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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> kim: a mother and child hit in a boston crosswalk and rushed to the hospital. >> adam: and police swarm umass amherst after reports of an armed man on campus. >> trey: we are coming to you life from fort myers. what skipper is saying with the team this year. >> bri: and a warmup for the area this weekend. >> adam: a war of words between donald trump and the pope. >> kim: and a tour helicopter crashes in why. what went wrong. all that and more from the nightteam. 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> adam: a mother and her five-month-old daughter rushed to the hospital hit by a car in the the middle of the street. the mother was carry willing her child when the crash happened. >> kim: the driver did stop. tim caputo is right where it happened with the latest. >> reporter: a half block up
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are still at the scene continuing this investigation, a few hours after young mother and her baby girl were hit by a car, earlier this evening. police say around 8:45 that young mother was helding her baby when she started to cross the street but was struck by a sedan. we are told the driver of that car immediately stopped and at this point is cooperating with police. the mother and daughter were about the seriously hurt and police say they were rushed to boston medical center, and at this point police continue to investigate exactly whether was at fault and they are trying to see if think one saw it happen. mpk we are canvassing the neighborhood for witnesses and they are great for coming out when things happen. so hopefully we will find any video footage from cameras or any witnesses in the area. >> reporter: police say at last
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month old girl were listed in serious condition. at this point not clear when they will reopen the street as they close their investigation. live tonight in roxbury, tim caputo. tonight on 7, the team signaling a problem, the trains offtrack, stations turn spa mob scenes. >> it was pad. frustrating. -- bad. i hope to take a cab home. commuter chaos. >> adam: officials say that more morning's commute. a problem with the tracks caused today. >> kim: you saw thousands left home tonight. we are nightteam coverage of this chaos and let's get started with brandon gunnoe at the back bay station. >> reporter: crews will be working throughout the night and try and fix the glitches but we are told don't expect them to be
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and commuters are being told to expect more delays. >> reporter: thousands of people pushing and shoving to make their train home. >> took me an hour and a half and foe hours to get here, his on the train for 20 minutes now. but now we are getting picked up. i'm okay with them having problems, but the lack of communication. >> reporter: the might mayor started in south station and you can see crews working on electronic signals and switch ers that quit working. a traffic signaling system or air traffic control system, it tells you if it's okay for the trains to salve travel on the tracks. when this goes out it has an enormous impact. >> reporter: workers have been trying to identify the problems and have led to huge delays in the south station that that trickled down to the back bay.
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trying to find out whether the board is correct, and whether i'm going home. >> a sign of the crumbling infrastructure in this country. nothing has been maintained and it is falling apart. >> reporter: amtrak has been telling commutetories check on-line but for a lot of people trying to get home, that only add to the frustration. >> you go on the website and your app, while you are sitting at work and everything says fine, they are having problems but says my train is on time. so i come over. half hour delay. who knows when it will show up. i could be working, getting stuff done. >> adam: more delays expected tomorrow morning and if you need the latest check our website or live at the back bay station, brandon gunnoe. >> adam: our nightteam coverage continues with more reaction from riders in south station. liz? >> reporter: you didn't have to
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frustrated with today's delays, many saying they are fed up and want something done. there were more frustrateed commuters than trains in south station. a long day of delays taking a toll on commuters wanting to get home. >> it has been trying to say the least. no excuse, this keeps happening. people crowded the platform in south station, checking their phones to see cancellations and delays. >> you are to take the red line. >> reporter: fors to heading to stoughton and providence, it was good news, but for on thes, no so much. >> try to get it at the end of the business day. have a few buses waiting to take us home. it is not acceptable. >> reporter: they urged all others not to arrive at south station but for those already here...
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trying to get home and you don't know if you will be able to get home. >> reporter: it looks similar to this tomorrow morning as more delays are expected, two lines running out of south station tomorrow morning. nightteam. >> kim: police on the campus of umass cam hearst searching for a man who was seen armed this evening. earlier, alerts went up warning all students and faculty to shelter in place. susan tran is on the umass amherst campus with the latest. >> reporter: kim it started here where police say two men had a gun and assaulted a student and took off. that student is now in the hospital and police still looking for those two men. an alert on campus warning students at umass amherst there were reports of two armed men,
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a male student and took off. >> they came from offcampus from out of the area, and clearly have identified and targeted this particular student. >> reporter: for nearly two hours police were in the sure if they would harm others, so they flooded the area and told everyone so shelter in place, including at the freshman dorm. they were sitting in the rooms because that is what they were instructed to do. >> reporter: police looking for one person in a gray sweatshirt and another wearing a black shirt and gold chain. michael roy not believing the threat was real tried to leave campus wearing a black shirt and dpld chain. >> the cops came and thinking it was me. they pat immediate down. michael was cleared and the school gave the all-clear, police say they gathered enough information to figure out the gunmen were no long ore campus. >> we had information that people saw them getting in a vehicle and leaving. and running from the building,
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leaving, so we are confident that they were gone. >> reporter: police believe the suspect and victim know each other and they are trying to get more information from that victim about those two men. we are live at umass amherst campus. >> adam: a car split in two during a crash this leominster, a state trooper said he watched it run a stop sign and speed off and the officer followed him fined this crash. he said the driver got out of the wreckage and took off and police caught up with him and he is facing several charges including driving to endanger. >> kim: a revere police officer suspects. he last control and slammed into a telephone pole on marginal street this chelsea as he was chasing another car. men pulled him out of that cruiseer.
