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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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hit a 15-year-old boy on purpose then took off. >> anchor: force to the fire. why officers say they had no choice shooting and killing a man in dorchester . >> anchor: and if you are looking for love, forget about dating web sites and apps. a local woman says she can help you break the ice . >> anchor: meet the professional wing woman whose got you covered. now from the night team. >> anchor: 7 news at 11:00 starts now? >> anchor: a bitter blast is of moving in this weekend. temperatures are taking a dive. a wind chill of warning is in effect starting tomorrow. and temperatures right now are already down right frigid . could prove dangerous. let's get the latest from jeremy . 20's. the city at 22. worcester at 14. jaffrey at 6. this up here, this is the arctic air that's going to just unleash itself into southern new england during the week and starting tomorrow afternoon and focus tomorrow night and sunday morning. here comes the arctic front now blasting across the great lakes
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i doesn't think that will be a concern of ours. although on the south shore and south coast you see this snow here, this will move up across the cape overnight tonight with a coating to a couple of inches. but really it's all about the arctic front and the position the placement and movement of that front and that will come through here mid afternoon tomorrow so tomorrow morning it's actually not too bad. temperatures tomorrow morning up eteens to around 20. similar to where we are now. after 2:00, it gets serious of we'll have a wind chill warning in effect and when you see win chills advertised between 25 and 30 below, exposed flesh can freeze in about ten minutes so this thing is the real deal. here you go, here are the temperatures heading to tomorrow night down close to zero by mid night tomorrow night. they will be below zero even in the city of boston, 7:00 a.m. on sunday morning about five below with wind chills between 25 and 30 below and i think the height of the cold will be about 10:00 tomorrow night through 7:00 a.m. on sunday with that wind chill near 30 degrees below zero. limit outdoor exposure. keep pets inside as well because
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we'll have more on the weekend forecast in a few minutes . >> anchor: take a look at this view of boston. this is the skiers view from a atop the big air ramp inside a frozen fenway park. some people brief the cold temperatures tonight to check out that event as temperatures do take a drastic drop, however authorities are warning people about the possible dangers. ban done gunnoe in waltham with that. >> anchor: kim with, those temperatures jr was talking about, frostbite and even hypothermia is a real concern. so emergency leaders are reeling reelingy just asking everybody to stay inside if you can this weekend if you go out make sure you don't have much skin exposed and of course dress in layers. the cold weather caused a pipe to burst at this home for the old and daled in waltham. floors were evacuated sending some into the bitter cold . i got out quick. i went downstairs and water everywhere . >> anchor: with lows below zero this weekend, the state and other emergency leaders are reminding everyone that weather this cold can be dangerous and are sitting you stay indoors but if you do go out to dress in
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>> anchor: just bundle up as much as possible. thick gloves, thick hat and never go out with anything but. >> anchor: the mbta will run runmenty trains throughout the night to keep trains and switch switches from freezing. experts say don't forget a warm pair of boots and cover your face and mouth with the scarf as well . >> anchor: y i'm just staying inside and trying to bundle up. you know, having some hot soup, hot cocoa. staying with loved ones . a wear many layers and i have these . >> anchor: chrissy delivers food on a bike despite the coal temperatures that said she is ready . every day. no matter what. i have to go out on my bike and deliver. so that's why i know how to layer up. >> anchor: experts say please don't forget about your pets and also check on the elderly in your neighborhood. live in waltham, brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team . >> anchor: all right, as the temperatures plummet you can track the weather in your whdh. kohl.
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tablet apps . >> anchor: there is breaking news tonight in lowell where police are serving for the driver who hit a 15-year-old riding a bike. worse they did it on purpose and just drove off. the night team's elizabeth noreika is in lowell with the very late of the. >> anchor: ryan, police say that teen-ager is in the hospital tonight listed in critical condition. it happened right over here. list say the driver of that truck hit the teen-ager on purpose and then drove off. it's so sad . >> anchor: a 15-year-old boy on his bike hit by a truck in broad daylight and list say it was on purpose. the child was launched in the air, suffered serious injuries, the pickup truck fled with the bicycle stuck underneath it . >> anchor: it hand around 2:00 in lawrence street in lowell. people living in the area are in shock . they had the whole street blocked off due to a little kid got hit the it's horrible . it's sad and really i think people awful that don't stop . >> anchor: police say it
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truck dragged the bike for bay mile. the truck was found several hours later . there was some type of altercation or argument between the people and the pickup truck and this kid and another kid the white pickup truck crossed over and looks like he intentionally hit this kid on the bike . >> anchor: police put out a message asking for the public's help . serious00 involving a white pickup truck occurred on lawrence street . >> anchor: the community is hoping this teen pulls through . i will be praying for him and his family. >> anchor: now even though that teen is listed in critical condition we're told he is stable and is expected to survive. so far, no arrests have been made. that's the story from lowell tonight. elizabeth noreika, 7 news night people . >> anchor: also from the night team a freak accident on the southeast expressway takes a tragic turn. one woman is dead after a manhole cover came klaas and crassed right hue her windshield windshield. caitlyn clavette a beloved teacher who was on her way to work. tonight we're hearing from people who knew her.
