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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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heavy rain and winds could be gusting close to 50 miles per hour as that squall line rips across the cape. as you step on the other side of that still some locally steady rain happening right now, cape ann, north shore, city of boston. but then in the metrowest that's when it does begin to taper off to just some patches of drizzle and clouds. fast-moving weather system meaning there's a lot of wind energy out there as well. winds are an issue gusting between 40 and 45 miles per hour. whether that squall line came through falmouth we did have a gust of 50. we do have the high wind warning in effect for another couple of hours and it is warm. temps right now in the 50s. the city at 54. norwood at 56. thankfully the arctic air does not race into new england tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up. we're following some breaking news right now. an armed carjacking ends after a dramatic crash started at the westgate mall in brockton.
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and her instant child were carjacked at gun point. >> police say the gun in the snow. susan tran is live in stoughton. susan? >>reporter: it was a dramatic scene here in stoughton. you can take a look at where the car ended up after it lost control. it crashed right on to this utility poll. there were scrapes four feet up. you can see how it splintered all the way down. state police say this car was being chased and fallen here into stoughton from brockton and he lost control, spun and how it ended up with the trunk to the rear of this utility poll into a tree. it all started in brockton at the westgate ma. police say this man was armed with a pellet gun and went up to this mom who was loading her infant child into the car at this mall where this man approached her, told her that he needed her car. so she took her child
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gave her car up to this man. this man started driving down, got through brockton. police were in pursuit. he ended up coming here to stoughton where he lost control, spun out of control actually and ended up hitting this utility poll. the neighbors in this area heard the crash and came out to check it out. >> she went to pick up the mail and big boom and then the car was between the telephone and the sign and then she went in the house, she said to call the cops. cars. >>reporter: the front of the car ended up here. that suspect, as you heard it, jumped out of the cap car and ran off but police were able to arrest him within seconds. charges. susan tran, 7 news.
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we're following from boston's logan airport, manchester, new hampshire delayed for the second time in 24 hours. ryan schulteis is here with more. >>reporter: the new york bound flight had to be diverted to logan because of low visibility in the new york area. this is the same flight that had to land in manchester last night because of bad weather in new hampshire. ready to start the trip to new york again today, but again another delay. the airline released a statement saying the safety of the crew members is their top priority. ryan schulteis, 7 news. police are investigating the death of a woman in malden. tonight neighbors are on high alert. kelli o'hara is live for us in malden and she's gathering new information for us at this hour. what can you tell us? >>reporter: we are learning now from sources that this is definitely a homicide investigation.
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strong leads. >>reporter: a malden apartment scene. >> i did everything out of the ordinary, i didn't see anything but neighborhood so for something like this to >>reporter: the district attorney's office says monday night police got a phone call asking them to check in on a woman living at the cliffside commons apartment complex off route 99. when investigators got there though, they discovered her body inside. >> it's unsettling and makes me want to keep my light on at night. >>reporter: todd's family owned their paint store across the street for 50 years and is alarmed. >> i worry about my customers. like i said, we have security in place now and we'll do everything we can to protect our customers and neighbors. >>reporter: the d.a.'s office not saying how the woman died or who she was or even if they are looking for anyone. people we spoke to scared for their safety. >> you never hear anything like right around here.
