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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. working through the night to inspect all orange line trains after a large panel fell off one of the cars. that incident leading to a chaotic scene at the state street station. >> sarah: we have new information that the m.b.t.a. released this morning. >> reporter: well, now the bolts and rivets that are supposed to hold on those panels will be inspected every two months or so. no one was hurt in any of
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passengers certainly panicked. frantic moments on the orange line as smoke fills a station. passengers kicked out a window and pried open doors to get out of the train. >> screaming and scrambling. people were trying to open the doors. . >> i told you there was something on the track. they want to keep going. >> reporter: they watched it all from the platform at the state street station last night. the m.b.t.a. says a 12-foot-long panel unique to the orange line fell off of a train on to the electrified third rail. that train ran over the panel. smoke was copping off of the track. passengers searched for a "t" worker so they could warn the next train coming in but couldn't find anyone. >> we tried to stop that train from coming in. there was a guy on the phone trying to be dispatched. platform. the train was coming in slow. it was smoking. there was another big boom. then another big boom. then you see the fire at the
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>> >> reporter: because the first train was disabled, the second train could not fully pull into the station. the doors stayed locked. passengers who saw the smoke felt they had to bust through the windows. >> the member has to step up their job. it is not cool. if it was rush hour, people would have been trampled down here. >> reporter: the station is underground here at the old statehouse. the boston historical society is up above. they have some important artifacts like john hancock's coat. they don't believe the anything was damaged by any of the smoke. they will have them looked at by a professional. they also add they wish that the m.b.t.a. would communicate with them better when something goes wrong. >> christa: breaking news out of south boston. a ten-month-old baby girl has passed away. she drowned in a bathtub. kris anderson has the breaking details. this is incredibly sad. >> kris: paramedics were called to the apartment on logan way last night. they received a call about a
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they performed cpr on this little girl before eventually, rushing her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. police are investigating the circumstances surrounding this death. but they are so far calling it a tragic accident. that is the latest live in the newsroom. kris anderson, 7 news. >> sarah: a deadly shooting outside a bar in randolph. it didn't take long for police to make an arrest. the suspected shooter taken into custody and now answering to charges. nicole oliverio live at the courthouse in quincy with the latest. >> reporter: sar remarks well, happened. we are learning more about what exactly happened inside according to prosecutors, they for the victim who was performing during an open mic night, waited for him to leave, then shot and killed him. under heavy police presence, gregory wright faced a judge. accused of killing a man inside a randolph bar. >> mr. wright went to the city limit saloon in randolph last night.
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bar, was mr. drake scott, the victim. who was performing at the open during the evening, mr. wright was... he had asked two different bouncers about the front door, asking if that was the only exit that evening. >> reporter: police were responding to a disturbance nearby when they heard the shots. >> shots fired! shots fired! >> reporter: they quickly arrested are wright across the street. inside court, the family of the victim broke down as shooting. interaction between these two men during the evening. and it appears that this was an execution-style murder in which this defendant followed the victim out of the bar, having no interaction with firing five times at him. and then taking the police on a chase. there is no explanation for it. >> reporter: prosecutors say
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tell. wright apparently, told police he was leaving the bar when he heard the gunshots. his defense attorney says he has a different side of the story. live in quincy, 7 news. 93 south. a car goes up in flames. police say no one was in the car when it caught fire around 8:00 this morning. this was between exit 15 and exit 16. you can see that whole front half of the black s.u.v. just engulfed in flames. crews were able to put it out. there are no reports of any injuries. forecast. all that rain moving out. the cold temps , no, say it ain't so. they are coming back. chris lambert is here with more on the forecast. levels. if not just below. nothing like the brutal cold we did see on sunday morning. that is for sure. 34 this morning in boston. 30 in norwood. it was cold enough to get some black ice out there. morning.
