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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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day. it's still not nixed as work -- fixed as workers continue to scramble to get the problem under control. this morning it's trickling over. >> builds up and builds up and for the evening commute as it refs up the issues are far from fixed. we've video from this morning when people were left waiting on platforms at south station for trains that never showed up. and it will likely be a similar scene to let's get out to dan hausle live with breaking details for us. dan. >> reporter: amtrak officials told me there will be no fix tonight. we are in for it. you can see some people getting on trains but that is only the stoughton and providence trains. everything else that comes in and out of south station that is not going for the evening commute. am transworkers trying to fix problems at this switching station outside of south station. problems that spawned a
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>> the orange line is a mess. >> we crammed on and waited. >> reporter: t. station, plasms and trains were jammed with passengers forced to finish their trip. >> i got off at downtown crossing. it was a half hour wait to get to the tunnel to get to the train. i'm like i'm going to walk. >> reporter: governor baker says a system crash at this building labeled tower one shorted the switcher that direction trains coming into south station. only a fraction could get in. the rest stopped short at stations where passengers would connect with the t. . some commuters credited the commuter rail plater with doing a better job of warning them. >> they're doing a better job being transparent about what to expect. >> reporter: with the big board showing lots of unknowns, operators are warning passengers to think
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>> we say to our passengers we get it. we know. we know you are frustrated. we're frustrated to. this is not the way we like to run the commuter rail service. >> reporter: a new problem here at south station tonight, the big board is saying all trains are running on time. they're. they're not leaving from south station. they're leaving out of back bay and forest hill. if you know someone getting on the train, people are warning you see where fease running and when it's running. live at south station, dan hausle, 7 news average crews are working trying to fix the signal problems. let's go to tim caputo live with more on what is being done. >> reporter: not easy work out. there engineers have been out since early this morning working to get everything running, but it appears it'll not happen this evening. sky 7 h.d.shows crews on the cracks and there is a ton of
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workers manually operating the switches because of the signal problems. they're putting in every effort possible to resolve the problem, but at this point they have announced it'll not be fixed tonight. we you a sat least one train make its way down the tracks. you could see the crew huddled around a switch as the train cars make their way through. it's slow and steady but not great for commuters. they're trying to ensure there won't be more issues until they're fully back up and running which won't happen for the commute. once they went by the crew it was back to them working on the tracks. so it's a slow process. they're hoping to get things back on track for tomorrow morning but as dan hausle mentioned not looking pretty for tonight. tim caputo, 7 news average more on the train trouble on including the scheduled changes, necessitated by the signal problem we're talking about. we also have video from sky 7 of the repair work under way and reaction from commuters. check it out 24/7 at
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following breaking news out of wellsly. police recovering this gun from a mass bay community college student after reports ta he pointed the gun to another driver on his way to class. the other driver got the license plate number. the suspect is being charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. >> anchor: sky 7 h.d.over the scene of an accident in derry, new hampshire. a car crashing into a post office there. investigators telling us no one was injured but some of the damage done to the side of the building. they've lot goes tape and firefighters are checking out the area. police are trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> to a developing story. donald trump in an apparent war of words against the pope saying that the catholic leader is a pawn of the mexican government. pope crawled christianity's into question. >> reporter: a person who thinks only about building
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locate and not building bridges is not a christian. i say only this man is not a christian. if he has said things like that. >> during an only in south carolina trump defended himself. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis which is everyone ones is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wish and prayed that donald trump would have been president. because -- [applause] >> anchor: trump went on to say that the mechanics congovernment used the pope's visit to speak badly of him because they want to continue ripping off the united states. he says the leader questioning a person's faith is disgraceful. >> anchor: a man facing troubling charges. the 52-year-old pop warner football coach was arrested after police found photographs of young children on his computer.
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investigation. >> reporter: hey, adam, this town just stunned about this. the coach's computer according to police contained pictures of young boys and young girls. record. had a good reputation in town. until now. 52-year-old ken burak who coached pop warner football faces one count of possession of child pornography after his arraignment in this courthouse. a former pap corner coach says people are stunned. >> it's nothing that any of the parents or other coaches would have expected. >> reporter: local and state police accompanied by homeland security officers arrested burak a week ago. his wife and grown daughter were also home at the time of the raid. a knock at the door brought no response. a trainer filed a police report saying a federal undercover investigation
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used the kick messenger act to post-six sexual images of girls age 1-3 in a chat room marked infants. after tracing the i.p.address police seized burak's smart phone and laptop. police found numerous files depicting very young children and toddlers either being sexually nude or posed nude in a lascivious manner. >> it gives the parent an opportunity to talk to kids about, you know, inappropriate things that are discussed or brought up or shown or -- you know. just to educate them about safety. >> reporter: as a condition of release, burak is out. he has to stay away from children under 16 and can't go on-line. live in within chenton, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: a connecticut man called to court charged in connection to missing remains.
