbeatable nomination shoe ins but today hilary clinton and jeb bush are both fighting to prove they can win in south carolina. bush praying for a little help from above . i believe in the holy spirit. i am looking for the healthy spirit to be coming over here the next week . >> reporter: he courted evangelicals at bob jones university and the candidates forum also attended by ben car carson, marco rubio and ted cruz while donald trump is risking the wrath of catholics. he is accusing pope francis of playing politics if his up coming visit to the mexico area near the u.s. border. john kasich is trying to capitalize on his surprise second place finish in new hampshire . i'm grad i am the second choice now of i think couple of weeks ago they wouldn't have even known house how to pronounce my name . >> reporter: clinton wants south carolina to be a referendum and support for president obama who is immensely
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who can swing a victory in south carolina. senator sanders say president obama failed the presidential leadership test and this is not the first time that . do senators have the right to disagree with the president? have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> reporter: getting personal in the battle for south carolina carolina. >> reporter: the shim down republican field will soon be taking stage once again. the next g.o.p. debate is tomorrow night in greenville south carolina. in the control room, jadiann thompson, 7 news . >> reporter: the final four protestors who surrendered to the f.b.i. after occupying a wildlife refuge in oregon are called to court. the f.b.i. took the last hold outs into custody yesterday. word is the wildlife refuge will be closed for several more weeks while bomb technicians search that area. these people, their demonstration started when armed protestors took over the refuge they were publicly denouncing
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overreach of federal land and that protest lasted 41 days. a shooting at a high school in glendale, arizona kills two students. police say they are two 15 15-year-old girls and a gun was found right near their bodies. investigators now trying to figure out what led to the shooting. they do not believe anyone else was involved. the school immediately went on lock down. students now are home with their parents . >> anchor: the f.b.i. is investigating a machete attack in ohio that led to a deadly police shooting. first say a man walked into a columbus, ohio restaurant and attacked four people with that weapon. police officer then chased him in a car. they say when he event whale got out he had a machete and knife and lunged at the hood of one of the cruisers there when an officer shot and kill the suspect . based upon the nature of the assault what we've seen around the country and inter internationally we just thought it was proof at that time to bring our federal partners in to help us and local there from the beginning . >> reporter: the officer was
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officials say the four people attacked at the restaurant are expected to survive . >> anchor: we have some break breaking news right now out of lowell. the district attorney telling us a 15-year-old boy has been hit by a car while riding his bike. the driver left the scene. police treating it as a hit and run. it happened on lawrence street around 2:30 this afternoon. we're told the boy has severe injuries and we will continue to follow this breaking story. >> anchor: net at 5:30 iced over what left a pennsylvania neighborhood frozen solid. >> anchor: nearly 1,000 years after a split with rome, the pope touching down in cuba for a history making visit with the head of the russian orthodox church. >> reporter: record cold on the way for sunday. bitty cold weekend. the forecast is up next. >> reporter: tonight have trouble breaking the ice at parties. not confident you can make a good first impression at that networking event?
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without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> anchor: taking a live look outside on a friday afternoon and boy it's chilly out there right now we are in store for even really chillier . >> anchor: as i was outside today i was thinking i think . >> anchor: compared to what true?
