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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and at that time the numb temperatures, really jump into 50's by tomorrow evening. tying rain in the 50's. we have snow across southern new patchy, light snow. there is steadier snow though blossoming across metro new york city. this is not working up through connecticut connect and this from this weather systemp it's not going to snow very long because you already know south of new york city there is green showing up on the radar just plain old rain. but i think for about three or four hours we have snow in here. lower 20's right now. state at 22. worcester at 15. there is warm air on the maps but it's way down here. atlanta at 51. this will eventually find its way into southern new england by tomorrow night at this time from this storm system right here which will travel to the west of new england and when a storm does that sooner or later the warm air does win out but it's been so cold with all of the arctic air that moving process, it's going to be slow go getting the arctic air out of here. that's why we have winter weather advisory effect. snow up until midnight and at
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eventually freezing rain and then just plain old rain metro boston tomorrow morning. if you have a morning commute, again, i'm thinking just patches of drizzle and freezing drizzle with the accumulating snow done by midnight tonight. one to two inches of snow and i do think there will be some morning from the freezing drizzle and light freezing rain. worcester hills and route 2 in particular up across southern new hampshire. metro boston inside 128 just anticipating a chilly rain tomorrow morning and then it does warm dramatically by tomorrow evening's commute. we'll talk more about that coming up . >> anchor: we're following breaking news now. crews battling fierce flames at a home in newbury. sky 7 over the scene earlier this afternoon. the fire tore through the entire building leaving gaping holes in at least one side of the house. >> anchor: and in dedham flames shooting through the roof of a home there. crews were trying to knock down those flames. you can see the fire fighters on top of the roof next to those flames. john cuoco live for news dedham tonight where fights are still
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know how this started we're hear hearing. >> anchor: they do think they know how this started. this scene is slowing down just a little bit. the road here is still blocked off but take a look behind me you can see the crews that are still on scene dealing with this fire. sky 7 hd showing flames and smoke pouring out of this home on bridge street in dedham. all while fire fighters work to put them out . we received a call from one of the property owners who stat stated there was a fire within a home . >> anchor: according to the dedham fire chief this all started because of an issue with the wood burning stove. but the fire started in the front and making its way toward the back of the home. first companies arrived on seen they had fire on the interior of the building extend extending into the ceiling areas. >> anchor: fire fighters say the layout of the home is presenting some challenges. the build something set up as a single family home, separation between front part and back part, multiple roof lines so the fire is really concealed within these areas .
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weather has been a factor across the state over the weekend making fires like this difficult to deal with. the chief says that still is the case today . the cold is paying it extremely challenging. today not so much inside the building but around the exterior exterior. as soon as party hits the ground it's turn makes it very challenging for fire fighters just to operate safely outside. >> anchor: we have been told that no one was injured here, that includes fire fighters and the people that live at this hole. live dedham, john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: after a frigid weekend crying temperatures bringing pipes to their breaking point. at this hotel in waltham part of the ceiling came down and problems have been popping up all across the state. buildings have been evacuated. roads shut down and there was a lot of cleanup left behind. kimberly bookman live in roxbury where a pipe burst in a home there. kimberly? yeah, ryan, you know boston inspectors tell us they took more than 150 weather related calls within the last few days when they came out to the home
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they found it simply unsafe to live in. they say these problems can be very dangerous. it looked and sounded like a shower was running in the corner of the weston hotel lobby in waltham. water pooling right into the welcome area. a similar scene at needham sheraton hotel where water burst through the ceiling leave a hole above and mess below. all of it because pipes burst. we're going through a freeze thaw cycle so there is a lot of freezing yesterday and things are starting to thaw out today so we're starting to see the failure and joints and a lot of pipes . >> anchor: that's what brought boston inspectional services to this roxbury home where the tenant says her landlord wouldn't fake the water stream streaming out of the pipes, instead shut it off all together. here we are, two mothers with daughters, five young girls in the house and we have to go pay out of pocket to stay in a hotel for our children to be able to bathe. i work. i had to call out of work today. others worked over time like hanover's water department. they faked a water break friday night on old washington street
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another break six feet away saturday and it had to be repaired again today. usual they cold weather we have a lot of brakes. cast iron mains too, that's typical . in peabody a water lake at the kindred hospital made a mess mess. five patients were transported to other facements as they cleaned you. a headache for everyone, everywhere dealing with these un unwanted pipe problems. become out here live in roxbury inspectional services say they plan to ticket the landlord in this particular case even bring him to court to make sure the problem gets fixed. reporting live fox roxbury, 7 news . >> anchor: be sure to stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the winter weather and its for updates any time you can head over to or download the 7 news apps for your phone or tablet . >> anchor: also on 7, the family of a 22-year-old seing for answers. the harvard native was last seen this weekend leaving a bar in boston. he was later spotted on surveillance cameras near haymarket. no one has her from him since. ton his family is making a plea to the public for any
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dan hausle live for us in boston tonight with the story. dan? well, as terrible as this story is, the fact that the weather has been so frigid over the past couple of days makes it even worse. this young man not seen since he left this bar other than on a few surveillance cameras . this is zachary marr celebrating his 22nd birthday just hours before he disappeared after walking out of the bell and hand tavern early saturday morning. now friends and relatives are plastering posters all over the . minutes. ten minutes. . friends who were with zach say he walked out just after 1:00 without his coat just to have a smoke. they say he texted back that he tried to get back in but wasn't allowed to because it was closing time. by the time they grabbed his coat and tried to join him, zach was gone.