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it's very scary. >>reporter: so again sources telling 7 news that this is investigation what happened in this malden apartment complex and anyone with any information is asked to call police asap. in malden tonight, kelli o'hara, 7 news. there's more breaking news. lowell police say they've tracked down a suspect accused of hitting a 15-year-old on a bike. this happened on friday and police say the teen was indeed targeted. nick emmons live in lowell to tell us more about this story. >>reporter: the middlesex county district attorney's office as well as lowell pd announcing news of that arrest earlier this afternoon. the suspect in custody right now, a 21-year-old from lowell. a big break four days after an horrific hit and run. lowell police arresting a suspect who they say tried to run down a teenager on a bike. on friday police say the white pickup swerved and slammed into the
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off. >> the child was launched in the air, suffered serious injuries. the pick-up truck fled with the bicycle stuck underneath it. >>reporter: a police alert went out to the community that night. >> serious hit and run involving a white pick-up truck occurred on lawrence street. >>reporter: now with a suspect in custody, police may get more answers about this dangerous drive. >>reporter: that 21-year-old man from lowell is expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning to famous numerous charges. that 15-year-old boy is in stable condition at boston children's hospital. nick emmons, 7 news. on 7. >> he's the man. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for joe. >> my pleasure. >> a sea captain with an emotional show of gratitude after a dramatic save at sea. the captain had a sinking feeling when his
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under but another boat nearby heard his call for help and came to the rescue. jonathan hall is live in east boston with this >>reporter: the good news, they were fine. they did not require medical attention but it could have been a far different story if two captains in another boat had not been nearby. >> do you have the rate of flooding and where it's coming. >> port side forward engine room mull breach. >>reporter: their 55 foot boat sinking. >> do you have your survival equipment? over. >> roger, got it on. getting ready to do something here. >>reporter: do something, meaning abandon ship. the emily ann sank into the atlantic to the tent resistance of the boston harbor. doug richmond is alive and he credits his friend, joe maloney with saving his life. >> he's the man. i wouldn't be here if it
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>>reporter: two captains on a boston pilot boat heard the distress calls and got on the radio to let him know they would come out there full throttle. >>reporter: he told me he could see the lights of the life raft in the water but it quickly became clear the men had abandoned ship. >> i saw the lights go out on the tug. the sun was just cracking the sky. it was a little silhouette of the tug and then that was gone and i was like it's gone. >>reporter: water temperature. >> 37, 38. kill you in about ten minutes. >>reporter: maloney posed with richmond in the middle and a member of the coast guard after the men were plucked from the sea safe and sound. >> it felt like i was picking up a jacket, just one arm on to the deck. one arm ah dren lynn.
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here tonight. parts of the north channel into boston harbor remain closed to large vessels. we're live in east boston, jonathan hall, 7 news. tyngsboro police are searching for a suspect accused of breaking into a shop and stealing several guns. police are working across state lines in section with a theft caught on camera. kimberly bookman has the story. >>reporter: police are work on this investigation, they call it a smash and grab where someone someone runs no a store, takes what they can and takes off. there's an all-out search tonight for stolen handguns after someone broke inerly monday morning and made off with four of them. >> stole some firearms and ran out of here within two and a half, three minutes. >>reporter: the initial clue came when a security alarm was
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when police arrived they found the glass front door shattered. >> i think everybody worries when it comes to firearms, etc. usually these guns are stolen for one or two reasons, either to try to turn around and sell them for profit or they are going to be used in acts. >>reporter: it's a crime that sounds a whole lot like a robbery that happened two weeks ago in hooksett, new hampshire. detectives say they are looking into whether the two are linked. >> in the morning the amount of guns were the same, etc. it's a lot of similarities so we're looking at that. >>reporter: now police tell us they are looking at surveillance video from area businesses inside this particular store, the security cameras were not working at the time of the theft. reporting live from tyngsboro, kimberly bookman, 7 news. coming up on 7 news at 6:00 a local man who is hear some wedding bells after a magical moment on stage and a
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now at 6:00 setting the stage for love. a celebrity helps a local man pop the question. >> oh, my gosh, in front of thousands of people. >> now the couple is opening up about this perfect proposal.
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stage had the whole audience screaming there out of excitement. >> and as for the couple, they had plans for the big day and now they are sharing their story. >>reporter: revere natives devin and wilson went to see the popular broadway show kinky boots for valentine's day. they say the star of the show, wayne brady, was amazing in his performance but it was what he did during the curtain call that was really special. >> two lucky people were picked from the seats to bring him up on stage right now, devin and wilson. [ applause ] >>reporter: little about wilson know. >> i had no clue. i had no clue at all. >>reporter: devin had getten in touch with show producers and had the ultimate valentine's day planned. >> i'd really like to make this so amazing.
