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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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still pretty cold at this ur, but really is expected to get quite a bit warmer around here jeremy reiner is here with the forecast . >> reporter: quite cold right now tomorrow at this tile the numbers will be in the 50's, so when did you from teens to 50's you will have to go through some weather and that's what we have on the way this evening. winner weather advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning including the city of boston. so what we have coming at us will be first the snow and then i think around midnight tonight it flips over to sleet then eventually freezing rain just plain old rain metro boston around 7:00 tomorrow morning do have patches of light snow and flurries right now. that's been the case for the past couple of hours here in southern new england. the steadier snow is down through metro new york city. that's moving north and that will work up into new england over the next few hours. temperatures right now again teens and 20's it's cold in the city at 22. worcester at 16. here is the milder air well to the south so it has a ways to go and the thing about arctic air, it can be stubborn to leave. that's why we do anticipate
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precipitation. this is not a blockbuster storm so that helps us out and most of the wintery precipitation does fall later on this evening and very early tomorrow morning. the other thing that helps us out is the fact that the kids don't have school tomorrow, at least in massachusetts. they do in new hampshire so you kids in new hampshire may be on school delays but metro boston again you are out of school. it's school vacation week. as we run through the time line midnight tonight there is the sleet and freezing rain working up from the south cher and also what will happen is the precipitation will shut down for everyone around 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow morning. at that time the numbers continue to climb into the 30's. now before the changeover, plan on one to two inches of snow worcester hills, route 2 corridor about two to four inches of snow in southern new hampshire, city of boston inside 128 a coating to an inch with just a lit glaze on top of that tomorrow. wheel talk more about that . >> anchor: following breaking news now crews battling fierce flame a home in newbury. sky 7 hd over the scene.
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building leaving just big holes in at least one side of the >> anchor: we're also following breaking news out of dedham after a fire break out in a two story home john cuoco live on the scene of the fire with all of the breaking details we've been watching fire fighters fight this for a long time now, jon. what you can tell us? >> reporter: this operation is still very active on bridge street it dedham. there are still a number of crew crews on scene. a sky 7 video sees flames and smoke coming from the top of this home along with fire fighters on the roof trying to deal with the fire. we just got an update there was apparent rean issue with a wood stove that started this fire. the chief said right now they are still having issues with fire in the walls of this home. we do know though a bit of good news. no one hurt here in this fire. as of right now that's the information that we have of course. when we get an update we'll make sure to bring it right to you. >> anchor: thanks soap, john cuoco reporting willive in did ham. with a bitter blast bring you problems all across the state
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officials there to take five patients to other facilities. the building was able to stay open. 25 other patients did not need to be moved . >> anchor: crews in hanover working to repair a watermain break this afternoon. it's been affecting traffic all day long. the good news, that road has just reopened . >> anchor: but as the temperatures rise, we're also seeing a lot more of those pipe problems. 7's kimberly bookman live this afternoon on the scene of a pipe that us about the inside of a home. well, this takes us back it our early science classes when water freezes, it expands and pushes on pipes and can cause quite a mess. no water flow. which means we can't use the toilets, we can't bathe, nothing nothing. no water. >> anchor: the pipes in the roxbury home lisa jones rents are not insulated so when the weather dipped to subfreezing temperatures this weekend, she says she called the property own owner . the landlord actually asked fuss we had heeders to run next to the pipes to try to thaw it out . >> anchor: she refused, a decision fire officials would
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and then when the temperatures began to rise the frozen water leaked right into her basement. here we are, two mothers with daughters, five young girls in the house and we have to go pay out of pocket to stay in hotel for our children to be able to bathe . the city of boston has taken more than 150 calls in the last few days during this freeze thaw cycle. in 50 of those cases and lisas is one of them where landlord have not fixed the problems, they sent inspectors and are cracking down . we are going to be writing a number of violations on this property today and they are all 24 hour violations so they are unsafe and dangerous. it's questionable whether people can stay in this house or not. >> anchor: now boston is not the only place that's dealing with these frozen pipes of we told you a little bit about hanover and peabody coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 we'll bring to you sandwiches. reporting live, kimberly bookman 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news now turning to another messy scene. this one in revere. flooding causing some serious problems for home owners near the city's floodgates.
