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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the storm. past one was last night with the snow, the fleet and freezing rain. we've seen on and off snow showers. part two, the main event is right here and it's rocketed north. the timing could not be worse because it is going to occur during the evening commute. also pockets of some strong wind gusts have been happening through portions of new jersey as well as new york state. you can see here it is a narrow ribbon of rain, heavy rain at that, even some thunderstorms. england. this will be out of here by about 7:30, 8:00 this evening. winds gusting between 30 boston wind gusts 35 miles an hour. we do have the high wind warning in effect. wind gusts around metro boston around 40, 45 miles an hour. again, it is a warm rain. temps right now in the
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worcester at 51. fitchburg at 53. when you're out and about on the roadways, plan for heavy rain. there could be ponding on the roadways. this moves out of here quickly during the evening hours and things will settle down overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about your forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. we're also following breaking news for you, police investigating the death of a woman. this happening in malden. >> and this has neighbors concerned. kelli o'hara is live with the breaking details. >>reporter: good afternoon, malden police have been investigating the death of a woman here at this apartment complex here in malden at the cliffside commons. they say it's quote unnatural. however, they hesitate homicide. police got a phone call around 9:00 to check on the woman who lives in this apartment complex. when officers got there, she was dead. who she is and how she
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told by the d.a.'s office. neighbors we spoke to around here are really freaked out. >> yeah, you never hear anything like right around here. but i mean you never know. it's very scary. >>reporter: scary indeed for a lot of people because they say they haven't been notified of anything. malden police investigating the death of a woman that they are calling quote unnatural at this point in time. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> thank you. we're following breaking news out of lowell where a man has been arrested in connection with a hit and run accident. a 15-year-old was actually hit while riding his bicycle on friday. that man is now accused of intentionally hitting the teenager with his pick-up truck. the 21-year-old from lowell is now facing several charges including armed assault with intent to murder. police believe the man knew the 15-year-old and some sort of fight broke out before the truck hit that bike. this all happened around
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around lowell. the 15-year-old was seriously hurt and is being treated at a boston hospital. the man whose facing charges is due in court come tomorrow. 7 news now turning to a flood of trouble in revere. people there are keeping a close eye on their home after open flood gates sent people if their homes. nicole oliverio has a closer look. >>reporter: a revere neighborhood thawing out after record cold temps damaged homes with ice and flooding. >> when mechanical issues like this happen, you can't prepare for this. >>reporter: sunday's freezing temps cause aid flood gate to remain stuck open. when high tide hit, it pushed sea water into the streets. the water flooded and them quickly froze over leaving some homes filled with several inches of ice and frozen pipes and dangering street. >> because there's no go.
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sink, it comes up through the floor. >> my cow's literally frozen in the ice. i didn't even open up the little shed there harley-davidson in there and i'm hoping that's not frozen. >>reporter: the frozen neighborhood finally beginning to melt, and right now it appears without any issue. the city met with engineers yesterday to assess what more can be done. >> the only relief they are going to get right now is to keep that tide gate closed to prevent more water from coming in here. >>reporter: with the gates closed people who live nearby wonder if that will cause other problems. >> i'm wondering if this will come up and still flood the area. >>reporter: the city says it's going to prepare its recommendation to see give it to the mayor's office, but basically they want to make sure that there is a backup plan because the gates are automatic to make sure there's a way to manually close them in case this ever happens again.
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oliverio, 7 news. we're also following wild weather out of florida where the national weather service has confirmed two tornadoes on the ground today. one person captured one of those storms on camera sweeping across the area. the tornadoes were part of a large winter storm that's hitting the east coast this week. cleanup crews are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. at least ten homes in the region have been destroyed. trees were lifted up from their roots and police responded to several accidents along local highways. one florida woman was saved from the debris of her home last night. first responders formed a human chain to pull free. worker had to dig around the woman using tools and their bare hands until they were able to pull her out on a stretcher. they just confirmed the two tornadoes hit the state this morning. now to the latest in the race for the white house and a battle for first in south carolina.
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cruz going head to head. there's just as much interest on who will come in third in the g.o.p. race, and nevada is up next for the democrats. we love south carolina. let's go. >>reporter: donald trump in greenville today, at a rally in augusta trump called up a supporter. he's leading by 18 in south carolina polls. >> let's go get them. >>reporter: jeb bush needs trump seen as a joke. with so many active duty and retired military, ted cruz promised a bigger fighting force. >> with greater capacity to take on our adversaries. we will not be picking fights around the globe. >> marco rubio picked a fight.