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bounced back to lower and middle 40's. enjoying the sunshine in the city of boston at 44 degrees. 44 in plymouth. the winds not that strong outside. generally, about five ten miles an hour. occasionally, gusting higher than that. we will call it partly to mostly sunny skies as we go through the day. temperatures averaging in the lower to middle 40's. a bit cooler as we work into the evening. and temperatures tonight back into the 20's. colder day tomorrow. the breeze will pick up. temperatures lower to middle 30's. the weekend overall, looks we will talk about that weekend forecast coming up. >> sarah: a man accused in a hit-and-run facing a judge today. calvin sosa will remain behind barsnal bail hearing next he has pleaded not guilty to charges of armed assault with intent to murder. sosa has a record, including several hit-and-runs. according to police, sosa never stopped after hitting the teen on his bike.
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the teen and that a fight broke out before the incident. >> christa: lawyers for bill cosby will be in boston. aig issued cosby protection from defamation back in 2014. the company says the claim only applies to alleged sexual misconduct. meanwhile, a sexual assault case against cosby is moving a judge denied an appeal to have the case thrown out on tuesday. story. a federal judge ruling apple must help the f.b.i. recover potentially valuable data. this all started when the tech giant said it would not give access to encrypted content on the accused san bernardino shooter's iphone. a federal judge tuesday ordered tech giant apple to help the f.b.i. unlock the
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shooter sigh ready farook. authorities are still trying to fill in 18 missing minutes of the killer's actions after the shooting. >> that 18 minutes is critical. >> reporter: the f.b.i. wants to know if anything on the phone can fill in that gap and if there are other clues to the plot that left 14 people dead and 22 others injured. just last week, f.b.i. director james comey told a senate panel getting into the phone is key. >> we still have one of those killer's phones that we have not been able to open. it has been over two months now. we are still working on it. said they are cooperating with the case. they will fight the order saying "the united states government has demanded that apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. we oppose this order which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand." cook has been an adamant opponent of opening phones to the government. telling 60 minutes it would make us all vulnerable. >> on your smart phone today,
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likely health information, there is financial information, and you should have the ability to protect it. and the only way we know how to do that is to encrypt it. why is that? it's because if there is a way to get in, then somebody will find a way in. >> reporter: the f.b.i.'s main concern would be some type of built-in security software that could auto-delete all the data on the phone. do you agree with the decision to fight a federal order to hack the phone of the san tell us what you think on our twitter poll. it is also posted on we will have early results on meantime, pope francis wrapping up his historic visit to mexico. the pontiff left the country's capital today for a visit where he will hold a mass this afternoon. more than a million people are expected to attend.
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thousands sharing the moment across the border here in the states. in el paso, texas. after his final top today, the pope will fly back to rome. coming up at noon, it is a pill that could help drug addicts kick the habit. so why isn't it being prescribed? 7 news investigates. wild wind and rain bringing down trees across the bay state. we will check out that damage. tomorrow, ten degrees cooler. overall, the forecast looks good into the weekend. 7-day coming up. >> sarah: a star-studded proposal on a boston stage. see who helps one couple come
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>> sarah: wild weather causing damage in raynham. strong winds caused a wall to come crashing down at a car dealership.
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looks like pieces of the wall fell right on top of the car. in wellesley, one tree came crashing down right into a front yard. the high winds also took down power lines, causing a transformer to explode. but boy, it was such a mess yesterday. then you get whiplash. you go outside today. it is sunny and nice. >> chris: you don't like the wait a minute. it will change. 5 yooed afternoon. almost a 70-degree temperature swing within 6 hours. ... 36 hours. when you change the weather fast, you tend to get a lot of wind. we certainly had wind. wellfleet, 52-mile-per-hour gusts. boston, 47. rockport, 62. fairhaven, 64. an inch in the city of boston.
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downpours. just in time for the evening commute. to slow things down yesterday. today, total turnaround. we are all of the sunshine back in place. nice winter's day overall. 44 from boston to norwood to providence right now. the wind is out of the west at ten miles an hour. not overpowering. a little breeze. a little coolness to that breeze. overall, again, well above seasonal levels this afternoon. a lot of sunshine right now. we have more clouds across western massachusetts. the bulk of the cloud cover stays across western massachusetts. at times, we get a little cloud cover to work on in. hopefully, all of us doing just fine on this wednesday afternoon. you take a look at the midwest. and it is a lot colder there. 22 in green bay. some of the cool weather is going to be working on in as we go throughout tomorrow. tonight and tomorrow, we will track this cold front coming on through. there is not much moisture with it. i don't expect any snow with it. although there may be a cape cod snow shower tomorrow. with the northerly wind kicking on in. the theme here tomorrow, colder temperatures.