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and high tide waters came rush rushing in. and with a dramatic warm run in the forecast jennifer egn shows us 5078 are worried about what happened when thing warm up . it was frozen to that bottom step all level, all the way through to the street . >> reporter: cherry's home in revere surrounded by a thick sheet of ice. water from the creek at the end of arcadia street overflowed sunday as temperatures plunged below zero . >> anchor: when the ground freezes as you can see it did, it freezes up all the pipes that run underground. so there is nothing you can do inside to help what's going on outside . >> anchor: water ran under her home, pipes are frozen solid . >> reporter: if you run the water, what happens? it comes up my floor because there is nowhere for water to about . she couldn't use anything so when she flushed a toilet it went up in the bath tub. now we just pump the tub down and she will have to go to a hotel . >> reporter: a great meant to catch trash as the creek flows under 1 a. she says the city maintains the drain . they are not clearing the drains.
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has nowhere to go but out that drain into, you know, through. if that's clogged, this is what happens . cherry's children are stay staying with friends as she waits for things to thaw out . this is definitely a city issue. they are home in that's nice warm house, it's okay this. i have water . a city counselor said the other part of the problem was a floodgate that was frozen open. he said that should be shut untilal of this cold weather passes. in revere, jennifer egan, 7 news news. >> anchor: a ski scare in northern new hampshire over the weekend. dozens of people stranded in the cold for hours after some trouble on a tram there. cannon mountain officials say mechanical issues were to blame. the weather at the time there below zero and one of those passengers an 8-month-old baby. sara french reports . a day on the slopes at cannon mountain ski resort in new hampshire turns into a harrowing rescue when two tram cars suddenly stopped leaving dozens stranded 40 feet in the air for almost three hours in
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after what passengers described as a severe jolt, one tram came to a rest near the top of the 4 4,000 foot summit. the other near the base of the mountain. among the 48 people trapped, an 8-month-old baby. with a mercury around a frigid negative four degrees, blankets were sent up to the top car to help guests stay warm until help arrived. then one by one ski patrol and fire fighters repelled each person down through a trap door from the tram. thankfully no one was injured and there were no reports of any frostbite. cannon mountain officials say a mechanical issue, not the cold, caused the brakes to somehow engage and get stuck making for an unexpected downhill situation for those on board. the tram way has not yet reopened. resolve the issue. as for the stranded guests, cannon mountain offered them all vouchers to come back another day. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news .
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the bitter blast and warmup that is under way for updates any time just download the 7 news mobile app . >> anchor: following a developing story right now. some cost cast customers are interesting trouble with cable today. it's a nationwide outage that's affecting thousands of internet and television customers here in new england. nick emons here with the latest on how those repairs are going . we are told the problem has been fixed, but it was a frustrating morning for those customers affected by this out outage. just take a look at the red areas on this map right here. that is where most customers experienced problems. map. as you can see, the northeast really affected by this outage while some customers reported internet issues, majority of issues seemed to be regarding cable channels but we're told service should be back up and running by now. the company released a statement saying in part, we have repaired the temporary network interrupts that impacted some of our services this morning. our engineers continue to work on this issue and almost all services have already been restored.
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this has caused our customers. no word yet on what caused all of those issues. live in the newsroom, nick emons 7 news . >> anchor: we are following more news today. former massachusetts governor deval patrick is reportedly on the short list of possible supreme court nominees. this after justice antonin scalia died suddenly over the weekend. patrick will not comment on speculation. overnight scalia's body arrived in the dc area. he died of a heart attack while on saying trip in texas. his death causing controversy on campaign trail. republicans want president obama to hold off and let the next president nominate the successor successor. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: even as washington prepares to say farewell to justice antonin scalia it's at war over his replacement and whether president obama should make the choice. this country has not gone with a yearlong vacancy on the supreme court since the civil war. >> reporter: democrats are out outraged by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's
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a nomination until the next president takes office. that battle has bred from congress to the campaign trail. the senate has a duty to consider that and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates . i'm not saying obama shouldn't do it. i'm just saying republicans should not allow it to happen . republicans are vowing to make this election a referendum on how the net president will fill that open seat . we were reminded on saturday evening by an untimely death of what the stakes are in this election . we are one justice away from losing our fundamental rights in this country. but not everyone is comfortable with this fight. scalia dies and one second after he is dead they are already starting to fight about politics. politics, but both sides agree on the stakes. a seat that could determine the high court's direction for decades to come. legal scholars point out that republican mom knees have been in the court's majority for
