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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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quarter of a mile before crashing into a concrete wall . big truck tire hitting something like that. you never know. down your bless, every day i guess . >> anchor: within hours of the fatal accident and under directive of the governor mass highway crews hit the roads inspecting every manhole cover electrical panel and storm great on highways around greater boston. we decided to send the highway crews out to inspect every single opening of any kind. >> anchor: the manhole cover involved in the fatal crash was last inspected in june of 2014 and hadn't been removed for any reason or any recent work accord according to state highway officials. i drove by the car. it was pretty distressing to see see. the police, state police were there. sad, very sad. >> reporter: we're being told tonight the suffolk county district attorney's office is leading this investigation as state police continue piecing together everything that happened out here today. one the things the governor said
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is whether or not this deadly crash was captured on surveillance cameras from inside and outside the o'neill tunnel. live in boston tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: even with crews checking the roads, this tragic accident is concerning for other drivers around the city. 7's kill beverly bookman is live in south boston with more now. kim bother . well, kip, drivers shock at this hoping the roadways they are on are safe and the department of transportation is trying to make them feel more comfortable by accepting crews out on to those roadways to examine 500 pieces of hardware. there is a city wide inspection under way on boston highways. every manhole cover each great and all electrical panels are getting checked to make sure . i like the fact that they >> reporter: it comes hours after a manhole cover came loose on interstate 93, hit a car and . it's too bad tragic . >> reporter: commuter says sitting in traffic as work gets done is worth piece of mind of
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i hope they get them down . but for some a's incident brits back memories of 2006 when a concrete ceiling panel fell in a big dig tunnel killing a woman. what else can go wrong? cement panels coming off. you got manhole covers exploding . >> reporter: the department of transportation trying to reassure drivers saying its workers including welders will make sure each and every hole in boston highways is properly covered and will repair those that are not. these steps appreciated even though most believe as awful as today's incident was, it's pretty unusual . it's freak accident. freak accident. >> anchor: and right now highway inspectors are just concentrating on boston roadways depending on what they find they will decide whether or not they need to expand that within massachusetts. reporting live, kimberly bookman 7 news . >> anchor: we're following breaking news where police say a 15-year-old by was hit by a car while riding his bike. you can see sky 7 over the scene scene. the bike still on the side of the road busted up. police say the driver left the scene.
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was rushed it a boston hospital. we do have a crew on the way and el we'll bring you more as we . >> anchor: turning now to the weather alert. we are bracing for a bitter blast as temperatures continue to drop this weekend we are in store for the coldest days we've had all season. in fact it might be the last time like the 30's, 1934 something when it was this cold. you don't want to be outside if . >> anchor: if you are heading out tonight you want to make sure tonight and the rest of the weekend you stay bundled up. >> anchor: ryeia, right now 22, beverly at 22. worcester 18. there is some wind out there not as much as last night so the wind chills tonight are manageable if you are out and about this evening. i know we have the snow boaring event how at fenway park. no as cold as last night. but cold. seasonably cold. this up here though, this is the arctic front and there is no getting around this. this is going to come charring through new england tomorrow morning and ushering some very cold air. dangerous cold with temperatures right now up across southern
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20's below zero then if you were to factor in wind chills in these location it is would feel between 30 and 40 below. so some of that is going to head into southern new england during the day tomorrow. i think temperatures will plunge tomorrow afternoon. so there is going to be a wind chill warning in effect from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow until noon on chills. when have you wind chills this low between 20 and 30 below exposed flesh, the ears, nose, minutes. serious stuff. that's what's coming at us late tomorrow afternoon as well as overnight tomorrow night and that's the wind chill. the actual temperatures record cold. the record in the city is three below on sunday morning. i think we'll get there in a few more. five below in boston. worcester ten below. fitchburg at 12 below. thankfully it's not going to stick around very long and we warm up it next week. i will show you those numbers in a few minutes. as temperatures drop you can track the weather in your neighborhood on as well as on our 7 news mobile and tablet apps . >> anchor: to a developing
