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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a tug boat sinks in boston harbor. hear from the men who wam to the rescue. pipe bursting all across the baystate sending water spilling out and making for a huge mess in some spots. plus g.o.p. candidates trying to pick up supporters ahead of the next primary. and one former president is hopping back on the campaign trail. it's 9:00 this tuesday morning. thanks for making us a part of your day. >> a messy mix falling overnight. looks like the snow and rain have thankfully moved out. not before leaving a big layer of ice behind. cars, sidewalks, trees, everything really encased in
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but the melt is now here. for a lot of us there's temperature close to the freezing mark and some icy spots here. if you head out the door for the first time this morning out in bedford nearby towns out of route 2 into merrimac valley you have to walk like a penguin down the driveway. 47 in boston. almost feels like a beach day along the coastline compared weather we've had the last couple of day. winter weather advisory extended until 11:00 this morning for slick conditions inland. i think for the most part we will win the battle here. with this milder air. you see in boston winds out of the south at 18. 21 out of the southwest in worcester. higher terrain is warming up a lot faster out through the worcester hills than the lower elevation. that will happen over the next hour or two. then we chase the slug of rain
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the best chance for widespread downpours between 4:00 and 8:00. widespread temperatures into the 50s. not only do we have the rain but gusty winds at time gusting over 50 miles per hour. we'll contend with that for the commute home. more on the 7-day forecast coming up. . time now for fast track traffic. >> let's head outside and take a look this the 93 southbound through summerville into boston. you can see a slow drive here. let's go to maps a couple of incidents to tell you about north of town. first we have an accident in redding. is actually 128 northbound at route 93. then we have disabled vehicle on 93 southbound at the pike then another accident on # 3 northbound that's at montevel avenue. over half an hour. some slowing on route 3 as you approach the braintree split through weymouth. route 24 looks good. you slow a little bit on 95 as you approach 128 as well.
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you head into frame ingham. then a slow drive into boston. let's look at the drive times this morning. about 26 minutes on the expressway. into town 93 minutes. if you take the t this morning on commuter rail we have several delays so check your train ahead of time. back to you guys. breaking news. a coast guard rushing to the rescue of a tugboat after it started to sink. >> three people had to be rescued before it went completely under water. jen, what happened here. the bolt is still docked in east boston. three men from the tug boat emily ann are okay thanks to the crew of the boat in area. before 7:00 the tug boat started to take on water. about two miles off of the coast of winthrope.
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all the men had left was a life raft and their flowtations devices. the crew from the boston harbor pilot boat raced to where the men were. it turns out the captain of the rescue boat and the boat that sank have known each other for 25 years. first the captain of the chelsea tells us about the rescue. we just went into rescue mode and got them out of the water. he drove the boat. i got down in the water and just pulled them out. they didn't weigh anything. it was just like come on. >> he's the man. he wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. >> don't get me all -- >> obviously a little bit emotional there. the men were in the water for a couple of minute. they were evaluated by boston ems but they didn't need treatment. the water is 37 degrees. they say the crew from the boat the chelsea didn't get to them
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not have survived. live in east boston. jennifer eagan. 7news "today in new england." happening now the recent freeze the temperatures mean more pipe problems across the area pipes have continued to burst. still a problem here this morning. in fact, yesterday one hotel in newton had to be evacuated when water started pouring into the basement. victoria warren has more on this story. >> reporter: a newton hotel evacuated, guests told to leave. we were in the room. we heard announcement over the fire alarm there was a evacuation procedure going on and we're to leave the room and come down to ballroom. >> most of us came down just as we are that's why we're blankets on. >> this wasn't by design. >> jacket and luggage upstairs at newton crown plaza. 250 people told to wait things out in the hotel's ballroom after a massive water main break flooded the basement with four feet of water. i guess there was an issue in
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a little flooding that went on. they didn't want it to reach the electrical box. we don't want the power to go out to building. there's always a fire hazard an explosive hazard. the main hazard to lose the power sand have to take the people out of 12 floors. >> hotel clearly not alone with water problems blamed on the extreme cold weather. in boston a pipe burst sending water pouring into businesses on causeway street. there was flooding at bank near suffolk university. in newton hotel guest said they understand why nay were forced out of their room. fire officials say the leak gs repaired quickly. but the danger remains until the water pumped out. >> the hotel ended up having to bus guest to other nearby hotels. no word on when they are going to be able to reopen. in newton, victoria warren, 7
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more than 100 delta passengers finally flying to new york this morning. after they had to spend the night in manchester new hampshire when their flight got diverted. the flights from the dominican republic was diverted because of weather. then they had to wait for customs agent since manchester doesn't have customs. >> right now resident are keeping a close eye on their home after open floodgates and water pouring in and that water froze solid with the cold temperatures will now it's causing to melting because of the warmer temperature. nicole oliverio live with more. big concern for the resident, nicole? >> good news is we noticed just from this morning the street basically now just yet. it was this creek that caused problem. this creek runs from the ocean inland and over the weekend it overflowed after floodgates were frozen open.
