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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and not kept detailed records. at one point the organization says he didn't report expenditures totaling more than $10,000. one person, though, not surprised by the allegations, ahead of the state watch-dog group common cause who says joyce has been on their radar for a while. >> there were some allegations around, pressuring people to give business to his law firm. there was a long history of take goods and services, particularly dry cleaning. >> in a statement, the lawmaker's attorney says, quote, the senator has been cooperating with each inquiry that's taken place and he believes he's done absolutely nothing wrong. now, back out here live in canton where the fbi is still inside the state senator's law office and they said they'll be there for quite some time. in canton tonight, kelly o'hara, 7news. governor baker speaking a little over an hour ago about the investigation. for that let's go to 7's nick he
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>> yeah, the governor stopping short of calling for the senator's job by says he does believe there should be a full ethics investigation. i was surprise with respect to the senator's relationship and some of the folks in his district be and obviously i'm not gonna comment specifically on the investigation because i have no information on that. it'll take its course and go wherever it goes. but as i said, when the news and the issue with respect to this first broke, i was hoping the ethics commission would do an investigation and i still hope they do. >> as far as if he's sponge to senator, the governor says he started. that's the latest live on beacon hill, 7news. there's more breaking news we wanted to pass along here
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into the bj's in waltham today. you can see the car wedged between the building and what appears to be a dumpster or some sort of holding container. it appears the car hopped over a railing before getting wedged in that tight spot. a tow truck has removed the car. they actually had to use a hoist, a crane of sorts. no word if there are any injuries. we have a through there and will keep you updated we learn any more information. there is more breaking news, a manchester new hampshire teacher is facing charges this evening, accused of assaulting a student and witnesses say it all started over some candy. let's head out to 7's brandon what are we learning about the situation there, brandon? well, candy and apparently acting up. police say a teacher here at south side middle school has been arrested for assaulting a student during class. apparently it happened near the end of january. investigators say 52-year-old
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of a 14-year-old boy's hand leaving a scratch on his wrist. the boy was apparently causing a disturbance, wouldn't listen to the teacher and that's when she hit his hand. a pair of professionals in the classroom talk what happened, told the principal who told the school resource officer and police charged that middle school teacher with simple assault. no court date has been set and we've yet to hear about the school district about this incident or the work status of this middle school teacher as well. that's the latest live in manchester, brandon gunnoe, 7news. norten police are on scene investigating a deadly accident in a parking lot. 7's dan hausle live in norten and joins us with more details, dan. >> well, the police have just identified the victim as 63-year-old foxboro man. the accident happening here at the offices and the warehouse for the bernie & phyl's popular furniture chain. the accident actually happened in a, passage lot behind the building attached to the loading dock.
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reconstruction teams much of the afternoon. investigators tell me the victim is a long-time warehouse worker. the driver a contract employee driving one of the big bernie & phyl's furniture trucks. police tell me the vitt was in the parking lot, possibly crouched down and that could have made him harder to see. police say the driver was maneuvering his truck to back into a loading dock, possibly doing three or four turns going forward and backward when at one point he hit the worker. the victim, a long-time worker i talked to, very shaken up by the death. state police working with the norten police and d.a.'s office but no indication whether any charges might be filed in the case. and as i said, the victim a fogboro man, 63 years old, long-time worker here. live in norten, dan hausle, 7news. also on 7, the department of children and families is now
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of a 10-month-old girl in south boston. paramedics rushing to the apartment on logan way last night. they did perform cpr on the baby girl before rushing her to the hospital. but she had passed. police say she drowned in the bathtub. investigators are knot now trying to figure out exactly what happened in that home. search continues for a young man who disappeared in boston over the weekend. sky 7 hd was over the charles river today where rescue crews searched the water for any clue about where zachary mar might be. he's 22 years old. he was celebrating his birthday at the bellingham bar in boston when he disappeared on saturday and last seen across the street from the bar around 2:00 in the morning. anyone with information on mar's whereabouts is asked to please contact police. >> t passengers had to kick out windows, a smoke-filled state street station. some were running and you saw the smoke in the background. the situation caused severe back-up for several hours last night.