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brian mooar, nbc news, washington . >> anchor: a developing story now. doctors without borders is saying one of its hospitals in northern syria was hit by air strikes on purpose. videos up loaded to social media supposedly show the aftermath of those air strikes. the hospital says 7 people died. dozens were hurt and at least 8 staff members are still missing and presumed dead. a syrian group for human rights says the attack as carried out by russian warplanes. now people who survived ray terror attack in paris saying it's too soon to head back to a concert head lined by the same take. eagles of death metal has a concert in paris next week. the band was playing a show in paris last year when suicide bombers stormed the theater and killed 89 people. a total of 130 people were killed in the french capitol and a coordinated attack that night. the idea of return there so soon and being in a venue i
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be too soon for me to be there mentally and physically it's a non-event at the moment. >> anchor: the group started as rescheduled european tour this weekend . >> anchor: brazil's president said the oh olympics are on despite the sihka outbreak there there. saturday was a national mobil mobilization day with military hundreds of thousands of health personnel working to fight the in. experts say the virus is sweeping through parts of the latin america and several potential olympians voiced their concerns. sika is mostly harmless for adult but has been linked to a serious birth defect in newborns newborns. pope francis making an historic visit to a small rural town in exmex comp the pope arrived by helicopter and road in front of a crowd of thousands blessing followers as he wept along. s ride ended at a sports complex for a mass. pope francis read a homily partially devoted to the community this that area and visited a cathedral and met with
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>> anchor: ahead some dart drama on a california highway. police investigating after a bizarre attack on two people bridge >> anchor: fire and ice. the cold weather causing concern after several fires break out at homes all as cross the state overnight . >> anchor: on 7 news at five:00 a missing person in boston. police want your help to track down a young man after he disappeared outside a popular boston bar.
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police in california investigat investigating a bizarre attack on the golden gate bridge. someone armed with a blow gunshot darts at two people walk walking a cross the bridge . >> anchor: police are trying to figure out why they were targeted. according to the california highway patrol, both blow darts are about four inches long. they say one of them penetrated . it went through his jeans and into his leg by about two . >> reporter: as paramedics arrived a second said she was also hit . she had been struck in the kneecap and it actually had gone >> reporter: so far investigators believe the darts were launched by a car driving northbound on this bridge. they are working with bridge authorities to see if they have any surveillance video to help catch the culprits behind the attack.
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plays in the area . it's scary but then again you can't hide like i said. you just have to look out for yourself, right is . that's very crazy. these days you don't know what is going to happen . >> anchor: according to the highway patrol, neither dart seemed to be poison. investigators will return to the scene with the two victims to point pinpoint where they were hit. that way they can figure out when this us suspect car was on the bridge. both victims were treated at the scene then released. officials say the darts will be tested for any harmful chemicals chemicals. >> reporter: snow this evening with temperature in the 20's. rain and perhaps rumbles of thunder tomorrow evening, temperature in the 50's. we'll sort it out up net . a valentine's day surprise for local veterans and their families. why these makovers meant so much. >> anchor: one of the cases involving former patriots player aaron hernandez coming to a close. family and friends gathering today to say good-bye to a beloved teacher killed by a flying manhole cover last week
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>> anchor: we are going to take a live look outside at that beautiful boston skyline. but definitely warming up a little bit right now coming off of those frigid arctic temperatures over the week, but it comes with a catch . we have some snow and then some freezing rain and rain moving in then almost 60 degrees. i know. you are thinking what is he trucking about? the cold is on its way out. it's going to be a battle for a few hours going back and forth. eventually though the warm air will win out but not this evening. a messy mix on way for tonight first we started as snow then it does go over to some sleet and freezing rain overnight tonight after midnight and then i think tomorrow morning just a couple of rain showers. then rainy and windy tomorrow afternoon and there might be a result bell of thunder during tomorrow evening's commute. that's how wacky it will be with temperatures tomorrow well into
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behind this weather system the arctic air is not going to come crashing back into new england. so we do have the winter weather advisory in effect for all of new england. it does not include the cape and islands but even down there some patches of light snow right now. teens and 20's. relatively cold, i mean, coming off of the incredible cold over the weekend these numbers are an improvement but normal highs should be up near 40 degrees so we're still running about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. the city at 22. the cold is wedged in all the way down the even seaboard and that cold air can be real tough to move atlanta 53, dc 29. but eventually this storm system which is going to pass off to our west will slowly start to warm things up very late tonight and more so tomorrow. that moving process, moving out the arctic air results in this, which is ahodgepodge of weather for us in the form of some patches of light snow and flurries right now then there will be a bus burst of steadier snow mid to late evening with temperatures slowly warming
