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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> the deep freeze is making an icy mess. >> high anxiety a day on the slopes in new hampshire takes a scary turn leaving a local family stranded on a mountain. >> i don't think i will forget this weekend for a long time. >> take a look at this, a garbage truck flies off of a highway, falling more than 100 feet down. snoet >> first at 11:00, breaking news people forced to evacuate a newton hotel tonight after a pipe bursts. it was a water main break on one of the upper floors. >> right now, the 19 susan tran joins us with the very latest. >> we got an update from the crown plaza hotel you can see guests are leaving. they officially closed the hotel for the night. what happened was it started as a water main break here at the hotel. it led to flooding in the basement of 4 feet of water in the basement in the electrical room so there were concerns about the electrical failure and they have since turned off the
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now, originally firefighters went throughout the entire 12 floors of the hotel. evacuating every guest. there were 250 guests staying at this hotel they wanted make sure all the guests were in an centralized area if in case the power went out and so guests have been waiting in the ballroom to figure out and see what was next and then we got the latest from fort myers who said they did indeed fix the leak but the concern was then the flooding in the electrical room in the basement of the hotel and since then guests have been waiting there are buses waiting to take them to other hotels as well as cars. let's hear from some of the guests staying here tonight. >> put a spin on an otherwise normal monday night but, yeah, i was just upstairs answering emails and stuff like that. you get a knock on the door and here we are. >> and whenever they told us to leave, they need could everybody come down to the ballroom so we
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>> he with didn't have an eta on when we would, you know, have to come backpack so most of us came down just as we are that's why we have blankets. >> it's to lose all this power and have to go take all these people out of 12 floors. >> and back here live again 250 guests evacuated from all floors due to a water main break here at the hotel that caused flooding in the electrical room and the concerns of an electrical hazard so originally they were just going to have all the guests stay in a centralized area in a ballroom before figuring out what was going on. there was backup power in there but now officially they have turned the power off at this hotel it is closed for the evening and they're taking all the 250 guests and putting them in new hotels tonight. that's the very latest in newton, susan tran, "7 news." >> from the night team, flow sleet and freezing rain is
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the bigtory the temperature. >> what we all felt with meteorologist jeremy reiner a little bit of a warm-up. >> yes, it is an assault on the arctic air and the results wintry weather -- winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning we have seen pockets of snow and now sleet and freezing rain and then just plane old rain coming here off the cape so remarkable turnaround in the temperatures the snow department most of us are done with accumulating snow the exception would be up through the merrimack valley southern new hampshire but for most of us it's between 1 to 3 inches of snow. ip switch leading 2 inches. city of boston an inch of snow and sleet and then we notice as we head through all the pink that's an area of sleet and freezing rain that will be the problem for the remainder tonight. temperatures around metro boston have really jumped at the coastline, 34 in the city, plymouth at 38. hyannis 39. here's the cold arctic air not budging and that's going to be
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we'll have that poughkeepsie freezing rain and rain continuing through tonight. it does wind down very early tomorrow morning. i don't think there will be any prescription tomorrow but i do think travel could be somewhat poor especially well inland out on the 495 corridor. fair conditions on 128 city of boston and things will improve tomorrow morning and then round 2 of the storm heavy rain, a warm rain. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> well, that cold weather you're talking about causing pipe problems all around the state. right around boston a pipe burst sending water in businesses. one convenience store could be seen piled up piled on a floor and a workers at a cvs had to use a broom to push the water out. macy's dealing with some problems. a hole in the ceiling sent water down into one of its lobbies. the pipes in this roxbury home froze and then burst leaking water into the basement.