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this t trouble and what the mbta is doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. jennifer egan live in boston fours. the t says from now on, every two months or so they'll be taking a look at the gots that hold the panels in place to make sure they are secure. people who were here last night say there wasn't a worker to warn about the situation either. >> reporter: passengers on board an orange line train trapped as smoke filled the state street stop. s. >> to escape, some busted windows and others tried to pry open doors. the mbta says a panel fell off ahead of a train and that train ran over the peeves metal and continued on. smoke started coming off the track. gay finley was on the platform as the next train approached. >> we tried to stop that train from coming in and there was a guy on the phone trying to be
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one on the platform. the second train i had the panel and sending more smoke into the station. the mbta says the second train was disabled and couldn't fully be pulled into the station. the doors stayed shut. >> it's a non-situation because it's one of the country's most historic landmarks here sitting on top of a subway station. >> reporter: a few floors up, artifacts like the coat john hancock wore. >> there's very little communication between the authorities of the mbta and the bostonian society. >> reporter: passengers say communication is also an issue down in the station where there was not a worker to warn about the metal on the track last night. they were really slow to respond.
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job, really. >> up next, a drug that mean believe could help tackle the opiate crisis. >> and it's been on the market for for years, so why aren't doctors prescribing the pill that could mean the difference between life and death. a little cooler for tomorrow and friday and we warm it right back up for the weekend. numbers next. >> 7news coming to you from fort myers. david price, the big addition, but what's his impact going to be on the rest of the pitching
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studios we wanted to tell you about another option for those hoping to tackle opiate addiction but right now it's not really stopping the high. for some it's already been the difference, though, between life and death. >> even though the federal government approved this drug decades ago, it's still not widely prescribed. why? here's cheryl. for some addicts in recovery, these pills are a miracle drug. >> extremely helpful, very effective.
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it will blocks the open oid receptors in the brain to take away the sensation of getting high. that means people who take a narcotic like heroin while on the drug won't feel the effects of the heroin. we found it's being used to help people in watertown at the right turn outpatient addiction program. >> i would just say it took the mental obsession out of my head and made it possible for me to focus more on my recovery. >> reporter: the f.d.a. approved neltrexone decades ago to treat alcohol and opiate addiction but 7news learned the potentially life-saving drug is still not widely prescribed. >> the problem is some people refer to them as drugs and say, oh, my god, you're just another. but i want to be very clear, when you're talking about trying to help someone with a substance use disorder, you want to try to use anything and everything because not everything is going
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narcotic and not addictive. recovering addicts we talked to said the drug was a big part of their treatment. >> there's a good safety net and a good medication to be able to use to get to where we want to be. >> but there's a dangerous downside to the drug, addicts could be more likely to overdose because they may take bigger and bigger doses of a drug like heroin trying to feel the high. for this reason, the f.d.a. warns the medication should only be given to addicts and completed detox. nothing is a panacea. it will not fix the open oid crisis. >> reporter: doctors at watertown facility say the drug must be used along with behavioral therapy and family support to help addicts stay clean. >> for people who have combined of really continued to believe that they have no hope and then
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and treatment works, and it really, really works. >> i think it's highly effective because with taking that mitigations and doing all of the other necessary steps, i believe that anybody can be successful. >> doctors say recovering addicts using the medication should be closely monitored and can stay on the medication as long as they need to since there are few side effects. most insurance companies do comfort costs. in the newsroom, i'm cheryl fee dock came. >> i think a lot of people look at this and say, whatever tool during this crisis works, we'll be for it. >> yeah, it's one possible solution there. so go, weather. i thought it was pretty nice today. how about new. >> i agree. yes, very nice today. temps in the 40s. a bit cooler tomorrow and friday.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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story waltz crazy in the last few days but things will settings down for the rest of the week. a little cooler tomorrow and friday. not bitterly cold and we warm it