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in place. looking to thaw out. my towel was frozen in the ice. i didn't even open up the little shed there because i had a harley davidson in there i'm hoping that's not frozen. sunday record low temperature caused a floodgate to freeze open. high tide push sea water into the streets. flooding and freezing homes on arcadia street. it looks like a skating rink filled with several inches of ice. it means melting and more water in her home. samon said the damage has already been done. there's nowhere for the watered to go go. if i run my kitchen sink it comes up through the floor. >> a similar story for her neighbor. >> well, all of the stuff that's underneath in our crawl space is pretty much gone. we can't access to go inside.
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that is pretty much gone. >> revere spent 2 million over the past few years trying to fix this problem. to be hopefully with some melting city leader will meet and discuss what more can be done. >> the only relief you will get right now basically to keep the gate closed to prevent more water from coming in. >> taking a live look here. you can see this is already starting to melt. now this homeowner isn't home because she had the problem with her pipes. she was afraid when this warm up burst. city leader will be meeting with the city engineer at some point hopefully today to discuss what more needs to be done. live in revere. nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." happening today a firefighter accused of assaulting a baby-sitter due in court. the 15-year-old baby-sitter told police the veteran firefighter came home and got into her bed while she's sleeping. this isn't the first time he inappropriately touched her.
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worcester on indecent assault and battery charge. the man accused of killing bella bond heads back to court today. michael mccarthy will make his first court appearance since he pled not guilty to murder last month. the judge ordered him held without bail. bella's bodies found inside a bag dumped on deer island last june for months she's known as baby doe while police searched for her identity. her mother is charged with covering up the murder. a man in lowell will be in court today charged in a suspected road rage incident. the 28-year-old suspect is accused of driving into this victim pinning him between two cars friday night. that victims taken to the hospital with a serious leg injury. >> happening today the funeral will be held for katelyn who was killed in the accident involved a manhole coffer. she's an elementary school art teacher on her way to work friday when the manhole cover came loss on i-93 and crashed into her car. a wake was held yesterday.
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in a race for the white house former president george w. bush so far stayed out of politics since he left office. he back on the campaign for jeb bush on monday. jeb trying to break out of the pack led my donald trump while george w. bush didn't mention trump by name he did reference the front-runners he did attack. i understand that americans are angry and frustrated. we don't need someone in oval office who inflames the anger in frustration. >> i never melt people like politicians. they are the most dishonest people i have ever met. donald trump trying to use it against jeb bush. he held a news conference and slammed him for how he handled 9/11. there's more ahead including big night in bufk. all the big winner from grammys and the hottest performs of the night.
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we will introduce you to this northeastern men's basketball team. their source of inspiration making a huge difference. >> temperature already close to 50 degreeings. we'll trek downpours and gusty wind this afternoon.