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digging bones up sometime back in the fall. police found some of the remains at his connecticut home during a drug investigation earlier this month. investigators discovered the remains from the hope center in worcester. another game who claims he is a sen tearion priest is also facing charges in the case. >> anchor: a home goes up in flames and firefighters were not able to reece sue the 6 -- rescue the 64-year-old man trapped inside. trues are trying to figure out exactly what happened in the case. nicole oliverio has the latest from plymouth. >> reporter: a fiery orange glow lights up the dark night sky as huge flames pour from this plymouth home. firefighters aive rooked knowing someone may be trapped inside but at chance at a rescue came too late. the man who lives here died. firefighters found him in the entry way of his home. neighbors who watched realized their worst fierce came true. >> it was awful because the
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and going, and you know, we're unsure for a long time who was in it and if somebody was in it then when we found out that there was somebody in it, it was very upsetting and very, you know we feel very bad for the family. >> reporter: the man lived here with his wife but she was away on vacation. the fire started just after 10:00 last night. >> my daughter in law actually called 911 because they live behind them and they hear an explosion and they heard the explosion and meetly saw the fire. >> reporter: firefighters raced to try to put out the flames that consumed this three-story waterfront home. friends crushed to lose a man who lived in this neighborhood for decades. >> really nice people and they were very good people and family oriented and very much a community oriented people and they helped wherever they could. so now it's our time to help them. >> reporter: the cause of the fire remains under investigation.
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it's not suspicious. in plymouth, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news turning to our forecast. a clear but cold day outside today as we look live over massachusetts boy. dorchester bay there. clear skies. need that winter gear as you start to feel the chill again. especially if you are in the shade or you get caught in a wind gust. so are there signs of another warm-up on the way? here is brie with the forecast. >> reporter: definitely, as we head into the weekend we're back into the 50s but we've typical winter temperatures to deal with at least right now and for tomorrow as well. we're 33 in boston. norwood at well. 29 worcester. a touch of a breeze today and that kept the wind chill around with us, but many of you have been noticing we're gaining day light. the other benefit to moving closer to spring is that that sun ankle is getting -- angle is getting higher. rather than feeling like we're next to a candle, when we get bright sunshine like
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make the temperatures feel 5-10 degrees warmer than where the air temperature reads. we keep the sunshine with us for tomorrow as well. the exception overnight tonight will be a few ocean effect snow showers for the outer cape. clear and cold with the cape snow showers. i don't expect accumulation out of that. could drop to the single digits then tomorrow another seasonal day for us before the clouds move in. but that is also to usher in warmer air heading in the weekend. i mention 50 degrees in store. extended forecast in a few minutes. >> anchor: new details on the fight between apple and the.s. government. the c.e.o. addressed consumers explaining the decision to go against a court order. this after the government asked apple to hack into a phone used by one of the san bernandino shooters,. are showingth support for the company's decision on social media. >> several down in a conference room. >> reporter: two months after the terro i a tack
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iphone used by the gunman is setting off a debate over privacy and security. >> there is a lot of -- i can see the f.b.i.'s point, but you can also see apple's point of view. >> are f.b.i. investigators unable to lock the 5c like this one, a federal judge ordered apple to create new software to unlock the iphone. a system to bypass security functions so the devise can be scoured for evidence. >> people -- i feel strongly that is the moral thing to do. >> reporter: apple outraged by the attack say they've been assisting the f.b.i. but plan to fight the judge's order. in an open letter c.e.o.tim cook says: privacy advocates say building a master key to bypass security will be exploit and put your privacy
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google's ceo weighed in tweeting we give law enforcement access to databased on valid legal orders but that is wholly different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices could be a troubling precedent. the f.b.i. believes they'll lose the phone's data permanently after 10 failed attempts to open it and say they're running out of options. for family members of the victims like are a lann who lost his wife, there is no debate. >> when you are dealing with massive security, that is just coming first. peoples' lives matter. >> anchor: while privacy versus security debate continues legislators say a law could be introduced to prevent phone companies from protecting data in cases just like this. >> anchor: ahead, a fight in a pharmacy caught on camera. how a customer took down a would be robber inside a wall greens. >> anchor: then at 4:30 officials cleaning up after a cruiser crash in chelsea. a revere police officer
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>> caught on camera a customer takes down a would-be thief. this happened down in florida. so the customer just happened to be a trained fighter. >> anchor: so he said he didn't think twice before jumping no action to protect those in the store. a criminal gets taken down and it was all caught on camera. watch as this trained fighter managed to stop the crook. >> i wasn't trying to be malicious in any way. it's just how i reacted to the situation. >> reporter: this valentine's day david west stopped by a local walgreens to visit his girl friend. as the pair spoke the suspect rushed over climbed on to the counter and threatened the staff telling them to get him oxycodone. >> when he started reaching into his pants like he had a weapon, that is when i did something. you know, to just protect moy girl friend. >> reporter: west walked
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wrestling with the man in the aisle until he knocked him unconscious. west pinned the crook down until the cops arrived. he was happy he was able to protect his girl friend but sad to see this young man battling drug addiction. >> the whole time i was holding him down it hurt moy heart. >> reporter: they offered tips if you choose to stop a criminal. >> make sure you don't hurt yourself. make sure nobody else gets hurt. if the guy has a gun don't try to take the guy down. >> i did what i had to do to protect the person i love. i hope he gets the help he needs. you know, and i hope it helps him, too. >> anchor: suspect was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was later moved to the county jail. >> reporter: another sunny
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winter temperatures. forecast coming up. >> anchor: water woes at a school library in haverhill. aisles flooded with water as crews clean up before kids get back to school. >> anchor: facing a fine. the company responsible for a tent collapse in new hampshire that killed two people now forced to clean up. >> anchor: a coast guard crew bounced around. the incredible video as they get tossed in the waves off
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> reporter: it has been quite the balancing act with temperatures, remember how warm we started off the month of february then we had the bitter blast last weekend. well, if you take everything and you add it all together and you divide it by 29, then we're sitting right about normal.
