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tv   Urban Update  WHDH  February 14, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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good morning, everyone. and welcome to urban update. i'm byron barnett. on the show this morning, the new england aquarium invites to you discover a paradise unlike any other. also on the program, how do you feel about the way boston accents are portrayed in the movies? boston globe film critic ty burr joins us to discuss this very topic. and of course love is in the air as today's valentine's day and we'll have some great ideas for both the fellas and the ladies. but up first, the results of the
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but what do they mean for you and me here in massachusetts? earlier this week on the republican side, donald trump topped the list while democrat bernie sanders won in impressive fashion over hillary clinton. to discuss this very interesting primary, we've invited boston globe alex kingsbury to the show. welcome to urban update, thanks for coming in. i was in new hampshire during the week between new hampshire and iowa. you were there, as well. what stood out so it jumped out at you being the crazy time period? well, i think, you know, on the surface, it's everything you'd expect in a new hampshire primary. people are out there, lots of town hawcialtion asking good questions. you know, candidates kissing the babies and shaking the hands and so forth. but in the end we ended up with a result, that while expected, was really surprising, not just that donald trump sort of dominated the g.o.p. field that in a way that -- again, he was
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which he won, the numbers really, really stood out. and the same with bern see sanders. again, expected to beat off hillary clinton but coming off a tie in iowa i think people would have expected something a little different. >> bernie sanders, donald trump, the whole antiestablishment thing, it really seemed to just play out right here in new hampshire. >> that it did. i wrote in the globe we're both able to capitalize on sorted of the furious fringes. on the right you had donald trump really capitalizing on a part of the electorate that they felt wasn't being served by the establishment. these are people really angry. you talk to donald trump supporters and hear a lot of this. bernie sanders on the same side from the left dealing with a motivated angry group of the electorate that just is not satisfied with what they're getting out of the standard politician. so i think, you know, that
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people in the middle, bush, clinton, kasich, you know, all those people were sort of left behind. >> did he. one of the problems that the new hampshire primary has in general, people say, is when you're looking at nationwide election, it's very white. the political affiliations are very sort nebulous. people change affiliations all the time, independence, so on and so on. as the primary moves forward, we're going to places like south carolina, and that presents a whole new demographic for people like clinton and sanders. >> and this week bernie sanders went to harlem to meet reverend al sharpton. they went to silvia's restaurant, there was crowds outside cheering.
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what do you think was up with that? a remarkable scene, a 20. really something. clearly bernie knows this race is going to go on for a long time. they're both in this for the long hall. and the reality is america is a very changing place. and you know, he's trying to -- >> he's trying to cut into hillary's support among black voters. >> to put it direct leash exactly. this is a nation with changing demographics and bernie knows he needs to reach out to them. >> you wrote a column this week talking about the whole bloomberg effect calling bloomberg maybe the biggest winner here in new hampshire. >> he sent out a whole bunch of trial baloons maybe i'll run for president. he's been saying it for years. but it's interesting that the new big winners of new hampshire were antiestablishment candidates. bloomberg has had his sort of entire career running as a
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independent the next so a candidate maybe seems more appealing. >> chris christie did all that work and really damaged marco rubio bad fully that debate. but he really wasn't the one to benefit from it. as it turns out, john kasich is the one who came out in second place. >> yeah, kasich worked really hard for his support in new hampshire, the globe editorial page endorsed him. he won a lot of support from the sort of new england moderate republican field. one of the things with christie leaving the race, his supporters are now up for grabs. they're probably not gonna go to trump or somebody like ted cruz. and the people who will benefit from christie leaving are people like kasich and bush. those support letters go somewhere. and both of those candidates have a good shot to sweep them up.
