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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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police investigating a shooting outside a bar. one person is dead and another in custody. panic on the orange line. what caused passengers to break windows to get out. what the mbta is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. plus a pill that could help end the opioid epidemic. prescribed. everybody. thanks for joining us. it's 9:00. i'm sarah french. >> i'm nancy chin. we'll have your top stories in a moment. first we have will talk about the forecast. we have powerful rain and winds last night. didn't we?
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above the surface wind strong and at time it would mix down and get to ground giving gust 50 to 60 miles per hour. buddy probably not the only dog barking at the wind yesterday. 40s this afternoon. nicer day. partial sunshine. colder and breezy tomorrow. then looks like the weekend forecast looking decent. temperatures in the 40s and minimal chance of precipitation of the saturday we may get occasional sprinkle or brief passing shower. 30s right now. winds 13 miles per hour in the city of boston. a little bit of a breeze but nothing compared to what we had yesterday afternoon. we expect partial sunshine to continue this afternoon. pair of 4s from boston to scituate. lower 40s across the north short up through merrimack valley. upper 30s this afternoon out through the worcester hill and cape and island looking good for temperature generally running into the lower 40s. no big storms into the weekend. we'll take a closer look at the
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time now for fast forcast traffic. here danielle gersh. >> northbound is slow we have an incident southbound i want to show you on the map. this dorchester just after you exit the tunnel. and this columbia road southbound where we have a car on fire. no major delays from that. you can see some slowing on route 3 as you approach braintree split. 128 southbound from 124 to expressway. the pike no major issues on the pike heading into boston. we have an accident in waltham. this is causing backup on 128 northbound at taunton pond road heading into down on 93 slow and go into boston. route 1 no major issues this morning. let's look at the drive times as you get ready to head out the door. 25 minutes on the expressway. no delays on the pike. if you are taking the t it's on time. back to you guys. we're following breaking news out of randoph. police responding to deadly shooting there thises outside a bar. right now one person is under arrest and headed before a
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7's nicole oliverio live at the courthouse in quincy this morning with the very latest. >> sarah the suspect should be arraigned sometime this morning. that's when we hope to learn more details about exactly what led up to the shooting . >> man shot and killed as he walked out of randoph bar. police radio transmission indicate officers had been on the scene responding to disturbance call when they heard gunshots. the district attorney said the shooting happened at the city limit salon on main street. >> police are just outside the accomplishment. because officers were close by they saw the suspect running from the scene. >> i can just say the suspect was located a short distance away. across north main street. he was taken into custody. >> the man killed was in his 20s. it's unclear what led to the shooting and if it was targeted attack. but investigators want the public to know it was an isolated incident.
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know. the chief is very concerned that is appears to be contained single incident. >> police haven't identified the victim yet saying they need to notify his family first. live in quincy. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." >> thank you. also this morning the mbta working through the night to inspect all orange line trains. it comes after a large panel fell off the side of one of the cars creating a pretty chaotic scene at the state street station. victoria warren joining us with new information the mbta released just this morning. vicki? >> we have learned that overnight they inspected all of the orange line trains and they were replaced panels on 13 of the trains. they said that was precaution. they didn't find any problem. these panels are 12 feet long and when that panel fell on to the third rail the tunnel filled with smoke and some passengers panicked. >> people jumping from window on the orange line when the
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>>s -- it was pretty chaotic when i went down there. >> its state street station. mbta said a 12-foot long panel unique to the orange line fell off of a train on to electrified third rail. two orange line trains then ran over that panel. >> it was ultimately determined that section of third rail caused motors to overheat. real smokey. a lot of people were running toward my way. >> passengers on the first orange line train evacuated but it was a different story on the second train. because the first train was disabled the second train couldn't fully pull into the platform. that means the door stayed locked and passengers seeing the smoke pouring in felt they had to bust the windows out. >> i'm glad everybody you know got out safely. and nobody was hurt.
