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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 14, 2016 7:30am-8:00am EST

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>> record-breaking cold. bones has not had a big chill years. fallen. >> and feel it. nation remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia. how he is being honored and the debate his death is already sparking. >> plus, republicans face off in their ninth debate. the topics that have the candidates fired up. >> we have new details about the crash that ended with a former boston mayor slamming into a home. >> bundle up. a blast of record-breaking cold this morning. the big chill shattering records in boston and in wooster on this valentine's day. good morning.
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>> it has not been this cold in boston since 1957 can you believe that? we are still under a wind-chill warning. rests dents all across the city -- residents all across the city are bundling up in these dangerous temperatures. >> i can't even take my hands out of my pockets for 15 seconds. it's so cold it kind of burns. >> it's pretty horrible. really cold. >> it's been pretty brutal. it's really hard to keep the temptation down from taking an uber to work but that's what i'm doing right now. >> pretty cold out there. let's over for more on the latest. >> yeah. got down to mine delow zero in boston. coldest officially in boston since 1957. some other spots got a little bit colder last february but officially in boston it's the coldest since 1957, destroying the record that has stood since 1934. same idea in wooster also easily beating the record. current temperatures really not any better.
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nine below zero in boston. 10 below zero the current temperature in beverly. that's the actual temperature. that does not include the wind-chill. this is the current wind-chill. here we are, 7:30. 36 below zero. current wind-chill stepping out the door in boston. 41 below zero the current wind-chill stepping out the door in wooster. below zero. here we are even with the sun up. no surprise wind-chill warning continues. that goes until noon and again we are expecting wind-chill numbers like that, 25, 30, 40 below zero up until that. the strong wind is generating a little bit of ocean effect snow. p-town reporting that. that will continue until about 10:00. even without the wind, high temperatures only barely getting out of the single digits this afternoon. so, still bitter cold this afternoon and again, still cold this evening. if you are heading out, about five degrees at 7:00 for date night.
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below zero with a light breeze. we do have a big warm-up in the seven-day forecast. we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> looking forward to that one. thank you, rob. meantime, the nbta trying to stay one step ahead. the t. ran empty trains throughout the night and into this morning. officials say that they do this to try to prevent the tracks from freezing over. stay with us for complete coverage of this bitter blast. download the 7 news mobile app or log on to our website, supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. right now flags are flying at half staff outside of the supreme court building in scalia's honor. the 79-year-old justice was found unresponsive in texas yesterday. now, there's a debate brewing over who should nominate his replacement. >> i antonin scalia do somelely swear. >> the nation's first italian american justice was put on the
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he was confirmed unanimously 98-0 after telling senators he law. >> i am not going onto the court with a list of things that i want to do. my only agenda is to be a good judge. >> once there, scalia became one of the most outspoken conservatives and author of fiery dissents including on roev. wade. he said the landmark case was wrongly decided declaring rights the founding fathers never intended. >> nobody ever thought they had been included in the rights contained in the bill of rights. >> he also wrote the ruling that says the second amendment guarantees an individual's right to own a firearm. the most important gun case ever. >> i like thinking about the law and figuring out the right answer to legal problems. and it it's sort of the top of the heap for a lawyer who has those interests. >> reaction to the 79-year-old's death garnering attention across
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>> he would find it probably hard to believe that i would say this, but i always kind of liked justice scalia because never pretended to believe something he didn't. he never pretended to be anything he wasn't. >> brilliant legal mind with an energic style, insizive wit and colorful opinions. >> reporter: president obama is now faceed with the unexpected and consequential task of making his third nomination to the highest court. >> president obama: i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilitys to nominate a successor in due time. there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. >> reporter: republicans are in charge of the senate confirmation process and are no doubt concerned about how the court could shift away from a conservative majority. with only months left, saturday night the top republican mitch mcconnell says the vacancy should not be filled until a new president is elected.
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already having an impact on the race for the white house. the democrats campaigning in colorado last night giving their take on what needs to happen next. >> some of my republican colleagues in the senate have a very interesting view of the constitution of the united states. >> elections have consequences. the president has the responsibility to nominate a new justice and the senate has a responsibility to vote. >> reporter: and the g.o.p. candidates also sounding off on the campaign trail last night. the republicans gathering in south carolina for their latest debate . justice scalia's death one of the many topics covered in what was a fiery night down south. chris palone has more. >> reporter: the six remaining republican candidates for president on the debate stage in south carolina just hours after learning of the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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the courtence long time-conservative stalwart. now with an unexpected court vacancy, many are urging the senate to block president obama's next appointment to the court. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> while donald trump and ted cruz have been sniping at each other online and on air after their wins in iowa and new hampshire, it was trump and jeb bush who got in the most heated exchange. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so -- [booing] just so you understand -- you know who that is? that's jeb's special interest and lobbyist talking. >> vladimir putin is not going to be an ally of the united states. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe.
