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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: justice ga lia took his seat in 96. he was's conservative and provocative member of the supreme court. leaves his wife of 55 years, nine children and 30 grandchildren. >> changing gears we are up against a bit are blast. temperatures taking a dangerous drop. they are expected to last
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>> this weather come with warnings. check in with the forecast. >> reporter: it is happening it has been happening as we move through the day. we were around 20 degrees. in wister minus one. in the single digits plus we have to add in the winds out of the west/northwest between 15 and 25. sustained winds making feel like it is 10 below in bostonful feelings 25 below in wister. these other dangerous numbers we're talking about. that's yet wind chill is effect for the bay state. wind chill for cape cod and the i lands through tomorrow around mid day. temperatures will not reboupd if we get to the middle of the afternoon tomorrow. the wind chill over night could be as low as 25-35 below zero. and wind chill is the warm layer
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frost bite kick in in less than 10 minutes with numbers like these. dangerous temperatures for as we move over night and into tomorrow morning. just make sure you are dressing in layers. watch out. check on neighbors and bring in pets. high's tomorrow bitter cold. 10 that is as good as we can get for tomorrow. monday late mix on the way. could be snow and rain on tuesday. more in a few. >> reporter: the bit are temperatures taking toll on people all over massachusetts people are warned bundle up and stay indoors. live now in boston with more on this. john? >>john: it is cold now. it is going to get colder. you may notice trains that run on tracks going around the clock because it lessens the chance of a mechanical failure. people other same. if there are precautions like wearing hats and boots and other
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>> it feels like ice is chewing on my skin. >> reporter: temperatures dipping do dangerous levels and people are reminded to stay safe. gi can't take my handsow of my pockets for 156ed. it gets so cold tell burn. >>john: it is important ton the signs of frost biecht will loss of fail eeling in fingers, toes and nose. >> it is horrible. it is really cold. like biting cold like the wind is whipping against your face. >>john: hype thermia unkroep controllable shivering. memory loss, slurred speech will drowsiness and exhaustion. >> i have fleece on leggings of sweater, sweat shirt. hat, hood. scarf. >>john: the massachusetts
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asking people to limit time outside if they can. >> i got a job offer from an airport that requires me to work outside. i don't know if i can take it. >> reporter: there are 24 hour emergency shellers open around the city t. is good for people to check on neighbors in cold weather. live in boston. seven news. >> reporter: following more today. crews finishing inspections of man home covers across massachusetts after a woman was hit and killed by one on 93 yesterday. state officials say it was a freak accident. 7 live in boston with what inspect office found. kelly? >> kelly: all the highways are safe to travel. questions how this man hole could have gotten lose? >> reporter: 24 hours after the freak accident on 93 the department of transportation telling 7 they inspected every grate and man hole in the city highways.
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accident whereicatelynne an art teach are died on her way to work when the man hole cover came loose and hit her car. >> sent crews to inspect every opening whether a grate or man hole or electronic grate or whatever it is. if we see anything that occurrence us we willmic sure we shut it down. >> kelly: crews in a grade on the side of a highway. department of transportation says they are inspected every 2 years the last time this one was inspected was june of 2014 and has not been touched >> this is an infrequent event. >> kelly: over night 919 structures were examined and 93% were fine. department of transportation says out of caution crews performed cautionary maintenance at 65 cites.