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point was anyone in danger. they say they understand why some people reacted the way they did. live in boston, victoria warren 7news "today in new england." right now a tragic death in south boston. 10-month-old baby girls drowns in the bathtub. they performed cpr before taking the baby to the hospital. boston police are calling the death an accident. a murder mystery in malden after a women found dead in her home. officials say police found the women's body during a well-being check at the apartment complex on broadway street monday night. they haven't identified the victim or said how she died. they don't believe its randoph incident. happening today lawyers for bill cosby will be in boston and sure aig is suing to avoid paying out award to 7 women who claim cosby raped them. they issued cobby protection. the company said the claim only
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meanwhile a sexual assault case against cosby the moving forward in pennsylvania after a judge denied an appeal to have the case thrown out. >> an phenomenal -- apple will fight a judges order. the fbi announced last week they were not able to retrieve some data from one of the phone recovered from the attackers. the couple killed 14 people and hurt 22 otheres in the shooting spree back in decemberer. apple ceo tim cook said in the statement overnight the fbi asking apple to create new software to let them get into the cell phone. cook said quote in the wrong hands this software which does not exist today would have the potential to unlock any iphone in someone's physical possession. cook also said while the government may argue this software would only be used in this case, there's no way to guarantee such control. >> a busy day ahead in the race for the white house. republican candidates are
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in south carolina. tonight while the president weighs in on donald trump's campaign. at a news conference tuesday president obama hammered home his belief that donald trump will not be elected president. >> and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize that being president is serious job. trump respond pg at campaignent in south carolina. our borders are like swiss cheese. this man has done such a bad job he has set us back so far. and for him to say that actually is a great compliment. >> meanwhile the supreme court vacancy is front and center in the race for the white house. republican candidates insist the replacement for justice antonin skalia should not be president obama's choice. all as jeb bush tweeted out
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on in a caption "america." at two south carolina event ted cruz focused on the military. as the father of two daughters, mark my words we are not going to be drafting our daughters in the military. on the democratic side a fierce fight to win over black voters in south carolina. it will help lead the country against institutional racism. my campaign is really about breaking every barrier. >> in the latest cnn poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton holding double-digit leads in south carolina. the body of justice antonin skalia will lie in repose at the supreme court friday. the court will hold a private ceremony before the hall is open to the public. funeral services are set for saturday at the national shrine in washington washington. burial plans have not been
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but many former justices are buried at arlington national cemetery. wild weather doing quite some damage. >> wind gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour yesterday afternoon. and during the evening commute. today lighter winds sunshine back with us. but the weekend forecast. will we keep it? details ahead. some people call these miracle pills. how they could help in the battle to ends opioid addiction. new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking,
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what do you think? mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good. wild weather causing some damage. strong winds cause a wall to come crashing down to a car dealership. you can see the huge hole in the side of the building there. looks like pieces of the wall fell right on top of the car. the fire department said
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and in wellsly this tree came crashing down into the front yard. high wind took down power line causing a transformer to explode. thankfully, though, no one was hurt. still seems like a little bit of whiplash between one weather pattern and the next. it's like a roller coaster ride. about as big of a roller coaster ride you will see from the bottom to the top huge range in temperature. worcester, it was minus 16. then 53 yesterday afternoon. closer to 70 degree swing. >> rockport about 62. in the city of boston close to 50. we have the downpours roll right in time for the evening commute as well. boston picking up close to an inch of rain with that system. nice and quiet. 37 in boston. 37 plymouth. 37 common number into bedford as well.
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the west wind drying us out but providing a little bit of breeze around 13 miles per hour. not as strong as what we had yesterday. today we will go back and forth between mostly sunny sky and mostly cloudy sky. we'll call it partly sunny on average. that will be the case for the remainder of the day. at time it filtered out a little bit. cooler day over all compared to yesterday. instead of mid 50s a lot in the mid 40s this afternoon. the trade off no damaging wind gust. no soaking rain and we get the sunshine back. clear and cool tonight. 20 to 28 degrees then we bounce back only into lower-to-middle 30. breeze picking up out of the north-northwest. sustained 15 to 18 miles per hour. higher gust there. notably cooler once again thursday. but no big roller coaster ride as we head into the weekend. just minor dips in bouncing back to the outside air. cold front will come through later tonight into tomorrow. note the difference. there may be a couple of ocean effect snow showers that we get across the cape tomorrow afternoon for the rest of us
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in terms of the wind speeds this afternoon generally pretty light. about ten miles per hour. light overnight tonight. and then tomorrow that breeze will pick back up to about 20 to 25 miles per hour. 30. for more on that cool down and temperature this month. kick it over to danielle. >> until last weekend our february temperaturings were above average. not the case anymore. they are close to where we should be. average temperature right around 30 degrees. not as cold this week. but certainly not as cold as its last february. second coldest february on record. here's your temperature trend for the next couple of day. 40s today. tomorrow 34 and then we're slowly climbing back to the 40s as we head into your weekend. because of those low-to-mid 30s tomorrow that means we're dealing with the windchills as well. the winds picking up and that means tomorrow morning it's actually feeling like 16 in boston and 13 in worcester. and highs tomorrow only going to feel like they are reaching the low 20s. as we head into dinnertime
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it's going to feel back like the teens for most of you. this is the coolest part of the next couple of days. and no major storms in the forecast for the next couple of days either. >> the kids on school vacation. you don't want to keep them couped up in the house that long. get a nice day like today. get them outside and burn off the energy. very limited rain chance as danielle was mentioning. not a lot of storms rolling in. best opportunity for snow showers friday night and maybe a couple of sprinkles saturday as temperatures back into the 40s mid 40s as danielle was showing you. the west of us friday night. this will try to lift on through. as it lifts through new england that provides with us more clouds and the scattered snow showers friday night. perhaps even some more snow showers saturday. if you head north skiing, cold enough to make more snow up that way. thursday and friday looking pretty good. a little bit colder across the green and white mountains. temperatures generally 20s to near 30.