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good tuesday morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s near the coastline. we were colder early this morning in the city of boston. since then we have warmed up big time. 52 in downtown boston. 48 in dedham. 49 in waltham. lingering cold air north and west of the city of redding. lowelled a 32. certainly slippery spot still on the driveway sidewalk secondary roads where temperature are close to freezing market. we haven't had much
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current temperature through worcester county. higher elevation actually warmer and then you get into the valley some low lying elevation here and we're comploes to freezing mark and because of that the winter weather advisory continues up in that area until 11:00 this morning. look at the numbers. foxboro 53. westbridge water and 54. this is huge turn around from early this morning. certainly a huge turn around from yesterday. winds out of the south in boston. 18 miles per hour. southwest in worcester. this active wind. that erode the cold north and west of boston. you folks will see the temperature jump. you look at inch and a half of slush. should i shovel it, will it wash away. i think most will this afternoon and this evening as temperature jump near 50 degrees and we have the rain coming on in. it will not be a quick decline. look at right now compared this
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30 to 40 degrees warmer at this hour. rainfall to the west of us. you see a ton of it through the carolinas. that will continue to spread in and really between 4:00 and 8:00 the time the see the most widespread rain and heyest downpour. i expect this evening all of that activity to push off to the east and once it does we'll dry out for tomorrow. how much rain quick half an inch to inch during thenning commute. i expect some big puddles and gusty wind which danielle will talk about in a few minutes. 52 to 58 degrees as we go through the afternoon. and then tonight that wind subsiding the evening rain tapering. partly sunny tomorrow. 42 to 48. i mentioned all the strong wind gust and for more on that now over to danielle. we're getting the rain some strong winds. for the areas in orange this is high wind warning that goes into effect at 1:00 staying with us
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gust up to 60 miles per hour hour. we have this wind is advisory until 7:00 p.m. tonight. the wind will be strong as we head into lunch time they are starting to pick up out of the southeast. and then their strongest around 5:00 heading into 6:00 p.m. for your commute home to work they are gusting anywhere from 50 to 50 out on the cape up to 55en 60-mile-an-hour wind gust. we could see some downed trees, power outages possible with the strong winds? the good news as we head into the overnight hours they will shift more wester i will start to die down and by tomorrow the winds are calm not an issue. it's a quick moving storm. it is. we can enjoy a nice day tomorrow once we get rid of the storm. mild and dry for this time of year. into the 40s on wednesday afternoon. colder on thursday. back into the 30s. mayben be a snow shower close to coastline. mainly quiet thursday and friday. friday night some snow showers
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i think they will flip over to rain showers earlier on saturday morning. otherwise the weekend and the afternoon above seasonal levels back into the middle to upper 40s. the cold air we had in place not long landing. we continue to get the reprieves from the winter like weather as it will feel more like spring later this afternoon. >> thanks. music's biggest star took over the grammys stage last night. who took home the top prizes and which local art cisse grapped a few as well. >> tram troubles in new hampshire. we will hear from one family mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing]
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waking up winner. musicians taking up top honor at the grammy award. do you think any of them are awake right now >> they were still up partying from last night. only the eight biggest award were announced that left more space for memorable performances. jennifer eagan has a wrap up of the big night. >> kendrick lamar the top winner with five awards. but taylor swift made grammy history becoming the first women to win album of the year twice. accepting the award for blockbuster 1989 she had a message for young women while
9:22 am
>> they will be people along the way who will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame some day when you get where you are going you will look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. >> nantucket native megan trainer named best new artist. later in the post on instagram the teary eyed pop star said she lost it after her dad whispered you made it as she walked up to the stage. >> you wouldn't be up here it for people dancing in the song. bruno mars was named record of the year. hamilton performed from broadway in new york and men accepted
9:23 am
fallen stars were honored and all-star guitar jam for b.b. king. jackson brown and the eagles honoring glen try and lady gaga paying tribute to david bowie. quite a night on the musical stage. few other local artist took home trophies including the boston symphony orchestra. still ahead on "today in new england" it's a story of inspiration for one local university basketball team. >> really need story. you don't want to miss this. we will tell you about one teammate by this team's side
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if a basketball court can be a home there's room for all of us; right? one husky making such a huge impact that as much bigger than just a game played out on the ball court. alex has this special story. >> if a court can be home a team and family there's room for all of us at northeastern university one husky has made an impact that's much bigger than basketball. >> we can't choose life's challenge but we can pick our friends sometimes they are the greatest choices we make. >> he's an amazing kid. he has a great personality. once you get to meet him he's all smiles. he means the world to our team. >> at every northeastern basketball game you will find him 16-year-old max plansky. he would get anything to get out
9:27 am
shortly after max was born his father realized something was wrong. at nine months old they received the diagnosis. cerebral palsy. >> he can share his ideas just like anybody else it's just harder for him. he has to use the communication device. he needs a wheelchair and feeding tube. >> he teaches you about perseverance. max honorary teammate and partnership with the huskies not only gives him a since of beloning. >> i can bring a good attitude and work ethic. his start you're with us bring young people with disability . i like to say all the time i'm lucky i have max and he had me. we hope to do this for a long time. it hasn't just changed their
9:28 am
husky that can't be measured in poirpt points irwins. i love you buddy. i don't think we could do what we do without him. >> what an inspiration family. for more information on how you can get involved visit you're with i love that story. >> what a sweet story. what a brave young man. >> still to come, we'll have the latest on some breaking news this morning on a tug boat that sank and people had to rescued. we'll have the details coming up. temperature well into the 50s this afternoon. it does come with some gusty winds and some heavy rain. the forecast, ahead. take a look at your television for a moment. officials are searching for this harvard man who went missing. where police say he was last
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>> breaking news this morning. three people had to be rescued off of a sinking tug boat. pipe problems on the minds of me. newton hotel forced to evacuate after the weather sends water flowing. search continues in boston after a young man from harvard vanishes without a trace. welcome back on this tuesday morning everybody. it's 9:31. thanks for staying with us. i'm sarah french. i'm cris chris and -- i'm kris anderson. chris lambert joining us now with the warmer temperatures. hopefully it will melt most of the ice away. >> we that in boston to to 50. same case into worcester but upping. cold air is very dense at the
9:32 am
of boston merrimack valley. because of that we have winter weather advisory extended until 11:00 as temperature still near freezing and you still have icy spot. the driveway and sidewalk. watch the step out the door especially near 495. visibility reduced. area of fog there. because of that warm humid air overriding the cold air down at the surface. rain to west of us. we expect these temperature to surge for all of us here. even into southern new hampshire this afternoon. we got worried about prolonged area of freezing rain later. the bulk later on this afternoon between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. although we'll have scattered showers before that. strong winds as well. gusting near 50 miles per hour across eastern mass temperature two the 50s this afternoon. 7-day forecast coming up. >> we're following breaking news right now.