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daryl and one of them is i . zachary's father dropped his son off at the train station friday night with the plan that zach would spend the night in boston then come back the next day. now family and friends are working the phonage social media and pork working with police try trying to bring zachary home . try to be strong. worrying it up. as my brother says. worryingt up . we just want him home and want to see his face again. that's what we want. boston police say they are looking over any surveillance video from the area they can find and in hopes of tracking zachary's path but the family says it's just a mystery they would like to see solved. . a wild ride sends a car in a home in see congress. it happened late last night. police say two teenagers racing one of the cars hit a pickup truck and slammed right into the house.
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but the truck owner says the crash left quite a mess. debris field is what it is. remnants of what was pretty good little pickup truck i had for my son. he and i bought that earlier this ye and spent quite a bit of time over the summer fixes is it up . the teen's inside that car did suffer minor injuries. one of them has been charged with speeding and reckless driving . >> anchor: also staying on top of a verying story. comcast customers across the country dealing with outages today. nick emons live for us in the control room with the latest with what's going on . we're tow the problem has been fixed was a frustrating day for customers affected by the outage. jew take a look at the red areas on this map right here. that's where most customers experience problems so big areas there as you can see the northeast really affected by the outage. while some customers reported internet issues the majority of issues seemed to be regarding cable channels but again we are told everything should be back up and running by now. the company did release a
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repaired the temporary network interruption that impacted some of our customers this morning. our engineers continue to work on the issue and almost all is have already been restored. we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers. still, no word yet on what caused all of those issues. live in the control room, nick emons, 7 news . >> anchor: a civil lawsuit has been settled between aaron hernandez and a former friend. hernandez an alexander brad le lesettled the suit on friday. broadly said aaron hernandez shot him in the face outside a him a night club of he was asking for money in connection to that alleged incident. hernandez is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd and pleaded not guilty to double-murder from 20 2012 in boston . >> anchor: family and friends saying good-bye to the woman killed by a manhole cover last week. a wake for 35-year-old caitlyn clavette is being held in her hometown of winchester of clavette an elementary school art teener in milton was on her way to work on friday when the manhole cover came loose on i93
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funeral services will be held tomorrow. there is more news today. there is supreme challenge ahead in washington. it's a big talking point on the campaign trail. republicans and democrats are fighting over whether president obama has the constitutional right to appoint the next nominee to the supreme court following the death of justice antonin scalia who died in the middle of one of the most substantial sessions in history. right now according to some reports former massachusetts governor deval patrick is on the short list of possible supreme court nominees after justice scalia's death. however, a spokesperson says deval patrick would not be commenting on that speculation. one thing that's clear neither side will go down here but a big fight. . even as washington prepares to say farewell to justin antonin scalia it's at war over his replacement and whether t president's obama's choice to make . this country has not gone with a yearlong vacancy on the supreme court since the civil war . democrats are outraged by
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mcconnell's declaration he won't consider a nomination until the next president takes office. the battle spread from congress to the campaign trail . the senate has a duty to consider that. and to decide whether or not to confirm whoever the president nominates . i'm not saying that obama shouldn't do it i'm just saying republicans should not allow it to happen. republicans are vowing to mick this election a referendum on how the next president wilt fill the open seat . we were reminded by an un untimely death of what the stakes are in this election . we are one justice away from losing our fundamental rights in this country . but not everyone is comfortable with the fight . scalia dies in one second after he is dead they are already starting fighting about politics . politics, but both sides agree on the stakes, a seat that could determine the high course direction for decades to come. now legal scholars point out that republican mom knees had been in the majority for the past 44 years. >> anchor: a deadly attack in syria today. a hospital run by the group