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obviously, i don't think anybody could have predicted that we'd be looking at donald trump and bernie sanders in the positions that they are today. i guess, how do you see the race shaping up along the republican side? well, on the republican side, who knows, it's one of the things that allows newspaper columnists to throw things at people like michael bloomberg. who knows where we'll in a year. as we know, the rule books can get thrown out of the window. so a lot up for grabs. >> and on the democratic side, the sword that the hillary clinton people are counting on the march primaries when there's many more delegates up for grabs. many more diverse states will be voting. that's where they think they're going to make their mark. what do you think? can bernie sanders tap into her base at all?
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i think somebody like ted cruz on the g.o.p. side maybe has the longevity to win and clinton seems to have the support that she'll need to win a national election, if i had to bet. >> okay. i'd be does he feel bet after this year. alex kingsbury, the boston globe. thanks for coming in and the great chat about the new hampshire primary, we'll see what this reality show brings next. >> yeah, we will. >> thanks, alex. coming up, a spirn takes from the new england aquarium. all the info right here on issue bonn update. stay with us.
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as february school vacation kicks in tomorrow, the new england aquarium has a ooh new
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exceptional new imax movie called glap goes 3d is sure to engage visitors of all ages and of course the aquarium is also the home of the four-story glass cylinder giant ocean tank which is one of the best caribbean coral reef exhibits in the world. to tell us more about these exciting and fun-family adventures, we've invited mark henderson, the imax theater director and christine sinnigen, a giant ocean tank diver. twienlt hear more about that. >> mark, since last friday, the nature wonderland experience has been playing at your imax theater. how do you describe it to soaks in. >> it's an immersive experience and an indepth look at all the indigenous animals thaare found in and around the
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i think folks should come check it out. >> i understand jeff corwin, the host from animal planet, fresh this area. >> yes, from southshore, born and raised. yeah, and he does a great job on the narration of the film. >> okay. now before we go any farther, i guess we have a little clip, let's look at a little tease of what glop goes 3d is -- glop goes 3d is all about -- galapagos 3d... >> an extraordinary world with an abundance of remarkable plants and unique animals. all now captured in stunning 3d. ny pictures distribution
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wonderland. >> joins for this awesome journey of discovery. narrated by jeff corwin. >> wow, looks like it will be pretty good. mark, just for those who don't know the galapagos island... >> 600 miles off the coast of ecuador. it's a chain of islands, unique stuff. >> okay. now, christine, to you. you are a giant tank diver. how cool is that? it's honestly the coolest job i've ever had, getting to scuba dive every single day and interact with over 1,000 animals is an unbelievable experience. you're right in there with the sharks and everything? yeah. sharks, turtles, stingrays, a whole bunch of caribbean fish.
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she's about 530 pounds or so, and she's quite a spectacular animal to see. >> what's the most common question that you get asked? >> always if i'm scared. people come up and they're spiraling around exhibit and see large barracudas and morey eels and sharks and people are always concerned we're worried to be in there but i've been in there so many different times and interacted with the animals, i don't get neb us at all. it's honestly just a blast to be >> well, better than me. happy to watch. >> many of them don't need this is new england's largest movie screen. what is that experience strike. >> 392 seats. stadium seating.
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top of that. gives you a feeling of being in >> wow. christine, talk to me about how this giant tank? we have about 130 different species of animal in connection there and just over 1,000 in total. everything from small caribbean reef fish to large sea turtles to some stingrays, as well. career like that? >> i've always been fascinated with the ocean and i love animals. veterinarians. so kind of working at the aquarium was a perfect collaboration of my love for animals along with the ocean. >> i heard the preview screening of the galapagos 3d, old people, young kids, everybody was really wowed by this. even the staff. >> staff is the hardest people to win over.