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well. temperatures only run in the lower to middle 30's. here is the wind speed this afternoon. again, close to teniles an hour. maybe occasionally gusting to 15-20. tomorrow, we will have more active wind. at times gusting to 25-30 miles an hour. 40-46 ought to do it this afternoon. nice winter day overall. temperatures tonight, back down into the 20's. clear and cool skies. then mostly sunny tomorrow. seasonably cold and breezy. that will add a windchill factor out there. for more on that, we will turn it over the danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. this february has been mild, too. out temperatures have been close to where they should be this month. 30, our average temperature. pretty close to average. now, this week, certainly, not as cold as it was over the weekend. and it is not as cold as it was last february either. here is your temperature trend for the next couple of days. we are in the 40's today. then we are dropping to 340id's tomorrow. we are climbing back to 40's as we head towards your weekend. chris was mentioning those winds we are going to have for tomorrow. that means we have windchills
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so tomorrow morning, feeling like 16 in boston. when you head out the door and 13 in worcester. throughout the day. temperatures only going to feel like they are reaching the low 20's. this is what you need to dress for for tomorrow. then as we head into tomorrow evening, it is feeling like teens again for most of you as we head into dinnertime. the good news, though, major storms in store for the weekend, though, chris. >> chris: that is good news. we have temperatures a lot warmer than last weekend. last weekend we were down wane below zero. in fact, record cold on sunday morning. not the case this weekend. we have a bit of an opportunity, though, once we get into saturday. especially in the morning hours. overnight friday into saturday. a couple scattered snow showers going over to sprinkles. that should be about it. some scattered snow showers up across northern new england. good for skiing. if you are going up thursday, school vacation week. it is a busy weekend up north. with this last storm. but they also have enough cold air in place that they have night.
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the forecast: more clouds around on saturday. a bit of a breeze. can't rule out a passing sprinkle at times. overall for the weekend, temperatures mild. running about 6-8 degrees above average for the time of year. that will put us to the middle and upper 40's. >> christa: still ahead, the duchess of cambridge joining forces with an international news web site to promote a cause close to her heart. where you can find her blog post. the drug that could help in the battle to end opioid
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>> christa: there could be hope for those battling addictions to opioid. for some, it's already been the difference between life and death. >> sarah: the drug was approved decades ago. it is not widely prescribed. cheryl fiandaca has more. >> reporter: for some addicts in recovery, these pills are a miracle drug. it is called naltrexone. people who take a narcotic like heroin, while on this medication won't feel the effects of the heroin. we found it is being used to help people in watertown at
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addiction program. >> i would say that it took the mental obsession out of my head and made it possible for me to focus more on my recovery. >> reporter: 7 news has learned the potentially life-saving drug is still not widely prescribed to treat substance abuse. >> the problem is that some people refer to them as drugs. they says if, oh, my god, you are just suggest the one drug for another. but i want to be very clear. when you are talking about trying to help someone with a substance abuse disorder, you want to try to use anything and everything. not everything is going to work. it is not a narcotic and it is not addictive. recovering addicts we talked to said the drug was a big part of their treatment. >> it is a good safety net and a good medication to be able to use to get to where you want to be. >> reporter: but there is a dangerous down side. addicts could be more likely
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take bigger and bigger doses of a drug like heroin trying to feel the high. for this reason, the f.d.a. warns the medication should only be given to addicts who have completed detox. and stayed off drugs for 7-10 days and are committed to sobriety. warnings that lead some doctors to question whether this is really the answer for heroin addicts. >> nothing is a pan see yeah. this won't fix the crisis alone. >> for people who have been really conditioned believe that they have no hope, and then they get better, it is what it's all about. they do get better and treatment works. it really works. >> i think it is highly effective. we have taken that medication. i believe anybody could be successful. >> reporter: recovering addicts using the medication
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they can stay on the medication as long as they need to since there are few side effects. most insurance companies do cover the cost. i'm cheryl fiandaca. >> kris: next, a local man pulling off quite a surprise. thanks to some performers on broadway. see the show of love when we come back. >> sarah: coming up in our next half hour, a teenager pretending to be a doctor and actually, treating patients. how police say they figured
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>> sarah: a local man uses a special twist to show his lover. >> christa: yeah, he did. he got a celebrity to help him out, too. >> i don't know what i would do without you. (cheers and applause) >> sarah: can you imagine being on stage? oh, my goodness.