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a lot of resorts. 7 on 7 forecast. no major storms going into early next week. if we do get a bigger storm looks like around wednesday. plenty of time to keep an eye on it. look at the pattern. 30s and 40s across the board. >> still ahead on "today in new england" a trip to broadway show takes a musical turn for a local couple. surprise. celebrity helped plan for them. a pill that could help end the heroin epidemic. what is keeping it out of the hands of the people who need it
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9:20. welcome back. there could be hope for those battling opioid addiction. this is already been adifference between life and death for some. even though the drug approve decades ago it's not being widely prescribed. here's investigator reporter cheryl fiandaca with more. >> reporter: for some addicts in recory it's a life saver. i works by blocking the opioid receptors in the brain to take away the sensation of getting high. that means people who take a narcotic like heroin won't feel
9:21 am
we found it being used to help people in watertown at the out patient addiction program. it would say it took the mental obsession out of my high and made it possible for me to focus more on my recovery. >> the fda approved it decades ago to treat alcohol and opioid addiction. they have learned it's not widely prescribed. the problem some people refer to them as drugs. and they say, oh, my god you're substituting one drug for another. but i want to be very clear. when you're talking about trying to help someone with a substance use disorder you want to try to use anything and everything because not everything is going to work. >> now it's not a narcotic and it is not addicty. recovering addicts said a drug was a big part of their treatment. it's a good safety net and good medication to be able to use. >> there's a dangerous downside
9:22 am
attics could be more likely to overdose because they may take bigger and bigger doses of a drug like heroin trying to feel the high. >> for this reason the fda warns the medication should only be given addict whose have completed detox and off drugs for 7 to 10 days and committed to sobriety. warning that lead some doctors to question whether it's really the answer for heroin addicts. >> nothing is panacea. it will not fix the opioid crisis alone. doctors at the facility say the drug must be used along with behavioral therapy and family support to help addicts stay clean. >> for people who have been kind of really conditioned to believe they have no hope and then they get better is what it is all about. they do get better and treatment works and it really, really works. i think it's highly effective. because we've taken that medication and doing all of the other necessary steps. i belief anybody can be successful.
9:23 am
addicts using it should be closely monitored. they can stay on the medication as long as they need to because there's few side effects. cover the cost. fiandaca. >> ahead on "today in new england" a local man pulling off quite a surprise. a special gift a celebrity life. >> the man's run from the law comes to crashing end. how he allegedly car jacked a
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:25 this morning. local man uses a special twist
9:26 am
he got a celebrity to help him out. >> wouldn't you love into be in audience. couple went to see this popular broadway show. after the show you see there actor wayne brady got them both on stage for the surprise proposal. i had no clue. i was in shock. >> i was ecstatic. the pressure is on. when brady was gracious he inspected and also approved the wedding ring before the proposal. you just have to hope after all that he has to say yes. can you imagine being in audience.