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carolina democrats are black. african-american leaders in new york. >> my campaign is really about breaking every barrier. >>reporter: bernie sanders with black clergy in south carolina. >> when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying that the african-american community is suffering even more. >>reporter: sanders trails clinton by 21 in a new poll, but those south carolina polls vary widely and experts warn the nevada polling for the saturday democratic caucuses are even less reliable. i'm steve handelsman in washington. special tribute to justice scalia. black wool has been draped over the courtroom chair, the bench and the door leading into the room. the tradition dates back hundreds of years. scalia died saturday at the age of 79. he was the longest serving supreme court
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democrats are insisting president obama's choice to replace justice scalia get an up or down vote. republicans had vowed to block his choice so the next president can appoint him. >> the people of this country should send a very clear message that is not the way our constitution works. >> the republicans should reject i think the new president should have that option. >> some argue even if the president's nominee is confirmed, it could be too late to have any impact this term. today u.s. airlines can apply for more flights to the country, as many as 100 per day. right now there are only about a dozen daily flights to cuba from the united states. the new flights could begin as early as this fall. we are following more news today. the coast guard is searching for answers
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cargo ship sank near the bahamas last year. several topics in florida were discussed today including crew member duties and qualifications, past operations of the ship and the coast guard search and rescue operations. three of the victims are from massachusetts. an american rock band is returning to paris after the terrorist attacks. the eagles of death metal is returning for the first time since their concert was attacked by terrorists. people in the neighborhood say the concert is a symbol that the city is healing. security will be tight at the events and the bands's front man hopes they can put on a show to honor the people who died. >> it's been such an outpouring of support for us and love for us, it's overwhelming. i just don't want to let anyone down, you know. >> survivors of the attack were given free
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psychologists will be on site to provide any emotional support for traumatized fans. a planned parenthood clinic in colorado that was the site of a deadly shooting three months ago is back open. planned parenthood said it will be offering full services but to fewer patients. the clinic hopes to fully reopen within a few months. >> our patients have really been the ones who have been put out during this time. >> three people were killed in that attack including melrose native garrett swayze. a police officer responded to that attack. nine others were injured. the suspect is currently undergoing a mental health investigation. the six sixth united nations general died at the age of 93. pope francis making an historic visit one of mexico's most
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the pope pushed for priests and nuns to fight against corruption and drug trafficking during a mass at the city's stadium. on friday the pope blessed a wheelchair bound child during a meeting with local families. the detail lifted the boy in front of the stage for the pope to bless him. the pope was listening to stories from people in different family situations when he stopped the conversation to make his way to that child. we're following breaking news right now where a man is in custody following an armed carjacking. it started in brockton where police say the suspect forced a mother with an infant child to give her the car keys. the suspect took the car. the child was not inside. state police tracked down the car and began chasing it. the suspect crashed the car into a pole and ran away. that suspect is now in custody facing several charges. we of course are staying on top of the story. coming next on 7 news, a speedy delivery. a local mom getting a
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when her newborn just couldn't wait to come into the world. more on the life lessons maura healey is teaching students. and a shrewsbury firefighter facing charges after his action was a baby-sitter. the hottest performances of the night at the grammies. that's all coming up on
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a special delivery that just could not wait. a local woman that gives birth in her living room. she wasn't expected to have a baby for at least a few more weeks. >> but the baby said i'm not waiting. elizabeth noreika spoke to the family. >>reporter: holding her baby in the hospital ten days earlier than expected, heather beams with pride over her new bundle of joy. >> he's perfect. >> her baby cameron extraordinary but the delivery anything but ordinary. >> it was a bit of a
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>> she gave birth in his recliner chair. >> the next thick i know, i'm feeling a lot of pressure, and two pushes later i am holding my newborn son in when i hands. >>reporter: she says it only took baby cameron five minutes to come into the world. >> i definitely was panicking when i realized i was in labor and but as soon as he was out and i heard him cry, it made me feel better. >>reporter: her husband called 911 and the rhode island couple came by ambulance to saint vincent's in worcester. a peaceful end to a hebe tick day. elizabeth noreika, 7 news. we are tracking rain and wind for the next four or five hours and then things will settle down for the remainder of the week. forecast up next. 4:30 a dangerous
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trash truck tumbles off a bridge crashing into traffic below. a rush to the rescue in boston harbor. now we're hearing from one of the men who was
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and skies just about ready to open up here in the city of boston, noticing a plume of very heavy rain now marching in the worcester hills through the metrowest. it's fast-moving but the timing stinks.