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they went to see kinky boots for valentine's day on after the show, the actor wayne brady got them both on stage for this prize proposal. >> i had no clue. i had no clue at all. i was shocked. i'm still in shock. >> i was ecstatic. i hoping i was hoping he here we are in front of thousands of people. >> sarah: brady was very gracious and even inspected before the proposal. yeah. when you have that many people involved, you really have to make sure he is going say yes. okay. coming up next, we return, more on a scary scene at south station. falls off an orange line train. >> chris: sunshine. in the 40's this afternoon. can we keep it going into the
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a look at the forecast ahead. >> things heating up down south. looking for votes in south carolina. >> a house tan man learned the hard way. what happens when you skip out on paying your student loa there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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>> a large metal panel falling off the side of an orange line train. that led to a smoky situation inside an m.b.t.a. station. a lot of passengers panicking there. the m.b.t.a. working through the night to inspect all orange line trains. >> sarah: we have new information and reaction from those passengers. >> reporter: well, sarah, now the m.b.t.a. says those bolts and rivets that are supposed to hold on the panels will be inspected about every two months or so.
12:30 pm
this. the passengers certainly did panic. frantic moments on the orange line as smoke fills the station. passengers kicked out a window and pried open doors to get out of the train. >> screaming and scrambling. people were trying to open the doors. >> i told you there was something on the track. they want to keep coming. >> reporter: this woman watched it all from the platform last night. she saw this piece of metal on the track. the m.b.t.a. says a 12-foot-long panel unique to the orange line fell off of a train on to the electrified third rail. that train ran over the panel. she cap churd smoke coming off the track on her cell phone. she and other passengers searched for a "t" worker to stop the next train from coming in. they couldn't find anyone. >> there was no one on the platform. the train was coming in slow. it was smoking. there was another big boom.
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you have seen the fire at then to. >> reporter: because the first train was disabled, the second train couldn't fully pull into the station. the doors stayed locked. passengers felt they had to bust out the windows. their job really. it is not cool. if it was rush hour, people would have been trampled down here. >> reporter: well, the station statehouse. the boston historical society is up above. they have important artifacts like one of john hancock's coats. they don't believe anything was damaged by any smoke. but they will have it inspected professionally. they add they wish that the m.b.t.a. would commune kalt with them better when something goes wrong. we are live from boston, jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> nancy: under heavy police
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a judge. accused of killing a man inside a randolph bar. >> mr. wright went to the city limit saloon in randolph last night. and at that saloon or that bar, was mr. drake scott. the victim. he was performing at the open mic night that evening. during evening, mr. wright was... he had asked two different bouncers about the front door, asking if that was the only exit that evening. >> police were responding to a disturbance nearby when they heard the shots. >> shots fired, shots fired! >> reporter: inside court, the family of the victim broke down as prosecutors explained there was no explanation for the shooting. >> your honor, there was no interaction between these two men during evening. and it appears that this was an execution-style murder in which this defendant followed the victim out of the car, having no interaction with him.