9:27 am
>> congratulations to them. >> still ahead on "today in new england" what was supposed to be a four-hour flight turned into nightmare. the problems that caused a plane to be diverted not once but twice. weather looking good this afternoon. sunshine returns to temperature in the 40s. take a look at the forecast next. teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor even treating patients how police say
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a crashing end. police say a suspect slams a car into a uit willility poll after carjacking a mother and her baby. a flight diverted not once but twice. how a four-hour trip turned into a day-long disaster. a nightmare for one man with
9:30 am
he was cuffed and arrested in his own home. welcome back, everyone. after a night of strong wind and rain we are tracking yesterday another change. let's get over to chris lambert for the forecast. the change here that we will be close to average instead of being way up or way down like we were over the last couple of day. 34 the low in boston. 31. bedford. just cold enough for all of that black ice to form. we did have slick spot walking tout door this morning. certainly after last night's downpour washed away the road treatment. if you didn't have the side street retreated with salt or sand there were some slick issues to deal with. upper 30s now. this is common. a lot of 37 and 38's from the city of boston up through the north shor. a little bit cooler out through worcester county running close to 33 degrees and then down across southeastern mass generally 38 to 40.
9:31 am
have a lot of sunshine in the city. mix of sun and cloud throughout the day. nice finish with temperature into the lower-to-middle 40. colder air tomorrow. we remain dry as we head into the weekend. more on that weekend forecast coming up. >> a blazing fire closed the morning commute. here danielle gersh with the latest. >> this is video or actually a picture. you can see earlier this car was fully ungulfed. this on expressway southbound out of the o'neill tunnel. >>the good news it didn't really commute. definitely slowed things down. three things were closed. now things are looking much better. let's go to maps. southbound. tunnel. now it's 13 minutes southbound from the tunnel to braintree split. not too bad. this didn't have good impact on northbound drive on expressway. there's 24 minutes from braintree into boston. the good news that's cleared up. >> thank you.
9:32 am
out of randoph right now. an accused gunman in custody after a shooting outside a bar. nicole oliverio has been on the story all morning long. there? >> we can tell you us the suspect hasn't arrived to court. judge. little bit more about what led up to the shooting. >> a man shot and killed as he walked out of a bar. police radio transmission indicate officers had been on the scene responding to a disturbance call when they heard gunshots. the district attorney said it happened at city limits salon on main street. police are outside the accomplishment outside of closing too. . because officers were close by they saw the suspect running from the scene. >> i can say the suspect was located a short distance away. across north main street.
9:33 am
it's unclear what led to the shooting and if its targeted attack. but investigators want the public to know it was an isolated incident. we want the community to know. and i know the chief is very concerned that this appears to be single incident. live in quincy, nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." thank you. and the mbta meantime is inspecting all orange line trains today. that's because last night a 12-got long panel fell off a third rail. a second train then ran over that panel and because the rail was electrified. it caused smoke to fill the tunnel. some passengers were so panicked they busted out the windows to
9:34 am
>> it's chaotic when i went down there. mbta said orange like will not go into service until they are inspected. new this morning crews work to extinguish a house fire. there's no word on any injury. >> a correction's officer from swansee now accused of trafficking heroin. he worked mci bridgewater. investigator say an undercoffer state trooper made multiple drug purchases from the corrections officer. the suspect will appear in court later on today. >> that mother trying to load her baby in the car at when a man with gun ran up to her and took the car and was chased into stoton before losing control hitting a utility poll.
9:35 am
the car. >> the baby in the back seattle. really would have been hard. >> police say the chase lasted six miles. the suspect was not hurt. they were able to find the weapon thrown out of the window. it turned out to be a pellet gun. police are looking into the possibility that a burglary at gun store is connected to another one in new hampshire. the thieves smashed the glass door of the firearms stealing four handguns. they didn't take any assault rifles or pistols. but this is coming the same month as the weaponry firearms in n new hampshire was targeted. also on the city council want to make flying drones over private property illegal unless they have written consent from the homeowner. he want user to have written consent from the city before flying drones over any government property.
9:36 am
hearing on this issue in the future. dozens of travellers are home this morning after their flight in the dominican republic diverted twice because of weather. they were supposed to fly to jfk monday. bad weather forced them to land in new hampshire. after staying overnight passengers boarded another flight on tuesday. the got diverted again this time to boston after the storm passed they finally made it home to new york. >> it was actually somewhat funny. we thought they were joking. how could it happen twice. it did. however many hours later. >> while man chaster some traveller rented car and found another flight to new york early. only about 90 of the 159 travellers were aboard those last flights. also this morning if you are one of the estimated 40 million american with student loan debt. listen up a houston man said he
9:37 am
marshalls without notice for a nearly 30--year-old student loan. >> like millions of american paul acre has debt from college loans. last week u.s. marshal showed up at his houston area home to help collect it. >> i went to my garage. opened the garage darr. he claim he was handcuffed and shackled for nonpayment of $1500 loan from 1987. 29 years ago. >> surreal. i think it's so unrealistic. that you can treat a citizen as if he's a drug dealer. court documents show notices were sent to him starting ten years he acknowledges he does owe the money. he was briefly put in the cell before being dropped before a judge. 5700 for the loan and another 1300 for u.s. marshals service. the marshal service acre refused multiple request to appear in
9:38 am
people shouldn't be afraid. u.s. marshal going to come kick their door down. >> too much fire power. we must take him down. and when you get me. you celebrate as if you taken down al choppo. >> it took him days to shake off what happen. that 8-hour period more than anything he's happy his family wasn't home to see it happen. . firefighter battling a massive fire at a church in dallas. you can see most of the building was destroyed thankfully no one was hurt. new details on the water crisis in flynt, michigan. hundreds of people wholy there sounding off to the country's top doctor. they lined up tuesday to tell the u.s. surgeon general how the poison water has effected them. he's been investigating lady contamination in a water supply. that's not to say it's nearly enough.