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safety. >> i'm scared of that. >> that is crazy. nuts. >> how did this man hole get that is the question. everyone here in the common wealth is wondering. we know that the da is leading this investigation. as the family mourns the loss of their loved one. on the side of 93 in boston, 7 news. >> reporter: we are learning about the cause of a car crash concerning mayor flynn. he lost consciousness before the crash happened. ps after the crash happened. the 76 year old had a minor procedure afternoon slamming his car in a home. officials believe the blackout was caused by a drop in blood pressure. no one in the home was hurt. doctors say flynn should be out of the hospital in the next few days. >> reporter: discovery in dennis a man brought a morer shell in
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he had the shell at his home. police closed the station and brought in the disposal unite. >> reporter: three alateral fire in lawrence called to the home at 11:00 this morning after bagsing the fire for two hours crews got it under control. no injuries were reported. >> reporter: inch foos put out flame in afternoon. the fire was contained the back of the home. firefighters say a woman suffered minor burns and a puppy died in that fire. >> reporter: turning to the race for the white house. two republicans have their sightos south carolina this weekend. the democrats are focused on nevada bernie is hoping to ride the wave of support out of new hampshire. chris has the story. >> reporter: for first time in the 2016 campaign 6 will be on the stage saturday night trying
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a state with a large percentage of voters who are conservative evangelical christians. >> they are looking for a consistent comfortabletive someone with a proven record of defending the constitution and bill of rights and defending the free market christian values that are the foundation of this nation. >> reporter: cruise and tluchl sparring for weeks each claiming a win since voting started. tonight. >> cruise. find out where he gets his money. >> reporter: most pressure on marco rubio, he is a strong debate performance panned for poor performance in the last debate. flop floppingom tunist. next is saturday in nevada. sanders hopes to keep the
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>> we surprised them in iowa. we surprised them in new hampshire. we will surprise them here in nevada. >> reporter: all searching for momentum with super tuesday as hadn'teds delegates up for grabs coming in two weeks. nbc news, new york. >> reporter: scary moment on camera in connecticut a car hits a woman on the side of the highway and you seat woman just getting out of her car when a car spins out of control and barrels s s into her. woman suffered injuries the man who captured the mobile home describes the encounter. >> i decided we were going side ways. i saw the impact of the car. initially i thought may be she dodged it or may be he dodged her but -- wasn't the case. >> driver was issued a ticket
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>> reporter: here on 7 news at 6:00 a reunion after a man lose says s his four legged friend. >> bill taking time off. patriot's coach spending his valentine's day with his as a small business owner, here's one thing you can rely on: your business will change as it grows. whether it's new space, more employees, or better
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checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> reporter: a happy reune for a man and his best friend. he thought he would not see his dog after it ran off while a friend was dog significant. police tracked down the dog they were there for the emotional moment. >> oh ! good boy! a good boy. >> reporter: kevin young choked back tears when he saw his dog at his bedside. gi i couldn't be happier. the closest thing to a -- >> this is why i got in law enforcement. helping someone like this >> reporter: when he got lose a month ago.
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the look out. someone spotted the dog on thursday thursday, lieutenantiates chased him for 15 minutes. >> the dog would try to go under a house the lattice stopped him we grabbed him then. >> look at that pretty boy. >> where is my boyfriend been. >> his master's companion the joy in his life for the quadraplegic. young was beside himself. now that he is back, he is grateful to the puppy police. >> a lot of good people in this world. going -- above and beyond your call, you know, i just can't thank you you guys enough. >> picture on his face remember until the day i die. >> reporter: that mans says he will not let the dog out of his sight again he is thingful to have his friend in law
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>> dangerous cold settle nothing over night and into tomorrow. plus we are watching for our next storm, details next in the forecast. >> coming up next at 7 sports being perfect is tough as it gets as far as achievement except for a team in boston. plus, bruins on the ice hoping to ash tone for mistakes in the week one player is absent the end ruthe same, how do you reimagine "banking"?
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>> it feels like it is 10 below zero with wind out of west/northwest as they have been. temperature in wister minus one. two in fitsburg, five in bedford. over night hours all of the numbers dropping below zero except other wind the wind cranks through the night ushering in the arctic air and take the wind chills to dafrpgs level its feels like 25 below in wister. skin. have the gloves and a scarves. you see skwa the skin is in danger.
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wind chill warnings through noon tomorrow for most of the bay state. wind chill through noon as well. if you don't have to go out i recommend you don't. numbers. we throw that out with wind miles per hour. these other chills we are in for. between 25-35 below zero. very dangerous. sunday morning we could break records six below in boston the low. 12 below in wit are. the old records shattering both. it is not often you get them dropping below zero the water keeps the temperatures from falling. you can draw lines with the snow bands. that tells you the direction the wind is coming from. and believe it or not. early this morning.