12:33 pm
and then taking the police on a chase. there is no explanation for it. >> reporter: prosecutors say as as they know, wright didn't know the victim at all. in quincy, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> sarah: much cooler than it was yesterday. the rain has moved out. it looks like wwill be staying dry. chris lambert is here now with more on the forecast. >> chris: nice to catch a break with all the weather we have had. 44 in boston. ten degrees cooler than where we were yesterday afternoon for many towns. the breeze not overpowering as well. 37 in worcester. 44 in norwood. nice winter day overall. temperatures today, a good 6-8 dell greece above seasonal levels. the wind out of the west, not overpowering. 8-10 miles an hour. that will continue to be the case throughout the day. take a look at the satellite and radar composite. more clouds across western massachusetts. may catch a few more patches of clouds to work in this
12:34 pm
into the middle 40's. even a couple of 46's showing up down across southeastern massachusetts. back into the 20's tonight. temperatures staying in the lower to middle 0's tomorrow. breezy as well. we will talk more about the forecast ahead. >> nancy: thank you. the man accused of kidnapping a mother and her baby facing a judge this morning. a man with a gun ran up to the woman. he took car and was chased into stoughton before losing control. and hitting a utility pole. witnesses say she is lucky the baby wasn't in the car. >> he let them go, thank goodness. the look of the car, the baby in the back-seat really would have been hurt. >> nancy: police say that chase lasted about six miles. the suspect was not seriously hurt. they were also able to find the weapon which was thrown out the window. it turned out to be a pellet gun. >> sarah: a corrections officer from swansea accused
12:35 pm
the 40-year-old works at mci bridgewater. investigators say an undercover state trooper bought heroin from him several times when he was off-duty and not at the prison. the suspect faced a judge in fall river district court today. a busy day ahead in the race for the white house. republican candidates preparing now for town hall events in south carolina tonight. while the president is weighing in on donald trump's campaign. at a news conference tuesday, president obama hammered home his belief that donald trump will not be elected president. >> and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> reporter: trump responding at a campaign event in south carolina. >> our borders are like swiss cheese. this man has done such a bad job. he has set us back so far. for him to say that, actually, is a great compliment, if you
12:36 pm
>> reporter: meanwhile, the supreme court vacancy is front and center in the race for the white house. republican candidates insist the replacement for antonin scalia should not be president obama's choice. >> the practical implications are nil. it is all about politics. >> reporter: jeb bush tweeted out a picture of the gun with his name on it and the caption "america." >> we went to a gun manufacturing facility. lots of jobs are created. >> reporter: at two south carolina events, ted cruz focused on the u.s. military. >> as the father of two daughters, mark my words. we are not going to be drafting our daughters into combat roles in the military. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a fierce fight to win over black voters in south carolina.
12:37 pm
breaking every barrier. >> reporter: the latest poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton holding double-digit leads in south carolina. >> sarah: hundreds of people who live in flint, michigan sounding off to the country's top doctor. they lined up tuesday to tell the u.s. surgeon general how the poison water has affected them. >> a lot of help is already on the way. it has already arrived in flint. we have to do a lot more to get flint back to a place where the water is safe for everyone to drink. a newly released national study found even though people in flint were being poisoned by their own water supply, they still paid some of the highest water rates in the country. mexico has confirmed six pregnant women are infected with the zika virus. bringing the total number of cases in that country to 80.
12:38 pm
zika were detected there. mexican authorities are taking no chances and are fumigating residential areas. >> nancy: in florida, an 18-year-old man is accused of practicing medicine without a license. he opened a medical clinic in january. now, police arrested him after he allegedly gave physical exam to a female undercover officer. relatives called the health department, concerned that he had been posing as a doctor. >> i'm hurt because of the accusations and the allegations. like i said, this is not the first time where i have been accused. and i will pursue. this >> nancy: police say he medicine without fast license back in october. and if you are one of the estimated 40 million americans with student loan debt, listen up. a houston man says he was arrested by a team of u.s. marshals for a 30-year-old unpaid student loan. like millions of americans,
12:39 pm
loans. last week, the u.s. marshals showed up at his houston-area home to help collect it. >> i went to my garage. opened the garage door. i walked out with my hands up. >> reporter: he was handcuffed and shackled for nonpayment of a $1,500 loan from 1987. 29 years ago. >> surreal. i think it's so unrealistic that you can treat a citizen as if he is a drug dealer. >> reporter: notices were sent to him starting ten years ago. eacknowledges he does owe the money. he says he was briefly put in a cell before being brought before a judge. ordered to pay over time, $5,700 for the loan which includes interest and another $1,300 for u.s. marshal service. the u.s. marshal service says he refused multiple requests to appear in court dating back to 2012. >> the people in debt out
12:40 pm
this was an extreme case. >> when you get me, you celebrate as if you have taken down el chapo. i'm appalled. >> nancy: all right. he is has beeny his family wasn't home to see that arrest happen. >> sarah: a new york city man who lost his wallet gets most of what was inside back. what the man who found it took and his explanation. >> chris: a nice winter day. a little bit colder tomorrow.
