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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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truck in the loading area. the person struck, we're told, 63 years old. no charges have been filed. we have crews heading to all of these breaking scenes and we'll have live reports right here throughout the evening on 7news. at the breakg news desk, i'm adam williams. >> thank you, adam. at 4:30, the fbi argue a -- airing a somerville man. officials say the suspect hacked into the children's hospital network two years ago. >> he was arrested this miami this morning. jonathan hall is live in boston with the details of his arrest. jonathan. >> yeah, ryan. this man apparently headed south least week without telling his family or his employer. he is now charged with conspiracy. the fbi says he's a hacker who caused big-time problems at a massachusetts residential treatment center, and here at children's hospital nearly two years ago. a somerville man is in federal custody and facing a judge after being aired in miami
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disney cruise ship this morning. but they weren't tourists. the u.s. attorney said they were in a sailboat trying to escape to cuba. they got in trouble and were picked up by the cruise ship captain. sources confirm 31-year-old martin godsfeld's target was in boston, which been involved in the justina pelletier controversy in 2014. the connecticut team has been transferred to children's to be checked out. an emotional win week battle eruptsed. the teen's family disagreed with children's who claimed she needed to be a in treatment center for psychiatric problems. the hospital brought in dcf and the bay state took custody angering many. in a document the fbi writes gods feld admitted to a friend he attacked the web site and posted a youtube video calling for cyber attacks on children's in the name the hacking group anonymous.
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the twitter page asked for attacks on an ip address associated with children's. >> the fbi says godsfeld created that twitter page. the fbi forced it to shut down its servers and web site. the fbi says operations were disrupted but parent medical records were not comprised. now, at children's hospital, they released a statement thanking the fbi for its investigative work and for, quote, apprehending the hacker who led the attack and holding him accountable. the fbi searched the department back in october of 2014 and they say at that point, godsfeld did speak with them, admitted post the youtube video calling for the attack but didn't mount the attacks himself. hall, 7news. pressure building up for new york. it was a nightmare trip spending
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diverted to manchester new hampshire monday night and then on tuesday. many of them were diverted again this time here in boston. 7's tim caputo has their story from logan. >> the flight was supposed to last about four hours instead it turned into a 30-hour nightmare stopping at what felt like every airport but the one they were trying to get to. >> there were a lot of children on the flight. there were a lot of people getting sick. several people needed oxygen. >> reporter: 159 passengers on board a delta flight leaving from the dominican republic monday afternoon, thinking they'd get there by monday evening. but it was diverted to manchester, new hampshire. a passenger posted this picture of people getting off the plane during the storm still 250 miles from home and what's worse, manchester isn't an international airport so passengers had to wait on the plane until custom agents could drive from portland maine to process them. >> had to wait for customs
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>> reporter: the plan was to get them on to an early flight to jfk but by this point some rented cars. 90 wary travelers boarded a flight from new hampshire to new york but didn't land at jfk. 45 mile-per-hour winds were just too much and the plane turned around this time landing in boston. >> it was really bad. i never experienced turbulence like that. i thought the plane was going to break in half. >> reporter: after the storm finally passed, they're now back in new york, a frustrating 30 hours later than they expected. >> today, was someone funny, we thought they were joking because how could it happen twice? but it did and it's good to be home. >> reporter: tim caputo, 7news. templeton. the fire started early this road. cell phone video shows the flames tearing from the building ladder. there is no word on any injuries at this point. a corrections officer called
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trafficking charges. passengers say undercover state trooper bought heroin from steven loubeau several times. police say the drug sales happened while loubeau was off duty and not at the prison. he pled not guilty this morning and being held on $20,000 bail. police arrest a man in lawrence for an alleged armed robbery in new hampshire. devin mack is accused of robbing a woman with a knife at a market basket yesterday afternoon. he allegedly got away with her wallet. police were able to track him down a short time later and say they found a knife in his car. he was arrested as a fugitive from justice and expected to face charges in new hampshire. a civil rights lawsuit is being filed against harvard university. a student claiming they mishandled her sexual assault case. she claims the school was indifferent to her complaints of sexual assault and harassment, allowing her accuser, abuser there to live in the same dorm as her for months during the