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reduced to nothing but rubble there. it was a result of an air strike syrian group for human rights is putting the blame on russia at this hour. videos up loaded to sorely media supposedly show what happened after the hospital was hit. the hospital says nine people have been killed. dozens were hurt and at least 8 staff members are still missing and are right now presumed dead. >> anchor: pope francis making an historic visit to a small town in mex comp the pope arrived by helicopter and the road in front of a crowd of thousands there blessing follow followers as he went along. his ride ended the a sports bless for mass. pope francis read a homily partially devoted to the indigenous community in the area area. he also visited a caterina bandinied rational and met with several families there. still to come a former new york governor once again at the center of a scandal . >> anchor: elliot spitzer now under investigation. what a woman claimed happened in a new york hotel . >> anchor: we see a number of fires breaking out in cities and towns across the state. the warning officials have for home owners tonight . >> anchor: terrifying moles for
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cram gets stuck high above the slopes. cameras rolling during the rescue effort . >> anchor: frozen over after floodgates left open. home owners talking about how this icy mess will impact their property long after everything melts. those tore stories and more coming up here on 7 news of you are watching the news station. >> anchor: tomorrow some call it a miracle pill helping heroin addicts stay drug free. so in the middle of an opioid epidemic, why isn't it being prescribed more? we uncover the sobering facts
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>> anchor: former new york governor elliot spitzer under investigation. he is accuse of assaulting a woman a manhattan hotel. he resigned in 2008 amid a prostitution sting and is decid deciding the allegations . >> anchor: tonight police are trying to get to the bottom of this current investigation. >> anchor: elliot spitzer back in the tabloids. the former new york governor who famously resigned after being caught paying for sex with a high end escort is now under investigation for assault. sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc news that on saturday night spitzer and a woman in her mid 20's entered new york's iconic plaza hotel and headed up to one of the rooms. inside, spitzer is being accused
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the nypd investigating him for assault but not for sexual assault. a source familiar with the investigation says after the alleged incident the woman slit her wrist but the wounds were not life-threatening. no charge have been filed and a spokesperson says there is no truth to the allegation. in 200 a prostitution scandal forced spits tore resign as governor just 14 months after being sworn in. i have acted in way that violates my obligations to my family . >> anchor: he was never charged with the crime. spitzer atempted a career in television hosting short-lived shows on cnn and current tv. before a failed return to politics, losing to his opponent in the democratic primary for comptroller of new york city in 2013, following that loss spitzer divorced his wife and later started dating the spokesperson for his failed campaign. sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: next on 7.
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defining mole for the magazine. magazine.. >> reporter: snow for this evening, rain tomorrow evening. that story as well . >> anchor: a little blue bill. what a kentucky lawmakers says machine should be required to do to get a prescription for viagra
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underway for the eighth "star wars" movie. the production crew on one of the sets for episode 8. disney also revealing the cast for the new "star wars" movie. ben easio del toro signed on, it's been long rumored he would play the villain in the new stov stovy. it's set to be released in december of 2017 and jr is already in line . >> anchor: he is already has the calendar marked probably planning some new halloween costumes for it too . luke still doesn't is a speaking part in that little clip. i don't know if you caught that. still no words there. all right, hey, messy mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain this evening as well as overnight tonight. then there is a break in the storm for several hours tomorrow including the morning commute which helps to get you off to work and school in new hampshire hampshire. with rainy, windy conditions resuming toll evening, the second part of the storm is very warm. 50's tomorrow evening and behind the storm there is no arctic air air. right now in the process of moving out the arctic air it's a slow process.