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much more. ryan, caitlyn clavette grew up here in winchester and in fact her family still lives here and today numerous family and friends came to visit and console each other. the windshield has a gaping hole where police say a 200 pound manhole cover somehow smashed through this car, killing 35 35-year-old caitlyn clavette . i saw the accident first and i said good lord, how could that possibly happen? i got a facebook message from a friend on the team saying it had been caitlyn. you know, i lost it . >> reporter: caitlyn a popular art teacher is described by friends a spit fire with loads of energy. he was a triathlete who was also a star athlete at winchester high school . she was a riot and a laugh and a great person. just full of life. full of kindness. always joining . >> anchor: the crash happened during the morning rush on 93 in o'neill tunnel.
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cover smashed through the driver's side windshield, flew out the back window and landed on the highway. the car kept going for a quarter after mile before it crashed into the barrier . i drove by the car. it was pretty distressing to see see. the police, state police are there so sad, very sad . >> anchor: those who knew caitlyn a teacher say her death is a terrible loss for the community and "miss clavette was a talent and and special ed kate who touched the lives of many students and families over the past four years in the milton public schools. as for her friends who counted on her smile and great sense of humor, they say they are heartbroken . >> anchor: wheel works triathlon team. we're all in mourning over this. you just can't fathom this kind of thing. >> anchor: caitlyn's triathlon team is already working on plans to remember her. meanwhile, investigators are still looking into how this manhole cover went flying. that investigation still ongoing ongoing.
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susan tran, 7 news night night team . >> anchor: crews are working into the night checking manhole covers and along the highway hoping to avoid another tragedy like the one that took caitlyn's life. tim caputo is in boston with more on the work under way . >> anchor: the governor called it a bizarre and unusual accident but still took some very quick steps to have state crews go and check manhole covers and on highways all around the city. within an hour of the freak accident that called a young teacher on i93, transportation crews were september out to insure no other manhole covers on the highways in boston could come loose . we decided to send the highway crews out to inspect every single opening of any kind whether it's a great or manhole cover or an electronics or whatever it is out there on all of the metropolitan highway system roads and if we see anything that concerns us, we'll do what we need to do to make sure we shut down . >> anchor: you can see welders
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shoulder of the highway. governor governor baker said and manhole does are checked over two years and highway officials tell 7 news the manhole cover involved in the fatal crash was inspected in june of 2014 and hadn't been removed for any reason since then . my understanding is this is an incredibly infrequent event and in fact no one, we have a lot of people who worked at the department of transportation for years and years, decades, no one can ever remember this happening before. >> anchor: but in a somewhat similar incident in 2070 a storm great on 128 also came loose and also smashed through the windshield of a car seriously injuring the driver. a year earlier a concrete ceiling panel fell in a big dig tunnel killing a woman. all seemingly random and unde undepredictable but enough to make some drivers uneasy . i'm scared about that . that's crazy. that's nuts. those dot workers are checking hundred grates and manhole covers in and around the city.
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they will expand those to manhole covers and on highways all across the state. live tonight in boston, tim caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: new tonight sky 7 in lowell where police say the man you see being handcuffed here drove his car into another man pinning him between two vehicles vehicles. that man suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital. the suspect faces assault and battery. officers shoot and kill a man in dorchester this morning. they say he gave them no choice. they were forced to fire when he refused to drop his gun. jadiann thompson is in dorchester with what happened. >> anchor: well, kill, good evening. police have not released that man's name but sources tell 7 news he was 29 years old and had been arrested 57 times in the past. police got a call about shots fired during an apparent home invasion on devon street friday morning. neighbors say officers arrived within minutes. like 50, 0 police cars just came down the street. and i'm looking around like what happened?
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so i asked my neighbor and he is like somebody just got shot . >> anchor: police say they found one man helping another who had been shot in the leg to a vehicle. they confronted the suspects. the police commissioner himself listening closely on the radio. over the police radio, everyone could hear three commands, drop your gun, drop your gun, drop your gun, show me your hands . >> anchor: people waving say they saw and heard a similar exchange . you did hear get down, get down, on the ground. drop it. stop. get on the ground. >> anchor: the suspect ignored commands and police fired killing the man whose body was later covered by this tarp . you have one individual deceased at the connor of stan wood and loretto street and also a revolver recovered close by. >> anchor: when police arrived they also found another man who had been shot inside that home. that brings us to a total of two other men who are recovering now from gunshot wounds.
