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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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law offices of state senator brian joyce in canton. officials conducting a search in connection with an ongoing federal investigation. >> and now there are calls for his iphone. kelly. >> the fbi has been in and out of his lay offices in cancellington all the day long. his attorney said a short while ago that he is innocent and has not done anything wrong. however, the state g.o.p. is asking for him to resign right now. they say the democrat has no regard for the law and abuses his power. now, joyce has been elected official for two decades. one watch-dog group tells us just a little while ago they're unethical and issues around him for years and this raid does not surprise them. however, people we spoke to around town here very surprised by what's happening here. >> i had no idea what was going on. i was surprised to see that it involved him because i always
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then when i heard it was the fbi and irs, i thought, wow. what is going on. this is crazy. >> so again, back out here live in canton where the dispib irs have been here at the state senator brian joyce's office all day long. however, his attorney says he is innocent and has not done anything wrong. ann canton this noon -- in canton this afternoon, kelly o'hare , a 7news. police are on the scene of a deadly accident in the parking lot of the bernie and phil's headquarters. dan is live in norten with the details. >> well, the tragic accident happened here at the headquarters of bernie and phil's, a popular furniture store behind me. you can see some police and reconstruction crews here on the scene. if we look from sky 7 hd, you can see where it happened in the parking lot near where the the trucks load up furniture in the the back here. police telling me that a long-time worker, 63 years old, was in that parking lot,
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something or do something on the ground there. a contract worker driving a bernie and phil truck was involved in backing up to a loading ramp. may have been moving forward or backward involving kind of a 3-point turn. in some way he came in contact with the worker, crouching down. that worker is now dead. the coworkers tell us that he was a good guy who had worked here a long time. one employee been here 15 years, said that the coworker had been here much longer than that. a lot of the employees shaken up by what appears to be simply a tragic accident in the warehouse parking lot area. state police say that the construction crews will continue to stay here to try to figure out exactly what happened. the work here not been identified pending notification of next of kin. we're live in norten, dan house isly, 7news. and dcf is now investigating the drowning death of a 10-month-old baby girl in south boston. paramedics were called to the apartment on logan way last night after receiving a call about a drowning. they performed cpr on the baby
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hospital where she was pronounced deceased. police say the baby drowned in the bathtub and are now looking into how this tragic death could have happened. also on 7, the brockton man accused of taking a stolen car on a wild ride appeared in court today. police say he ran up to a mother, putting her baby into a car at brockton westgate mall there and pulled ought gun. they say he jumped into the driver's seed and sped off. state police chased him for almost six miles when he lost control of the car. witnesses say the carjacker was lucky enough to get her baby out the car. >> the look of that car, the baby in the backseat really >> police say his weapon turned out to a pellet gun. a judge ordered him held without bail. the lawsuit against bill cosby is now moving forward. a pennsylvania judge rejected a
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that the whole case be sent to the pennsylvania superior court for appeal. now cosby will face a judge in enough evidence to go to trial. the 78-year-old comedian is accused of drugging and sexual assaulting a former employee. story. the government going up against the tech giant apple. a federal judge says apple must help the fbi recover data and do what the san bernardino shooter's phone. apple stays will not give access to encrypted content on that >> reporter: a federal judge tuesday ordered tech giant apple to help the fbi unlock the iphone of san bernardino mass shooter saeed farouk. the judge ruled apple must provide reasonable technical assistance to authorities in iphone. authorities are still trying to fill in 18 missing minutes of shooting. >> that 18 minutes is critical. >> reporter: the fbi wants to
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can fill in that gap and if there are any other clues to the plot that left 14 people dead and 22 others injured. just last week fbi director james comby told a senate panel getting into farouk's phone is key. >> we still have one of those killer's phones that we have not been able to open, and it's been over two months now. we're still working on it. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cooke released a statement saying it's cooperating with the fbi on the case but will fight the order saying, quote, the united states government has demanded that apple take an precedented step, which threatens the security of our customers. we oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. cooke has been an adamant opponent of opening phones to the government, telling cbs's 60 minutes it would make us all vulnerable. >> on your smartphone today, your iphone, there's likely financial information. if you should have the ability