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i don't know what i'd do without you. [ cheers and applause ] >>reporter: devin popped the big question in front of the packed theater and was just glad it went the way it did. >> i was ecstatic. i was hoping he wouldn't say no. >> the couple says family and friends have seen the video on-line too. >> they went wild. they got thousands and thousands of texts. basically it just went out of control. it was crazy. >> i love that story. >> and they will remember it for the rest will their lives, along with everybody else in the theater. >> a little celebrity help never hurts. >> congratulations. let's get over and talk about some weather right now. >> rain and wind for the next couple of hours and then some quiet weather
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can't recall the last time going from 15 below zero to a squall line racing across the cape in just a couple days but that's what's happened these last two or three days. showers, downpours and even some again heavier thunderstorm activity. not generating the lightning here but able to at one time did have
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lightning back to new york state and as it moved across the state, no lightning but winds gusting over 50 miles per hour. numerous reports of winds gusting at or close to 50 miles per hour down to the south coast, narragansett bay. metro boston gusting over 40 miles per hour. at times near 50 miles per hour. now wiping down. heavy rain as well. when this came through some towns picking upwards of two inches of rain from this storm system. last night we were on the cold side of the storm. that's why we had the winter precipitation. tonight the warm side of the storm. wind energy it's well. winds gusting still between 40 and 30 miles per hour. i do have the high wind warning in effect for a couple more hours. once that heavier plume of rain departs, i think you can remove the risk of any significant wind damage for rest of this evening. look at these temps, 50. the city at 54. jaffrey at 52. behind the weather system it does cool off but i don't have any arctic air that's going
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into southern new england and set up a flash freeze. sometimes you can see that with these winter storms in february but that's not the case. rain and wind depart and then clearing skies. so for the morning commute the temps will be around 32 for some of you west of the city. i think boast around 37. 32s and 31s. there may be a couple of surfaces. it's a nice winter day. sunshine. thursday mostly sunny skies. a little cooler on thursday but again we just had the polar vortex. just cooler, i'm fine with that. i know you are too. friday clouds build in the afternoon, a few flurries friday evening not from a storm but a cold front. have a good evening. they lit the lamp
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effort sunday in detroit but if the numbers are any indication, the blue jackets allowing north of three goals per fame. that's 29th in the nhl so not too good. having patrice bergeron back in the lineup would go a long way to get the bs back in the win column. regardless of whose in or out, the rest of the bs need to keep upping their game. >> hopefully it creates? confidence in those guy to see continue to do that even when the guys come back in the lineup. we can't find excuses now. we have to find solutions. we have to find another one tonight and make sure we don't lose two in a row. points are at a premium. they are going to hear it from here on in and just got to get ready to
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>> ending david price $217 million back in december. but if the red sox are going to climb out of the als basement, they are going to need somebody to step up. going back to 2010 he's logged at least 170 innings in even numbered years so this season, which could be his last in boston, buckholz is aimed at taking the ball every fifth day. >> health is key. i think that's everybody's mindset as a starting pitcher is if you're healthy, you're make your starts and you're helping the team. you're not doing any good sitting on the bench and being a cheerleader. that's the part of it that i look forward to, being healthy, had a regular offseason and feeling good, have my pins thrown mentd at ever all setting up further for something good for us. we saw him leaving the building not too long ago. he's heading down to
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look for his live reports from spring training starting tomorrow. just two shopping days deadline. the herald reporting the celtics called the clippers asking about blake griffin but there's no indication l.a.'s willing to move in at this time. after breaking his hand in a fight with a team equipment manager is under tract until 2018. say what you will about roger goodell, just don't call him under paid. the nfl commissioner raked in $34.1 million. the red sox adding former cubs closer as a non-roster invitee to spring training. the 33-year-old righty was out of baseball. he hasn't pitched in the bigs since 2014. i'm alex corddry and that's 7 sports. >> thanks so much, alex. we'll be right back, everyone.
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that is our time for 7 news at 6:00 on a tuesday. as always we pleasure your valuable time. i'm adam williams. >> i'm in for kim khazei tonight.
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we'll see you back here.
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breaking news tonight. slamming trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop front-runner and firing back in a blockbuster battle over the supreme court. buried and blown away by record snow and a ferocious tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over 1,00 miles. to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles after a decade-long cold case mystery. how a bite of pizza may have caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as 95%. how people are going around their insurance companies and saving big money. and the fur is flying.


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