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the upcoming weekend with temperatures in the upper 40s. the month of february again it's been a tale of two seasons with the warmest on the very first day at 65. the coldest on sunday morning, 9 below. overall the month arranging about 2 degrees below normal and the numbers dip overnight the weekend and then start to climb. there's another cool front on the mo. we had the big one come last evening that knocked the 50s out the equation, this one will remove the 40s from the weather maps for tomorrow and again on friday. tonight mostly clear and chilly. tomorrow morning, down in to the
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through the day of a mix of clouds and sunshine. chilly breeze tomorrow. now, the friday morning sun, clouds will show up friday afternoon. a seasonable day on friday with temperatures friday afternoon heading for the upper 30s. those clouds on friday afternoon tied to a warm front. there it is right there. and that might read it a few isolated flurries friday evening. nothing significant, but what it certainly will do is usher in milder air for both saturday and sunday so again there's a bit of a dip tomorrow and friday, and for the weekend, temperature saturday and sunday, upper 40s to around fit degrees. 7 on 7 forecast early next week, relatively mild and the next big ticket item if you there in
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wednesday of next week. specifics still to be worked out. have a good evening. despite finishing in last place for a second straight year, the red sox enter spring training with very few roster spots available. the sox brass does have their fair share of concerns, though, most notably the transition of ramirez to first base. a slimmer-looking ramirez made his first appearance at jetblue park this morning and says his off-season workouts have hill feeling, quote, more athletic. this is the second straight spring where ramirez will be adjusting to a new position but with over 1,000 games combined in his career, at short stop and third base, ramirez is excited to be back in the infield. trey daerr is reporting live in fort myers with more on the red sox.
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the biggest change, the new team president dave dombrowski wanted to instill that they're having a horse, get the ball every fifth day and model what you expect for the rest of your pitchers. they have that now. i throw close attention to all the young guys. especially the left handers. he's got a very bright future. lord has a change-up and i feel like at such a young age, it's a huge thing for put in his arsenal. so he's already tapped me down two or three times. we've talked about pitching and i've watched video of him and stuff like that. you know, i'm happy he wants to learn and i'll teach him everything i know. going to be interesting how the
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like rodriguez and clay buchholz exactly how 1 through 5 reporting out here for the spring. danny an taking a break leading up to tomorrow's nba deadline making the trip to columbus ohio for turner's retirement ceremony. turner thrilled to see his number 21 raised to the rafters and the principal of basketball operations was in attendance. >> you know, it's cool, you know. the celtics are a great franchise, great organization and do things differently, and day in and day out when i'm there, i see -- i'm amazed more and more, you know, for danny to beautiful. >> the celtics are still enjoying their break here but the bruins embarked on a season-long six-game road trip this past wednesday following that embarrassing 9-2 loss at home to the kings. the coach said they'd leave that loss in boston and move ahead
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opening their trip with wins and three of their first four on the road. louie ericson's stock continues to rise as the nhl trade deadline approaches. the 30-year-old winner potting the game-winning goal just 33 seconds into overtime last night. ericson now has 45 points this season. tied for second on the team with david krejci. devils' rookie joel beganducci doing his best soccer impersonation last night. the 21-year-old goes flying after taking a slash from the flyers' andrew mcdonald. yes, he's earning a perfect 10 as well as an embellishment penalty for that dive. nfl commissioner gary bettman has upheld dennis wideman's 20-game suspension, he was handed that for cross-checking lineman don henderson from behind. that's sports. >> all right, thank you very much. 7news at 6:00 will return
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stoshtz in case you didn't know, 7 is my lucky number. good thing i work here at 7news. and there's more 7s in our future here. >> yes, we're going to be adding a newscast for those of you who maybe get to the tv a little late in the evening. right after nightly news, which
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7news at seven. beginning on march 7th. >> so it's like triple 7s. we hit the jackpot.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million
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out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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breaking news tonight. a stunning new poll. a shake-up in the race for president as ted cruz moves ahead of donald trump. plus, cruz dares trump to sue him in a big fight boils over. apple versus the fbi. the tech giant ordered to help the feds break into the san bernardino killer's ipho, still locked months after the attack. why apple says your privacy is at stake. testosterone boost for minat a certain age. millions who take meds to help with libido, energy and body. a major study reveals how well they work. what's really in your food. turns out that parmesan cheese at the grocery store might not


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