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an inch of smoefl nowfall. the wind direction is not supported to ocean affect snow out of northwest it is so cold and dry air it is creating the snow bands and could again tonight. bringing light snow showers to the out are cape and the i lands. not expecting much accumulation may be an inch and sun tomorrow. dangerously cold temperatures. three below to 13 below. sunny tomorrow. we don't rebound with the temperatures at 10 diagnose. these are heise tomorrow. wow. in the teens and betweens for some of us. the arctic air will retreat. in for mild are air to work in. it takes a bit to get here. you see monday the upper 20s. working in. we get our next storm system. we get snow with the on set late
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wind for tuesday and a lot of both of those. here is the 7 on 7 forecast. not done with the winter yet. they will return next week. >> reporter: bill belichick is showing love. the head coach posting this . you will need to because tell be a freezing valentine's day. >> here we go again. [crowd noise] [inaudible] >> the big bruins of 2016 is not a faster less physical product took the ice fighting a way the bee's want to play and
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sitting out saturday. bergeron out louie have play indeed every game. brad picking up the slack. working a man down. david for shorthander on the year. he continues to carry the team 12 goal and 12 games. wild sequence. minnesota on the door step. slides one by. wild on the board and we are tied at one. 30 seconds later. bruins answer. rushing up work and give a go. put its in off the slide and time. wild wing are decaptated knock its in. b's taking a lead. in the third. louie putting this out of reach. getting loose on the brake away netting 200th career goal. julianne 500 career win.
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in the trade deadline is five days away with the collection of assets as good as any team. the celtics linked to every rumor around the nba. the owner asking price might be too steep for boston to buy inment >> something usually happens but i have not seen february as a time to transform the team that is summer. i would keep everything calm. we are alert. and he will do everything he can whether it is now or next summer. >> reporter: more coming up on sport's extra. eagles one on one with the trade deadline approaching the brewin's needs and talk baseball. hard to believe set to report next week. it is all coming up sunday 11. . 25 on 7 nbc.
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trying to make good on a second straight win after six defeats. david walker down to walker five of 6 from behind the line. school record with 83, 21 huskies to a 70-60 victory. college hockey finishing the year without a loss is so rare it happened once on the men's and women's side. now this year. boston college hoping to be the one without a one in the loss column. >> if there is a team proven to be unstoppable it is boston college. >> we have a complete team, up from the seniors to freshman. everybody has been contributing. >> reporter: 31 and 0 record they are looking for redeposition their 3 losses cost them.
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play what fell out of their draft a year ago. >> we are trying to learn from our mistakes. we know things we didn't do well. detail. >> reporter: report accomplishing one goal defeating northeastern. now at hype. cites on a national championship. program. where our program has been 10-15 years ago to now. to get that national championship would be an amazing feeling. >> you see on beasty made the phou in four of the past 5 eagle eagles yet to soar they have what it takes to change the season would lead to the first championship. >> it would be special to win the first for the women's prp program would be something. zoo we have the players that
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and even if your goal scorer is not scoring someone scores a big goal. it is championship material. >> weaving a path. at boston college. 7 sports. >> reporter: thank you. weekend continuous celtics thomas taking part in the skill's challenge and all ice on zach look to go back-to-back.
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call 1.888.get.fios. 100 meg internet speeds, & phone for our best offer ever. switch to better. switch to fios. on this saturday night, breaking news. antonin scalia, the longest serving justice on the u.s. supreme court is dead. he was the court's most influential conservative. tonight, we look back at his life and his legacy. deadly weather. dozens of vehicles crash in a massive pileup in pennsylvania. a large part of the country endures extreme life-threatening cold. the showdown. tonight, republicans debate. a make or break moment for some of the six remaining candidates. will rub yo io rebound. the pop push e pushing on the pressure to


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