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down during your brother's reign. remember that. >> analysts said marco rubio needed a bounce back appearance but he disappeared for long stretches until clashing with ted cruz over immigration. >> here's the truth. ted cruz supported legalizing people that were in this country illegally and only now is he saying that is false. >> the first in the south primary a week away a chance for the front runners to solidify their positions or those trailing behind to gather much-needed momentum. >> right now, lowell police are searching for a suspect in a hit and run. they say the driver of this truck intentionally hit a 15-year-old boy who was riding his bike. investigators believe the two knew each other and were having some sort of argument just before the incident. the victim is in the hospital with serious injuries. city officials completing their inspection now of every
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yesterday. the inspection came a day after a manhole cover came loose striking the car, killing a milton art teacher who was driving through at the time. officials have identified the driver as 35-year-old caitlin clevette and say she was on her way to work when this manhole cover came loose. last time anyone inspected that particular cover was back in june of 2014. >> my understanding is this is an incredibly infrequent event. >> transportation department says that they examined 919 structures, 93% of them were fine. >> we are learning more about a car crash that involved former boston mayor ray flynn. police say he lost consciousness behind the wheel slamming into a house. doctors say the 76-year-old was taken to the hospital and underwent a minor procedure. officials believe he had a drop in blood pressure and blacked out as a result. no one inside that home was injured. and doctors say flynn should be out of the hospital in the next
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meantime, a dangerous discovery in dennis on saturday. a man brought a mortar shell into the dennis police department for disposal. he said he the shell at his home. police closed off the front of the station, brought in the state bomb disposal unit to make sure that shell was safe. >> pretty wild. still ahead, new england deadly chain reaction crash causing this massive pileup. why weather may have caused dozens of vehicles to slam into each other. >> plus, new zealand rocked by a 5.8 earthquake. the moment the ground started to shake was caught on camera. >> record-shattering cold this morning. tomorrow, not that much better but if you can get through that, do i have some 50s in the seven-day forecast.
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>> at least three people are
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massive pileup in pennsylvania. as many as 50 cars, big rigs included, were involveed in this accident. according to state police, it was weather related crash because there was low visibility and drifting snow at the time. they say 46 people had to be transported to local hospitals. meantime, those still on the scene tried to stay warm with wind-chills there below zero. >> a trailer driver didn't have anything in his trailer. he said you can all get in the back and keep warm. >> the interstate shut down in both directions while crews worked to try and clear that accident. meantime here in boston, a cold morning also. zero. my car said negative eight, rob. i was hoping that was a mistake. >> no, it was not a mistake. yeah, logan officially recorded minus nine. wind-chills down to below zero, almost everyone down below zero this morning. tonight will be cold. in fact, probably only a degree or two warmer than it was last night. but at least we won't have the wind so not much of a wind-chill factor.
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day tomorrow which means our next storm may begin as snow late tomorrow before changing over to rain. rain companied by strong gusty winds in the forecast for tuesday. right now, nine below zero still in boston. 10 below in norwood and plymouth, even nantucket is below zero. never below zero there since 2004. in boston, coldest since 1957. current winds, 15, 20, some spots 25 miles an hour sustained. getting gusts on the order of 30 to 35 miles an hour. you factor that in and this is what it feels like. 10 below zero. feels32 below zero in plymouth. two below in nantucket. the winner 41 below zero the wind-chill factor out the door in wooster. be very careful if you are heading out to go to brunch or sunday services. you will want a lot of layers. strong wind leading to ocean-effect snow. very unusual to get ocean effect
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generally you want a wind more from the north and northeast. but with temperatures this cold and winds that strong, it can happen. that's likely to continue for the outer cape only until about 10:00. rest of us clear skies. in fact, high pressure moving in. high pressure usually means a nice sunny day. that will be us. that gets out of the way and that will make room for our next storm system to work its way in here. as we head into monday night and tuesday. through the rest of the day today, high pressure moves in and we will be sitting kind of right on top of us this evening and overnight tonight. near center of the high, usually near center of the high, usually get dead calm winds. clear skies and dead calm winds overnight tonight. but when you get clear skies and calm winds, you usually get a very cold night. tonight will be almost as cold as last night just without the wind. no wind-chill factor but still bitter cold. high moves out of the way. here comes our storm system. still enough lingering cold air that it will likely begin as snow probably right around or maybe just after the evening commute tomorrow. hopefully you have the day off and you don't have to commute. but it could be maybe a brief