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>> sarah: there is a new top dog in town. c.j., a german short-haired pointer won best in show at the westminster dog show last night. the three-year-old beat the best of the best, including a german shepherd who was the rumored favorite. having won more than one hundred previous competitions. so cute. right? >> nancy: they are adorable. i would really like a dog. every time i go past a dog on the streets of boston, chris, i feel like i could go and grab it. >> sarah: you take pictures of it. have a random person come up to you... >> chris: you hope you catch a friendly one. you have to put in a lot of work, nancy. if you get a dog, you have to fit in all that time to walk the dog around the city of boston. seasonal snow totals about 25.3 inches of snow.
12:44 pm
this winter compared to last winter. we are close to the average in the city of boston. we have had plenty of mild air in here in december and even lingering into january. look at this right here fbs. these numbers indicating the longer days in terms of the daylight. this continues for the better part of the next four months. you have take an look at what we expect. tenture-wise, usually, we are going up, too. sunset-wise, 6:49 by march 13. that is the weekend we push the clocks forward. as well. we are talking about daylight, a month away. close to 7:00 at night. all right. 44 in boston right now. 37 in worcester. 45 in hyannis. generally light. close to ten miles an hour. gufss we had yesterday afternoon. so we will continue to see that light wind. the wind picks up late overnight tonight. cold front sweeps on through for tomorrow. and behind it, the northwest
12:45 pm
gusting 20-25 miles an hour. not only do we have the stronger winds tomorrow, forecast not as powerful as yesterday. still stronger winds out there. we also have colder temperatures. 40 in the worcester hills today. about 44-46 in the boston metro area. a nice winter day overall. clear skies tonight. cool, 20-28 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 4-8 miles an hour. tomorrow, mostly sunny. we will call it seasonably cold. temperatures back down into the lower to middle 30's. we will add in a breeze. which will be sustained about 10-18 miles an hour. occasionally gusting 20-30. that will add a chill to the air. for more on the windchill factors tomorrow and the temperature so far this month, kick it over to danielle. danielle? >> danielle: thanks, chris. yeah. we are v we were running above average in february. thanks to our frigid weekend, now we are pretty close to where we should be. our average temperature is 30 degrees. it is not as cold this week as it was over the weekend. certainly, not as cold this february as it was last year. here is your temperature trend
12:46 pm
we are in the mid-40's today. mid-30's tomorrow. then temperatures climbing back to the 40's as we head to the weekend. so chris was talking about gusty winds. that means tomorrow we are dealing with windchills. and this is what it is going to feel like in the morning. so dress for 16 degrees in boston. and 1 your windchill in worcester. highs tomorrow, only going to feel like the low 20's. so it will feel cool tomorrow. again, these numbers really not comparing to the weekend. then as we head into tomorrow evening, feeling like the teens for most of you. still, we are not talking about any big storms as we head into the next few days. >> chris: no big storms. could get scattered snow showers in here friday night. i do expect a sprinkle or to on saturday. overall, look at the temperatures. 46 saturday afternoon. 48 on sunday. a cry from the report-setting cold that we had last weekend. of course, last sunday we had the coldest day in the city of boston since 1957. brutal stuff. the 7-day forecast is for a-from-that.
12:47 pm
forecast. >> nancy: a new york city man lost his wallet. he was surprised when the person who found it mailed it back to him. >> sarah: riley flaherty lost his wallet at a concert in brooklyn. you know, he assumed his cash, credit cards, subway pass, i.d., he was thinking they were all gone for good. then two weeks later, he got an envelope from a good samaritan inside. his license and credit card. here is the thing. the envelope also included a note explaining why flaherty's other items were not returned. it read, "i kept the cash because i needed weed. the metro card because, well, the fare is $2.75 now. and the wallet because it is kind of cool." flaherty got a kick out of the whole thing. posting the letter to instagram. it is better to have some of it rather than, you know,... interesting crook, thee, right? coming up, she looks incredibly confident on the cover of this year's "sports
12:48 pm
but way to duchess of cambridge is being called on
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
>> nancy: rhonda rowsey talking about her uphill battle. she actually considered suicide. now she is talking about what helped her recover. jadiann thompson has her story. >> jadiann: "sports illustrated" calls its newest cover girl a cultural phenomenon who is the perfect combination of beauty, brains, brawn, and humility. before the sports magazine painted a swimsuit on the former ufc champ, rousey stunned the sporting world by losing a fight. >> i was sitting in the corner. i was like, what am i anymore if i'm not this? >> jadiann: she suffered a devastating loss last november.
