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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have seen patches of light snow in and around the metro for the last several hours and there is a steadier burst of snow now coming out of metro new york city. this will be our one shot of the accumulating snow. is this right here which is now new york city. because you notice the rain snow line that also advances north fairly quick so that by midnight it's already up into the merrimac valley. then getting rid of the cold air near the ground again cold air up in the clouds you can easily move out but the cold air near the ground kind of sticks and clings and that will be issue to see sleet and freeing rain overnight which will then wind dunn as drizzle and freezing drizzle toll morning and that's part one the storm. part two will be tomorrow afternoon but at that time the temperatures are in the 50's and it's just focusing on rain and some wind as well. so when that snow colin hanks over to sleet and freezing rain around midnight most towns two inches of snow western suburbs, city of boston coating to an inch then we'll have patchy, freezing drizzle overnight
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morning commute tomorrow. fair travel again around 128, north and south shore but metrowest out toward 495 the worcester hills southern new hampshire likely to be some left over slick spots from the freezing drizzle overnight tonight. allow yourself extra time but even out this these location it is does warm through the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about part two in the storm, the rain and wind in a few minutes . >> anchor: one of the biggest problems with that cold weather is frozen pipes. with the temperatures rising today it created quit a mess. some pipe problems hit homes, businesses and even local streets. i mean, many did clean up a soggy scene. kimberly book hahn live for news roxbury with a look at sole of those issues people are dealing kimberly? well, here in boston inspectors tell us they took weather related problems including one right here on this roxbury street. no water flow which means bathe, nothing . >> anchor: after a wicked cold weekend, lisa jones is boiling hot. the pipes in the roxbury home
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they froze. then burst leaving water into her basement. it's now turned off all together. here we, two mothers with daughters five young girls in the house and we have togo pay for our children to be able to . >> anchor: the tenant hayes her landlord wouldn't picks fix the pipe problem so she called in . we are going to be write a property today. and they are all 24 hours violations so they are unsafe and dangerous. it's veriable question they are people can stay in this house or not . >> anchor: while boston inspect inspectors make sure resident are safe crews are working to repair pipes. from the treatment flowing into the weston hotel lobby in waltham to the water bursting out of and collapsing the ceiling in the needham sheraton hotel. ad's kindred hospital the water leak forced the facility to move my pave to another location while in hanover city workers fix a party break friday night only to get called back there saturday for another break six
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attention again today. usually in cold weather we have a lot of breaks. cast iron mains too. that's typical. >> anchor: back out here live in roxbury again inspectors say they plan to ticket the landlord but they will even take him to court to make sure this problem is fixed once and for all. reporting live from roxbury, kimberly bookman, 7 news . >> anchor: be sure to stay with 7 news for complete coverage of the winter weather for the latest updates on snow, cold, warmer depends, all of the above you can download the 7 news mobile and tablet apps . a home in dedham goes new flames. fire fighters battling elements and taking on this fire from on top of the building you can see the thick smoke billowing through the roof. at one point though fire fighters were forced to retreat because things got pretty intense there. john cuoco live in dedham with a look at what the damage is now. >> anchor: we just learned that suction people were displaced from a home back this way because of that fire. if you take a look behind me here you can see the crews that still on scene dealing with the
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>> anchor: sky 7 showing flames and smoke pouring out of this home on bridge street in dedham. all while fire fighters work to put them out . we received a call from one of the property owners that stat stated he had a fire within the home . >> anchor: according to the dedham fire chief this all started because of an issue with the wood burning stove. with the fire starting in the front and making its way toward the back of the home. companies arrived on scene they had fire on the interior of the building and into the ceiling areas . >> anchor: fire fighters say the layout of the home is presenting some challenges . the build something set up as asingle family home and separation between the front part and the back part. multiple roof lines so the fire is really concealed within these areas. >> anchor: dangerously cold weather has been a factor across the state over the weekend making fires like this difficult to deal with. the chief says that still is the case today. the cold is making it extreme low challenging. right now not so much around the
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as soon as the building hits the ground it makes it very challenging for fire fighters to operate safely outside . >> anchor: sky 7 hd was also over this scene earlier monday afternoon. as crews are battling fierce flames at a home in newbury. the fire tore lieu the entire building leaving huge holes in at least one side of the house. and we're also told no one was injured in this fire. that includes the fire fighters in the people that live in the home. live in dedham, john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: a similar scene in gloucester this morning. fire officials say everyone was able to make it out of the burning home safely . >> anchor: following a developing story now. comcast customers having problems with their cable todayp it's all part of a nationwide outage that affected thousands of internet and tv customers here in new england. 7's nick emons is standing by at the breaking news desk with the latest force . that's right. we're told the problem has been fixed but it was a frustrating day for customers affected by the outages. justtic a lock at the red areas on this map right here that. is where most customers