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>> he continued to harass and intimidate me at my workplace and throughout my home. i repeatedly reported these incidents to administrators. i reported that i was living in constant fear. harvard has an institutional culture of ignoring and silencing people like me. our reports are not taken seriously. >> melissa says she hopes the lawsuit will keep future students safe. harvard has not commented on that case. >> hundreds of people affected by the water crisis in flint michigan are speaking out to the country's top doctor. people lined up yesterday to meet with the u.s. surgeon general, who has been investigating flint's lead contamination water supply. >> a lot of help is already on the way and has already arrived at flint. that's not to say it's nearly enough. we've gotta do a lot more to get flint back to a place where the water is safe for everyone to drink from the faucets. >> michigan's governor admitted the state's health department is under review for failing to alert the public about an
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a florida woman, who live-streamed video of herself driving drunk will get no jail time. >> i'm driving home drunk... let's see if i can -- >> that woman was arrested last fall after making that video and pleaded no contest to driving under the influence. she has had her license suspended and will serve a year probation, which is common for a first-time d.u.i. offense. checking stories making news across the country. a plane in florida making an emergency landing on the highway. the pilot of the small plane radioed in engine trouble and had to land right there on the road. were on board. they landed safely and no damage was done to the plane or the highway. the highway did have to be closed for a little while. that plane was then towed away. a city council meeting in texas ended with the arrest of san antonio's mayor. last night police led mayor
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witnesses say he pushed a woman, he told police to arrest. lopez is charged with resisting arrest, but may face assault charges, as well. this is the second time low please been arrested. >> a photo that's gone viral and sparking outrage across the country. a high school student standing on the american flag. now the student's family is speaking out saying the boy is sorry for what he did. >> after the picture was posted on social media, he messaged me right away and told me that he was extremely sorry for what he did and that he knew that there was going to be consequences for his actions. >> reporter: a woman claiming she's the boy's half sister says the boy is very sorry about the situation. >> he's very, very, very sorry for what he did, and he said that he's gonna try everything that he can to get the forgiveness of the community. >> reporter: over the weekend this photo of a boy standing on the american flag was posted online. the reaction continues to grow on social media.
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american civil liberties union >> the school district is investigating what happened there. the clu is asking people to stop making threats against the boy and his family. a man caught on camera stealing a valuable piece of mail from a georgia family has decided that he had a change of heart. so you can see the thief take front porch. this, but then he decided to return it and left a note apologizing for the crime. police say the bhox about $300 worth of birthday gifts for the homeowner's daughter inside. the homeowner hopes the thief has learned his lesson. so police have not charged anyone with actually stealing that package, so i guess they sort of let by gones be by gone there is.
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ahead, a picture perfect marriage, a couple married for 70 years showing us how the romance stays alive. and what was lost sometimes can get found. a new york man gets his wallet back but it comes with an interesting note. airing an 18-year-old for practicing -- argue an 18-year-old man practicing
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next week a tennessee couple celebrates 70 years of marriage. their courtship lasted three years. >> and they corresponded through hundreds of letters helping to create an unbreakable bond. >> it's been perfect. >> their love has stood the test
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first bloomed through the word. james and his wife had met only briefly. right then and there. quick for florence. >> well, i liked him but i had >> reporter: the others faded away as she and james began writing each other there are a million things that you and i don't know about each other. >> 1945. >> i am sure going to love being your husband and i'll do all in my power to make you happy. just a wonderful example of how love can develop just through the written word.
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of course -- correspondence. -- what's the secret of a long and happy marriage? both say resolving any disagreements before they go to bed. >> last year flore lens to get a new wedding ring -- >> you can ride like 007 but it does come at a cost. jr. >> yes, i'm sure it does, ryan. we have sunshine right now. clear skies tonight. more sun tomorrow, forecast up next. and ahead at 5:00, vanessa's vandalism controversy. the actress and her boyfriend now in some trouble with the government. plus, the pope revealing his
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why he got angry with the crowd in the south of mexico.
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>> the latest bond movie is up for sale. it will go up for auction later this week. it is expected to sell for more than $2 million. so i guess if you get that, then you can afford to park into one of those very expensive parking spots. >> you could afford that easily. a beautiful car. but $2 million for a car. just seems like it's too much.