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the coldest got down to -9. the coldest we've been since 1957 so this weekend quite an improvement. 33 right now in boston. 29 worcester. we had a touch of a breeze with us. out of the north-northwest throughout the day. it's still with us. so it's making it feel like it' in the teens in worcester. feels like 25 in boston. very typical for this time of year. still winter but we're already gaining that day light. a lot of people have been rejoicing on twitter about this. the other good news, not only about the amount of daylight is also the sun angle is getting higher. this is when we feel the warmth from the sun. not necessarily that moral support that you get when it's cold out and you wonder why you don't feel any warmer. we had sunshine with us todays, but look at the clouds and even the ocean-effect snow showers happening out there. that could effect the outer cape overnight tonight. for the rest of us with the clear skies we do see temperatures drop to the teens for most of us. low 20s for the city.
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but that takes until the afternoon and that will usher in some warmer air for the weekend. highs tomorrow near 40. this is very close to where we should be for highs this time of year. high pressure slides offshore and we actually get a warm front, could bring us flakes overnight tonight night but it'll bring us the 50s into the weekend. the sprinkles that you see here, temperatures too warm for snow flakes. take away the ski resorts and we see light rain. even the light snowfall, even snow showers overnight tonights on the outer cape, not much in the way of accumulation. you look at the lows tomorrow morning, cold for us but in the as bitter at last weekend. we're into the teens. clouds move in. there is the warm front. few flakes overnight friday night into saturday. a few sprinkles saturday morning to then bring us near 50 for both saturday and sunday. so a nice mild weekend in store. is it an early spring? not necessarily. we're also tracking our neck system.
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winter system. this one for monday still watching that one and this one the more powerful one that will move in for the middle of next week. i'm thinking more wednesday, thursday. snow, mix, rain, how much? tracks, still tbd. we'll keep an eye on it but you can see it reflected on the 7 on 7 forecast and temperatures getting back to the 30s. so winter not over for us just yet. see you in a few. >>. >> adam: here is joe statementton with a check of the roads. >> reporter: thank you. getting a look at 128 southbound. on it way down to route 24 in randolph. after this spot coming down into braintree it stays slow down to the x.way. 128 northbound away from the camera down to the randolph area moving along well. heading out to route 93 northbound a lot of folks are right now. up here in somerville right by route 28, that stays heavy coming up into the medford area.
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well heading over to route 128. coming up on 128 southbound, our commute down by route 95 and route 24 not moving too badly. a nice ride. pike eastbound and westbound. heading down to the pru or over to the ted williams tunnel. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> jadiann: thank you, next, a smash and grab caught on cam ratchet police searching for a -- camera, police searching for a crook who stole thousands. >> adam: florida teenager accused of practicing medicine without a license speaks out. >> jadiann: a race to the rescue. a man recovering after his pickup truck crashed into the water. >> adam: signal problems causing track trouble for the commuter rail. officials saying that you should rethink your commute home because the commute will likely not be fixed. delays expected.
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break. stay with us.
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newst 4:30. >> jadiann: breaking news here at 4:30. amtrak signal problems causing trouble for commuters all day long. amtrak officials announcing itself issue will not be fixed tonight. crews are having to manually operate the train switches. so that limits how many trains can enter and exit the station. the trouble on the tracks causing nightmares for people travelling in and out of boston this morning. you can see literally thousands of people were left waiting on packed platforms and at south station for trains that never came. the updated schedule is on more on tonight's tough commute at 5:30. >> adam: a revere police officer rushed to the hospital this morning after crashing his cruiser there in chelsea. the officer was chasing another car when this accident happened. >> jadiann: officer taken to the hospital with serious injuries. jenna is live with more on what happened. >> reporter: this was a police chase that started in revere.


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