9:39 am
back to place where the water is safe for everyone to drink. the state health department is under review for failing to alert the public about legionnaires break out. also a new study found even though people in flynt were being poisoned they paid some of the highest water rates in the country. the food and drug administration is recommending u.s. blood banks not take donations from people who have traveled to country where the zika virus is active. trying to protect the blood supply from the mosquito born virus. they recommend they don't accept blood from donor whose have had sexual contact with someone who has travelled to one of those countries in the last few months. 7news now turning to florida where 18-year-old man is accused of practicing medicine without a license. robinson opened a medical clinic back in january. police arrested him after he
9:40 am
to a female undercover officer. accusations. this is not the first time i've been accused. police say he had been cited for practicing medicine without a license back in october. and pope francis showing a rare bit of anger in mexico when wheelchair. someone grabbed l his arm. pulled him in the crowd. didn't let go. the pope wasn't hurt. he started shouting on the crowd to stop being selfish. he wraps up visit today. >> pope known forgetting up close and personal to crowds. sometimes they get over excited. a little bit scary. still ahead on "today in new england." end of era. announcing retirement. his sweet smaes to
9:41 am
>> record-breaking cold last weekend. we won't have that this weekend. temperature in the 40s.
9:42 am
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9:43. wibter weather hammering upstate new york. road crews expect to be busy today digging out the vehicles
9:44 am
dozens of people become stuck as more than a foot of heavy wet snow fell in some places. it's hard to believe we were dealing with heavy wet snow and record low temperatures and no everything is melting away. a lot of whiplash. that's the same system that swept through me necessarily yesterday. not as much damage as in upstate new york. we have many traffic issue. people sliding off the road. we had a fair amount of itself first thing yesterday. overall the heavy wet snow confined to upstate new york and down to western pennsylvania. we were way too warm. forget about the snowpack that we have with wind and temperature into the 50s. 25 inch of snow from the season of boston. 4 inch shy of average. less snow than last windeder. less than the average by a little bit in the city of boston. utsdz been mild too. here we are.
9:45 am
about a month from now winter comes to a close. sometime it can be sooner. we'll have couple of more opportunities for snow and some cold air over the next few days. look at that. you start springing ahead clockwise. the sun sets just before 7:00. getting more and more daylight as we go on nice to see. nice to see the sunshine with us this morning at 37 degrees in boston. after a colder start just cold enough this morning for some patchy black ice. with the sunshine out and temperature warming up no worries there. satellite and radar composite is quiet across southern new england. 38 worcester hills. tomorrow mostly sunny skies. maybe a few degrees below the average. it will be lower-to-middle 30s
9:46 am
difference. but it's not the arctic air like over the weekend. cold front works on through. day. there may be a couple of snow showers to skirt across the cape and island. we are mostly sunny. and the wind light today do pick back up a little bit. hour. and what that means for the forecast and windchill factor and temperature this february toss it over to danielle. danielle? >> our february temperature were actually above average and then last weekend that brought them down to pretty normal for this time in the year. so our average temperatures so far the 30 degrees. it's not as cold this week and it's certainly not as cold as it was last february. so here's your temperature trend for the next few days. we're in the mid 40s today. mid 30s tomorrow. and then as we head into the weekend we're climbing back into those 40s. kris was mentioning the wind. we deal with windchills. tomorrow morning feels like 16 in boston. 13 in worcester.