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we know how to do that is to encrypt it. why is that? it's because if there's a way to get in, then somebody will find a way in. >> if given the opportunity to crack the phone, the fbi says its main concern would be a built-in security software that could auto delete all the data on the phone. in the newsroom, i'm sarah french, 7news. so we want to know, do you agree with apple's decision to fight the federal order to hack the phone of san bernardino shooter saeed farouk? tell us what you think on our twitter poll. we'll have early results on 7news at 5:00. 7news turning to the forecast. it looks like we are back to winter after a warm and rainy day yesterday. all that rain at least washing away the snow. but the cold temperatures are expected to make a return. meteorologist jeremy reiner here with that forecast for us. jeremy. >> right now we do have the sunshine. there are more clouds back through western new england as well as new york state, and again, when we say a colder
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the north pole colder temperatures. gotta make that point very well-known because it will be a little bit cooler tomorrow. boston right now 44. norwood 44. worcester at 34. here you go back through northern new england. burlington 34. these will be the temperatures that find their way into new england, our part of the world, tomorrow afternoon. so we do have a second cold front about ready to move. the first one came through last night, didn't do a really good job, although, it took the 50s out of new england, replaced with the 40s. the second one will take the 40s out of the air tomorrow and replace it with the 30s. we do have clear and cold conditions overnight tonight. cool this evening. tomorrow morning features mostly sunny skies. the numbers tomorrow morning lower 20s. so that right there, that's lower than this morning. normal high is 39. the 40s are coming back, though, and perhaps even 50. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> now to the race for the white house. donald trump and the other five republicans were in south carolina today, and with just a few days away until
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expected to take part in town hall discussions. in nevada the democratic caucus is shaping up to be between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. steve handlesman has the the latest from washington. >> reporter: for donald trump, his big the lead nationally, 20 points ahead of marco rubio in today's quinnipiac poll, comes with trump poised to win saturday in south carolina. >> i thought years ago -- or a year ago it was a joke when he put in his hat to run. and now i'm on the fence about him, and he might get my vote. >> reporter: three days till the vote... >> we'll have a good result in south carolina. >> you all have the chance to reset the race. >> reporter: trump's rifles are charge, he's not conservative. >> i am pro choice in every respect. >> reporter: but that was 1999, part of a currentoh ted cruz ad warning he would not put a conservative justice on the supreme court. >> a vote for donald trump is a vote to erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. pro-life.
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changed and might sue cruz. >> i've never dealt well anybody that lied so much. >> reporter: hoping to replace cruz as trump's top challenger in south carolina. marco rubio attacked. >> ted unfortunately has proven that he's willing to say or do anything to get elected. >> reporter: rubio is said to get the endorsement of south carolina governor nikki haley. on the democratic side bad news for hillary clinton. a new cnn poll finds her virtually tied with bernie sanders in nevada. a 16 point lead gone with nevada democratic caucuses three days away. it's 10 days till the democrats clash in south carolina. clinton's once huge lead there of 50 polling points is down to 20 and shrinking fast. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. well, a florida couple finally coming forward with their winning ticket from january's $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. maureen smith and david smith
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making them about $327 million richer. the couple says they have a few plans for the money but didn't want to share too many details. >> of course we're gonna take care of family and we have a lot to think about. it's very stressful. it's new. and we really don't know. we have to think about it. >> we were on the plane here and couldn't believe it. this is really real. you know, it's just so overwhelming. >> two other winning tickets were sold in tennessee and california. the winner of california still has not publically come forward. eagles of death metal taking the stage in paris three months after the terrorist attacks. the band and audience observe the 89 seconds of silence to remember the 89 victims during the november 13th attacks. islamic extremists opened fire as part of a series of attacks throughout the city back in november. isis claimed responsibility of the attacks that claimed the lives of 130 people.