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shore lower 20's, worcester hills upper teens to around 20 degrees and really the cold air is all the way down the eastern seaboard wedged into the piedmont of north carolina. atlanta at a151. eventually the milder air does take hold even here in southern system right here. so this is what we'll pester us this evening and overnight tonight then there is a break for several hours tomorrow then system here. now through the deep south with some showers downpours and perhaps even a few run bells of thunder possible in southern new england tomorrow evening. unreal when you are going from ten below zero in just three nights later boom you talk about the risk of some isolated thunderstorm. but that's what is going to happen so we have patchy know around metro boston. this down here new york city, long island now into connecticut some steadier snow and so i think from about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight up until about midnight tonight three or four hour window that would be our chance of any accumulating snow and then after midnight tonight i think the chance is done of
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but not wintery precipitation so here we are noticing already overwhelming portion of southern new england even a bit of rain at the immediate coastline and then the snow has been shoved well up into new hampshire. so at that time the accumulating snow is done then it will be focusing on the sleet and the freezing rain which i think will linger overnight tonight but as we work toward tomorrow morning if you have a morning commute i'm not anticipating any significant precipitation. either liquid or frozen because again that break is coming tomorrow morning and for several hours through the day tomorrow it's quiet with some pockets of drizzle around freezing e. before the changeover to sleet and freezing rain. some snow will accumulate including the city of boston then this all of this would be down on the ground by midnight tonight and for some of you around the metro and south shore it gets washed away during the i did tomorrow. travel conditions again fir at best because we work later on to this evening and i do think there will be several hours of poor travel conditions around midnight tonight and through early tomorrow morning, especially away from the
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that warmer air trying to come in from the south shore tomorrow morning around the metro so fair conditions but the warm air will be tough to take old back through the worcester hills and even when the warm air gets there the ground is still going to be cold so allow extra time tomorrow morning, route 2 corridor, 495 north of the pike tomorrow morning and more so up across southern new hampshire. then through the day tomorrow just a lot of clouds until the second part of the storm shows up for tomorrow evening's commute. you notice this grown and yellow here again those are downpours and showers. nothing frozen about that. it's mild tomorrow afternoon. temperatures into the 50's. still mild on wednesday and then seasonal weather for a change as we head toward thursday. so the amount of rainfall on the way again this will be tomorrow evening, most towns about a third of an inch or two-thirds of an inch of rain on the way tomorrow night and then we're back in the dry conditions still mild on wednesday, thursday mix of clouds and sunshine, much the same on friday. upper 30's to around 40 . >> anchor: "sports illustrated" making history here . >> anchor: today they release not one but three covers that
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distinct body types. mix marshalled arts fighter rhonda rousey, plus-size model ashley graham and model heidi cl clausen are the stars of the swimsuit edis. ashley graham is the first plus-sized model to ever be placed on the cover. rousey is featured in an allur alluring body paint suit and part of that article and klausn shows off her can you. each cover celebrates the beauty of different body types. it hits newsstands actually today. >> anchor: ahead on 7, cliffs crumbling would cause a shocking site off the coast of new zealand. >> anchor: then new at 6:00, fire tears through a home in gloucester. just one of many across the area
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>> anchor: another hour of 7 news ahead. ' ryan schulteis . >> anchor: i'm jadiann thompson thompson. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: got ready for a. >>y mix storm time lineup next . >> anchor: burn notice. fire fighters across massachusetts battling flames and the elements . >> anchor: high anxiety i'm day on slopes in new hampshire takes a scary turn leaving skiers stranded on a mountain. >> anchor: first here at 5:30 winter weather is storming in tonight. snow, sleet and freezing rain moving in over the area right now. this storm is also bringing in much warmer temperatures . >> anchor: that's right. we're talking about a possible 50 degree swing in those temperatures. let's get over to meteorologist jeremy reiner with a check of how this is all going to work . >> anchor: right now teens and 20's, boston 22, worcester at 15 and something has to give. eventually the arctic air does give way but it's a slow process process. we've seen patches of light snow around the metro on the south shore.
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revealing itself though down rough connectit as well as metro new york city. and this will be the brunt of our wintery precipitation. once this overspreads metro boston over the next one to two hours then as we approach midnight tonight, that's when we'll see the snow go over to sleet and then freezing rain but you notice as we're showing you this time line it's never really heavy precipitation. it's just light and patchy overnight tonight and through tomorrow morning. also slowly warming late tonight and tomorrow morning. i do think though that the cold air is going to linger in the worcester hills as well as the 4 495 wore door before the changeover to sleet and freezing rain which again is by midnight. this is the amount of snow on the ground. coating to an inch or less boston south shore, one to two inches of snow outside of 128. 495 route 2 corridor, southern new hampshire plan on three inches of snow before the changeover and there will be left over patchy, freezing drizzle tomorrow morning on top of one to three inch of snow we get.
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