9:47 am
it will feel pretty chilly tomorrow. your highs are only going to feel like low 20s as we head into your dinner time tomorrow. it's just feeling like the teens again. this the coolest day we contend with. no major storms in the forecast for the next few days either. we'll take it going into the weekend. i can't rule out snowflakes or sprinkles in the air on sat day. here's the colder air across the great lakes. it will be working on not terribly cold for the time of year. not like we have arctic air charging out of hudson bay. the best chance for cup ochl flangs or sprinkles would be saturday. mostly friday night into saturday as warm front then cold front trying to come flew. colder day tomorrow. here's that warm front friday to the west of it. as that advances in the cloud and a little bit of scattered snow shower activity. by saturday afternoon it's two miles to support any snow. you may catch a passing sprinkle. pretty good ski forecast temperature wise.
9:48 am
vacation week. taking the kids up north across the white and green mountainings of vermont. cold on thursday. temperature in the 20s overall scattered snow showers across the mountain friday and saturday. cold enough to make snow after the rain that we had yesterday. 7 on 7 forecast. getting rather quiet over the next 7 days. we love seeing a lot of 40-degree weather on the 7-day forecast. if there's a bigger storm i think that chance will come sometime maybe next tuesday or wednesday. plenty of time to watch it. thanks, kris. >> after the weather we had anytime we see something above 7 it's a heat wave. there's a new top dog. see which was crowned best in show. highlights are ahead in 7
9:49 am
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good morning. back in 2014 bill belichick said this the guy the team reinvolves around more than any other team. now they are looking to fill the void. mayo announcing the end of run in new england releasing a statement last night with the caption retiring a patriot. 8-year veteran saying after lot of thought we want to take the opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for what we consider a life changing event. that and becoming new england patriot for the past eight year. we're extremely grateful to thunder cat jonathan the kraft family. coach belichick the pat's organization and the most amazing fans in contributing to the pages of our lives. as my family and i prepare for
9:52 am
pat's memories will always hold a special place in our heart. he's just 29. the injuries taking the tolls. he was placed on season ending reserve the past three seasons. with his retirement. he save them 7 million toward salary cap. brew writtens columbus. good to see patrice bergeon back on the ice. we're tied up at one. we stayed tie in overtime. the 33 seconds into the extra session tory cruz the perfect feed to ericsson. a goal and sending the bees to 2-1. you can catch live reports starting later this afternoon. have a great day. looking forward to that. in the mean time the red sox ready to launch an official resale ticketing program allowing fans to buy ticket and seller will be able to set the
9:53 am
it's start operation on march 1st. according to the team is service will feature lower buying fee than competing web site. all ticket will be sent electronically. in town. >> cj a german short haired pointer won best in show at the westminster dog show last night. the 3-year-old beat the best of the best including german shepherd who was rumored favorite having won more than 100 previous competition. he spent his whole time in the ring trying to get treats from his handlers pocket. so he would not stop. the crowd at madison square garden lowed it. motivated. focus. >> coming up next on "today in
9:54 am
a new title. how her latest job the helping children around the world. afternoon. ahead. they're one of that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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in the buzz austin butler are under investigation for vandalism. according tmz happen during valentines get away they had in arizona. hey hosted picture on instagram of heart carved into area rare red rocks near national forest. here sit. well it's against federal law to deface natural surfaces on federal property. they face fine up to $5,000 or six months jail. in the mean time duchess of cambridge joining forces with the uk as guest editor together
9:57 am
called young lives matter. it sparks a conversation with children ability mental and emotional health. understood. they say the main folk lust be finding solutions to the stigma surrounding the uk's mental health crisis among children. >> the grammys paid off for some performer in more way than one. spot five rose 146% following the all-star tribute to his life. the feature john legend, megan trainer. and of course the man of the hour himself. triple grammy winner saw an 89% increase in place as well. >> let's do one final check of weather with you. >> looks good out there. partly sunny sky. lighter winds compared to yesterday. temperatures generally running into the 40s. the weekend forecast continuing those temperatures mid-to-upper 40s. first thing saturday morning maybe a flurry or sprinkle out there. couple of snow showers rolling through. friday evening ahead of us as well. okay.
9:58 am
northern new england in terms of comfortable temperature. 40s into early next week. >> thank you. there's more of today show straight ahead. thanks for joining us. i'm nancy chen. i'm sarah french.
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this morning on "today's take," access denied. while paul mccartney was turned away on music's biggest night. baby, you can drive my car. a memorable carpool karaoke moment with sia. and fred armisen with a performance as tiny in ""zoolander 2."" all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. it's wednesday morning, february


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