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police involved shooting in dorchester. two others are hurt and sources tells 7 news police responding to a home invasion and that's when things took a dangerous turn here. dan hausle live in dorchester with more on this story. dan, what do you know? well, police have yet to identify the man who was shot by police but us sos of telling me he is 29 years old but has history of dozens of arrests and three convictions on weapons charges the most recent on which he was still on probation for. behind the blue barrier lies the body after a man shot by police. officers responding to a report of a shooting near say the man pulled a gown and refused to put it down . like 50, 60 police cars just came down the street. i'm looking around like what happened? what happened? so i asked my neighbor. he is like somebody just got shot . >> anchor: police say this started with an attempted home invasion. two men shot inside the house nearby. one shooting victim was left in the house, the other dragged away by his friend. investigators say the two men leaving the scene ran right into
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injured friend pulled a gun and wouldn't listen when officers yelled to put it down . i heard drop it but i didn't hear gun. i did hear get down, get on the ground. drop it, stop. get on the ground . all of us were holding our breath as we do all the time when we hear over the police radio drop the gun. drop to the gun. drop the gun . >> anchor: commissioner evan said police have no choice when they shot and killed a man. neighbors and community leaders say everything they are hearing leads them to the same conclusion. it's nothing nice about it. it's tragic. the reality is, i have got a gun gun. i am a bad guy. officer has a gun. officer is obligated to do what he must do and they did. >> anchor: police sources telling me they are not sure but they do think the suspect fired on them. that's something they are still trying to nail down. the two men also shot in the earlier incident are hospitalized but expected to recover. live in dorchester, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7 news, a man accused of assaulting a
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a pedestrian with his car is called to court. police say tyson delgatto shoved an officer to the ground on wednesday while the officer was interviewing him about a record reported theft. there is surveillance video that shows what happened there. police say dell got oh was behind the wheel of that white car trying to get away when he hit a 65-year-old man crossing the street and kept on driving car. he is okay but does have a serious leg injury. >> anchor: a school bus driver from dudley appearing in court today on drunk driving charges. police say 42-year-old scott for forrier had been drugging before he got behind the wheel of a bus and crashed right into a utility pole. 11 middle school students on board at the time no. one was hurt. the accident happened yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon. police rushed to the scene and after a quick check on the kids, another bus came to pick them up up. >> anchor: a crash course at logan airport. a run away delivery van huts a plane packed with passengers. state police say the driver thought he put the van in park
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it rolled away. another worker eventually stopped the van but not before it crashed into the wing of a plane. one passenger says a damage could have been so much worse. >> anchor: there was a big bank and a volt plane went up and came back down. the ground crew stopped it from rolling and it would have hit another plane . >> anchor: passengers had to get on a different aircraft that one that's damaged is out of service . >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 6:00 some frigid fun at fenway park. cold weather the least of the worries there at the big air e event as the high flying action
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>> anchor: with temperatures expected to drop below seer out state wants to make sure the t stays on track. first say trains will be running at unusual hours or idling overnight. they want to just make sure things don't freeze up. brandon gunnoe live with more on what's happening to keep things running in the cold. >> anchor: kill and ryan the mayor and emergency workers are really warning everybody that it's dangerous. so they want to make sure that nobody is outside an prepared and really if you can, just stay inside. the temperature is dropping and it's only going it get colder. i have to say you look very cold . yeah it's a little chilly . >> anchor: with lowing below zero this weekend the massachusetts emergency management association wants to
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this cold is dangerous and can lead to hypothermia. you are urged to stay in but if you do go out, dress in layers . bundle up as much as possible. thick gloves, thick had hat, never go out with anything but . >> anchor: that's good advice. experts say don't forget a warm pair of boots and cover your face and mouth with a scarf if you can as well . usually i'm just staying inside and trying to bundle up. you know, having some hot soup, hot coe coe, stuff like that. just staying with loved ones . >> reporter: the t will run trains empty to make sure tracks and switches don't freeze up and monday is president's day so the t will run on a saturday schedule. kristi delivers food on a bike no matter how cold it is . every day no matter what i have to go out on my bike and deliver so that's why i know how to layer up . i was going to go skiing but i think we'll stay in. the mountains will be like minus 20 or something like that. not worth going out.
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play around with. with.. >> reporter: we're told don't forget about pets and check on the elderly. live in boston, brandon gunnoe, 7 news . >> anchor: type of cold where you breathe and you can feel it in your nose. that kind of cold . >> anchor: instant frostbite. what were you saying? how long does it take in that kind of weather? >> reporter: wind chill 30 below ten minutes and we're talking frostbite. serious cold for tomorrow night and sunday morning. weekend forecast is coming up next. >> reporter: ahead at 7 sports the celtics are as hot as any team in the nba. now they turn their attention to a nine day all-star break aimed all at rest and relaxation and you never want to see your top players dropping the gloves leading to injury time for one of the bruins best. details are next in sports.