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really loved the film, and walked away with smiles on their faces. >> wow. i bet they really did. christine, you said you chose this career because you've always been fascinated with it. how special of a place is the new england aquarium? >> it's so special. i just love it, between all the different animals that we have, the staff that we have is unbelievable, it's such a great place to work and to kind of interact with the different people that come in every day and share our stories and love and connection with the animals. >> sounds like a great thing to do for a school vacation. mark, let's remind everyone about where to get more information. i think we've got it right up there on the screen. >> yes. >> okay, nature's wonderland galapagos. sounds like it's gonna be an awful lot of fun, a fun week, a fun thing to do for your february vacation, take the kids and just go yourself, whether you're 9 or 90. >> that's right. and everyone that buys a combo ticket gets a free bag of
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so come in, have a good time. >> all right. mark henderson and christine sinnigen, thanks for coming in and have fun this week coming up. >> thank you. >> okay. when we return, does hollywood get our boston accent right in the movies? we'll talk to ty burr, film critic for the boston globe
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>> "pahk the cah in havahd yahd," yep, that's our beloved accent, right? but my question is when will hollywood get boston accents right? actually, this is the question we talk to with our next guest because that was the title of the column last sunday that he wrote. he joins us this morning to get into more details. this is a fun one. >> it is fun.
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middle of brookline. >> what happened to your sack sent? my parents didn't have one. i grew up next door to people who have the accident. it's genetic. you have it or you don't. and wherever i did outside the boston area, people say you don't sound like you're from boston. >> you mean, we're the ones with the a accident, not everybody else? >> you pointed out that right. >> well, it's really, really difficult. i talk to actors and they say that and the south african a accents are the two accents that are tough to get right. >> so i'm going to queue this up. there was one movie, goodwill hunting. >> wonderful movie. >> and great actor who passed away, robin williams. >> right, total face plant on the accent. i mean, he's really whacking it
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you know, you can't work it hard. it has to come really unforced. >> so we're looking at him now and speaking of matt damon who's in there with goodwill hunting and also another movie, the departed. >> the departed. right. >> the accent somebody kind of forced in that one, too and you would think he would know how to do it, and i've seen ben affleck movies where it's kind of like he's putting on a coat that's not quite his size. to him. >> speaking of those guys, matt damon and ben affleck, what did town? those were pretty good. i still think one of the best boston accents i've ever heard was amy ryan in gone, baby gone. she says things that i can't say on the air but nails that accent good. >> all right, so before we go on, there is a piece going on,
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here on nbc, you know what i'm yes. fake movie taylor, boston accent. >> let's take a look at that. >> in a town where loyalty is king, with a line between right and wrong is blurred and justice is anything but lined, one thing reign os supreme. >> you all know me. i'm not just a cop. i'm a father, i'm a son, and above all, i'm from boston. bobby accent. critics are calling boston accent, gritty, emotional and accents this year. the politician with the upscale kennedy type boston accent. >> i am the mayor of boston, and i was elected to clean up this town, but that doesn't mean -- >> so apparently, this is a big thing nationally, right? >> well, there have been enough
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that it's now a thing. and it didn't just go viral in new england but all around because it's a recognizable thing. one of the things i like in this is the one character who doesn't have the accent at all and literally says i'm off to park the car in harvard yard. you know, honestly as somebody who just doesn't have the accent and i know people who don't have the accent. there's plenty of us here. so nice to hear a shout-out for us. >> you do give a good shout-out for the finest hour. that one got it right. >> that one got it right. you can tell the actors kind of get it right and the ones that don't quite come close. casey affleck is in it and in another movie coming out later this year called manchester by the sea. and he lives it. he knows how to just put it throughout so it feels like it's lived in the character, and you can always tell when an actor is putting it on. >> as a bostonian, you know that my friend charlestown had a little different accent. >> right. that's what actors don't realize.