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lose his temper during his trip to mexico. pope francis was reading crowds of the faithful yesterday when some overeager people began tugging on his sleeve from behind a barrier. he nearly got pulled down right there and when people continued to grab he angly said don't be selfish to the crowd. and as the hope's plane landed in mexico, crew noticed a laser beam being aimed at the plane. the vatican says it didn't know about the lasers pointed at the aircraft at the time. the plane did land safely. and today the pope is on his last stop in mexico, the town right across the boarder from el paso, texas. pope francis expected to talk about the struggle of migrants trying to reach the u.s. and will visit a local prison just days after a nearby riot killed 49 inmates. >> i would never want the pope to scold me. not a good thing. >> i've never seen him get that angry. he was upset. ahead on 7news, rhonda
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the unc fighter opening up about her shocking loss earlier this year. and then at 4:30, a corrections officer called on the court accusing him of selling heroin. and a scary scene at south station after a 12-foot metal panel falls off an orange line train leading to some chaos. and police are on the scene of a deadly accident in the parking loft the bernie and phil's headquarters in norten. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as we get it.
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we have breaking news we're following out of new hampshire. this is a teacher from manchester now facing serious charges accused of assaulting a 14-year-old student. anita la may turned herself in to police earlier this afternoon. police say the 52-year-old suspect assaulted a student, who was eating candy, leaving a scratch on the student's wrist. la may is larged with simple assault now. no word on when she will appear in court. unc fighter rhonda rousey talking about the uphill battle she faced after the difficult
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she says she considered suicide after losing. >> and the loss ended her winning streak, but now she's talking about what helped her recover. >> sports illustrated calls its newest cover girl rhonda rousey a cultural phenomenon, who is the perfect combination of beauty, brains, braun and humility. before the sports magazine painted a swimsuit on the sport champ rousey stunned the world by losing a fight. >> i was in the corner, and i was like, what am i anymore if i'm not this. >> reporter: the previously undefeat the rousey suffered a devastating loss to holly holm last november. rousey took her first loss so hard she even contemplated taking her own life. >> i was thinking about killing myself, and in the exact second i was like, i'm nothing, what is do i do anymore? >> reporter: the 29-year-old says one thing kept her from following through. >> i looked up and saw my man. travis was standing there, and i looked up at him and i was just like, i need to have his babies. i need stay alive. >> reporter: rousey stayed out
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following the loss but says it taught her a valuable lesson. >> being defeated is a choice. everybody has losses in their life, but i choose to always be undefeated. >> rousey says she hopes to fight holly holm again later this year. coming up here on 7news, best in show, meet the dog who won overnight judges that the year's westminster dog show. looks good there. and the forecast for the next few days looking good, as well. numbers up next. also ahead at 4:30, a controversial photo now going viral. the family of the student involved is speaking out. and ahead at 5:00, up in smoke, a firey scene on 93 south as a car bursts into flames during the morning rush. plus, facing a judge. a man accused in a hit and run
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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. a beautiful there of the city's skyline and of the secretary of state um as people start to probably near the end of their day and it is definitely a average winter day out there. >> yeah. you notice people were smiling today because the sun was out and people walked around, just thankful that it wasn't going to be rainy and windy, jr. things improved today for sure. >> right, definitely a nice day to be outside. quiet for the next few days. a little colder tomorrow and again on friday. temps the next couple of afternoons, in the 30s. we can handle that, though. i mean, we were 10 below 0 on sunday morning. so we've got this little brief cool-down. and then it turns mild again this weekend. the temps will head into the the er 40s. the month of february, the first week of the possibility loaded with warmth, and then last week was cold, and then of course highlighted by the arctic blast saturday and sunday morning. but what a month of extremes. overall, when you take all the days and add them up and average them out, the month averaging about 2 degrees below normal.