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don't know, jr, some people could do it just like that. >> you gotta have the oil slick and the surface to air missiles. >> yeah, that's right. >> it's gotta be fully loaded out there. sunshine in the city of boston. not too tough to take, 39. sunrise at 6:39. sunset today at 5:18 over the next several weeks we continue to just pile on the daylight. so we get to the point in winter where you're gonna see more snowflakes in the forecast and you'll see more cold, but at least have you this to bank on is that no matter what the weather is doing, that earth is still tilting in our favor, gaining more daylight. the month of february, an hour and 13 minutes, march even more, and the fun happens all the way up to june when we reach the top of the hill. all sorts of day thriet look forward to. good stuff. boston at 44. plymouth at 46. nice winter day out there. not much wind, sunshine. seasonably mild with numbers in the 40s. there's a little bit of a
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through portions of western new state. the second cool front does not have as much fanfare as the one last night so there won't be any showers or downpours. no snow flurries either. what it will do is usher in chillier air. again, i caution to use the words cold and bitter because we just came out of epic cold. tomorrow morning we'll be colder than where we were this morning. plan on temps tomorrow morning about 6:30, 7:00, mid- to upper 20s. through the day tomorrow, because we're starting colder, that means the afternoon temps will be a little colder, as well. these numbers are not that far from arrange for this time of year, 39. back into the worcester hills. in the 30s. we have not been anywhere near
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one week we're in the 60s and the next weekend we're talking about temps down to 10 to 15 below 0. we've been all over the map. things will kind of settle down for a few days. middle 30 tomorrow, upper 30s to around 40 on friday with clouds building friday afternoon. not from a storm but a warm front, the leading edge of warmer air that will come into new england on saturday with a lot of clouds. there may be a couple of flurries friday evening and some sprinkles saturday morning, but otherwise your weekend is dry. nothing like last weekend. upper 40s on saturday. sunday temps near 50 degrees. and our next storm, again, remember i talked about the snowflakes and the gaining daylight, i do think we're gonna have some kind of a storm here on the eastern seaboard middle of next week. see you at 5:00. >> thanks. here's joe stapleton with an update of our roads. >> southbound route 3 all
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rockland all the way back to this spot, in fact back on to route 128. very slow go in this area. coming downtown, a lot of company here, as well. 98 southbound. the traffic that's not moving. a lot of the off-ramp traffic heading down towards the government center. most of the stuff is on top of the screen there. 128 northbound dealing with delays through the burlington area. 128 in through waltham not all that bad. route 1 looks okay, too. northbound and southbound to the lynnfield area and up through saugus, as well. joe stapleton, 7news. all right, thank you, joe. ahead on 7news, a new york city man who lost everything
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>> a new york man lost his wallet in a concert but a stranger returned it. >> and this is weird. he got most of the contents back, along with a very interesting note. >> i found your wallet and driver's license, had your address, so here's your credit cards and other important stuff. >> reporter: as soon as riley
4:56 pm
realized the sender was no pay pal. >> i kept the cash because i needed weed and the transit card because i needed that. >> all the way back to manhattan and realize my wallet is not in my pocket, not in my coat, have that classic freak-out moment, have uber take me all the way back to brooklyn, go back into the theater, the theater doesn't have it. >> reporter: flaherty actually canceled his credit cards on the way home from the concert. the quasi good samaritan's letter arrived in the mail about a week later and left flaherty reminiscing about the main character in the popular television series "breaking bad," a cash-strapped chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer turned drug dealer, someone else who flaherty believes blurred the lines between good and bad. >> i'm thinking maybe you and i could partner up. >> reporter: he writes to a friend, quote, to be honest i was thinking this person is the walter white of wallet returning. they start out with seemingly good intentions but then you
4:57 pm
just a villain plagued with an insatiable appetite for metro card spending and marijuana infused subway rides hurting everyone they love around them. >> one more time that you did this for the family. >> i did it for me. i liked it. i was good at it. >> enjoy the rest of your day. toddles, anonymous. >> it's $1,000 -- the fact of the matter is there is a, you know, pot-smoking robin day robin hood out there that is -- knows my blood type, if i'm an organ donor, knows where i sleep at night. it's terrifying frankly. >> wow, what a story, right? i've never lost my wallet but washed it over the weekend. but a guy's wallet, everything is in there, you snow. >> that's right. why can't people just do the whole right thing, not part of the right thing? all right, much more to come in
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>> 7news at 5:00 starts right now. >> breaking news, the fbi and irs raiding the office of state senator brian joyce. some are calling for his resignation. >> a teacher taken into custody in new hampshire accused of assaulting a student. >> there was smoke and another big boom and another big boom and you see the fire at top. >> reporter: plus, panic inside a t station when it filled with smoke with passengers trapped in a train. plus, apple vowing to fight an order to unlock a suspected terrorist's iphone. why the company says it could endanger privacy for missions of citizens. >> clear skies right now. a few clouds evening bringing cooler weather for tomorrow. and a tough pill to swallow, doctors' orders leading to an arrest.
4:59 pm
teen physician was a fake. we begin with breaking news first at 5:00, state senator brian joyce at the center of a federal investigation. both the fbi and the irs involved in this investigation. >> this is happening at his canton office. tonight calls for his resignation are growing louder. sky 7 over the law offices, again, there in canton, where agents carried out a raid earlier today. 7's kelli o'hara live in canton with more breaking details for us right now. >> . >> reporter: as federal agents surrounded the law offices of brian joyce wednesday afternoon, many in the community were surprised by the corrupt allegations surrounding him. >> it's a little scary. it's not something you want to see or hear about your elected >> reporter: joyce is being


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