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her water is off all together. she says when her landlord wouldn't fix the problem she called in boston inspectional services. >> here we are, two mothers with daughters, 5 young girls in the house and we have to go pay out of pocket for our children to be able to bathe. >> the property owner will receive several violations. >> meanwhile one homes are near ice flooding the flew gates flood them open. blan bran has a closer lock at that coverage. >> ryan, obviously we know it's been snowing but this is a driveway, for example, and you can see it's covered in snow but underneath all this snow is actually a couple of inches of ice. that's actually frozen seawater. the homeowners tell me overflowed from this creek over here. homes on this street in revere are surrounded by a sheet of ice. >> there's like a good 2 to 3 inches of ice from the ocean
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during the weekend with the low temperature. >> it was frozen to that bottom step all levels all the way through the street. >> this happened sunday when a floodgate froze open and high tied sent seawater rushing over arcadia street in revere. >> when the ground freezes as you can see it did it freezes up all the pipes that were underground so there's nothing you can do inside to help what's going on outside. >> that's not an ice rink that's the crawl space under her home. as you can see pipes are frozen solid. >> you run the water what happens. >> it backs -- it comes up my floor because there's nowhere for the water to go. >> she couldn't use anything so when she flushed the toilet it went up in the bathtub now we pump the tub down and she's going to have to go to a hotel. >> homeowners are waiting for this frozen sea to melt and that it doesn't happen again anytime soon. >> some of our neighbors who have some of the older homes their sump pumps are frozen. it's worse for them than for us. >> the homeowners told me they
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so you can see the main road is pretty clear so they can safely get to and from their homes. the floodgates we're told haven't closed so city leaders are going to take a closer look at what caused this problem starting tomorrow. we're live in revere, brandon gunnoe, "7 news" the night team. >> stay with this complete coverage of the bitter blast for i updates anytime you can download the 7 news mobile app. sky 4 hd over the seen firefighters rushed to put out the flames this afternoon. you can see the firefighters on the roof of the home fighting the flames. no word yet if anyone was injured. >> i wanted my families to be safe and i had a little bit of concerned. >> as a mom of a little baby it was freezing. >> thanks to tran troubles. >> that couple had their baby daughter with them when a mechanical problem trapped him on a tram over a mountain with
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>> yeah, not exactly the weekend this family had in mind but throughout their scary ordeal, they had confidence everything would be okay. >> i don't think i will forget this weekend for a long, long time. >> a family trip takes a terrifying turn when this tram comes to a sudden stop. >> this is a stop and the whole tram swung back and forth. >> the lewises away weekend getaway to celebrating mom'sber -- birthday but something went wrong. >> an hour later they said i think we're going to have to do an emergency evac. >> cell phone video shows the rescue. inside the tram you can see the emergency door open below. >> as a mom with a little baby it was freezing. >> the record low temperatures over the weekend a big concern as more than 40 people waited to be lowerid by a harness. >> people gave us our coats and foot warmers and we stuffed them under our snow suit. >> when the time came sabrina
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and when i was on the ground and i was safe okay, come on. >> they passed remy i grabbed her and held her julie that and mommy was there at the base. >> as they were coming down i'm just like okay, come over here, come on over here. >> once on the ground a quick check-up in an ambulance then it was time with hot chocolate with one brave little girl. >> she goes down the history -- i think the youngest baby to have be merged evaced off gander mountain she's the star there. >> the tram got stuck because of an engine issue. the resort handled it very professionally and they even got free passes to come back in the control room i'm nick emmons, "7 news" night team. >> police are on the lockout offshore man who disappeared after celebrating his birthday saturday night. here he is 22-year-old zachary mar was last seen before 2:00 am outside the bell and hand bar. he stepped outside through the freezing temperatures to smoke a cigarette with no coat on and
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his father is heartbroken and waiting for answers. >> i got two kids i love dearly. sx and one of them -- i haven't heard from. >> boston police are checking all surveillance video in the area to try to find this man. >> services back up and running for comcast customers who had tv troubles. many were without cable and internet. the northeast was the most affected by that outage. comcast released a statement saying in part we have repaired the temporary network interruption. our engineers continue to work on this issue and almost all services have already been restored. we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers. that outage. >> the president is set to make an important selection following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. now, scalia's body arrived home
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was flown from texas. despite president obama's plans to name is replacement, senate republicans say they'll refuse to consider a nomination until the next president takes office. and according to some reports, former massachusetts governor duvall patrick is on the short list of possible supreme court nominees after justice scalia's death, however, patrick says he's not going to comment on that speculation at this time. and the race for the white house say war of words had erupted between the candidates and donald trump is right in the middle of it. the flight is playing out as the former president hits the campaign trail. appearing for the first time since jeb bush announced bush 43 is looking to make his brother for number 45. >> thanks for brother to give us something important. i'm proud of his candidacy and i'm really proud to have been invited. >> but donald trump used president's day to attack george bush about 911 and on invading iraq. >> you had him on the aircraft carrier saying, all sorts of wonderful things how the war was essentially over, guess what?