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we're going to be in this for a few hours. thankfully it's nothing more than a few hours. the dry air has been worked into metro new york city approaching hartford. this will shut the steady rainfall down in boston by 6:00 p.m., perhaps a little later by the north shore and the cape. your time line here and again at 5:00 we're right in the middle of it. brief heavy rain, there may be some ponding on the roadways again because of the storm drains, some of them clogged with the snow and slush from last evening. a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain. we're done in the city. still holding on to that plume of rain. at 11:00 tonight skies begin to clear out. the other component of this storm is the wind. winds are now starting to ramp up with that heavier rain because again the rain falling out of the clouds grabbing some of the stormer wind gusts from the higher levels of the atmosphere and pulling them down to the ground. we do have the high wind
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about 8:00, 9:00 tonight for winds gusting close to what you see on the screen right now. there may be the occasional gust near 60, especially right at the water's edge. i don't think it will be that case back through the 95 corridor. but it's within the realm of possibility. in this tan shading right here metrowest, merrimac valley. wind advisory and in those locations you may briefly have winds gusting 20 to 45 miles per hour. temperatures anywhere between 30 and 45 degrees warmer than last evening. 50 right now in boston. plymouth at 54. norwood 56. even in the worcester hills the numbers have jumped dramatically into the 50s. we are on the warm side of a weather system. you hop on the backside of the weather system, watertown and buffalo, temps out there 20s and 30s. once we move the rain and wind out of here this evening, skies will clear out. i'm not worried about a flash freeze. i do think for some of
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tomorrow morning, there may be slick spots. perhaps as close as 128 because the temps will be right around 32 or 33. otherwise it's a decent day what. a whacky five day stretch here. the heavy rain and the wind this evening and then tomorrow, how about just a nice one. we've got it. mix of clouds and sunshine. mid 40s tomorrow. thursday partly sunny skies. a little bit chillier on thursday but nothing like we just dealt with over the weekend. see you in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. joe stapleton is an update on the drive home. >> route 93 southbound trying to cross the zakim bridge. heavy flow of volume southbound through town. slowdowns from this spot basically right down on to the expressway. that's where the traffic is starting to leave the camera area. that's tough going right down towards the braintree split
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hour ride now from somerville all the way down. the rest of the way up in towards the downtown boston area. the ride around 128 has been very slow going wellesley. you can see it's still heavy down in braintree as well. north of town not moving all that badly. 128 just heavy at 93. attorney general maura healey headed to a different kind of court today, the basketball court. >> healey joined kids in a stoughton basketball camp teaching the lessons she says she learned from the game. she spoke to the middle school students about the roles forbes and discipline have led in her life and she got out on the court to run some drills. >> for me sports was always a way to learn things about work ethic and discipline and team work and that's what i hope to talk to the kids about today.
4:25 pm
basketball professionally for two years before going to law school. we'll introduce you to an inspirational teammate from north eastern whose making a big impact on and off the courts. how low can you go? how a gas glitch in ohio led to some super savings for drivers. laid to rest, family and friends say good-bye to an elementary school art teacher killed by a flying manhole cover on interstate 93. and a teenager sidelined after a freak accident. how she got hurt on the basketball court.
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right now at 4:30 a winter warmup bringing rain into the area. it will be actually really heavy at times, as you saw on the radar some of those dark colors, and get ready for some wind toompleght all of this coming after a dramatic swing in the temperatures. jeremy reiner is here with more on what we can expect. >> brief heavy rain as well as strong gusty
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over 40 miles per hour. here is the rain right now marching into southern new hampshire. you see all the yellow and orange here. that's the route 2 corridor as well as metrowest. city of boston getting in on the fun, if you will. portions of rhode island and connecticut and southeast mass also noticing pockets of heavier rainfall. right here we're going to watch this for you, we're watching a developing squall line. when these come up into narragansett bay, there may be winds trying to gust over 50 miles per hour. power house system moving through eastern new york state, for us in new england that puts us on the warm side of the storm, certainly so with temps in the 50s at this point it. here are the wind gusts again between 30 and 40 miles an hour, occasionally gusting over 40 miles per hour. providence, rhode island. there's the storm system. it is fast-moving. it's relatively skinny. in new york city they are already out of the rain.
4:29 pm
blast over southern new englandnd things will quiet down later on this evening and sit the table for a quiet day tomorrow. mix of clouds and sunshine and no arctic air behind this weather system. we'll talk more about the remainder of the we're following breaking news out of stoughton where a man is in custody following an armed carjacking. this started in brockton where police say the suspect forced a mother with an infant child to give him her car keys as she was trying to put the child in a car seat. the suspect took the car. the child luckily was not inside the speak. the suspect crash mood a pole and then ran away. that's when police were able to tackle the suspect who is now in custody facing several charge. we're going to continue to follow this and have more for you on 7 news at 5:00. a shrewsbury court. the veteran firefighter is accused of getting into bed with a 15-year-old baby-sitter


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