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news night team . >> anchor: a 70-year-old facing a judge charged with shooting and can a man in wareham. police say john witte knew the man and attacked hill of his girl friend recently passed away and soon after he learned she had been having an affair. that led him to go to the victim victim's house and shoot him ten times. next day. he is being held without bail. a run away van ran in a plane full of passengers. state police say the driver thought he put the van in park and chased after it while it rolled away. no one was hurt but the plane was too damaged to three so . >> anchor: a pointed attack at a restaurant in columbus, ohio. a man pulled out a machete, slashing and stabbing people as customers made panicked calls for help. four people were hurt and the f.b.i. is now investigating terrorive. the owner said the man came into the restaurant, asked where he was from and left but then came back and attacked.
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>> anchor: a man came in and started beating up on a man and i thought it was a personal thing then he just started down the row hitting everybody with something. i don't know, it was people were bleeding. >> anchor: the owner is from israel. the f.b.i. is investigating whether the attacker targeted the owner . >> anchor: turning now to the race for the white house, the republican candidates getting ready to take to the stage tomorrow fight. today jeb bush, marco rubio, ben carson and ted cruz all took place in a faith an family conference of they are leaving out to the christian evalue gel callsment meanwhile john kasich gathered with supporters in the state's capitol and donald trump was out on the campaign trail in florida. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trading jabs coming off their debate last night. sanders is accusing clinton of h hing him with a "low blow" after she said he was too critical of president obama . >> anchor: the pope making a holy visit to mexico. pope francis arrived in mexico city tonight for a five day visit. he will bring a message of
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victims of drug violence human trafficking and discrimination. and earlier today the pope was in cuba meeting with the head of the russian orthodox church. the historic meeting the first since eastern orthodox split with rome nearly 1,000 years ago. >> anchor: up next, ifieding a valentine. >> anchor: meet a wing woman for hire. how she says she can help you jump start your dating life . >> anchor: also ahead, winter weather turns a watermain beck into an icy mess. >> anchor: cold blast. a for the weekend and then temperatures head for the 40's by early next week.
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>> anchor: are you having trouble meeting that special someone? a local business owner said stop wigging it. hire a pro pegal to help. valentine's day just two days away and love is in the air . >> anchor: so if you are still serving for that special someone there is a company in boston that is designed to help. nancy chen shows us how it works works. world of date web sites there is
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for love in boston. we put them on a pedestal and in the spotlight . professional wing women. what do i say? what do i wear in we help then with all of that . the purpose, to help both men and women living in and around boston meet new people . it's a night knit city and we hold their hands through the going in there . >> reporter: professional wing women go out with clients to bars, they working events even work out classes and help break the ice with people the client is interested in. according to backster there are a few common mistakes people make when trying to meet mr. or mrs. right . missing prime times like after work. i see a lot of people trying to approach women or men and if they are in the middle of a conversation then i see people that bar hop too quickly and they don't give places a chance . >> reporter: while technology can be helpful she says people should remember to step away from the screen .