12:51 pm
hard she contemplated taking her own life. >> i was literally sitting there and like, thinking about killing myself. in that exact second, i'm like, i'm nothing. what do i do anymore? >> jadiann: one thing kept her from following through. >> i looked up and i saw my man. travis was standing there. i looked up at him. i was like, i need to have his babies. i need to stay alive. >> jadiann: it taught her a valuable lesson. >> being defeated is sa choice. life. i choose to always be undefeated. >> jadiann: jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> sarah: she hopes to fight holly holm again later on this year. up next, pay attention to the bi-lines if you read the huffington post today. the duchess of cambridge
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> nancy: today the duchess of cambridge took on a lofty task. guest-editing the huffington post. >> sarah: the new web site is marketing the start of the campaign called young minds matter. which raises awareness around mental health and children. >> reporter: the duchess of
12:55 pm
running the huffington post u.k. for the day. >> feels like a historic day. >> reporter: with reporters and bloggers in her kensington palace home. to highlight a cause close to her heart. law officering the campaign young minds matter. kate gets personal. writing that she and prince william hope to encourage george and charlotte to speak about their feelings and to give them the tools and sensitivity to be supportive peers to their friends as they get older. >> she is a person who is known globally, and we are a brand that is known globally. when those two come together, it can be very powerful. report tt duchess says the mental health of our children should be just as important as their physical health. even kids younger than five could be suffering in silence, she says. >> imagine if everyone was able to help just one child who needs to be listened to, needs to be respected, and needs to be loved. we could make such a huge difference for an entire
12:56 pm
>> reporter: research shows a third of parents worry they will look like bad mothers or fathers if their child has a mental health problem. by writing and talking about it, the duchess is hoping to change that. another big name involved in this campaign, first lady michelle obama who has written about veterans' mental health issues today. the idea is to go global with. this already, the hash tag young minds matter is trending. back to you. >> nancy: i had a chance to check out the web site. it is worth a look. especially because she spends a little bit of time on something so. many people pay attention. an important cause to her heart as well. >> sarah: let's get a final check of the forecast here. >> chris: nice winter day outside. temperatures running into the 40's now. we will hold this afternoon into the low and mid-4's. a bit cooler than yesterday. we contend with the damaging wind. we don't contend with the soaking rains. clear skies tonight. mainly clear. temperatures back into the 20's. it will be a cooler day tomorrow. temperatures lower to middle
12:57 pm
not the brutal cold we had over the weekend. you will notice the difference. a bit on the breezy side as well. once in a while, these winds will gust past 20 miles an hour. the forecast. maybe a snow shower f or two friday night. looks like a better chance of a couple of sprinkles working in would be on saturday. once temperatures do warm up into the 40's. not a washout by any stretch. the weekend looks good. more clouds on saturday versus sunday. you note those temperatures running generally into the middle to upper 4's. thursday, tomorrow, it looks bright for a lot of us. there may be an isolated snow shower down across the cape. >> nancy: basically, a roller coaster riled for you. thank you so much for joining us today, everybody. >> nancy: 7 news continues first at 4:00. have a wonderful afternoon,
12:58 pm
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it, i got it. let me do it. [zipper pulls] oh, there we go. >> kayla: thank you. >> steve: i'm so glad you could go in late to work today. >> kayla: well, be careful. i might get spoiled with all this attention. >> steve: you won't. i'm never going to take anything for granted now, after what just happened. >> kayla: i keep thinking about what you told me, that you don't believe that ava's ever going to leave us alone. >> steve: sweetness. look at me. she's gone. it's over. >> kayla: then what is it? what happened when i was gone? [dramatic music] >> ciara: seriously, though, you need to come next time. i thought it was going to be


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