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>> anchor: a frigid flight forced amazing athletes in fenway. this is night two of the big area event taking over the park but there is a connecticut borders move, good enough to win the women's division of last night's snowboarding event. this by the way is airing on nbc sports and tonight skiers get the chance to show off their skills. they compete on that 140 foot tall ramp. >> anchor: as they were build building a couple books ago i was thinking it's too warm for us. hardly any snow. too warm and boom we get the . >> anchor: it's perfect for them and for people going and
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said not as windy tonight which is better, right? >> anchor: tonight is okay. i mean, tonight is just classic new england chilly night. 22 in town right now, much less wind so last night wind chills were below zero for boston. tonight wind chills in the teens to around 20 degrees. sudbury nine below. big trout lake at 15 below. again, boston 22, now i want to show you. this look at this up in alaska anchorage, whoa, 36. hold the mayo at 30 degrees so it's warmer up in the northwest territory as well as alaska than it is here in southern new england. bicker lake at 20 below. that usually that happens when you sealaska warm that's usual a beautiful in the jet stream, shoves all the colder air out of alaska then down into the eastern part of the united states. that's in the process of happening. but thankfully this pattern is not going to lock down for several weeks like it did last february, we did ray couple of cold days but it will start to warm it right back up as we work
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so here you go this is the arctic assault. this thing means business. this will come charring into new england tomorrow afternoon for sure. the city at 22. fitchburg at 21. wind chills not much of an issue if you are out of big air fenway this evening partly cloudy skies temperatures this evening in the upper 20's, upper teens to around 20 and that's where they told for the whole night with clouds on the increase and a little bit of patchy, light snow and flurries late tonight and tomorrow morning. south south coast, portions of the south shore, more so near the canal near up toward cohasset and then out on to the cape. one to three inches of snow. out ahead of the arctic front and this will come through around noon tomorrow and then after that say going to the temperatures because they will go off the edge of a cliff with this arctic front barreling through southern new england, coal blast of air and the strong wind is what will help to drag the arctic air in so quickly so that's the concern that the temperatures as they are sliding downhill rapidly tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening it's being driven in here by a strong northerly wind which drives wind chill down below
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so you approach 10, 20, 25 below this is serious cold late tomorrow night and early in the day on sunday. the record in the city is three below sunday morning. think we'll get there five below below. worcester your record is 11 below. you will be close. ten below. record or not still wicked cold. fitchburg at 12y low, nashua at ten below. the other thing about arctic air is that it's very dry. perhaps you are already noticing that with the skin cracking and chapped lips you bring arctic air inside your apartment temperatures goes up to 65 and your humidity goes even lower from 45% outside down to around three or 4% inside. so keep those humid fires running until further notice. a little bit of good news though weekend. sun went down this evening at 5: 12 a month from tonight. sunsets at 5: 47. we pick up about an hour and 15 minutes of daylight over the next four weeks. sweetness. 7 on 7 forecast our net storm raindrops.
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40's. >> anchor: the browns are up with less than five minutes to go . >> anchor: two days after suffering their worst loss in almost years the bruins came out swigging in winnipeg last night quite literally in fact showing the fight they lacked tuesday night against the kings on home ice even patrice bergeron getting in on the act picking up his second career fighting major major. bergeron getting it done with the midst with more ways than one pacing a six goal attack with his 24th career two goal game just shy of the wear guardy how hat trick but his fight with former teammate blake wheeler may prove costly. he missed practice today with an undifferent closed injury and is questionable for tomorrow's game in minnesota.
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to light up the league in winnipeg. the hottest player in the n.h.l. lighting the lamp in the first period for the 11th time in 11 games. three of those are game winners including last night's strike. marchand also adding a pair of assists to go along with his 26 26th goal of the season. >> anchor: we're going to take this momentum and go into the second half with it. we didn't want to for sure drop two in the all-star break and just want to get focused on this one so we ride this momentum into the second half . >> anchor: the celtics unenter the all-star break with wins in ten of the last 12 games of a hot stretch including thrilling wins over the caviliers and clippers but owner says let's pump the breaks a bit. still a lot of work to be done for this team as s among the league's elite. we don't feel like we are at that level of the elite teams like the warriors and spurs and probably even caviliers and even though we just got by them the other night. we just still have a ways to go
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or fool ourselves about that. just enjoy it but when they play as hard as he do and they play like a team we've shown we can beat anybody. >> anchor: much more from wic sunday night on"sports xtra." going one on one with our own alex corddry and with n.h.l. trade dead loin approving break down the bruins biggest needs with sean mcexearn and talk baseball with dan shaughnessy as pitchers and calfers get set to report for duty next week. that's all coming up sunday night 11:25 right here on 7 nbc. taking over as president of baseball operations last august, dave dombrowski's finger prints are all over the red sox roster. most notably adding a legitimate ace in david price during the off season and it's not just the pitching staff. that's expected to turn the sox into a contender for 2016. we have a lot of good players that had experience last year. we have those veteran type guys in the middle part of their career and some of the veterans near the end so i think it's i good combination of guys to have have.
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we need to stay healthy though and we're in a spot where we'll see what takes place but we do like our team . >> anchor: it was a costly super bowl for atalib. the quarterback reportedly find just over $26,000 for two separate personal fouls in last sunday's win over the panthers. that's sports . >> anchor: 7 news will be right
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>> anchor: happy friday of thank soap for joining us. i'm ryan schulteis . >> anchor: we hope you have a terrific evening and we would love for you to come back and see you tonight for 7 news. if you like your newsier we're on cw 56 a10:00. if we don't see you, have a great week.
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tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people plunge into the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue ted cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. macte horror, a viterbo restaurant attack. a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. our team inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism, and assad vows to retake the entire country. and your medical


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