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laid him down and he was cold and shivering. >> he was? shock and couldn't stop shaking and we threw jackets over him and one jacket under his head. >> reporter: tonight police are searching for these two, michael guthroe and jacqueline murphy who they say started the chase that caused the crash. the son of a former dry cleaner owner talk about his father's relationship with state snrt brian joyce. after federal agents raided joyce's office. that what is started as a small favor turned into a more than a decade of free dry liening. the law maker claims it was this caning for his legal help. >> it was never about the barter system, deperform a couple of legal services for my father and he was paid for these. thises with bail billing and hes with paid. i think he took advantage.
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the senator's law offices reportedly involving his relationships with people in his district. >> adam: a new political battle is brewing, donald trump and pope francis locked in a war of words. >> reporter: adam, trump continues to show in signs of holding back, making headlines and response in the pope himself. an unexpected clash, pope francis as he was leaving mexico on thursday responded to a reporter's question about trump plan for a border wall. a person who only thinks about building walls wherever they may be, and in the building bridges is not a christian. he called out trump and h wasted no time responding with rare form, reading carefully from a notes. >> if and when the-- vatican is attacked by isis, which that is irultimate trophy, i can promise
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only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> reporter: other gop front-runners commented. >> that is between donald and the pope. >> this christianity is between he and his creator. i don't think we need to discuss that. >> number one ubl gaigs to to keep people safe. -- obligation is to keep people safe. >> for a religious leadtory request a person's faith is disgraceful. >> reporter: vice president biden also weighing in tonight. >> pope francis, trump. not hard for me. not even close. >> reporter: the story started to trend or twitter and mfrt people are talking about the wall that surrounds the vatican. in the newsroom tonight, 7 news nightteam. >> kim: let's talk baseball, pitchers and catchers reporting
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hoping to bounce back. >> manager john farrell says he's excited about having a fresh start. trey daerr is live in fort hires with more from the skipper. >> trey: there may be in team in baseball that connects more with the word perps veerns than the road, so, waiting 86 years defines that more than anything, and now a new chapter to persevering with manager john farella guy who reversed the curse when its comes to cancer. >> you appreciate every day that you have, more so, and again, goes back to the relationships that you have with people and the fortunate ability to be involved in great game with a great organization. >> reporter: battling stage one lymphoma he is back in boston as manager. where he will be joined by tory, the red sox bench coach who guided the team to a 28-20 finish.
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distraction or awkward situation i went to treatment, for cancer. and that might be uncomfortable for some. >> trey: the dynamic of farrell returning and key additions on the roster lends a high level of optimism for a tammy coming off back-to-back last-place finishes for the first time since 1930. >> we recognize the last two years have not met our internally expectations. >> the last two years were what they were. we came to spring training with one goal in mind. and that was to win. sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. the additions we thaid this offseason made us a better team. >> trey: the first official days the the pitchers and catchers will report and tomorrow their first official workout, all accounted for except for one guy, joe kelly on a lev of
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a newborn son into the world. >> kim: up next a clash on camera. terrifying moments in hawaii as a helicopter hits the water. >> kim: hear from a brave police officer who dove in when a care plunged into icer water's-- icy waters. >> bri: and the forecast coming up next. >> adam: and mother and her baby hit on the street in roxbury. they were rushed to the hospital. we'll have more on this story as
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>> kim: a helicopter comes
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a tour of pearl harbor. we know at least one person, a teenager, is in critical condition. people in oahu jumped in the water to help out. >> reporter: witnesses could tell something was wrongs tail of the sightseeing helicopter was smoking as it went toward the rocky shore line and then the moment of impact. with the chopper sinking, several good samaritans plunged in to rescue the trapped passengers. the helicopter started to sputter and the pilot did an amazing job. five people were onford and pulled ashore and one suffering critical injuries, all were rushed to hospitals by ambulance. the navy says the helicopter is owned by genesis aviation, the same chopper seen here before the crash offering airial tours of the arizona memorial since 1999. the investigation in to what went wrong is underwaugh and witnesses say it is a miracle everyone survived.