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and as you can see, the northeast really affected by this problem here. while some customers reported internet issues the majority of issues seemed to be regarding cable channels. the company says all service is back. the company released a statement saying in part we have repaired the temporary network interruption that impacted some of our services this morning. engineers continue to work on this issue and almost all services have already been restored. we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers. at this point no word yet on what caused all of those issues. nick emons, 7 news. >> anchor: we just want him home and want to see his face again. >> anchor: a family holding out hope for a missing 22-year-old. they say the man was last seen around hey market on saturday night. now the temperatures were below zero. that's why his family is turning the public in this desperate search. dan hausle has details. >> anchor: if things weren't bad enough the cold, cold weather over the last 48 hours
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a young man who walked out of this bar in boston's haymarket area and other than some surveillance pictures, was never seen again. this is zachary marr celebrating his 22nd birthday with friends just before he walked out of a boston bar and disappeared. family and friends frantic to fine him and in pain . i have two kids i love daryl and one of them is, i haven't heard from . >> anchor: his father dropped his son off at the train station friday night with the plan that zach would spend the night in boston and come back the next day. i said to him, i will wait here until you are on. i got a tent back saying i'm on. those with zachary say he walked out of the bell hand hand without a coat to smoke a cigarette but texted he couldn't get back in because it was closing time. security cameras recorded zach standing on walking in the area
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looking for him he was gone. it's so cold out and we just hope he found someplace warm and we just want to get him home . >> reporter: friendage finance financely plastering the areas posters they work the phones and sorely media and hope with a break . try to be strong. worrying it up. that's what my brother says, worrying it upit . >> reporter: boston police looking at surveillance video they can find. the folks say their video shows zachary leaving but not trying he tried to get back into another bar after leaving. just one more mystery the family solved. in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you, dan. coming up iced over a revere neighborhood flooded out and then ice. why people who live there are upset with the city . >> anchor: family fun for tom brady. how td 12 and his family are
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gate sending sea water rushing into people's yards and all of that water then freezing overnight . >> anchor: with a dramatic warm warmup in the forecast jennifer egan shows us people are worried about what is to come . it was frozen to the bottom step all level all the way threw to the street . cherry's home surrounded by a thick sheet of ice. water from a creek at the end of arcadia street overflowed sunday as temperatures plunged below zero . when the ground freezes as you can see it did it freezes up all the pipes that run underground. so there is nothing you can do inside to help what's going on outside . water ran under her home. pipes are frozen solid. if you run the water what happens? it comes up my floor because there is nowhere for the water to go . she couldn't use anything so when she flushed the toilet it went up in the bathtub. now we just puff the tub dunn and she will have to go to a hotel . a great meant to catch trash as the water flows under 1
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she says the city maintains the drain . they are not maintaining the drain. when high tide comes the water has nowhere to go. if if that is clogged this is what happens . cherry's children are staying with friends as she waits for things to thaw out . this is definitely a city issue. but they are home in their nice warm house. it's okay. this ehave water . a city counselor said the other part of the problem was a floodgate that was frozen open. he says that should be shut until all of this cold weather passes. in revere, jennifer egan, 7 news. >> anchor: we won't have to worry about things being frozen tomorrow and temperatures up . we have some work to do right now teens an 20's with snow, sleet and rain on the way and then eventually the 50's by tomorrow night. the forecast is up next. >> anchor: coming up next in 7 sports another day, another batch of new arrivals down at fenway south more red sox already on the clock for spring training plus we'll introduce you to a special member of a northeastern basketball family. who the huskies have adopted as
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>> anchor: it's been a slow warm new throughout the day. we started a single digits and it slowly swept you will all day long each are win itter weather coming in tonight. >> anchor: an interesting mick. winter weather but coupled with warmer temperatures so in some
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other areas rain. . >> reporter: lower 20's, city is at 22, worcester 15. jaffrey at 17. so the front pat of the storm the storm featuring snow is going to be brief because you already notice here that the rain snow line is approving long island. nothing will stop that but that will cruise right through southern new england this evening and reach the mass new midnight tonight. the challenge though is the cold air that's near the ground. again, up at 5,000 feet there is nothing to stop that warm air. that warm air is coming and we can't get out of the way of that that. near the ground the cold air is tough to dislodge and so because of that we do anticipate several hours of light, patchy, freezing drizzle and freezing rain. nothing significant but i do think that it's going to lead to some slick travel. that combined with the right amount of snowfall on the way and eventually we do start to warm things up during the day tomorrow.