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it's regional, it's town by town, block by block, it's neighborhood by naked. >> but you can't describe it, but you can tell. >> right. i can tell when somebody's from medford as opposed to brighton but i wouldn't be able to say how or why. but if you development ear, you can definitely hear it. >> all right, ty, hey, listen, today you've got a great column on deal-breaking movies. >> yes. valentine's movies. the movie when you see a girlfriend, a boyfriend, and you're getting serious, and you gotta show her or him the movie that if they don't like, there's gonna be some serious, serious problems there. >> what's the deal-breaking movie for you? >> for me, you know, i was seeing a girl and liked her a lot and i sat her down to watch pee-wee's big adventure. and if she did not laugh at that movie, it would be problems. it's our 25th anniversary in two months. so it worked out. >> i guess mine would be halloween. >> yes.
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then grease. grease. >> exactly. halloween you're asking a lot, maybe, but grease, you're good. >> ty burr, boston globe, awesome. coming up next, creative ideas for today's valentine's day and beyond. all the details right here on
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leandra "lee lee" seymour, welcome to urban update. happy valentine's day, thank you for coming in here. okay, a day to show love to everyone, right. not just didn't you're in a relationship, isn't that correct? right. correct, correct, correct. >> so tell me about that, you know, everybody assumes it's just for couples. >> no. you can also have valentine's day with your family. you can have valentine's day with your friend. you can have valentine's day by yourself, you know. as long as you just show love. you know, that's what valentine's day is all about. love, love, love. >> okay. now having said that for those who may need some help for today, what about some of the more creative ways to celebrate valentine's day? great way to celebrate valentine's day is celebrating
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especially a lot of people could not get babysitters. it's a great way to incorporate the children into the day by doing a lot of different activities and figuring how to spend the whole day out. >> and i said a lot of these -- some of your ideas are quote/unquote budget friendly, but creative at the same sometime in. >> yes. things you can do in the house already. incorporate. you only realize the stuff that you already have that you can just pull out the cabinets and just pull out and everybody can have fun. things like this. you know, you can do something for your boo. know, have some rose pedals on the bed, champagne glasses, of course the chocolates. that's something cute. do something creative, a rose pedal trail going toward the bed with some candles. more creative by taking the rose
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the bed which is very nice and cute. >> and all these things don't necessarily have to cost a lot of money either. >> no, you can go to your supermarket and get rose pedals and rip them apart yourself and just go crazy. >> i believe we've got a video clip that shows a valentine's day and i can understand it can be a group thing. >> yes. >> and we have another activity to where everybody's name will be on a piece of peamp. you write a word to describe what you love about them. either they can say it outloud or pass the paper around. it's nice to hear what family members love about you. it's a great way to have quality time with the family, too. >> wow. >> so the whole concept of
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here in terms of just the idea, it's like you're trying to put this idea -- doesn't have to be expensive but the idea of valentine's day. how do you see it? just the idea of the concept of valentine's day? well, i say don't go crazy. valentine's day about love. it's about just telling the person this is what i think about you, i love you so much. being enduring. people like to know they're being thought about. be creative, be fun with it. a lot of time you don't have to break the bank to let the person know how much you care. media. they were very helpful putting this segment together and a hi to talisa and her team. now, some of these ideas that of course. we always like to know we're being thought about every day, you know. you can do little things like incorporating little notes, you know, in someone's pocket and stuff like that. >> you work all yearlong on
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special occasions, an event planner, designer. tell me a little bit about your business quickly. >> i'm an event designer. i've been doing event designing for over 15 years. i do a lot of things like workshops, media setups, i do baby showers, weddings, retirement parties, celebrations all kinds of special events, even retirement parties. >> okay. there's a song called "what the world needs now is love, sweet love," i take it you agree with that. >> yes. we all need love. our children need love, our family needs love, our family needs love, even a stranger needs love. tell somebody you love them. >> and let's remind everyone where they can go for more creative ideas. >> go to i have a list of valentine's day ideas and tips and you can contact me at 781-510-9985. >> okay. sounds like you are the expert
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valentine's day. >> oh, thank you. >> i'll take in some of those ideas, myself. well, thank you for coming in. happy valentine's day. >> you too, thank you. that's it for this edition of urban update. for all of us here, i'm byron
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