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is actually a sixteen yol boy who was stuck in the helicopter when it went underwater. also tonight, a police officer many of them rushing to the rescue in fair haven, saving a man from icy water. the crews rushed this when a driver love control, and first responders found the truck upside-down with the man trapped inside and they jump in and cut his seatbelt and pulled him back to shore. >> i would do it again today if i had to. i would hope, if it was a film member of mine someone would do it for them. >> it is hart part of the job and do you it. >> kim: the driver was rushed to the no, sir krit $condition but his family says he is expected to survive. >> seems like so much with ice. look at the time and temperature. look how warm it is. it is seasonable out there, right? >> bri: a bit below average for the highs today but the temperatures have dropped back
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mid20s, and already one 9--19 in worcester. clear skies and winds that died down in the overnight hours, when you get them in play you get radiational cooling, heat escapes back in the atmosphere without the cloud cover to keep it in. temperatures continue to drop overnight, with one exception, our on cape cod, and part of the south shore, down through plymouth and through the canal and you see these radar returns here, i doubt all that have is showing up, but we will actually see that chance for snowflakes persist on the cape through the night tonight. clear and cold for us, even dropping back to the single digits for the coldest spot, lows that we are talking about tomorrow morning between 6 am the coldest part the 24-hour period. 13 for worcester and 09 for boston and if you have the early morning run or bike rid planned tomorrow, tomorrow it will be
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accordingly. clouds move in in the afternoon and temperatureses are very seasonable. what we should expect for this time of year. high pressure to the east and here we go with the warm front and enough moisture while the cold air is ron tomorrow night to bring us a period of snowfall. and just rain sprinkles, and much milder temperatures. a closer look at the timeline, 7 am in the teens in most low cases and closer to 20 for boston. clouds moving in in the afternoon and there is that line of snow showers, right around midnight, you might say 10 pm until 1 am for most area thans could quickly drop, a coating to an inch in many spots before the temperatures warm up to give us the rain sprinkles. whatever snow falls will be melting off. really a nice and relatively quiet weekend, 50 for saturday and maybe yet another boost on
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everybody wants to know what is happening this the middle of next week, how about this first, for monday morning, we could get a sneaky system in here that brings us a wintry mix for early monday morning, continuing to watch that, we don't want to it slip past us watching this one for wednesday and thursday, snow mix, rain, where, how much, winds and all still to be determined but of course we are watching both these things on monday andednesday and thursday and keep you posted. on so keep it with 7 news, have a great night. >> kim: what do you feel like talking about joe? >> joe: celtics fans thought maybe they would get a big score a big fish like al, here, and that did not happen.
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few time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. if you were one of the man celtics fans furiously hitting refresh on the twitter page during the nba trade deadline this afternoon probably left you
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danny ainge could not find a dance partner his team and surplus of draft picks remain the same. nothing happened. the celtics president of basketball operations said: there were no deals that we felt were good enough to do. that's it. ainge admitted he had opportunities to add to the team that currently sits in the third place in the east but says he was not willing to risk any ong term ramifications to get it done. >> we are not in business of making a 27-game gain for a long term price to pay. we are anxious for the spring and summer to have another crack at it. red sox pitchers and catchers officially reporting for spring training, and at fenway south, this is a team that is spending and talking like a team that has this intention of finishing in last place for a third straight season.
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fort myers with more. >> trey: joe, most the players are already here well in advance of today's actual report day for pitchers and catchers hoping that this time could pay off when the calendar turns over to the fall and for brock holt and his teammates the folly for 2016 is simple. -- the goal for 2016 is simple. >> we want to win. a lot of talented players and guys we think are capab of doing what we want to do by the end of the year. >> it done change the intensity that you go about? we want to put every guy in a position to succeed and that should allow us as a team to get off to a good start. >> trey: john farrell has clean bill of health and the fans are hoping this whole john farrell thing will become full circle and the team can return to the world series.
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>> joe: trying to make it four trip. this is no way to get it done in nashville. the slot leading to tuukka rask, predators. he makes a save but he need twod two-sif. anoff-- two-zip. a big play in the second, 29 saves for the preds and they blank the bruins, 2-0. celtics back from the all-star break in utah, without kelly who is expected to miss two weeks because of a shoulder injury. >> adam: jimmy with what is next on the tonight show.
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ryan seacrest. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have.
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sincerely, alex payne.
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>> adam: you saw the teaser there, tonight show starring jimmy fallon is next. standing by in new york, i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. 7 news is here tomorrow with today in new england, and dress warmly, remember cold morning. have a terrific tomorrow. good night. realtime closed captioning
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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