9:33 am
bolt after it starts to sink in boston harbor. >> some tense moment for three people onboard the ship. they were rescued from the ship before it completely went underwater. let's head out live to jennifer eagan. the three men are very lucky. jen? >> they certainly are. the boat that rescued the men is still docked in east boston. you can see it on the water. it's called the chelsea in three men from emily ann okay thanks to crew of boat right in the area. before 7:00 this morning the tugboat started to take on water. it was about two miles off of the coast of win tloep. within minutes it was gone. all of the men had left was life raft and their flowtation devices they didn't have time to put on their survive al suits. the crew from chelsearationed to where the men were. it turns out the captain of the rescue boat and the boat that sank have known each other for 25 years. first you will hear from the captain of the chelsea. he will tell us about the rescue.
9:34 am
we got them out of the water. he drove the boat. i got down in the water. and just pulled them out. they didn't weigh anything. it was just like come on. >> he's the man. we wouldn't be him if it wasn't for him. my pleasure. >> obviously an emotional moment between the two men. they were in the water for a couple of minutes. they were evaluated by boston ems. they didn't need treatment. the water is 37 degrees. they say if the other boat wasn't right in the area and wasn't able to get to them so quickly they may not survived. jennifer eagan. 7news "today in new england." happening now people are cleaning up this morning after a pipe bust at hotel in newton. the basement of the crown plaza was flooded with four feet of water. guests were evacuated because the flooding electrical system
9:35 am
they were taken to other hotels while the crown plaza shutdown. and buses in boston also shutdown after more pipe burst overnight. caused flooding in the buildings. because of the warm weather there will likely be more issues with water today. >> right now police are still on the lookout for a man who was last seen right outside of popular boston bar over the weekend. and now we are hearing from this 2 # -- 22-year-old young man family. zachary was last seen outside of the tavern before 2:00 saturday morning. he walked outside but never came back in. his family is desperate now for answers. we've got two kids. i love dearly. and one of them is haven't heard from.
9:36 am
they are checking surveillance video in that area trying to help them find him. the 17-year-old accused of drag racing before crashing into home is set to appear in fall river district court later today. police say the driver lost control of the vehicle crossed over several lawns. hit a truck and crashed into a garage. the driver and two teenager passengers had to be treated for minor injuries. >> happen today a man accuse of today. this guy police say he is a repeat offender. they say 41-year-old scott petro was drunk when he slam into another car. this sixth time he has been arrested for driving under the influence. his license has been suspended for 15 years. he's being held now on 5,000 bail. >> the state's large. medical marijuana facility will have its grand opening today. patriot's care facility in lowell is the fifth registered medical marijuana dispensary in
9:37 am
they are set to open location in boston and greenfield later this year. also on 7 a ski tram trapped high in the air and below zero temperaturings. a couple and their baby daughter onboard now they are sharing their story. >> i don't think i will forget this weekend for a long, long time. a family trip takes a terrifying trip when this tram comes to sudden stop. >> this was a spot. forth. lewis were on weekend get away to celebrate mom's birthday and valentine's day. but a minute into their sightseeing tour a cannon mountain in new hampshire something went wrong. an hour later they said i think we will have to do an emergency evacuation. >> they capture the rescue effort from the ground. inside the tram you can see emergency door open below. >> as a mom with little baby it was freezing. >> the record low temperatures over the weekend a big concern as more than 40 people waited to
9:38 am
>> people gave us their coats and food warmer. sabrina was out first. >> that was the hardest part when i was on the ground safe i was like okay. come on. they passed me remy. i grabbed her. held her like that and then we went down. and mommy was there at the base. i was coming down i'm just like okay. come on. i'm right here. come on here. >> once on the ground a quick checkup in an ambulance then it was time for some hot chocolate with one brave little girl. >> she goes down in history the youngest baby to ever be emergency evacuated off the mountain. she is star here. >> nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." >> new this morning pope francis is abuse commission said bishops must rereport all cases ofsel abuse. this echoes a statement by shawn joe mali who said they have moral and ethical responsibility
9:39 am
abuse. it come after french catholic official said it's only up to families and to victims to report suspected cases. officials are searching to for answer during a series of coast guard hearings starting today about why al faro sank during the bahamas. it killed all 33 crewmembers onboard. the hearing will focus on whether misconduct negligent or flawed inspections may have led to the ship sinking. three of the crewmembers were from massachusetts. win tloep native keith griffin. new bedford police are looking to reunite people with some things that were stolen. some of these belongings here. they recently recovered items. watches, jewelry and other valuables as well. if you recognize the items stolen here call new bedford police maybe they can you reunite with those items.