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evening before this quickly changes over to rain. temperatures on tuesday will be well up into the 50s. but if you look at our futurecast here, indicatedding the yellows and reds tuesday afternoon, that would indicate very heavy rains. likely to see a good soaking rain heading into tuesday. temperatures late tonight into tomorrow morning, boston will probably stay above zero just barely. but get away from the heat of the city, five to 10 below zero. still very cold out there early tomorrow morning. warming up to about 30 tomorrow afternoon. snow changing to rain tomorrow evening. heavy rain likely through the day on tuesday. >> an earthquake in new zealand caught on camera. officials say it was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shaking the island on sunday. you see the cars moving there. well, home security cameras captured it as well. you see the car in the video shaking away. no word yet on any injuries or the extent of that quake's damage. >> meantime, do you remember that cruise ship that cut short
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a storm hit? well, it set sale again on saturday. inspectors from the u.s. coast guard and royal caribbean cruise company cleared the anthem of the seas ship for its next journey. it left a new jersey port yesterday afternoon. well the ship ended its seven-day cruise wednesday night after it sailed right into a storm's path with strong winds, waves battering and damaging the ship. it prompted the cruise line to turn right around and also issued full refunds to passengers. >> i finally had my mother and in laws convinced to go on a cruise with us. after all these years of begging and pleading. >> maybe they will be more careful this time. >> coming up, who's afraid of the cold? i'm raising my hand. these people aren't, obviously. how they are helping others taking a polar plunge. >> also ahead, valentine's day equals big money. see how much americans are
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>> welcome back. 7:50 on sunday morning. a passionate plunge. a group of dedicated people taking a dip despite the frigid weather. all of that. but this annual event is all for a great cause. >> it is for a great cause. did you use the worded kateed? >> yeah -- dedicated. >> the arctic air making this hard core mission of caring even more impressive. elizabeth has more. one person after another dunking themselves into freezing cold water on one of the coldest days of the year. >> the water was much warmer than the air temperature.
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just totally cool. >> itence all in partnership with the american veterans organization raising money for a good cause. >> it just goes to show how many people are passionate about special olympics massachusetts the way that we are. we all benefit from it. >> this is the 7th year that swimmers have braved the cold to take the plunge and the crowd keeps going. >> truly god works through people and this is a perfect example of that. >> takes a village to raise children and we all have to help each other. >> organizers raised $7,000 during this plunge. all will be donated to the special olympics of massachusetts. freezing temperatures did not stop d.c. residents from running in their undergarments on saturday. i wouldn't do this even on a nice day.
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for a children's charity. it's for a great cause but -- >> brave, comfortable people. >> braver souls than i. >> did you forget to get the flowers or valentine's present for your valentine? >> oh, no. >> we will tell you why a potato-gram may be the perfect alternative. >> i don't know about that. but coach bill belichick with the message he's sending to
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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>> all right. so today, it's the day to show that special someone how much you care. >> of course. it it's the love day. valentine's day. but love apparently doesn't come cheap. according to the national retail federation, americans are spending nearly $20 billion to celebrate valentine's day. it's not a shocker, either. neither is this. men will spend nearly twice as >> right. well that makes sense. but bill belichick showing the love to patriots fans, posing for a selfie yesterday with his valentine, girlfriend linda >> adorable picture. why send a card or flowers when you could send a potato. yeah. washington based mystery potato will write your message on a valentine. at first the company only sent a few a day but business is now booming.
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contractors here in the united states and about 10 contractors internationally who create potatoes for us and ship them all over the world. >> the owners say they are happy to spread a little mystery and some love with their potato grams this valentine's day. >> wait. why don't you just get a sharpy and go to the grocery store and do it yourself? >> i'll do that for you. you are so spud-tacula remarks i was waiting for that, rob. i was waiting for that. >> rob's like ok um leaving. >> how long were you sitting on that one? >> well, you can't eat flowers so -- maybe a spud gram's not a bad idea. nine below zero currently. getting up to about 10 at best this afternoon. winds will be a lot lighter this afternoon. bitterly cold and bitterly cold through the evening hours if you have date night plans for this valentine's day. warming up to about 30 tomorrow afternoon. might see a snow flake or two. maybe an inch or two around dinner time before changing over to heavy rain. heavy rain likely through the day tuesday. happy valentine's day guys.
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>> that does it for us. i'm chris anderson. >> and i'm nancy chin. the today show is next. we will see you right back here
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good morning. remembering antonin scalia. >> for almost 30 years, justice antonin nino scalia was a larger than life president on the bench. >> the conservative supreme court justice dead at the age of 79. his passing setting up a political fight over which present will nominate his replacement. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> republicans pushing back, arguing it is a job for the next president. the issue front and center on the debate stage. >> it is called delay, delay, delay. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. >> will this fight paralyze


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