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most towns about an inch to two inches of snow by midnight tonight. again after midnight tonight there won't be any accumulating snow anywhere in southern new england and that with the patchy freezing drizzle will lead to poor travel for a short time until about 4:00 or 5:00 toll morning. during the morning commute tomorrow the temperatures do slowly warm. farther inland it will be a slower process so the worcester hills, southern new hampshire plan on some poor travel for a few hours tomorrow morning. and then for several hours there is a break in the storm. just clouds and drizzling and showers. as we are warming temperatures tomorrow climb through the 40's and 50's. then part two of the storm comes at us tomorrow evening about 5:00 p.m. and that will be in the form of rain for everyone across southern new england and that rain could be briefly heavy with most towns picking up about 3/4 of an inform of rain as well as gusty winds as that backside of that weather system comes through. plan on most towns to see the winds gust along the coastline between 30 and 40 miles per hour hour. this is the amount of rainfall on the way. this is where we have the high wind watch in effect tuesday
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again, no strong winds this evening or overnight tonight. but along the coastline south shore, cape ann, north shore winds will gust between 45 and 50 miles per hour. so tomorrow is a warm day eventually. we slowly get to this number tomorrow morning the numbers will be near 35 or 40 then climb to the upper 50's by tomorrow afternoon. wednesday a mix of clouds and sunshine it is mild with temperatures on wednesday in the upper 40's. thursday will feature mix of clouds and sunshine near 40. friday seasonal, upper 30's to around 40. 11:00 >> anchor: today in the teens and it felt warm. tom brady having some fun in the off season spending valentine's day weekend with his family . >> anchor: the pats qb posted a photo on facebook saying i love my girl with the # be my valentine. >> anchor: the fun didn't end there. brady went over on a ski trip and posted this photo on facebook today writing at least it's safer than cliff justing so if you remember brady took heat last year while on vacation he went to costa rica and you
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cliff. >> anchor: leaving for an extra sweater and craiging up the heat most red sox are working up a sweat in ft. myers of pitchers and canners don't officially need oh report until thursday but in a y the sox are already present and accounted for. dave dombrowski dropping by fenway south this morning keeping tabs on the team he assembled this weekend. carson smith acquired one of those new arrivals to camp and arts expecting a turn around for offense in 2016 . last year we signed a lot of guys. maybe tough to blend in right away but we know each other for a whole year now of much offensively hasn't changed at all so it should be fun . pitching was a priority this year for the whole staff. they made some trades and assigned some guys so we are looking good.
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this year. it looks nice down there. 7's trey daerr will join the party in ft. myers soon enough. floor for his life reports from wednesday. brad marchand is riding the hot streak of his life. 13 goals in his last 13 games and earning the n.h.l.'s third star of the week honors after the bruins winger lifted four times to go along with three assists in his last four game. the best throw down from all-star weekend didn't come from anybody in the nba. how about canadian gilgannon un uning this jam. oh my. even the pros giving props to dunk. if a court can be a home and a team of family then there is room for all of us at northeastern university one husky made an impact that's much bigger than basketball. we can't choose life's challenges, but we can pick our friends and some times they are the greatest choices we make. he is an amazing kid with a
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once you get to meet them they are all smiles. he means the world to our team. >> reporter: at every game you will find him, 16-year-old max p plansky . i know he would give anything to get on the court and play with you. just to know that makes us play harder. shortly after max was bonn, his father realized something was wrong. at nine months old they received the diagnosis. cerebral palsy . he can share his ideas just like anybody else but it's harder for him of he has to use a communication device. he needs a wheelchair. he needs a feeding tube . he teaches you about perseverance and getting up every day and struggling with adversity . max is an honorary teammate and his partnership with the huskies not only gives him a sense of belonging . my favorite memory is just being at practice each week. i can bring a good attitude and work ethic. it feels great . it inspired his dad to start you are with us, an
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people with disabilities together with clubs, groups and teams . i would like to say all of the time, i'm lucky i had max and he had me. we hope to do this for a long time . it hasn't just changed the plansky's lives. it is having an pact on huskies that can't be measured . i love you buddy. you are a big pat of team of i don't think we could do what we do without him. >> reporter: what an inspirational family. for more information how you can get involved, visit you are with alex corddry, that's 7 sports . >> anchor: great story there, alex. thank you so much . >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 will
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>> anchor: all right. we love that everyone joined us tonight. we'll be back again later on tonight. for now i'm jadiann thompson . >> anchor: i'm ryan schulteis a great night. stay warm as temperatures finally warm up new more on weather forecast tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 lots g energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution...
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tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice in the north. a tornado outbreak hit the south. and heartburn alert. new concerns about
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