9:40 am
the suspect threatened to clerk with knife at 7-eleven over on cranberry highway zmchlt he then ran away with undisclosed amount of cash. the clerk was not hurt. also this morning the debate over who should choose an next person if in line for supreme court is heating up. democrats say president obama should be able to choose the nomination while republicans say not so fast and are vowing to block a nomination vote. >> it's unprecedented. it's pure politics. in capitol hill >> it wrong. it's not responsible. to the campaign trail. obstructionism >> democrats are pushing back hard at republican refusal to give president obama supreme court nominee a vote. >> let's have a hearing. let's hear from our constituents what they think and then vote. not the no vote at all. the people of this country should send a clear message that is not the way our constitution
9:41 am
they point out anthony kennedys confirmed by democratic senate and president reagan's final year. the constitution doesn't include exemption for election year or for the last term in office. >> we're an election year. >> republican can't insist the replacement for justice should not be president obama's choice. >> the republican should reject have that option. nill. it's all about politics >>en if an obama nominee is confirmed it could be too late to have any impact this term. >> in an op-ed post overnight top democrat harry reid called the debate nakedly partisan and said republicans are insulting american intelligence by blocking a vote. new details on the deadly shooting at planned parenthood clinic in colorado. that clinic is now back open today. nearly three months after that attack. planned parenthood said it added
9:42 am
for now it will be offering full services but to fewer patients at this point the clinic hopes to completely reopen within a few months. >> the patient have really been the ones who have been put out during this time. three people were killed in the attack. the gunmen is undergoing a mental health evaluation. pope francis back in mexico city. thousands of people lined the street to get a glimpse of him as he arrived in mexican capital. the pontiff visibly tired. anden started speaking to the crowd in italian rather than spanish. vatican staff member whispered in his ear and he switched back to spanish. still ahead on 7news "today in new england." special surprise delivery for
9:43 am
where she gave birth when her baby sided now the time. >> red sox ditch weather for florida sun who is showing up to start the spring training. we're ditching the cold weather as well. 50s start to show up close to city of boston. how much warmer will we get.
9:44 am
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welcome back. 9:45. like an ice rink walking into work today. it's going to warm up. not just the roadways. saw people slipping and sliding. >> i helped as best i could without falling myself. it was dangerous. hard to balance. you had to shuffle along the side streets of the sidewalk here in the city of boston. we picked up 1.3 inch of snow in boston. then on top of that. the freezing rain that we have last night almost better just to leaf the snow on the ground. you shovel off the snow late last night. then you have freezing rain like a glaze like skating rink out there. that's what we contended with. we had a long way to go temperature wise. 30s in the city of boston. since then we bounced up quite a bit. now at 50 and no more ice skating outside in the city of boston. still though across the north shore at least away from immediate coastline we're cool
9:46 am
and then you warmed up but contending with some icy conditions still across the merrimack valley up into southern new hampshire temperature close to freezing mark and just because you edge upward of 33 or 34 doesn't mean you get rid of icy issue. the ground so cold below freezing for a lot of us. up through the valley. thanks to cold air that we had in place. once the temperature bounce up to 50 then you lose the icy conditions. we see that through southeastern mass. look at foxboro 55. the wind out of the south. once that south wind over that when you scour out the cold air. you will do that through bedford to nashua. it will take another hour or two to do that. you watch the temperature from mid 30s to near 50 within a couple of hours once you can break out of that >> skalter showers across western mass will work in.