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on the scene might be moving a little bit fast. i think the cold air will probably hang on a little longer than what you are seeing. the point is that as we approach midnight it does go over to sleet and freezing rain because even though the cold air is stubborn near the ground up in the clouds there is nothing to hold back that warm air. so at 5,000 feet it will still warm cold air ringers for several hours then even early tomorrow morning we see that warm air slowly start to take over. at the same time there is actually a bit of a break so if you have a morning commute tomorrow it could be a bit of a slow go worcester hills but it's not like there will beanything heavily falling out of the sky whether it's freezing rain or just plain old rain. now before that changeover a coating to an inch in the city of boston south shore which gets washed away tomorrow and then one to two inches of snow metrowest just outside of 128 up in the merrimac valley probably closer to two, maybe even four inches of snow before changing over to sleet and freezing rain so travel continues again fair
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and then i think there will be a few hours overnight tonight where it is poor even in the city of boston it. does improve as it warm. farther inland worcester hills, merrimac valley there still be poor travel conditions at 7:00 toll morning and then things will improve because then warm air does win. so here we are to noon tomorrow again that heaviest of the rain still not moving through and i think during tomorrow evening's commute that's when we see a burst of steadier rainfall warm at that time with temperatures heading for the 50's and then on wednesday a mix of clouds and sunshine still mild on wednesday and then seasonal for a change as we work that thursday. so far off the scales left and right all over the place, but icy work toward thursday that's when we see things kind of simmer down. how much rain is on the way tomorrow evening with that cold front moving through? most towns about 3/4 of an inform of rain. your 7 on 7 forecast, kind of a volatile day tomorrow with again most of the day not features much until the very end of the day in terms of precipitation. wednesday middle and upper 40's.
4:24 pm
near 40. see you in a minutes . >> anchor: let's go ahead and head out to joe tape elton to get a check of the roads this afternoon of how is it looking, joe? >> reporter: getting a look right now southbound right around neponset circle heavy flow of volume in this spot but the earlier crash and earlier breakdowns caused a break down are off the roadway. that's pretty much it. we're doing very, very well. we'll start checking first downtown 93 northbound and southbound that holiday traffic moving along petty well here on the zakim bridge and over to the left hand side storrow drive in great shape from kenmore square up to route 93. no major problems out here on the mass pike, eastbound or westbound making record time from downtown right out past route 128 less than a half hour run. in fact all the way out into the natick area then more good news north of the city getting a look at route 128 all green here, getting by route 3 in burlington and passing by route 93 in woburn. joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: next here on 7 news, fighting the flames around the state the colder temperatures
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. >> anchor: payton manning name in a new lawsuit some are saying his clean cut image could be in jeopardy . >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 a teen-ager in trouble after drop attic car chase ends in a crash in seekonk . >> anchor: another scandal for elliot spitzer who left office in the middle of a prostitution scandal. now the former new york governor is accused in a manhattan hotel room assault. we'll be right back. song: "that's life" song: "that's life p
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>> anchor: we are watching winter weather move our way. a storm makes its way up the east coast and could cause major problems leading into tonight. some snow, sleet, possibly freezing rain are all in the forecast . >> anchor: not only is there a winter weather advisory in effect, we could see a dramatic swing in the temperatures. jeremy reiner is here with that. it's very dramatic. we're talking like cold to pretty decent think tomorrow at this time most of us are in the 50's. what a turn around that will shape up here in southern new england and usually when did you 20's to 50's you go through some weather and that's what we have for think evening overnight tonight and tomorrow morning with rain tomorrow afternoon. here is the snow. again this has been patchy, light snow around southern new
4:29 pm
this right he though, this is steadier snow, this is working north toward water bury and hartford. this will over spread mid evening. traveling does go down here hill travel go downhill as we work through the evening hours especially after 9:00. right now boston at 22. this weather system here, there is a lot going on. we have winter precipitation at the top end and strong thunderstorms down here at the bottom end and this all sweeps up the even seaboard over the next 24 hours. so the messy part of the storm is the front part of the storm. again as we step through the evening hours a burst of snow which then does change over to rain believe it or not. boston south overnight tonight farther inland 495, merrimack valley, route 2 corridor, worcester hills in the form of some freezing rain and sleet so there will be a light glaze on top of the amount of snow we're advertising but as we work through tomorrow morning, the numbers do warm even in the worcester hills. heading for the low 40's tomorrow. so the amount of snow on the way again i think most of this


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