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>> the question is, if donald trump's attacks against the bushes will backfire while george h.w. bush and george w. bush both carried south carolina in their presidential primary. also today trump is threatening to sue ted cruz calling him unstable and the biggest liar he has ever come across. >> he doesn't even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born canada so i will bring that lawsuit if he doesn't apologize. >> trump saying in front of a -- cruz says trump lose it. saying i guess the only explanation one can have the poll numbers in south carolina must be plummeting. >> well, the latest polls actually show that trump holds a 20-point lead over ted cruz there in south carolina. >> the two democratic candidates are battling out in support for nevada there and it's hillary clinton is working to slow bernie sanders surge following his win in new hampshire. speaking to voters at several
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saeshdz as a single issue candidate telling crowds he's focused on wall street and wall street be alone. sanders defended himself saying the major issues are all connected. >> up next, a dangerous drop. >> what sent a damage truck through a barrier off a highway below. >> that's one fast baby meet the new mom who didn't stand a chance when her little boy decided he was ready to come into the world. >> sleet and freezing rain for tonight. downpours perhaps some rumbles of thunder tomorrow night.
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>> a garbage truck driver losing control hits the guardrail and goes flying off a highway. this was happening in miami and that truck fell more than 100
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>> the driver was the only person injured. the night team depropertio has more. >> the truck fell almost 100 feet to this park near downtown miami. investigators say it is amazing that no one here on the ground was hurt. in pieces the garage truck sits under the glows of the lights in miami where it landed after plunging off i-95 monday evening. it happened is it the driver was traveling south on the eye near the southwest 7th street exit. >> the truck break into the railing and it was surprisingly loud. >> these friends had just finished playing basketball at the park. the sound of the truck breaking through the concrete barrier immediately drew their attention. >> you could see the -- the truck falling midair and it felt like it was in slow motion, like 5 seconds to hit the floor. >> when you hear lightning fall on dry land i kind of heard like
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>> at least a 100 foot fall the garbage truck fell apart on several vehicles and this sending a plume of smoke across the park. >> pumped a hole in the roof too. >> pieces of the falling concrete pierced the roof of the pool building at the park, amazingly the driver survived. >> firefighters along with police scoured the area looking under trash from the truck making sure we had no other victims. >> no one else was injured good news especially because schools were closed for president's day and the park was filled with children. >>, but, you know, thank god there weren't any kids who were playing and got hurt so at the end of the day, the driver very lucky guy. >> the driver is likely but the question for the florida highway patrol is what caused him to plunge off the highway. the driver remains in serious condition tonight at a miami area hospital. in miami, i'm alex diproto7 news night team. >> also from the nighttime team a local mom talking about a special delivery in her living room.