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you are right. low 20's today. kind of a primer for the arctic air. daylight. there is good news for you. indicating cold weather this week, the first week in february had some warm temperatures and they were very warm and even with the recent cold and what's on the way the numbers are about five degrees above normal. now last february was the second coldest february on record for the city of boston. this happened right here for the weekend, this is a cold blast for several weeks. very cold this weekend. no getting around that. but as we look into next week monday and right into tuesday the pattern will snap back and allow milder air to kind of sneak up into new england on tuesday. so our next storm system looks like more raindrops than snowflakes. hard to believe with air like this coming at us sudbury, canada four below. thunder way, big trout lake at 15 below. moose at 22 below zero. win chills up in those lexington
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zero. behind here this is the arctic front. this thing is legitimate and this will blast into southern new england midday tomorrow and as it's moving through it might actually kick up the dust in the form of a couple of snow showers and snow flurries especially south coast and the cape very late tonight and tomorrow morning about the any evening plans roads will be dry. again there is no bit early cold air out there this evening. it's cold and won't be as much wind as we had last night. temperatures in the teen to around 20 with wind chills between 10 and 156789 last night those wind chills were down below zero. the amount of snow on the way with the arctic front out ahead will be in some locations on the cape and south coast one to two inches of snow and then just north of there a coing to an inform. i don't think anybody in the city of boston. tomorrow an early snow shower or flurry otherwise clearing skies and then the arctic air will charge in here and it means business. temperatures tomorrow morning near 20 and then by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon which is when the wind chill warning goes into effect meaning wind chills will
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night and into early sunday morning with those temperatures all by themselves bit early cold and then you factor in the strong winds and it will feel between 20 and 30 below. i spent time in the mid anyone tease in minnesota. i tell you weighs come the next couple of days. minnesota cold. that's serious cold. wind chills between 20 and 30 below. expose flesh can freeze in about ten or 15 minutes. one. boston tomorrow i should say on sunday morning five below, framingham at 8 below. below. i think we'll set a record and good news for you spring training in the sox hopes in five days. first day of spring just 36 days away. boston marathon 65 days. cold this weekend though. don't run outside tomorrow evening or sunday morning. it's cold. too cold. 7 on 7 forecast, you will be on the dread mill. monday mostly sunny skies, temperature on monday in the upper 20's. there is our next storm on tuesday. there is going to be a little burst of snow very early in that storm system but otherwise raindrops prevail. temperatures on tuesday upper 40's. see you at 5:30 .
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ahead a dish that will warm your valentine's heart this weekend. we'll head to harvest in harvard square for a sweet treat . >> anchor: and chills the big air event tonight at fenway some concern about the temperatures but we'll head out live.
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>> anchor: thanks so much for being with us on this busy friday. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now.
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. >> anchor: ice blacker of a watermain break turns a road into an icy river . >> anchor: and facing a judge. police make an arrest after a man is found shot to death inside his home in wareham. >> anchor: we are staying on top of breaking news a driver killed when a manhole cover crashes through her windshield on the southeast expressway. tonight mass dot crews are inspecting highway infra infrastructure including manhole covers, grates and electrical panel as veriors work to figure out what caused that cover to come loose. we have learned the victim is caitlyn a teacher at glover elementary school in milton. counseling is being covered to students and faculty at that school. we of course are staying on top of this story and we'll have much more coming up . >> anchor: more bragging news at this hour too. coming out of lowell, where police say a 15-year-old boy was hit by a car on lawrence street. that driver then left the scene according to police. the boy has been taken to beth israel hospital with severe injuries.
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we're staying on top of this story for you also >> anchor: temperatures taking a dive this weekend. a wind chill warning is in effect starting tomorrow and temperatures right now already . >> anchor: we've seen temperatures this cold in a very long time. could be breaking some records any exposed skin, jr, needs to be covered up, right? >> anchor: it is. especially tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night and sunday morning. this air right here you can get out and about and do your thing this evening. so the city at 22 right now, bed bedford at 216789 we've seen air like in this winter. wind chill single numbers in the teens. boston it feels like 11 will beverly feels like 22. not as much wind out there this evening as there was last evening. so if tonight is date night for value an fine's night you are okay. here is the arctic front and that is on the move. that will come into new england during the day tomorrow, usher ushering in some bit early cold air, sudbury, canada, four below right now. moose knee at 22 below. into new england midday tomorrow. out ahead of the arctic front there might be a couple of snow
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the pe but reallabout the cold and bitter wind. wind chill warning in effect tomorrow afternoon. 4:00 p.m. up until about noon on sunday and during that time frame wind chills between 20 and 30 below. that is serious cold. the air temperatures themselves boston around five below on sunday morning. worcester ten below. fitchburg at 12 below and again there is your record for the city. we'll get there in boston. worcester close going back to 19 1979 when was 121 below. advertising around ten below but just like that it is out of here here. we work toward monday it's cold early in the day. but then by the afternoon it will be about where we are this afternoon upper 20's to around 30 and our next storm it actually is going to chase out the arctic air it. might start as some snow very late monday night and tuesday morning but otherwise we're talking about rain with temperatures on tuesday in the 40's. >> anchor: 7 news now in wareham where police arrested a man who they say shot and killed another man earlier this week. the victim was found shot to


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