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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:25pm EST

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>>anchor:: boston is frozen solid and the deep-freeze is settling in but it will be here for long. a deep-freeze is grounding flights and forcing delays. remembering justice antonin
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the campaign trail. breaking news with firefighters battling several fires including this home going up in flames. at least 3 fires popping up all across the city just moments apart. this is water from hoses that froze right here in the street.
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on sunday night . in both cases the fire chief says people were trying to warm frozen pipes. the 3rd fire is still under investigation and in all 3 cases firefighters had to battle not only smoke and fire but the bitter cold. it was typical even for their own ability to stay safe. we rotate the cruise in order
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no one was injured here including people who live in the homes. one person is dead after a fire in a multifamily home. the entire 3rd floor was engulfed and the victim was trapped on the 3rd floor. pedestrian hit by a car on can't have with the extent of their injuries still unknown. the bitter blast is taking its toll on new england tonight. as quickly as this cold moved in it is apparently on its way out. the worst of it is over and
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you can see 9 below in boston and the coldest temperatures since 1957. the coldest high temperature this afternoon as well as it was difficult to climb out of the single digits. the reason why today will not be as cold is because of the calm winds. we won't have the 25 to 35 below windchill's like last night. the next system is bringing about winter weather as well.
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head into tuesday with temperatures starting to rise. the central part of the state should get one to 2 inches of snow with sleet and rain into tuesday morning. more coming up in just a few minutes. rescuing passengers from a stock tram at a new hampshire ski resort. you can see in this your video a person being lowered to the ground here. they do not have any reports of injuries or why the tram broke down. boston's logan airport reporting delays due to frozen equipment.
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into the skies but passengers are pretty heated. just one of the people trying to fly out of the bitter cold of boston today. all because of this cold weather. a jetblue spokesperson said there operations were impacted because of the dangerously low temperatures. michelle hoffman says she was supposed to take off at 2 in the afternoon or maybe 6. she says she will find another
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can take off. it's still a good idea to check with airlines for flight updates. the arctic blast also causing some trouble on the railways. here's workers fixing rails in freezing temperatures. there were moderate delays at quincy adams due to a broken rail. the good news is service is
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>>anchor:: other restaurants were forced to close their doors because of burst pipes. here are firefighters responding to smoke alarms at a local school today when a radiator pipe failed releasing steaming hot water and setting off alarms. investigators say justice scalia was found dead saturday morning due to natural causes. his family back in virginia is making funeral arrangements. the american flag at the supreme court building was
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meanwhile the court controversy over scalia seat continues. the senate is denying president obama's ability to appoint someone to replace justice . from california resident obama
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would in fact appoint a new justice. if the present is allowed to place of 3rd justice it could make the court more liberal. republican candidate ted cruz intends to block any obama nominee. with fewer senate votes democrats may have to take their fight for an obama candidate to the campaign trail
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for some gop candidates and republican senators their opposition goes beyond the president should choose but denying it any vetting or hearing. bitter cold is still with us and the forecast is coming up. and coming up tonight on sports extra david bryce will be among the 1st to report for the red
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>>anchor: veterans got their valentine's day dream come true with a one-of-a-kind spa day. >>reporter: dozens of military families got dolled up for a good cause. this salon offering free makeovers to veterans and their families to put a smile on their faces and troubling times.
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happy to see them coming in and enjoying themselves. >>reporter: she is saddened that her own husband is still in service overseas and this is her way of giving back. it's a way for military families to support one another. the salon making this valentine's day an unforgettable day. >>woman: i met some wonderful women i think they'll be part of my life going forward. >>anchor: other salons are chipping in and saying they
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>>anchor: getting love from his lady on this instagram account today. once again proving their marriage is better than ours. >>reporter: they looked ham by the way. way. the temperatures dropped to 4 low.
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degrees today and this is the 1957. 7 degrees in boston right now and we aren't out of the woods temperatures. the wind chill readings should be close to the air temperature readings with the still wins we have out tonight. weather advisory through till tuesday morning for the bitter cold.
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we make it into tuesday. maybe around an inch at most. as we head into the afternoon we should see the mid to upper 20s and not until evening before we see the flakes flight. nashua at 32 degrees. as the snow falls and melts then it's a service where it
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this freezing rain that is so dangerous. we should be in the 50s by around tuesday and 1 to 2 inches of snow. any snow that does accumulate should be washing away with the with the rain on tuesday. tomorrow increasing clouds 24 of to 31 as a high. have a great night.
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sox splashing on the golf course. they sunk their golf cart into a pond in florida. the red sox start spring training this week. hopefully crashed golf carts will be the least of the problems down in fort myers. the bruins out on the ice and
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>>anchor: thanks so much for joining us in a happy


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