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the warmest, 65, and then the coldest on sunday morning, 9 below. nothing imprese that. and as we work into the weekend, things do start to work back up. right now the normal high about 39, the city at this time 44 and the other thing about winter days, you get a little sunshine, it carries it so far. >> also today we're not in the 50s. this second front when it comes through will not make as much noise. what it will do is send temps overnight tonight down into the lower 20s. this morning we started in the lower 30s, i think by early tomorrow morning, a colder
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around 27 tomorrow morning. norwood at 20. worcester at 22. it is all relative when you're going from 9 below to a low of 27. i think you got it. a chilly breeze tomorrow, it will be from the north with temps between 34 and 38. boston tomorrow afternoon, 37. attleboro at 38. these numbers not far from normal, the numbers 39. friday mix of clouds and sunshine. seasonal with temps on friday in the upper 30s. those clouds you see friday afternoon, that's not a storm, but actually a warm front coming at us and lives up to its name. much a lot of clouds on saturday. sunday a mix of clouds and sunshine near 50. our next big ticket item, if you will, looks like the middle of next week wednesday. messy mix but more on that next week. >> thank you.
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and get a check of traffic. looks like an incident is happening in rockwood. >> on route 3 southbound near exit 14, route 228 in rockland making emergency repairs during on the side of the highway. it's enough to back up traffic heavily. the average is a 50 minute ride now. the upper desk route 93 is going northbound eventually out towards 128, that's been averaging about a 40-minute ride. continues heavy along route 93 northbound as you can tell right up to the somerville area and making your way up into stoneham but after that you will be okay till route 128. 48 minute ride from downtown boston out to exit 13 in natick. joe stapleton, 7news.
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there is a new top dog in town. >> cj, a german short-haired pointer from california won best in show at 140th westminster dog show last night. the 3-year-old beat the best of the best including the german shepherd who was rumored favorite having won more than 100 previous competitions. >> but it was this large leanne burger that was the fan favorite of the night. dario spent his whole time in the ring trying to get treats from his handler's pocket. he wouldn't stop, and the the crowd at madison square garden seemed to absolutely love it. >> hungry. give me those treats, right. >> he's huge. next, passengers taking on a nightmare flight, diverted in boston to manchester not once, but twice. and a home goes up in flames in templeton. and a deadly shooting outside a bar in randolph and the man police say is responsible facing a judge today. and a cause for concern, a teenager taken into custody for allegedly posing as a doctor and
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several breaking stories at this hour including a teacher arrested for assaulting his student. >> let's get over to adam for breaking details. >> a teacher from manchester, new hampshire is facing serious charges accused of the assaulting a 14-year-old student. ms. lal may turned herself into police today. police say she assaulted a student who was eating candy leaving a scratch on the student's wrist. lal may is charged with assault right now. also breaking, the fbi and the irs conducting an investigation into massachusetts state senator brian joyce. they used the money to rank roll his son's high school graduation party and the district covers several communities including braintree, milton, randolph and canton. . in in norten, police are on the scene of a deadly accident in the parking lot of bernie and phil's headquarters there. investigators say a long-time
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truck in the loading area. the person struck, we're told, 63 years old. no charges have been filed. we have crews heading to all of these breaking scenes and we'll have live reports right here throughout the evening on 7news. at the breakg news desk, i'm adam williams. >> thank you, adam. at 4:30, the fbi argue a -- airing a somerville man. officials say the suspect hacked into the children's hospital network two years ago. >> he was arrested this miami this morning. jonathan hall is live in boston with the details of his arrest. jonathan. >> yeah, ryan. this man apparently headed south least week without telling his family or his employer. he is now charged with conspiracy. the fbi says he's a hacker who caused big-time problems at a massachusetts residential treatment center, and here at children's hospital nearly two years ago. a somerville man is in federal custody and facing a judge after being aired in miami


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