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join clowns, go to, you know, meet up groups. anything, anyway you can meet someone i say is great . >> reporter: brandy has been a professional wing woman for the past two years. i'm always the person that starts conversations with random strangers at the bar. just always been my cup of tea i guess. hiding her face so she won't be recognized when out with clients . when you are going out with your friends are you're usually folked on hanging out with them when you have somebody there to help open conversation it make it a lilies weather for you . >> reporter: bandy's advice? keep an open mind . you shouldn't focus so much on trying to find someone or having a specific type because you never know . >> reporter: while you may not always meet that special someone while out with a wing woman, baxter said it can still be a learning experience for clients . if you don't get three phone numbers that night it's okay. you built up your confidence and you had fun doing it and you had fun trying. baxter said the see manned
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season to season. fall winter including the lead town valentine's day are busy. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7 news night team we are following more news. have you of up for the titans of mavericks competition in northern california. look at this. one mo dangerous surfing contests in the . athletes taken on 50 waves barreling in at 40 miles per hour. 24 of the world's elite surfers will be competing . >> anchor: early morning water break puts part of pennsylvania town on ice. water quickly froze over nearby hopes, power lines and trees. also iced up several flooded roads. crews work for three hours before they were able to shut off the water and start cleaning up the mess. of course they need nature to melt things too and that's something we could hopefully not be dealing with . >> anchor: i was going to say a lot of people might have to deal with that with frozen pipes. bundle up . >> anchor: dress in layers. it will be a bit early cold weekend. win chill tomorrow night at this time about ten oh 20 below zero
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early sunday morning those wind chills 25 below right now teens and 20's. the city at 22. worcester 14. nashua at ten and up across southern canada the cold, oh man it's quite bold every time we look up the number get lower. sudbury, canada at 22 below. the city of boston 22 above just a difference of 44 degrees. here is the arctic front right here and this will come barrel barreling across new york state and into western new england very early tomorrow morning. the snow squalls with the front i think will fade away but you notice there is a patch of light snow developing ahead of the front over there. and that will spend some time overnight tonight adearly tomorrow morning on the cape and islands with patches of light snow coating to a couple of inches but around metro boston i think just a bunch of clouds. not as cold overnight tonight. temperatures this morning started below seer no in worcester and busy were down around 8 but it won't than cold tomorrow morning. here is where i think you will have some snow very late tonight and tomorrow morning. so might be slick out en route 6
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the early morning hours tomorrow tomorrow. and then skies will start to clear out as the arctic front blasts through southern new england so the warmest part of the day if you will is tomorrow morning with temperatures 15 to 20 and again you are like that ain't wall. then we go even colder as we work into the afternoon and the evening hours. cold blast of air takes hold and wind chill warnings will be in effect 4:00 tomorrow afternoon through about noon on sunday. so if you are out and about layer up and cover up that exposed skin because exposed flesh at 30 degrees below zero freezes in about ten minutes. frostbite sets in quick. here are temperatures tomorrow evening heading for zero then below zero by early on sunday morning with the wind chills between 15 and 25 below. boston on sunday morning five below. billerica below. fitchburg at 12 below. dangerously cold with the temperatures themselves without the wind between five and ten below and it has been a while since the city of boston has seen a low this low.
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times last winter but not this cold. last time we were this cold in the city we still had an inferiority complex to the yankees back inny january of 2004. quite a while. as we work into next week it starts to warm. temperatures monday in the upper 20's still below normal by about ten degrees. tuesday into the 40's and when did you from 20's to 40's this time of year you will have to go through some weather and that happens on monday afternoon and monday night. here comes our weather system which i think may start as a little bit of snow but for you snow lovers that out there, that is a terrible position for high pressure before a storm. that means warm air takes hold, temperatures on tuesday hitting for the 40's. have a great night. stay classy this weekend . >> anchor: you too, jr .
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great block! >> anchor: no team in the nba plays the game with more effort than the celtics. that effort and tenacity is part of the reason marcus smart is being showcased as a crying star with the 21-year-old playing an
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to the top of the east. smart representing team u.s.a. in the rising stars challenge, celtics are winners in 10 of 12 entering the break of the smart shooting nearly 40% and three during that stretch. he cans another to show off the skill set friday night. the world team put on a show here. hometown kid andrew wiggins tipping it, some big-time authority team u.s.a. wins it defense optional. 157-154. while marcus smart is helping to ignite the celtics rebirth there are two guys in particular who have really fueled it in the eyes of owner wit gross beck. 5-9 all-star isaiah thomas and head coach who finally cut him loose brad stevens . brad has taken isaiah and for a while he had him coming off the bench now he is starting so it's evolved not sure we saw it all at the beginning i think it's evolved along with isaiah just to be honest but i couldn't be happier. i'm going up to toronto this
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cheer for him from the stands. it will be a thrill . >> anchor: much more from wic sunday night on "sports xtra" as he goes one on one with our alex corddry and with the n.h.l. trade deadline approaching we'll break down bruins biggest needs with sean. we're also talking baseball with dan shaughnessy as pitchers and catchers get set to report for duty next week. that's all coming up sunday night 1:25 here on 7 nbc. right when you think it can't get any worst bruins go out in totally redeem themselves. that might be a bit of a stretch after being pounded by the kings at home. the bruins put a six spot on the jets in winnipeg. bergeron with two goals and a fight. a fight he kind of lost but who is could youing. may cost him time on the highs however. he missed practice today and makes it out of tomorrow's game at minnesota. night two of big air at fenway park. the snowboarders getting after thursday night the skiers hitting it tonighten dearing himself to boston showing off
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made a bit more sense to where the baseball uni. a bunch of flips and grabs talking home our play of the day day. new york mets pitcher henry mohe mohea the first mlb players in history receiving a lifetime ban after testing positive for peds his third third positive test in the past year . >> anchor: here is jimmy with what's coming up next on the tonight show . ray romano is my guest tonight! plus lucy hale. music from brandi carlisle the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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