9:47 am
focus for about 4:00 p.m. on through about 8:00 p.m. you can see that on the time line here. right smack down in the midful to commute. i expect heavy rain at time downpour and rumbles of thunder through 8:00 p.m. so prepare for some standing water big puddles and reduced visibility for the evening commute. this is quick moving system. not lasting that long. ir expect by midnight tonight to start drying out and tomorrow does look nice day with temperature into the 40s and dry air. 52 to 58. those numbers this afternoon into the evening hours clearing out late tonight back into the 30. no hard refreeze for a lot of us. it will be slow and steady klein. mid 40s on average. not only do we contend with the rain. we have to contend with the wind this afternoon. for the time line over that to over to danielle. that's right. not only the rain this afternoon. the winds too. because of that area of orange you're under this high wind
9:48 am
and this is from 1:00 until 10:00 tonight in beige. that's less severe wind advisory in effect until 7:00 p.m. these areas could see gust up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. here's the wind time line heading into lunch time those winds start to pick up out of the southeast. and as we head into this afternoon into your commute around 5:45. this is when the wind will be the strongest. out on cape they get up to 55 close to 60 miles per hour in boston. those wind gusting over 40 miles per hour. they are not going to start to die down into the overnight hour. they become more wester i will and you can see throughout the night time hours they are starting to die down by tomorrow morning they are much calmer out there. as quick as all this moves in it'soving out too. huh, chris. >> west wind dries out overnight tonight. that's the game plan here as we go through the overnight hours drying out tomorrow. looks like the comfortable day. the winds not nearly as strong.
9:49 am
trend into thursday and friday. with onshore on thursday may be a couple of snow showers close on thursday. rather quiet continues to end the week. friday night into saturday morning snow showers transition over to rain showers looks like the quick moving system there. a lot of clouds around saturday. but the bottom line over the weekend temperatures not nearly as bitter cold as they were last weekend as we'll have for the afternoon. >> all right. it's warming up. we may as well talk about baseball >> up next 7 sport red sox waste no time. player already slipping down to
9:50 am
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good morning. red sox look to break their string of back-to-back last week finish the team off to good start. winning off-season providing ace and bullpen and the guys look excited to get going. majority showing up to fort meyer. pitcher and catcher don't have to report until thursday. dade price is already at fenway park south. so is clay buckles now you can add bogart. they are ready to add some pop as well. >> we played last year together. we didn't play that much. kind of familiarity. they all know each other. they know what to do and how to play with each other. this should be a fun and exciting year. we know each other for whole year now. should be fun. tray will join the party down in fosht meyer soon enough. look for live report from spring wednesday.
9:53 am
action tonight visiting columbus. i'm alex corduray. have a great. "today in new england" will be right back with a final check of the forecast. energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england.
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals.
9:55 am
minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good >> local mom talks acted making a special delivery in her living rooming. >> they don't wait. >> i'm ready mom. she wasn't expected to give birth for a few more weeks. time. we have more on this surprise. all of a sudden holding her baby in the hospital ten day earlier than expected. heather beams with pride over her new bundle of joy. he's perfect. her new baby extraordinary but her delivery anything but ordinary. >> it was bit of a whirlwind. she gave birth iniallying room in her husband's recliner. i went down into recliner.
9:56 am
the next thing i know i'm feeling a lot of pressure. and two pushes later i am holding my newborn. >> it only took him five minutes to come into the cold. i was definitely panic when i realized i was in labor. and but as soon as he was out feel better. >> her husband called 911 and the rhode island couple came by ambulance. mom and baby are doing great and getting to know you. peaceful end. most important thing he's healthy and okay. 7news "today in new england." precious. they are so cute and tiny when they are born. little itty-bitties. >> we could talk about babies all day long. >> kick back and relax and we were warming up this afternoon.
9:57 am
heaviest race downpour rumbles of thunder between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. strong wind gust foo gusting over 50. there's much more today show ahead. thanks for joining us.
9:58 am
9:59 am
this morning on "today's take," all the winners and the controversy at last night's grammy awards. plus, you won't believe who is teaming up with joe manganiello. an exclusive first look. we'll have you sweating in style with the latest fitness trend. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. february 16th, 2016. kind of a weird winter day in new york city. getting up into the mid 50s.


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