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birth for at least a few more weeks but baby wouldn't wait. here's live with the very latest, liz? >> yeah, this little guy was not waiting mom said she had some cramps in her stomach so she went to watch some tv and then 5 minutes later she was holding her new baby. >> and then all of a sudden -- >> holding her baby in the expected. heather beams with pride over her new bundle of joy. >> he's perfect. >> her new baby cameron extraordinary but her delivery anything but ordinary. >> it was a bit of a whirlwind. >> she gave birth in her living room in her husband's recliner. >> i just went downstairs into his recliner chair and was able to get a little comfortable. the next thing i know, um, i'm feeling a lot of pressure and, um, two pushes later i'm holding my newborn son in my hands. >> she says it only took baby cameron 5 minutes to come into the world. >> i definitely was panicking
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and, um -- but as soon as he was out and i heard him cry, um, it made me feel better. >> her husband called 911 and the rhode island couple came by ambulance to st. vincent's in worcester. mom and baby are doing great and getting to know each other, a peaceful end to a hectic day. >> the important thing is that he's healthy and, um, and that he's okay. >> this is the third child for the family thankfully everybody is doing okay but heather says the recliner, well, it didn't end up so well. live in worcester, with the 7 (music playing.) man, what a mess, doppler radar showing snow up through southern new hampshire and then we have sleet and freezing rain around the metro, and then back in the worcester hills where liz is it's shut down with a bunch of clouds. is to have the prescription come
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at us in two pieces. the first piece is right now. a winter storm and then the second piece tomorrow evening, warm rain and wind and perhaps even a few rumbles of thunder. you can see near 40 degrees it's trying to dislodge the arctic air and arctic air can be real stubborn to get rid of. it's ahead of and hangs near the ground up in the clouds there's no resistance and that's why we have quickly seen the snow change over to sleet and freezing rain but again near the surface of the earth it's going to take a few more hours. you notice at 2:00 am in the morning and this is work through the tuesday morning commute the rain does taper off to a bunch of different clouds at 7:00 am so i think there'll be pockets of drizzle and freezing drizzle pocket conditions is not very good that's the case overnight tonight. if you have to travel overnight tonight allow for extra time and even early tomorrow morning i think some lingering colder pockets of air away from the coastline lead into some poor travel conditions again the kids are out of school this weekend and here in massachusetts so
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delay. around metro boston i think it's fair conditions because at that time the air is starting to remember with a up and for everyone there's no heavy in fact, this is step through most of the day tomorrow, we wait for round 2 and that waiting process allows the air to warm. temperatures during the day tomorrow climb through the 40s and then here comes round 25:00 tomorrow night so the evening commute might have a whole new set of issues and then it won't be wintry precipitation and might be rain and wind and programs some thunderstorms with round 2 of the storm quickly with temperatures tomorrow night into the 50s. the amount of the rain on the way with that second surge of moisture about three-quarters to almost an inch of rain. and as the downpours are moving through winds could gust occasionally 40 to 50 miles an hour. new hampshire, city of boston and we have that high wind watch
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fishburg not all overly concerned with any significant wind as we work through into wednesday thankfully theories no arctic air to come sweeping in through this system. if you have a sloppy drive out there mother nature will take care of the mess and get rid of it for you wednesday temperatures are in the upper 30s, thursday that's the seasonal day for a change with temperatures on thursday near 40. >> all right, thank you so much, jeremy, i'm looking forward to the near 40 and above. >> sounds really good.
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dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have.
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sincerely, alex payne.
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>> the red sox look to break their spring of back to back last place finishes and the team is off to a good start with the wiping offseason providing an ace in the bullpen. the guys look excited to get it going. a majority of the key pieces already showing up for fort myers. pitchers and catchers don't report um saturday but david brooks and now you can add sanders is there and pablo and -- is in front i think we kind of know each other now we played last year together. some of them got injured so we didn't play that much but kind of a familiarity they all know each other and they all know what to do and play with each other and just a very fun and exciting year.
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stauso it should be fun. >> 7 straight dare will be joining the party in fort myers soon enough look for his live sports spring training. 13 goals in his last 13 games and earning the nhl third star of the week honors this after the brewers lift the lamp to go along with 3 assists in his last 4 games. selection sunday is one month from today and holy cross needs to heat up in the patriot leak play. rising and firing knocking down one of his 7 traits he drops 25 in holy cross. there's a 12-0 run putting the mountain hawks for good. they win it 64-69. and hollywood cross falls to 5-9 in league play at the comcast ar-bella tournament the tanners
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briana hurl hee and keela dixon takes over the tournament mvp honors as they win their 60th straight gym. 54-40 the final. >> the best throwdown from all-star weekend didn't honor anybody from the nba. how about canadian jordan releasing him name in the fourth quarter. the 6'1" calls his scorp undid you think. the baby is back in action visiting columbus i'm alex
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>> all right. we are out of time the tonight that show starring jimmy fallon. thanks for watching. >> of course, we'll have today new england going at 5:00 with all the coverage and the winter weather moving through and we'll have the tracker going to make sure you get to school and work tomorrow full coverage have all lopping day tomorrow. have a good night. >> be careful if you're on the
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